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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
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6: Part 3

At the Waddle Dee Hospital

A loud roar of laughter erupted from the hospital, and everyone knew who it was. Some patients across the room it came from begged to be moved to another room. It was Sol’s laughter, and after hours of nurses begging him to stop, they finally gave up and left him alone. The story of Scourge and the others getting manhandled by a robotic hedgehog was too much for him to bear. Either that, or he was buzzed off of the Red Bull he was drinking.

Sol: *slams his Red Bull on the table in front of him* Ha ha ha, Scourge…YOU GOT OWNED BY A ROBOT? I mean, it was bad enough for just you, but ALL of you got owned by that chump? HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

Scourge was eating his breakfast brought to him by the nurse, and was growing agitated by Sol’s taunts.

Scourge: Sol, Metal Sonic is like nothing you’ve ever faced before. He was powerful as all hell. I doubt you could take him, even in your “Dragon Install” mode.

Sol: Ha, I bet I could.

Scourge: Don’t kid yourself.

Sol: *rolls his eyes and continues sipping* So, what’s up with him?

*he points to Snake*

Scourge: *stops eating and looks at Snake* He got messed up pretty bad…it’s only a matter of time before he leaves this world…that’s why I hope Falcon and Cole can bring that cure before time runs out…

Sol: Sounds like he’s quite the martyr from what you've told me.

Scourge: He is. I was so pissed when Ragna stabbed him like the cheap coward he is…I couldn’t control my anger. I was so focused on bashing his head in…I completely forgot who I was, where I was, and why I was fighting. Complete rage took over…

Sol: Mmm…that makes me feel 10x better for beating the **** out of him back there.

Scourge: ….*drops his fork and falls back in his bed* Yeah, but that’s in the past…where’s the remote?

*Llednar waves it around as he does crunches on the floor*

Llednar: I got it.

Scourge: Give it here!

Llednar: No, we are not watching ”Girls Gone Wild: Hedgehog Edition”, again.

Scourge: What are you, gay?

Llednar: I’m not a furry.

Sol: *chuckles a bit* Yeah, I don’t like the sound of that Scourge…

Scourge: Both of you are fruits. *he crosses his arms and pouts*

Prometheus: *getting pumped by a Sub-Tank* Uhh…let’s watch some good ole’ fashioned football!

Sol: Hey, I’m down for that. Aren’t the Oakland Raiders playing today?

Prometheus: If my flash drive is displaying correctly, they’re playing Dallas.

Sol: Oh ****, that’s a definite loss.

Prometheus: Heh, yeah.

Scourge: I hate football.

Prometheus: I hate hedgehog ****. We’re at a stalemate.

Sol: Ooooo….nice one.


Prometheus: Shut up with that. If we were fruits, your ass would be shredded to pieces already. I don’t think you’d want that. Especially in that vulnerable state you’re in.

Scourge: ….Ok, I’ll shut up now.

Llednar: Good. *flips to the football game, but sees it’s being interrupted by the news*

Prometheus: Damn news. Turn it to channel 13!

Sol: Shh..shut up. Turn it up Llednar.

*the crowd listens in*

In this morning report, we investigate the detonation of the Seaside Port Rixstar. It just recently exploded, due to the death of the owner of the port, Rix Azulberry. No survivors have been found, so reporters are led to believe that most were evacuated before the time of the explosion. However, we did get one witness at the scene of the destruction.

A dark man, cloaked in darkness appears on the screen with a malicious grin. The gang knew him all too well.

Ganondorf!!”, they all cried in unison.

Indeed, it was Ganondorf. The gang could also see two other cloaked figures in the background, posing and taunting the camera.

Sol: *slaps his knee and laughs out loud, not believing what he’s seeing* Those guys are idiots!! Ha ha!!

Scourge: *a huge grin spreading across his face* Wow…

Llednar: Who’re they?

Sol: Long story, kid. We’ll fill you in later.

Prometheus: We have to get out of here. We haven’t seen them in forever.

Sol: Yeah, no doubt. *he gets up from his chair and heads out of the door* I’ll tell them you guys said hi.

