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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3694 times)
« Reply #15 on: 12 July, 2008, 02:06:50 am »

2: Part 4

Mephiles: *frontflips over Akuma and elbows him in the back of the head*
Akuma: *smiles* *backhands Mephiles as he lands and shoots a dark hadouken at him*
Mephiles: *lies on ground and quickly jumps back up* *roundhouse kicks Akuma in the stomach, and hammers him into the ground*
Akuma: *eyes glow red* YOU FOOL. *uppercuts the **** out of Mephiles and follows him as he flies upwards* *Akuma spikes Mephiles into the ground and crosses arms in disappointment* I thought you could do better...
Mephiles: *flies out of ground and tackles Akuma to the ground* *quickly shoots multiple energy beams into Akuma's face* *Lastly, Mephiles elbow-drops Akuma*
Akuma: *goes for another uppercut, but it's blocked by Mephiles*
Mephiles: *realizes Akuma is vulnerable, and knees him in the crotch*
Scourge: Ooooooooo........I felt that in my stomach.....
Sol: *hurls* Ouch...
Cell: O_O
Akuma: GWAHHHHHKKKKAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *falls on knees grabbing his lower areas* *rocks back and forth*
Mephiles: *repeatedly kicks Akuma in the face before urinating on him*
Akuma: When I get up, ............oooo........
Mephiles: *starts to pound Akuma's face in*
Akuma: THAT'S ENOUGH!!! *jumps up and peforms a devastating combo to Mephiles's skull*
*grabs his leg and flings him into the wall* *flies at him like Superman and crashes through the wall* *the two exchange multiple blows in midair, before they land into the river* *Akuma attempts to drown Mephiles*
Akuma: What was that? I can't hear you!! *chokes Mephiles underwater*
Mephiles: I'M BLORRY!!! I'M BL-BL-S-BLSORRY!!!
Akuma: You sorry!??!
Mephiles: *Struggling for air* *starts to scream in fear* I'M SORRY!! BLUG, S-BLUG, BLUG!! SORRY!!!
Akuma: *chokes harder* NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!! *squeezes*
Mephiles: *struggles to escape Akuma's grasp* ...............*head bobs to side*
Huh?: *slashes Akuma's hands*
Akuma: OUCH!!! *lets Mephiles go* What in the name of-...
Huh?: That's enough. I'm not going to stand by and let you kill another student of this school.
A friend once told me that I didn't care for others. I made a promise to him.
Huh?: *helps gasping-Mephiles out of water* You okay?
Mephiles: If it weren't for you, I would've been dead. I'm in you debt, Prometheus.
Prometheus: It's no biggie. I'm a changed roid.
Akuma: Corny little prick...I'll kill him too...
Mephiles: I'm reporting you Akuma. You went too damn far. I don't even know you anymore...*panting* ****ing psycho!!!
Akuma: ...........*walks off*
Prometheus: Hold up. We aren't finished. *raises scythe*
Akuma: I don't have time for you, rust bucket. Leave me be.
Prometheus: ......*lowers scythe*
Akuma: *stops* But, I will fight you later. If that is your desire. Hmph. *continues walking*
Pro: .......
Sol: *walks up to Pro* You make Blues proud.
Pro: You think so?
Sol: Prolly'. He's in a better place than this dump for a school, that's for sure.
Koopa Green: Damn skippy!!
Koopa Red: Hey, where did Scourge go?
Koopa Black: I dunno......he disappeared!!
Vegeta: *looks at Nappa* Nappa? What are you doing?
Nappa: *turns back* Nothing......
Vegeta: .........*walks toward Nappa*
Nappa: *strolls forward to get away from Vegeta*
Vegeta: NAPPA!?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!?Huh?
Cell: He's messing with your scouter so it will say "9000" every time you scan someone's power level.
Nappa: Thanks a lot you ugly bastard!!! *flings a big rock that strikes Cell upside the head*
Cell: Grr....
Vegeta: *punches Nappa into the water* *grabs scouter* Fat *****!!!
Nappa: Well guess what? Your breath is OVER 9000!!!
Vegeta: You don't know how stupid you sound.
Nappa: Your face sounds stupid, when I punch it!!
Koopa Yellow: *shakes head*

*walking to Bowser's office*
Mephiles: I could've died back there...I need to work on my fighting skills. *looks at hands* .....
Scourge: Hey.
Mephiles: *jumps* Oh, Scourge. You startled me.
Scourge: Mmm. Say, do I know you? Have I met you before?
Mephiles: Of course! We're related silly!
Scourge: .....What?
Mephiles: WE ARE RELATED!! You and Manic are cousins right? I'm Manic's cousin! So we are, step-cousins! I think.
Scourge: ........
Mephiles: I must've looked like a wimp back there...
Scourge: If that was me, I couldn't have done anything either.
Mephiles: Akuma is going to pay for making me look like a fool.
Scourge: Well, you did make fun of his mom.
Mephiles: .......
*opens Bowser's door*
Scourge: Think about it Mephiles. You had it coming to you. If you snitch on Akuma now, you're going to get caught up in the fiasco sooner or later. There's 2 sides to every story. Just think about it. You were the one who started the whole thing.
Mephiles: Sure, I'll really take that into consideration. .......Not.
Scourge: Suit yourself. Akuma might kill you next time. And I'll just sit and watch.
Mephiles: You do that.
Scourge: Meh. *walks off*
Bowser: Mephiles, did you need something?
Mephiles: .........*looks at ground* Yes sir. Aku-........n-no, it's nothing.
Bowser: Huh? You sure?
Mephiles: Yeah. I think......

Scourge: *walking through hallway* So, I really do have relatives.....I really need to figure out who I really am... *bumps into Scorpion*
Scorpion: HEY WATCH WH-.........Oh, it's you....
Scourge: Scorpion. How have you been?
Scorpion: Still need some nursing. Ganon got me good. I've had to go to physical therapy all day, and nothing is helping. When Ganon smashed that boot into my head...it all went downhill from there. I thought I was dead. You really got to watch yourself here. People will take your head off for a piece of change. Even Grand Generals like Ganon.
Scourge: Yeah, there's only a few "good" people here that will try to avoid fights and death.
So far, a couple of people have died. Bass, Blues, Baraka,......plenty more will be added to the list.
Scorpion: Yeah. *sigh* Back to Phys Therapy for me. I'm not hanging out with Shao Kahn and the crew anymore. All they do is get me into things I can't get out of. Bastards...
Ah, I'll stop rambling, catch you around man.
Scourge: Likewise.

Scorpion: Hmm? *looks through window* Damn...Wait, don't you hang out with them? Grr...
Scourge: WHAT??!?! *looks out window*  ****!!! *runs outside*

Sephiroth: *turns around* Long time no see, green hedgehog! Miss me?
Scourge: *mean look* Hell no.
Seph: Hmph, fine. Be that way, rudeness. I was waiting on you to show, so me and my crew could kick your crew's asses. HA HA HA!!!
Scourge: Shao, Goro, Reptlile, I won't show any mercy to you guys in battle...
Goro: *sort-of sad look* Hmph..
Reptile: *flicks tongue*
Shao: WE DON'T CARE!!! We'll kill you just like Scorpion kille-
Prometheus: HOLD YOUR TONGUE *****!! I've HAD it with you guys making fun of my friend!!! *glows red*
Koopa Green: Yeah, we're gonna wreck you guys. Sephiroth, you may think you're the best fighter here, but you are gravely mistaken. You're just a fraud!!
Seph: Is that so? HA HA HA!! A measly turtle is going to insult me? How rich!!
Sol: Your arrogant attitude pisses me off.
Seph: Your face pisses me off.
Scourge: What's up with the stalling, Seph? Let's go!! You wanna mess with us so much!!
We'll tear you inside-out!!
Scourge: Was anybody ****ing talking to you?
Shao: Apparently, you are now!! My hammer will be talking to you in a second!!
Seph: Hmph, so rude. So, I took the time to gather more members for my crew! You already know these two, but I have 3 more members!!
Koopa Red: Three?
Seph: Yep. Meet King DDD, King K. Rool, and Akuma!!!
DDD: I say, I say, we is, I say, we is gonna kick, I say kick yo' mutha ****in' asses!!
K. Rool: Damn right!! *steps forward*
Akuma: ..........
Scourge: Akuma, I thought you were better than that...
Akuma: .........I........I am sor-
Seph: *serious look* Shut it, Akuma.
Akuma: Yes.
Vegeta: So? We gonna get started? Or do we have to **** in your faces to let you know we're ready?
Nappa: Yeah. You bastards need to get it together and hurry up. My fists hunger for Sephiroth stew.
Sephiroth: You oughta be full off of donuts by now. FATASS.
Nappa: *clenches fist* ...........*shakes* Grr......*veins pop in head* GRRR......
Cell: ..........We have a new member as well. Welcome Prometheus.
Pro: ............
Shao: We'll dismantle him like that friend of his!!!
Pro: *narrows eyes* I told you, that is the LAST time!!!
Shao: Bring it!!

*everyone stares each other down*

Huh?: Hold!! Introducing 2 new members to Scourge's crew!
Akuma: Hmm? *frown on face* You.....
Mephiles: That's right. Time for some revenge, Akuma.
Akuma: *smiles* I look forward to it.
Huh?: *stares at Shao* You blind fool...
Shao: You're the blind one Scorpion. Allying yourself with these losers. Hmph. Pathetic!!
Scorpion: I've had just about enough of you. *serious frown*
Scourge: Mephiles, I knew you'd come.
Mephiles: We're cousins after all.
Seph: How touching!! Brokeback Hedgehog!!
Sol: Shut your trap!! OR I'LL SHUT IT FOR YOU!!!!
Seph: COME ON!!!
Pro: *looks at Scorpion* YOU!!!!
Scorpion: No, let us not fight here.
Pro: SHUT UP!!! I'll never forgive you for what you did!!
Scorpion: I'm sorry......I had no control back then...
Scorpion: If I was still the same, I wouldn't be here, fighting my comrades, now would I? I've changed, and I promise you, I will find a way to undo my actions.
Pro: YEAH RIGHT!!! You can't revive Blues!! You can't alter the past!!!
Scorpion: That's true, but I- no WE, CAN alter our future! If we argue here and let Seph have his way, he'll destroy more roids like you and more humans like me and more animals like Scourge!! He'll take over!! Your friend wouldn't want that now would he? He wants you to see past our differences and deal with the threat that is before us!! SWALLOW YOUR GOD DAMN GRUDGE AGAINST ME AND HELP US OUT!! That's what Blues would want!!! I'm sorry! I'm a changed man. And if you can't see that now, I really pity you.
Pro: I refuse to work with my best friend's murderer...
Sol: Prometheus!! We need you!! C'mon!! For Blues's sake!! It wasn't Scorpion that killed him, it was Shao Kahn and his manipulation tactics!!! Scorpion is right, swallow your grudge and help us!!
Pro: What manipulation?
Koopa Red: Dood, later!! C'mon man!!!
Pro:............Blues........what do I do? I don't know what to believe....
......................I forgive you Scorpion. I believe that's what Blues would want me to do. I'll fight.
Scorpion: Thank you.
Seph: How cheesy.
Koopa Yellow: Up yours.
Seph: Hee hee...
*everyone gives each other mean looks*

Scourge: Looks like this will be a long batte....*sigh* ALRIGHT GUYS LISTEN UP!!
Koopa Bros., go for Goro!! Cell, go for Reptile. Prometheus and Scorpion, go for Shao Kahn!! Mephiles, take Akuma, Broly will back you up when he gets here. Vegeta, take K.Rool! Nappa, go destroy DDD! Sol, you ready to thrash Seph?

Sol: Hell yeah.
Scourge: Alright, EVERYBODY, GO!!!!
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« Reply #16 on: 19 July, 2008, 11:41:21 pm »

2: Part 5 Final

*both teams dash at each other at blinding speed*
Akuma: BRING IT ON!!!!

*all of a sudden, a mysterious light appears in the center of the fight*

Scourge: Ah gee, what now?
Sephiroth: O_O Wow....I've never experienced such a distortion in space...it's unbelieveable...
Scourge: So...not even YOU know about this?
Sephiroth: I have no idea.
Akuma: Bah, it's just the sun. Let's continue.
Mephiles: Wait....it's like a mini-sized black hole...we're getting drawn to it!! LOOK!!
Prometheus: He's right....What is this?

