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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2333 times)
« Reply #30 on: 05 July, 2009, 11:27:12 pm »

5: Part 3

*camera pans in on a recovering Scourge*

Scourge: Oh man..my head. *looks around* *all there is to see is trees, dense bushes and vines everywhere* Some kind of forest? Where am I? *he walks around and after about 2 minutes crouches down* *he feels the soil as it tumbles down his glove*

Scourge: Hmm. *looks up in the sky* *begins to proceed forward* Man, where is everybody? *instantly his ears perk up* *hears some yelling in the distance* *immediately dashes to the scene and hides in the bushes*

??: You IDIOT! *slaps accomplice in front of him* I told you, NO MAYONAISE!

?? #2: I’m sorry! I get so nervous in drive-thrus! I truly apologi-

??: Apology DENIED. You are a fool. I should kill you for this.

?? #2: *whimpers* I’m s-sorrryyy!!!!

??: *eyes show no mercy* Hmph. Now, this is what I’M going to do. Since you killed my sandwich, I’m gonna make your life hell.

?? #2: *mumbles* It was already hell…

??: What was that?

?? #2: *worried look* Nothing!

??: So, as I was saying, I’m gonna do something…BAD. Emphasis on the “BAD.” I’m gonna **** on this sandwich. And YOU are going to eat it.

?? #2: I don’t think so.

??: *draws Demonic Scythe* I think so. *turns around, and the whizzing ensues*

?? #2: *almost hurls at the thought*

??: Ahh..much better. *kicks it toward him* Eat. Eat it off the ground, puppy.

?? #2:  …*looks disgusted* Why are you doing this to me?

??: I told you NO MAYONAISE, Llednar! You failed me. And therefore, you must pay the price.

Llednar: *grunts* You always treat me as if I was beneath you! I try my hardest to impress you, only to get reprimanded for a reason as small as MAYONAISE. I only agreed to train under you, so I could gain some power. Well, this apprentice is about to rebel. *draws Bio Sword* Prepare yourself, Magus. You are no longer a “Lord” to me. You’re just another person who thinks they’re godly. You ain’t **** to me!!!

Magus: Hahahaha. Llednar, I do hope you know what you are doing. Impressive speech by the way. I’ll put it in your eulogy.

Llednar: In your dreams.

Magus: Now why would I waste a dream on a pathetic moron such as yourself?

Llednar: …Just fight.

Magus: My question was too much for you it seems.

Llednar: …

*talking ensues*

Scourge: Man, that guy is getting owned…by words. I oughta help, but watching this is much more fun.

Llednar: Magus, shut up and fight me!!!

Magus: Your body says “fight” but your mind says “run away”. You should listen to your head, not your heart.

Llednar: That’s funny, because if it wasn’t for heart, there’d be no Captain Planet.

Magus: …*rolls on the ground laughing*

Scourge: That was so lame…*chuckles* *looks around giggling* I wonder if I can throw something at them… *finds a fist-sized rock and chucks it at them*

*it hits Magus right upside the head*

Magus: THE FIRST SHOTS OF WAR HAVE BEEN FIRED!!!! *dashes at Llednar* *camera shakes as it tries to keep up with Magus’ movements*

Llednar: *runs forward as well*

*their weapons clash repeatedly in attempts to best one another*

*they both strike and come at a stalemate*

Llednar: Not as strong as I thought you were, but it’ll do.

Magus: Wish I could say the same for you! *draws scythe back and sweeps Llednar’s legs*

Llednar: *jumps over and axe-kicks Magus into the ground* *attempts to impale Magus’ skull while he is downed*

Magus: *does a grounded frontflip and swings scythe in a circle as he stands up*

Llednar: *jumps back and pushes finger along blade, sending sharp ice shards toward his opponent*

Magus: *crosses arms and vibrates uncontrollably as the shards sail right through him* *he phased right through them and is now directly in front of a shocked Llednar* *kicks him in the gut and throws scythe into the air* *performs a 20-hit fisticuffs combo and grabs a falling scythe as Llednar draws back trying to catch his breath* *uses the scythe butt to knock even more air out of the struggling Llednar*

Llednar: *grunts and tries to crawl away, clutching stomach*

Magus: Too much for you? *swipes at a downed Llednar multiple times* *uses butt of the scythe to make Llednar’s head faceplant into the dirt* Ha ha ha, that’s where you belong Llednar! On the ground! Groveling at my feet. You’re pitiful! *kicks him multiple times*

