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09 December, 2022, 01:20:11 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3399 times)
« Reply #30 on: 10 May, 2009, 08:42:37 pm »

5: Part 1


*multiple explosions are heard in the distance* *the camera pans in on the erupting battle*

Ganon: *flying through the air* *lands casually on the calm sand* *smile*

Kefka: *badly swollen lip and purple eye* *a piece of flesh hangs off of his cheek* GRR!! I'll wipe that ugly look off your face! *charges a lightning fist*

Ganon: *smile fades* *charges a Warlock Punch*

Kefka: AAAHAAHHAHHA!!!! *propels fist forward at blazing speed*

Ganon: *does the same*

*The inevitable collision causes the land to crack and sand to seep through a mini-chasm* *the impact blazes on for a couple of seconds until Kefka goes flying in the other direction*

Ganon: *calmly walks forward* Heh heh, c'mon Kefka, after all of these years you still haven't changed. That's just sa-*pauses at the end of sentence* *blood seeps down forehead*

Altair: ...*behind Ganon with a hidden blade in his skull*

Ganon: *head twists backwards* YOU.

Altair: *smirk*

Ganon: ...

Eggman: *cruises around in Egg-mobile, dodging Chaos's Liquid Blasts* *points forward and a giant drill emerges from the head of the car* *full speed* ALL SYSTEMS, FULL POWER!!!! *car blazes the sand in an all out blitzkrieg intending on obliterating Chaos*

Chaos: ...*uses liquid tentacles to blast towards the Egg-mobile* *gets caught in the drill and spins around in it*

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! I have you now, you defective experiment!! *triumphant look* *looks forward and sees a cliff approaching* NO!

Chaos: *in back seat chillin'*

Eggman: EMERGENCY BRA-*can not finish sentence*

Chaos: *has one tentacle over Eggman's mouth, and another wrapping around his body* *throws him down in the backseat and restrains him*

o_O ha ha ha...that sounds so wrong...

Eggman: GRAH! *snorkel* *hastily pulls out a remote and presses the "eject" button* ...

*nothing happened*

Eggman: O_O *presses repeatedly*

*they both epicly charge off of the cliff, going at least 300mph*

Eggman: *closes eyes and prays they make it to the other side of the cliff*

*the Eggmobile seems likely to make it at first, but quickly runs out of steam and they both plummet down the giant chasm*

Bowser: *pulls Altair off of Ganon and slams him into the ground* *holds him down while Ganon unleashes several Warlock Punches into Altair's gut and face* *switches positions with Ganon and breathes fire into Altair's face, then attempts to finish with a Bowser Bomb*

Kefka: *appears out of nowhere and giggles* *smacks Ganon off of Altair and pulls Altair out of harm's way* *pulls out a sharp needle and holds it under Bowser's descending asscrack*

Bowser: *oblivious to Kefka's prank* *flies downward and strikes something VERY pointy*

*the needle goes straight up Bowser's ass*

Bowser: *tears form in eyes* *screams at the top of lungs and flies upward like a rocket*


Ganon: *while Kefka is laughing, grasps his face and unloads dark energy in it*

Altair: *shanks Ganon in the stomach and repeatedly punches him in the gut*

Ganon: *blocks the 5th blow, and counters with an upward kick* *rams a recovering Kefka*

Altair: *flying in the air*

Bowser: *also high in the sky* You're dead. *does another Bowser Bomb* *shreds the sky like a meteor*

Altair: *opens eyes* O_O

Bowser: *drops dead onto Altair and they both smash into the ground* *a big explosion consumes the field*

Altair: *gasps for air*

Bowser: *gets off of Altair and breathes more fire into his face* *picks him up and rams him multiple times with horns* *throws him into the ground, and stomps on his face a couple of times* *then picks him up again, bearhugs him, and jumps high into the sky, bellyflopping the crap out of him when they land* *is still on top of Altair* *squeezes him as he breathes fire in his face*

Altair: *unconscious*

Bowser: *gets off and looks around*


*a flying Ganondorf collides into an unaware Bowser*

Kefka: *walks forward through sandstorm* *mad as hell* *hears something* *looks up*

*a shadowy figure of a car is seen high in the sky, flashing in the scorching sun*

Eggman: *is seen standing on the head of the car* I'm glad I installed the jetpacks!! *jumps off into the flare and press a button on a remote* *the car explodes in an epic fiery inferno, and Eggman skydives to the ground* *lands formally as chunks of debris and drips of Chaos fall into the raging sand behind him* *crosses arms and smiles a badass smile* GET A LOAD OF THAT.

Bowser: Impressive.

Ganon: Indeed.


Eggman: We don't care.

Kefka: *fumes* *stomps the sand* RAH!! *sandstorm envelops him*

Eggman: XD

Bowser: BWAH HA HA HA.

Ganon: We have someone who is REALLY ready to listen to your whines.

Kefka: ?_?

??: Oh yes, Kefka.  You'll see that my fist is ready to destroy that mouth of yours.

Kefka: NO.

*a yellow beam slides along the sand in a swirling fashion*

Kefka: *attempts to block*

*the beam is a mirage, the real one is behind Kefka*

Kefka: WHAT? *gets hit by the massive beam* Ooff...

Vegeta: Surprised? *teleports in front of Kefka*

Kefka: *falls down in horror* Not you...N-NO!

Vegeta: *steps forward* *holds palm out* BIG BANG ATTACK.

Kefka: N-No, WAIT-

Vegeta: *shows no remorse* *unleashes the ball of energy at point-blank range* *an explosion of sand follows and a giant crater in the ground is shown, but no Kefka* That was for those Waddle Dees, you PRICK. *turns around and just as he flies off-*

Kefka: *emerges from smoke, BADLY scarred, clutching arm* It's just the beginning....V-Vegeta...I'm not done with you. I'M going to have the last laugh. NOT YOU. Y-You...POOPIE-HEAD!!! *serious tone* I'll make sure to go all-out next time we meet...I MEAN IT. *evil energy flows around Kefka* *the sand swirls around his energy* *a reddish aura is seen around Kefka* *wind blows furiously*
*snaps fingers and the crew retreats from the area*

*all is calm again*

Bowser: Hmph. Still sad to see he hasn't changed. *shakes head*

Ganon: I wasn't worried a bit. That was great fun.

Eggman: I quite liked my "epic" explosion. *chuckle*

Ganon: Indeed it was quite "epic". *laughs a bit too*

Bowser: *smiles*

Vegeta: GAH, old-people humor!

Ganon: Shut up, boy.

Vegeta: No.

Bowser: ANYWAYS, we should be getting back, my feet need a good rubbing..

Ganon: Ha, I could use a good backrub myself. I think I have a crook in my neck from that damned Altair...

Eggman: I must build a new Eggmobile. This time, I'll install Atomic Nitrus and a giant gatling gun that fires heat-seeking bullets!

Ganon: Is that even possible?

Eggman: With my intellect, ANYTHING is possible. OH HO HO

Vegeta: ...*cannot help but to smirk* Goodbye.

Bowser: Where are you going?

Vegeta: None of your business.

Bowser: ....

Vegeta: Tuh. *flies off*

Ganon: He's so rude.

Eggman: Let him be.

Bowser: .....Let's go. *summons Koopa Clown Car*

Eggman: *summons mini-Egg Carrier*

Ganon: *summons dark portal and walks through it*

*in Waddle Dee-Care Hospital*

Pro: *wakes up* .....*grunt* Ohh, my head....

Shadow: You're awake...

Pro: Yeah...wait...what happened?

Shadow: ...

Pro: *sits up, curious look* Huh?

Shadow: Nappa.

Pro: What about him?

Shadow: He's dead. He saved us by sacrificng himself.

Pro: ...What?

Shadow: *hops off of bed* Yeah...*walks to door* *turns around* Ansem already left, and I'm going to find that Dragon Ball I threw away from Ridley. Later. *opens and walks through door*

Pro: *rubs head* *sits up* Oh man...*gets up* *grabs scythe and stares at ceiling* Nappa, say hi to Blues for me. *shakes head and runs out of door*

*meanwhile at the left-wing of the destroyed school*

Ansem: Shadow said he threw it around here...but I don't see the thing! *rumages through rubble* GOD THIS IS ANNOYING!

*a shadowy old-man approaches*

??: Looking for this? *holds up Dragon Ball*

Ansem: YES. *quickly runs up to him* Can I see it?

??: ...No.

Ansem: ...Um, I don't know who you are, but I really need that. It's important.

??: What important use could you possibly have with this? Bringing forth the apocalypse?

Ansem: Hell no, gramps. I don't have time for your lecturing baloney.

??: Impatient fool. You should respect your elders. There was another silver-haired boy I fought who was impatient and rude just like you.

Ansem: !!

??: Yes, I've nailed you dead-on.

Ansem: PLEASE, SHUT UP. Give me the Ball, NOW.

??: *strokes mustache* Do you know who I am? *wind starts to pick up*

Ansem: You're going to be a rotting corpse in a few seconds.

??: Ha. Highly unlikely, young fool.

Ansem: Just because you've lived a long life doesn't mean it can't come to a short end.

??: CLEVER. Unfortunately, that won't be happening.

*multiple rumblings are heard in the nearby bushes*

Ansem: Friends of yours?

??: No. Servants of mine...ha ha ha!

Ansem: *tilts head to the right*

??: ...*attempts to walk off*

Ansem: *dashes in front of him and knocks him over* I don't think so.

??: Insolent child, you will be crushed!! *rubs bottom* Master Bots!! SLAUGHTER THIS DELINQUENT!!

*5 Master Bots jump out of the bushes and land in front of Ansem*

Ansem: Ha ha ha, you really think these pathetic excuses for garbage disposals can take me? *quickly draws dual Energy Sabers*

Dr. Wily: mmmmYes.

Ansem: I'll gladly burst that bubble. *grey aura surrounds him* *the area below him crashes and a mini-crater is seen below him due to his emerging power*

Dr. Wily: *retreats into his Wil-O-Coptor*

Ansem: *looks up* Coward. *looks back at Master Bots* ...

Dr. Wily: You deviant, you're nothing but a thesis, I'll blow you to pieces!!

Ansem: Go eat your tapioca. And please have a heart-attack afterwards.


*the Master Bots become operational*

Ansem: *hand gesture* Bring it.

Metal Man: *clutches Metal Blades* It'll be fun cutting you into ribbons!!

Crash Man: My crash bombs'll obliterate you, man! I feel sorry for you, man! Not really though, man!

Flame Stag: *flames spout from nose* *revs leg like a bull* I'll burn you like toast on a Sunday morning.

Slash Beast: *claws are ready for flesh ripping* *licks claws* Mmm...*sadistic smile*

Armored Armadillo: ...*curls up and spins almost like a spinball*

Ansem: ...


Ansem: ...

Dr. Wily: *claps* yes, YES. TEAR HIM APART!!!

*all of the robot masters leap at Ansem, grinning wildly*

??: SPEAR!!!!!

*they all look to the right in midair*

*a giant yellow javelin-beam is seen darting towards them*

Crash Man: MAN!!


*the robots were all sent flying*

Shadow: *kneeling on the ground* *stands up* Hmph.

Ansem: I was wonderin' when you'd show up, hedgehog.

Shadow: ...*gets into stance*

Ansem: *clenches sabers tighter*

*a crash bomb is seen hurtling towards them*

Shadow: o_o *jumps out of the way*

Ansem: *slashes the bomb in two and kicks both of them back at Crash Man*

*kabooommm* *a huge explosion envelops the area*

Slash Beast: *flies out of the smoke and attempts to slash Ansem multiple times*

Ansem: *steadily dodging his slashes while moving backward towards the pond*

Shadow: *dashes into the smoke to face the other bots*

Metal Man: *throws multiple blades into the smoke towards the shadowy figure he sees*

*the shadowy figure evades his blades effortlessly*

Shadow: *charges a Chaos Spear*

Flame Stag: *breathes fire into the smoke*

*another yellow javelin-beam nails him in his wide-open mouth like a blowjob and sends him flying into the bushes*

Armored Armadillo: *curls up into a ball, praying that he doesn't get hurt*

Shadow: Hmm...*picks up Armadillo and tosses him up and down* *jumps into the air and kicks him into the ground to send him rolling like a bowling ball towards Crash Man and Metal Man*

Metal Man: *jumps to the left*

Crash Man: OH MAN!! *gets bowled-over by spinning Armadillo*

Armadillo: *keeps on rolling nonstop into the bushes where Flame Stag is*

*a scream is heard*

Metal Man: *runs forward and knees Shadow in the gut* *knocks him into the ground and tosses Metal Blades downward*

Shadow: *catches the 4th one and throws it back at him* *dashes forward right after and delivers a bone-crushing elbow into Metal Man's right arm*

Metal Man: O_O  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *falls to the ground, flailing*

Shadow: ...