Ganon: *watches from afar* So....he's shown himself. It's about damn time.
*rushes to Bowser's*
Ganon: Bowser...he's here.
Bowser: *spits out coffee* WHAT!?!??!
Ganon: The students don't know what the light is, we have to defeat him here, once and for all.
Bowser: But, he only shows himself to worthy opponents!! If he didn't show up to us...
Ganon: Then one of them is a threat to his life.
Bowser: Get Robotnik, we're going after him.
Ganon: Yes.
*after Ganon gets Eggman, all three walk outside towards the light*
Bowser: Students, we're going in!! You stay outside!!
Ganon: Right.
Robotnik: Alright, let's go.
*all three disappear into the light*
Scourge: Ugh...why do I have this.....
*a rift in space alters gravity, and instantly another light, stronger than the first appears behind the students*
Koopa Red: WHAT?!?!!?
Nappa: OH MY GOD!!!!
Vegeta: *eye twitches*
Vegeta: NOT NOW, NAPPA!!!
Nappa: Hey Vegeta, what's up?
Vegeta: Grrr....
Scorpion: ...
Shao Kahn: This power.....is truly magnificent!! SPECTACULAR!!!
Reptile: ....
Koopa Green: Dudes, what do we do?
Sephiroth: We go in.
Sol: ARE YOU MAD?!!?!?
Sephiroth: No. But, it beats sitting here waiting for the two of them to collide and swallow the school whole.
Cell: I'm in.
Mephiles: Let's do it.
Akuma: I'm not scared.
Scourge: What iif something lurks in there? Waiting for us?
Sephiroth: You're not scared are you?
Scourge: **** No.
Sephiroth: Good. *walks in* Coming?
*1 by 1 the students walk in*
Koopa Black: Woah....what is this?

Sephiroth: WHO ARE YOU?!?!
*a gloved fist comes out of nowhere and strikes Sephiroth in the back*
Sephiroth: *flies to the other side of the stage*
Sol: SEPH!!!
Scourge: A talking glove?
Huh?: I AM MASTER HAND!! Beat me, and you will manifest my power, to do whatever you please.
Scourge: Okay, if you're this light, who was the other light?
Master Hand: My brother, Crazy Hand.
Nappa: Figures.
Mephiles: WHY US?
Master: A particularly strong fellow, is in your company.
Prometheus: Who?
Scorpion: Let's go!!!
Master: *turns into a middle-finger rocket and blasts at the students*
Scourge: *ducks and elbows Hand as he flies back around*
Sol: *gets in three slashes before kneeing Hand*
Sephiroth: *gets up and starts to slash rapidly at Hand*
Akuma: *punches Hand furiously*

*everyone gangs up on the Hand*

Hand: HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! This tickles.
Seph: Grr...
Hand: Of course. I haven't used my special skill yet either. I expected a tough challenge.
Scorpion: Talk is cheap.
Hand: JUST LIKE YO' MO-wait...don't be rude Master Hand..
Scourge: What is with you?
Sol: Yeah, you got a cheery attitude.
Hand: .....
Scourge: You haven't answered our questions either!
Hand: Shoot.
Scourge: Where are we?
Hand: Final Destination. The afterlife to be specific.
Seph: WHAT!!?!??
Scourge: ****
Sol: DAMMIT!!!
Nappa: ....
Vegeta: *crosses arms* Where's the exit? Or do I have to MAKE one?
Hand: You leave on 1 condition. You beat my challenges.
Koopa Yellow: Okay.
Hand: Each one of you gets a different challenge. Or, you can take them as a group. Group challenges are difficult though, as a warning. If you lose, you lose your life, forever.
*students stare in shock*
Hand: Challenges range from incredibly simple, to insanely difficult.
Shao: Quit your babbling and give us a challenge already!!!
Hand: Okay. I'll start with you first.
Shao: Good.
Hand: Touch me.
Shao: That's it?
Hand: Yep.
Shao: Okay...*walks over cautiously and touches Hand*
Hand: You're free to go.
Shao: .................What?
Hand: YOU ARE FREE TO GO. Exit is right there.
Shao: .....*walks out* See you punks later, if you aren't dead!!!
Scourge: Stop boring us, let us out of here, PLEASE!!
Hand: What did you say?
Scourge: Please?
Hand: Why, that's all you needed to say!! Go ahead, you're free to go.
Scourge: *facepalm* We wasted all that time........for that?
Hand: Yep.
Sol: *falls to floor*
*everybody walks toward exit*
Hand: A little word though...I'm organizing a tourney later on. I do hope you participate. The prize is unparalleled.
Koopa Red: Oooooooooooookay.
Hand: *waves*

*back to the real world*

Scourge: What the hell was that all about?
*someone shouts at the front of the school*
Sol: ****
Huh?: The brackets are set!! 1on1 battles!! Hurry and take your seats!!
Sephiroth: Master Hand!?!?
Huh?: No, I'm his brother! Crazy!!
Mephiles: ......
Crazy: First match. Akuma vs. Scorpion!!
Scorpion: We aren't ready though!!!
Crazy: Too bad. Step into the ring, and fight your hearts out!!

*Ganon, Eggman, and Bowser watch from a distance*

Ganon: Crazy isn't even a threat anymore. I'm glad he came through in the deal.
Eggman: Yes. If it wasn't for my persuasion, he'd still be a rampant hellspawn.
Bowser: Heh heh...

Akuma: Scorpion...I won't hold back!!
Scorpion: Good. I like my battles TOASTY.
Akuma: O_O
Scorpion: Forget it, inside joke.

- That whole chapter was an inside joke and a parody off a movie I've seen.
the guys on fanfiction.net will love this.

ROUND 1.......
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« Reply #17 on: 06 August, 2008, 01:10:00 am »

3: Part 1

Akuma: GRAH!!!! *graps head as he blasts into Shin Akuma mode* *turns his back as his tattoo glows*
Scorpion: *gets into stance*
Bowser: BEGIN.
Akuma: *stomps the ground and shakes fists* *shoots 3 hadoukens at Scorpion*
Scorpion: *backflips over 1, sidesteps the other, but gets smacked by the third*
Akuma: *sees Scorpion is vulnerable and quickly pursues him with a triple-uppercut*
Scorpion: *grabs Akuma's fist during the third uppercut, and slams him into the ground* *takes mask off and spews flames in Akuma's face*
Akuma: *jumps out of ground with a scarred face*
Scorpion: *runs away*
Akuma: *pursues*
Scorpion: *makes a sharp u-turn and attempts to chop Akuma*
Akuma: *sees Scorpion's traction in the ground and quickly blocks*
Scorpion: *charges a flaming kick and nails Akuma in the gut and chops him to the ground*
Akuma: *jumps up with a spinning-foot, and punches Scorpion across the arena*
Scorpion: *as he is flying, lets loose his spear and it sticks into Akuma, who flies with Scorpion*
*the two begin to exchange multiple blows as they are flying*
Scorpion: YOU HAD ENOUGH!!!???
Akuma: I'm just getting warmed-up.
Scorpion: So cliche.
Akuma: *kicks Scorpion upward and spikes him into the ground*
Scorpion: *crawls out of hole and tackles Akuma*
Akuma: *knocks Scorpion upside the head and Scorpion rolls off*
Scorpion: *gets up and charges Akuma*
Akuma: *does a "Come On" hand gesture* *when Scorpion gets close, Akuma forwards with an electric knee*
Scorpion: *gets engulfed in flames and appears behind Akuma* You're dead! *shoots his spear which lodges into Akuma's neck*
Akuma: GOAH!!
Scorpion: *shifts the spear in all directions choking Akuma*
Akuma: *grasps the rope and chops it in half* *throws the spear at Scorpion*
Scorpion: *engulfs and starts wailing on Akuma from behind*
Akuma: *blocks after 5th strike and throws Scorpion into the air* *shoots forward 5 hadoukens and spin-jumps toward an airborn Scorpion*
Scorpion: *blocks first two, but gets hit by all the rest and gets spin-kicked multiple times*
Akuma: *attempts to spike Scorpion*
Scorpion: *engulfs behind Akuma and attempts to spike him*
Akuma: *blocks and nails Scorpion in the nuts* Engulf now, *****! *tattoo glows and grabs Scorpion* *screen turns black as multiple smashing sounds are heard and Scorpion is sent flying to the ground* *tattoo glows again as Akuma turns his back towards the crowd*
Bowser: 50 HIT COMBO!!! This may be it for Scorpion!!
Scourge: Damn..
Pro: .......
Mephiles: C'mon Scorpion...
Scorpion: *crawls out of ground breathing heavily*
Akuma: *stands above hm* *crosses arms* Hmph...I don't have time for corpses!!! *attempts to smash Scorpion's head in by stomping on him*
Scorpion: *spews fire on his foot*
Akuma: GRAH!!
Scorpion: *shoots his spear into Akuma's exposed testicles*
Akuma: OH MY ****ING GOD!!!! *wiggles furiously*
Scorpion: You're only making it worse!! *pulls*
Sol: O_O GOD DAMN!! I'm feeling that!!
Koopa Red: XD
Nappa: *falls on floor laughing*
Vegeta: *chuckles* Ouch..
Cell: BWAH HA!!!
Eggman: *falls on Ganon as they both cackle away on the floor*
Akuma: OHHHHH........GIIIi!!!!
Scorpion: Submit, or I'll rip your nuts off. Along with the squirrel!!
Akuma: ....*pulls spear off*
Scorpion: O_O Wut?
Akuma: Ohhh....*falls to the ground*
Scorpion: .......Did I win?
Crazy Hand: 1!! 2!! 3!! 4!!
Akuma: *shakes*
Crazy: 5!! 6!! 7!!
Akuma: ...*tries to get up* *falls again*
Crazy: 8!! 9!!
Akuma: *shoots 5 hadoukens at Scorpion and lays back on ground in pain*
Scorpion: *didn't see the hadoukens coming because of taunting the crowd* WHAT THA!!?!? *they all smack into him as he falls to the ground*
Crazy: 10!! Akuma is down for the count* *sees Scorpion* If Scorpion doesn't get up in 10 seconds the match goes on!!
Scorp: *twitches*
Crazy: 1!! 2!! 3!!
Mephiles: C'mon Scor..get up!
Crazy: 4!! 5!!
Scorpion: *pushes up* *wipes mouth and raises fist in triumph* I win..
*the crowd roars with amazement*
Mephiles: WOO HOO!!!
Scourge: He's pretty damn good.
Sol: You said it!
Koopa Black: *chirps*
Bowser: *claps slowly*
Ganon: Good battle.
Eggman: Could've been better, but whatever.
Scorpion: *goes to the Waddle Dee nursing room*

Crazy: Well!! LOOKS LIKE SCORPION ADVANCES TO THE NEXT ROUND!! Akuma might not be fighting for a while!!
Akuma: *gets evacuated via stretcher*

Crazy: ALL RIGHT!! Time for the next battle!!!
*looks at card* Hmm? ALL RIGHT!! Nappa vs. Goro!!

Nappa: Oh ****...
Vegeta: Don't worry Nappa, just go for the legs.
Nappa: .....*jumps off of bleachers and stands in arena*
Goro: *stands in front of Nappa*
*they both stare daggers into each other*

Crazy: Well, now that that's underway, I'll post the brackets!
*everybody goes to look*

Scorpion vs. Akuma
Nappa vs. Goro
DDD vs. Sol
Mephiles vs. Cell
Ansem vs. Sephiroth
Scourge vs. Reptile (he got his tongue reattached)
Vegeta vs. K. Rool
Koopa Bros. vs. Noob Saibot
Prometheus vs. Shao Kahn
Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Zabuza
Vega vs. Broly
Devil Jin vs. Kazuya Mishima


btw, post your own villains and I'll gladly put them in the story.
Don't overload though.

