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05 December, 2021, 08:37:49 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2343 times)
« Reply #30 on: 18 September, 2009, 07:57:02 pm »

6: Part 1

Sol was lost. He wandered the dense forest for over 3 hours, only to find himself back to where he started. At this point, Sol was getting frustrated. His laidback, lazy demeanor turned into one of pure irritation. He would snap at any second.

Sol: I'm going in ****ing circles. How in the name of Gears do I get out of here!? I'll just cut down all these ****ing trees.

And so he did.

He chopped down most of them, and left only a couple standing. He continued forward, eventually reaching a vast valley, with mountains in the distance.

Sol: Finally, I'm out of that bloody forest. *he dashes forward down the silent valley*

The cool, light breeze was blowing the obedient grass towards the east. It was a sunny day, with the blue sky giving birth to the fluffy clouds.

Sol: *covers eyes with hand to see straight ahead* Damn, it's bright. Huh.

*he tilts his headband downward to block part of the light*

After about 15 minutes of jogging, he comes across the smell of blood on the plain. He looks downward to see grass stained by the tint of pink blood. He slides his finger over the blades of grass.

Sol: Must have been a big tussle over here not too long ago. Heh.

*he strolls forward some more to see a figure with a red jacket in the distance talking to himself*

??: I can't believe I let those bastards get away after what they did to me...especially those two hedgehogs..

*Sol hears this and quickly questions him*

Sol: Hedgehogs you say?

??: Who the **** are you?

Sol: Doesn't matter. Where are they?

??: I dunno. There was a green one-

*Sol's eyebrows rise in shock*


??: Yeah, and a robotic one. They were duking it out, and decided to take me out first. Double-teamed me, knocked me out, and I've been lying here for I don't know how long.

Sol: So, you don't know where they went?

??: Nope. You after them too?

Sol: The green one yes. *he begins to walk off*

??: The green one an enemy of yours?

Sol: No.

??: He's not? So he's a friend of yours?

Sol: What else could he be dip****?

??: ...

*a sword taps Sol on the shoulder*

Ragna: A friend of that hedgehog....IS NO FRIEND OF MINE.

*Sol stops walking and doesn't even turn around*

Sol: It would be impossible for me to care less.

Ragna: Cocky pricks such as yourself need to be eliminated from this world.

Sol: "Need" is the key word here. Doesn't mean it's going to happen anytime soon. Especially not by the dreadful likes of yourself.

Ragna: I'm just about tired of your attitude.

Sol: Go grab an energy drink and come back later.

Ragna: *smirks* I'll make you eat those words. Along with my blade.

Sol: *he draws his own and finally turns around* I don't really have time for this, but if you insist..

*fiery energy erupts from Sol while dark energy bursts from Ragna*

Sol: Come and get some.

Ragna: AHHHH!!! *he dashes forward*

*the two clash swords immediately, before pushing each other away*

*Ragna shoots dark energy from his right hand, and follows up with a downward slash*
*Sol dodges the energy, and raises his sword above him to repel the downward slash*

Ragna: Not bad!

*the two push each other away again, but this time Sol makes his move*

*Sol rushes Ragna with a flame blitz* *he slashes the ground as columns of flame erupt from the surface, heading towards Ragna*

*Ragna sidesteps, and meets a volcanic fist from a smiling Sol* *Ragna flies back a couple of feet, but lands on his feet unphased*

Ragna: Tuh. *he spits out of the corner of his mouth* *he dashes forward and sidesteps a vertical slash from Sol* *Ragna bolts forward at insane speed and horizontally slashes Sol*

Ragna: CARNAGE!!

Ragna: SCISSORS!!!

*he then rotates in a circle and blasts Sol away with dark energy*

*Sol slides along the grass and recovers by flipping and thrusting his hand forward along the grass to reduce the momentum of the knockback* *he stands up and cracks his knuckles*

Sol: Heh.

*he dashes forward and attempts to punch Ragna* *Ragna dodges and attempts to elbow Sol in the face* *Sol ducks and punches Ragna in the gut, he then tries to send Ragna away with another volcanic punch* *Ragna jumps out of the way and fires dark blasts in midair*

*Sol twirls his sword and repels the blasts* *he then charges forward and connects two punches to Ragna's chest, then sends him upwards with a flaming uppercut*

*Ragna recovers and lands safely, he then runs up to Sol and they both clash swords once more*

*the two repeatedly clash swords while attempting to strike each other* *the repeated parrying, thrusting, slashing, and sweeping deadlock lasted for minutes* *neither one gaining the upper hand* *they both push off*

Ragna: Grr...you're becoming a nuisance.

Sol: Meh.

*the two turn their backs toward each other*

*Sol's hair begins to rise and sway in his wake*


*Ragna's aura becomes that of a shadow* *dark wings extrude from his back*


*Sol loses himself to the flame and his arms flail outward as his body scorches the grass underneath him, becoming a barren, dry chunk of land*

Sol: *smiles* I'm going to kill you. Straight up.

Ragna: You get an "E" for Effort, but an "F" for Failure. I'll warp that "E" into a "D" for Deceased.

*Sol streaks forward with a trail of flame behind him*
*Ragna bolts, sending darkness in his wake*

*the two slash at each other at supersonic speeds, only striking each other's weapons*

*Sol finally catches Ragna as he made a mistake and punishes him for it dearly* *Sol uppercuts Ragna with a flaming fist and sends him back down with a mighty axe-kick* *he then charges downward and crashes into a downed Ragna*

*he picks Ragna up and punches him in the gut, then sends him flying with a fire-propelled magnum-fist*

*Ragna then sees and grabs a lone tree and swings around, rocketing forward at the same velocity Sol knocked him*

*his sword becomes a scythe and he slashes Sol horizontally, and begins slashing him repeatedly before finally lifting him up into the air and draining his energy, then finishes him by performing a lightning-fast thrust which sends him like a missile down the plain*

Ragna: ...Heh. He's done.

