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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2354 times)
« Reply #15 on: 12 October, 2008, 02:41:20 pm »

4: Part 3

Vegeta: *eyes pop open* *clenches fists* N-NAPPA!!!
Doctor Dee: Vegeta! You musn't get up!! *rushes over and gently grabs his arms*
Vegeta: SHUT UP. *smacks him away*
Nurse Dee: *clasps hands over mouth* Vegeta, no!
Vegeta: *springs up* I didn't need any rest to begin with. BACK OFF.
Nurse Dee: *shivers in a corner*
Vegeta: *squints* ...*walks out of room* *stops at door* I won't harm you. I-.....Bah! *flies out of hospital*
Nurse Dee: O_O

Ridley: *gets up*
Shadow: Ugh.....damn you!
Ansem: *still on ground* ......
Ridley: *facepalm* *eyes glow* *sees left wing is heavily wounded* REEEEEE!!!
Shadow: *all scarred up and bloody* Ugh, shut up! *limps over to Ridley*
*they both swing slow as hell, missing each other and are really tired*
Shadow: I'll.....*huff*.....kill....*cough*.....you....
Ridley: REE....EEE........*drool runs out of mouth as he stares into space*
Shadow: What are you looking at? *slaps Ridley*
Ridley: Grrr.....
Shadow: .....
*loud burst heard far away, and getting closer*
??: GALIK! GUNNNN!!!!! HAAA!!!!
*a purple beam is seen*
Ridley: ? *beam smashes into Ridley's face* *goes flying*

??: NAPPA...THIS IS FOR YOU. *flies above Ridley and spikes him towards the ground* *flies under him and knocks him back up following with a ki blast volley* *grabs his wing and knees it, bending it in ways you never imagined*
Ridley: REEEEEE!!!
Vegeta: *smirk* *throws him into the ground* GALIK GUNN!!! *beam crashes into a downed Ridley*
*stomps on him and punches him repeatedly in DBZ speed* *stops* GALIK GUN!!! *fires at point-blank range* *starts punching again afterwards*
Ridley: *getting knocked senseless*
Shadow: ...O_o
Vegeta: *grabs Ridley's tail and smashes him back and forth into the ground while firing ki blasts from his left hand into Ridley's stupid-looking face* *punts him into the air* Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. *spreads arms as yellow orbs form onto hands* FINAL.....*brings them together and fires a massive yellow beam* FLASSSSSHHHHHH!!!
Ridley: *gets raped by beam* *smoke comes from badly injured body as he torpedoes toward land*
Vegeta: *pants* That'll show you.....
Shadow: ....Vegeta, you okay?
Vegeta: Yea....I just....Nappa..
Shadow: I know. There was nothing I could do.
*Ridley smashes into the ground*
Vegeta: *looks over* Bastard.
Shadow: ......Vegeta, you went into a berserker fury, huh?
Vegeta: Damn right.
Ridley: *is out cold*
Vegeta: .....WHAT?!?!?!
Shadow: What is it?
Vegeta: Energy readings from the south...2, no...3 readings...and they're enormous...
*crushes scouter* GOD DAMMMIITTTTT!!!!
Vegeta: Not this time.
Shadow: Darn.
*3 figures land in front of them*
Vegeta: Hmm?
??: ...
??: We are the Amp Hunters.
Vegeta: I could care less.
??: Of course you could. But, would you care if I told you that I am the one who will end your life?
Vegeta: Psh.
??: Do I sense concern?
Vegeta: You don't sense a damn thing.
??: Are you sure?
Vegeta: Yes.
??: Absolutely?
Vegeta: What's your name? You're weird.
??: That's just dandy.
Vegeta: What?
??: You.
Vegeta: ....
??: Okay, I'll yield. My name is Kefka. Apart of the Amp Hunters.
Vegeta: ...
??: Don't want to talk, eh?
Vegeta: ...
??: You're no fun. To my left, is the liquid manifestation known as Chaos. To my right is the deadly assassin named Altair.
Vegeta: What do you want?
Kefka: Well, we'll take Ridley back, seeing as though he is almost dead. And we'll have your Dragon Ball or Chaos Emerald, depending on which you have. Both would be double the fun!!
Vegeta: What do we get in return?
Kefka: An, I O U card from yours truly!
Vegeta: No.
Kefka: But I want them!!
Vegeta: Tough.
Altair: Then we'll just take them from you.
Vegeta: ...
Shadow: Vegeta, we aren't in the condition to fight!!
Vegeta: I am. Listen, I'll take all of them on. You just support me with a few of your Chaos Spears.
Shadow: But Vegeta....I can't!! I can barely move much less-
Vegeta: *wink*
Shadow: ...Fine. I'll do it.
Vegeta: Excellent. *turns to Kefka*
Kefka: *smile*
Shadow: ...
Vegeta: *looks around* Come on Kefka.
Kefka: *spins a jack-in-a-box*
Vegeta: *defensive position* On the count of 3, we are out of here Shadow..
Shadow: *nods*
Vegeta: 1!!!
Kefka: Counting to your death?
Vegeta: 2!!
Altair: They've got something up their sleeve.
Vegeta: 3!!
Shadow: *grabs Ansem*
Vegeta: *runs back and grabs them* See ya, Kef. *teleports out*
Kefka: o_o
Altair: ....cowards...
Kefka: *stomps ground* OH POO!!! Looks like we'll have to scour the area. *looks into the distance* Hospital huh? Let's burn it to the ground!!! They're pointless! Why would you attempt to save someone from inevitable death? It's ridiculous. Chaos, CARRY ME!!
*they march toward the defenseless hospital*

