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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« Reply #30 on: 24 August, 2009, 05:23:57 pm »

5: Part Final

*the camera pans in on the erupting conflict*

D. Scourge:  Metal Sonic. I will end your life right now.

Metal Sonic:  Scourge, you have truly hurt my feelings with that threat!

Scourge:  You don’t have emotions. You’re a lifeless **** who ejaculates at the sound of pain.

Metal Sonic: What the **** is a ****?

Ragna:  I don’t really know where I stand in this, but you two really need to get out of my way.

Metal Sonic: Feel free to leave then. You’re an annoyance anyway.

Ragna: You don’t talk to me like that you scum.

Metal Sonic: *glances at Ragna* You do realize that If you stay, I cannot guarantee you walking away alive.

Ragna: I could say the same for you.

Scourge: *is becoming heavily irritated* Enough. I’ve had enough of your rambling. Both of you will die by MY hands. I will dismantle you from the inside out you piece of sparking ****.

*Scourge balls his hands into furious fists as he bolts forward at blinding speed*

Metal Sonic: *raises his hands towards the sky as a giant column of earth propels him high into the air* Scourge, you do realize that your power alone is not enough to def-

*a crack appears in the column as it shatters into boulders and debris*

Metal Sonic: Not bad.

*Metal Sonic leaps from boulder to boulder in midair in pursuit of Scourge*

*Scourge is nowhere to be found, only recognized in illusions*

Metal Sonic: *arms turn into machine guns as he fires in a 360 motion, twirling in the air*

*a hit cannot connect*

Scourge: *appears from below a falling Metal Sonic and decks him dead in the face*

*Metal Sonic rockets upward at breakneck speeds only to be sent back downwards into the mushy earth by a swift Scourge*

Metal Sonic: *pushes up from the ground* Not bad at all. *wipes mud from sleek exterior*

Ragna: *points his sword at a recovering Metal Sonic* What were you saying?

Metal Sonic: *looks up with same expression as always*


Ragna: Speechless huh?

*he pulls back his sword anticipating the death of Metal Sonic only to be punched in the gut, followed by a series of kicks and machine gun shots* *as he reels back in pain, he manages to dodge and incoming rocket shot from Metal Sonic’s belly*

Metal Sonic: You…*reloads*…are really starting to become a nuisance.

*as he finishes his last word, he gets blasted from behind by a burst of dark energy shot by Scourge*

*Metal Sonic turns around, only to be punched in the face by a raging Scourge* *as he flies backwards, Scourge dashes beside him and grabs his leg* *Scourge then grasps Metal Sonic’s face and slams it in the mud, dragging him for what seems like an eternity*

Ragna: *stands in front of Scourge with this sword lodged into the muddy earth, yawning* *he looks at Scourge, smiles, and points to his sword signaling Scourge to ram Metal Sonic’s head into it*

Scourge: *sees his signal and nods* *he stops and hurls Metal Sonic forward with all of his might*

*Metal Sonic slides forward at awesome speed and soon finds himself with a sword lodged in his head*

*as Metal Sonic begins to short-circuit, Scourge takes this opportunity to unleash a devastating combo on the unknowing Ragna*

*Scourge rams his palm into Ragna’s chest, causing him to cough up a fountain of blood* *as he keels over, Scourge knees him on the side of his head, almost rendering him unconscious*

Ragna: *recovers and pulls his sword out of Metal Sonic’s head*

*he dashes towards Scourge only to be elbowed from behind, and axe-kicked into the mud* *he struggles to stand up, and Scourge puts him out of commission by unloading a dark energy infested boot into Ragna’s left temple* *knocking him out cold*

*as Scourge stands over him, about to deliver the final blow, a chainsaw his heard, along with an ear-piercing scream from a very agitated Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: NO ONE MAKES A FOOL OF ME. *his right arm turns into a chainsaw and his left turns into a drill, eager to pierce through the dominating hedgehog*

Scourge: Cute toys.

Metal Sonic: I’ll write that in your eulogy.

Scourge: Assuming you can write.