*Ragna walks down the plain to claim his victory, when all of a sudden a fierce pain erupted in his side*
*he keeled over and it hurt something awful*

*Ragna screamed in pain as saliva and blood burst out of his gaping mouth*

*Sol stood over him, unscathed*

Ragna: How did you-?

Sol: Some things are better left unsaid.

*he then slashes Ragna repeatedly, and finishes by literally turning into a dragon and enveloping Ragna in flame, almost killing him*

*Sol emerges from the smoke, on the ground shaking his head*

Sol: Ugh...

Ragna: ...Not again...beaten again...no...NOT AGAAAIIINNNNN!!!

*Ragna is revived out of frustration and his eyes look something serious*

Ragna: Not again, I REFUSE to lose again. You bastards think you can walk all over me because I screwed up once, well let me tell you it WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. I will NOT lose, I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I will rip your body into little itty bitty pieces, then I'll put them together like a puzzle, and then I'll burn them.

Sol: That's pretty lame. You should at least **** on the pieces to show superiority.

Ragna: I don't want to grant you the pleasure of experiencing my grand ****.

Sol: In other words, "my **** is so small I **** on myself rather than on others."


*he dashes forward only to be given a karate chop to the neck, knocking him out*

Sol: Rage will get you nowhere, punk. *he turns around and walks off, leaving Ragna in the solemn breeze*

*he treks along a dusty path and comes across a sign that reads: "Welcome, to Veilstone City".

*Sol's stomach grumbles as he treks further*

Sol: Veilstone City eh? Maybe I can grab something to eat here...ohhh....

*he marches onward and comes across a greenish-yellow vehicle, bumping to a tune he knew all to well*

Ive paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
Ive had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through

We are the champions my friends
And well keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions of the world

Sol: Ahh...Queen. Simply awesome.

*a green alien emerges from the store and hops in his vehicle, sipping on Grey Goose he just bought from the store*

*Sol walks up and gives the alien a thumbs-up*

*the window shifts up*

Pico: Yeah?

Sol: No, I was just giving you a thumbs-up for listening to that awesome tune.

Pico: Oh, I see. Indeed it is awesome. Say, want a drink? *he extends his Grey Goose bottle out towards Sol* It's hella good my friend!

Sol: *waves hand* Nah, I'm alright. I'm looking for someone. Green hedgehog, about this tall, (he lowers his hand down to his waist) black jacket, with shades. You seem em'?

Pico: *takes another sip* Actually, I've heard someone talking about him. Go inside that building over there an ask the woman at the front counter. *points to "Show Me Ya Moves Corp"*

Sol: Thanks man. *he turns around*

Pico: Hey, wait! I have a question for you! You ever heard of this guy named Black Shadow?

Sol: Actually yes. I heard two guys talking about him further ahead. Some talking cat thing with a coin on his head and a talking fox with lots of gadgets on him. Try asking them.

Pico: Thanks. If you don't get the info you need, try Mute City, it's not far from here. Us F-Zero racers always come here to Veilstone to get drunk, ha ha.

Sol: Heh, yeah.

Pico: Anyways, thanks for the tip bud. Watch the news though. Word is, Black Shadow is attempting to rise again after his humiliating loss to Douglas.

Sol: Uhh...yeah. See you.

*Sol walks off towards SMYMC*

Pico: Black Shadow...we will prevent your rise...

*he races off down the street*

*Sol arrives at Show Me Ya Moves, and walks in*

*he sees a blond haired woman on the computer behind the counter*

Sol: ...Uhh...

*she jumps at the sound of his voice*

Samus: Oh..you startled me. How may I help you?

Sol: Yeah, I was looking for a green hedgehog about this high-

Samus: Scourge?

Sol: Yes!

Samus: He's in the hospital across the street. If you haven't heard, he saved our skins in a battle that could've ended with this place in ruin. We owe a lot to him. Are you a friend of his?

Sol: *he turns around to walk out* Yeah.

Samus: *hops over the counter and joins Sol* I'll go with you. Another guy came through a few hours ago, small black hedgehog with red streaks. He wanted to see Scourge as well.

Sol: Shadow...

Samus: Another friend?

Sol: Yep.

Samus: My, Scourge is popular.

Sol: Heh, not really. By the way, I met this guy named Ragna. I beat him down to size, so you may want to go pick him up. You're bounty hunters correct?

Samus: Yes. We fought him too. I'll go get him as soon as possible.

Sol: Cool.

*they arrive and enter the hospital*

*Samus talks to the Waddle Dee at the front*

Samus: Room 112 please.

Waddle Dee: You may enter.

Samus: Thank you.

*they both enter the room*

*Llednar was sitting in the left corner of the room on a giant ball, obviously going through physical rehabilitation* *a woman was beside him, helping him stay balanced*

*Snake was lying in his bed, asleep*

*Prometheus was getting pumped with Sub-Tanks*

*Scourge was sitting up, watching TV with Shadow, Dave Chappelle to be exact*

Scourge: Ha ha...**** is one helluva drug!! Dave as Rick James gets me everytime!!

Shadow: Indeed. *cracks a smile*

Sol: *a smirk widens on his face as he walks in*

Waddle Dee: Scourge, you have a visitor.

*everybody's head turns around to see the visitor except for Scourge and Snake*

Sol: Hey Scourge.

*Scourge's ears wiggle at the sound of his voice*

*he turns around to see his visitor*

*at the sight of his old comrade, his eyes sparkle with joy* *for the first time in a long time*

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