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09 December, 2021, 05:28:00 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2354 times)
« Reply #15 on: 06 August, 2008, 01:10:00 am »

3: Part 1

Akuma: GRAH!!!! *graps head as he blasts into Shin Akuma mode* *turns his back as his tattoo glows*
Scorpion: *gets into stance*
Bowser: BEGIN.
Akuma: *stomps the ground and shakes fists* *shoots 3 hadoukens at Scorpion*
Scorpion: *backflips over 1, sidesteps the other, but gets smacked by the third*
Akuma: *sees Scorpion is vulnerable and quickly pursues him with a triple-uppercut*
Scorpion: *grabs Akuma's fist during the third uppercut, and slams him into the ground* *takes mask off and spews flames in Akuma's face*
Akuma: *jumps out of ground with a scarred face*
Scorpion: *runs away*
Akuma: *pursues*
Scorpion: *makes a sharp u-turn and attempts to chop Akuma*
Akuma: *sees Scorpion's traction in the ground and quickly blocks*
Scorpion: *charges a flaming kick and nails Akuma in the gut and chops him to the ground*
Akuma: *jumps up with a spinning-foot, and punches Scorpion across the arena*
Scorpion: *as he is flying, lets loose his spear and it sticks into Akuma, who flies with Scorpion*
*the two begin to exchange multiple blows as they are flying*
Scorpion: YOU HAD ENOUGH!!!???
Akuma: I'm just getting warmed-up.
Scorpion: So cliche.
Akuma: *kicks Scorpion upward and spikes him into the ground*
Scorpion: *crawls out of hole and tackles Akuma*
Akuma: *knocks Scorpion upside the head and Scorpion rolls off*
Scorpion: *gets up and charges Akuma*
Akuma: *does a "Come On" hand gesture* *when Scorpion gets close, Akuma forwards with an electric knee*
Scorpion: *gets engulfed in flames and appears behind Akuma* You're dead! *shoots his spear which lodges into Akuma's neck*
Akuma: GOAH!!
Scorpion: *shifts the spear in all directions choking Akuma*
Akuma: *grasps the rope and chops it in half* *throws the spear at Scorpion*
Scorpion: *engulfs and starts wailing on Akuma from behind*
Akuma: *blocks after 5th strike and throws Scorpion into the air* *shoots forward 5 hadoukens and spin-jumps toward an airborn Scorpion*
Scorpion: *blocks first two, but gets hit by all the rest and gets spin-kicked multiple times*
Akuma: *attempts to spike Scorpion*
Scorpion: *engulfs behind Akuma and attempts to spike him*
Akuma: *blocks and nails Scorpion in the nuts* Engulf now, *****! *tattoo glows and grabs Scorpion* *screen turns black as multiple smashing sounds are heard and Scorpion is sent flying to the ground* *tattoo glows again as Akuma turns his back towards the crowd*
Bowser: 50 HIT COMBO!!! This may be it for Scorpion!!
Scourge: Damn..
Pro: .......
Mephiles: C'mon Scorpion...
Scorpion: *crawls out of ground breathing heavily*
Akuma: *stands above hm* *crosses arms* Hmph...I don't have time for corpses!!! *attempts to smash Scorpion's head in by stomping on him*
Scorpion: *spews fire on his foot*
Akuma: GRAH!!
Scorpion: *shoots his spear into Akuma's exposed testicles*
Akuma: OH MY ****ING GOD!!!! *wiggles furiously*
Scorpion: You're only making it worse!! *pulls*
Sol: O_O GOD DAMN!! I'm feeling that!!
Koopa Red: XD
Nappa: *falls on floor laughing*
Vegeta: *chuckles* Ouch..
Cell: BWAH HA!!!
Eggman: *falls on Ganon as they both cackle away on the floor*
Akuma: OHHHHH........GIIIi!!!!
Scorpion: Submit, or I'll rip your nuts off. Along with the squirrel!!
Akuma: ....*pulls spear off*
Scorpion: O_O Wut?
Akuma: Ohhh....*falls to the ground*
Scorpion: .......Did I win?
Crazy Hand: 1!! 2!! 3!! 4!!
Akuma: *shakes*
Crazy: 5!! 6!! 7!!
Akuma: ...*tries to get up* *falls again*
Crazy: 8!! 9!!
Akuma: *shoots 5 hadoukens at Scorpion and lays back on ground in pain*
Scorpion: *didn't see the hadoukens coming because of taunting the crowd* WHAT THA!!?!? *they all smack into him as he falls to the ground*
Crazy: 10!! Akuma is down for the count* *sees Scorpion* If Scorpion doesn't get up in 10 seconds the match goes on!!
Scorp: *twitches*
Crazy: 1!! 2!! 3!!
Mephiles: C'mon Scor..get up!
Crazy: 4!! 5!!
Scorpion: *pushes up* *wipes mouth and raises fist in triumph* I win..
*the crowd roars with amazement*
Mephiles: WOO HOO!!!
Scourge: He's pretty damn good.
Sol: You said it!
Koopa Black: *chirps*
Bowser: *claps slowly*
Ganon: Good battle.
Eggman: Could've been better, but whatever.
Scorpion: *goes to the Waddle Dee nursing room*

Crazy: Well!! LOOKS LIKE SCORPION ADVANCES TO THE NEXT ROUND!! Akuma might not be fighting for a while!!
Akuma: *gets evacuated via stretcher*

Crazy: ALL RIGHT!! Time for the next battle!!!
*looks at card* Hmm? ALL RIGHT!! Nappa vs. Goro!!

Nappa: Oh ****...
Vegeta: Don't worry Nappa, just go for the legs.
Nappa: .....*jumps off of bleachers and stands in arena*
Goro: *stands in front of Nappa*
*they both stare daggers into each other*

Crazy: Well, now that that's underway, I'll post the brackets!
*everybody goes to look*

Scorpion vs. Akuma
Nappa vs. Goro
DDD vs. Sol
Mephiles vs. Cell
Ansem vs. Sephiroth
Scourge vs. Reptile (he got his tongue reattached)
Vegeta vs. K. Rool
Koopa Bros. vs. Noob Saibot
Prometheus vs. Shao Kahn
Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Zabuza
Vega vs. Broly
Devil Jin vs. Kazuya Mishima


btw, post your own villains and I'll gladly put them in the story.
Don't overload though.

Algol comes in later. I got a request to add Shadow, Zabuza, Devil Jin, and Kazuya from fanfiction.
I'll work on their dialouge later on in the story. Oh, Vega too.
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