Metal Sonic: *ignores this* Coordinates 51.54.17, initiating assault. *his eyes begin to calibrate random numbers that are beginning to annoy Scourge even more*

*Scourge dashes forward as dark energy forms on his fists* *he draws back his fist about to knock the living CPU out of Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic sees this and draws back his drill, ready to challenge Scourge’s fist*

*the two unleash their blows and their attacks collide creating a massive concussive blow that emits an enormous shockwave, creating a huge crater under them as debris flies everywhere*

*the two are nowhere to be seen, until blurs of energy are seen in different locations every millisecond*

*the two are fighting each other at speeds not even lightning can comprehend without letting up whatsoever*

*the two collide again and come at a deadlock* *Metal Sonic’s drill is seen far away and the two are attempting to best each other* *a chainsaw roars out of Metal Sonic’s knee only to be kicked away by Scourge*

Scourge: *eyes glow white and fur becomes a darker shade* *voice becomes maniacal and insanity is heard in between randomly changing pitches in his laughs* You’re getting slow on me Metal Sonic! Why’s that? You can’t seem to handle my evolving power!!

*for once in his robotic life, Metal Sonic was beginning to feel worried*

Metal Sonic: Scourge! Stop toying around!

*Scourge revs back his leg and smiles sadistically* *he slams it into the chin of Metal Sonic, sending him into the air* *Scourge grabs his leg and slams him into the muddy ground* *Scourge then begins to stomp furiously on Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic grabs his foot on the 4th blow and slings him into the mud* *he grabs his face and punches him upwards before spiking him downwards* *Metal Sonic teleports to Scourge’s crash destination and lifts up his knee as Scourge’s face collides into it hard*

*blood trickles from Scourge’s nose as he gets up in no pain whatsoever*

*he dashes forward again, this time storing all of his dark energy into one mighty blow capable of destroying a continent*

Metal Sonic: Hmm.

*Metal Sonic just stands there, inviting Scourge*

*Scourge smiles and sends forth his awesome blow*

*he misses*

*Metal Sonic is seen behind him, and Metal Sonic punishes Scourge for his mistake*

*Scourge tries desperately to escape Metal Sonic’s series of blows, but he fails miserably* *Metal Sonic was relentless in his assault, he wasn’t going to stop even if Scourge was dead* *he was going to make him pay*

*Scourge’s transformation had reached its limit, which disappointed Metal Sonic, who steadily carried on with the beatdown*

*as Scourge fell to the muddy earth, Metal Sonic stood over him, blood all over his robotic interface*

*Scourge lost his power and was back to his green self again, barely clinging to life* *Metal Sonic unleashed more blows on the badly injured Scourge*

*as Scourge took the beating, his mind raced and everything went quiet*

*he saw Prometheus, Blues, Snake, the Koopa Bros., Vegeta, Bowser, Ganon, Eggman, and Mephiles flash by in imaginary images* *he saw Shadow, and all of his friends in his mind, even his best friend, Sol*

What would Sol think of him now? To know that Scourge has been beaten by the robotic counterpart of the one being he hated the most? To join Blues and not being able to do anything about it? *Scourge was on the verge of giving up all hope as he shifted back to reality*

*the punches didn’t stop, but Scourge could no longer feel them. His body went numb and the only thing on his mind were his friends. Has he become soft? Has he succumbed to the force all heroes know as “friendship?” He hated to admit it, but Scourge wasn’t all that bad. He realized this now. Helping out Falcon, Samus, and the others. Laughing and joking around with people who felt the same way. He could feel like somebody, and this is what would drive him on to the very end. And nothing Metal Sonic could do would break that*

*at this point Metal Sonic let up and was about to perform one of the ugliest decapitations ever conceived with his chainsaw*

That is, until a familiar scythe lodged itself into his back.