*a crash bomb stops right before Shadow's feet*

Shadow: !


Crash Man: Hell yeah, man! I got him, man! *runs forward into the smoke triumphantly*

*a figure is seen standing unscathed*

Crash Man: *in horror* No man!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

*a anger-infused punch decks Crash Man square in the nose*

Crash Man: *is sent flying to the pond*

Flame Stag: *gets up finally* *breathes fire on Shadow from behind* *punches him repeateldy and chuckles an arrogant laugh* I'm just getting warmed up!

Shadow: *catches his fist* *that was so lame* *bends his fist backwards, clearly overpowering him*

Flame Stag: *mouth open in pain* *eyes wide* *girly scream* AHH!

Shadow: *let's go and axe-kicks Stag's head so that he faceplants into the ground* *balls his fists up like a hammer and drills him deeper into the ground so that only his legs are seen flailing*

*a spinning ball collides into Shadow out of nowhere*

Shadow: *throws him off* I can't hurt him...so I'll just leave him be. *walks off*

Armadillo: *peeks out from curl* Did I win? *shifty eyes*  ...*slowly waddles forward* Guys?

*a speedy figure stomps Armadillo's head into the ground*

Armadillo: DAMN!!! *attempts to curl back in*

Shadow: No. *grabs Armadillo's head and pulls it out with such force it toggles Armadillo's memory*

Armadillo: ...*dizzy eyes* Uhhh.....

Shadow: *mean look* *rips Armadillo's head off and kicks his body into the pond* *clutches Armadillo's head*

Armadillo: I didn't want to fight...I wanted peace...

Shadow: I know. And when I wish you back to this world, you will find peace.

Armadillo: Thank...yo-

Shadow: *smashes Armadillo's head in his hands*

*Metal Man is seen limping off clutching his right arm*

Shadow: *runs up to him and breaks his left arm*

Metal Man: *falls to the ground* ...ohh....damn...you...

Shadow: *looks down upon him* *stomps and destroyes Metal Man's head*
*proceeds to destroy his body with a Chaos Spear*

Flame Stag: *pulls himself up* *spits out dirt* That's two you've killed! YOU MONSTER. *swings wildly at a dodging Shadow*

Shadow: Hmph. *trips Flame Stag and in slow-motion, karate chops him to the ground*

Flame Stag: *grasping his gut in pain*

Shadow: *runs up and punts Stag through a nearby ramshackle wall* *looks over at Ansem*

Slash Beast: *blood on his claws* *on his knees with one saber on the left side of his head and one on the right side* GRAH.

Ansem: Yeah, you're done for. *decapitates Slash Beast*

Shadow: Heh...decaps are hilarious.

Ansem: I agree.

Crash Man: *quietly sneaks behind Ansem and prepares a Sticky Crash Bomb*

Ansem: I smell hesitation.

Shadow: ?

Ansem: *quickly throws one saber up in the air and jams his other saber in the chest of Crash Man*

Crash Man: UGHHHH, MAN!!!

Ansem: *kicks Crash Man to the ground*

Crash Man: *cannot move* *short-circuiting* M-M-M-Maannn,,,,

Ansem: *looks up and watches as his other saber does multiple flips in the air* *the saber plummets to the ground and slices through Crash Man multiple times like a buzzsaw*

Crash Man: ...

*gets sliced into 40 mechanical pieces*

Shadow: ...*looks up at Dr. Wily*

Dr. Wily: *mouth wide open* O_O *drool slides out of mouth*

Shadow: You're next. *evil glare*

Dr. Wily: *draws back in terror* N-No! I'm...GAH. *flies off into the distance*

Ansem: ...

Shadow: Damn, he got away.

Ansem: Don't worry. There are 4 invisible Heartless abroad his vessel. I'll track his position through them.

Shadow: Right. Well, I'm going to do some reconissance. Later, Ansem. *walks off to the right wing of the school*

Ansem: *looks at wrist* Yeah...later. *dashes off towards the valley nearby*

??: *slowly arises from the rubble* *throws a slate of concrete off himself* *slowly walks forward, following Shadow*

Shadow: *continues walking*

??: *spreads arms in an attempt to bearhug Shadow* *arms go right through the supposed "real hedgehog"* WHAT? *confused look*

Shadow: *behind Flame Stag* I thought I killed you.

Flame Stag: *double-takes in horror* AN ILLUSION?

Shadow: Mirage. But, you had the right idea. *snaps fingers*

Flame Stag: *looks at stomach* What? ...*screams* *explodes*

Shadow: *skates over and spindashes right through a midair Flame Stag, which splits him in two* *lands casually onto the ground* *snubs nose and continues walking*
Who was that man? And where are all these enemies coming from? I need answers. But first, I'm going to find the one that was watching me. The one who was reading my every move when I was fighting Ridley. The one who looked like Sonic, but wasn't Sonic. I have a feeling he is the key to all of these locked doors called questions. I felt him every time we were in a big brawl. But, where is he?

??: *watching from a tall pillar near the destroyed school* If only you knew Shadow. *red eyes glow* If only you knew,,,*turns around* *looks at Ansem in the distance* I think I'll begin with him. *silently jumps from pillar and hovers towards the distant valley*

??: *was standing right below him the whole time* Yeah, and if only YOU knew. *scythe digitally appears in hands* *dashes after him*


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« Reply #31 on: 10 May, 2009, 08:45:49 pm »

SA2, if you are reading this or viewing this...I'm sorry for copping your style of music. I can't seem to find any better themes to fit the action...
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« Reply #32 on: 06 June, 2009, 12:56:36 pm »

5: Part 2

*back on Scourge's battle*

*Scourge and co. still squared off with Adler's crew*

Scourge: *balls up fist and bolts forward*

Adler: Wow, he's fast! *tentacles extrude to smack Scourge*

Scourge: *runs past all of them and circles Adler*

Sol: *pulls out sword and squares off with Bubbleman*

Bubbleman: *shoots Bubble Lead at Sol*

Sol: You gotta be kidding me...

Bubbleman: ...*smiles*

Sol: *raises eyebrow*

*bubbles finally reach Sol and they knock him back a bit*

Sol: Woah, packed more of a punch than I thought...

Bubbleman: *feels triumphant and flexes* *he quickly loses this act as he feels a sharp blade in his chest*

Sol: But, this packs even MORE of a punch. *takes sword out and uppercuts Bubbleman into the ocean* *follows*

Scorpion: *shoots spear at Waveman*

Mephiles: *smirks and runs alongside spear*

Waveman: O_O *retreats, but the spear catches him anyway*

Scorpion: GET THE **** OVER HERE!! *pulls Waveman like a madman*

Waveman: *flies through the air toward Scorpion* *lands hard right below Scorpion's feet*

Scorpion: *takes off mask and breathes fire into Waveman's face*

Waveman: HA. No damage! *smiles* *quickly receives a boot to the face instead* GOH!

Scorpion: *bursts out laughing*

Koopa Red: Let's drown that catfish guys!

Koopa Black: Yeah!

Koopa Yellow: *spins in shell*

Koopa Green: *does the same*

*they all spin across the ocean causing massive ripples*

Mephiles: *jumps high into the air and lands on Green* *surfs across the ocean and jumps off Green as he crashes into Volt Catfish*

Volt: *flails in the ocean*

Red: *crashes into Volt*

Yellow: *also crashes into Volt, but ricochets back to the beach*

Black: *spins into Yellow to guide him the right way*

Yellow: Thanks bro!

Black: *smiles in shell* *they both attempt to crash into Volt*

Volt: *has had enough* *prepares an electric current, but is quickly interrupted by a massive axe-kick from Mephiles which plunges Volt deep underwater*

Mephiles: *dives after Volt*

Red: *spins quickly and also plunges*

Green: *follows*

Yellow: *does the same*

Black: *smirks and spins back toward the beach*

Scourge: *has been beating the **** out of Adler* You had enough yet? *looks bored*

Adler: HOW DARE YOU MAKE A MOCKERY OUT OF ME!!! *shoots tentacles forward furiously*

Scourge: *jumps and runs on tentacles* *puts on shades and roundhouse kicks Adler right in the head which sends him twirling in the air*

Sol: *dodges Bubbleman's exploding bubbles* ...*sighs* *throws blade effortlessly as it lodges into Bubbleman's skull*

Bubbleman: ...*falls over backwards, only to get kicked in the air by Black*

Sol: *jumps into the air and pulls off a multiple punch/kick air combo juggle, and finishes with taking out his sword in Bubbleman's head, and spiking him to the ground with it*

Bubbleman: *on ground* .......

Sol: *lands near him* *holds blade high in the air on the verge of decapitating Bubbleman only to get punched in the head by Waveman*

Waveman: I don't think so.

Sol: *infuriated* You....just made a horrible mistake. *walks toward Waveman*

Waveman: *retreats to the seaside* *summons water to help him* *sends forth a giant tsunami to engulf the beach*

Scorpion: .....*braces self by making an "X" with his arms over his body*

Sol: *rushes toward the tsunami with sword forward*

Scourge: Aww...I was having fun with Loser, I mean Adler! *takes off shades* Oh boy...

Koopa Black: *withdraws into shell and burts forward at breakneck speed*

*the tsunami rages and smashes into the beach with its massive size and force*

Sol: *gets knocked miles backwards* HOLY SH-AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *flies through the air*

Scorpion: *flies straight into the heart of the beach* *not as far as Sol though*

Scourge: *rockets upward, miles into the sky*

Koopa Black: *battles the massive tsunami with his speed* *crashes against the tsunami, but speeds up spin* Come on....COME ONNNNN!!!! *spins so rapidly that he produces a mini whirlwind*

Waveman: Fool, what are you doing!!???

Koopa Black: *spins even more rapidly and finally pierces through the tidal wave, sending the remaining water in random places* *lands on ground and becomes super-dizzy*

Waveman: *falls to ground exhausted* Uhh...

Koopa Black: *after seconds of recuperation, finally makes his way over to Waveman* *jumps into the air and spins into his neck, which quickly decapitates him*

Bubbleman: WAVVVVEEEEMANNNNNN!!!!!!! *rages with anger and shoots thousands of exploding bubbles toward Black*

Black: O_O *retreats into shell and gets blasted into the ocean*

Mephiles: *punches Volt Catfish deep underwater*

Volt: *pushes away, and electrocutes the sea*

Mephiles: *since he's underwater, the electricity causes MAJOR damage* *slowly drifts downward unconcious, heading for a trench*

Red: *gets zapped, but doesn't take as much damage* *sees Mephiles* Oh no...*spins downward to catch him*

Green: *keeps Volt busy, and spins into him knocking him back to the surface*

Yellow: *spins to the surface, emerges from shell and kicks the **** out of Volt*

Red: *grabs Mephiles and tries to swim back to the surface* *running out of breath* Ohh..*breathes out and is on the verge of drowning* *reaches hand out to the surface but floats back down*

Volt: *unconcious on the surface*

Yellow: *wipes water from face* *looks underwater* Red? Where's Red?!?!?

Green: WHAT!?!? Oh crap...

Yellow: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. *swims to Volt Catfish, enraged* *eyes burst with fury* *beats Volt with a barrage of punches and kicks*

Green: *dives underwater to go find them*

*no luck so far*

Green: C'mon Red...where are you...?

*a faint red is seen in the distance*

Green: *running out of breath* Red, you've got to try harder! *glug*

*the red gets closer and closer*

Green: *can't stay underwater anymore* *swims back to the surface*

*peers underwater*

Green: RED!!!

Yellow: *swims to Green* Where!?

*the unconcious Red and Mephiles are brought back to the surface with an unfamiliar person**

Yellow: Who.....are you?

??: I am from this sea. I was born here, and I try to save anyone who becomes enveloped by this feral sea. I am a Zora. Adepts of the sea.

Green: Well met. *shakes hands* Thanks for saving our friends...

Zora: It's my job. *takes them back to the beach*

*Green and Yellow follow*

Black: *waves to them*

*they all regroup and the Zora tells his story again*

Green: Thanks again, bro.

Zora: *nods and dives back to the trench*

Yellow: *looks around* You killed all of them, by yourself?

Black: Yeah...I had the devil's luck.

Green: Why's that? *pumping water out of Mephiles*

Black: They were exhausted. Thank god.

Yellow: *looks at a slowly recovering Red* *bursts out laughing*

Red: *woozy* What's so....freakin' funneh?

Black: Heh. *looks backwards* Damn, they all got obilterated by that wave..

Green: *sees Mephiles has awakened* Who?

Black: Scourge, Sol, and Scorpion...they all got knocked thataway. *points backwards*

Green: Oh. *helps Mephiles up*

Mephiles: ...Wut happened? *rubs head*

Black: *sigh* I'll tell you later...