Scourge: You’re just gonna up and leave?

Sol: Yeah.

Llednar: So blunt…

Prometheus: Hey, Sol, wait up. I’m coming too.

Scourge: No way, you still have 2 days to go on your Sub-Tank transfusion!

Prometheus: Nah, the doctors have already cleared me. I can go. Just as long as I carry some refills with me, I’m alright. Sure, I’m not 100%, but I’m close enough.

Scourge: You bastard!

Sol: Let’s ride Pro.

Prometheus: Yeah. Just gotta let the nurse know I’m leaving!

Sol: Hurry up. I’ll be waiting at the entrance.

*Prometheus turns off the Sub-Tank Transfuser and stands up, trying to get used to walking on his own again*

Scourge: Dammit, you guys are just going to leave me here!?

Llednar: You’ve got me!

Scourge: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Llednar: *twists his head away in a snobbish manner* Hmph.

Sol: Have fun! *waves and disappears from the doorway*

Scourge: …**** YOOOOUUUUU!!! *slams his head on his bed*

Llednar: Look on the bright side-

Scourge: -Shut up, Llednar.

Llendar: Ooo…someone’s cranky!

Scourge: …

Prometheus and Sol leave the Waddle Dee Hospital, and set off for Port Rixstar. The city of Veilstone was covered in blue sky. The wind breezed, and the sound of sneakers hitting stone was everywhere. Freshly baked biscuits could be smelled a mile away at the Veilstone Bakery, while many merchants sold vegetables and fruits at their little stations on the sides of the roads. It was like a mini bazaar.

Prometheus: Wait Sol. If Port Rixstar is seaside, how are we gonna get there?

Sol: …By boat!

Prometheus: Sol, boats cost a fortune here!

Sol: Yeah well…uhh…we’ll figure something out!

*a female voice perks up, and startles the hell out of Sol*

??: Maybe you guys could get one of our F-Zero racers to take you there.

Sol: *whirls around* F-Zero racers?

Prometheus: Samus, how much would one cost?

Samus: Well, it depends, but I know one that may be able to give you one for free.

Sol: WHO?

Samus: A man by the name of James McCloud. If you can find him, ask him. I’m sure he’ll give you passage. I overheard him talking to a man named Franco Lombardi about his Galaxy Dog unit being stationed at Port Rixstar. I dunno if they are, now that it’s destroyed, but there’s still a strong possibility.

Sol: Well, let’s give it a shot! Thanks for the help.

Samus: No prob. Scourge and Llednar still in there?

Pro: Yup, although Scourge might be in an irritable mood. I’d advise you to ignore him.

Samus: Thanks for the heads-up. See you guys.

Pro: See ya.

The two wanderers turn around and head for the nearest pub to seek out the man named “James McCloud”.

Veilstone Pier

The ship finally anchors at the pier of Veilstone. The passengers were delighted to see land, and each and every one of them were eager to step off and absolutely ransack the nearest food source.The residents of Port Rixstar scamper off of the anchored boat and dash towards the closest source of food they can find.. The Veilstone Café. They happily storm the town, thanking MM for saving them along the way.

MM, Ali, Shadow, Mephiles, Scorpion, and the Koopa Bros. casually walk off of the deck of the ship.

MM: They sure waste no time.

Koopa Red: Hell, I’m ready to go storm the place myself.

Yellow: You want to?

Red: …Yeah.

Yellow: Let’s go pig out.

The two turtles retreat into their shells and spin towards the Café, intent on eating everything in sight.

MM: Heh…greedy little guys.

Scorpion: I’m actually quite famished myself. Time to indulge in a nice juicy steak…with hot wings on the side…*drools at the thought*

Mephiles: I’m not exactly hungry, but a nice Sprite might hit the spot.

At that moment a man wearing a white tank top and black pants dashes towards Mephiles and shakes his hand.

“You’ve made the right decision,” the man stated.

He then proceeded to dash off, never to be seen again, leaving Mephiles quite puzzled.

Mephiles: Uhh…ooookay?