*as Metal Sonic turned around in pain, a purple orb zapped the hell out of him and knocked him back a couple of feet*

*a familiar looking figure is seen walking towards him, smiling*

*Metal Sonic unlodges the scythe and tosses it back at the figure*

*the figure catches it effortlessly, not even interrupting his walk* *he dashes forward and begins to slice Metal Sonic repeatedly*

*Metal Sonic grabs the scythe and pulls the figure in to chainsaw-knee him*

*the figure lets go and sends forth a massive purple wave that knocks him back a good ways* *the figure grabs his dropped scythe and then glance at Scourge*

Prometheus: I’m here man. I won’t let him kill you. I know you’d have done the same for me. *his eyes instantly grow cold and he lets out a battle cry before bolting towards an unprepared Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic was too slow, as purple orbs rain down from the sky circling Metal Sonic* *the orbs soon start to confuse Metal Sonic, as they form a pattern around him, trapping him in the Japanese kanji 天, meaning “ten” which was exactly the number of orbs required for the trap*

*as Metal Sonic looked onward in desperation, Prometheus unleashed a barrage of slashes, energy blasts, overloads, and finally finishes his revenge with a giant ball of energy stored in the remaining orbs* *he focuses the energy into a giant purple mass of energy 3 times the size of Goku’s Spirit Bomb* *the earth begins to rumble at the power of the energy and the area becomes a slight red, due to the purple devastator* *as Prometheus screams and the earth trembles at the power, he throws the blast forward like a soccer ball being thrown in from out of bounds* *the ball of energy travels along the ground parting the mud and crust of the Earth like Moses* *it twists and breaks the sound barrier, ultimately crashing brutally into the terror called “Metal Sonic”.

*Metal Sonic yells as the blast pummels into him, creating a humongous crater the size of Jupiter* *the blast destroys most of the land they were fighting on* *as the blast comes to a close, an exhausted Prometheus plummets to the barren wasteland, drenched by the incoming rain*

*Metal Sonic’s arm was obliterated. His leg was obliterated. His body, obliterated. The only thing that remained was a badly damaged arm, a leg, and his out of commission head.*

*no one moved for hours, until a limping Falcon awakes from his abuse*

Falcon: …*he remains silent as he investigates the fallen heroes*

*Cole then wakes up as well, hurrying over to a downed Snake*

*Samus awakes, rubbing her head as she walks over to the exhausted Llednar*

*Samurai Goroh is sound asleep, mud covering his face* *even his glasses were missing*

*Gene is seen on the ground far away, sucking his thumb*

*Dante and Alex still lie unconscious VERY far away*

Falcon: I’ll have to haul them off later. Right now, I’ve got to make sure everyone’s safe.

Cole: Snake, SNAKE!! *he leans over and listens for Snake’s heartbeat*

*it was a faint ringing*

Cole: FALCON!! Snake’s alive, but he needs medical attention immediately.

Falcon: *looks over* He’s alive!? Cole, use your electricity to give his body the signal to get back to work!

Cole: Falcon, I’m out of juice! We’ve got to get back to the city!!

*Samus walks over to them with Llednar in her arms*

Samus: Llednar is still with us, he’s just fatigued. I agree with Cole, we must head back.

Falcon: And what about Dante, Alex, Gene, and that Ragna guy? What about them?

Samus: We’ll come for them later. They’ve taken a pretty massive beating so…

*she notices Scourge in the distance*

Falcon: *follows Samus’ eyes* Scourge…..*he races over in breakneck speed and leans over holding Scourge by his head* Scourge!!

Scourge: *no response*

Falcon: Oh god…let’s go. *he snaps his fingers as the Blue Falcon races beside him* *he gently places Scourge in the back seat* You’re going to be okay…

Samus: *walks over and places Llednar beside Scourge*

Cole: *places Snake on the opposite end of Llednar*

Samus: What about Goroh?

Falcon: If I were to go rescue him, he would chew me out. You know how Goroh is.

Cole: Hey, Falcon, stop!

*Falcon slams on brakes and looks out window*

Falcon: What?

*Cole jumps off the roof of the BF and picks up Prometheus, with black stains all over his body*

Cole: This one is a friendly.

Falcon: Put him in.