Vegeta: *teleports to school* That was close.
Shadow: Yeah, *falls over* *snores*
Vegeta: Mmm.....I'll go back later. For now, I'll wait. And think up a strategy. *eyes pop wide* Oh no...the hospital!!! *springs up and flies through ceiling* I'm too drained to teleport there...so I'll just fly and see where they are.

Kefka: BURN BABY!!!
*flames everywhere* *hospital burns* *whole area engulfed in a mad inferno*
Altair: Ahh...the sweet smell of burning hospitals.
Kefka: Indeed. It's quite grand.

Vegeta: *sees flames in the distance* NO WAY.

Chaos: *nods*
Kefka: *laughs and talks with Altair and Chaos*
Altair: *hysterical laughter*

Vegeta: *flies super fast*

Kefka: hmm? *turns around only to get punched square in the nose* *flies into the dirt*

*a shadowy figure emerges from the flames*

Kefka: *covers bleeding nose* YOU AGAIN!!!???
Chaos: *stance*
Altair: ...*blade emerges from palm*

Vegeta: You burned that hospital...the hospital that took the time to save someone as stubborn as me.

Kefka: OH, CUT THE CRAP!!!
Vegeta: I'll cut you.....IN HALF!!!
Kefka: *karate stance* The viewers are going to love this!!
Vegeta: Viewers?
Kefka: *points to screen* Those ugly vermin that are actually bothering to read this.
Vegeta: o_o
Kefka: Forget it. ON WITH THE FIGHT!!
Altair: Come Chaos.
Chaos: *squibble*

Vegeta: I'll take you all on!! Come *****es!!!!!! COME GET SOME OF THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIY-
Altair: *punches Vegeta in the back*
Vegeta: GAH!!!
Chaos: *grabs Vegeta and holds him in the air*
Vegeta: Grr...LET GO OF ME YOU FREAK!!!
Kefka: Now, time for you to visit your oh-so-unfortunately deceased friend.
Vegeta: Erg....
Kefka: *equips a rocket launcher* *aims it at Vegeta's face*
Vegeta: NOWWW!!!

*Bowser, Ganon, and Eggman emerge out of the ground*
Bowser: HA HA HAA!! Time for some fun. I'm not too old for and old-fashioned squabble.
Kefka: Bowser. It's been a long time.
Bowser: Sure has. Got some new playmates?
Kefka: Yup. They'll kill you!
Bowser: Ha ha ha...goofy as usual.
Eggman: Chaos....
Chaos: .....*drops Vegeta* *points at Eggman*
Ganon: Altair...
Altair: ....*smirk*
Bowser and Kefka at the same time: LET'S RUMBLE!!

*screen fades as the six dash at the opposition*

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