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09 December, 2022, 01:27:49 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3399 times)
« on: 24 May, 2008, 07:46:41 pm »

New series of mine starring Scourge. He meets other guys from my old profiles as well, on his road to become the #1 villain in world. People try to hinder him, but none can stop Scourge the Hedgehog.
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« Reply #1 on: 24 May, 2008, 08:00:11 pm »

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« Reply #2 on: 24 May, 2008, 08:02:23 pm »

right. So.....uhhh....
where do I start?
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« Reply #3 on: 30 May, 2008, 09:23:59 pm »

1: Part 1

Huh?: #97, it's your turn.
Scourge: Finally!! *gets out of chair and begins walking to podium* *three judges sit across from the podium flipping through papers*
Bowser: *sitting in judges chair* So...you want to become #1 villain in the world, new blood? Well, it takes a lot of time and determination. You up to it?
Scourge: Yeah.
Bowser: Good. Aren't you a little too small to become #1 villain?
Scourge: Nah, smallness isn't a factor when it comes to kicking ass.
Bowser: Hrumphh..
Ganon: *crosses arms*
Eggman: Name please.
Scourge: Scourge the Hedgehog.
 Eggman: HEDGEHOG??? You aren't kin to Sonic are you? *has a remote in hand*
Scourge: Hell no. He's my enemy. Sides' I'm wayy cooler than that fraud.
Eggman: Hmph...
Scourge: Well?
Bowser: Abilities?
Scourge: Anything Sonic can do, x2.
Judges: *gasp*
Scourge: Is that all?
Ganon: No, we will test your physical skills. You shall fight Emerl 2008. Prove to us you can dismantle a simple mech fighter.
 Scourge: I'd be happy to.

*meanwhile behind the curtain*
Koopa Bro. Red: Guys, he's good!! They're gonna let him in!!
Koopa Bro. Black: These lines, I can't remember them!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: Black, it's only 5 words you have to say...
Koopa Bro. Black: .....Wut?
Koopa Bro. Green: Oh no....he's beating the **** outta that robo, homies!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: Dawg, we could floor that thing easy.
Koopa Bro. Red: Yeah, I can't wait!
Huh?: YOU!! I'm looking for....Scourge!!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: What's it to ya, dawg?
Huh?: ......Answer my question, I don't like repeating myself...
Koopa Bro. Black: Whatever. Yea homie, **** off you ugly excuse for a.......umm.....uhhh.....guy with a gadget on his eye.
Koopa Bro. Red: You stupid ****er....
Huh?: ......Wrong answer, *****-ass turtles...
Koopa Bro. Black: What did we win dawg?
Koopa Bro. Green: We didn't win anything. We're gonna lose our heads!!!
Huh?: GALIK!!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: Wait.... is that you Vege-AHHHHH!!!!! RETREAT INTO YOUR SHELLS HOMIES!!!
Koopa Bro. Black: Wut?
Huh?: GUN!!!!! *blasts a beam at the 4 of them*

To be continued....
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« Reply #4 on: 30 May, 2008, 09:25:00 pm »

Right so uhh...remember I am still a novice.
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« Reply #5 on: 05 June, 2008, 11:38:51 pm »

1: Part 2
Roll Call

*Scourge dismantles robo*
Bowser: Wow...he's so fast...
Eggman: *adjusts shades* Quite....
Ganon: HA HA HA HAAA!!
Scourge: I'll shove that nose of yours down your throat....
Ganon: HA-!!! What was that? Did Mold say something?
Scourge: You idiot. Mold isn't my shade of green. It's normally brown.
Ganon: Smartass...
Bowser: OK, Everyone get into roll call. Scourge, you sit beside Koopa Bro. Green.
Scourge: *sigh* *walks to seat*
*Sol walks in from door*
Sol: Yo', mighty ruthless combat skills you got. I'm Sol.
Scourge: Scourge.
Sol: So, let's take our seats.
Scourge: Why are you here? You seem....nice.
Sol: I'm only nice to other villains. Heroes get on my wild side. *sits down*
Scourge: Where is "Koopa Bro. Green"? I'm supposed to sit beside him....
Sol: Are they here?
Scourge: "They"?
Sol: Yeah, there's 4 of them, Red, Yellow, Black, and Green. The Koopa Bros.
Scourge: Prolly a squad of losers!!!
Sol: Yeah, they're really ......odd. Suck at fighting.
*Zant strolls by*
Scourge: O_O
Sol: <_<
*the villains are gathered*
Bowser: Okay, first we start with the A's. Ansem from Kingdom Hearts, are you present?
Ansem: *raises hand*
Bowser: Why do you want to become #1 villain?
Ansem: *very bluntly* FOR KINGDOM HEARTS!!!
Bowser: V_V *covers head* Why Kingdom Hearts?
Ansem: It will fill me with the power of darkness!!!
Bowser: When?
Ansem: When I acquire it.
Bowser: *silently to Eggman* You hear this moronic bastard?
Ansem: Umm...sir?
Bowser: *hides laughter* Yes?
Ansem: I would also like a pony....and a garden full of daisies, and birds that sing soft tunes, that would make the most hardened criminal cry...
Bowser: *bursts out laughing*
*everyone laughs at Ansem*
Sol: *falls out of seat*
Scourge: HA HA HHA HA HA HAAA!!!
Huh?: DUDES!!! LOOK OUT!!!
*A red turtle bursts through wall*
KB Red: Oww.....
KB Black: Dude.....he's tubular...
KB Yellow: *throws up*
Scourge: ........uh oh....
Vegeta: THERE YOU ARE!!! *points at Sol*
Sol: *clenches fist*
Vegeta: You're going to get it....
Ansem: WAIT!!!
Vegeta: *reads* IT'S OVER NINE-wait......GOD DAMN!!! IT'S BARELY OVER NINE!!!
Nappa: WHAT??!! A SINGLE-DIGIT?!!??
Vegeta: He's so weak it's terrifying!!!
Ansem: *pimp-smacks Vegeta*
Nappa: Vegeta, VEGETA, VEGETA!! You gonna take that???
Vegeta: Hell no....this calls for..........a......Ranking Battle....
Nappa: OH MY GOD!!
Vegeta: *points at Sol* You, the turtles, and weak sauce over here....versus me, nappa, cell, and Broly.
Sol: I'm going to swap Ansem with someone else..Ansem sorry, but it's your power level. Vegeta didn't say "NINE-THOUSAND" like he was supposed to. I got someone else. He may be new....but he can fight...
Vegeta: *raises eyebrow* Who?
Sol: Mah boi Scourge!!!
Scourge: DAMN SKIPPY!!!