MM: Eh, don’t fret. That was just Jawo. The man loves his Sprite. Go against it and he’ll appear out of nowhere and banish you to a dimension that’s all but holy with his Book of Lymon. Cans of Sprite will molest you, try to drown you, and utterly torture you down there until you correct your sin. It’s kinda like the Death Note, he writes your name in the book and it’s over.

Mephiles: That’s…disturbing…

MM: Indeed. The last name he wrote was…umm…I think it was Dizi or some **** like that, I dunno. Never heard from him since.

Mephiles: O_O

Green: Uhh…I’ve lost my appetite.

Black: Not me. That sounds horrendously bad, but I’m still hungry. Crab legs here I come!

Green: You’re going to eat your cousins? We turtles are related to the crab species!

Black: They can be my cousins in mah belly! I’m starving! *he rushes off, leaving Green to shake his head and follow*

MM: …Yeah…so uh…you hungry Ali?

Ali: Kinda. I have the taste for some Mozzarella sticks. What about you?

MM: Sounds good to me. Table for two?

Ali: You paying? *laughs*

MM: Of course. *takes her hand and walks to the café, Mephiles and Scorpion following, chatting with each other about the Book of Lymon*

The small black hedgehog remains at the pier, watching his acquaintances bound toward the café.

Shadow: …*looks down and stares at the sea* Why can’t I be…like them? Carefree and laidback? We are currently winning in the Emerald race, but why can’t I shake the feeling that something much more sinister is at hand?

As his thoughts raced in his mind, a hand touched his shoulder.

Shadow didn’t have to turn around to realize who it was.

Shadow: MM….

MM: Shadow, just call me Jason. You look so lonely out here! You wanna join us? I’m paying!

Shadow: I…I can’t. I’ve got to…-

MM: -you, need to get something to eat, bud. Look, we had fun on the ship right? Don’t worry about the Emeralds so much. If you do, you’re liable to drive yourself insane. I mean, look at Rix. He was so worried about people leaving his port that he was ready to execute anyone who spoke to him.

Shadow: Jason, we need the rest of the Emeralds…

MM: And we’ll find them. No matter what. No matter who has them, no matter where they are, we’ll find them. I promise. Now c’mon, I bet a nice chili dog sounds delicious to you, huh?

Shadow: *smirks* You’re paying?

MM: *smiles* Yeah!

Shadow: Then I’m in. A little food can’t hurt.

MM: That’s my boy! Let’s go.

The two dash into the café, MM takes his seat beside Ali, with Shadow sitting across from them. The Koopa Bros. all sit in the booth beside the trio, with Scorpion and Mephiles joining them on each side.

The waiter walks up to MM’s table and takes their orders. MM took a good look at the man, and briefly glanced at the nametag. His eyes went wide in disbelief as soon as he looked. The waiter’s last name…..was Azulberry.

MM: Uhm…*he stammered* Pardon me, but what’s your name?

Mick: My name is Mick Azulberry, sir. *laughs* Why? My name familiar?

All too familiar.

MM was taken aback. The man he killed at Port Rix, the man he despised with all of his heart, had a son. MM knew this because when he shot Rix, he muttered his son’s name during his final breath.

M-Mickey…my s-son….

The flashback struck guilt into MM as his eyes were beginning to make Mick nervous.

Mick: Sir, are you alright?

MM: *comes to* Uhh…yeah, I’m fine. Say…pardon me again, but what is your father’s name?

Mick: This is getting a bit personal…

Just then, Ali and Shadow realized what MM was getting at and their eyes soon began to grow as well.

Mick: My father’s name is Rixer. Rixer Azulberry.

MM looked at Ali, and then towards Shadow.

MM: Thanks, I was just wondering. I thought you might’ve been related to uhh…Richter Azulberry.

Mick: Never heard of him sir, sorry. So, may I take your order?

MM: …

Ali: …

Shadow: …

Mick: You guys need some more time to make a selection?

MM: No…I’ll have the…Triple Bacon Cheesburger with a baked potato.

Mick: *writes this down* And you, ma’am?