Llednar: *one eye is fully closed and face is badly bruised* *reaches hand out as if begging for help from an unknown entity*

Magus: No one can save you, Llednar. You should’ve thought this through before you even considered challenging me. WHAT. *kick* WERE. *kick* YOU. *slash* THINKING? *slash*

Llednar: *clothes are torn and flesh has peeled away* *bleeds rapidly* *clenches teeth and desperately struggles to crawl away to no avail*


Llednar: *looks up into the distance* *grumbles* No…

Magus: After this beating, you STILL oppose me? You’ve got heart, but Captain Planet cannot save you.

Llednar: Captain…Plan……..*blood slides from mouth* Captain….*finally stops struggling and slowly looses consciousness* Captain…

Magus: Guess what? Captain DEATH is coming to pay a visit to you! Here he comes! *raises scythe high into the air* SAY GOODNIGHT, LLEDNAR! CAPTAIN-

??: *a blue figure with an unusual helmet jumps out from a familiar blue vehicle* *he is seen drawing back his fist in the glow of the sun* *he can’t be seen clearly due to the glare as he charges a punch in slow-motion* FALCON…..

Magus: *turns around* What the? *eyes go wide as figure closes in the distance in the air*

Scourge: *still watching from the bushes* Who the hell is that?!

??: *closes in on Magus* *thrusts fist forward with phenomenal intensity* PAAAAAAAAUUNNNNCCHHHHHHH!!!

Magus: *takes the blow fully to the face*

*the impact causes time to freeze for a full 3 seconds* *when time regains consciousness, Magus is seen flying through the forest at breakneck speed*

??: *stands up after the blow* *red aura is seen around him like he’s charging* *salutes* YES.

Scourge: *mouth drops to the floor*

??: *runs over to Llednar* Aww you okay? *extends hand out*

Llednar: *slowly looks over and sees shadowy figure standing above him with hand out* *squints* Captain…Planet?

??: Captain….*glare from the sun slashes visor* Falcon. From Show Me Ya Moves Corp. Full-time Bounty Hunter. That Magus has been wanted for a long time now. Pretty nice price on his head.

Llednar: *smiles a nervous smile* Yeah…*still hasn’t regained full consciousness* *grabs hand and stands up*

Captain Falcon: So, what happened here? *pulls out notebook and pen*

Llednar: Well…

*the two converse for minutes*

Scourge: *still peeking from bushes* That was the most epic punch I’ve ever seen…

*the two finally get done conversing*

Llednar: And that’s when you came.

Falcon: *very enthusiastic* YES. *throws pen and pad through open cockpit of the Blue Falcon* *juggles keys in the air and stylishly closes the cockpit with a simple press of a button* *salutes* YES.

Llednar: *smiles a nervous smile*

Captain Falcon: Alright, get in the Blue Falcon. I’ll take you back to the city.

Llednar: Okay. *limps towards the vehicle*

Falcon: *smiles as he walks past* *quickly gets serious and walks into the forest going to find Magus*

Scourge: …*whispers to self while still peeking, absorbed in the suspense* Epic battle about to come!!!

Falcon: *ventures through the forest and finds Magus* *multiple trees fell due to Magus flying through them* *the forest was a disaster* *Falcon has a clear path to walk through due to Magus clearing everything away as he was flying* *his scythe is seen hanging out in a tree and Magus is seen slumped over leaning on a tree*

Magus: Nnng…

Falcon: *tosses Magus’ arm over his shoulder and carries him back to the Blue Falcon*

*about 5 minutes later*

Falcon: *tosses Magus in and cranks up the BF* *it levitates due to the air boosters on the bottom*

Scourge: Hey now! *quickly reveals self and hitches a ride on top of the BF* *lounges on top of it and takes a nap*

*20 minutes later they pass a sign*

"Welcome to Veilstone City"

Falcon: *finally stops in front of “Show Me Ya Moves Corp.”* *parks right alongside the curb* Here it is, Llednar! *picks up Magus and drags him into the tall building*

Llednar: *follows*

Scourge: *jumps off of BF and hides behind it* *peeking from the left*

Falcon: Samus, I’ve caught the bastard. All thanks to this kid.