*to be-(is shot)

Sorry I know it sucks, I had to rush.
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« Reply #6 on: 16 June, 2008, 01:47:33 am »

1: Part 3

*both teams are across from each other growling*
Vegeta: Well? Make the first move!!
Koopa Bro. Red: I'll teach you not to mess with cute turtles!!
Koopa Bro. Black: Yeah. That wasn't cool what you did dawg!
Cell: Oh shut the **** up, and fight!!
Sol: Hey!! YOU SHUT THE **** UP!!!
Nappa: NO U!!
Scourge: uhhh....wut?
Sol: You fat idiot.
Koopa Bro. Yellow: That was lame fatty...
Nappa: I was referring to his "lower areas".
Vegeta: Ahh....wait.....I thought that was in women?
Nappa: .........uhh....*rubs head* Bulma never told you?
Vegeta: .......No....
Ansem: *yells in the back* VIR-GIN
Vegeta: YOU SHUT UP!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: We turtles gotta reproduce by.....uhh...........damn.....how do we reproduce?
Cell: You obviously can't.
Koopa Bro. Green: Yeah we can!!
Broly: Me don't know....KAKAROT!!!
Scourge: Hmm......it seems we got a little sidetracked...
Ansem: *yells in the back* That's what SHE said!!
Scourge: *whispers to Vegeta* Let's kick his ass afterwards....
Vegeta: Deal.
Nappa: ALRIGHT!!!
*Ganon grabs a radio*
Ganon: Let's play this...

Scourge: *dashes at Vegeta with a clenched fist*
Vegeta: *sidesteps and elbows Scourge in the back of the head* OWW SPINES!!!
Nappa: *swings at the Koopa Bros.* STAY STILL DAMNED TURTLES!!
Koopa Bro. Green: See, yur too slow!! Those donuts put you in bad shape!!
Nappa: *steams* BOMBER DX!!! *throws a yellow orb at Koopa Bro. Green*
Koopa Bro. Green: OH ****!!
Sol: *is fighting Cell across the room* *shoots a fire blast while running at Cell*
Cell: *slaps the blast back at Sol*
Sol: *does a backflip while shooting a fiery lion blast from his sword*
Cell: GUUWOAH!!!
Broly: *pushes Cell out the way and takes the hit* *remains unscathed* KAKAROT!!!
Sol: Aww damn...A little help!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: GREEN!!! Grr..*spins in shell and dashes at Nappa*
Nappa: WOAH!!! *falls over to dodge shell*
Koopa Bro. Red: *spins faster and faster into the back of Cell*
Sol: *sees Cell is vulnerable and rushes in for a 1-2 punch following it up with a mighty beast blast from his sword*
Cell: *gets knocked across the room into a wall*
Ansem: PWND!!!!
Scourge: *flies into Broly*
Broly: *turns around* KAKAROT!!!
Scourge: SHUT UP!!!
Broly: *fire in eyes* *picks up Scourge and flings him into the same wall Cell flew into*
Koopa Bro. Black: *spins in shell and rams into Nappa's vulnerable nuts*
Nappa: GOOD LORD!!! *tears come out of eyes as he screams on the floor*
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *starts to pound on Nappa's head*
Sol: *runs at Vegeta and attempts to punch him in the face*
Vegeta: *flies in the air and shoots a Galik Gun*
Sol: *backflip dodges*
Vegeta: *teleports behind him as he backflips and knees him in the stomach*
Sol: *blood gushes from Sol's mouth* Grr.....
*a series of punches and kicks breakout between Sol and Vegeta as they fly around at breakneck speeds*
Koopa Bro. Red: *gets slung into the ceiling by Broly and gets hammered into the ground*
Broly: KAKAR-
Koopa Bro. Black: *spins right into Broly's wide-open mouth*
Broly: AAUUGHHH!!!! *blood splatters all over his face* *he smacks Koopa Bro. Black into the wall*
Nappa: *finally gets up* Damn turtles....*looks back*
Scourge: *nails him right in the jaw* *spins into a ball and shoots into Nappa's belly while forwarding into an uppercut on Nappa's chin*
Nappa: *gets knocked 20 feet*
Cell: *rushes behind Scourge* KAMEH--HAMEH--
Scourge: OH CRAP!!! *ducks as an incoming Koopa Bro. Green spins into Cell*
Koopa Bro. Green: You owe me!
Scourge: WATCH OUT!!!
Cell: *while spiraling into another wall he unleashes a Kamehameha*
*Scourge and Koopa Bro. Green duck*
Vegeta: *shoots a Galik Gun at Sol who quickly sidesteps*
*Vegeta's blast and Cell's blast colllide causing a mass explosion*
Sol: *rushes at a drained Vegeta and lights him up with a "Heaven or Hell" combo attack that leads into a Fire Dragon Inferno Shot from his sword*
*Vegeta gets sent flying into Cell*
Koopa Bro. Red: *sneaks behind Broly and dropkicks him into a wall*
Broly: KAKAROT!!! *clenches his head* GRAHH!!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: Quick guys, let's finish him!!
*the Koopas stack on each other and spin right into Broly*
Broly: *bursts through the wall and lands into a body of water outside*
Scourge: *knocks Cell outside with a spinning backhand*
Sol: *grabs Vegeta's hair, punches him in the face 5 times and throws him into the water*
Nappa: *still lies on floor* *tries to crawl outside*
Vegeta: Alright, now I'm pissed!! *bloody face* *gets into stance in the air* FINAL!!!!
Cell: *charges a Super Kamehameha* KAMEHAMEH......
Scourge: *pulls a Chaos Emerald from back pocket* *glows red* CHAOS.....!!!!
Sol: *the power of Gears is stored in his body* *eyes glow red* SUPER INFERNO DEMON......
Koopa Bros.: *they all stack again and start spinning SUPER FAST*
Nappa: *crawls and charges a Chosu Daigentsu, (some blast he does from DBZBT3) in his mouth*
Broly: *charges his Super Finisher from DBZBT3*
Cell: HA!!!! *shoots a rainbow kamehameha*
Vegeta: FLASH!!! *a giant yellow beam flashes out at Scourge and crew*
Sol: LION BLAST!!! *shoots a giant volcano-like beam that has the shape of a demonic lion out of his sword*
Scourge: BLAST!!! *a giant blood-red beam flashes out of his hands*
Koopa Bros.: KOOPA BROS. SPECIAL!!! *a giant tornado-like energy blast shoots forward due to their super-fast spinning*
Broly: *unleashes his Super Finisher* KAKAROOOOT!!!!!!!
Nappa: *is badly wounded* *shoots the last of his energy out of his mouth* (xD) GRAHH!!
*all these blasts collide and cause a time rift that alters reality* **the rift is quickly fixed, and the fighters all lie somewhere*
Cell: *floats in the water unconcious*
Vegeta: *lies on the ground near a patch of sunflowers*
Scourge: *lying on stomach near the water*
Sol: *is hanging out of a tree*
Broly: *lying near a road of rocks*
Nappa: *head is in water but body isn't*
Koopa Bro. Red: *lies near Scourge*
Koopa Bro. Green: *is on roof of the Evil Academy* (the villain school they go to)
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *is on shell rocking back and forth with X's in eyes*
Koopa Bro. Black: *crawls out of water with one eye closed, badly injured* Uhh.....*coughs up blood* Did we.....did....di-....did we win? *passes out*