Algol comes in later. I got a request to add Shadow, Zabuza, Devil Jin, and Kazuya from fanfiction.
I'll work on their dialouge later on in the story. Oh, Vega too.
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« Reply #18 on: 06 August, 2008, 06:52:06 pm »

3: Part 2

Crazy: BEGIN!!!!!!!!
Nappa: I WON'T HOLD BACK!!!! *charges up*
Goro: RAOR!!!! *rushes at Nappa*
Nappa: *dashes forward and punches Goro in the gut*
Goro: *grabs Nappa's fist with two hands, and starts to *****-slap him with the other 2*
Nappa: *wipes mouth* That all you got? *tries to sweep Goro off of his feet*
Goro: *jumps and smashes Nappa into the ground* *crosses arms* Ror!
Nappa: *flies out* THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!! BOMBER DX!!! *shoots a yellow blast out of mouth at Goro*
Goro: *smacks it away* *punches the ground furiously*
Nappa: HA HA HA!! What will that do!?!?
Vegeta: NAPPA!! Pay attention!
Nappa: Hmm? *the ground below Nappa rises up and sends him far into the air* WHAT THA??!
Goro: *jumps like the Incredible Hulk and stomps Nappa back to the ground*
Nappa: *sustains flight and looks up* *sees Goro is falling down on him* *quickly moves and right as Goro lands, shoots a Bomber DX and it strikes Goro in the back* *tackles Goro and punches him repeatedly*
Goro: *throws Nappa off and clothes-lines him*
*everybody flinches in disbelief*
Sol: Ouch...
Nappa: GOYGI!!!
Goro: *puts Nappa in the headlock and slams him to the ground* *locks his legs with two arms and locks his head with the other two*
Nappa: *gasps for air* Grr...GRAHHH!!!!! *struggles to break free*
Goro: *locks harder*
Nappa: *bites Goro's arm and punches his way free* *rolls on top of Goro and bear-hugs him*
Goro: !!!
Nappa: *flies high into the air* This is where you are welcomed to oblivion!!!
Goro: GEROK!??!
Nappa: *drops fast to the ground like a fallen satellite*
Scourge: This might be it...
Sol: Yeah..
Ganon: Huh?
Nappa: *starts to burn through the atmosphere* *spins with Goro*
Koopa Green: BIG IMPACT AHOY!!
Cell: Holy Mother of god....
Vegeta: O_o
Cell: What does the scouter say about the impact level?
Cell: Damn, I always wanted to say that...
Nappa: *the pressure starts to peel away at Nappa and Goro's skin* OH MY GOD!!
*2 minutes later*
Nappa: THIS IS IT!!!!
Goro: GRACK!!!??
Nappa: *they both make impact to the ground while Goro's head goes deep into the muddy ground* *the impact was so big, they are both unconscious* *the loud roar of the impact was sent so far into the heavens, Jesus said "DAMMNNNN!!"
Goro: .........*head deep in theground, not a sound heard*
Nappa: *lies on ground breathing heavily* ........
Vegeta: C'mon, NAPPA!! GET UP!!!
*the crowd begins to chant* "Nap-pa!..... Nap-pa!..... Nap-pa!!..."
Nappa: *opens eyes slowly and tries to get up* Did......did.....*closes eyes* Did....I..........did......did......I.....*falls down*
Goro: ......................
Crazy: Huh?
Nappa: *gets up* I-I-I....I WON!!!
*crowd goes wild*
Vegeta: WAY TO GO NAPPA!!!
Koopa Black: *chirps*
Eggman: Wait!! I saw Goro move!!
Scourge: WTF?
Sephiroth: It's not over.
Scourge: How so?
Sephiroth: Goro still has some fight left. I can feel it.
Scourge: AFTER THAT DROP?!?!
Sephiroth: True, a normal human cannot survive such a blow..hell...some of us wouldn't survive that blow. But, Goro is a champion in his mind. He won't stop until he wins.
Scourge: Dammit. NAPPA, FINISH HIM!!!
*Mortal Kombat voice*
Nappa: .....Right! *screen fades* BOMBER....DX ULTIMA SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!
*yellow beams rain from the sky and rip away at Goro's exposed body* *a beam swipes one of Goro's arms clean off*
Goro: *flies out of ground*
Nappa: WTF?!?!
Goro: *badly bloody body* It's....not over yet...
Nappa: Damn!
Goro: GRAH!! *rushes forward and and clothes-lines Nappa again* *furiously punches Nappa's face* *jumps and tries to stomp on Nappa*
Nappa: *moves before Goro lands, and throws him into the ground*
*it begins to rain*
Goro: *gets up and trips Nappa, then steps on his face*
Nappa: *grabs Goro's foot and tosses him into the mud* *bear-hugs Goro again*
Goro: *elbows Nappa in the face and smacks him around* *knees Nappa in the face and Nappa is sent flying*
Nappa: *sustains position and kicks Goro into the air* *flies behind him and shoots a Bomber DX*
Goro: *turns around, catches it, and fires it back*
Nappa: *falls out of the sky*
Goro: *flies beside Nappa, grabs him, and performs the same move Nappa did to him*
Vegeta: Oh no....NAPPA!!!
Nappa: *eyes closed*
Shao Kahn: Get em' Goro!!
DDD: I say-I say this is one helluva, I say this is one helluva fight!
Goro: *flies straight into the ground head-first with Nappa*
Vegeta: No....
Pro: ****
Jesus: Not again...
Nappa: *lies on ground, not breathing*
Vegeta: *jumps off of bleachers and rushes to Nappa* NAPPA!! NAPPA!!!!
Nappa: ........
Goro: tries to smack Vegeta away*
Vegeta: BASTARD!! *blocks and fires a Galik Gun into Goro* *Goro flies into the air*
Shao Kahn: *jumps over bleachers and tackles Vegeta* You dirty cheater!!
Vegeta: *pimp-smacks Shao Kahn away and kneels near Nappa* NAPPA!!! BREATHE!!!
Nappa: .......
Vegeta: *gives Nappa a Sensu Bean*
Nappa: *opens eyes slowly* V-V......V-Vegeta........b-beat him.....
Vegeta: I swear my life on it!
Nappa: HA HA *cough, weeze* ....I....need to lie down....
Vegeta: *carries Nappa to the nursing room*
Sephiroth: You deserved it.
Shao Kahn: YOU!!!
Crazy: Save it, guys. Goro wins the match!!
Scourge: Damn. Nappa did good though.
Koopa Red: Damn skippy.
Bowser: Interesting...
Eggman: Indeed.
Ganon: *nods*
Crazy: That was one for the record-books! All right..Goro advances! Next match will be!!.....
DDD vs. Sol!!!

Sol: I'm up!
Scourge: You better not lose...
Sol: Ha, don't worry. I'll crush that penguin.
Scourge: Heh.
Sephiroth: My money is on Sol. I've seen DDD fight. Koopa Green could beat him by himself.
Scourge: xD He's that bad?
Sephiroth: Heh, yeah. He's horrible.
Koopa Green: I HEARD THAT!! Too bad for you two. I brought hotdogs and fries. You don't get any!
Scourge: *mumbles* Sorry...
Sephiroth: What she said!
Scourge: *punches Seph*
Koopa Green: *gives them fries*

Crazy: Round three will be underway in 5 minutes! Use the restroom and the likes!!
Pro: *goes to the Port-o-potty*
Mephiles: *rofl*

Sol: Let's do this.
DDD: My, I say-I say, my pleasure! *grips mallet*


Scorpion vs. Akuma
Nappa vs. Goro
DDD vs. Sol
Mephiles vs. Cell
Ansem vs. Sephiroth
Scourge vs. Reptile (he got his tongue reattached)
Vegeta vs. K. Rool
Koopa Bros. vs. Noob Saibot
Prometheus vs. Shao Kahn
Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Zabuza
Vega vs. Broly
Devil Jin vs. Kazuya Mishima
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3: Part 3

Sol: You ready, fattie?
DDD: !!!
Sol: *smirk*
Crazy: Hmm...seems we're getting hostile...let the match BEG-
Crazy: Hmm?
Crazy: WHAT!?!?
Ganon: *punches table* They're here...
Eggman: Hmm...
Bowser: Huh...*puts on a cape* *walks down the stairs of the tower they were spectating from*
Ganon: *follows*
Eggman: *rubs chin* Hold it, fellows.
Bowser: What?
Eggman: How about we let them do the fighting for us?
Bowser: ......Too risky.
Ganon: I'm with Robotnik on this one. Let's see what our students can do.
Bowser: Hruph...fine. But, if things get-
Eggman: Relax, Bowser. Everything will come out fine.
Bowser: .......
Ganon: *announces on intercom* STUDENTS!!! REPORT TO THE FRONT, IMMEDIATELY!!! We are unable to assist. Time to put your evil arts to the test!!
Scourge: Who's out there?
Ganon: Don't worry about minor details...
Sol: MINOR? How do we know that you might be trying to get us killed!!
Ganon: Scared?
Scourge: No.
Ganon: Well, then the two of you shut up, and do as you are told.
Scourge: Gr...Yes sir..
Ganon: Good. Now...MOVE OUT!!
Vegeta: What about Nappa?
Ganon: He isn't able to assist, you know that. And neither is Akuma.
Mephiles: ...Good.
*the students proceed to the front*
Scourge: I wonder what's out there...
Sol: *shrugs*
Koopa Red: *horrified* Probably a giant d-dog that will tear us to itty bitty p-pieces...*shakes*
Koopa Black: *eyes wide* ...D-D-D-Dog?
Sol: ...........
Prometheus: ........Umm..
Scorpion: ......
Scourge: Ah gee...it's raining again! And it's getting dark...
*noises come from front*
Sol: *gulp*
Sephiroth: ....What is this energy?
Shao Kahn: ....What are you babbling about?
Sephiroth: Not babbling, thinking. There's something out there...but it's existence is paranormal...like a poltergeist. It's energy is not from this world...
Scourge: G-G-G-Ghosts?
Sephiroth: Poltergeist means ghost. But, ghost is such a biased term.
Scourge: Eh.
Sol: Someone should go peek...
Vegeta: Yeah...
K. Rool: I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS!!! *runs to the front with a shotgun* COME GIT SOME OF-
K. Rool: *drops gun and mouth spreads wide* *points as mouth shakes* Y-Y-Y....You're...
Huh?: ......*floats and stares at K. Rool*
K. Rool: ...King Boo?
Huh?: *sticks tongue out* No. I am...*turns back and a horrifying, grotesque face appears on it's back* I AM BOOGABOO!!!
K. Rool: *screams* EVERYBODY!! RUN!!!
Boogaboo: *grabs K. Rool and beats the **** out of him*
K. Rool: ...
Boogaboo: HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!
Sol: *peeks* K. ROOL!!!!!!
Boogaboo: *sees Sol* *smiles and licks lips*
Sol: UGLY!!! *is horrified* oh my god....*hauls ass to the back*
Boogaboo: *flies to where everyone is* BOOOOO!!!!
Everybody: AGH!!!!
*everybody hauls ass behind Sol*
Boogaboo: *chases*

*from tower*
Ganon: HA HA HAA!! Let's see how they deal with the paranormal.
Bowser: I thought Mario and his forces were coming to attack..
Eggman: I would've panicked if that happened!!
Bower: *chuckles*

*everybody runs in the school*
Cell: Lights!! Hit the lights!!
Scourge: I can't see!
Scourge: *punches Vegeta*
Prometheus: .....Oh geez, here he comes!!!
*everybody runs into the living room*
Mephiles: *gulp* *runs and hides in closet*
Shadow: *hides in trash can*
Scorpion: *hides in same closet Mephiles is in*
Boogaboo: Come out, come out wherever you are!!
Scourge: *hides under sofa coushins*
Sol: *hides under lion-skin rug*
Shao Kahn: *hides under bed*
DDD: *tries to fit under bed* *wiggles*
Shao Kahn: you fat bastard!! Get out of here!!
Boogaboo: I heard that...*approaches living room*
Shao Kahn: *pulls DDD in*
*the bed is lopsided*
DDD: I say- I say, I'm allergic to dust!
Shao: *whispers* You should've thought of that earlier!! *smacks DDD*
Goro: *hides in bathroom*
Reptile: *follows*
Sephiroth: *jumps in hot tub*
Koopa Red: *jumps in fish tank*
Koopa Black: *jumps into a pile of teddy bears*
Koopa Green: *follows Black*
Koopa Yellow: *follows Green*
Vegeta: *hides behind door*
Cell: *has nowhere to hide* DAMMIT!! *runs where Goro is*
DDD: *about to sneeze* I SAY...............I SAY.....
Shao: *whispers furiously* NO....NO....NO... *tries to cover DDD's face*
*bed flies and hits wall*
Boogaboo: *crosses arms and sees Shao and DDD*
Shao: Uhm....hi there!
Boogaboo: GRAH!!! *grabs Shao and holds him close to face* *licks lips*
Shao: *scared* Please!!! DON'T!!!
DDD: I say-I say sucks to be-
Boogaboo: *smacks DDD across room and he hits door that reveals Vegeta*
Vegeta: OH.............................****.
Scourge: *laughs softly*
Sephiroth: *glug glug* *needs air*
Boogaboo: *eats Shao* *floats toward Vegeta*
*goes right through Boogaboo*
Vegeta: Damn...*tries to fly but only jumps* WTF
Boogaboo: Your saiyan powers don't work when I'm around. *picks up Vegeta*
Vegeta: Uhm....QUICK!! Someone tell me what the scouter says about his power level!!
Cell: *bursts through door with gigantic smile and wide eyes* IT'S OVER NINE-****!!!!
Boogaboo: *drops Vegeta* Yummy...*floats to Cell*
Scourge: *tries to hold laughter in*
Koopa Red: *giggles* *glug glarg*
Vegeta: Heh heh...*takes off down hallway*
*everybody else that was hiding does the same except DDD*
Sephiroth: *gasps for air* *jumps out of hot tub and follows everybody*
Boogaboo: Too bad. *grabs Cell* Green alien...my favorite!! *gobbles down Cell*
*Boogaboo's stomach is an empty hole leading to oblivion*
DDD: *shakes head* Oh......where am I? Hmm? I'm not stuttering!!
Boogaboo: *squeezes DDD*
DDD: I SAY-I SAY, unhand me, *****!!!
Boogaboo: *gulps down DDD* *farts* Fat and juicy!
*strolls down hallway*
Boogaboo: This is fun!!