Samus: *an robot-looking figure with orange armor is seen kicking back at the front desk* *leans up* Great work, Douglas. Put him in the Holding Pens. And your name is?

Llednar: Llednar. Llednar Twem.

Samus: Thanks to you Llednar, this guy has been successfully captured. He has been wanted for years and always manages to slip out from under our noses everytime we catch a lead. Your assistance is appreciated. For that, you’ll take half of Douglas’ reward.

Falcon: WHAT!?!? *thrusts hands into air and claps them on helmet, dropping Magus onto the hard floor*

Samus: *glares at Falcon*

Falcon: *mumbles something no one could hear and drags Magus off* I was gonna use my money for a new paint job…I could’ve gotten those Fusion Exhausts and Vibranium Amplifiers. Maybe some UltraSound Nitrus! *mumbles some more and disappears into the next room*

Samus: That Douglas…*shakes head*

Llednar: He’s a trip. But, thank god he saved me.

Samus: Douglas has a strong sense of justice. He would’ve helped even if there was no bounty on Magus.

Llednar: How did he find me?

Samus: SwiftReader GPS on his Blue Falcon. The guy is pretty high-tech despite his age.

Llednar: *chuckles* Oh, have you ever seen him perform this pun-

Falcon: *reappears out of nowhere* Ah, the Falcon Punch. I see I have another fan!

Llednar: It was awesome.

Samus: *rolls eyes*

Falcon: Indeed.

Llednar: Where did you learn it?

Falcon: Well…I first gained that move during the first set of the Super Smash Bros. game. Master Hand called me in to his office and he wanted me to give him suggestions for my moveset. So, I decided that I would have this uber-epic punch that would cause so much distortion on the battlefield, that everyone would stop fighting just to see who I nailed. Ask Samus. Her moveset was similar to mine. Although, *whispers in Llednar’s ear* she had this lame charge cannon thing that sucked pretty badl-

*a gun is seen cocked at Falcon’s head*

Samus: Shut up.

Falcon: *nods and looks down* Killjoy. Well anyway, there are these people that reside on this worldwide phenomenon called the Internet. Someone started this “fad” of how epic my Falcon Punch was, and then almost instantly, numerous parodies and spoofs were made to emphasize the manliness of not only my punch, but myself.

Llednar: *is absorbed in the information*

Scourge: Heh, he’s awesome. But, I’ve got to find my way back to my friends. *is about to run off but stops at the sound of a siren*

Samus: An alert notice? *removes helmet and talks into walkie-talkie esque phone*

Llednar: O_O Man, she’s hot.

Falcon: Tell me about it…*rubs hand over neck to feel welts and bruises made by her* *shudders*

Samus: Snake? What’s going on?

*over the phone*

Snake: Samus! You and Douglas need to report to me immediately! We have a case here. Numerous hostiles approaching the frontier! They aren’t wanted, but they are exceptionally dangerous! We need to stop them before they can manage to breach the city.

Samus: I’m on it. *clicks phone and nods to Falcon* *puts on helmet and rushes out door* *immediately looks to the left and sees a green spine behind the BF* *walks over and sees the wide-eyed green hedgehog*

Scourge: Hi. *waves*

Samus: Who are you?

Scourge: Scourge the Hedgehog. But, enough banter! We have a situation right?

Samus: We?

Scourge: You need all the help you can get right? Come on. Let me help.

Samus: Can we trust you?

Scourge: No way in hell. But it’s not like I’m gonna help the baddies escape. I just want to kick some ass! And receive a share of the final pay!

Samus: *rolls eyes* Well, if we can’t trust you, then no.

Scourge: Fine! You can trust me! I want to help!

Falcon: *in the BF* Come on Samus!!

Samus: *grabs Scourge’s hand and tosses him into the Blue Falcon*

Falcon: *looks in rear-view mirror* A friend?

Samus: Sort of. He wanted to help, so I accepted.

Falcon: Can you fight?

Scourge: You’ll see. *smirk* *chills in the back seat*

Llednar: *looks at Scourge and narrows eyes* Where did you come from?

Scourge: I followed you guys! I was in that forest, when I saw that awesome punch. So…I peeked from the bushes and watched Falcon question you. *tightens glove* You guys were leaving, and I jumped on the top and came here with you guys.

