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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
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6: Part Final
Incommunicable Message

Sacred Grove

The robots were approaching the two mighty warriors ever so cautiously. The two sat there, waiting on the artificially intelligent to make their move. Tengu Man's blade shimmered in the light of the beautiful sunset. The animals all huddled up in their natural shelter, spectating the imminent destruction. Akuma's feet inched apart, providing stability and balance, while Geese just smiled as the robots hesitated. Snake Man hissed loudly, covering Tomahawk Man's footsteps.

The first move had been made.

Tomahawk Man rushed out into the open and hurled his axe at the readied fighters. Geese easily dodged it and charged toward the prepared robot. Tomahawk Man promptly lowered his head as wild feathers sprayed from his headdress, flying straight at a charging Geese. Geese raised his arm to block the feathers, but as he did so, Plant Man pelted him from behind with multiple petals shot from around him. As Plant Man did so, he immediately received a foot to the face by Akuma.

Noticing this, Tengu Man raced in front of Akuma, slashing wildly at the demon. Akuma parried every stike and retaliated by pushing Tengu's blade aside, knocking him off balance, and finishing with a huge Shin Shoryuken that rocketed him towards the canopy of the forest.

Grizzly Slash, Wood Man, and Hornet Man all attacked Akuma at the same time, hoping to overwhelm him. Akuma smirked at the mere thought and stomped the ground with his right foot. A chunk of earth protruded from the ground, impaling Hornet Man right on the spot. Grizzly Slash threw rapid claws as Akuma danced around him. Grizzly began to grow irritated, as Akuma laughed at him. Grizzly stopped and drew his arm back for a nasty overhead slash. As he screamed in anguish, his arm darted forward only to strike air. Akuma Asura Warp'd away, and gave Wood Man a quick backhand.

Grizzly couldn't believe it. As he stared in bewilderment, someone shouted in the distance.


A wave of concentrated energy slammed into Grizzly, sending him flying in Akuma's direction. As Akuma knocked Wood Man away, he gave a spinning kick to a flying Grizzly, stunning him. Akuma then axe kicked Grizzly into the ground, picking him up afterwards and throwing him back in Geese's direction, who punched the ground as a geyser of energy races up and crashes into Grizzly. Grizzly went flying into a downed Tomahawk Man. Geese noticed someone approaching him, and immediately sent two Reppukens at the figure. Crystal Snail ate the Reppukens and was sent spiraling into a tree, causing it to fall. Geese ran up and punched the downed tree, sending it into Crystal Snail.

Akuma made short work of Wood Man. Wood Man attempted to throw razor-sharp leaves at Akuma. Akuma Asura Warp'd through them, and sweeped at Wood's stubby legs. Wood Man fell, and his fate was sealed by a crushing axe kick to his face. Two robots were down.

Geese took on Snake Man and Stone Man. Snake Man ordered twenty tiny snakes to harm Geese, who only laughed and jumped over them. The snakes followed suit and homed in on him, only to meet some happy Reppukens. The snakes exploded, and the smoke shrouded the area. Snake Man had horrible eyesight, and couldn't tell ally from enemy in these conditions. He sent snakes after his own partner Stone Man, who he had thought was Akuma. The snakes exploded on contact with Stone Man, immobilizing him temporarily.


Snake Man: Sorry...I thought you were him...


As Snake Man ran toward his fallen comrade, a shadow circled behind him. As Snake Man turned around however, he received a couple of Hadoukens to the back of his head. He stumbled forward, and hissed loudly. He then received a kick to the shin. Followed by a knee to the gut. Then, a powerful haymaker, which put a dent in his face.

Snake Man: Owwwwww...HISSSSSSSSSSSS.

Akuma was having fun. He decided to leave Snake Man alone for now. He turned and looked for Stone Man, who had disappeared.

Sting Chameleon was observing the battle, camouflaged in the trees. He surveyed the area, and watched Akuma and Geese's movements. He recognized their patterns and planned a surprise attack. He looked at Crystal Snail, who was conversing with Tengu Man on how to counter these powerful fighters.

Crystal Snail whispered most of the time and was viewed as a shy Maverick for a time. He keeps to himself, much like Plant Man. He's somewhat of a pacifist, avoiding conflict if he can. Tengu Man is a bold and ambitious one. He doesn't give up easily, and he strives to defeat those stronger than himself.

Crystal Snail: Tengu...these guys are strong.

Tengu Man: Indeed they are, Crystal. But we mustn't stop now. We must avenge our fallen brothers!

Crystal Snail: How, Tengu? That's the question. We can't win. We're not strong enough.

Tengu: Perhaps...they're throwing us around like ragdolls. What do you think we should do?

Crystal: Negotiate?

Tengu: Out of the question.