*they all sprawl out on the beach*

Red: I feel awful...

Black: You LOOK awful. XD

Red: Shut up.

Yellow: *giggles*

Mephiles: Ohhhhhhhh....*closes eyes* *face goes pale*

Yellow: Uh oh...VOMIT ALERT.

Mephiles: *rocks back and forth* *heaves to the side*

Red: *also vomits*

Black: *rolling on sand laughing*

Yellow: Eww....

*hears a screaming in the sky*

Yellow: *looks up*

*a yellowish ninja slams into the beach with "X's" in his eyes*

Green: Scorpion?

Yellow: Yup. God damn, how long were you in the air?

Scorp: *holds up a 3 then makes a 0 with hand*

Black: 30 minutes?!??!?!

Scorp: *nods* *falls asleep*

Yellow: *feels something jagged in the sand* What's this? *quickly knocks away the sand surrounding it* *picks it up and brushes it off*

Black: What is it?

Yellow: Dudes you WIILL NOT BELIEVE THIS...*voice trembles* It's...a....it's a....CHAOS EMERALD!!

*screen fades to the ocean*

*little do they know...a mysterious figure has been watching them in the sea*

??: Ha ha ha...now that they are exhausted, here comes the pain. *darts toward the beach* My hunger is insatiable...*grins* That chaos emerald is mine!!!


*in Prometheus's head*

??: Prometheus...how have you been? Slaying the good guys? Having fun? *sigh* I wish I could be there...having fun with you...

??: It sucks...I got killed off the stupidest ****...I....I want to be there...with you guys! Having fun! Fighting and stuff...

??: But, I'm stuck here...in this purgatory for the weak...Prometheus...I hate it. I hate it so much...

??: When you and the guys were fighting Ridley, I couldn't do ****. I just had to sit here and watch you get hurt...almost killed by that son of a *****. Prometheus...it sucks man...

??: You're chasing after Metal Sonic alone, when I could be there backing you up...

??: Ah...it pisses me off. But, what the hell can I do? I'm sitting here with this damn halo over my head...

??: Prometheus, when you get those wishes...wish me back...there are soo many things I need to do and finish...please...

??: I'm just glad I got to protect you. I didn't want you to end up here.

??: If it wasn't for those bastards we could still be having fun like always. Especially at the Reploid Casino. You remember that? With those fine female reploids?

??: My hardrive had NEVER been that hard....XD

??: Bah, I'm babbling on too much...I'll see you later Prometheus. Kick that bucket of tin's ass for me. I'll be rooting for you my friend.

*exit Prometheus's head*

*chasing after Metal Sonic*

Prometheus: Blues...it's a promise. A promise...I will NEVER break. No matter how cliched and corny it sounds...I WILL bring you back.

Pro: Even if my life depends on it, I promise.

*dashes faster*

Pro: I only hope I can survive for that amount of time....

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That song is from Kingdom Hearts? I thought it was from something else.
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5: Part 3

*camera pans in on a recovering Scourge*

Scourge: Oh man..my head. *looks around* *all there is to see is trees, dense bushes and vines everywhere* Some kind of forest? Where am I? *he walks around and after about 2 minutes crouches down* *he feels the soil as it tumbles down his glove*

Scourge: Hmm. *looks up in the sky* *begins to proceed forward* Man, where is everybody? *instantly his ears perk up* *hears some yelling in the distance* *immediately dashes to the scene and hides in the bushes*

??: You IDIOT! *slaps accomplice in front of him* I told you, NO MAYONAISE!

?? #2: I’m sorry! I get so nervous in drive-thrus! I truly apologi-

??: Apology DENIED. You are a fool. I should kill you for this.

?? #2: *whimpers* I’m s-sorrryyy!!!!

??: *eyes show no mercy* Hmph. Now, this is what I’M going to do. Since you killed my sandwich, I’m gonna make your life hell.

?? #2: *mumbles* It was already hell…

??: What was that?

?? #2: *worried look* Nothing!

??: So, as I was saying, I’m gonna do something…BAD. Emphasis on the “BAD.” I’m gonna **** on this sandwich. And YOU are going to eat it.

?? #2: I don’t think so.

??: *draws Demonic Scythe* I think so. *turns around, and the whizzing ensues*

?? #2: *almost hurls at the thought*

??: Ahh..much better. *kicks it toward him* Eat. Eat it off the ground, puppy.

?? #2:  …*looks disgusted* Why are you doing this to me?

??: I told you NO MAYONAISE, Llednar! You failed me. And therefore, you must pay the price.

Llednar: *grunts* You always treat me as if I was beneath you! I try my hardest to impress you, only to get reprimanded for a reason as small as MAYONAISE. I only agreed to train under you, so I could gain some power. Well, this apprentice is about to rebel. *draws Bio Sword* Prepare yourself, Magus. You are no longer a “Lord” to me. You’re just another person who thinks they’re godly. You ain’t **** to me!!!

Magus: Hahahaha. Llednar, I do hope you know what you are doing. Impressive speech by the way. I’ll put it in your eulogy.

Llednar: In your dreams.

Magus: Now why would I waste a dream on a pathetic moron such as yourself?

Llednar: …Just fight.

Magus: My question was too much for you it seems.

Llednar: …

*talking ensues*

Scourge: Man, that guy is getting owned…by words. I oughta help, but watching this is much more fun.

Llednar: Magus, shut up and fight me!!!

Magus: Your body says “fight” but your mind says “run away”. You should listen to your head, not your heart.

Llednar: That’s funny, because if it wasn’t for heart, there’d be no Captain Planet.

Magus: …*rolls on the ground laughing*

Scourge: That was so lame…*chuckles* *looks around giggling* I wonder if I can throw something at them… *finds a fist-sized rock and chucks it at them*

*it hits Magus right upside the head*

Magus: THE FIRST SHOTS OF WAR HAVE BEEN FIRED!!!! *dashes at Llednar* *camera shakes as it tries to keep up with Magus’ movements*

Llednar: *runs forward as well*

*their weapons clash repeatedly in attempts to best one another*

*they both strike and come at a stalemate*

Llednar: Not as strong as I thought you were, but it’ll do.

Magus: Wish I could say the same for you! *draws scythe back and sweeps Llednar’s legs*

Llednar: *jumps over and axe-kicks Magus into the ground* *attempts to impale Magus’ skull while he is downed*

Magus: *does a grounded frontflip and swings scythe in a circle as he stands up*

Llednar: *jumps back and pushes finger along blade, sending sharp ice shards toward his opponent*

Magus: *crosses arms and vibrates uncontrollably as the shards sail right through him* *he phased right through them and is now directly in front of a shocked Llednar* *kicks him in the gut and throws scythe into the air* *performs a 20-hit fisticuffs combo and grabs a falling scythe as Llednar draws back trying to catch his breath* *uses the scythe butt to knock even more air out of the struggling Llednar*

Llednar: *grunts and tries to crawl away, clutching stomach*

Magus: Too much for you? *swipes at a downed Llednar multiple times* *uses butt of the scythe to make Llednar’s head faceplant into the dirt* Ha ha ha, that’s where you belong Llednar! On the ground! Groveling at my feet. You’re pitiful! *kicks him multiple times*

Llednar: *one eye is fully closed and face is badly bruised* *reaches hand out as if begging for help from an unknown entity*

Magus: No one can save you, Llednar. You should’ve thought this through before you even considered challenging me. WHAT. *kick* WERE. *kick* YOU. *slash* THINKING? *slash*

Llednar: *clothes are torn and flesh has peeled away* *bleeds rapidly* *clenches teeth and desperately struggles to crawl away to no avail*


Llednar: *looks up into the distance* *grumbles* No…

Magus: After this beating, you STILL oppose me? You’ve got heart, but Captain Planet cannot save you.

Llednar: Captain…Plan……..*blood slides from mouth* Captain….*finally stops struggling and slowly looses consciousness* Captain…

Magus: Guess what? Captain DEATH is coming to pay a visit to you! Here he comes! *raises scythe high into the air* SAY GOODNIGHT, LLEDNAR! CAPTAIN-

??: *a blue figure with an unusual helmet jumps out from a familiar blue vehicle* *he is seen drawing back his fist in the glow of the sun* *he can’t be seen clearly due to the glare as he charges a punch in slow-motion* FALCON…..

Magus: *turns around* What the? *eyes go wide as figure closes in the distance in the air*

Scourge: *still watching from the bushes* Who the hell is that?!

??: *closes in on Magus* *thrusts fist forward with phenomenal intensity* PAAAAAAAAUUNNNNCCHHHHHHH!!!

Magus: *takes the blow fully to the face*

*the impact causes time to freeze for a full 3 seconds* *when time regains consciousness, Magus is seen flying through the forest at breakneck speed*

??: *stands up after the blow* *red aura is seen around him like he’s charging* *salutes* YES.

Scourge: *mouth drops to the floor*

??: *runs over to Llednar* Aww you okay? *extends hand out*

Llednar: *slowly looks over and sees shadowy figure standing above him with hand out* *squints* Captain…Planet?

??: Captain….*glare from the sun slashes visor* Falcon. From Show Me Ya Moves Corp. Full-time Bounty Hunter. That Magus has been wanted for a long time now. Pretty nice price on his head.

Llednar: *smiles a nervous smile* Yeah…*still hasn’t regained full consciousness* *grabs hand and stands up*

Captain Falcon: So, what happened here? *pulls out notebook and pen*

Llednar: Well…

*the two converse for minutes*

Scourge: *still peeking from bushes* That was the most epic punch I’ve ever seen…

*the two finally get done conversing*

Llednar: And that’s when you came.

Falcon: *very enthusiastic* YES. *throws pen and pad through open cockpit of the Blue Falcon* *juggles keys in the air and stylishly closes the cockpit with a simple press of a button* *salutes* YES.

Llednar: *smiles a nervous smile*

Captain Falcon: Alright, get in the Blue Falcon. I’ll take you back to the city.

Llednar: Okay. *limps towards the vehicle*

Falcon: *smiles as he walks past* *quickly gets serious and walks into the forest going to find Magus*

Scourge: …*whispers to self while still peeking, absorbed in the suspense* Epic battle about to come!!!

Falcon: *ventures through the forest and finds Magus* *multiple trees fell due to Magus flying through them* *the forest was a disaster* *Falcon has a clear path to walk through due to Magus clearing everything away as he was flying* *his scythe is seen hanging out in a tree and Magus is seen slumped over leaning on a tree*

Magus: Nnng…

Falcon: *tosses Magus’ arm over his shoulder and carries him back to the Blue Falcon*

*about 5 minutes later*

Falcon: *tosses Magus in and cranks up the BF* *it levitates due to the air boosters on the bottom*

Scourge: Hey now! *quickly reveals self and hitches a ride on top of the BF* *lounges on top of it and takes a nap*

*20 minutes later they pass a sign*

"Welcome to Veilstone City"

Falcon: *finally stops in front of “Show Me Ya Moves Corp.”* *parks right alongside the curb* Here it is, Llednar! *picks up Magus and drags him into the tall building*

Llednar: *follows*

Scourge: *jumps off of BF and hides behind it* *peeking from the left*

Falcon: Samus, I’ve caught the bastard. All thanks to this kid.

Samus: *an robot-looking figure with orange armor is seen kicking back at the front desk* *leans up* Great work, Douglas. Put him in the Holding Pens. And your name is?

Llednar: Llednar. Llednar Twem.

Samus: Thanks to you Llednar, this guy has been successfully captured. He has been wanted for years and always manages to slip out from under our noses everytime we catch a lead. Your assistance is appreciated. For that, you’ll take half of Douglas’ reward.

Falcon: WHAT!?!? *thrusts hands into air and claps them on helmet, dropping Magus onto the hard floor*

Samus: *glares at Falcon*

Falcon: *mumbles something no one could hear and drags Magus off* I was gonna use my money for a new paint job…I could’ve gotten those Fusion Exhausts and Vibranium Amplifiers. Maybe some UltraSound Nitrus! *mumbles some more and disappears into the next room*

Samus: That Douglas…*shakes head*

Llednar: He’s a trip. But, thank god he saved me.

Samus: Douglas has a strong sense of justice. He would’ve helped even if there was no bounty on Magus.

Llednar: How did he find me?

Samus: SwiftReader GPS on his Blue Falcon. The guy is pretty high-tech despite his age.

Llednar: *chuckles* Oh, have you ever seen him perform this pun-

Falcon: *reappears out of nowhere* Ah, the Falcon Punch. I see I have another fan!

Llednar: It was awesome.

Samus: *rolls eyes*

Falcon: Indeed.

Llednar: Where did you learn it?

