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28 November, 2021, 03:25:07 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« Reply #15 on: 13 August, 2008, 02:00:56 am »

3: Part 4

Boogaboo: *searching for the others down hallway* Hmm....I'm still hungry...please...I'm starving!! Come out!!
*the hallway is silent*
Boogaboo: *grips ghostly hand on wall and brushes against it* *belly rumbles*
*nothing* *complete and utter silence*
Boogaboo: *walkie-talkie goes off* Hmm? *click* Yeah?
Ganon: That's enough for now. Who did you get?
Boogaboo: DDD, Shao, and Cell.
Ganon: Ha, why am I not surprised?
Boogaboo: Vegeta is a slick bastard though...
Ganon: Heh. Alright, wrap it up. Release those fools.
Boogaboo: So, what did this teach them?
Ganon: Dealing with the paranormal.
Boogaboo: I don't quite understand, but okay. *click* Alright guys, I'm done. *releases those three* See ya. *disappears*
Scourge: *pops out of closet* What about K. Rool?
*no answer*
Shao: *sits down in corner shaking*
DDD: O_O *mouth wide open*
Cell: O_O *still shocked from experience in Boogaboo's belly*
Sephiroth: You guys don't look too good.
*no answer*
Prometheus: *pokes DDD* Oooo...jiggly....
Scorpion: *kicks Shao* .......Are they broken?
Scourge: *smacks Shao* *no retort* I guess so...
Sol: What did that ghost do to them?
Mephiles: There's no telling.

*all of a sudden*

Shadow: *bursts through wall*

Scourge: SHADOW!?!?
Shadow: *lies on ground with bloody mouth* They're......................here......
*fireball comes out of nowhere and burns into Shadow's arm*
Shadow: GRAHHHH!!!
Scourge: Fireball? *looks at hole in wall*
Huh?: C'mon Scourge, step it up!
Scourge: That voice...
*multiple heroes spring through wall*
Scourge: Oh no...
Sol: Grr...
Huh?: Hey Scourge! Remember me?
Scourge: Don't try to play giddy Sonic...
Sonic: Giddy? Your vocab is completely screwed. Lemme fix that!
Scourge: Shut up. What do you want?
Huh?: The Dragon Emerald in your basement.
Sephiroth: CLOUD!!
Cloud: ....
Sol: Dragon Emerald? What the hell are you talking about?
Huh?: Don't play dumb with us.
Prometheus: YOU!!
Huh?: CHARGE SHOT!!! *a blue laser fires at Prometheus*
Pro: *sidesteps* X!
X: .....
Link: C'mon guys, let's rip them already!!
Sonic: Sure. Whaddya say, Mario?
Mario: LET'S-A GO!!
*the heroes all dash forward*
*the villains dash forward*

Mario: *tackles Koopa Black and attempts to burn him with a Flaming Fist*
Koopa Yellow: *steps in and spins into Mario, then kicks him into the air*
Cloud: *fighting Sephiroth* *sees Mario* *backs up*
Sephiroth: *pursues Cloud* *Mario flies into Sephiroth*
Cloud: *begins to slash Seph repeatedly*
Scourge: *kicks Sonic to Vegeta, who knocks Sonic back to Scourge* *Then tries to spin-dash into Sonic*
Sonic: *backflips and spin-kicks Scourge multiple times*
Mephiles: *fights Silver* *throws an ice shard at Silver*
Silver: *stops it, and sends it back at Mephiles*
Mephiles: *ducks and it flies into Mario*
Vegeta: *begins exchanging multiple blows with Goku*
Link: *slashes Goro*
Goro: *turns around and grabs Link* *throws Link into own knee and back-breaks Link*
Mario: *flame-backhands Goro*
Goro: *is sent flying with smoke wizzling off head*
Pro: *attempts to slash X*
X: *gets slashed once, and trips Pro* *repeatedly blasts him while he is on the ground*
Zero: *rushes in and stabs Pro repeatedly*
Pro: *is getting slaughtered*
Mephiles: *throws Silver into Zero*
Zero: *catches Silver and throws him back*
Mephiles: *punches an incoming Silver in the face, with ice-shards on knuckles*
Silver: *face is bleeding* *falls down*
Vegeta: GALIK!!!
Goku: KAMEH!!!
Vegeta: GUNNNNN!!!!!
Goku: HAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the beams contradict each other and a beam struggle occurs*
Vegeta: C'mon Kakarot, is that all you've got?
Goku: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the beams get bigger*
Scourge: *repeatedly punches a downed Sonic*
Sonic: *counters during the 4th punch, and kicks Scourge into the air, grabs a Power Ring, and spins into Scourge hard*
Scourge: *flies through wall*
Sol: *slashes at Ky, then follows it with a Flaming Viper*
Ky: *runs at Sol with an Electric Tiger*
*the punches contradict like the beams*
Ky: We'll see about thAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
Pro: *shoots purple energy spheres at X*
X: *dodges them Matrix style* *blasts Pro in the face*
Mario: *bumps into Pro* *they exchange hits*
Sephiroth: *covers Pro, and slashes the **** out of Mario*
Mario: *bumps into Goro*
Goro: *picks up Mario*
Link: *shield bashes Goro, upside the head*
Goro: *drops Mario* GAWKKK!!! *graps head*
Koopa Green: *spins into Mario and repeatedly kicks him*
Sephiroth: *sees Cloud coming*
Cloud: *goes for an Omnislash*
Pro: *covers Seph, forms an illusion so Cloud misses, and slashes him though wall*
Scourge: *sees Cloud flying, and kicks him back in the fight*
Mephiles: *grabs Silver, and throws him into the contradicting beams*
Silver: UGAHHHHHHH!!!!! *gets raped inside both beams* *falls out of sky smoking*
Vegeta: Ha ha ha!! *shoots a Galik Gun at a falling Silver*
Silver: *gets hit and spirals toward ground*
Goku: *flies to save Silver from hitting his head on the ground*
Goku: *transmissons out of the way and nabs Silver* *turns back* VEGETAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! KAIYO-KEN!! HAAA!!! *Goku turns a bright red* *flies superfast at Vegeta and begins to punch Vegeta repeatedly*
Goro: *smacks Ky away from Sol*
Sol: *runs at a flying Ky, and slashes him in the air*
X: *sees Goku beating the crap out of Vegeta* *flies up and starts to shoot Vegeta in the back, while he's taking Goku punches in the front*
Scourge: *kicks X away*
Sonic: *spikes Scourge to the ground*
Pro: *slashes Sonic down*
Mario: *tornado punches Pro away*
Mephiles: sticks an ice shard into Mario's back, and throws him out of the air*
Link: *rushes in to slash Mephiles*
Reptile: *catches Link and kicks him away*
Link: *recovers, and catches Reptile in his Triforce Slash*
Reptile: *after 30th hit, gets sent through wall, green blood gushing everywhere*
Silver: .........*eats a senzu bean, Goku gave him* *picks up Goro using telepathy and sends him into ceiling, then ground, over and over again*