Falcon: *is so furious he nearly rams into the oncoming Golden Fox, piloted by Dr. Stewart*

Dr. Stewart: *raises cockpit and flips off Falcon as they speed pass each other*

Falcon: *Also raises cockpit and berates Stewart with vulgar vocabulary* *sits back down* YOU GOT SHOE MARKS ON MY PAINT JOB.

Scourge: *playing with finger while relaxing* So-rry princess.

Falcon: …*steams*

*they finally park in front of a giant super-building labeled “The Soldier of Fortune”, with a cardboard box as the logo*

*a moving cardboard box is seen coming out of the door*

Scourge: *rolls in seat laughing*

Samus: *cocks gun at Scourge’s head*

Scourge: *quickly stops*

*a lean man hops in the BF and sits between Samus and Scourge*

Snake: *looks at Scourge* *looks at everyone else then looks back at Scourge* *opens mouth*

Falcon: Yeah, he’s a hedgehog. And we’re all humans.

Snake: *closes mouth* *looks at Scourge and licks lips*

Samus: No, Snake.

Snake: *stops* So…we have incoming hostiles approaching the frontier. I’ve got some info on the case. There is a “robotic” blue hedgehog coming in toward the city, fast.

Scourge: *ears perk but remains silent*

Snake: Another, is a “reploid” with this teal looking scythe, chasing the blue robot. Looked like he had a ****-protector. *chuckles*

Falcon: *nearly swerves off the road laughing*

Samus: And?

Snake: There was this guy. A hooded figure with a grey vest on. It seems he has shape-shifting powers and can turn his body into a variety of dangerous weapons. I watched some footage of him in Mute City and he ransacked the city ruthlessly. His name is Alex Mercer. By far the most dangerous of the bunch.

Llednar: *gulps*

Snake: Then, there was this guy with a red jacket and a pretty big blade on his back. He has an assortment of weapons and claims to be the “Son of Sparda”. He seems to be a little more civilized than the others and we may be able to get him to join our side. His name’s Dante. He was engaging with a bald man who has pale skin and red marks all over his body. He’s somewhat laconic and is just as ruthless as Alex. He has these two blades that are chained together and uses a variety of weapons also. Not to mention powers of the “Gods”. His name is Kratos.

Samus: Hmm…we're going to need more support. We can’t take all of them alone with these numbers.

Snake: Then, there’s a guy with silverish hair and a red jacket also. He carries a pretty big sword and is said to drain the life of his enemies. He seems to be the source of the chaos. Ragna the Bloodedge. *strokes chin*

Falcon: Man, that’s a lot…

Samus: ...

Snake: Think we should swing by and pick up Cole?

Falcon: Yup. *takes a sharp right and flashes through the alleyways* *stops at a damaged powerline, and sees electricity flowing through it* *an oddly-dressed man is seen zapping the power line, sitting on a dumpster* *opens cockpit*

Cole: Need my help? *smiles*

Falcon: *holds fist out and daps Cole* You know it.

Cole: *looks in backseat* Not enough room.

*everyone looks at Scourge*

Scourge: *was twiddling with fingers* *looks around* What?

*2 minutes later*

Scourge: *is seen lounging on the roof of the BF* *mumbles*

*about 15 minutes later, they pull up to the frontier, a vast plain with mountains in the distance* *the city lies right behind them* *the sky begins to grow dark and the wind picks up*

Cole: That’s an ominous sign…

Llednar: Yeah…

Falcon: Well, let’s get ready.

*they all walk forward down the dark plain*

*footsteps are heard behind them*

??: FALCON? What are you doing here?

*a blade swipes at Falcon, but he dodges it by sidestepping casually*

Falcon: Goroh, now is not the time.

*a fat, barbarian-looking man with round glasses is seen beside Falcon*

Goroh: What’s goin’ on?

Falcon: We’ve got numerous hostiles approaching. This is bad. They are all very powerful and are planning on rushing the frontier. *looks at wrist* I dunno about this one, Goroh...

Goroh: Ha ha. Are you scared Falcon? Need some help?

Falcon: No, I'm just...anxious. And, yeah, we need all the help we can get. I'm suprised you offered.

Goroh: Who do you think I am Falcon? You think I’d let some snotnose punks bombard MY city? You must be out of your damn mind! My blade needs some blood to settle its hunger.