Falcon: Well…I first gained that move during the first set of the Super Smash Bros. game. Master Hand called me in to his office and he wanted me to give him suggestions for my moveset. So, I decided that I would have this uber-epic punch that would cause so much distortion on the battlefield, that everyone would stop fighting just to see who I nailed. Ask Samus. Her moveset was similar to mine. Although, *whispers in Llednar’s ear* she had this lame charge cannon thing that sucked pretty badl-

*a gun is seen cocked at Falcon’s head*

Samus: Shut up.

Falcon: *nods and looks down* Killjoy. Well anyway, there are these people that reside on this worldwide phenomenon called the Internet. Someone started this “fad” of how epic my Falcon Punch was, and then almost instantly, numerous parodies and spoofs were made to emphasize the manliness of not only my punch, but myself.

Llednar: *is absorbed in the information*

Scourge: Heh, he’s awesome. But, I’ve got to find my way back to my friends. *is about to run off but stops at the sound of a siren*

Samus: An alert notice? *removes helmet and talks into walkie-talkie esque phone*

Llednar: O_O Man, she’s hot.

Falcon: Tell me about it…*rubs hand over neck to feel welts and bruises made by her* *shudders*

Samus: Snake? What’s going on?

*over the phone*

Snake: Samus! You and Douglas need to report to me immediately! We have a case here. Numerous hostiles approaching the frontier! They aren’t wanted, but they are exceptionally dangerous! We need to stop them before they can manage to breach the city.

Samus: I’m on it. *clicks phone and nods to Falcon* *puts on helmet and rushes out door* *immediately looks to the left and sees a green spine behind the BF* *walks over and sees the wide-eyed green hedgehog*

Scourge: Hi. *waves*

Samus: Who are you?

Scourge: Scourge the Hedgehog. But, enough banter! We have a situation right?

Samus: We?

Scourge: You need all the help you can get right? Come on. Let me help.

Samus: Can we trust you?

Scourge: No way in hell. But it’s not like I’m gonna help the baddies escape. I just want to kick some ass! And receive a share of the final pay!

Samus: *rolls eyes* Well, if we can’t trust you, then no.

Scourge: Fine! You can trust me! I want to help!

Falcon: *in the BF* Come on Samus!!

Samus: *grabs Scourge’s hand and tosses him into the Blue Falcon*

Falcon: *looks in rear-view mirror* A friend?

Samus: Sort of. He wanted to help, so I accepted.

Falcon: Can you fight?

Scourge: You’ll see. *smirk* *chills in the back seat*

Llednar: *looks at Scourge and narrows eyes* Where did you come from?

Scourge: I followed you guys! I was in that forest, when I saw that awesome punch. So…I peeked from the bushes and watched Falcon question you. *tightens glove* You guys were leaving, and I jumped on the top and came here with you guys.

Falcon: *is so furious he nearly rams into the oncoming Golden Fox, piloted by Dr. Stewart*

Dr. Stewart: *raises cockpit and flips off Falcon as they speed pass each other*

Falcon: *Also raises cockpit and berates Stewart with vulgar vocabulary* *sits back down* YOU GOT SHOE MARKS ON MY PAINT JOB.

Scourge: *playing with finger while relaxing* So-rry princess.

Falcon: …*steams*

*they finally park in front of a giant super-building labeled “The Soldier of Fortune”, with a cardboard box as the logo*

*a moving cardboard box is seen coming out of the door*

Scourge: *rolls in seat laughing*

Samus: *cocks gun at Scourge’s head*

Scourge: *quickly stops*

*a lean man hops in the BF and sits between Samus and Scourge*

Snake: *looks at Scourge* *looks at everyone else then looks back at Scourge* *opens mouth*

Falcon: Yeah, he’s a hedgehog. And we’re all humans.

Snake: *closes mouth* *looks at Scourge and licks lips*

Samus: No, Snake.

Snake: *stops* So…we have incoming hostiles approaching the frontier. I’ve got some info on the case. There is a “robotic” blue hedgehog coming in toward the city, fast.

Scourge: *ears perk but remains silent*

Snake: Another, is a “reploid” with this teal looking scythe, chasing the blue robot. Looked like he had a ****-protector. *chuckles*

Falcon: *nearly swerves off the road laughing*

Samus: And?

Snake: There was this guy. A hooded figure with a grey vest on. It seems he has shape-shifting powers and can turn his body into a variety of dangerous weapons. I watched some footage of him in Mute City and he ransacked the city ruthlessly. His name is Alex Mercer. By far the most dangerous of the bunch.

Llednar: *gulps*

Snake: Then, there was this guy with a red jacket and a pretty big blade on his back. He has an assortment of weapons and claims to be the “Son of Sparda”. He seems to be a little more civilized than the others and we may be able to get him to join our side. His name’s Dante. He was engaging with a bald man who has pale skin and red marks all over his body. He’s somewhat laconic and is just as ruthless as Alex. He has these two blades that are chained together and uses a variety of weapons also. Not to mention powers of the “Gods”. His name is Kratos.

Samus: Hmm…we're going to need more support. We can’t take all of them alone with these numbers.

Snake: Then, there’s a guy with silverish hair and a red jacket also. He carries a pretty big sword and is said to drain the life of his enemies. He seems to be the source of the chaos. Ragna the Bloodedge. *strokes chin*

Falcon: Man, that’s a lot…

Samus: ...

Snake: Think we should swing by and pick up Cole?

Falcon: Yup. *takes a sharp right and flashes through the alleyways* *stops at a damaged powerline, and sees electricity flowing through it* *an oddly-dressed man is seen zapping the power line, sitting on a dumpster* *opens cockpit*

Cole: Need my help? *smiles*

Falcon: *holds fist out and daps Cole* You know it.

Cole: *looks in backseat* Not enough room.

*everyone looks at Scourge*

Scourge: *was twiddling with fingers* *looks around* What?

*2 minutes later*

Scourge: *is seen lounging on the roof of the BF* *mumbles*

*about 15 minutes later, they pull up to the frontier, a vast plain with mountains in the distance* *the city lies right behind them* *the sky begins to grow dark and the wind picks up*

Cole: That’s an ominous sign…

Llednar: Yeah…

Falcon: Well, let’s get ready.

*they all walk forward down the dark plain*

*footsteps are heard behind them*

??: FALCON? What are you doing here?

*a blade swipes at Falcon, but he dodges it by sidestepping casually*

Falcon: Goroh, now is not the time.

*a fat, barbarian-looking man with round glasses is seen beside Falcon*

Goroh: What’s goin’ on?

Falcon: We’ve got numerous hostiles approaching. This is bad. They are all very powerful and are planning on rushing the frontier. *looks at wrist* I dunno about this one, Goroh...

Goroh: Ha ha. Are you scared Falcon? Need some help?

Falcon: No, I'm just...anxious. And, yeah, we need all the help we can get. I'm suprised you offered.

Goroh: Who do you think I am Falcon? You think I’d let some snotnose punks bombard MY city? You must be out of your damn mind! My blade needs some blood to settle its hunger.

Falcon: *smiles*

Snake: *cluthes ear* A signal. *shouts* They’re here! *dives into cardboard box*

Falcon: *quickly grows serious* *thrusts hand forward* MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

*they all zip along the frontier into the depths of the plain*

Cole: *squints* I see someone!

Samus: *charges cannon*

*Dante and Kratos are seen in the distance clashing blades*

Dante: You’re not bad. *smirk* *twirls pistol and pelts Kratos with a barrage of bullets*

Kratos: *pulls out a Golem’s head and shields self from the barrage*

Dante: *hops over shield and kicks Kratos into the ground* *gets a running start and proceeds to surf down the plain with his body, then kicks him into a nearby boulder* *shrugs as he taunts* Is that the best you’ve got? C’mon!

*Alex Mercer walks down the plain*

Kratos: *gets up* You’re dead. *while he attempts to dash at Dante, a casual Alex knocks him a couple of yards back with a backhand*

Alex: *looks at Dante and assumes a fighting stance*

Dante: Ha. *smirks* Another freak joining the party? Alright, come get some!

Alex: …

Dante: Silent type eh? *laughs as he sarcastically taunts Alex* Ooo...you're so intimidating!

*Ragna is seen walking down the same path Alex walked*

Ragna: Hmph. Busy day. *draws sword* *walks toward Alex and Dante*

Kratos: *is furious* *shouts in anger and dashes back to the fight* No one makes a fool of me! I AM KRATOS. THE GOD OF WAR! *hastily rushes forward*

Snake: *talks in ear-piece* Big battle. I’ll stay back and scout from the rear. Cole, provide backup for our fighters.

Cole: *touches ear* You got it.

Snake: Scourge. You, Falcon, Llednar, and Goroh charge into the battle.

Got it.

Snake: Samus, you know what to do.

Samus: Yes.

Snake: *in cardboard box with radio* Oh man, more hostiles!! The two robots are on their way! And…one more hostile!

Cole: More?

Snake: Yes. A goofy looking guy with this weird armlet! His name is Gene. When he rips off the armlet, he becomes that of a God. Watch out, he’s incredibly agile. Although, he's not as dangerous as the others.

Falcon: *running at speeds of an Olympian* Got it.

Goroh: This is going to be one helluva show! *draws blade and raises it upwards*

*it begins to pour down rain*

Llednar: *stays silent as he runs*

Scourge: Llednar, focus!

Llednar: *looks over and nods*

Falcon: Let’s do this.

*they all charge to the middle of the frontier where the brawling is occurring*

Gene: *meets up with everyone in the middle* *assumes Bruce Lee stance* Time to kick some ass. AYYYYY!!!!

Scourge: That’s my line! Without the "AYYY!!"

Dante: Woah, this is going to rock **** baby! A free-for-all? *slaps knee* This is just too good to be true!

Kratos: Shut up! *rushes at Dante*

Dante: Bring it on, baldie. *taunts Kratos with blade wagging at him*

Alex: *arms turn into razor-sharp blades* I will fight for revenge. Revenge on those who experimented on me. Revenge on the guilty...

Ragna: *looks at palm, clenches it, and rushes forward*

*in the distance*

Prometheus: STOP, METAL SONIC.

Metal Sonic: Inferior species has no business meddling in my affairs! Prepare to die!

Prometheus: *summons scythe and positions self directly in front of Metal Sonic*

*they are far away from the crowd*

Prometheus: Blues…this is for you!!!

*screen fades*


Woo. Only took me a month to update. WRITER'S BLOCK. Huge brawl next chapter. I had to get the Metal Sonic/Prometheus conflict to intermix with another conflict so the story wouldn't be all over the place like it aready is. Just a little easier to keep track of.
Personally, I liked this chapter. Scourge is somewhat beggining to become that of an anti-hero, but he hasn't lost his evil ways completely. The hostiles are all trying to purge the city in search of a Chaos Emerald. But, little does Falcon/Samus know, it was right under their noses the whole time. No wonder Magus was so popular with the law. Llednar is a guy from FFTA just in case you wanted to know. Alex is from Prototype, Cole is from inFamous who has electical powers, and Ragna is the main character from Blazblue. Magus is from Chrono Trigger and you all know Kratos from God of War. Dante from DMC and Gene is from a lesser-known game called "God Hand". Check it out, it's funny as hell.

Alright, that's all. Take it easy until next chapter.

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I've got too many characters jumbled with one objective. I'm going to have to kill at least 3 of them off in the next battle.

or will I?
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5: Part 4

*the massive struggle begins*

*the camera pans in on Falcon, Alex, Dante, and Kratos duking it out*

(skip to 1:01)

Falcon: *thrusts arm back and goes in for a Raptor Uppercut on Alex*

Alex: *effortlessly sidesteps the blow and sweeps Falcon off of his feet*

Dante: *pulls out his twin pistols and sprays a barrage of bullets at the unsuspecting Alex*

Alex: *gets pelted by 15 bullets and quickly transforms arm into a giant shield*

Kratos: *runs up behind Alex and shoves both of his blades into Alex’s spine*

Alex: Ugh…*turns his head and glares at Kratos* *gets up and transforms his arms into blades*

*Alex and Kratos square off in a duel of blades* *parrying and repelling each other’s blows with skill* *when it looked like Alex got the best of Kratos, Falcon intervened*

Falcon: *is seen jumping high into the air* FALCON KICK! *dives downward with a blazing kick that crashes into Alex sending him back a couple of yards* *salutes* YES.

*while Falcon was too busy with Alex, Dante takes a stroll over to a not-yet recovered Kratos*

Dante: *pulls out Rebellion (sword) and begins to unleash a barrage of thrusts at a downed Kratos* *it seemed like he was piercing Kratos over a thousand times by the looks of how fast he was going*

Kratos: *finally has had enough and catches Dante’s blade*

Dante: You can have it. *he lets go of the blade and begins to pelt Kratos with bullets*

Kratos: *gets up after Dante has to reload, and begins to swing Dante’s own blade at him*

Dante: *dodges all of the incoming blows and finally knees Kratos in the gut* C’mon, you haven’t even touched me!

