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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2347 times)
« Reply #15 on: 18 August, 2008, 03:00:43 am »

3: Part 5 Final

*Cell got revived with a smellingsalt* *Shao, DDD, and K.Rool are still paralyzed*

*the gang burst open the door that leads to Bowser's room*
Bowser: ....v_v
Scourge: You know why we're here. Tell us.
Mephiles: You can't hide this secret any longer, enough of the charade!!
Bowser: Charade? The reason why I kept it secret, was so you wouldn't get hurt! You would all try to harness the power for yourselves!!
Eggman: Yes.
Sephiroth: Just tell us already, dammit!!
Bowser: *sigh* Very well............The Dragon Emerald.....is a very magnificent power-source. Anyone in the presence of its might, becomes more powerful than ever. That power, could rival that of the gods. There are some who protect it, there are some who want to manifest the power for their own selfish desire. There are only 4 in the world. Each hidden in the Sacred Groves. Me, Ganon, and Robotnik, found that one, a couple of years ago.
Scourge: Well lets go get the others!!
Bowser: Unfortunately, it's not that easy. There is an ancient god, that protects these Emeralds. Each, VERY powerful. We got that one, by luck. We almost lost our lives in the process.
Sephiroth: Well, do it again!
Bowser: No. The Gods will likely catch onto our plan. They are VERY wise, and we are best to just leave them alone. There are some that hunt these Emeralds, and if they get their dirty hands on one, the world is in jeopardy. Ridley, Kraid, Sparda, Chaos, Kefka, ExDeath, and Tabuu, all fit that description. They bear no allegiance, and will strike down anyone in their path.
Scorpion: Will they attack us?
Bowser: Very likely. I was getting to that. We have recieved reports that Ridley, will attack, today. I want you to hide that Emerald, and guard it. NEVER, let it out of your sight.
Do you understand? The consequences are crucial if a single one of you, slips up.
Scourge: Yes sir.
Sol: *nods*
Bowser: *sigh*
Koopa Red: Why weren't our powers increased in the fight with Mario & Co.? And why do they want it?
Ganon: Mario and his friends only want the Emeralds, so they can hide them from us. A world of peace, is what they want to bring about. We want no part of that. And, the reason why our powers weren't amplified, is because the Emerald you are holding, is a fake.
Pro: WHAT!?!?
Bowser: We were testing you, and your ability to keep things under control. The Heroes almost made off with it. If it was real, we'd be in DEEP trouble, and we would've been out there fighting.
Goro: .....
Scorpion: So? Were Mario & Co. real?
Eggman: Yes. The fight was real. But, we saw your ability to save important items. The   Emerald you wield, Shadow, is the offspring of this! There are 7 Chaos Emeralds. And seven Dragon Balls. Gather all of them, and your power will run rampant. Shenron will also grant you 3 wishes. If you gather all Chaos Emeralds, all Dragon Balls, and all Dragon Emeralds, the effects would destroy the galaxy as we know it. You will basically be, Jesus.
Scourge: Wow...
Shadow: Hmm...I have 2 of these.
Bowser: You do?
Shadow: Yes. I keep it in my room. Not telling where.
Bowser: Anyone have any Dragon Balls?
Vegeta: *holds back laughter*
Koopa Black: *puzzled*
Sol: *tilts head to side* I guess not.
Bowser: Well, all of you head back to your rooms. Story-time is over.
Mephiles: Alright.
*everyone walks out of tower*
Sephiroth: Jesus, huh?
Scourge: Man, that's a load of power...
Sol: OVERLOAD, if you ask me.
Koopa Yellow: What do we do now?
Pro: *slightly pessimistic* Maybe we should wait for Ridley....
Scourge: Nah, we're gonna find the REAL Dragon Emerald and wipe that ugly face of his, off.
Sephiroth: I like the sound of that.
Mephiles: Is it me, or is Sephiroth a lot nicer, lately?
Sephiroth: I'm just realizing you guys aren't my primary threat. Ridley, the Heroes, and the Emeralds are. I've got to work with you all to ensure our survival.
Sol: Well said.
Goro: ....
Cell: So, where do we start?
Vegeta: I say, Bowser's room, in the school. Or maybe, Boogaboo's "Oblivion". They may have hid it there.
Pro: Or, Master Hand's place. You know how he kicked our ass.
Cell: .....
Koopa Yellow: So, let's go!!!
*the gang trail into the dark school, little do they know, they are being watched by a familiar alien pterodactyle*
Pro: Blues, I'll find the Emeralds and Dragin Balls, and wish you back. I promise...
Scourge: Yo, Pro. Something the matter?
Pro: *smiles* No, it's nothing.
Scourge: Sure?
Pro: *smile fades slightly* Yeah...
Sol: *frowns* *twitches* Toilet....must find... *sweats* *looks around* *squeezes legs together and holds hand down on privates to stop the flow* Ooooo...
Koopa Black: You okay?
Sol: *crazy face* No, I'm NOT okay!!
Cell: Uh oh...the toilet is that way. *points to the right*
Sol: *hauls ass in that direction*
Sephiroth: Ha...
Mephiles: Wow........alright, PRESS ONWARD!!!
*the gang marches forward*