Bowser: Well......Sol's Team wins!!!
Ansem: Damn, that was nerve-racking......../sarcasm
Bowser: Nice match guys, okay let's get them to the infirmary pronto.
*Nurse Waddle Dees come out and put them on stretchers*
Vegeta: We still gonna kick.....A-Ansem's.....A-A-As-Ass.....?*twitching with a black eye and scarred face, ripped up clothes, and a bald spot in his hair* *half dead*
Scourge: *black eye, ripped jacket, torn shoe, and busted lip* O-Oh yeah...Most definitley..
King K. Rool: Hmph...I would've won that one with my hands behind my back!!
Dedede: *Fog-Horn Leg Horn voice* Oh yeah right...
K. Rool: *raises eyebrow* (o wate)
Meta Knight: Simpletons....
Dedede: *mouth drops* WHY ARe YOU HERE? YUR NOT A-
Meta Knight: *covers DDD's mouth* One more word fatass penguin, or I'll use your ****in' Waddle Dee's as my toilet paper*
DDD: They're almost as big as you!!!
MK: You've much yet to learn...
Reptile: *licks DDD* MMM....*rubs stomach*
DDD: O_O *slowly steps away*
MK: *does the same*
Ace Hardlight (from Ratchet Deadlocked): HA HA HA!! *shoots at Bass (Megman games)*
Ace: Bring it, scrapmetal!!!
Bass: *unloads on Ace*
Prometheus: *starts to slice Ace with his Scythe*
Blues (also from Megaman): *comes through and starts to bash Ace upside the head with his shield*
Ace: *falls to ground with severely injured face*
Bowser: Oooooo.......damn.....*clasps mouth*
Bass: Y'know...I think us three should start a clan or something!!!
Prometheus: I'm down.
Blues: Coolio.
Bass: Yeah, we'll take over this place by storm...whoever gets in our way......is as good as dead!!!
Prometheus: Sweet.
Blues: So, who's our first victim?
Bass: *looks around* Let's start with.....
Sephiroth: *walks through*
Bass: Him....He looked at us funny!!!
Sephiroth: *stops and turns around to see the three reploids dashing at him*
Sephiroth: *jumps backwards* So, you want to fight? *draws blade* Alright, let's just say, today isn't your lucky day...I'm in a bad mood...and I have NO intentions on sparing you when I beat you down. If you don't surrender in the next 5 seconds, It will be my pleasure to introduce you three to oblivion. So, what's it gonna be?
Bass: You don't scare me!! *legs are trembling*
Prometheus: *grasps scythe* This guy means buisness...
Blues: Yeah...
Sephiroth: I gave you a chance to live....what a foolish choice you've made. Your pride will lead you to death. How pathetic. Know when you've been beaten. It's that quality that makes you a REAL man...
Blues: Errr....he's strong....I can tell and I haven't even fought him yet...
Prometheus: Bass is gonna get us killed....let's fight for a while, and when things get nasty, let's ditch him.
Blues: Sounds good to me...
Bass: You guys gonna help me?
Sephiroth: *holds hand out* *the academy begins to shake*
Bowser: Uh-oh....
Ganon: He asked for it...
Wario: *farts across the room*
*everyone watches*
Sephiroth: Show me your strength...
Bass:*gulp* *blasts repeatedly out of his cannon*
Blues: *slides forward on his shield*
Prometheus: *walks forward cowardly*
Sephiroth: *slashes all the cannon rounds at breakneck speed*
Bass: ****!!
Sephiroth: You two. Prometheus and Blues....I see you are not consumed by pride...
you may leave. You know your place.
Prometheus: You ain't gotta tell me twice...See you in Hell Bass...*runs off*
Blues: I'll pray for you Bass!! *dashes off*
Sephiroth: Now....to end your existence....GET READY!!!!

To be continued
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« Reply #7 on: 16 June, 2008, 12:11:33 pm »

1: Part 4

*Scourge and the others are finally patched up and are heading to lunch*
Scourge: I'm so hungry...I feel so....skinny..
Sol: *drools* I smell meatloaf....*clutches stomach*
Vegeta: M-M-M-Meatloaf??? The smell.....IT'S OVER NIN-
Nappa: ........But Vegeta, you know what meatloaf does to my indegestion.
Vegeta: NOT MY FAULT!!!
Cell: *runs into Cafeteria*

Broly: *is still in clinic* KAKAROT!!
Nurse Waddle Dee 1: Can someone please shut him up?
Doctor Dee: Hmm......some laughing gas should hold him down.
Broly: HA HA!! KA-HA HA HA!!! KAKA-HA HA HA!!! ROT!! A HAHA HA HA!!!! *laughs hard*
*starts crying and falls on floor* KAK-KAK-KAK-BWAH HA HAA!!!