Kratos: *begins to grow furious* *drops Dante’s blade and summons the power of Zeus* *lightning strikes the battlefield and Kratos uses the electricity to zap the hell out of Dante*

Dante: Woah, boy. *begins to retreat down the plain as electricity follows him*

Kratos: What? How is that? Impossible!

Dante: *begins to run at what seems like the speed of sound and runs around Kratos*

Kratos: AHH!!! *lightning strikes from the skies and nails Dante precisely in his tracks*

Dante: Ugh..*falls over and begins to twitch on the ground*

Kratos: HA HA HA. *runs over to Dante and raises blades high into the air* *is about to impale Dante when a familiar blue figure crashes into him*

Falcon: *is on the ground shaking head* He’s strong.

*Alex walks over to him and picks him up by the collar*

Alex: *pulls fist back and knocks Falcon into a downed Kratos*

Falcon: Hey, I know we aren’t the best of friends, but this guy has got to go.

Kratos: Hmph, as you wish. *pushes Falcon off and charges at Alex with blades sliding on the ground*

Alex: *smiles* *arms transform into Hulk-like fists* *punches Kratos*

Falcon: *as he is running towards Alex, he sees Kratos flying in the other direction* Damn, I don’t want him to show me his moves!

*he jumps in the air to Falcon-Kick Alex again, but is interrupted by a rocket-launcher to the stomach* *Captain Falcon flies backwards*

Dante: *is seen in the smoke, Rocket Launcher in hands* *smiles*

Alex: *looks at Dante*

Dante: *looks at Alex*

Alex: Double-team?

Dante: I was going to ask you the same thing. *puts up rocket launcher and leans over to pick up Rebellion*

*the rain drenches the battlefield*

Falcon: *helps Kratos to his feet* Hey, they’re going tag-team!

Kratos: Not like I care. *tosses Falcon’s hand away* *wipes blood from mouth*

Falcon: You can’t take both of them! Hell, you couldn’t take Dante by yourself!

Kratos: This isn’t my full-power you imbecile.

Falcon: *slaps the back of helmet in an exasperated sigh*

Kratos: *stares at Falcon* I need no one’s help! *raises fist in triumph* I AM THE GOD OF-


*Kratos goes flying in the air*

Alex: Haha. Bullseye.

Dante: *gives out a manly “YEAH!”*

Falcon: *looks around to see Dante and his rocket-launcher* *Alex beside him laughing*

Dante: You’re next, Captain Bird****!

*these words echoed in Falcon’s head* *as the two laughed and taunted, Falcon grew angry* *not angry, but a savage fury* *something very unlike him* *he clenched his fists and turned his back to them, trying to ignore their taunts and insults* *but those words never left his mind* *NO ONE insulted his trademark animal* *the rain stopped in his mind and his muscles bulged a bit*

*Dante readied another missile and Alex just sat there, the rain pelting his hood*

Dante: You’re dead!! *he fired the missile and smiled at the impending explosion*

Falcon: *quickly turns around with a smile and runs toward the missile at lightning-fast speed* *he sprints toward the missile and jumps in the air*

*Falcon pulls his fist back*

Falcon: FALCON……*he thrusts his fist forward with phenomenal intensity* PUUUUUUNNNNCCHHHHH!!!!

*he punches the missile head-on and it reverses direction instantly* *before it had time to zoom back toward its original firer, Falcon hops on top of the missile and rides with it*

Dante: *puts up his rocket launcher and hides behind a shielding Alex*

*the missile crashes into Alex and sends him flying despite his shield* *as Dante looks back in confusion, he turns back around to see the ugliest thing a man wants to see…….A fist to the face*

Falcon: *fist connects with Dante’s face and time freezes again* *as time fast-forwards, Falcon snaps his fingers and his Blue Falcon appears* *he hops in and cranks it up* *when time resumes, Dante goes flying across the field* *Falcon races right under him and jumps out* *reversing direction of his jump, he kicks Dante in the other direction* *he lands back in his Blue Falcon and repeats only this time, he knees Dante across his skull to send him hurtling into Alex in which they both fly across the field*

*Kratos is seen running towards them, and he impales both of them on one blade* *he chains the other to it, and drags them on the ground while he clutches the free blade as he runs*

Falcon: *approaches Kratos in his BF*

Kratos: *wraps his blade around the BF’s exhaust and pats the BF signaling Falcon to go*

Falcon: *gives a thumbs-up and boosts off, dragging the two on the wet ground* *they get constantly burned by the exhaust and the blade impaling them makes it feel all the worse* *Falcon drags them for at least 5 minutes and finally does a barrel-roll, sending them high into the sky*

Kratos: *stops below them and summons Zeus’s power* *the two get struck repeatedly with furious lightning as they come rocketing back towards the ground* *the free blade hangs down as they fall and Kratos grabs it to yank the impaling blade out* *he twirls in the air with the chained blades and slashes them repeatedly* *he sees the BF zooming in and he slides under it, latching on to it with his blade*

Falcon: *jumps out of the cockpit and does his trademark punch* FALCON PUUUNNNCCHHHHH!! *the punch sends them spiraling into the ground to meet a still-going BF* *the two get struck by the front of the machine and they go soaring into the air once again*

Kratos: *pulls out Typhon’s Bane and begins assaulting the two with numerous arrows*

Falcon: *finally finishes the never-ending combo with a Falcon Kick in which the two plummet into the wet grass* *snaps fingers and BF runs them over* *salutes* YES.

Kratos: *quickly runs over to Alex and begins pounding on his head with his fists* *then after a while of revenge, the two collapse exhausted* *Kratos laughs for the first time in years*

Falcon: *begins a shaky chuckle and holds hand out to shake Kratos’s hand*

Kratos: *glares at Falcon for a minutes, then holds his hand out as well* You have the power to rival Ares, Falcon.

Falcon: Is that a good thing?

Kratos: Yes. That is an exceptionally good thing. But, my rage will never be relinquished. Zeus may have helped me today, but tomorrow, he will die. And so will the rest of the gods. Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, they will all die. By MY hands.

Falcon: *just nods in agreement because he doesn’t know what to say*

*Dante and Alex lie unconscious on the ground, smoke enveloping their bodies*

Kratos: I should kill the hooded one, but I have no right to kill those that aren’t interfering with my conquest. I will only kill Zeus, his followers, and the rest of the gods that have formed an alliance with him. *the rain washes the blood off of Kratos’s blades*

Falcon: You’re really pissed off aren’t you?

Kratos: Damn right. I’ll do anything to satisfy my rage. You’ve helped me defeat these clowns, I bet you’re friends are having a hard time with the rest. Let me return the favor. I will fight alongside you, Falcon. And please, tell me who your friends are, I don’t want to have to wind up killing one of them.

Falcon: *smiles and nods*

*they both charge towards the raging battle*

*the camera pans in on the other battle*

*Samus, Scourge, Goroh, Cole, and Llednar are seen leading the assault on the intruders*

Ragna: *punches Llednar in the gut furiously* *as Llednar kneels over, he looks at his palm as it turns into a dark hand about to grab Llednar*

*a burst of lightning zaps Ragna in the back, interrupting him*

*a figure is seen running about with his arms moving around in a circular fashion, manipulating electricity* *thanks to Zeus’s lightning strikes, Cole manages to absorb the excess lightning in the air*

Cole: I don’t think so.

*Gene is seen (lol rhyme) running towards Cole* *he jumps, going in for a Dragon Kick only to get blasted sideways by a Plasma Beam*

*Samus is seen with her left arm clutching her cannon arm in a crouching stance*

Cole: *yells to her* I owe you one!

Samus: *nods*

Cole: *eyes grow wide* Behind you! *he throws an electrical sticky-grenade in front of her*

*she jumps over it, shoots it, and watches Ragna get zapped*

Ragna: *kneels over* *quickly recovers and slashes Samus multiple times, sending her away with an Inferno Divider*


Ragna: *smiles* *wags finger at Cole, signaling him to come at Ragna*

*Cole runs toward Ragna and attempts to electric-kick him, but Ragna sidesteps the blow and elbows Cole in the face, following with a couple of slashes and a punch that sends him into the mushy ground* *punts Cole away and sweeps backwards, tripping an ambushing Goroh*

Goroh: *recovers quickly and slashes Ragna twice, only to get parried the third time and sent flying with an Inferno Divider by Ragna*

*Gene reappears and kicks a downed Samus out of his path* *Samus quickly rolls over and grapple-hooks Gene’s leg, causing him to trip* *she quickly gets up, stands over him and unloads numerous blasts of plasma into him*

Gene: OUCH. *he finally rolls backwards and tries to punch Samus in the balls*

*Gene sees she’s not affected*

Gene: What the f-

*he is sent flying by a roundhouse kick*

Samus: *facepalms and continues running forward, helping a downed Cole to his feet along the way*

Llednar: *clashes with Ragna multiple times as the two attempt to exploit each other* Dammit, why won’t you just fall!

Ragna: Because I’m not weak like you. *he draws back and his arm turns into that hand again* *this time he successfully grabs Llednar and begins holding him high in the air* DARK DEVOUR!!!

*Llednar struggles to break free of the grasp as his energy is being depleted by the dark hand*

*a familiar green hedgehog quickly interrupts the feast with a spinning backhand that sends Ragna reeling back a couple of steps*

Scourge: Hey, hey! *wipes jacket with fist arrogantly*

Ragna: GRAH! *he zips behind Scourge and blasts him away with dark energy*

*Goroh runs behind him, only to get blasted away by the same energy*

Ragna: *smirks*

*Samus and Cole are seen running in the distance*

Samus: You know what you’re doing?

Cole: God I hope so.

Samus: …

*she grabs Cole’s hand and launches him high into the air*

*Cole rubs his hands together to power his fall as he soars directly over an unsuspecting Ragna*

*he plummets downward and crashes directly on top of Ragna sending electricity everywhere in a 2 mile radius*

Ragna: *is on the ground twitching*

Cole: *gets up and begins to barrage Ragna with the last bit of electrical energy he has left* *he stops* Damn, I’m out of juice!


Cole: I can’t! There’s got to be a generator somewhere…

Scourge: But it’s raining! Rain generates electricity right?

Cole: Hmm…*light bulb flashes in head* How fast are you?

Scourge: Faster than the speed of sound.

Cole: Run back to the city and bring me a power line!

Scourge: I can’t lift one of those!

Cole: Well, bring as many cables as you can hold! Hurry!

*Scourge zips back to the city*

Ragna: *gets up finally and sends Cole flying with a haymaker*

Samus: *shoots from the distance*

Ragna: *blocks the blows with his sword* *he laughs*

Samus: *changes cannon frame and starts firing Phazon from cannon*

Ragna: *blocks again, but the Phazon sails right through the sword and into Ragna, burning him* *angry voice* Blasts that can travel through solid matter? Impressive. *he charges at Samus and slashes at her multiple times*

Samus: *dodges all of the strikes and finally rolls to the side, sending Ragna back a couple of yards with a Spazer blast*

Ragna: You’re growing to be a nuisance. *he looks at his palm* BLOOD KAIN. *a dark aura glows around him and his dark wings grow visible*

Samus: *blasts at Ragna while rolling about*

Ragna: *dodges all of them effortlessly and strikes Samus mid-roll* *slashes repeatedly and grabs her with the dark hand* *the hand squeezes hard and her armor shatters*

Samus: !!! *gasps for air*

Llednar: *shoulder-tackles Ragna and slashes him twice only to get knocked away with a Dark Backhand*

Scourge: *hands Cole the cables and runs at Ragna*

Cole: *absorbs the cable electricity and calls forth a lightning-strike from the sky*

Ragna: *looks up* Trouble brewing. *he smiles and runs forward at Cole*

Scourge: *meets Ragna mid-pursuit and sends a fist his way*

Ragna: *blocks the blow and kicks Scourge out of the way*

Goroh: *comes out of nowhere and bearhugs Ragna, only to get kicked in the nuts by a struggling Ragna* *Goroh falls to the ground*

Cole: Someone! Restrain him! *he concentrates on the lightning-strike*

Goroh: *reaches up and grabs Ragna’s leg sending him to the ground*

Ragna: *kicks him off* You fat lard, let go!

*lightning finally strikes from the sky and crashes into Ragna full-force*

Ragna: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *he falls to his knees and slumps to the ground, still trying to fight*

Llednar: *helps Samus and Scourge to their feet* Is it over?

Gene: Not yet!

