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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« Reply #15 on: 23 August, 2008, 10:59:54 pm »

4: Part 1

Vegeta: ....N-Nappa.....is that you?
Nappa: *smirk* Miss me, Vegeta?
Vegeta: .....Not at all.
Nappa: Hey Vegeta......what's up?
??: Quit your rambling and pay attention!! *tries to stab Nappa from behind*
Nappa: *smile* *teleports behind him and slams him into the ground*
Sephiroth: *shocked* A-ANSEM!??!?!
Ansem: *gets up slowly* That's right....
Sephiroth: You dirty bastard...I didn't think you'd sink this low...
Ansem: I sunk low into yo' mo-*is grabbed by Ridley* Let me go, you ugly b-*gets bitten multiple times*
Sephiroth: We better go.
Scourge: Good idea. I wonder if the others have gotten the Emerald yet...
Scorpion: Only one way to find out!! *takes off down the hallway*
Pro: Grr....*stays where he is*
Scourge: *stops* Pro!! Come on!!
Pro: No, I'm staying to help Nappa!
Scourge: Alright, when you get eaten, Blues will have a lecture for you...*runs off*
Pro: Blues....
Vegeta: I'm staying too.
Sol: Alright. *runs with Scourge down hallway*
Sephiroth: Stay alive you three. *takes off*
Pro: *nods*
Vegeta: Come on Nappa!
Nappa: We savin' that kid?
Vegeta: No. We destroy Ridley, and then we destroy him.
Nappa: Got it.
Pro: *dashes at Ridley and slashes his hand* *then slashes him in the face*
Ridley: *REEE!!!* *grabs Pro and throws him into wall*
Nappa: BOMBER DX!!! *fires yellow bomb at Ridley*
Ridley: *throws Ansem into it*
Ansem: *flies into same wall Pro was thrown in*
Vegeta: GALIK GUN, HAAA!!! *fires purple beam at Ridley*
Ridley: *blocks, but still suffers small damage*
Nappa: *grabs Ridley's tail*
Ridley: *slaps Nappa with tail, and kicks him repeatedly*
Pro: *picks up a downed Ansem, and slashes him in the face, multiple times* *grabs him, throws him into ceiling, and throws scythe up there, which flips and slices him multiple times*
Vegeta: *puts Ridley into the headlock*
Ridley: *breaks out and bites Vegeta* *throws him into ceiling and tail smashes him into ground*
*stomps on him*
Nappa: *gets up* *dashes at Ridley and punches him in the face*
Ridley: *picks up a downed Ansem and throws him into Nappa*
Pro: *slashes Ridley some more, and shoots a white beam that damages Ridley's wing*
Ridley:  REEEEEEE!! *eyes glow* *backhands Pro into wall again, and grabs him, and slams him into ground* *repeats this process multiple times*
Vegeta: *shoots another Galik Gun at Ridley's direction*
Ridley: *throws Pro into it, and ducks*
Pro: *smoke coming from body, falls to ground*
Vegeta: ****.
Ridley: *charges at Vegeta*
Vegeta: *teleports behind Ridley, and combos him with punches to the head*
Ridley: *attemps to bite Vegeta*
Vegeta: *teleports out of the way and shoots a Galik Gun*
Ridley: *dodges and shoots an orange beam out of mouth*
Vegeta: O_O DAMMIT!!! *is hit and falls out of sky*
Nappa: *throws off Ansem*
Ansem: *recovers and throws Nappa into Ridley*
Ridley: *smacks Nappa away*
Ansem: *runs at Ridley* *slashes his damaged wing a couple of times, and throws his saber at Vegeta, like a boomerang*
Vegeta: *on ground* *gets slashed by flying saber*
Ridley: REEE!!! *arms stretch upwards and a shiny light comes into hands*
Ansem: O_o.......what?
Nappa: *tries to stand up* ......
Pro: *struggles to get up* *opens one eye* Damn...
Ridley: *a giant white ball fills the hall* REEEEEEEEEE BMMMMMMBBBBBB!!!! *throws giant ball at Ansem*
Ansem: *hauls ass out of there*
*ball explodes on impact of Ansem* *the explosion is sooo big, Jesus wore sunglasses*
*the hallway is utterly obliterated* *the right side of the school, is completely gone*
Pro: *one leg on other side of room* *opens one eye*
Ridley: *walks over to Ansem* *picks up Ansem* *tries to fly, but wing is damaged* Grr...*walks off* *stops at Nappa* *picks him up too* *walks off*
Pro: ....*cannot move* My leg....ugh....AHHHHHH!!!!
Ridley: *looks back* *shoots an orange beam out of mouth that nails Pro* *struggles to fly off*
Pro: ........*unconcious*
Vegeta: *crawls to Ridley* Napp......*eyes almost closed* *reaches hand out* Napp....Nappa.... *lies down and closes eyes*
*they lie there and suffer from damages*
*Ridley was merciless*
Ridley: *returns to nest* REEEE!!!
*baby ridleys chirp*
Ridley: *drops Nappa and Ansem into nest* *flies off, and almost falls, but regains balance*
Nappa: Uh oh....5 of them....and they are HUGE.
Ansem: We've got to work together here!!
Nappa: My thoughts exactly!!!
*the two charge at the babies*