*meanwhile back a cafe*
Koopa Bro. Green: *gets a spoon* HEY!!
*Sephiroth bumps into him*
Koopa Bro. Green: Watch where yur goin-
*Sephiroth draws blade and points it at his face*
Koopa Bro. Green: You can't cut in line! *smacks blade out of his hands*
Sephiroth: Do you know who I am?
Koopa Bro. Green: An ugly *****!!
Sephiroth: Obviously your mouth speaks louder than your actions.
Koopa Bro. Green: You want me to take action? Okay. Cut in front of me again, and I'll promise you that your face won't have a pleasant day.
Scourge: Oh god....not another fight...I'm so hungry...
Sol: Don't worry. First we eat, then we help him out.
Scourge: Agreed. *goes to get plate*
*Sephiroth holds hand out not letting anyone pass*
Sephiroth: I don't think so.
Scourge: Move your hand, or we'll have a serious problem....
Sol: *sticks blade at Sephiroth's throat* Let us pass, or I'll slash your throat out...
Vegeta: *has a Galik Gun forming*
Nappa: *clenches fist*
Sephiroth: You're not getting past me. Forget it.
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *slides between his legs* *quickly eats meatloaf with hands* Ohh...so good...
Sephiroth: HEY!! *grabs Yellow by the shell and flings him at the drink machine where Koopa Bro. Black was getting a Coca-Cola*
Koopa Bro. Black: *inserts quarter*
*Out of order*
Koopa Bro. Black: SON OF A *****!!! *looks at Sephiroth*
Sephiroth: *smiles*
Koopa Bro. Red: Okay...now, it's go time!!!
*a voice is heard from the back*
Bass: Don't do it.......he has.....demonic powers....beyond your belief...he'll kill you...*crawls forward on the verge of death* I.....couldn't defend myself......he crushed me.....
Prometheus: BASS!!!
Blues: *evil glare in eye*
Sephiroth: *runs at Bass and slashes his head off*
*everyone gasps*
Blues: Okay that's it...*stands up* You're a dead man!!
Sephiroth: Well why didn't you help him before?
Blues: We thought you were cool. You're just some *****-ass bully. I ain't afraid of *****es!!
Sephiroth: Hmph....what's this? 10 against 1?
Cell: *stands up* Make that 11.
Ansem: 12.
Reptile: *observes*
DDD: *frown on face* 13!! I say-I say- I say- make that 13!!
K. Rool: Hmph..I think I'll pass...
DDD: *****
K. Rool: *raises eyebrow* I'll deal with you later. *takes tray to dumpster*
MK: Make it 14.
Akuma: 15.
Kazuya: 16.
*Broly busts through wall*
Broly: KAKAROT!!! MAKE IT 17!!!
Mewtwo: 18.
Black Knight: Hmmm.....
Mephiles: Let's see.....odds are...Sephiroth is about to get his ass kicked... make it 19.
Sephiroth: Cowards the lot of you!! I'll be back. I need time to-
Ansem: Grow you some balls?
Sephiroth:..........*smirks* Just for that....you're my #1 target....
Ansem: I'm sorry, I don't have sex with other men.
Sephiroth: Yur pushing it...
Ansem: Up your butt? Gladly!
Sephiroth: One more comment.....just one more and I'll cut your heart out and feed it to my bats!!
Ansem:..........................Yo' Momma
Sephiroth: *teleports behind Ansem and blade slits his neck*
Ansem: Aghh...****!!!
Sephiroth: See? I don't make threats, I execute them!!!
Ansem: *from back of the room* You and me aren't going to get along....
Everybody: NOT YET!!!
Prometheus: *crawls back into seat and pouts*
Ansem: *squints at Sephiroth with mean look on face*
Sephiroth: *does the same to Ansem*
*Both of their faces are seen on opposite sides of the screen*

ROUND 1.......

*to be continued*
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« Reply #8 on: 23 June, 2008, 09:17:47 pm »

1: Part 5 Final

Sephiroth: *glows with a demonic white aura* You will stop breathing in a couple of seconds...
Ansem: Oh please...these death jokes are getting old.
Sephiroth: Jokes? They aren't funny to me.
Ansem: Maybe because you don't have a sense of humor.
Sephiroth: Could be. Or maybe it's the fact that I don't care what you think.
Ansem: I'm going to rip you apart. It's because of you that we have FF7 fanboys/fangirls!!!
Sephiroth: I can't help that I'm cool. It's just natural charisma. Don't get mad at me because Square didn't give you cool attributes. But, enough of the chat, you're just trying to distract me from killing you. Now, on to the feast. My blade hungers!!
Ansem: *pulls out Xemnas' Lightsabers*
Sephiroth: *falls to floor* Lightsabers? HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!
Ansem: -_-
Ansem: >8U
Sephiroth: *stands up* Ok let's *looks* HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!!
Ansem: *slices off strands of Sephiroth's hair*
Sephiroth: .......No one....messes my hair.... *glows again, but this time with a reddish tint* *the air in the lunchroom becomes heavy and dense*
Scourge: WTF? I can't breathe....We gotta get out of here....that guy is trying to kill us...*runs for the door but it quickly slams shut and locks on the outside* DAMMIT!!
Sol: ****, what are we gonna do?
Koopa Red: We're gonna take out the problem, Sephi.
Koopa Yellow: **** yeah.
Nappa: Vegeta.....what does the scouter say about the air level?
Nappa: HOLY **** WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!
Vegeta: NO ****!!!
Nappa: OH MY GOD!! *grasps head*
Vegeta: ARGH!!!
Cell: *charges a Super Kamehameha*
Broly: Broly.....feels......breathless.....*falls to floor*
Prometheus: Good thing we don't have internal organs, like lungs....we're unaffected.
Blues: Thank god...*looks over at Scourge's crew* They don't look so good...
Prometheus: Ah, let em' die. We didn't come here to spare others..
Blues: It's that kind of attitude that got Bass killed!!
Prometheus: SO WHAT!!! He was just gonna stab us in the back in the end!!!
Blues: **** you!! I'm helping them.
Prometheus: Be my guest *****!
Blues: *goes over to help Scourge up*
Scourge: How do we get out of here?
Blues: Through that vent above the soda machine. See it?
Scourge: Yeah...ohh....I can't breathe..
Sol: *on the verge of death* AH ****, I AIN'T DYING HERE!!!
Blues: *shares his sub-tank with Scourge and co.*
Scourge: Why are you helping us?
Blues: I may be bad....but, I know when to help others when they are in need. I didn't realize that before, and that mistake costed my friend's life. I don't want others to die because of my selfish pride. *looks at Prometheus*
Prometheus: Hmph..
Blues: C'mon, let's go!!