Ali: I’ll have the…Baby Back Ribs with mozzarella sticks and a salad.

Mick: Preferred dressing?

Ali: French.

Mick: Okay, and you my good man?

Shadow: I want the Chili Dog combo platter.

MM: *cocks eyebrow and looks at the menu* *sees the price and nearly passes out*

Mick: You want that with the Baked Potato, fries, catfish strips, and the Zesty Turkey Sandwich? You sure you can stomach all that?

Shadow: Yeah, I’m sure. Can I also get a Chocolate Shake with that?

At this point, MM was on the verge of ripping the hair out of his head. Ali noticed this and burst out laughing, leaving Shadow oblivious to what was going on.

Mick: Well, I’ll be back in a few with your orders! *he collects the menus and scampers off into the kitchen*

To the right of them were the Koopa Bros., all disturbingly quiet fiddling with their coloring books.

Mephiles: Wow, to think that coloring books could distract them for so long…

Scorpion: We should buy some of those.

Mephiles: For sure.

MM: *regains composure* Hey, Ali, did you hear what I heard?

Ali: Yeah…that’s Rix’s son, no doubt.

MM: This sucks…now, the guilt is going to consume me…

Ali: Don’t worry about it so much Jason. He probably already knows about his father’s death. *she brushes her hands across his face softly*

MM: *swallows* Maybe…but still, I feel awful. Maybe I should tell him…

Shadow: *impersonates MM to perfection* If you let this worry you too much Jason, it’ll drive you insane.

MM: *glares at a smirking Shadow* Heh.

Ali: Are you supposed to be Jason or something? ‘Cause if you are, you do a really good job at it.

Shadow: Thank you. Trying to copy the appropriate deepness of his voice is pretty difficult though.

Ali: Heh. Trying to copy his random yelps and shrieks would be even harder though.

Shadow: Indeed.

Both of them giggle at MM’s burning red face.

MM: That’s enough out of both of you.

Just then, Scorpion’s plate arrives and everyone watches him to see how he’s going to eat his steak.
Scorpion looks around, exchanging glances with everyone.

Scorpion: What?

Red: You have a skull for a head, I wanna see how you’re going to eat that.

Scorpion: …*he reaches for his mask as everyone stares even harder at him*

He tugs away at his mask and everyone is astonished to see a normal mouth on the spectral wraith. Sure, it’s BADLY scarred, but he has a mouth. Everyone’s jaw-dropped at the sight, except for MM and Ali’s, who have never seen Scorpion remove his mask before.

Black: What the ****? How did you do that?

Scorpion: *shrugs* I’m eating. Don’t disturb me. *His pupil-less eyes burn in ferocity like a Pt. Bull feasting on a freshly cooked piece of ham*

Green: …*continues coloring* I need a purple crayon…

Yellow: I need a blue one…

Red: These colors…they’re confusing me!! *he clenches his head in bewilderment*

Black: Blue, I mean Yellow, do you have red?

Red: Do I have what?

Black: No, I’m asking Yellow if he has the COLOR red!

Green: I have yellow!

Yellow: You don’t have me! I have me!

Green: What?

Everyone howls in laughter at the turtles’ confusion.

Yellow: I have yellow! I also have Black!

Black: RED!

Red: What?

Black: I need it along with a blue.

Red: Shut up.

Black: I do, homie!

Red: NOOOOO!!!

Mephiles: Hey, red’s up your butt Yellow.

Red: I AM NOT.

Mephiles: The crayon, you nimrod.

Yellow: No it isn’t!

The confusion continues as the team feasts on their respective meals. Shadow leaving MM utterly astonished at how much the little hedgehog can chow down.

Veilstone Pub

Sol and Prometheus searched long and hard for James, but have had no luck so far. They arrive at the Veilstone Pub, hoping to find him there.

The two walk inside and the stench of sweat was too much to bear. Smoke filled the bar, the sound of billiard balls smacking each other was frequent, and the constant swearing of men were heard over the football game on the widescreen TV. These guys were drunk as hell. Sol was liking this place already.

The two approach the barman as he was cleaning mugs and sliding them to paying customers.