*Gene comes out of nowhere and sends forth a blazing fist that sends Scourge eating the dirt* *he turns to Llednar and punches him repeatedly, finishing with a flying uppercut that sends him back a couple of feet into the muddy soil* *he looks at Samus*

*She whips out her plasma whip and glares at Gene*

Gene: Ha, very kinky. *he gets lashed across the face harshly* OUCH. *he reels back in pain*

Samus: …

Gene: Okay, I submit! I give! I give! *sits down and relaxes on the ground, covering his face*

Samus: *sighs*

Cole: *walks over to Ragna* Is he dead?

Goroh: Don’t count on it. That bastard was out for blood.

Cole: *rubs chin*

Ragna: *arm moves about*

Cole: *whips back into battle stance*

Ragna: *starts to levitate*

Goroh: Oh hell, he’s into that paranormal ****!!

Cole: Ah man!

Scourge: *squints* What!?

Samus: He should be dead!

Llednar: NO!!

Gene: Meh.

*Ragna explodes with dark energy, knocking everyone back off their feet*

Ragna: I’ll start with you. *he walks over to an exhausted Cole, and raises his demon hand* You’re the one who poses the most threat to me. Now, I’ll end that charade! Then, I’ll absorb the woman’s life. Then, the hedgehog’s!! *he thrusts forward his hand*

Cole: *closes his eyes*


*hears a loud explosion and opens his eyes* *he sees that Ragna is nowhere to be seen*

Cole: What the? *he looks around and sees a familiar cardboard box* Snake?

Snake: *tosses cardboard box off* *has a very serious look on face* It’s showtime. *he pulls out his G. Launcher and fires mortars at a flying Ragna*

Ragna: Ha! *Ragna aerial dodges the mortars but gets bombed by three of them*

Snake: *throws away Launcher, and runs at Ragna, pulling out a grenade*

Ragna: *drops to the ground and runs at Snake*

Snake: *tosses grenade and goes in for a sweeping slide*

Ragna: *easily hops over Snake, ignoring the grenade*

Snake: *as he slid past, he catches the flying grenade and tosses it backwards, blowing up Ragna and knocking him over*

Ragna: *quickly recovers and charges again, shooting dark energy as he runs*

Snake: *uses incredible acrobatics to dodge the energy, and disarms Ragna*

Ragna: …My sword.

Snake: …

Ragna: If that’s how you want it! *he thrusts his fist forward and the two exchange epic blows in the pouring rain*

Cole: We have to help!

Scourge: Yeah!

*the whole team dashes forward to support Snake, only to be blocked off by a blue hedgehog* *his red eyes glow in the solemn rain*

Scourge: No, not now!

Metal Sonic: You will not interfere!

Scourge: !!! Where’s Prometheus!!??

Metal Sonic: *points in the distance*

*all you can see is a defeated body in the distance*

Scourge: PROMETHEUS!! *he flashes off towards the incapacitated cyborg*

Metal Sonic: Hahahahahaha. Now then, the rest of you: MUST GET THROUGH ME.

Llednar: Gladly! *draws Bio Sword*

*they all struggle with the robotic hedgehog*

Scourge: Prometheus!?

Pro: *does not budge or make a sound*

Scourge: No…

Pro: *silence*

Scourge: *grabs Pro’s hand and holds it in his* This is not happening….

Pro: …

Scourge: *voice becomes rattled and shaky with sorrow* I swear on my life…I WILL KILL HIM. *eyes flash with absolute hatred*

*he flashes back to the scene only to see a downed Captain Falcon with Kratos nowhere to be seen*

Scourge: FALCON!!

Falcon: …

Scourge: *he zips over and feels his heart* He’s still breathing…

Falcon: S-S-Scourge….

Scourge: Falcon!

Falcon: S-Scourge…that hedgehog…unbelievable power…just…nng…*he flails over and fidgets on the wet ground*

Scourge: *leaves Falcon to rest* I’ll be back. *eyes are now the deepest form of hatred a man could reveal* *he furiously runs back to the scene* Metal Sonic!! *he sees him in the distance, easily fending off his opposition* *Scourge jumps high into the air and spins right into Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *punts Scourge away* Inferior being, begone!

Scourge: *recovers and spins again, only to be caught and punted away again*


Snake: *fends off Ragna, and goes to help the others* Guys, I’m coming!

Ragna: *grabs Snake’s arm and pulls him into a DDT*

Snake: *gets up quickly and stomps Ragna on the ground* *leaves him a grenade and runs off*

Ragna: *throws the grenade away and pulls Snake back in with his Dark Arm* *he squeezes the life out of Snake* DARK DEVOUR!! IT’S OVER FOR YOU!

Snake: AHHH!!! *musters all the strength he can to escape, but to no avail* *he shimmies out of his pants and tosses them at Ragna via his feet*

Ragna: *pants are on face* *holds them with his free arm and is about to toss them away, when Snake yells-*

Snake: NOW. *the pants explode and Ragna goes flying* Always leave a live C4 in your pants. And always put the remote under your tongue. *he spits the remote out and throws it away* *he clutches his stomach as he runs to help his desperately struggling friends*

Cole: *is on the ground exhausted*

Llednar: *is on knees* *the only form of support he has to stand is his sword*

Samus: *is lying face-down in the wet plains*

Goroh: *is holding shoulder and wincing at the pain he’s feeling*

Gene: *is on the ground unconscious*

Snake: *sees Metal Sonic holding Scourge up by the head*

Metal Sonic: Now, to finish you off for good. *a buzzsaw emerges from Metal’s stomach and nears Scourge’s body*

Scourge: *desperately wiggles to escape* *gives out an extremely shrill “HELLLPPP”*

Snake: *hurls a grenade at Metal Sonic and it knocks Metal Sonic forward, into the dirt, dropping Scourge*

Scourge: *nods at Snake* *then points at Snake furiously and calls something out* *Scourge is seen running towards Snake, but it was too late*

Snake: *everything turns silent and blank in his mind and you could tell from the expression on his face*

*the sound of blade piercing flesh is heard, and blood gushes*

Ragna: *is seen behind Snake*

Scourge: *punches Ragna square in the face, which sends him hurtling into the mud* *he looks at Snake, who is looking forward with a blank look on his face*


Snake: *no response*

*Snake has been impaled from behind by a dirty Ragna*

Scourge: Snake?

Snake: *mouth gapes and he tilts to the left for a minute* *he turns his head to Scourge and falls over*

*For the first time in what seems like years, tears form in Scourge’s eyes as he shakes Snake on the ground*

Scourge: Snake? S-S-Snake?? *he shakes Snake rapidly* Snake? C’mon man…*he shakes more and more, but when he gets no answer he stands up* SNAAKKEE!!!*his fists ball up and nothing but pure Devil can be seen on his face* *he has been absorbed by complete hatred* *his normally green skin, becomes a dark indigo* *his spines grow longer and more deadly* *a dark aura emits from his body and his eyes go blank* *he takes off his jacket, and crushes his shades as he faces the two murderers*

*Scourge is now, Darkspine Scourge*

Metal Sonic: Well, this is new.

Ragna: *stands beside Metal Sonic and goes back into Blood Kain mode*

Cole: S-Scourge? What happened? What happened to Sna-*his eyes close and he loses consciousness*

Samus: *has already lost consciousness*

Llednar: *struggles to stand up, but just flops over in fatigue* *he hasn’t lost consciousness, but is on the verge of it*

Goroh: *is on the ground asleep, consumed by exhaustion*

Gene: *has lost his consciousness a while ago*

*the rain pours even harder now*

Scourge: (his voice echoes with power) You have paraded on this plain for long enough. Now, it is time for me to clean up. I will bring Hell onto this field. *he balls up his fists and the field explodes around him* *lightning strikes in the distance and the wind kicks up*

Metal Sonic: Come. Show me your true power, Scourge.

Ragna: *eyes glow demonic* *points blade at Scourge*

Scourge: First Prometheus, then Douglas, then my friends, and then Snake. No. No more. I won’t have it any longer. YOUR TIME IS UP. I AM THE HOURGLASS THAT WILL DECIDE YOUR FATE. THE SANDS ARE SHIFTING, AND TIME IS ON MY SIDE. It will only be a matter of minutes before your time, your life, and your existence……………………is up.

*as they all come to a stand-off the screen fades*

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« Reply #37 on: 07 July, 2009, 05:40:33 am »

Dude, you're in the way. You can't post here only an hour after I do so, that's not cool, bro...nice chapter by the way. I never get tired of seeing new 'His World' remixes.
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XD Don't worry, I'm done for a while. I had nothing to do yesterday and it took me hours to make that. Time flies when you're typing.
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XD Don't worry, I'm done for a while. I had nothing to do yesterday and it took me hours to make that. Time flies when you're typing.
I know how you feel, after all, overall I've written close to 200 chapters when putting all stories I've ever written together.
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Falcon's gonna be a beast.
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All the cool kids are doing it.

« Reply #41 on: 25 July, 2009, 09:37:35 pm »

Wow, Falcon and Kratos = pwn. Impressive with Snake.
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5: Part Final

*the camera pans in on the erupting conflict*

D. Scourge:  Metal Sonic. I will end your life right now.

Metal Sonic:  Scourge, you have truly hurt my feelings with that threat!

Scourge:  You don’t have emotions. You’re a lifeless **** who ejaculates at the sound of pain.

Metal Sonic: What the **** is a ****?

Ragna:  I don’t really know where I stand in this, but you two really need to get out of my way.

Metal Sonic: Feel free to leave then. You’re an annoyance anyway.

Ragna: You don’t talk to me like that you scum.

Metal Sonic: *glances at Ragna* You do realize that If you stay, I cannot guarantee you walking away alive.

Ragna: I could say the same for you.

Scourge: *is becoming heavily irritated* Enough. I’ve had enough of your rambling. Both of you will die by MY hands. I will dismantle you from the inside out you piece of sparking ****.

*Scourge balls his hands into furious fists as he bolts forward at blinding speed*

Metal Sonic: *raises his hands towards the sky as a giant column of earth propels him high into the air* Scourge, you do realize that your power alone is not enough to def-

*a crack appears in the column as it shatters into boulders and debris*

Metal Sonic: Not bad.

*Metal Sonic leaps from boulder to boulder in midair in pursuit of Scourge*

*Scourge is nowhere to be found, only recognized in illusions*

Metal Sonic: *arms turn into machine guns as he fires in a 360 motion, twirling in the air*

*a hit cannot connect*

Scourge: *appears from below a falling Metal Sonic and decks him dead in the face*

*Metal Sonic rockets upward at breakneck speeds only to be sent back downwards into the mushy earth by a swift Scourge*

Metal Sonic: *pushes up from the ground* Not bad at all. *wipes mud from sleek exterior*

Ragna: *points his sword at a recovering Metal Sonic* What were you saying?

Metal Sonic: *looks up with same expression as always*


Ragna: Speechless huh?

*he pulls back his sword anticipating the death of Metal Sonic only to be punched in the gut, followed by a series of kicks and machine gun shots* *as he reels back in pain, he manages to dodge and incoming rocket shot from Metal Sonic’s belly*

Metal Sonic: You…*reloads*…are really starting to become a nuisance.

*as he finishes his last word, he gets blasted from behind by a burst of dark energy shot by Scourge*

*Metal Sonic turns around, only to be punched in the face by a raging Scourge* *as he flies backwards, Scourge dashes beside him and grabs his leg* *Scourge then grasps Metal Sonic’s face and slams it in the mud, dragging him for what seems like an eternity*

Ragna: *stands in front of Scourge with this sword lodged into the muddy earth, yawning* *he looks at Scourge, smiles, and points to his sword signaling Scourge to ram Metal Sonic’s head into it*

Scourge: *sees his signal and nods* *he stops and hurls Metal Sonic forward with all of his might*

*Metal Sonic slides forward at awesome speed and soon finds himself with a sword lodged in his head*

*as Metal Sonic begins to short-circuit, Scourge takes this opportunity to unleash a devastating combo on the unknowing Ragna*

*Scourge rams his palm into Ragna’s chest, causing him to cough up a fountain of blood* *as he keels over, Scourge knees him on the side of his head, almost rendering him unconscious*

Ragna: *recovers and pulls his sword out of Metal Sonic’s head*

*he dashes towards Scourge only to be elbowed from behind, and axe-kicked into the mud* *he struggles to stand up, and Scourge puts him out of commission by unloading a dark energy infested boot into Ragna’s left temple* *knocking him out cold*

*as Scourge stands over him, about to deliver the final blow, a chainsaw his heard, along with an ear-piercing scream from a very agitated Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: NO ONE MAKES A FOOL OF ME. *his right arm turns into a chainsaw and his left turns into a drill, eager to pierce through the dominating hedgehog*

Scourge: Cute toys.

Metal Sonic: I’ll write that in your eulogy.

Scourge: Assuming you can write.