Ansem: Argh....I can't take much more...*collapses*
Sephiroth: *walks over to him and places his blade to his head* I told you....you die here...
Ansem: Urrgg.....I can't believe this...
Sephiroth: I'll see you in hell, Ansem. *prepares to kill him by raising his blade to slash his head off*
Vegeta: NOOWWW!!!!
*a glowing light appears in the corner of the screen*
Sephiroth: AWW DAMN!!! WHAT IS THAT??? *the light flashes him and he is blinded temporarily*
Cell: *rushes over, picks Ansem up and hurries through the vent where everyone else escaped from*
Sephiroth: .........GRAHGHHHH!!!!! *dashes through the vent after them*
*everyone is running down the hall and they start to split up through different doors*
Vegeta: The bathroom....No man will come in here while another man is in here. So, I'm safe...
Nappa: Hey Vegeta.
*a repeated thumping is heard on water*
Vegeta: Nappa.......are you.....are you...
Nappa: Pissing? That's right. My **** is-
Vegeta: NO!! Not you. That Sephiroth guy!! He's lurking around in the hall trying to find us!!!
Nappa: Oh...
Nappa: This is Villain School.....not Hygiene School.
Vegeta: Well said.

Sol: Urk.......he's around here somewhere..
Koopa Red: Ah geez.....we really got to get rid of that guy. School has barely even started!!
Sol: I know...
Cell: Yeah, we should definitely get rid of him...
Koopa Red: How?
Cell: We gotta do...what others do to get rid of a threat. This is very...un-villainly...but....we gotta....
Sol: Yeah?
Koopa Red: Oh no......anything but that....
Cell: Snitch
Koopa Red: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Sephiroth: Hmm? *smiles*
Sol: *covers Red's mouth* You babbling idiot!!! He heard you!!!
Sephiroth: *walks in room and turns lights on* Hello.
Cell: ..........O_O
Sol: *covers Red's eyes* O_O
Koopa Red: Hey, I wanna see! Let go of me!!! *peeks* O_O
Sephiroth: What? I was looking for a shower....anybody know where one is? After I get done....THEN, I'll kill you all.
Sol: O_O *cough* Uhm....is t-that.....yours?
Sephiroth: Inhuman isn't it? Well, the girls don't like me for nothin'. *starts to sing as he walks by* "I'm pushin' it in....I'm pushin' it in....I gotta PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!!!"
Sephiroth: Just for that...Imma push it in you.
Sol: GAHHH!!!! RETREAT!!!! *runs off*
Cell: *follows*
Sephiroth: *looks at a not moving Koopa Red* You still here? Shoo turtle.
Koopa Red: I'm interested in that. How does it function?
Sephiroth: Curious? Well, you came to the right person. Come on in. *demonic smile*
Koopa Red: Okay. *walks in* So......where do you........put it?
Sephiroth: In certain things....things with "openings", I'll say.
Koopa Red: Openings?
Sephiroth: You're in for a LOOOONG journey, you up to it?
Koopa Red: If I can grow one, yes!!!
Sephiroth: O_O Ambitious eh? Good. I'll take you through the basics.

*everyone is seen with their ears on the shower door listening*
*everyone looks at camera*
*everyone slowly backs up out of the door*

Scourge: I AIN'T SEE ****!!! *runs off*
Koopa Yellow: What? We do have one. In the back...
Koopa Black: And Red calls me stupid!!!
Sol: Damn.....what is up with this school.....?
Vegeta: This is just the beginning.
Nappa: OH MY GOD!!!

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"Unfortunately, Hell had no vacancies."

"There's no need for sorrow, Queen. I died once already. I can't die twice. "

"Insane? We might be the only one's telling the truth."

"You, too... Immortal?"

Solid Snake: "Now you're a mere mortal, just like us."
Vamp: "But can you kill this mere mortal?"

"How about it undying man? care to die too?

"I can.....die?"

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« Reply #12 on: 01 July, 2008, 05:26:01 pm »

2: Part 1

Sol: *lying in bed* Red......do you know anything about the reproductive system?
Koopa Red: Nope. I never paid attention in Sex Ed.
Koopa Yellow: You were always asleep. <_<
Koopa Red: hee hee
Scourge: Don't they have a Sex Ed course here?
Vegeta: Possibly. But, I don't need to go. I know almost everything about sex.
Nappa: *falls off of top bunk* Yeah right Vegeta!!!
Vegeta: Nappa!! SHUT UP!!
Nappa: *climbs up on bunk again* Vegeta, you didn't even know how to "go out" with women at first.
Nappa: Ahh....I still remember that time we both got some for the first time..


Vegeta: *in room beside Nappa on top of Bulma* IT'S ****IN' OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
Piccolo: *floating above* YES YES, I FEEL GOOD!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! YES YES!!!
Vegeta: GET OUT!!!!
Piccolo: *flies out* Hey Goku, the balls are inert.
Goku: Seems Vegeta unleashed his Galik Gun.....
Piccolo: LOL, now he's using his Final Flash!!!
Goku: O_O

