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28 November, 2021, 02:13:06 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« on: 08 July, 2008, 11:06:42 pm »

2: Part 2

Pro: *dashes at Scorpion with an intense grip on scythe* SCORPION!!! PREPARE YOURSELF!!!
Scorpion: Hmm? *turns around only to get hacked repeatedly in the stomach and slashed in the face*
Pro: *in a blind fury right now* You don't give a damn about others!!! You just kill for your own amusement!!! That ends now!!! The tables have turned and YOU'RE the one getting killed!!! *steadily hacking Scorpion*
Scorpion: *finally backflips out of the way* Reminds me of someone else I know. *glares at Pro*
Pro: *lowers scythe in astonishment* What?
Scorpion: You talkin' bout me, not caring for others feelings, you forgot to compensate your own attitude. Remember back in the lunchroom?
Pro: That's the past!!
Scorpion: It was only six hours ago!!
Pro: SHUT UP!!! *grips scythe again and dashes forward*

*all of a sudden*

Huh?: *teleports in with dark energy* THAT'S ENOUGH!!
*everybody looks forward*
Sol: Ganondorf...
Ganondorf: I know I like to see people rip each other apart, but I came under direct orders from Bowser. CEASE THIS BARBARIC BICKERING.
Ganon: Save it, Prometheus.
Prometheus: ....
Ganon: Now, any objections? If you don't obey my orders, or attempt to backsass me, you're going to take it up with me.
Shao: *mumbles* I thought they were Bowser's orders....
Scorpion: *mumbles back* Shut up....
Ganon: You two would like to say anything? *glares*
Scorpion: No.
Ganon: Sir.
Scorpion: What?
Ganon: No SIR.
Scorpion: Just because you're higher authority doesn't mean I'll start treating you with respect.
Ganon: Is that so?
Scorpion: Yeah. *mean look in eyes*
Ganon: Boy, you don't REALLY think you can take me do you?
Scorpion: If a fairy-boy in green can kill you 11 times in a row with a plastic sword, then I bet I can crush you with a blindfold and cuffs around my arms and legs.
Scourge: Ah, damn...
Ganon: *takes off cape* You've violated code 4 in going to school here. NEVER insult those who ranks higher than you. Especially a Grand General.
Scourge: *to Sol* What's a Grand General?
Sol: *whispers back* Not exactly Administrators of this place, but people with HIGH authority. Ganon is Grand General, not the HIGHEST rank, but one below it. Pretty much the "Global Moderators" in an Internet forum.
Scourge: Ah. Can anyone else become Grand General?
Sol: You have to dedicate your life to it. And have no more than three warnings.
Scourge: Warnings?
Sol: When someone like Ganon or Robotnik comes to lecture you on what you're doing. Scorpion has 1 warning already.
Scourge: Ah. So what rank are we?
Sol: It goes in this order, bottom to top: Minion, Grunt, Soldier, Regular, VIP, Veteran, Legend, Elite, Icon, General, Tiger, Dragon, Grand General, King.
Scourge: Oh. So what rank are we?
Sol: I'm a Grunt. You're still a Minion.
Scourge: What do I do to get ranked up?
Sol: Either fight a ranking battle in front of judges, or perform duties that higher authority recognize and approve. Such as, cleaning Bowser's room and such. But be careful, the higher your rank, the more people will be coming for your head. Best to go slow and steady. You can get demoted too. Like performing OVEREVIL acts, such as killing innocent animals/people, or disobeying higher authority.
Scourge: Gotcha.
Sol: Don't worry though, The Koopa Bros. are Minions like you. So is Nappa. Vegeta is a Soldier, Cell is a Regular, and Broly is a Regular too. You can also get promoted by doing well in your evil classes.
Scourge: Sweet.
*back to the rising fight*

Ganon: So, you got nothing else to say? How about a wager. If I win, I demote you all the way back to minion. If you win, you get promoted to Legend.
Scorpion: Not a higer authority act, but I'll take it.
Shao: .......
Ganon: Let's begin. *sits smiling with arms crossed*
Scorpion: *shoots his spear out of his arm* GET OVER HERE!!!
Ganon: You get OVER HERE!!! *grabs spear with fingers and pulls Scorpion towards him*
Scorpion: *slides in a punches Ganon in the face*
Ganon: *doesn't even flinch* Is that the best you can do? *Warlock Punches Scorpion into nearby wall* HA HA HAAA!!!
Scorpion: *fueled with rage* *bursts wall with fire* *runs forward and fire backflip-kicks Ganon and starts to punch repeatedly at Ganon's belly*
Ganon: ..........*clenches fists and smashes Scorpion into the ground, jumps and stomps his head in further* *picks him up by his mask and Warlock Punches him repeatedly in the face following up to a DDT into the ground* *gets up and throws Scorpion into the air and knees him in the stomach with a Dark Knee from Hell*
Scorpion: *coughs up blood* *takes mask off and spews fire in Ganon's unsuspecting face*
Ganon: UGH!! *steps backward with a burning face* gah....
Scorpion: *trips Ganon and slams him into the ground* *then takes mask off again and spews fire into Ganon on the floor* HAD ENOUGH!!!???
Ganon: Have you? *is standing behind Scorpion*
Scorpion: WHA???
Ganon: *rams boot into Scorpion's skull*
Scorpion: *falls to floor unconcious*
Ganon: Back to Minion. *walks off with scarred face* Now, report back to your rooms. I don't want to hurt any more of you more than I have to. *looks at Scourge, Koopa Bros., and Sol* You new ones see what happened to him? Don't do it.
Pro: *to self* Serves him right...
*Words in italics mean they are talking to themselves or thinking*
Scorpion: *gets taken off in stretcher* Ohhhh......
*everyone reports back to rooms*
Shao: *grabs Sol's hair* I'll deal with you and your friends later*
Sol: *slaps hand away* And I'll kill you. Don't **** me off.
Shao: Hmph..and If I do?
Sol: I'll send you to an early grave.
Shao: You can try...*walks off*
Sol: Bastard...
Scourge: C'mon Sol, don't worry about him. He's just a bluff.
Sol: Yeah. *lies on bottom bunk* *sigh* Let's just sleep this off.
Scourge: Gladly.
*koopa bros. are playing Mario Kart*
Vegeta: Nappa, you saw Scorpion get his ass handed to him in a Warlock platter!! *laughs*
Nappa: *looking though playboy magazine* AHH YEAH...
Vegeta: Yup, funny that was. Oh well, night. *takes off scouter and goes to bed*
Nappa: Hee hee hee......*twisted look on face* Wow........
Cell: *snoring*
Broly: *snoring* *hack* *snore* KA-KA-KA-KA-KA-A-ROT *snore*
Scourge: Broly has problems.
Sol: Damn skippy.
*lights go out except the TV with Mario Kart Double Dash going*
Nappa: *makes lots of disturbing noises*
Sol: *eyes pop open* Nappa........what are you.......nevermind.
Nappa: Hee hee hee......*uses TV light to see magazine* Wow...NICE!!!
Vegeta: GALIK GUN!!! *blasts magazine*
Nappa: VEGETA!!!!
Vegeta: Perv.
Nappa: Yur one to talk. *falls off of top bunk*
Vegeta: Fatass....
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