*at a very well-known castle*
Huh?: So, we strike tomorrow?
Huh?: Yeah...Bowser won't know what hit em'.
Huh?: Ok. It's settled. Everybody, wait for your orders! You ready for this?
Huh?: LET'S-A DO IT!!
Huh?: You heard the man!! WE STRIKE.......AT DAWN!!!! *raises fist*
*a crowd of heroes shout "YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!"*


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3: Part 4

Boogaboo: *searching for the others down hallway* Hmm....I'm still hungry...please...I'm starving!! Come out!!
*the hallway is silent*
Boogaboo: *grips ghostly hand on wall and brushes against it* *belly rumbles*
*nothing* *complete and utter silence*
Boogaboo: *walkie-talkie goes off* Hmm? *click* Yeah?
Ganon: That's enough for now. Who did you get?
Boogaboo: DDD, Shao, and Cell.
Ganon: Ha, why am I not surprised?
Boogaboo: Vegeta is a slick bastard though...
Ganon: Heh. Alright, wrap it up. Release those fools.
Boogaboo: So, what did this teach them?
Ganon: Dealing with the paranormal.
Boogaboo: I don't quite understand, but okay. *click* Alright guys, I'm done. *releases those three* See ya. *disappears*
Scourge: *pops out of closet* What about K. Rool?
*no answer*
Shao: *sits down in corner shaking*
DDD: O_O *mouth wide open*
Cell: O_O *still shocked from experience in Boogaboo's belly*
Sephiroth: You guys don't look too good.
*no answer*
Prometheus: *pokes DDD* Oooo...jiggly....
Scorpion: *kicks Shao* .......Are they broken?
Scourge: *smacks Shao* *no retort* I guess so...
Sol: What did that ghost do to them?
Mephiles: There's no telling.

*all of a sudden*

Shadow: *bursts through wall*

Scourge: SHADOW!?!?
Shadow: *lies on ground with bloody mouth* They're......................here......
*fireball comes out of nowhere and burns into Shadow's arm*
Shadow: GRAHHHH!!!
Scourge: Fireball? *looks at hole in wall*
Huh?: C'mon Scourge, step it up!
Scourge: That voice...
*multiple heroes spring through wall*
Scourge: Oh no...
Sol: Grr...
Huh?: Hey Scourge! Remember me?
Scourge: Don't try to play giddy Sonic...
Sonic: Giddy? Your vocab is completely screwed. Lemme fix that!
Scourge: Shut up. What do you want?
Huh?: The Dragon Emerald in your basement.
Sephiroth: CLOUD!!
Cloud: ....
Sol: Dragon Emerald? What the hell are you talking about?
Huh?: Don't play dumb with us.
Prometheus: YOU!!
Huh?: CHARGE SHOT!!! *a blue laser fires at Prometheus*
Pro: *sidesteps* X!
X: .....
Link: C'mon guys, let's rip them already!!
Sonic: Sure. Whaddya say, Mario?
Mario: LET'S-A GO!!
*the heroes all dash forward*
*the villains dash forward*


Mario: *tackles Koopa Black and attempts to burn him with a Flaming Fist*
Koopa Yellow: *steps in and spins into Mario, then kicks him into the air*
Cloud: *fighting Sephiroth* *sees Mario* *backs up*
Sephiroth: *pursues Cloud* *Mario flies into Sephiroth*
Cloud: *begins to slash Seph repeatedly*
Scourge: *kicks Sonic to Vegeta, who knocks Sonic back to Scourge* *Then tries to spin-dash into Sonic*
Sonic: *backflips and spin-kicks Scourge multiple times*
Mephiles: *fights Silver* *throws an ice shard at Silver*
Silver: *stops it, and sends it back at Mephiles*
Mephiles: *ducks and it flies into Mario*
Vegeta: *begins exchanging multiple blows with Goku*
Link: *slashes Goro*
Goro: *turns around and grabs Link* *throws Link into own knee and back-breaks Link*
Mario: *flame-backhands Goro*
Goro: *is sent flying with smoke wizzling off head*
Pro: *attempts to slash X*
X: *gets slashed once, and trips Pro* *repeatedly blasts him while he is on the ground*
Zero: *rushes in and stabs Pro repeatedly*
Pro: *is getting slaughtered*
Mephiles: *throws Silver into Zero*
Zero: *catches Silver and throws him back*
Mephiles: *punches an incoming Silver in the face, with ice-shards on knuckles*
Silver: *face is bleeding* *falls down*
Vegeta: GALIK!!!
Goku: KAMEH!!!
Vegeta: GUNNNNN!!!!!
Goku: HAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the beams contradict each other and a beam struggle occurs*
Vegeta: C'mon Kakarot, is that all you've got?
Goku: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the beams get bigger*
Scourge: *repeatedly punches a downed Sonic*
Sonic: *counters during the 4th punch, and kicks Scourge into the air, grabs a Power Ring, and spins into Scourge hard*
Scourge: *flies through wall*
Sol: *slashes at Ky, then follows it with a Flaming Viper*
Ky: *runs at Sol with an Electric Tiger*
*the punches contradict like the beams*
Ky: We'll see about thAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
Pro: *shoots purple energy spheres at X*
X: *dodges them Matrix style* *blasts Pro in the face*
Mario: *bumps into Pro* *they exchange hits*
Sephiroth: *covers Pro, and slashes the **** out of Mario*
Mario: *bumps into Goro*
Goro: *picks up Mario*
Link: *shield bashes Goro, upside the head*
Goro: *drops Mario* GAWKKK!!! *graps head*
Koopa Green: *spins into Mario and repeatedly kicks him*
Sephiroth: *sees Cloud coming*
Cloud: *goes for an Omnislash*
Pro: *covers Seph, forms an illusion so Cloud misses, and slashes him though wall*
Scourge: *sees Cloud flying, and kicks him back in the fight*
Mephiles: *grabs Silver, and throws him into the contradicting beams*
Silver: UGAHHHHHHH!!!!! *gets raped inside both beams* *falls out of sky smoking*
Vegeta: Ha ha ha!! *shoots a Galik Gun at a falling Silver*
Silver: *gets hit and spirals toward ground*
Goku: *flies to save Silver from hitting his head on the ground*
Goku: *transmissons out of the way and nabs Silver* *turns back* VEGETAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! KAIYO-KEN!! HAAA!!! *Goku turns a bright red* *flies superfast at Vegeta and begins to punch Vegeta repeatedly*
Goro: *smacks Ky away from Sol*
Sol: *runs at a flying Ky, and slashes him in the air*
X: *sees Goku beating the crap out of Vegeta* *flies up and starts to shoot Vegeta in the back, while he's taking Goku punches in the front*
Scourge: *kicks X away*
Sonic: *spikes Scourge to the ground*
Pro: *slashes Sonic down*
Mario: *tornado punches Pro away*
Mephiles: sticks an ice shard into Mario's back, and throws him out of the air*
Link: *rushes in to slash Mephiles*
Reptile: *catches Link and kicks him away*
Link: *recovers, and catches Reptile in his Triforce Slash*
Reptile: *after 30th hit, gets sent through wall, green blood gushing everywhere*
Silver: .........*eats a senzu bean, Goku gave him* *picks up Goro using telepathy and sends him into ceiling, then ground, over and over again*

Shadow: *wakes up* Nnng...*sees Chaos Emerald on ground* *crawls to it*
Scourge: *runs an gives it to Shadow*
Sonic: *spin dashes into Scourge, and begins to juggle him with combos*
Shadow: ENOUGH!!!
Vegeta: O_O *flies up*
Shadow: WTF *gets hit by beam*
Vegeta: ......Grr...
Goku: Err....
*everybody is tired*
Zero: *slashes Pro into the ground*

Sonic: Ugh...let's just take the Dragon Emerald!!
Link: Yeah..
X: Goku?
Goku: Right. *looks at Vegeta* *transmissions into basement*
Scourge: *on ground bleeding* What?
Shadow: Oh no...
Sephiroth: *boots Cloud in the face while he's on the ground*
Cloud: *catches Seph's foot, and throws him down* *slashes*
Goku: I GOT IT!! *flies out* Let's go!!
*the heroes try to retreat through wall*
Scorpion: *crashes through ceiling* Sorry I was late! *uses spear to grab Emerald* Shadow, nao!
Shadow: *flips Chaos Emerald* CHAOS CONTROL!!
*the heroes are stopped in their tracks*
Sol: *gets up from bloody ground* Oh....did we win?
Koopa Yellow: Yeah...now...let's get out of here...
Sephiroth: Perhaps the other way around.
Shadow: CHAOS...........TRANSPORT!!
*the heroes are anti-climatically sent back to their base*
Shadow: *falls to ground* *is in critical condition* That last one....drained.........me.........
Scourge: We have to get him to the Nurse!!
Vegeta: I got him. *picks up Shadow*
Sol: You may need to visit the nurse too Vegeta...you face is swollen...
Vegeta: Nah durrr sherlock... *flies off furiously* I must grow stronger....to defeat Kakarot..
Koopa Black: We got out asses kicked...
Mephiles: If it wasn't for Shadow, I don't know how long we would've lasted...
Scorpion: *examines Dragon Emerald* Why do they want this?
Sephiroth: I dunno. But, I DO know, we've got a lot of questions for our so called "Leaders".
Scourge: Yeah.
*they all lay around*
Sol: I have to get stronger...
Pro: Me too....those guys crushed me..
Goro: Meh...
Sol: I bet if we had Akuma and Nappa, maybe, we would've lasted longer...
Scourge: Hey, we held our own though!
Sephiroth: Yeah. And what about those 3?
Pro: *shrugs*
Mephiles: Let's head back. Our so called "Leaders" are going to get a verbal thrashing. They didn't even help us...
Scorpion: Mmmm...
Koopa Red: Man....that was retarded....
*they all walk toward the Tower of Evil.
Pro: Blues, I'll get stronger....for you...Those reploids...THEY WILL NOT BEAT ME NEXT TIME.
Scourge: Sonic......I'll get you yet....
Sol: Ky..you've gotten better....wayyy better...
Mephiles: This is it.
*lightning strikes at the summit of the tower*
Sephiroth: Let's go.
*they proceed up the tower, the doors slam shut*

Sonic: Damn....we let out guard down...
Goku: I din't see Scorpion...
Cloud: Not your fault. We'll just destroy them next time.
Zero: Prometheus.........
X: Zero?
Zero: It's nothing.
Link: Alright, tomorrow it is. We WILL GET THAT DRAGON EMERALD!!!
Mario: Right.
Sonic: And with our new recruit, we will obliterate them! Right, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: *comes in as an ice coffin* *shatters* Correct.