*end flashback*

Vegeta: Good times....
Sol: XD Is that your trademark?
Vegeta: What?
Sol: That "OVER-NINE THOUSAND" stuff.
Vegeta: Heh, sort of. Some idiots on the internet turned that into a fad. I just decided to roll with it.
Sol: I see.
Scourge: I've had romances with many women myself.
Cell: I absorbed #18. I guess that counts...
Broly: KAKAROT!!!
*everybody looks at Broly*
Broly: What? What did I say?
Sol: I'm planning on getting married soon...
Scourge: Fo realz? To who?
Sol: Justice.
Scourge: ................Really?
Sol: Yeah....
Koopa Black: Us koopas don't need women!! Right dawgs??
Koopa Green: DAMN SKIPPY!!!
Koopa Yellow: Amen to that.
Vegeta: You guys couldn't get any anyway!!!
Koopa Black: More than you, wannabe Prince of Saiyans!!!
Vegeta: *eyes boil with anger* *clenches fist*
Nappa: Uh oh...
*someone walks in*
Blues: *walks in* Hey guys. Do you think I could, hang with you guys?
Sol: Why not? You saved us from that madman. You can hang with us. Speaking of Sephiroth, where is he?
Blues: Therapy session.
Sol: Good. He needs it.
*fighting is heard outside*
Cell: Oh, look!! A fight's breaking out!!
Scourge: God, I just want to go to sleep....
Koopa Black: Who is that?
*they walk outside to hallway*
Huh?: *throws a long spear-rope at Prometheus* GET OVER HERE!!!
Prometheus: Aww ****!!! *gets pulled into a fiery uppercut*
Blues: Prometheus!!!
Prometheus: Ow, this dude's tough!!! Stay back!! *pulls out digital scythe*
Huh?: Come on!!
Blues: Prometheus!!
Prometheus: *throws purple energy orbs at the unknown fighter then slashes at his stomach*
Huh?: *dodges alll the orbs matrix-style and fire storms out of eyes that hit Prometheus in the face*
Koopa Red: Hey, wait......that's Scor-
Goro: *bursts through wall* *points at Red and roars*
Koopa Red: HOLY ****!!! 4-ARMS???
Goro: *runs at Red*
Shao Kahn: *drops through ceiling*
Scourge: Who is that?!?!!?
Prometheus: *is getting brutally smashed*


Prometheus: What's going on? Why is it so dark?
Scorpion: GET THE **** OVER HERE!!! *spear is ready to strike Pro in the head*
Huh?: NOOOOO!!!!! *jumps in front of spear that gets struck into head*
Prometheus: BLUES?!!?
Blues: Sorry dude....I should've helped earlier....
Pro: BLUES!!! What's going on??
Blues: I don't know....but, I told you. Think of others before you think of yourself. I want you to remember that...
Pro: WHAT?? WHY???!?! BLUES!!! BLUES?!?!?!
Scorpion: TIME TO END YOUR MISERY!!! *rips Blues' head off*
Pro: *watches Blues' head fly off with a smile on Blues's face* *runs over to head while everything gets clear again*


Scourge: BLUES!!! Agh, we'll help him later. I've got my hands full...
Shao Kahn: *rams Scourge into wall*
Reptile: *bursts though door* *licks lips*
Koopa Yellow: *jumps on Goro's head* PEEKABOO!!!
Goro: *grabs Yellow and throws him into an incoming Vegeta*
Nappa: *trades blows with Goro* You think you can best me?
Goro: .........
Nappa: *headbutts Goro and slams him into ground and repeatedly bashes his face in*
Baraka: *comes out of nowhere and slashes at Sol*
Sol: *blocks with sword and pushes Baraka back* Who are these people?
Scorpion: *kicks Sol in the back and then punches him into ceiling*
Koopa Black: *spins in shell and smacks Reptile in the face*
Reptile: *recovers and catches Black with tongue* *slings him into walls repeatedly with stretchy tongue*
Koopa Green: *spins in shell and trips Shao Kahn, who rolls into Scorpion*
Scourge: *comes out of wall and punches Scorpion in the face following with a spindash into the stomach*
Baraka: *runs at a falling Sol and slashes him across his leg*
Sol: *hits ground* *gets up and unleashes a fiery eruption that incinerates Baraka's arm*
Baraka: ROAR!!!!
Sol: That's what you get you BASTARD!!!
Goro: *pushes Nappa off and throws him into Cell* *Goro repeatedly jumps on Nappa's stomach*
Vegeta: GALIK GUN HAAAA!!!!!! *fires a purple blast at Goro*
Goro: O_O *gets molested by blast*
Koopa Black: *spins faster and twists Reptile's tongue into a complex knot* HA HA!!! *begins to beat the crap out of Reptile*
Scorpion: *swings at Scourge*
Scourge: *dodges swing, but gets rammed by Shao Kahn*
Cell: *gets up and tackles Baraka and starts to punch him in the face repeatedly while they fly in midair*
Sol: *slashes Scorpion three times and uppercuts him into ceiling*
Koopa Red: *spins into a falling Goro and backflip kicks him in the face*
Nappa: *lies on ground gasping for air*
Vegeta: *fires a Galik Gun at a midair Baraka* Whew, how ling is this going to last? Where did they come from?

*the battle ensues*


Pro: Blues.......I'm so sorry.....I'll.......I'll avenge you......I promise....*tears roll down Pro's eyes* Robots aren't supposed to have emotions.....but I'm feeling anger and sadness right now....I'll mourn for you when we kill our target....*voice becomes filled with anger* Scorpion........I'll-ARGGHHHH!!!! I'LL KILL HIM!!!! ERAAGHHHHHH!!!!!! *looks back at Scorpion who is lying on ground* *clenches teeth* GRAHHHH!!!! *flies forward at unbelieveable speed* SCORPION!!! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!!!

*to be continued*
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2: Part 2

Pro: *dashes at Scorpion with an intense grip on scythe* SCORPION!!! PREPARE YOURSELF!!!
Scorpion: Hmm? *turns around only to get hacked repeatedly in the stomach and slashed in the face*
Pro: *in a blind fury right now* You don't give a damn about others!!! You just kill for your own amusement!!! That ends now!!! The tables have turned and YOU'RE the one getting killed!!! *steadily hacking Scorpion*
Scorpion: *finally backflips out of the way* Reminds me of someone else I know. *glares at Pro*
Pro: *lowers scythe in astonishment* What?
Scorpion: You talkin' bout me, not caring for others feelings, you forgot to compensate your own attitude. Remember back in the lunchroom?
Pro: That's the past!!
Scorpion: It was only six hours ago!!
Pro: SHUT UP!!! *grips scythe again and dashes forward*