Metal Sonic: *ignores this* Coordinates 51.54.17, initiating assault. *his eyes begin to calibrate random numbers that are beginning to annoy Scourge even more*

*Scourge dashes forward as dark energy forms on his fists* *he draws back his fist about to knock the living CPU out of Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic sees this and draws back his drill, ready to challenge Scourge’s fist*

*the two unleash their blows and their attacks collide creating a massive concussive blow that emits an enormous shockwave, creating a huge crater under them as debris flies everywhere*

*the two are nowhere to be seen, until blurs of energy are seen in different locations every millisecond*

*the two are fighting each other at speeds not even lightning can comprehend without letting up whatsoever*

*the two collide again and come at a deadlock* *Metal Sonic’s drill is seen far away and the two are attempting to best each other* *a chainsaw roars out of Metal Sonic’s knee only to be kicked away by Scourge*

Scourge: *eyes glow white and fur becomes a darker shade* *voice becomes maniacal and insanity is heard in between randomly changing pitches in his laughs* You’re getting slow on me Metal Sonic! Why’s that? You can’t seem to handle my evolving power!!

*for once in his robotic life, Metal Sonic was beginning to feel worried*

Metal Sonic: Scourge! Stop toying around!

*Scourge revs back his leg and smiles sadistically* *he slams it into the chin of Metal Sonic, sending him into the air* *Scourge grabs his leg and slams him into the muddy ground* *Scourge then begins to stomp furiously on Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic grabs his foot on the 4th blow and slings him into the mud* *he grabs his face and punches him upwards before spiking him downwards* *Metal Sonic teleports to Scourge’s crash destination and lifts up his knee as Scourge’s face collides into it hard*

*blood trickles from Scourge’s nose as he gets up in no pain whatsoever*

*he dashes forward again, this time storing all of his dark energy into one mighty blow capable of destroying a continent*

Metal Sonic: Hmm.

*Metal Sonic just stands there, inviting Scourge*

*Scourge smiles and sends forth his awesome blow*

*he misses*

*Metal Sonic is seen behind him, and Metal Sonic punishes Scourge for his mistake*

*Scourge tries desperately to escape Metal Sonic’s series of blows, but he fails miserably* *Metal Sonic was relentless in his assault, he wasn’t going to stop even if Scourge was dead* *he was going to make him pay*

*Scourge’s transformation had reached its limit, which disappointed Metal Sonic, who steadily carried on with the beatdown*

*as Scourge fell to the muddy earth, Metal Sonic stood over him, blood all over his robotic interface*

*Scourge lost his power and was back to his green self again, barely clinging to life* *Metal Sonic unleashed more blows on the badly injured Scourge*

*as Scourge took the beating, his mind raced and everything went quiet*

*he saw Prometheus, Blues, Snake, the Koopa Bros., Vegeta, Bowser, Ganon, Eggman, and Mephiles flash by in imaginary images* *he saw Shadow, and all of his friends in his mind, even his best friend, Sol*

What would Sol think of him now? To know that Scourge has been beaten by the robotic counterpart of the one being he hated the most? To join Blues and not being able to do anything about it? *Scourge was on the verge of giving up all hope as he shifted back to reality*

*the punches didn’t stop, but Scourge could no longer feel them. His body went numb and the only thing on his mind were his friends. Has he become soft? Has he succumbed to the force all heroes know as “friendship?” He hated to admit it, but Scourge wasn’t all that bad. He realized this now. Helping out Falcon, Samus, and the others. Laughing and joking around with people who felt the same way. He could feel like somebody, and this is what would drive him on to the very end. And nothing Metal Sonic could do would break that*

*at this point Metal Sonic let up and was about to perform one of the ugliest decapitations ever conceived with his chainsaw*

That is, until a familiar scythe lodged itself into his back.

*as Metal Sonic turned around in pain, a purple orb zapped the hell out of him and knocked him back a couple of feet*

*a familiar looking figure is seen walking towards him, smiling*

*Metal Sonic unlodges the scythe and tosses it back at the figure*

*the figure catches it effortlessly, not even interrupting his walk* *he dashes forward and begins to slice Metal Sonic repeatedly*

*Metal Sonic grabs the scythe and pulls the figure in to chainsaw-knee him*

*the figure lets go and sends forth a massive purple wave that knocks him back a good ways* *the figure grabs his dropped scythe and then glance at Scourge*

Prometheus: I’m here man. I won’t let him kill you. I know you’d have done the same for me. *his eyes instantly grow cold and he lets out a battle cry before bolting towards an unprepared Metal Sonic*

*Metal Sonic was too slow, as purple orbs rain down from the sky circling Metal Sonic* *the orbs soon start to confuse Metal Sonic, as they form a pattern around him, trapping him in the Japanese kanji 天, meaning “ten” which was exactly the number of orbs required for the trap*

*as Metal Sonic looked onward in desperation, Prometheus unleashed a barrage of slashes, energy blasts, overloads, and finally finishes his revenge with a giant ball of energy stored in the remaining orbs* *he focuses the energy into a giant purple mass of energy 3 times the size of Goku’s Spirit Bomb* *the earth begins to rumble at the power of the energy and the area becomes a slight red, due to the purple devastator* *as Prometheus screams and the earth trembles at the power, he throws the blast forward like a soccer ball being thrown in from out of bounds* *the ball of energy travels along the ground parting the mud and crust of the Earth like Moses* *it twists and breaks the sound barrier, ultimately crashing brutally into the terror called “Metal Sonic”.

*Metal Sonic yells as the blast pummels into him, creating a humongous crater the size of Jupiter* *the blast destroys most of the land they were fighting on* *as the blast comes to a close, an exhausted Prometheus plummets to the barren wasteland, drenched by the incoming rain*

*Metal Sonic’s arm was obliterated. His leg was obliterated. His body, obliterated. The only thing that remained was a badly damaged arm, a leg, and his out of commission head.*

*no one moved for hours, until a limping Falcon awakes from his abuse*

Falcon: …*he remains silent as he investigates the fallen heroes*

*Cole then wakes up as well, hurrying over to a downed Snake*

*Samus awakes, rubbing her head as she walks over to the exhausted Llednar*

*Samurai Goroh is sound asleep, mud covering his face* *even his glasses were missing*

*Gene is seen on the ground far away, sucking his thumb*

*Dante and Alex still lie unconscious VERY far away*

Falcon: I’ll have to haul them off later. Right now, I’ve got to make sure everyone’s safe.

Cole: Snake, SNAKE!! *he leans over and listens for Snake’s heartbeat*

*it was a faint ringing*

Cole: FALCON!! Snake’s alive, but he needs medical attention immediately.

Falcon: *looks over* He’s alive!? Cole, use your electricity to give his body the signal to get back to work!

Cole: Falcon, I’m out of juice! We’ve got to get back to the city!!

*Samus walks over to them with Llednar in her arms*

Samus: Llednar is still with us, he’s just fatigued. I agree with Cole, we must head back.

Falcon: And what about Dante, Alex, Gene, and that Ragna guy? What about them?

Samus: We’ll come for them later. They’ve taken a pretty massive beating so…

*she notices Scourge in the distance*

Falcon: *follows Samus’ eyes* Scourge…..*he races over in breakneck speed and leans over holding Scourge by his head* Scourge!!

Scourge: *no response*

Falcon: Oh god…let’s go. *he snaps his fingers as the Blue Falcon races beside him* *he gently places Scourge in the back seat* You’re going to be okay…

Samus: *walks over and places Llednar beside Scourge*

Cole: *places Snake on the opposite end of Llednar*

Samus: What about Goroh?

Falcon: If I were to go rescue him, he would chew me out. You know how Goroh is.

Cole: Hey, Falcon, stop!

*Falcon slams on brakes and looks out window*

Falcon: What?

*Cole jumps off the roof of the BF and picks up Prometheus, with black stains all over his body*

Cole: This one is a friendly.

Falcon: Put him in.

Cole: *nods*

*they zoom back to Veilstone City and put the injured in the Waddle Dee Hospital*

*they perform numerous shocks to Snake, trying to revive him and function normally* *about three tries later, success was on their side*

*Cole, Falcon, and Samus sit in the chairs provided for them outside the operating room, each with grim looks on their faces*

*a Doctor Waddle Dee walks out with a stethoscope inside his white coat*

Doctor Dee: I have good news, and bad news.

*Falcon immediately slapped his hand on his forehead as he heard this*

Doctor Dee: The good news, all of them are alive.

*Samus smiles and Cole gives a weak fist-pump*

Doctor Dee: The bad news. The one with the headband will die if not treated within 10 days. The sword he was impaled with was heavily doused in the most dangerous form of neuroplasmic demonorgy .

*Cole laughed at the last word, only to be kicked by an annoyed Samus*

*Falcon casted mean glares at the both of them*

Falcon: I have two questions. Where do we find the cure? And how long will it be before they’re released?

Doctor Dee: The cure can only be found at the top of Mount Olympus, in the form of Gaia’s Herbs. Purple plants containing the prime source of Mellowaire. The mineral we need to rid his body of the virus that’s consuming him. The other question? We will release the blonde boy by tomorrow.

*Samus gave a meek smile and Falcon noticed this* *he gave off a smirk to Cole*

Dr. Dee: We should be able to release the hedgehog within a week, and the reploid within two weeks. Rehabilitation and medical screenings must be performed regularly to monitor their progress, but it should take no longer than that for them.

Falcon: Awesome. *he whirls around, puts on his helmet and heads for the door*

Samus: Douglas! Where are you going??!?!

Falcon: *without turning* Mount Olympus. *he throws a peace sign and snaps his fingers outside hopping into the BF*

Cole: *looks at Samus, nods and races outside and hops in beside Falcon*

*the two blast off eastward*

Samus: Those idiots.

Dr. Dee: Friends of yours?

Samus: Unfortunately, yes.

Dr. Dee: What about these gentlemen in here?

Samus: *her voice’s pitch changed slightly* Y-Yes.

Dr. Dee: Would you like to see them?

Samus: Yes.

Dr. Dee: Right this way.

*the two step inside the room and Samus investigates all of them*

*Scourge was asleep, breathing through an oxygen mask* *Prometheus was being pumped by a Sub-Tank* *Llednar was breathing through an oxygen mask, and getting pumped with blood due to his excessive loss of it* *Snake was out of it completely*

*Samus looked at all of them, but couldn’t take her eyes off of the smiling Llednar, who had just opened his eyes*

Samus: Llednar?

Llednar: *he struggled to lift his arm, but when he did, he gave a weak thumbs-up* *he closed his eyes back up and his head swayed to the left, towards Scourge's bed*

*Scourge was awake and weakly laughed at Llednar’s weakness*

*Llednar saw this* *he lifted his arm and clumsily slapped Scourge, knocking his oxygen mask off which caused Scourge to choke*

*Llednar laughed to himself as Scourge’s face began to turn blue* *Samus quickly ran over and placed the oxygen mask back over his mouth* *Scourge laughed to himself as well and quickly fell back asleep*

*Llednar couldn’t take his eyes off of Samus either* *the two stared at each other for a good while until Llednar closed his eyes and fell in a trance*

*Samus stayed with them the whole night*

*a very flustered Goroh awoke and found himself lying in a wasteland*

*he got up and began to stretch, wiping the mud off of his face*

*he didn’t even feel like speaking for the first time in months* *he stomped the ground and his Fire Stingray appeared out of nowhere*

*he grabbed the two and tossed Dante and Alex in it, licking his lips at the reward he was going to get for turning these jokers in*

*he saw Gene run up to his vehicle, but quickly stepped on the Boost Power to get away from him, speeding out of sight*

*Gene sat there looking dumb* *he then turned around, and saw Ragna and the remains of what used to be……Metal Sonic.* *he quickly gasped in horror as he whirled around and dashed off, not wanting to be a part of another one of their struggles.*

*Ragna and Metal Sonic lie there* *in the darkness* *the only thing hitting them now, was the soft drizzle of the never-ending rain*

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6: Part 1

Sol was lost. He wandered the dense forest for over 3 hours, only to find himself back to where he started. At this point, Sol was getting frustrated. His laidback, lazy demeanor turned into one of pure irritation. He would snap at any second.

Sol: I'm going in ****ing circles. How in the name of Gears do I get out of here!? I'll just cut down all these ****ing trees.

And so he did.

He chopped down most of them, and left only a couple standing. He continued forward, eventually reaching a vast valley, with mountains in the distance.

Sol: Finally, I'm out of that bloody forest. *he dashes forward down the silent valley*

The cool, light breeze was blowing the obedient grass towards the east. It was a sunny day, with the blue sky giving birth to the fluffy clouds.

Sol: *covers eyes with hand to see straight ahead* Damn, it's bright. Huh.