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3: Part 5 Final

*Cell got revived with a smellingsalt* *Shao, DDD, and K.Rool are still paralyzed*

*the gang burst open the door that leads to Bowser's room*
Bowser: ....v_v
Scourge: You know why we're here. Tell us.
Mephiles: You can't hide this secret any longer, enough of the charade!!
Bowser: Charade? The reason why I kept it secret, was so you wouldn't get hurt! You would all try to harness the power for yourselves!!
Eggman: Yes.
Sephiroth: Just tell us already, dammit!!
Bowser: *sigh* Very well............The Dragon Emerald.....is a very magnificent power-source. Anyone in the presence of its might, becomes more powerful than ever. That power, could rival that of the gods. There are some who protect it, there are some who want to manifest the power for their own selfish desire. There are only 4 in the world. Each hidden in the Sacred Groves. Me, Ganon, and Robotnik, found that one, a couple of years ago.
Scourge: Well lets go get the others!!
Bowser: Unfortunately, it's not that easy. There is an ancient god, that protects these Emeralds. Each, VERY powerful. We got that one, by luck. We almost lost our lives in the process.
Sephiroth: Well, do it again!
Bowser: No. The Gods will likely catch onto our plan. They are VERY wise, and we are best to just leave them alone. There are some that hunt these Emeralds, and if they get their dirty hands on one, the world is in jeopardy. Ridley, Kraid, Sparda, Chaos, Kefka, ExDeath, and Tabuu, all fit that description. They bear no allegiance, and will strike down anyone in their path.
Scorpion: Will they attack us?
Bowser: Very likely. I was getting to that. We have recieved reports that Ridley, will attack, today. I want you to hide that Emerald, and guard it. NEVER, let it out of your sight.
Do you understand? The consequences are crucial if a single one of you, slips up.
Scourge: Yes sir.
Sol: *nods*
Bowser: *sigh*
Koopa Red: Why weren't our powers increased in the fight with Mario & Co.? And why do they want it?
Ganon: Mario and his friends only want the Emeralds, so they can hide them from us. A world of peace, is what they want to bring about. We want no part of that. And, the reason why our powers weren't amplified, is because the Emerald you are holding, is a fake.
Pro: WHAT!?!?
Bowser: We were testing you, and your ability to keep things under control. The Heroes almost made off with it. If it was real, we'd be in DEEP trouble, and we would've been out there fighting.
Goro: .....
Scorpion: So? Were Mario & Co. real?
Eggman: Yes. The fight was real. But, we saw your ability to save important items. The   Emerald you wield, Shadow, is the offspring of this! There are 7 Chaos Emeralds. And seven Dragon Balls. Gather all of them, and your power will run rampant. Shenron will also grant you 3 wishes. If you gather all Chaos Emeralds, all Dragon Balls, and all Dragon Emeralds, the effects would destroy the galaxy as we know it. You will basically be, Jesus.
Scourge: Wow...
Shadow: Hmm...I have 2 of these.
Bowser: You do?
Shadow: Yes. I keep it in my room. Not telling where.
Bowser: Anyone have any Dragon Balls?
Vegeta: *holds back laughter*
Koopa Black: *puzzled*
Sol: *tilts head to side* I guess not.
Bowser: Well, all of you head back to your rooms. Story-time is over.
Mephiles: Alright.
*everyone walks out of tower*
Sephiroth: Jesus, huh?
Scourge: Man, that's a load of power...
Sol: OVERLOAD, if you ask me.
Koopa Yellow: What do we do now?
Pro: *slightly pessimistic* Maybe we should wait for Ridley....
Scourge: Nah, we're gonna find the REAL Dragon Emerald and wipe that ugly face of his, off.
Sephiroth: I like the sound of that.
Mephiles: Is it me, or is Sephiroth a lot nicer, lately?
Sephiroth: I'm just realizing you guys aren't my primary threat. Ridley, the Heroes, and the Emeralds are. I've got to work with you all to ensure our survival.
Sol: Well said.
Goro: ....
Cell: So, where do we start?
Vegeta: I say, Bowser's room, in the school. Or maybe, Boogaboo's "Oblivion". They may have hid it there.
Pro: Or, Master Hand's place. You know how he kicked our ass.
Cell: .....
Koopa Yellow: So, let's go!!!
*the gang trail into the dark school, little do they know, they are being watched by a familiar alien pterodactyle*
Pro: Blues, I'll find the Emeralds and Dragin Balls, and wish you back. I promise...
Scourge: Yo, Pro. Something the matter?
Pro: *smiles* No, it's nothing.
Scourge: Sure?
Pro: *smile fades slightly* Yeah...
Sol: *frowns* *twitches* Toilet....must find... *sweats* *looks around* *squeezes legs together and holds hand down on privates to stop the flow* Ooooo...
Koopa Black: You okay?
Sol: *crazy face* No, I'm NOT okay!!
Cell: Uh oh...the toilet is that way. *points to the right*
Sol: *hauls ass in that direction*
Sephiroth: Ha...
Mephiles: Wow........alright, PRESS ONWARD!!!
*the gang marches forward*

Sol: *relaxed face* *plenty of thuds on water heard* Ooo....that's the stuff....the good stuff....*strains* AAAAAAAAHHHH.....*big thud* *wipes sweat off of head*
*dink dink, noises are heard from door to bathroom*
Sol: ......*peeks ahead, but sees nothing* Huh? *slightly concerned, but pays no mind*
*more noises are heard*
Sol: What the hell? Is that one of you guys? Stop playing around!!
*more noises*
Sol: I'm serious!! Stop! *wipes ass quickly* *pulls pants up and flushes*
*louder noises* *a loud REEEEEEE, is heard*
Sol: *eyes widen* Who the **** is that!? I'm not joking! You come in here, and you get your head sliced off!!! *draws blade* I'm going to charge out in 5 seconds...
Sol: *sweats, twitching lip* 1................2.........
Sol: *closes eyes and shakes* *trembling* 3...............4..........
*very loud, REEEEEEEEEE*
Sol: 5!!!! *runs as fast as he can out of door*  SHOW YOURSELF!!!!
Sol: ......*panting, hands fall to knees* *bends over* *trembling* *cluthes head* Pull yourself together Sol, come on! *walks down hall*
Sol: *turns around quickly and leaps to the left as a purple flying beast, charged directly at him* What? W-W-What are you?
Ridley: REEEEEEEEE!!! *his pale yellow eyes, glow in the solemn darkness*
Sol: You're the one whose been causing the noises? Huh....you're definitely ugly enough.
Ridley: REEEEEEEE!!!! *charges again*
Sol: *dives to the right and chops Ridley's tail*
Ridley: *flies around in pain*
Sol: *notices Ridley's pain* *runs quickly down hallway with scared look on face* GUYSS!! GUYSSSS!!!!! HELP!!!

*good ways down hallway*
Scourge: *puzzled* You hear that?
Sephiroth: Sounds like Sol!!
*everyone turns around to see a red jacket running towards them and a purple beast flying after it*
Mephiles: What is THAT?!!??!
Koopa Black: RIDLEY!!
Vegeta: *shocked look* You sure???
Koopa Black: Yeah. I overheard Bowser and Ganon talking about it the other day.
Vegeta: Gruh..

Sol: *running as fast as he can* *getting tired* G-G-Guys.....*breath* Turn around!!! *flails arms forward making a "run away" arm gesture*

Scourge: *squints* What's he doing?
Sephiorth: We have to go help!!
Vegeta: No...he's telling us to run!!
Pro: Fat chance!!
Shadow: I agree, entirely!!! *dashes forward*
Scourge: *follows behind Shadow*
Vegeta: ALRIGHT LISTEN UP!! New plans!! We split up into groups. One group tracks the Emerald, the other try to stop Ridley!! ALRIGHT!!??
Koopa Red: We're going for the Emerald! Be careful!! *The Koopa Bros. run off*
Vegeta: Same to you. *dashes to Ridley*
Cell: *follows Koopa Bros.*
Goro: *runs at Cell*
Mephiles: I'll sit this one out!! *runs after Koopa Bros.*

Sol: *is still running*
Ridley: *catches Sol, and tries to lift him off of his feet*
Sol: *slashes Ridley's foot*
Ridley: REEEEEEEE!!! *drops Sol*
Scourge: We're coming!!
*the group meet up with Sol and stare at a bloodthirsty Ridley*

Scorpion: *looks* *follows Koopa Bros.*

Ridley: *flies around* RRRRAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Sol: Damn...
Scourge: Breathmints...
Sephiroth: *smirk* This seems like it'll be a battle...
Goro: ....
Shadow: Yup...
Pro: Let's do it!!!
*they all charge at an incoming Ridley*

Huh?: *crashes through ceiling and stomps Ridley into the ground* I don't think so...
Scourge: *shocked* .....!!!
Shadow: Ganon!! *is also shcoked*
Vegeta: Alright, we're guaranteed to destroy this *****!!!
Ganon: That's right. Come, students, let's take out the trash!!!
*they all charge at a roaring Ridley*
*a familiar voice strikes the field of battle behind them*
*crew turns around*

Huh?: Not yet........
*even Ridley is puzzled*
*a white beam strikes the group and even Ridley*
Huh?: I want the Dragon Emerald for myself. And I'll gladly TAKE it. *charges at the group* But, first, I'll kill every single of you!! *two lightsaber-like swords appear out of hands*
Sephiroth: I KNOW YOU!!! *lip twitches*

Huh? # 2: Not on my watch. *a familiar yellow bomb, knocks the mysterious man backwards*

*crew looks*

Vegeta: N-N-N-N..........Gruh??

Huh? # 2: *a yellowish aura surrounds him* *smirk* Let's rumble!!!
Huh?: Grr...You won't interfere!!!!
Huh? # 2: .......I will. I'm back and revamped. No one can stop me.
Huh?: *laugh* We'll see about that!!!

*screen fades*

Scourge: Just what the hell is going on here? Predictions??? Guesses? Please, explain!!!

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4: Part 1

Vegeta: ....N-Nappa.....is that you?
Nappa: *smirk* Miss me, Vegeta?
Vegeta: .....Not at all.
Nappa: Hey Vegeta......what's up?
??: Quit your rambling and pay attention!! *tries to stab Nappa from behind*
Nappa: *smile* *teleports behind him and slams him into the ground*
Sephiroth: *shocked* A-ANSEM!??!?!
Ansem: *gets up slowly* That's right....
Sephiroth: You dirty bastard...I didn't think you'd sink this low...
Ansem: I sunk low into yo' mo-*is grabbed by Ridley* Let me go, you ugly b-*gets bitten multiple times*
Sephiroth: We better go.
Scourge: Good idea. I wonder if the others have gotten the Emerald yet...
Scorpion: Only one way to find out!! *takes off down the hallway*
Pro: Grr....*stays where he is*
Scourge: *stops* Pro!! Come on!!
Pro: No, I'm staying to help Nappa!
Scourge: Alright, when you get eaten, Blues will have a lecture for you...*runs off*
Pro: Blues....
Vegeta: I'm staying too.
Sol: Alright. *runs with Scourge down hallway*
Sephiroth: Stay alive you three. *takes off*
Pro: *nods*
Vegeta: Come on Nappa!
Nappa: We savin' that kid?
Vegeta: No. We destroy Ridley, and then we destroy him.
Nappa: Got it.
Pro: *dashes at Ridley and slashes his hand* *then slashes him in the face*
Ridley: *REEE!!!* *grabs Pro and throws him into wall*
Nappa: BOMBER DX!!! *fires yellow bomb at Ridley*
Ridley: *throws Ansem into it*
Ansem: *flies into same wall Pro was thrown in*
Vegeta: GALIK GUN, HAAA!!! *fires purple beam at Ridley*
Ridley: *blocks, but still suffers small damage*
Nappa: *grabs Ridley's tail*
Ridley: *slaps Nappa with tail, and kicks him repeatedly*
Pro: *picks up a downed Ansem, and slashes him in the face, multiple times* *grabs him, throws him into ceiling, and throws scythe up there, which flips and slices him multiple times*
Vegeta: *puts Ridley into the headlock*
Ridley: *breaks out and bites Vegeta* *throws him into ceiling and tail smashes him into ground*
*stomps on him*
Nappa: *gets up* *dashes at Ridley and punches him in the face*
Ridley: *picks up a downed Ansem and throws him into Nappa*
Pro: *slashes Ridley some more, and shoots a white beam that damages Ridley's wing*
Ridley:  REEEEEEE!! *eyes glow* *backhands Pro into wall again, and grabs him, and slams him into ground* *repeats this process multiple times*
Vegeta: *shoots another Galik Gun at Ridley's direction*
Ridley: *throws Pro into it, and ducks*
Pro: *smoke coming from body, falls to ground*
Vegeta: ****.
Ridley: *charges at Vegeta*
Vegeta: *teleports behind Ridley, and combos him with punches to the head*
Ridley: *attemps to bite Vegeta*
Vegeta: *teleports out of the way and shoots a Galik Gun*
Ridley: *dodges and shoots an orange beam out of mouth*
Vegeta: O_O DAMMIT!!! *is hit and falls out of sky*
Nappa: *throws off Ansem*
Ansem: *recovers and throws Nappa into Ridley*
Ridley: *smacks Nappa away*
Ansem: *runs at Ridley* *slashes his damaged wing a couple of times, and throws his saber at Vegeta, like a boomerang*
Vegeta: *on ground* *gets slashed by flying saber*
Ridley: REEE!!! *arms stretch upwards and a shiny light comes into hands*
Ansem: O_o.......what?
Nappa: *tries to stand up* ......
Pro: *struggles to get up* *opens one eye* Damn...
Ridley: *a giant white ball fills the hall* REEEEEEEEEE BMMMMMMBBBBBB!!!! *throws giant ball at Ansem*
Ansem: *hauls ass out of there*
*ball explodes on impact of Ansem* *the explosion is sooo big, Jesus wore sunglasses*
*the hallway is utterly obliterated* *the right side of the school, is completely gone*
Pro: *one leg on other side of room* *opens one eye*
Ridley: *walks over to Ansem* *picks up Ansem* *tries to fly, but wing is damaged* Grr...*walks off* *stops at Nappa* *picks him up too* *walks off*
Pro: ....*cannot move* My leg....ugh....AHHHHHH!!!!
Ridley: *looks back* *shoots an orange beam out of mouth that nails Pro* *struggles to fly off*
Pro: ........*unconcious*
Vegeta: *crawls to Ridley* Napp......*eyes almost closed* *reaches hand out* Napp....Nappa.... *lies down and closes eyes*
*they lie there and suffer from damages*
*Ridley was merciless*
Ridley: *returns to nest* REEEE!!!
*baby ridleys chirp*
Ridley: *drops Nappa and Ansem into nest* *flies off, and almost falls, but regains balance*
Nappa: Uh oh....5 of them....and they are HUGE.
Ansem: We've got to work together here!!
Nappa: My thoughts exactly!!!
*the two charge at the babies*

