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30 November, 2021, 10:26:23 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« Reply #15 on: 12 September, 2008, 11:43:27 pm »

4: Part 2

Shadow: *teleports forward and kicks Ridley on the beak*
Ridley: *knocks Shadow back with wings and grabs him with feet*
Shadow: *punches Ridley's belly rapidly and Ridley lets go*
Ridley: *charges an orange beam in mouth*
Shadow: Grr...here it comes...
Ridley: *shoots beam*
Shadow: Now! *sidesteps beam and lauches fist down Ridley's throat*
Ridley: *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!* *struggles*
Shadow: ....I KNEW IT!! *pulls out a Dragon Ball* You ate this!!! And you tried to hide it!! Waiting to use it when you were on the brink of death!!
Ridley: *eyes turn a dark red* .....
Shadow: Well guess what? It's mine now. You mad? Good. That's what you get for thinking your clev-*gets smacked by Ridley's wing* *goes flying*
Ridley: *flies over an airborn Shadow and spikes him to the ground* *shoots an orange beam while he was recovering*
Shadow: Urgg...*scrapes debris off of his fur coat* *skates forward* Dragon Ball, how do you work this thing??
Ridley: *swoops into Shadow head-first*
Shadow: *backflips over it and lands on Ridley's back, who is soaring high into the air*
Ridley: *does flips and tries to knock Shadow off*
Shadow: *cracks one of Ridley's wings*
Ridley: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *smoke comes from wing as he comets toward the ground*
Shadow: Abandon ship!! *jumps off and lands in nearby tree*
Ridley: *smashes into ground, HARD* *facepalm*
Shadow: Hmph. Time for me to make my getaway. I gotta find the guys. Fast. *dashes off toward the school*
Ridley: *one eye open* *holds both hands in air as a giant blueish orb of energy forms* *it grows to an enormous level, and he fires it directly at a retreating Shadow*
Shadow: *skates off, and looks back* Fool. *throws Dragon Ball at blast which reflects it back to Ridley*
Ridley: REEE!! *kicks orb back at Shadow*
Shadow: Oh damn...(dragon ball is lying a good ways away) Grr....*looks at Dragon Ball* *skates over to it, grabs it and throws it as far as he could into the direction of the school*
I hope you guys find it....*looks ahead* *the orb smashes into Shadow, who goes flying across the field*
Ridley: *shoots an orange beam at him for safe measures*
Shadow: *BOOM!!* *Shadow is hurt* Ugh...*tries to stand* *shakes*
Ridley: *walks over* *opens mouth wide and tries to eat Shadow*
Shadow: *grabs the wide mouth, and spreads it apart even longer, cracking Ridley's strong jaws*
Ridley: *tries to overpower Shadow and bites harder*
Shadow: His jaw is soo strong...*kneels* AHHH!!! *struggling to spread now*
Ridley: *breaks Shadow's hold, and slashes his face with claws* *kicks him over and shoots multiple beams in his face* *then starts biting the hell out of him*
Shadow: *pushes Ridley off and elbows him in the jaw* *jumps and tries to grab his wing, only to get smacked down by Ridley's clenched fist*
Ridley: *picks Shadow up* *shoots more beams in his face* *bites more, and slams him repeatedly*
Shadow: *spits blood* *hack..weeze*
Ridley: *opens mouth wide to devour Shadow when a familiar yellow blast hits Ridley in the back* *drops Shadow and turns around* *confused* REE?
??: Let go of my friend!! *is charging in fast on a little purple pterodactyle's back* *jumps off and spears Ridley*
Ridley: *hits tree* *looks up*
??: *is in point-blank range of Ridley* BOMBER DX!!!
Ridley: *soars in the air for a bit, then falls back to earth fast*
??: *is riding a baby Ridley* *slashes Ridley multiple times in air before spiking him down*
Shadow: Nappa and Ansem, thank god...
Nappa: Hah! You thought those little dinos would stop us? We tamed them by killing little Ing roaches and feeding them to the dinos. Pretty good deal, huh?
Ansem: Yeah, Nappa actually had an idea that saved our asses.
Nappa: Shut it. *grabs ears* UGH!!!
Nappa: *turns around* O_O
Ansem: What? *looks* O_O
Shadow: No....
Ridley: *a HUGE massive nuclear energy ball radiating with power is in his hands like a Spirit Bomb, only bigger* ARGGGHHHHH!!! *fires bomb* *limbs are injured in process though* *falls and hits ground hard*
Ansem: Nappa!!! GET US OUT OF HERE!!
Nappa: I can't! If I do, the bomb is going to hit the ground and cause a major explosion!! Pro and Vegeta will die. I WON'T ALLOW THAT!!!!! I think I can teleport it somewhere else!!
Ansem: You'll kill yourself!!!
Nappa: Better than all of us dying!!!
Shadow: Uhm...guys..it's getting closer!!
Nappa: No time Ansem. I'm doing it. Tell, Vegeta that I'll see him in Hell!!! *dashes forward* BOMB, YOUR COMING WITH ME!!! *puts 2 fingers on forehead and teleports to space*
Ansem: NAPPA!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Shadow: Ugh...*head falls back into soft mud*
Ridley: *unconcious*
Nappa: Well....I guess.....this is it....and even if I do die, they can always bring me back with the Dragon Balls!!! I'm sorry Vegeta...I just....I couldn't see you dying here, along with my other buds....I needed to prove that I was a key player on the team. I........I'm sorry......I may have went in rash and dumb....but.......erg.......goodbye......
*the bomb finally detonates and rips Nappa's body apart*

*Vegeta feels this disturbance* *he awakens*
Vegeta: Nappa..........
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