Sol slammed his elbow on the table to get the attention of the barman.

Sol: Hey, barman! Have you heard from a man named James McCloud?

Barman: James? Oh, that old fool is over there, complaining about the game. You can’t hear his loud howls of frustration?

Sol: Now I can. He’s the guy with the grey jacket and the shades?

Barman: That’s him.

Sol: Thanks.

Sol pushed his way through the bar, avoiding the glares of the larger men, not wanting to have to whoop some ass.

Two large men (wearing Blue and Purple respectively) playing pool eye Sol, and his face quickly pissed them off beyond belief.

?? (Blue): Look at that punk over there. He doesn’t know where he is. Let’s go rough him up a bit to get him accustomed to his resting place.

The men slam their sticks on the pool table and quickly step in front of Sol. The larger man, dressed in blue speaks up.

??: This is the Suicide Bar, newcomers….we don’t like.

He cracks his knuckles and stares down Sol, figuring his size would determine the outcome of the inevitable brawl.

Sol: I don’t like a lot of things, but I don’t run around trying to provoke others and trying to get them to care about what I don’t like. You two are some rugged looking fuckers. Cleanliness doesn’t ring a bell at all to you does it?

??: What’s the point in cleaning if you’re just going to get dirty again?

Sol: Well for one, many females like clean men. If that’s your philosophy, then I can safely assume that you’ve never gotten laid in your life. Am I correct, Billy Bob?

The men in the bar all laugh at Sol’s smart ass remarks. They continue to watch, respect for Sol increasing.

??: My name is not Billy Bob, and you’re wrong pretty-boy, I have gotten laid. You’re about to get laid. Laid out on this floor.

Sol: I highly doubt it. To all three of those statements. You look like a Billy Bob, I bet you haven’t, and I’d like to see you try to lay me out. The only trash that would give head to you are the rats at the bottom of the trash bins. You know the ones. You’re so disgusting the Bubonic Plague won’t even touch you. How sad. I bet the rat has a unibrow, a ****, chipped teeth, sprigs of hair, freckles, crusty all over, a hawk nose, green toenails, bad breath, and wears overalls. In other words, your imaginary girlfriend.

The whole bar erupts into “ooooos and oh shits” as the men were steadily laughing and cheering Sol on.

The large man’s partner couldn’t help but laugh at him, as the large man in blue had enough of Sol.

The man in blue clenched his fist to knock the everlasting life out of Sol. He pulled his fist back and thrusted it with all of the power he had.

Sol just sat there, and smirked. He timed the fist like an expert, lazily tilting his head to the right narrowly dodging the fist and effectively countered with a one-inch punch that sent the man in blue through the wall and into the Café next-door.

The men stared in disbelief and half a second later, began to bow to Sol as he walked off.

Sol: What’s my name?

The men roared in unison “SSSOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!”

Sol: *smiles and walks off* That’s right.

Sol walked outside and met up with Prometheus, who persuaded James to give them passage.

Prometheus had an angry look on his face.

Prometheus: What did you do?

Sol: Had to put this guy in his place. No biggie.

Prometheus: *facepalms and walks down the street following James to his F-Zero machine*

Sol: *shrugs* What? He was fat! Tuh, everyone’s a critic.

Sol lazily strolled down the road, following the two of them.

In the Café

The man in blue was unconscious as many employees called for an ambulance. The man in blue totally devastated the side of the Café, resulting in many furious employees. The man muttered Sol’s name once, and Shadow caught this. The man landed no greater than two feet away from MM’s table, and Shadow stood up to question the man.

Shadow: Did you say Sol?

The man made no response.

MM: He’s unconscious. I don’t think he’ll answer you Shadow…

Shadow: Nevertheless I heard what he said. Sol’s around here. We’ve got to find him.

MM: Who?

Shadow: A friend.

Mephiles: Sol, huh? Yeah, I can see his temper doing this to that man.

Scorpion: Indeed.

Red: Should we go look for him?

Shadow: Yeah, we need to regroup. We also need to find Scourge. Maybe Sol knows where he is.