*meanwhile at left side of the school*
Shadow: I sucessfully snuck off....now...let's see what kind of information, I can get. *sneaks into Bowser's room* *hops on computer chair* *hacks into computer*
If I can find the location of the Emeralds and Balls....we can leave this school and prusue them on our own.......hmm.... *clicks on several things* Damn...*looks some more* *eyes widen*
Got it!! *pulls out paper and starts to write down the locations of the items*
*doorknob rotates*
Shadow: Oh no...
*door creaks open*
Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!!! *time stops for a couple of seconds* *sneaks out, with paper, but forgetting pen* *sees Bowser opening the door, frozen* ....*runs off*
*time begins*
Bowser: *opens door* Ah, my comfy computer chair!! *sits in it* o_o.......it's warm.......very warm....
Has somebody been in here? *looks at computer screen* *desktop background, showing Princess Peach ****, is shown* Oh yeah...that's the stuff!! Hey wait...I didn't put that up there......*smiles* Eggman......that devil.....*chuckles* *notices pen* Who's is this? *picks it up* ..........hmm.....*rubs chin*

Shadow: Damn, I left the pen.....eh....no time to fret....I gotta find Scourge...
*skates along hall and sees the right half is completely destroyed*
Shadow: What the?? *eyes widen* Vegeta?!?!?! *dashes over* *kneels to Vegeta* VEGETA!!! VEGETA!!! What happened!??!?!
*no response*
Shadow: ...*covers mouth* *kneels to Pro* Prometheus!!! Wha-*sees leg is gone* My god.....Ridley did this.....*wastes no time* CHAOS WARP!!!!
*warps to Waddle Dee hospital*
Shadow: I HAVE TWO INJURED GUYS HERE!!! GET THEM HELP NAO, DAMMIT!!! *raises magnum to Manager Dee's face*
Manager Dee: *arms flail in air* OKAY!!!
*stretchers burst into operating room*
*gives Vegeta oxygen mask, and Pro a sub tank refill*
Doctor Dee: His leg is gone!!! We need his leg, to operate!!!
Shadow: I'm on it!! *dashes off* Damn you guys....needing me to look after you...how could you lose to that pterodactyle bastard....Grr........
*couple of seconds later*
Shadow: *grabs leg* Alright, I got it....*turns around*
??: REEEEEEE!!!!
Shadow: *sees Ridley far off and flying straight towards him* *mouth twitches* DAMMIT!!
*runs off toward hospital* No, that's not a good idea....Ridley will know they are in there...he'll kill the Waddle Dees and the guys....I have no choice! CHAOS WARP!! *warps the leg to the operating room* You better thank me, you two...
Ridley: *flies above Shadow*
Shadow: Come and get some, you ugly monster!!
Ridley: REEEE!!
Shadow: Oh man....I'll hold him off.....somebody better get here and help me......or I'll be in the operating room next.....*clenches teeth* IF I survive.....
Shadow: GRAHHH!!! *charges at Ridley*

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Oooh put me in this!  Cool

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You wanna be good or evil?

You wanna be a part of Scourge's Crew, The Amp Hunters (Ridley, etc.), or Mario's Team?
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4: Part 2

Shadow: *teleports forward and kicks Ridley on the beak*
Ridley: *knocks Shadow back with wings and grabs him with feet*
Shadow: *punches Ridley's belly rapidly and Ridley lets go*
Ridley: *charges an orange beam in mouth*
Shadow: Grr...here it comes...
Ridley: *shoots beam*
Shadow: Now! *sidesteps beam and lauches fist down Ridley's throat*
Ridley: *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!* *struggles*
Shadow: ....I KNEW IT!! *pulls out a Dragon Ball* You ate this!!! And you tried to hide it!! Waiting to use it when you were on the brink of death!!
Ridley: *eyes turn a dark red* .....
Shadow: Well guess what? It's mine now. You mad? Good. That's what you get for thinking your clev-*gets smacked by Ridley's wing* *goes flying*
Ridley: *flies over an airborn Shadow and spikes him to the ground* *shoots an orange beam while he was recovering*
Shadow: Urgg...*scrapes debris off of his fur coat* *skates forward* Dragon Ball, how do you work this thing??
Ridley: *swoops into Shadow head-first*
Shadow: *backflips over it and lands on Ridley's back, who is soaring high into the air*
Ridley: *does flips and tries to knock Shadow off*
Shadow: *cracks one of Ridley's wings*
Ridley: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *smoke comes from wing as he comets toward the ground*
Shadow: Abandon ship!! *jumps off and lands in nearby tree*
Ridley: *smashes into ground, HARD* *facepalm*
Shadow: Hmph. Time for me to make my getaway. I gotta find the guys. Fast. *dashes off toward the school*
Ridley: *one eye open* *holds both hands in air as a giant blueish orb of energy forms* *it grows to an enormous level, and he fires it directly at a retreating Shadow*
Shadow: *skates off, and looks back* Fool. *throws Dragon Ball at blast which reflects it back to Ridley*
Ridley: REEE!! *kicks orb back at Shadow*
Shadow: Oh damn...(dragon ball is lying a good ways away) Grr....*looks at Dragon Ball* *skates over to it, grabs it and throws it as far as he could into the direction of the school*
I hope you guys find it....*looks ahead* *the orb smashes into Shadow, who goes flying across the field*
Ridley: *shoots an orange beam at him for safe measures*
Shadow: *BOOM!!* *Shadow is hurt* Ugh...*tries to stand* *shakes*
Ridley: *walks over* *opens mouth wide and tries to eat Shadow*
Shadow: *grabs the wide mouth, and spreads it apart even longer, cracking Ridley's strong jaws*
Ridley: *tries to overpower Shadow and bites harder*
Shadow: His jaw is soo strong...*kneels* AHHH!!! *struggling to spread now*
Ridley: *breaks Shadow's hold, and slashes his face with claws* *kicks him over and shoots multiple beams in his face* *then starts biting the hell out of him*
Shadow: *pushes Ridley off and elbows him in the jaw* *jumps and tries to grab his wing, only to get smacked down by Ridley's clenched fist*
Ridley: *picks Shadow up* *shoots more beams in his face* *bites more, and slams him repeatedly*
Shadow: *spits blood* *hack..weeze*
Ridley: *opens mouth wide to devour Shadow when a familiar yellow blast hits Ridley in the back* *drops Shadow and turns around* *confused* REE?
??: Let go of my friend!! *is charging in fast on a little purple pterodactyle's back* *jumps off and spears Ridley*
Ridley: *hits tree* *looks up*
??: *is in point-blank range of Ridley* BOMBER DX!!!
Ridley: *soars in the air for a bit, then falls back to earth fast*
??: *is riding a baby Ridley* *slashes Ridley multiple times in air before spiking him down*
Shadow: Nappa and Ansem, thank god...
Nappa: Hah! You thought those little dinos would stop us? We tamed them by killing little Ing roaches and feeding them to the dinos. Pretty good deal, huh?
Ansem: Yeah, Nappa actually had an idea that saved our asses.
Nappa: Shut it. *grabs ears* UGH!!!
Nappa: *turns around* O_O
Ansem: What? *looks* O_O
Shadow: No....
Ridley: *a HUGE massive nuclear energy ball radiating with power is in his hands like a Spirit Bomb, only bigger* ARGGGHHHHH!!! *fires bomb* *limbs are injured in process though* *falls and hits ground hard*
Ansem: Nappa!!! GET US OUT OF HERE!!
Nappa: I can't! If I do, the bomb is going to hit the ground and cause a major explosion!! Pro and Vegeta will die. I WON'T ALLOW THAT!!!!! I think I can teleport it somewhere else!!
Ansem: You'll kill yourself!!!
Nappa: Better than all of us dying!!!
Shadow: Uhm...guys..it's getting closer!!
Nappa: No time Ansem. I'm doing it. Tell, Vegeta that I'll see him in Hell!!! *dashes forward* BOMB, YOUR COMING WITH ME!!! *puts 2 fingers on forehead and teleports to space*
Ansem: NAPPA!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Shadow: Ugh...*head falls back into soft mud*
Ridley: *unconcious*
Nappa: Well....I guess.....this is it....and even if I do die, they can always bring me back with the Dragon Balls!!! I'm sorry Vegeta...I just....I couldn't see you dying here, along with my other buds....I needed to prove that I was a key player on the team. I........I'm sorry......I may have went in rash and dumb....but.......erg.......goodbye......
*the bomb finally detonates and rips Nappa's body apart*

*Vegeta feels this disturbance* *he awakens*
Vegeta: Nappa..........
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Whew, long break. I'll start back tomorrow.
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4: Part 3

Vegeta: *eyes pop open* *clenches fists* N-NAPPA!!!
Doctor Dee: Vegeta! You musn't get up!! *rushes over and gently grabs his arms*
Vegeta: SHUT UP. *smacks him away*
Nurse Dee: *clasps hands over mouth* Vegeta, no!
Vegeta: *springs up* I didn't need any rest to begin with. BACK OFF.
Nurse Dee: *shivers in a corner*
Vegeta: *squints* ...*walks out of room* *stops at door* I won't harm you. I-.....Bah! *flies out of hospital*
Nurse Dee: O_O

Ridley: *gets up*
Shadow: Ugh.....damn you!
Ansem: *still on ground* ......
Ridley: *facepalm* *eyes glow* *sees left wing is heavily wounded* REEEEEE!!!
Shadow: *all scarred up and bloody* Ugh, shut up! *limps over to Ridley*
*they both swing slow as hell, missing each other and are really tired*
Shadow: I'll.....*huff*.....kill....*cough*.....you....
Ridley: REE....EEE........*drool runs out of mouth as he stares into space*
Shadow: What are you looking at? *slaps Ridley*
Ridley: Grrr.....
Shadow: .....
*loud burst heard far away, and getting closer*
??: GALIK! GUNNNN!!!!! HAAA!!!!
*a purple beam is seen*
Ridley: ? *beam smashes into Ridley's face* *goes flying*