*all of a sudden*

Huh?: *teleports in with dark energy* THAT'S ENOUGH!!
*everybody looks forward*
Sol: Ganondorf...
Ganondorf: I know I like to see people rip each other apart, but I came under direct orders from Bowser. CEASE THIS BARBARIC BICKERING.
Ganon: Save it, Prometheus.
Prometheus: ....
Ganon: Now, any objections? If you don't obey my orders, or attempt to backsass me, you're going to take it up with me.
Shao: *mumbles* I thought they were Bowser's orders....
Scorpion: *mumbles back* Shut up....
Ganon: You two would like to say anything? *glares*
Scorpion: No.
Ganon: Sir.
Scorpion: What?
Ganon: No SIR.
Scorpion: Just because you're higher authority doesn't mean I'll start treating you with respect.
Ganon: Is that so?
Scorpion: Yeah. *mean look in eyes*
Ganon: Boy, you don't REALLY think you can take me do you?
Scorpion: If a fairy-boy in green can kill you 11 times in a row with a plastic sword, then I bet I can crush you with a blindfold and cuffs around my arms and legs.
Scourge: Ah, damn...
Ganon: *takes off cape* You've violated code 4 in going to school here. NEVER insult those who ranks higher than you. Especially a Grand General.
Scourge: *to Sol* What's a Grand General?
Sol: *whispers back* Not exactly Administrators of this place, but people with HIGH authority. Ganon is Grand General, not the HIGHEST rank, but one below it. Pretty much the "Global Moderators" in an Internet forum.
Scourge: Ah. Can anyone else become Grand General?
Sol: You have to dedicate your life to it. And have no more than three warnings.
Scourge: Warnings?
Sol: When someone like Ganon or Robotnik comes to lecture you on what you're doing. Scorpion has 1 warning already.
Scourge: Ah. So what rank are we?
Sol: It goes in this order, bottom to top: Minion, Grunt, Soldier, Regular, VIP, Veteran, Legend, Elite, Icon, General, Tiger, Dragon, Grand General, King.
Scourge: Oh. So what rank are we?
Sol: I'm a Grunt. You're still a Minion.
Scourge: What do I do to get ranked up?
Sol: Either fight a ranking battle in front of judges, or perform duties that higher authority recognize and approve. Such as, cleaning Bowser's room and such. But be careful, the higher your rank, the more people will be coming for your head. Best to go slow and steady. You can get demoted too. Like performing OVEREVIL acts, such as killing innocent animals/people, or disobeying higher authority.
Scourge: Gotcha.
Sol: Don't worry though, The Koopa Bros. are Minions like you. So is Nappa. Vegeta is a Soldier, Cell is a Regular, and Broly is a Regular too. You can also get promoted by doing well in your evil classes.
Scourge: Sweet.
*back to the rising fight*

Ganon: So, you got nothing else to say? How about a wager. If I win, I demote you all the way back to minion. If you win, you get promoted to Legend.
Scorpion: Not a higer authority act, but I'll take it.
Shao: .......
Ganon: Let's begin. *sits smiling with arms crossed*
Scorpion: *shoots his spear out of his arm* GET OVER HERE!!!
Ganon: You get OVER HERE!!! *grabs spear with fingers and pulls Scorpion towards him*
Scorpion: *slides in a punches Ganon in the face*
Ganon: *doesn't even flinch* Is that the best you can do? *Warlock Punches Scorpion into nearby wall* HA HA HAAA!!!
Scorpion: *fueled with rage* *bursts wall with fire* *runs forward and fire backflip-kicks Ganon and starts to punch repeatedly at Ganon's belly*
Ganon: ..........*clenches fists and smashes Scorpion into the ground, jumps and stomps his head in further* *picks him up by his mask and Warlock Punches him repeatedly in the face following up to a DDT into the ground* *gets up and throws Scorpion into the air and knees him in the stomach with a Dark Knee from Hell*
Scorpion: *coughs up blood* *takes mask off and spews fire in Ganon's unsuspecting face*
Ganon: UGH!! *steps backward with a burning face* gah....
Scorpion: *trips Ganon and slams him into the ground* *then takes mask off again and spews fire into Ganon on the floor* HAD ENOUGH!!!???
Ganon: Have you? *is standing behind Scorpion*
Scorpion: WHA???
Ganon: *rams boot into Scorpion's skull*
Scorpion: *falls to floor unconcious*
Ganon: Back to Minion. *walks off with scarred face* Now, report back to your rooms. I don't want to hurt any more of you more than I have to. *looks at Scourge, Koopa Bros., and Sol* You new ones see what happened to him? Don't do it.
Pro: *to self* Serves him right...
*Words in italics mean they are talking to themselves or thinking*
Scorpion: *gets taken off in stretcher* Ohhhh......
*everyone reports back to rooms*
Shao: *grabs Sol's hair* I'll deal with you and your friends later*
Sol: *slaps hand away* And I'll kill you. Don't **** me off.
Shao: Hmph..and If I do?
Sol: I'll send you to an early grave.
Shao: You can try...*walks off*
Sol: Bastard...
Scourge: C'mon Sol, don't worry about him. He's just a bluff.
Sol: Yeah. *lies on bottom bunk* *sigh* Let's just sleep this off.
Scourge: Gladly.
*koopa bros. are playing Mario Kart*
Vegeta: Nappa, you saw Scorpion get his ass handed to him in a Warlock platter!! *laughs*
Nappa: *looking though playboy magazine* AHH YEAH...
Vegeta: Yup, funny that was. Oh well, night. *takes off scouter and goes to bed*
Nappa: Hee hee hee......*twisted look on face* Wow........
Cell: *snoring*
Broly: *snoring* *hack* *snore* KA-KA-KA-KA-KA-A-ROT *snore*
Scourge: Broly has problems.
Sol: Damn skippy.
*lights go out except the TV with Mario Kart Double Dash going*
Nappa: *makes lots of disturbing noises*
Sol: *eyes pop open* Nappa........what are you.......nevermind.
Nappa: Hee hee hee......*uses TV light to see magazine* Wow...NICE!!!
Vegeta: GALIK GUN!!! *blasts magazine*
Nappa: VEGETA!!!!
Vegeta: Perv.
Nappa: Yur one to talk. *falls off of top bunk*
Vegeta: Fatass....
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2: Part 3