Crystal: Umm...withdraw?

Tengu: Not a bad idea. We shouldn't throw away our lives in vain. I'm a brave fighter, but I'm not ignorant. We must go and inform Doctor Wily.

Crystal: What about our brothers?

Tengu: ...I...I don't know...

*Sting Chameleon walks up*

Sting Chameleon: You dirty traitors..you two are planning on abandoning us!

Tengu: I don't see YOU out there fighting them!!

Sting: I was observing them, planning a right course of action. I take the logical approach, I don't rush out there with blind faith hoping to defeat humans whose power surpasses ours by a million. You two are fools. Scratch that, ALL OF YOU ARE FOOLS.

Tengu: Enough, Sting. We're leaving. We're going to go to the Doctor. If you value your life, you'd follow suit.

Sting: Tuh. Smell you later, traitors.

Crystal: *sigh*

As the three were done exchanging words, a nearby sound was getting louder and louder.

Tengu: What's that?

It was a scream. The scream got closer and closer as Plant Man smashed into a tree next to Tengu Man.

Tengu drew back in horror.

Tengu: PLANT MAN!!

Plant Man gave no reply. He short-circuited and exploded a few seconds after.

Tengu: No.....Plant Man...

Tengu took Plant Man's hands into his own. Tengu sat there for a while, staring at him.

Crystal: Tengu, there's nothing we can do.

Sting: Grr....

Tengu sat there. Plant Man was his best friend. Ever since Robot Master Kindergarten, the two had been close. Tengu felt the closest thing to the one thing humans felt the most in their lifetime...


Tengu stood. His fist clenched and his blade shimmering. His fist trembled in fury, and he began to walk toward the fight.

Crystal: Tengu!! NO!

Sting: Let him be.

Crystal: He's going to get himself killed!

Sting: It's too late. *Sting camouflaged himself again* Coming?

Crystal: ...

Sting trudged off behind Tengu, leaving Crystal alone.

Crystal: ...You guys...why does it have to be this way...

Crystal silently followed Sting into battle, much to his dismay.

Akuma and Geese surrounded Stone Man. Stone Man forged a brick wall in front of him to block out Akuma's strikes as he dealt with Geese.

Geese pelted Stone Man with a barrage of attacks, slowly breaking down Stone Man. Stone Man responded with slow punches and kicks, which Geese dodged easily. Geese DIDN'T see however, a tomahawk which cut the back of his leg. Geese whirled around and spotted Tomahawk Man, jumping from tree to tree in the distance. Geese was about to run toward him, but Stone Man grabbed Geese by the head and punched him into the ground. Geese recovered immediately, and quickly backflipped out of the way of Stone Man's falling cinder block. Geese grabbed the cinder block, and chucked it into the distance, hitting Tomahawk Man square upside the head.

Tomahawk Man fell out of the tree, and exploded thereafter.

Stone Man threw the remainder of his brick wall at Akuma, who had wore it down in a matter of seconds. Akuma was hit by the wall, but was unfazed by it. Akuma then did his Tornado Spin Kick and Stone Man was caught in the flurry. He attempted to defend, but he received numerous Reppukens in the back. His body eventually broke apart due to the wearing down and pressure, and he exploded.

Akuma then noticed Grizzly Slash approaching him. Akuma whirled around and Asura Warp'd toward Grizzly. Grizzly was dumbfounded as the kanji on Akuma's back lit up. Akuma grabbed him, and a series of strikes erupted afterwards. Approx. 40. Grizzly didn't even have time to be stunned. Akuma turned his back toward the camera as his kanji lit up. Grizzly was paralyzed. He fell over, grunted, and exploded.

Akuma and Geese had hardly broke a sweat. Sure, the robots managed to get a few hits in, but for there to be so many, they hardly posed a threat. Tengu Man, Sting Chameleon, and Crystal Snail were all that were left.

Akuma directed his attention to an unknown entity that was watching him, Akuma saw right past his camouflage, and sent forth a nice little Hadouken to greet himself. Sting saw it coming and immediately dashed out of the way. Geese saw him, and ran forward. Geese jumped high into the air and thrusted his foot into the spine of Sting Chameleon. Sting felt it, and it hurt badly.

Sting Chameleon attempted to flee, but Geese grabbed his tail and began to rock him back and forth like a grandfather clock, punching him everytime he rocked back. It was a neverending cycle, and Sting could not escape. He then began to emit high energy optical beams, in almost every direction. The beam hit an unprepared Geese square in the face, blinding him for a moment and dropping Sting. Sting scurried away, only to meet an angry Akuma who ducked under the optical beam. Akuma stood there with his arms crossed, and raised his foot to crush Sting's skull. Before he could however, a massive strike hit him from behind, knocking him off of his feet. It was Crystal Snail.