Cole: *nods*

*they zoom back to Veilstone City and put the injured in the Waddle Dee Hospital*

*they perform numerous shocks to Snake, trying to revive him and function normally* *about three tries later, success was on their side*

*Cole, Falcon, and Samus sit in the chairs provided for them outside the operating room, each with grim looks on their faces*

*a Doctor Waddle Dee walks out with a stethoscope inside his white coat*

Doctor Dee: I have good news, and bad news.

*Falcon immediately slapped his hand on his forehead as he heard this*

Doctor Dee: The good news, all of them are alive.

*Samus smiles and Cole gives a weak fist-pump*

Doctor Dee: The bad news. The one with the headband will die if not treated within 10 days. The sword he was impaled with was heavily doused in the most dangerous form of neuroplasmic demonorgy .

*Cole laughed at the last word, only to be kicked by an annoyed Samus*

*Falcon casted mean glares at the both of them*

Falcon: I have two questions. Where do we find the cure? And how long will it be before they’re released?

Doctor Dee: The cure can only be found at the top of Mount Olympus, in the form of Gaia’s Herbs. Purple plants containing the prime source of Mellowaire. The mineral we need to rid his body of the virus that’s consuming him. The other question? We will release the blonde boy by tomorrow.

*Samus gave a meek smile and Falcon noticed this* *he gave off a smirk to Cole*

Dr. Dee: We should be able to release the hedgehog within a week, and the reploid within two weeks. Rehabilitation and medical screenings must be performed regularly to monitor their progress, but it should take no longer than that for them.

Falcon: Awesome. *he whirls around, puts on his helmet and heads for the door*

Samus: Douglas! Where are you going??!?!

Falcon: *without turning* Mount Olympus. *he throws a peace sign and snaps his fingers outside hopping into the BF*

Cole: *looks at Samus, nods and races outside and hops in beside Falcon*

*the two blast off eastward*

Samus: Those idiots.

Dr. Dee: Friends of yours?

Samus: Unfortunately, yes.

Dr. Dee: What about these gentlemen in here?

Samus: *her voice’s pitch changed slightly* Y-Yes.

Dr. Dee: Would you like to see them?

Samus: Yes.

Dr. Dee: Right this way.

*the two step inside the room and Samus investigates all of them*

*Scourge was asleep, breathing through an oxygen mask* *Prometheus was being pumped by a Sub-Tank* *Llednar was breathing through an oxygen mask, and getting pumped with blood due to his excessive loss of it* *Snake was out of it completely*

*Samus looked at all of them, but couldn’t take her eyes off of the smiling Llednar, who had just opened his eyes*

Samus: Llednar?

Llednar: *he struggled to lift his arm, but when he did, he gave a weak thumbs-up* *he closed his eyes back up and his head swayed to the left, towards Scourge's bed*

*Scourge was awake and weakly laughed at Llednar’s weakness*

*Llednar saw this* *he lifted his arm and clumsily slapped Scourge, knocking his oxygen mask off which caused Scourge to choke*

*Llednar laughed to himself as Scourge’s face began to turn blue* *Samus quickly ran over and placed the oxygen mask back over his mouth* *Scourge laughed to himself as well and quickly fell back asleep*

*Llednar couldn’t take his eyes off of Samus either* *the two stared at each other for a good while until Llednar closed his eyes and fell in a trance*

*Samus stayed with them the whole night*

*a very flustered Goroh awoke and found himself lying in a wasteland*

*he got up and began to stretch, wiping the mud off of his face*

*he didn’t even feel like speaking for the first time in months* *he stomped the ground and his Fire Stingray appeared out of nowhere*

*he grabbed the two and tossed Dante and Alex in it, licking his lips at the reward he was going to get for turning these jokers in*

*he saw Gene run up to his vehicle, but quickly stepped on the Boost Power to get away from him, speeding out of sight*

*Gene sat there looking dumb* *he then turned around, and saw Ragna and the remains of what used to be……Metal Sonic.* *he quickly gasped in horror as he whirled around and dashed off, not wanting to be a part of another one of their struggles.*

*Ragna and Metal Sonic lie there* *in the darkness* *the only thing hitting them now, was the soft drizzle of the never-ending rain*

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