*meanwhile at left side of the school*
Shadow: I sucessfully snuck off....now...let's see what kind of information, I can get. *sneaks into Bowser's room* *hops on computer chair* *hacks into computer*
If I can find the location of the Emeralds and Balls....we can leave this school and prusue them on our own.......hmm.... *clicks on several things* Damn...*looks some more* *eyes widen*
Got it!! *pulls out paper and starts to write down the locations of the items*
*doorknob rotates*
Shadow: Oh no...
*door creaks open*
Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!!! *time stops for a couple of seconds* *sneaks out, with paper, but forgetting pen* *sees Bowser opening the door, frozen* ....*runs off*
*time begins*
Bowser: *opens door* Ah, my comfy computer chair!! *sits in it* o_o.......it's warm.......very warm....
Has somebody been in here? *looks at computer screen* *desktop background, showing Princess Peach ****, is shown* Oh yeah...that's the stuff!! Hey wait...I didn't put that up there......*smiles* Eggman......that devil.....*chuckles* *notices pen* Who's is this? *picks it up* ..........hmm.....*rubs chin*

Shadow: Damn, I left the pen.....eh....no time to fret....I gotta find Scourge...
*skates along hall and sees the right half is completely destroyed*
Shadow: What the?? *eyes widen* Vegeta?!?!?! *dashes over* *kneels to Vegeta* VEGETA!!! VEGETA!!! What happened!??!?!
*no response*
Shadow: ...*covers mouth* *kneels to Pro* Prometheus!!! Wha-*sees leg is gone* My god.....Ridley did this.....*wastes no time* CHAOS WARP!!!!
*warps to Waddle Dee hospital*
Shadow: I HAVE TWO INJURED GUYS HERE!!! GET THEM HELP NAO, DAMMIT!!! *raises magnum to Manager Dee's face*
Manager Dee: *arms flail in air* OKAY!!!
*stretchers burst into operating room*
*gives Vegeta oxygen mask, and Pro a sub tank refill*
Doctor Dee: His leg is gone!!! We need his leg, to operate!!!
Shadow: I'm on it!! *dashes off* Damn you guys....needing me to look after you...how could you lose to that pterodactyle bastard....Grr........
*couple of seconds later*
Shadow: *grabs leg* Alright, I got it....*turns around*
??: REEEEEEE!!!!
Shadow: *sees Ridley far off and flying straight towards him* *mouth twitches* DAMMIT!!
*runs off toward hospital* No, that's not a good idea....Ridley will know they are in there...he'll kill the Waddle Dees and the guys....I have no choice! CHAOS WARP!! *warps the leg to the operating room* You better thank me, you two...
Ridley: *flies above Shadow*
Shadow: Come and get some, you ugly monster!!
Ridley: REEEE!!
Shadow: Oh man....I'll hold him off.....somebody better get here and help me......or I'll be in the operating room next.....*clenches teeth* IF I survive.....
Shadow: GRAHHH!!! *charges at Ridley*

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