Sting: Crystal...you...thanks.

Crystal: Thank me later.

As Akuma recovered from the blow, he shot three Hadoukens at the two. Crystal Snail rolled into his shell and reflected the three fireballs as Akuma dodged them. Akuma gritted his teeth and did his tornado kick to close the distance. His kick was interrupted by an optical beam that hit him mid stride.

Akuma was growing frustrated. As his fists glowed, he ran at Crystal Snail, only to be slashed in the back by Tengu Man. Akuma turned around and received ultra-fast slashes to his torso. Akuma barely had time to react as Tengu smashed him into the ground. Geese ran up to help, but he was smashed into a tree by a rolling Crystal Snail. Geese got up and fired rapid Reppukens, only to be blocked by Crystal Snail.

Akuma got up and punched Tengu in the gut. As Tengu keeled over, Akuma charged a massive Shoryuken, just to be interrupted by a flying Sting Chameleon who proceeded to fire optical beams everywhere. Akuma stumbled backwards and was met with by a rolling Crystal Snail. Akuma flew towards Geese, who just ducked out of the way. Geese punched the ground and the geyser of energy sent Crystal Snail flying. He ran at Sting Chameleon and kicked him repeatedly. Tengu tried to stop Geese, but Akuma fired multiple Hadoukens into him. Tengu reeled back, and was met by a massive Shoryuken that rumbled the earth. Tengu soared high.

Sting Chameleon ate the flurry of punches and kicks of Geese. Geese stopped after Chameleon just sat there, dazed. Geese then finishes Sting with a Raging Storm, which completely obliterates Sting Chameleon.

As Tengu Man plunged back down to earth, a montage of events took place in his mind. His creation. His brothers. His purpose. His life. The Doctor. Everything. Tengu didn't want this. HE didn't want to suffer. He didn't want this fate, and neither did his brothers. He only hoped, that his remaining brothers would find peace. He knew his death wasn't without reason, and this reason alone forced a smirk on his face. He looked at Crystal Snail, who could only watch in horror as Tengu met his inevitable demise.

Tengu closed his eyes as he was met with a fist that pierced through his torso. He found the strength to look up. He looked at Akuma and Geese. He smiled. Akuma didn't understand. He was dying. Why was he smiling? Akuma lived for death. Those he killed didn't smile, they were horrified. Why was this tool different? Akuma frowned as he withdrew his fist from the circuitry of Tengu Man. Tengu fell and hit the land, his circuits flashing and cackling. He lay there, motionless.

Geese felt a bit of remorse for the proud warrior. Tengu Man actually posed a challenge, and Geese took note of that. He looked at Akuma, and Akuma nodded. The two reached inside of Tengu Man, and rewired his circuits. Akuma was not fond of saving those he defeated in battle, but he was eager to face Tengu in the future. Tengu Man would grow stronger, and Akuma wanted to face him again, under different circumstances.

Geese and Akuma had saved Tengu Man from exploding. Tengu Man gasped, and stood up. His circuitry visible was visible from the outside. He spoke.

Tengu: Why...why do you save me? Finish me. You've killed my brothers...I don't deserve to live.

Geese smiled.

Geese: That's true. Although...we have a feeling you'll grow stronger in the future. We sensed something in you unlike those others. You had a will. An urge to defeat us. You are strong, and we want to face you again someday. So pick yourself up and find us when you're ready to fight.

Tengu: ...

Tengu sat in silence, as Akuma and Geese stared at him. Crystal Snail peeked from a lone bush, and gasped at the sight.

Akuma noticed Crystal, and began to walk in his direction only to be stopped by Geese.

Geese: Leave them...Akuma.

Akuma: ....Hmph.

Geese: Hey, you! Snail! Look after this guy will ya? We want to fight him again, ya hear?

Crystal nodded hesitantly.

Geese smiled.

Geese: Paralyzed in fear eh? I love me.

Akuma: Shut up.

Geese: Heh, love you too Akuma.

Akuma couldn't help but force a slight smirk. He turned to walk off in the direction of the downed Wil-O-Copter, which Ansem had followed long ago.

Geese: Hey come now baby. Don't be like that!

Geese scratched his head, laughed to himself and looked at Tengu.

Geese: I'm Geese Howard, by the way. That monkey's name was Akuma. Remember our names. You BETTER get stronger. Heh...we'll see you soon.

He turned to walk away. As he did so, he mumbled something Tengu Man could barely make out.

Geese: But you're not half bad...not half bad at all.

The two warriors disappeared in the forest, leaving Crystal and Tengu.

Crystal ran up to Tengu.

Crystal: You okay?

He helped Tengu to his feet.