??: NAPPA...THIS IS FOR YOU. *flies above Ridley and spikes him towards the ground* *flies under him and knocks him back up following with a ki blast volley* *grabs his wing and knees it, bending it in ways you never imagined*
Ridley: REEEEEE!!!
Vegeta: *smirk* *throws him into the ground* GALIK GUNN!!! *beam crashes into a downed Ridley*
*stomps on him and punches him repeatedly in DBZ speed* *stops* GALIK GUN!!! *fires at point-blank range* *starts punching again afterwards*
Ridley: *getting knocked senseless*
Shadow: ...O_o
Vegeta: *grabs Ridley's tail and smashes him back and forth into the ground while firing ki blasts from his left hand into Ridley's stupid-looking face* *punts him into the air* Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. *spreads arms as yellow orbs form onto hands* FINAL.....*brings them together and fires a massive yellow beam* FLASSSSSHHHHHH!!!
Ridley: *gets raped by beam* *smoke comes from badly injured body as he torpedoes toward land*
Vegeta: *pants* That'll show you.....
Shadow: ....Vegeta, you okay?
Vegeta: Yea....I just....Nappa..
Shadow: I know. There was nothing I could do.
*Ridley smashes into the ground*
Vegeta: *looks over* Bastard.
Shadow: ......Vegeta, you went into a berserker fury, huh?
Vegeta: Damn right.
Ridley: *is out cold*
Vegeta: .....WHAT?!?!?!
Shadow: What is it?
Vegeta: Energy readings from the south...2, no...3 readings...and they're enormous...
*crushes scouter* GOD DAMMMIITTTTT!!!!
Vegeta: Not this time.
Shadow: Darn.
*3 figures land in front of them*
Vegeta: Hmm?
??: ...
??: We are the Amp Hunters.
Vegeta: I could care less.
??: Of course you could. But, would you care if I told you that I am the one who will end your life?
Vegeta: Psh.
??: Do I sense concern?
Vegeta: You don't sense a damn thing.
??: Are you sure?
Vegeta: Yes.
??: Absolutely?
Vegeta: What's your name? You're weird.
??: That's just dandy.
Vegeta: What?
??: You.
Vegeta: ....
??: Okay, I'll yield. My name is Kefka. Apart of the Amp Hunters.
Vegeta: ...
??: Don't want to talk, eh?
Vegeta: ...
??: You're no fun. To my left, is the liquid manifestation known as Chaos. To my right is the deadly assassin named Altair.
Vegeta: What do you want?
Kefka: Well, we'll take Ridley back, seeing as though he is almost dead. And we'll have your Dragon Ball or Chaos Emerald, depending on which you have. Both would be double the fun!!
Vegeta: What do we get in return?
Kefka: An, I O U card from yours truly!
Vegeta: No.
Kefka: But I want them!!
Vegeta: Tough.
Altair: Then we'll just take them from you.
Vegeta: ...
Shadow: Vegeta, we aren't in the condition to fight!!
Vegeta: I am. Listen, I'll take all of them on. You just support me with a few of your Chaos Spears.
Shadow: But Vegeta....I can't!! I can barely move much less-
Vegeta: *wink*
Shadow: ...Fine. I'll do it.
Vegeta: Excellent. *turns to Kefka*
Kefka: *smile*
Shadow: ...
Vegeta: *looks around* Come on Kefka.
Kefka: *spins a jack-in-a-box*
Vegeta: *defensive position* On the count of 3, we are out of here Shadow..
Shadow: *nods*
Vegeta: 1!!!
Kefka: Counting to your death?
Vegeta: 2!!
Altair: They've got something up their sleeve.
Vegeta: 3!!
Shadow: *grabs Ansem*
Vegeta: *runs back and grabs them* See ya, Kef. *teleports out*
Kefka: o_o
Altair: ....cowards...
Kefka: *stomps ground* OH POO!!! Looks like we'll have to scour the area. *looks into the distance* Hospital huh? Let's burn it to the ground!!! They're pointless! Why would you attempt to save someone from inevitable death? It's ridiculous. Chaos, CARRY ME!!
*they march toward the defenseless hospital*

Vegeta: *teleports to school* That was close.
Shadow: Yeah, *falls over* *snores*
Vegeta: Mmm.....I'll go back later. For now, I'll wait. And think up a strategy. *eyes pop wide* Oh no...the hospital!!! *springs up and flies through ceiling* I'm too drained to teleport there...so I'll just fly and see where they are.

Kefka: BURN BABY!!!
*flames everywhere* *hospital burns* *whole area engulfed in a mad inferno*
Altair: Ahh...the sweet smell of burning hospitals.
Kefka: Indeed. It's quite grand.

Vegeta: *sees flames in the distance* NO WAY.

Chaos: *nods*
Kefka: *laughs and talks with Altair and Chaos*
Altair: *hysterical laughter*

Vegeta: *flies super fast*

Kefka: hmm? *turns around only to get punched square in the nose* *flies into the dirt*

*a shadowy figure emerges from the flames*

Kefka: *covers bleeding nose* YOU AGAIN!!!???
Chaos: *stance*
Altair: ...*blade emerges from palm*

Vegeta: You burned that hospital...the hospital that took the time to save someone as stubborn as me.

Kefka: OH, CUT THE CRAP!!!
Vegeta: I'll cut you.....IN HALF!!!
Kefka: *karate stance* The viewers are going to love this!!
Vegeta: Viewers?
Kefka: *points to screen* Those ugly vermin that are actually bothering to read this.
Vegeta: o_o
Kefka: Forget it. ON WITH THE FIGHT!!
Altair: Come Chaos.
Chaos: *squibble*

Vegeta: I'll take you all on!! Come *****es!!!!!! COME GET SOME OF THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIY-
Altair: *punches Vegeta in the back*
Vegeta: GAH!!!
Chaos: *grabs Vegeta and holds him in the air*
Vegeta: Grr...LET GO OF ME YOU FREAK!!!
Kefka: Now, time for you to visit your oh-so-unfortunately deceased friend.
Vegeta: Erg....
Kefka: *equips a rocket launcher* *aims it at Vegeta's face*
Vegeta: NOWWW!!!

*Bowser, Ganon, and Eggman emerge out of the ground*
Bowser: HA HA HAA!! Time for some fun. I'm not too old for and old-fashioned squabble.
Kefka: Bowser. It's been a long time.
Bowser: Sure has. Got some new playmates?
Kefka: Yup. They'll kill you!
Bowser: Ha ha ha...goofy as usual.
Eggman: Chaos....
Chaos: .....*drops Vegeta* *points at Eggman*
Ganon: Altair...
Altair: ....*smirk*
Bowser and Kefka at the same time: LET'S RUMBLE!!

*screen fades as the six dash at the opposition*

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4: Part 4

*back with Scourge's crew*

Scourge: .....Are you sure this is the right way?
Sephiroth: Yeah, I'm positive.
Sol: Doesn't seem like this is the right way...
Koopa Black: Why you say that?
Sol: Everyone knows that in horror movies, the victims take a right at EVERY crossroad they come across.
Koopa Black: That's stupid.
Sol: *shrugs*
Goro: *stops*
Koopa Yellow: Hey Goro, what's wrong? Chicken?
Goro: *pays no heed to Yellow's insult*
Scourge: See something, buddy?
Seph: Meh. *continues*
Scorpion: Maybe Sol was right. Maybe we should've taken the right. It's kinda creepy in the basement.
Sol: Exactly.
Mephiles: ...Hmmm....
Koopa Red: Hey, I feel it too Goro.
Goro: *worried stare*
Koopa Red: It's not from this world. Something must be down here to guard this place's secrets. Like the Cerberus and the Excalibur.
Koopa Green: ....No, you two are just weird.
Cell: Weird or not, I'm feeling a slight disturbance that's too far away to worry about. Let's continue.
*ceiling starts to seep dust and sand*
Sol: .....uh oh...
Scourge: It's noth-
Cell: Damn, what is that?
Goro: *dashes off into the darkness*
Mephiles: Damn that's a long-ass corridor. I'm not going.
Scourge: Let's just find the emerald and get out of here.
Koopa Yellow: What about Goro?
Scorpion: HE can handle himself. Let's roll.
Seph: ....
*they proceed onward*
*few minutes later*
Scourge: Oh man, it's getting louder...
Cell: O_O
Sol: What is it?
Koopa Red: We better run. NOW.
Scorpion: Why? What's out there? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?
Koopa Red: NO TIME. RUN!!!!
Mephiles: *already hauling ass* You don't gotta tell me twice...
Seph: No. You guys can run. I'm not leaving without the emerald.
Koopa Green: You won't leave with your LIFE either, dude.
Seph: ...Shut up. *continues*
Sol: No way man. *stands in front of Seph* We need to leave and get more information about **** down here. We don't know anything about this place. And technically, our authorization here wasn't exactly permitted. Ganon probably wants us to get killed down here.
Scourge: Yeah.
Seph: Sol, look at me. Is this the face of someone who actually gives a damn?
Sol: No, but it's definitely the face of someone who's looking to get his ass kicked.
Seph: Trust me, if I get MY ass kicked, you'll be there to kiss it.
Sol: I don't swing down that vine.
Seph: Could've fooled me.
Sol: Okay, get yourself killed. See if we care. I sure won't.
Seph: *perks lips to imitate a kissing gesture*
Sol: *is agitated*
Scourge: Let him handle it Sol. We're outtie Seph. You better hope you find Goro, cause he's the only other guy down here on your side.
Seph: Kiss my left nut!!
Scorpion: Arrogant bastard.
Seph: *pushes onward*
*everyone else retreats to the entrance, except one*

Seph: ...*draws sword* Hmm....
Seph: *swipes the darkness behind him* Who's there?
?: Relax, it's me.
Seph: What do you want?
?: I want to investigate this phenomena.
Seph: Be my guest, Cell.
Cell: *nods*
Seph: You hear that?
Seph: Awesome. Is there anyway you can light up this area so I can see?
*a large gleam of light envelops the darkness*
Seph: Much better.
Cell: ......Get ready.
Seph: For what?
Cell: The Guardian.
Seph: .....Wh-
*screams are heard ahead*
Seph: WHAT THE ****?
Cell: It's Goro!! He must've irritated the Guardian.
*they both rush forward and walk into a giant gladiator-esque arena, that's empty* *empty except for a giant platform with stairs leading out of the arena* *an enormous entity stands right before the beginning of the stairs* *it's holding Goro*
Cell: ...It's the Guardian, I TOLD YOU THAT.
*the entity is a giant muscular manimal* *the body of a human, ripped with muscles* *has the head of a ram* *legs of a tiger* *paws of a lion*  *back of a tortoise* *tail of a monkey* *teeth of a shark* *eyes of an eagle* *even has the beak of an eagle* *oozing with power*
Seph: ....
?: WHO DARES INTERRUPT MY SLUMBER? *squeezes Goro hard*
Goro: *bleeding from the mouth* ...AUGHHHH!!!
?: ...*opens eyes* And just who the hell are you to order demands from someone of my status?
Cell: PLEASE, *steps in front of Seph* I apologize for the rudeness of this neanderthal. My name is Cell. We came looking for the Chaos Emerald stored here.
?: Now this is proper respect. I appreciate your formality, Cell, but I cannot grant you the emerald's power. You might use it for the lesser-good.
Cell: I know you can't trust me, but you are in grave danger, sir. If those Hunters get here they'll-
?: Hunters? The Amp Hunters?
Cell: I dunno. I just remember Bowser telling us about them in class, and the other day. They set out to retrieve the emeralds and Dragon Balls, so they can manifest the power they hold to spite the universe and create their ideal world. Full of suffering and chaos. And we won't allow that. Yes, we are villains, but even we can see the tyranny that these men are showing
?: Well stated Cell. Continue.
Goro: *in his gruff voice* Can I be put dow-AUGHHH!!
?: *squeezes more*
Cell: But, yes...the Hunters will terminate your existence!!
?: That's what I'm here for. To guard the emerald with my life.
Cell: .....We can't take any chances!!
?: This is my job. Protecting the emerald is what I DO. Now about these Hunters...did you encounter a liquid manifestation that has emerald-green eyes and a funny-looking clown man?
Cell: No.
?: What about an assassin with a white cloak and a hood over his head? With a blade that extends from his palm?
Cell: No.
?: You encountered Ridley, didn't you? A formidible beast.
Cell: Yes.
?: I should've known.
Seph: What do you plan on doing?
?: Absolutely nothing. I'm going to wait on them. And decide what I'll do when they get here.
Seph: That's not right!
?: Who are you to question my authority? I'm doing my job and nothing more.
Seph: .....You know, you may be the guardian of the emerald here, but your stupidity is appalling.
?: Is that right?
Cell: Sephiroth...
Seph: Shut up, Cell. Guardian, if you let those guys kill you and take the emerald, then what was your purpose? What are you fighting for? If you're not willing to go the distance to prevent these guys from taking the emeralds, then you're an unfitting guardian. Just "doing you job" isn't going to cut it. Either you're with us, or you're not. You're just a stubborn old bastard that can't except the fact that the half-assed job he's doing to protect the emerald would be all for naught if we weren't here to back you up. We've scratched your back, now you scatch ours!!
?: *squeezes Goro as hard as he can* *is infuriated* HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME IN THAT MANNER. I'LL HAVE YOU EXECUTED, WRETCHED HUMAN!!
Seph: ....Give us the emerald.
?: *energy flows in veins* *tosses Goro across the whole arena and into the wall* *towers over Sephiroth*
Seph: Trying to intimidate me? Not going to work. Give me the emerald.
?: *anger rising* *raises fist* No.
Seph: Give me.........THE EMERAAAAALLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! *draws blade and dashes forward* I'LL CLEAVE THE STUBBORNESS OUT OF YOU.
?: JUST TRY ITTT!!!!!! *eyes glow with anger*

*to Scourge's crew who are walking back to the entrance*
Koopa Red: I bet you guys 10 coins that Sephiroth is dead right now.
Sol: I'm with you.
Scorpion: He probably isn't, but I hope he is. That'd teach his ass.
Mephiles: ....He's still alive.
Koopa Yellow: You sure?
Mephiles: Yeah, he's out there. I'm sure of it. But let's focus on finding Vegeta and the guys. We need some more details on this conflict we're in. Something tells me that Bowser and them didn't tell us the full story. They're hiding something from us, and it's our job to find out what it is.
Sol: All while staying alive.
Scourge: We'll manage.
Koopa Green: Yup. Let's rock n' roll.