Scorpion: Perhaps. *Scorpion arose from his table and walked towards the entrance*

The waiter for his table ran up to him and demanded he pay for his meal. Scorpion looked at the man and his whole face burst into flames, scaring the everlasting Jesus out of the man. The man quickly backed off and told Scorpion it was on the house. Scorpion nodded and walked out of the Café.

MM: …Uhh…we’re with him.

The waiter nodded and rushed all of them out of the café, not wanting to lose his life over a meal.
The gang walked outside and Shadow caught glimpse of Sol turning a corner.

Shadow: There he is. *Shadow skated towards Sol’s position with Mephiles, Scorpion, and the Koopa Bros. following*

MM: Is there something I’m missing?

Ali: I dunno. Apparently, this “Sol” person is important. Should we follow them?

MM: Nah, let's go check out that bakery over there.

The two walk towards the bakery, to wait on their companions.

Shadow: Sol! SOL!

The man in red stopped for a second and whirled around, surprised to see Shadow and the others.

Sol: Shadow! Scorpion! Koopas! Mephiles! Long time, huh?

Shadow: Yeah, sure has. Where you headed?

Sol: Port Rix. We’ve received word that Ganon, Bowser, and Robotnik are there. We decided that we’d pay them a visit. See if they’ve made any progress on finding the Emeralds. We need to regroup, because we’re getting nowhere separated.

Shadow: I agree. We’ve found a couple, during our search though.

Sol: That’s awesome.

Scorpion: Yes, but have you heard from Scourge?

Sol: Hahahahah. Yeah, he’s currently being hospitalized over there. *points to the Waddle Dee Hospital*

Mephiles: What for?

Sol: He got trashed pretty good by some robot named Metal Sonic or some ****.

As the name “Metal Sonic” escaped Sol’s mouth, Shadow cringed.

Shadow: Where is Metal Sonic now?

Sol: Destroyed. That’s what Scourge said. Prometheus put a huge dent on his plans, and ended up utterly annihilating him.

Shadow: Phew…

Sol: Yeah, but that’s the story so far. We’re headed to Port Rix. Any of you coming?

Red: I think we’re going to check on Scourge.

Black: Yeah, we’ll catch up to you guys later.

Sol: Okay. Mephiles? Scorpion?

Scorpion: I’ll go. I want to hear from Bowser about any activity lately. The Amp Hunters, the Emeralds, etc.

Sol: Yeah, I do too. From what I’ve heard the Amp Hunters have gained some more recruits.

Shadow: Really?

Sol: Yeah. Plus, Ansem is chasing that Dr. Wily character to put him out of commission. That’s one threat neutralized.

Shadow: Indeed.

Sol: Heard anything about Sephiroth? Akuma? Vegeta?

Shadow: Akuma is currently training in the Sacred Grove to become even more powerful and to balance his strength due to the loss of his right nut.

Sol: Damn…*remembers the time when Scorpion did that to him and quickly erupts into laughter*

Scorpion: *begins to chuckle as well*

Shadow: Yeah. I haven’t heard anything from the others though.

Sol: Well, no sense in babbling here. We gotta go.

Mephiles: I think I’ll go with you guys.

Sol: Alright, and you Shadow?

Shadow: …I’m going to stay.

Sol: Uhm…okay…

Shadow: I have business to take care of here…along with a friend of mine.

Sol: Well I’m not going to question your motives. Good luck though. We’re outro.

Scorpion: Shadow, when your mission is done, we must regroup…

Shadow: I know.

Scorpion nods, and the three walk down the F-Zero runway, to meet up with James and Prometheus.

Shadow: …

Green: You okay Shadow?

Shadow: Yeah, don’t mind me. Let’s go see Scourge.

Red: Yeah.

The five rejoin MM and Ali as they walk towards the hospital to see their fallen friend.

Unknown Palace

A group of 12 sit at a giant round table, cackling and chatting with each other.