*morning!!!* *alarm clock rings*

Scourge: *stretches* Oww... What the hell?
Sol: *is putting clothes on* Dude, we're gonna be late for class, hurry up!!
Scourge: Woah!! *jumps off of bed and throws on shoes*
Vegeta: NAPPA!!! Where is my scouter!!!???
Nappa: *looks under bed* I DON'T KNOW!!!
Vegeta: You lying bastard!! Gimme yours!!!
Nappa: *finishes putting on Saiyan Armor* I don't think so!! See you in class!!! *dashes off*
Vegeta: AGHHH!!! *chases him through hallway*
Cell: ........Idiots. *walks in behind them*
Broly: *shakes head* *walks alongside Cell*
Scourge: 2 more minutes?!?!?!
Sol: You better hurry!! Later!!
Scourge: *puts on shades and jacket* *dashes through door behind Sol*

*Tardy bell rings and Scourge slips in luckily*

Scourge: ......
King K. Rool: What? Haven't you seen a talking crocodile before?
Scourge: *points* Yur fat.
*class laughs*
King K. Rool: *looks around* We got ourselves a new comedian, eh? I eat hedgehogs like you for breakfast...
Scourge: Before, or after the hedgehog rapes you?
King K. Rool: Wut?
Cell: BWAH HA HA!! STUPID ****ER!!!
King K. Rool: I don't get it!!
*Villain Basics 101 Teacher, Andross, appears*
Andross: Settle down, children.
*everyone sits down*
Andross: First of all, I want you all to get accustomed to where you sit and where you are. You will be seating there, for the rest of the year.
Koopa Black: *laughs* *whispers to Yellow* Doesn't he mean "sitting"?
Koopa Yellow: XD
Andross: What was that? Care to, share to the class what you said, young Koopa?
Koopa Black: *scratches back of head* No sir.
Andross: Good. Now, first of all, I'll go down your row, and you tell me what is your evil ambition.
Koopa Black: *giggles* *whispers to Yellow again* Doesn't he mean, "What your evil ambition, is"?
Damn, he sure is an illiterate son of a *****, that's for sure. We should be the ones teaching him proper sentence structure and English....<_<
Koopa Yellow: *is in tears holding back laughter*
Koopa Black: *whispers again* I think his old age is getting to his brain. It won't be long now...
Koopa Yellow: *tears pour down eyes while still holding laughter*
Koopa Black: .....
Andross: Silent huh? WHAT IS SO FUNNY??? You can tell me!!! One more snicker out of you two and I'll throw you into 10 hour detention!!! DO I MAKE MESELF CLEAR!!??!?
Koopa Black: Don't you mean-
Koopa Yellow: *covers Black's mouth* He has a running motor for a mouth. Please excuse him.
Andross: >8U You'll slide this time. Next time, I won't be so lenient. Fine. Now, what is your evil ambition?
King DDD: I want to destroy Kirby!! I say, I say, destroy Kirby!!!
King K. Rool: I want to somehow end the lives of that meddlesome DK Crew!!! And take over the nation!!!
Scourge: I want to be rich and famous. And, to discover who I truly am.
Koopa Red: I want to serve Lord Bowser till the end of time. And to destroy Mario.
Mewtwo: I want to be the world's greatest Pokemon!!
Mephiles: I want to conquer Mobius, and harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds for my own POWER!!!
Akuma: I want to be the world's strongest fighter. So strong, no one shall rival my power!! Not even come close!!
Black Knight: I want to rule the nation as well. And have the world's strongest military power at my side.
Koopa Yellow: Basically what Red said, and to become the world's greatest Mario Kart player!!
Koopa Black: ^^^What he said.
Sol: I want to destroy all of the Gears.
Nappa: I want to see who has the greatest power level!!!
Vegeta: >_> I want to defeat Kakarot!!! And become the strongest Saiyan in the universe!!!
Cell: I want to become stronger, and host many tournaments to see who has the potential to rival me.
Broly: KAKAROT!!!!
Koopa Green: What Yellow said!!
*time flies by and the bell rings*
*everyone leaves class*
Andross: See all of you tomorrow!! *waves*
Koopa Black: *whispers to Yellow* Doesn't he mean-
Koopa Yellow: *elbows Black in the tummy*
Koopa Black: Oof..k, I'll leave him alone.
Scourge: So, what now?
Sol: I dunno. We only have 3 classes a day and the next one is 2 hours from now.
Scourge: ........Well, I guess we could go back to our room and play Mario Kart.
Koopa Red: *jumps up* SURE!!
*the gang walks back to their room*

*Mephiles gets sent across the hallway flying*

Akuma: *bursts through door shaking fist at a flying Mephiles* NEVER, talk about my momma.
Mephiles: *gets up and wipes blood from mouth* Funny, everybody does!!
Akuma: GRRR!!!!
Mephiles: That's the same noise we made last night!!
Sol: So immature...
Cell: Exactly.
Scourge: Fights occur all the time here!!! Geez, no room to rest!!
Mephiles: C'mon big guy!! Or are you chicken!? I'll rip your ass apart!!!
Nappa: Vegeta!! What does the scouter say about his power level??
Vegeta: *smacks Nappa*
Nappa: Hey Vegeta......wut's up?
Vegeta: Grr....
Akuma: ........Stupid hedgehog!!! HEDGEHOGS DON'T BELONG HERE!!! HEDGEHOGS ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL ANIMALS!!! No offense to you Scourge.
Scourge: None taken.
Akuma: Now. Mephiles The *****. I'll gladly knock you six-feet under. Prepare for an all-out assault on your skull, and life. *dashes at Mephiles*
Koopa Yellow: This is gonna need a fight tune!!!
Koopa Green: *bobs head*
Akuma: HERE IT COMES MEPHILES!!!! *charges a dark hadouken as he dashes at Mephiles*
Mephiles: *dashes forward as well* I'LL MAKE IT YOUR LAST, AKUMA!!!!

*Will Akuma defeat Mephiles, and reclaim his mom's dignity? Or will Mephiles beat the crap out of Akuma and make never-ending jokes of Akuma's mom? Find out next time on The Green Antagonist!!*

*replay the song next chapter*

I had to be quick and brief on this one. Sorry. I had to go. The next will probably be the longest of them all. That's probably a bad thing to some of you.

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