Sol: *relaxed face* *plenty of thuds on water heard* Ooo....that's the stuff....the good stuff....*strains* AAAAAAAAHHHH.....*big thud* *wipes sweat off of head*
*dink dink, noises are heard from door to bathroom*
Sol: ......*peeks ahead, but sees nothing* Huh? *slightly concerned, but pays no mind*
*more noises are heard*
Sol: What the hell? Is that one of you guys? Stop playing around!!
*more noises*
Sol: I'm serious!! Stop! *wipes ass quickly* *pulls pants up and flushes*
*louder noises* *a loud REEEEEEE, is heard*
Sol: *eyes widen* Who the **** is that!? I'm not joking! You come in here, and you get your head sliced off!!! *draws blade* I'm going to charge out in 5 seconds...
Sol: *sweats, twitching lip* 1................2.........
Sol: *closes eyes and shakes* *trembling* 3...............4..........
*very loud, REEEEEEEEEE*
Sol: 5!!!! *runs as fast as he can out of door*  SHOW YOURSELF!!!!
Sol: ......*panting, hands fall to knees* *bends over* *trembling* *cluthes head* Pull yourself together Sol, come on! *walks down hall*
Sol: *turns around quickly and leaps to the left as a purple flying beast, charged directly at him* What? W-W-What are you?
Ridley: REEEEEEEEE!!! *his pale yellow eyes, glow in the solemn darkness*
Sol: You're the one whose been causing the noises? Huh....you're definitely ugly enough.
Ridley: REEEEEEEE!!!! *charges again*
Sol: *dives to the right and chops Ridley's tail*
Ridley: *flies around in pain*
Sol: *notices Ridley's pain* *runs quickly down hallway with scared look on face* GUYSS!! GUYSSSS!!!!! HELP!!!

*good ways down hallway*
Scourge: *puzzled* You hear that?
Sephiroth: Sounds like Sol!!
*everyone turns around to see a red jacket running towards them and a purple beast flying after it*
Mephiles: What is THAT?!!??!
Koopa Black: RIDLEY!!
Vegeta: *shocked look* You sure???
Koopa Black: Yeah. I overheard Bowser and Ganon talking about it the other day.
Vegeta: Gruh..

Sol: *running as fast as he can* *getting tired* G-G-Guys.....*breath* Turn around!!! *flails arms forward making a "run away" arm gesture*

Scourge: *squints* What's he doing?
Sephiorth: We have to go help!!
Vegeta: No...he's telling us to run!!
Pro: Fat chance!!
Shadow: I agree, entirely!!! *dashes forward*
Scourge: *follows behind Shadow*
Vegeta: ALRIGHT LISTEN UP!! New plans!! We split up into groups. One group tracks the Emerald, the other try to stop Ridley!! ALRIGHT!!??
Koopa Red: We're going for the Emerald! Be careful!! *The Koopa Bros. run off*
Vegeta: Same to you. *dashes to Ridley*
Cell: *follows Koopa Bros.*
Goro: *runs at Cell*
Mephiles: I'll sit this one out!! *runs after Koopa Bros.*

Sol: *is still running*
Ridley: *catches Sol, and tries to lift him off of his feet*
Sol: *slashes Ridley's foot*
Ridley: REEEEEEEE!!! *drops Sol*
Scourge: We're coming!!
*the group meet up with Sol and stare at a bloodthirsty Ridley*

Scorpion: *looks* *follows Koopa Bros.*

Ridley: *flies around* RRRRAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Sol: Damn...
Scourge: Breathmints...
Sephiroth: *smirk* This seems like it'll be a battle...
Goro: ....
Shadow: Yup...
Pro: Let's do it!!!
*they all charge at an incoming Ridley*

Huh?: *crashes through ceiling and stomps Ridley into the ground* I don't think so...
Scourge: *shocked* .....!!!
Shadow: Ganon!! *is also shcoked*
Vegeta: Alright, we're guaranteed to destroy this *****!!!
Ganon: That's right. Come, students, let's take out the trash!!!
*they all charge at a roaring Ridley*
*a familiar voice strikes the field of battle behind them*
*crew turns around*

Huh?: Not yet........
*even Ridley is puzzled*
*a white beam strikes the group and even Ridley*
Huh?: I want the Dragon Emerald for myself. And I'll gladly TAKE it. *charges at the group* But, first, I'll kill every single of you!! *two lightsaber-like swords appear out of hands*
Sephiroth: I KNOW YOU!!! *lip twitches*

Huh? # 2: Not on my watch. *a familiar yellow bomb, knocks the mysterious man backwards*

*crew looks*

Vegeta: N-N-N-N..........Gruh??

Huh? # 2: *a yellowish aura surrounds him* *smirk* Let's rumble!!!
Huh?: Grr...You won't interfere!!!!
Huh? # 2: .......I will. I'm back and revamped. No one can stop me.
Huh?: *laugh* We'll see about that!!!

*screen fades*

Scourge: Just what the hell is going on here? Predictions??? Guesses? Please, explain!!!

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