Kefka, Tabuu, Chaos, Algol, Azel (God Hand), Seth (Street Fighter IV), Jedah (Darkstalkers), Liquid Snake (MGS), Black Shadow (F-Zero), Justice (Guilty Gear), Hazama (Blazblue), and Kessler (infamous).

Two more, (Altair and Ridley) weren’t at the table. This group of 14 were the Amp Hunters, the sinister force attempting to manifest the power of the Emeralds for their own selfish desires. Mainly, to recreate the universe and rule it themselves, enslaving inhabitants of other planets, and travelling the cosmos to unravel all of the world’s mysteries and to conquer them. Curiosity was an understatement.

The jester, Kefka, was angry.

Kefka: Mmm…so what you’re saying is that we can’t detect the Emeralds OR the Dragon Balls? Pathetic.

Tabuu: Now now, let’s not get pushy Kefka. The Emeralds are just trying to hide from us. We’ll invent a new detector soon enough.

The hooded man with the concealed blade entered the room at that moment.

Altair: …

Tabuu: Good timing Altair. How’s Ridley?

Altair: He’s flying again.

Tabuu: And you?

Altair: I’m fine.

Tabuu: Not in a friendly mood today?

Altair: I’m fine.

Tabuu: *smile turns into a frown* Well, if you feel so fine, I want you and Algol to find Shadow the Hedgehog. When you do, I want you to take his Emeralds by force. He’s alone pretty much, those turtles are not a threat in the least. Hop to it.

Altair: …Understood.

Algol: Got it.

The hooded man disappeared along with Algol.

Tabuu: *turns around in seat* Excellent.

Azel: What about me? I want to go take down the God Hand. It would make the Emerald collecting much, much easier for all of us.

Tabuu: God Hand? Elaborate.

Azel describes the God Hand to Tabuu, detailing it’s importance and power. Tabuu grew more and more anxious as what he was hearing sounded great to him.

Tabuu: You’ve persuaded me, Azel. Go and find this God Hand. Bring it to me. Don’t fail.

Azel: I won’t.

Azel disappeared into the next room.

Tabuu: Hmm…this is most pleasing.

Liquid: Tabuu…do you really trust the hooded one?

Tabuu: Not in the slightest. I bet he’s willing to turn on me at any second. Personally, I’m trying to send him on as many missions as I can to kill him off. After this one, he’s out of here.

Liquid: How so?

Tabuu: I’ve already spoken to Algol about it. He will assassinate the assassin after he takes the Emeralds.

Liquid: Do you trust Algol?

Tabuu: There are a lot of people I trust, and a lot of people I don’t trust. Your main concern should be whether or not I trust you.

Liquid: *laughs*

Tabuu: …

Kefka: *sitting in chair humming to self* Say, Jedah, you’re awfully quiet…

Jedah: I’m thinking…

Kefka: Bout what?

Jedah: None of your business, jester.

Kefka: That’s not nice.

Jedah: I’m not a nice person.

Kefka: You’re no fun.

Jedah: Gonna have to disagree with you there. Tabuu, I’m going to go take a nap.

Tabuu: …Something wrong Jedah?

Jedah: Actually…yes. Something doesn’t feel right about Algol. His gaze is always on you. It’s…

Tabuu: You’re worried about me?

Jedah: Not in the least. It’s just that, he may have something else in mind when he gathers those Emeralds. You need to watch him.

Tabuu: I’ve got it covered, Jedah. Don’t tell me how to run my organization.

Jedah: Just helpful advice.

Tabuu: I’ll ask you for it next time.

Jedah: *mumbles under breath* Prick.

Outside of the Unknown Palace

Altair: …

Algol: That Tabuu…I don’t know if his motives are correct…

Altair: …

Algol: Bah, it’s like talking to a brick wall. We won’t get anywhere in this fight if we don’t cooperate.

Altair: Let’s just get the job done.

Altair speeds up his pace and begins to jog to his destination.

Algol: Get the job done huh? Heh, I’ll get the job done alright. This is your last night, Altair. Better cherish it while you can. Hahhahhahaah.

Algol quickens his pace and hovers behind Altair, eager to put the hooded man out of his misery.

He was going to enjoy every bit of it.

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