Shadow: *wakes up* Nnng...*sees Chaos Emerald on ground* *crawls to it*
Scourge: *runs an gives it to Shadow*
Sonic: *spin dashes into Scourge, and begins to juggle him with combos*
Shadow: ENOUGH!!!
Vegeta: O_O *flies up*
Shadow: WTF *gets hit by beam*
Vegeta: ......Grr...
Goku: Err....
*everybody is tired*
Zero: *slashes Pro into the ground*

Sonic: Ugh...let's just take the Dragon Emerald!!
Link: Yeah..
X: Goku?
Goku: Right. *looks at Vegeta* *transmissions into basement*
Scourge: *on ground bleeding* What?
Shadow: Oh no...
Sephiroth: *boots Cloud in the face while he's on the ground*
Cloud: *catches Seph's foot, and throws him down* *slashes*
Goku: I GOT IT!! *flies out* Let's go!!
*the heroes try to retreat through wall*
Scorpion: *crashes through ceiling* Sorry I was late! *uses spear to grab Emerald* Shadow, nao!
Shadow: *flips Chaos Emerald* CHAOS CONTROL!!
*the heroes are stopped in their tracks*
Sol: *gets up from bloody ground* Oh....did we win?
Koopa Yellow: Yeah...now...let's get out of here...
Sephiroth: Perhaps the other way around.
Shadow: CHAOS...........TRANSPORT!!
*the heroes are anti-climatically sent back to their base*
Shadow: *falls to ground* *is in critical condition* That last one....drained.........me.........
Scourge: We have to get him to the Nurse!!
Vegeta: I got him. *picks up Shadow*
Sol: You may need to visit the nurse too Vegeta...you face is swollen...
Vegeta: Nah durrr sherlock... *flies off furiously* I must grow stronger....to defeat Kakarot..
Koopa Black: We got out asses kicked...
Mephiles: If it wasn't for Shadow, I don't know how long we would've lasted...
Scorpion: *examines Dragon Emerald* Why do they want this?
Sephiroth: I dunno. But, I DO know, we've got a lot of questions for our so called "Leaders".
Scourge: Yeah.
*they all lay around*
Sol: I have to get stronger...
Pro: Me too....those guys crushed me..
Goro: Meh...
Sol: I bet if we had Akuma and Nappa, maybe, we would've lasted longer...
Scourge: Hey, we held our own though!
Sephiroth: Yeah. And what about those 3?
Pro: *shrugs*
Mephiles: Let's head back. Our so called "Leaders" are going to get a verbal thrashing. They didn't even help us...
Scorpion: Mmmm...
Koopa Red: Man....that was retarded....
*they all walk toward the Tower of Evil.
Pro: Blues, I'll get stronger....for you...Those reploids...THEY WILL NOT BEAT ME NEXT TIME.
Scourge: Sonic......I'll get you yet....
Sol: Ky..you've gotten better....wayyy better...
Mephiles: This is it.
*lightning strikes at the summit of the tower*
Sephiroth: Let's go.
*they proceed up the tower, the doors slam shut*

Sonic: Damn....we let out guard down...
Goku: I din't see Scorpion...
Cloud: Not your fault. We'll just destroy them next time.
Zero: Prometheus.........
X: Zero?
Zero: It's nothing.
Link: Alright, tomorrow it is. We WILL GET THAT DRAGON EMERALD!!!
Mario: Right.
Sonic: And with our new recruit, we will obliterate them! Right, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: *comes in as an ice coffin* *shatters* Correct.

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