Falcon: *smiles*

Snake: *cluthes ear* A signal. *shouts* They’re here! *dives into cardboard box*

Falcon: *quickly grows serious* *thrusts hand forward* MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

*they all zip along the frontier into the depths of the plain*

Cole: *squints* I see someone!

Samus: *charges cannon*

*Dante and Kratos are seen in the distance clashing blades*

Dante: You’re not bad. *smirk* *twirls pistol and pelts Kratos with a barrage of bullets*

Kratos: *pulls out a Golem’s head and shields self from the barrage*

Dante: *hops over shield and kicks Kratos into the ground* *gets a running start and proceeds to surf down the plain with his body, then kicks him into a nearby boulder* *shrugs as he taunts* Is that the best you’ve got? C’mon!

*Alex Mercer walks down the plain*

Kratos: *gets up* You’re dead. *while he attempts to dash at Dante, a casual Alex knocks him a couple of yards back with a backhand*

Alex: *looks at Dante and assumes a fighting stance*

Dante: Ha. *smirks* Another freak joining the party? Alright, come get some!

Alex: …

Dante: Silent type eh? *laughs as he sarcastically taunts Alex* Ooo...you're so intimidating!

*Ragna is seen walking down the same path Alex walked*

Ragna: Hmph. Busy day. *draws sword* *walks toward Alex and Dante*

Kratos: *is furious* *shouts in anger and dashes back to the fight* No one makes a fool of me! I AM KRATOS. THE GOD OF WAR! *hastily rushes forward*

Snake: *talks in ear-piece* Big battle. I’ll stay back and scout from the rear. Cole, provide backup for our fighters.

Cole: *touches ear* You got it.

Snake: Scourge. You, Falcon, Llednar, and Goroh charge into the battle.

Got it.

Snake: Samus, you know what to do.

Samus: Yes.

Snake: *in cardboard box with radio* Oh man, more hostiles!! The two robots are on their way! And…one more hostile!

Cole: More?

Snake: Yes. A goofy looking guy with this weird armlet! His name is Gene. When he rips off the armlet, he becomes that of a God. Watch out, he’s incredibly agile. Although, he's not as dangerous as the others.

Falcon: *running at speeds of an Olympian* Got it.

Goroh: This is going to be one helluva show! *draws blade and raises it upwards*

*it begins to pour down rain*

Llednar: *stays silent as he runs*

Scourge: Llednar, focus!

Llednar: *looks over and nods*

Falcon: Let’s do this.

*they all charge to the middle of the frontier where the brawling is occurring*

Gene: *meets up with everyone in the middle* *assumes Bruce Lee stance* Time to kick some ass. AYYYYY!!!!

Scourge: That’s my line! Without the "AYYY!!"

Dante: Woah, this is going to rock **** baby! A free-for-all? *slaps knee* This is just too good to be true!

Kratos: Shut up! *rushes at Dante*

Dante: Bring it on, baldie. *taunts Kratos with blade wagging at him*

Alex: *arms turn into razor-sharp blades* I will fight for revenge. Revenge on those who experimented on me. Revenge on the guilty...

Ragna: *looks at palm, clenches it, and rushes forward*

*in the distance*

Prometheus: STOP, METAL SONIC.

Metal Sonic: Inferior species has no business meddling in my affairs! Prepare to die!

Prometheus: *summons scythe and positions self directly in front of Metal Sonic*

*they are far away from the crowd*

Prometheus: Blues…this is for you!!!

*screen fades*


Woo. Only took me a month to update. WRITER'S BLOCK. Huge brawl next chapter. I had to get the Metal Sonic/Prometheus conflict to intermix with another conflict so the story wouldn't be all over the place like it aready is. Just a little easier to keep track of.
Personally, I liked this chapter. Scourge is somewhat beggining to become that of an anti-hero, but he hasn't lost his evil ways completely. The hostiles are all trying to purge the city in search of a Chaos Emerald. But, little does Falcon/Samus know, it was right under their noses the whole time. No wonder Magus was so popular with the law. Llednar is a guy from FFTA just in case you wanted to know. Alex is from Prototype, Cole is from inFamous who has electical powers, and Ragna is the main character from Blazblue. Magus is from Chrono Trigger and you all know Kratos from God of War. Dante from DMC and Gene is from a lesser-known game called "God Hand". Check it out, it's funny as hell.

Alright, that's all. Take it easy until next chapter.

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