Tengu: Yeah...I'm fine.

Crystal: I thought you were dead...

Tengu: So did I...

Crystal: This is real...isn't it? Our brothers are dead...aren't they?

Tengu: Yeah...

Crystal: ....

Tengu: I have to grow stronger...no...WE must grow stronger...

Crystal: Yeah...we will. We were spared today...but we must...

Tengu: Indeed.

Crystal: Here, let's go...we gotta get you to a Sub Tank and fast...

Tengu: Thanks Crystal. After this, let's go find our remaining brothers as well.

Crystal: Yeah...

The two limped down the opposite direction of Akuma/Geese's.

Tengu: Plant Man...Stone Man...Tomahawk...Sting...Grizzly...Hornet...Wood Man...Snake Man...

As these names whirled around in Tengu's mind, a voice called out to them.


The two looked, and saw Snake Man in the distance. He was alive.

Tengu instantly stood on his own.



Snake Man: I got slugged pretty hard...put a huge dent there. I'm fine other than that though. I thought everyone was dead!

Tengu: So did I...maybe we should look for survivors...

Crystal: Yeah...

Snake: Yeah, so, like I got slugged right...and for some reason that one guy in black left me alone. I don't why, but when he left, I ran off and hid. There was no way I could take them alone...thank goodness you guys are okay though...

Crystal: Yep. Just the three of us huh?

Tengu: No. There's more. We just have to find them. That desire alone will keep me going.

Snake: Yeah! Let's go!

The three robots made their way into the setting sun, chatting and being thankful for their lives. They would find their brothers, and defeat those two warriors. Maybe not now...but one day.


Unknown Palace

Jedah silently sat in his room, pondering why he has decided to stay by the side of the arrogant buffoon known as Tabuu. He sat there, throwing a beating heart against his wall for entertainment. He was confused.

"Why do I side with this bastard? He doesn't know a thing about ruling!"

As Jedah sat there throwing the heart with more intensity by the second, he receives a call.

Jedah: Hello?

??: Come to the meeting room, now.

Jedah: What for?

??: Two "pests" have garnered my attention and they are growing to be quite bothersome. Get here now, and I'll tell you who they are. I want you to get rid of them. I've already sent Ridley on another task to defeat his..."nemesis". It's your turn, Jedah.

Jedah: Pests, huh? Well, it beats being here bored.

??: Heh. *hangs up*

Jedah: Tabuu, you lazy ****. Me doing your dirty work, who do you think I am?

As Jedah slowly got up, he made his way into the meeting room. He met Kefka, who was taking a dump in the bathroom. Kefka had left the door wide open, and Jedah glanced inside as he walked by. Kefka was asleep with the newspaper covering his face and the plunger barely concealing his erect dick.

Jedah's eye twitched in horror. He pretended like he had never seen that. Although, it was one of things where if you see it, you can't UNsee it. In this case, Jedah was debating on blinding himself.

He just facepalm'd and opened the door to the Meeting Room. Tabuu was in his front chair. It was going to be a long night for Jedah.


Veilstone Mountain

??: Hmph. I finally made it to Veilstone City...it's just beyond this mountain.

The small man had been traveling for days to find his lost comrades. After the desert brawl, no one had heard from him since. He received word from gossip in Mute City about Scourge, the Hero of the Veilstone Struggle, being located there.

??: Scourge? Hero? Hah, get real. I haven't seen that hedgehog in what seems like forever. Hmph, this **** mountain is huge though.

Just then, a trickle of water hits his nose.

??: God dammit...just what I needed...some **** rain.

It began to pour at that moment.

??: Ah, ****.

The man made his way down the mountain. He hadn't seen action in days, and he was growing frustrated at how he was missing all of the brawls.

Until now.

A faint echo was making its way toward his ears. As he scaled the mountain, the echo grew closer and closer until it was heard clearly.

The scream was all to familiar.


??: Ridley.

The purple monster swooped down in the direction of the small man.

The man hopped backwards, and began to slide down the mountain. His disruption caused a horrific mini-landslide that was determined to destroy the plain below.

The man jumped up and began to fly. He flew toward Ridley and grabbed his tail. He swung in a full circle over seven times and sent Ridley spiraling into the plain below. Ridley crashed into the plain hard, his wing already still injured from the fight long ago.

??: Ridley...you again.

Ridley: ...

??: This time, I'll put an end to you. For good. You happened to catch me in the right mood. I...Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, will crush you easily. It's been awhile since my last fight, but right now, I'm itching to destroy you.


Vegeta: Hmph. Prepare yourself, you piece of ****. I will make it so that even Dragon Balls won't be able to revive you.

The pouring rain began to desist, and leveled off into a slight drizzle. The combatants snarl at each other, and the camera fades.

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