*the crew retreats to the entance*

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« Reply #29 on: 17 April, 2009, 07:57:55 pm »

4: Part 5 Final
Aquatic Ambiance

Sephiroth: *dashes at high-speed toward the Guardian*
Guardian: No way. *raises gigantic arm and sweeps it across the floor*
Seph: *jumps right over his arm, and slashes at his face* GIVE ME THE EMERALD!
Guardian: *pimp-smacks Seph, and he flies across the room and through the wall into the next room*
Cell: You idiot...
Seph: *emerges from the rubble* Your size is your only advantage that's for sure. *dusts self off and dashes again*
Guardian: *plays a song*
Seph: *stops in bewilderment* Wha?

Guardian: *bobs head furiously*
Seph: *dashes*
Guardian: *bobs head faster*
Guardian: *head bobs superfast*
Seph: I SAID STOP THAT. *attempts to slash*
Guardian: *raises fists into the air and screams*
*blades emerge from the ground in multiple places*
Seph: *dodges the first, the second, but the third nicks his leg*
Guardian: *smirk*
Seph: ...*closes eyes*
Guardian: Thinking of your inevitable funeral?
Seph: No. I'm thinking of yours. ULTIMA FLARE. *a giant force of dark energy envelops Guardian and crashes into him* *the force is so tremendous it rips his flesh bit by bit* *smile*
Guardian: *emerges from the ominous energy* Good one. But, while you took all that time to cast that, .......you've been surrounded.
Seph: *opens eyes and notices that several gigantic blades now surround him, ready to thrust deep within his body*
Guardian: I believe that's game, young Sephiroth. Not so egotistical now huh, hotshot?
Seph: ........
Guardian: Speechless huh? You were oh so chatty a few minutes ago! What happened?
Seph: ........
Guardian: Hmph. Hypocrite. Away with you, heathan. SWORDS, FINISH HI-
Cell: THE EARTH WILL BE DESTROYED!! *charges a solar kamehameha*
Guardian: FOOL. *turns around and attempts to smack Cell to the ground*
Cell: *smiles*
Cell: *appears behind Guardian*
Guardian: O_O
*an enourmous kamehameha was unleashed, upon contact it destroyed the entire room and destroyed a good bit of the land*
*the blades bolt at high speeds to avenge their master*
Seph: *jumps and starts to ride on a blade*
*jumps from blade to blade, and as soon as he rides above a downed Guardian, he grabs one and slices the **** out of him* *he tosses that one away, grabs another, and repeats at high-speed*
Cell: *teleporting through all the blades* Ha ha haaaa!!!
Guardian: *grabs the blade Seph attempts to slash him with, and throws it at Cell*
Cell: *teleports behind Guardian* *prepares a kamehameha*
Guardain: ...
Seph: *prepares another Ultima Flare*
Guardian: ...
Guardian: *catches the beam and infuses it into his fists*
Cell: OH SHI-
Guardian: *breakneck speed* *connects an uppercut on Cell, and follows with hundreds of chaining kicks and punches* *after getting bored, he smacks him into Sephiroth who dodges the incoming Cell*
Seph: *infuses his blade with the Ultima* You're so dead now.
Guardian: Come at me.
Seph: ...*walks forward* *he vibrates at hallucinating speeds and copies himself into another Sephiroth who walks beside the original* *he does this again*
Guardian: HADOUKEN *fires one in a horizontal line*
Seph: *the first fake blocks the charge with his Ultima Katana, while the second fake jumps into the air* *the original Sephiroth extends his blade 4 feet and uses it as a pole-vault to land on the Guardian's head* *he raises his blade and sinks it deep within his skull*
Guardian: GRUH.
Seph: *he twists the blade and an Ultima blast crashes into his brain and destroys multiple cells and commands the brain was giving to the rest of his body*
*while he's immobilized, the second fake sinks his blade into the Guardian's back, and tries to obliterate his spine*
Guardian: *falls over and squashes the second fake* *still immobilized as far as bodily functions go*
Seph: *the first fake thrusts his sword toward the Guardian's heart*
Guardian: ENOUGH. *blood in body run rampant and repair the damage and immobilization done to him*
Seph: It’s like we can’t hurt him for a long period of time!!
Cell: *gets up* *clenches arm* Seems that way. He’s invulnerable to ailments…he can get hurt, but no life-threatening actions can actually be executed on him.
Seph: There’s a weak spot somewhere…I could’ve sworn that Ultima Blast to the skull did it…
Cell: ….Let’s keep working, we’ll figure out something shor-
Guardian: *swinging at something in the distance* YOU, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.
?: …*jumps high and repeatedly smashes Guardian in the face with four arms*
Seph: Is that Goro?
Cell: It looks like him….wait…now I see…Sephiroth, quickly, use your clone to get on his head again. You were on to something earlier.
Seph: What?
Cell: Just do it. Both of you need to impale his skull and do another Ultima Blast in it. While you’re doing that, I’ll attempt to shock his heart and puncture his lungs. You see his spine is still rattled and I imagine that if we do enough damage to his body, his body will lose control and panic.
Seph: Thus, they’ll start performing the wrong functions and he won’t get healed as fast…
Cell: Very perceptive.
Seph: Alright, let’s give it all we’ve got.
Cell: *nods*
*Seph and Cell bolt towards Guardian at breakneck speeds*
Guardian: *clasps together both hands into a hammer-fist and nails Goro into the gound*
Goro: *lying on ground* *pushes self back up and punches the ground, sending forth a massive tremor to disrupt the Guardian’s flow*
Guardian: *yawn* Is this really all you can do, freak? *stomps as well and his tremor cancels out Goro’s*
Goro: …
Guardian: Are you overwhelmed with awe?
Goro: *wags finger*
Guardian: *eyebrow rises* What? *turns around*
*2 blades are stuck in Guardian’s cranium*
*they both twist and the power of Ultima owns his brain again, but thice time twice as hard*
Cell: Perfect, Sephiroth! Now, time for the finisher!! *teleports in front of the Guardian and prepares a Full Power Death Beam that’ll pierce its heart* TIME TO DIIIIEEEEE!!
Guardian: WAIIIITTTTT!!!
Seph: …?
Cell: Huh?
Goro: *cocks head to the side*
Guardian: I am not who you take me to be. You guys are good…really good…but I’m not this ‘beast’. *the head of the monster opens and a cockpit is revealed * *it floats out of the hatch and it reveals an old man with white hair*
Cell: Wha?
Guardian: I am not this ‘Guardian’ you think I am, my name is Dr. Wily. I plan on taking over the world with my creations known as ‘Master Robots’. I’m terribly sorry for putting you through that repetitive test, but you kids are the only beings that’ve came close to defeating me.
Seph: …So, that’s why you couldn’t get hurt…although we trashed your cockpit pretty badly…
Cell: Master Robots?
Dr. Wily: Yes, my Master Robots I created to defeat the likes of Megaman, a very annoying child that has thwarted my plans for 9 games, created by my worst enemy, Dr. Light. I revamped my Master Bots and made them even more deadly with minor upgrades and what not. But, Megaman always seems to be able to defeat one, and gain it’s power as it gets destroyed. I do not know of what Dr. Light has installed in that bot, but it’s beyond me.
Cell: Megaman? That blue guy with a muther****ing gun for a hand?
Seph: I remember him.
Dr. Wily: No no no. That was X. Basically the same thing, but X is highly more advanced than Megaman.
Seph: What about Prometheus?
Dr. Wily: I had nothing to do with that one.
Cell: Bass?
Dr. Wily: …I can’t say.
Cell: Quite alright. What about Protoman?
Dr. Wily: I heard he was deceased.
Cell: Yes.
Dr. Wily: Then there’s no point in telling you of his past.
Cell: …
Dr. Wily: Well, now that the formalities have been discussed, it’s time for me to take my leave.
Cell: WHAT?
Seph: What about the emerald?
Dr. Wily: Take it.
Seph: Serious?
Dr. Wily: Yes. I must go speak with Dr. Robotnik, about his plans on his “Sonic” prototype. Farewell.
Seph: *goes to grab the emerald*
Cell: Wait, where are your Master Bots?
Dr. Wily: *chuckle* Don’t worry, they’ll find you before you find them.
Cell: …How many?
Dr. Wily: *chuckles again* You’re going to have your hands full.
Cell: …Bastard!
Dr. Wily: *walks off* You might want to warn your friends. Some are quite lethal. I have one…….that may bring one of your friends…..to tears.
Cell: …Begone.
Seph: I’ve got the emerald.
Cell: Good. Let’s go.
Dr. Wily: Oh yes, you might want to hide that thing. My bots see those jewels as a ‘threat’. They WILL terminate you if you have it in your possession. I mean, they’ll terminate you anyway, but…HAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA
Cell: *shakes head*
*teleports with Seph and Goro out of the coliseum*

*back with Scourge and co.*
Scourge: I wonder how they’re faring..
Sol: Stop worrying, they can handle themselves.
Koopa Red: Yeah, but you just gotta wonder if Seph went in a little over his head.
Koopa Yellow: Cell’s nothing to worry about. Personally, I think Cell is one of the best fighters we have. I liked Gouki though.
Scorpion: I didn’t care for Akuma. He was fairly arrogant, that’s why he doesn’t have nuts anymore. TOASTY.
*they walk along a seaside shore*
Koopa Green: Toasty?
Scorpion: TOASTY.
Scourge: Shut up. We were just now-….*trails off into a silence*
Sol: What?
Sol: …God damn…why are we here? This place is only for Cooldown matches. Although it serves a fairly nice hang-out place.
Koopa Yellow: *picks nose*
Scorpion: *keeps trying to make the girlie “WHOOPSIE” noise off the old Mortal Kombats*
Koopa Green: *in shell playing with self*
Mephiles: The reason why we came is because….someone or something is here…
Scourge: Wut?
Mephiles: It’s here. I could sense this bastard from a mile away. It’s in this ocean…
Sol: *draws weapon*
Mephiles: IT’S HERE.

*a strange being emerges from the ocean and lands in front of them*
?: Hehehehh…
Scourge: Tentacles? An octopus?
Koopa Green: *emerges from shell* Calamari?
Koopa Black: No, that’s…..a lobster!
?: *faceplam* *robotic voice* You idiots, I am a SQUID. SQUID ADLER.
Scourge: Lame.
Sol: Concurred.
Squid Adler: …You won’t think I’m so lame after this beating!!! Volt Catfish, Bubbleman, Waveman, let’s show these clowns the real meaning of pain!
*three more beings emerge from the water, but Volt Catfish stays in the water*
Bubbleman: The aquatics, no greater place than that.
Volt Catfish: …
Waveman: Heck yes. Imma shove my trenchfoot up yous’s asses.
Scourge: Yous’s isn’t a word, numbnuts.
Waveman: ..Uhm…RAGE.
Squid Adler: *thrusts finger forward* Let’s do this thing you fools!
Bubbleman: *shooting bubbles in the distance* YEAH!
*they all line up in a line towards the ocean where Volt Catfish is and he lets off an electric pulse that shocks the ocean*
Scourge: Freakin’ freaks.
Koopa Black: ‘Tards. And you guys thought I was stupid!
Sol: Honestly, if we lose to these jokes, we don’t deserve to walk this planet anymore…honestly..
Koopa Red: These guys don’t even deserve to exist…
Mephiles: Don’t taunt until the battle is won. Don’t underestimate these guys, they are quite powerful although they may not look the part.
Scorpion: My fire will be useless here, I’ll just stick with my normal skill.
Koopa Yellow: Time to beast these punks!
*they all approach each other in a stand-off*
*it quickly erupts into a dash at each other*
*all except Volt Catfish*

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