*he tilts his headband downward to block part of the light*

After about 15 minutes of jogging, he comes across the smell of blood on the plain. He looks downward to see grass stained by the tint of pink blood. He slides his finger over the blades of grass.

Sol: Must have been a big tussle over here not too long ago. Heh.

*he strolls forward some more to see a figure with a red jacket in the distance talking to himself*

??: I can't believe I let those bastards get away after what they did to me...especially those two hedgehogs..

*Sol hears this and quickly questions him*

Sol: Hedgehogs you say?

??: Who the **** are you?

Sol: Doesn't matter. Where are they?

??: I dunno. There was a green one-

*Sol's eyebrows rise in shock*


??: Yeah, and a robotic one. They were duking it out, and decided to take me out first. Double-teamed me, knocked me out, and I've been lying here for I don't know how long.

Sol: So, you don't know where they went?

??: Nope. You after them too?

Sol: The green one yes. *he begins to walk off*

??: The green one an enemy of yours?

Sol: No.

??: He's not? So he's a friend of yours?

Sol: What else could he be dip****?

??: ...

*a sword taps Sol on the shoulder*

Ragna: A friend of that hedgehog....IS NO FRIEND OF MINE.

*Sol stops walking and doesn't even turn around*

Sol: It would be impossible for me to care less.

Ragna: Cocky pricks such as yourself need to be eliminated from this world.

Sol: "Need" is the key word here. Doesn't mean it's going to happen anytime soon. Especially not by the dreadful likes of yourself.

Ragna: I'm just about tired of your attitude.

Sol: Go grab an energy drink and come back later.

Ragna: *smirks* I'll make you eat those words. Along with my blade.

Sol: *he draws his own and finally turns around* I don't really have time for this, but if you insist..

*fiery energy erupts from Sol while dark energy bursts from Ragna*

Sol: Come and get some.

Ragna: AHHHH!!! *he dashes forward*

*the two clash swords immediately, before pushing each other away*

*Ragna shoots dark energy from his right hand, and follows up with a downward slash*
*Sol dodges the energy, and raises his sword above him to repel the downward slash*

Ragna: Not bad!

*the two push each other away again, but this time Sol makes his move*

*Sol rushes Ragna with a flame blitz* *he slashes the ground as columns of flame erupt from the surface, heading towards Ragna*

*Ragna sidesteps, and meets a volcanic fist from a smiling Sol* *Ragna flies back a couple of feet, but lands on his feet unphased*

Ragna: Tuh. *he spits out of the corner of his mouth* *he dashes forward and sidesteps a vertical slash from Sol* *Ragna bolts forward at insane speed and horizontally slashes Sol*

Ragna: CARNAGE!!

Ragna: SCISSORS!!!

*he then rotates in a circle and blasts Sol away with dark energy*

*Sol slides along the grass and recovers by flipping and thrusting his hand forward along the grass to reduce the momentum of the knockback* *he stands up and cracks his knuckles*

Sol: Heh.

*he dashes forward and attempts to punch Ragna* *Ragna dodges and attempts to elbow Sol in the face* *Sol ducks and punches Ragna in the gut, he then tries to send Ragna away with another volcanic punch* *Ragna jumps out of the way and fires dark blasts in midair*

*Sol twirls his sword and repels the blasts* *he then charges forward and connects two punches to Ragna's chest, then sends him upwards with a flaming uppercut*

*Ragna recovers and lands safely, he then runs up to Sol and they both clash swords once more*

*the two repeatedly clash swords while attempting to strike each other* *the repeated parrying, thrusting, slashing, and sweeping deadlock lasted for minutes* *neither one gaining the upper hand* *they both push off*

Ragna: Grr...you're becoming a nuisance.

Sol: Meh.

*the two turn their backs toward each other*

*Sol's hair begins to rise and sway in his wake*


*Ragna's aura becomes that of a shadow* *dark wings extrude from his back*


*Sol loses himself to the flame and his arms flail outward as his body scorches the grass underneath him, becoming a barren, dry chunk of land*

Sol: *smiles* I'm going to kill you. Straight up.

Ragna: You get an "E" for Effort, but an "F" for Failure. I'll warp that "E" into a "D" for Deceased.

*Sol streaks forward with a trail of flame behind him*
*Ragna bolts, sending darkness in his wake*

*the two slash at each other at supersonic speeds, only striking each other's weapons*

*Sol finally catches Ragna as he made a mistake and punishes him for it dearly* *Sol uppercuts Ragna with a flaming fist and sends him back down with a mighty axe-kick* *he then charges downward and crashes into a downed Ragna*

*he picks Ragna up and punches him in the gut, then sends him flying with a fire-propelled magnum-fist*

*Ragna then sees and grabs a lone tree and swings around, rocketing forward at the same velocity Sol knocked him*

*his sword becomes a scythe and he slashes Sol horizontally, and begins slashing him repeatedly before finally lifting him up into the air and draining his energy, then finishes him by performing a lightning-fast thrust which sends him like a missile down the plain*

Ragna: ...Heh. He's done.

*Ragna walks down the plain to claim his victory, when all of a sudden a fierce pain erupted in his side*
*he keeled over and it hurt something awful*

*Ragna screamed in pain as saliva and blood burst out of his gaping mouth*

*Sol stood over him, unscathed*

Ragna: How did you-?

Sol: Some things are better left unsaid.

*he then slashes Ragna repeatedly, and finishes by literally turning into a dragon and enveloping Ragna in flame, almost killing him*

*Sol emerges from the smoke, on the ground shaking his head*

Sol: Ugh...

Ragna: ...Not again...beaten again...no...NOT AGAAAIIINNNNN!!!

*Ragna is revived out of frustration and his eyes look something serious*

Ragna: Not again, I REFUSE to lose again. You bastards think you can walk all over me because I screwed up once, well let me tell you it WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. I will NOT lose, I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I will rip your body into little itty bitty pieces, then I'll put them together like a puzzle, and then I'll burn them.

Sol: That's pretty lame. You should at least **** on the pieces to show superiority.

Ragna: I don't want to grant you the pleasure of experiencing my grand ****.

Sol: In other words, "my **** is so small I **** on myself rather than on others."


*he dashes forward only to be given a karate chop to the neck, knocking him out*

Sol: Rage will get you nowhere, punk. *he turns around and walks off, leaving Ragna in the solemn breeze*

*he treks along a dusty path and comes across a sign that reads: "Welcome, to Veilstone City".

*Sol's stomach grumbles as he treks further*

Sol: Veilstone City eh? Maybe I can grab something to eat here...ohhh....

*he marches onward and comes across a greenish-yellow vehicle, bumping to a tune he knew all to well*

Ive paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
Ive had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through

We are the champions my friends
And well keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions of the world

Sol: Ahh...Queen. Simply awesome.

*a green alien emerges from the store and hops in his vehicle, sipping on Grey Goose he just bought from the store*

*Sol walks up and gives the alien a thumbs-up*

*the window shifts up*

Pico: Yeah?

Sol: No, I was just giving you a thumbs-up for listening to that awesome tune.

Pico: Oh, I see. Indeed it is awesome. Say, want a drink? *he extends his Grey Goose bottle out towards Sol* It's hella good my friend!

Sol: *waves hand* Nah, I'm alright. I'm looking for someone. Green hedgehog, about this tall, (he lowers his hand down to his waist) black jacket, with shades. You seem em'?

Pico: *takes another sip* Actually, I've heard someone talking about him. Go inside that building over there an ask the woman at the front counter. *points to "Show Me Ya Moves Corp"*

Sol: Thanks man. *he turns around*

Pico: Hey, wait! I have a question for you! You ever heard of this guy named Black Shadow?

Sol: Actually yes. I heard two guys talking about him further ahead. Some talking cat thing with a coin on his head and a talking fox with lots of gadgets on him. Try asking them.

Pico: Thanks. If you don't get the info you need, try Mute City, it's not far from here. Us F-Zero racers always come here to Veilstone to get drunk, ha ha.

Sol: Heh, yeah.

Pico: Anyways, thanks for the tip bud. Watch the news though. Word is, Black Shadow is attempting to rise again after his humiliating loss to Douglas.

Sol: Uhh...yeah. See you.

*Sol walks off towards SMYMC*

Pico: Black Shadow...we will prevent your rise...

*he races off down the street*

*Sol arrives at Show Me Ya Moves, and walks in*

*he sees a blond haired woman on the computer behind the counter*

Sol: ...Uhh...

*she jumps at the sound of his voice*

Samus: Oh..you startled me. How may I help you?

Sol: Yeah, I was looking for a green hedgehog about this high-

Samus: Scourge?

Sol: Yes!

Samus: He's in the hospital across the street. If you haven't heard, he saved our skins in a battle that could've ended with this place in ruin. We owe a lot to him. Are you a friend of his?

Sol: *he turns around to walk out* Yeah.

Samus: *hops over the counter and joins Sol* I'll go with you. Another guy came through a few hours ago, small black hedgehog with red streaks. He wanted to see Scourge as well.

Sol: Shadow...

Samus: Another friend?

Sol: Yep.

Samus: My, Scourge is popular.

Sol: Heh, not really. By the way, I met this guy named Ragna. I beat him down to size, so you may want to go pick him up. You're bounty hunters correct?

Samus: Yes. We fought him too. I'll go get him as soon as possible.

Sol: Cool.

*they arrive and enter the hospital*

*Samus talks to the Waddle Dee at the front*

Samus: Room 112 please.

Waddle Dee: You may enter.

Samus: Thank you.

*they both enter the room*

*Llednar was sitting in the left corner of the room on a giant ball, obviously going through physical rehabilitation* *a woman was beside him, helping him stay balanced*

*Snake was lying in his bed, asleep*

*Prometheus was getting pumped with Sub-Tanks*

*Scourge was sitting up, watching TV with Shadow, Dave Chappelle to be exact*

Scourge: Ha ha...**** is one helluva drug!! Dave as Rick James gets me everytime!!

Shadow: Indeed. *cracks a smile*

Sol: *a smirk widens on his face as he walks in*

Waddle Dee: Scourge, you have a visitor.

*everybody's head turns around to see the visitor except for Scourge and Snake*

Sol: Hey Scourge.

*Scourge's ears wiggle at the sound of his voice*

*he turns around to see his visitor*

*at the sight of his old comrade, his eyes sparkle with joy* *for the first time in a long time*

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6: Part 2
Port Rixstar

We begin this chapter with the motley crew composed of: the Koopa Bros., Scorpion, and Mephiles, searching for a town to grab something to eat. The gang is starving after the exhausting battle with the Robot Masters, and the sight of water makes them sick. They have been wandering aimlessly for hours upon hours, with no luck of finding anything. Only the vast sea, soft sand, and a battlefield of palm trees.

Scorpion: This is getting ridiculous. We've been wandering for hours! Mephiles...you can't sense ANYTHING!? Not the strong odor of booze? Food!? ANYTHING!?

Mephiles: *eyes closed trying to concentrate* *opens eyes* Nothing.

At the sound of "nothing", Red's eyes go bloodshot.


Yellow: We all are...

Black: ...

They travel eastbound, hugging the shoreline searching for ANY kind of sign. Only to be disappointed when lone boats coast opposite of where they're headed.

Red has finally had enough and flags down a boat with two fisherman onboard.

Red: Hey...PLEASE...tell me there's some sort of town nearby!!!!

The two fisherman were from a city called Animal Crossing. One had a red cap and horns emerging from the side of his head. The other was the same, except for a yellow cap. They were twin brothers with the most goofy looking expressions on their faces you'd ever see. The red one was named Reese; the other, Tomar.

Reese: You're in luck cowboys! There's a nice little port up ahead, bout 2 miles from here. It's a good place to rest, but I wouldn't advise you to stay there for a long time. The owner of the port is a very twisted man. I think his name is Rix or somethin other.

Tomar: Yeah. Once, he executed a guy for picking his nose.

Scorpion: Hmph.

Reese: We could give you passage there, for a small price.

Red: We're fine.

Tomar: Suit yourselves. But yeah, there's Port Rixstar, and ahead of that is Veilstone City across the sea. You're going to need to buy tickets to the S.S. Rix to get there.

Green: Sweet. You know a place for some quick cash?

Tomar: We know a guy in Port Rixstar codenamed "MM". He might have some work for you guys. Light work like picking up garbage and the like. He's got a good load of cash.

Reese: Yup. He's a nice guy though.

Mephiles: *already walking eastward* Thanks for the info.

*the gang follows*

Black: Thanks guys!!

Reese: No problem, guys! Remember our warning though!!

*the two fisherman bid farewell and head down the coastline*

Scorpion: Hmm...twisted owner huh?

*the crew hug the sea as they march onwards down the seemingly neverending coast*

Scorpion: Is....this the place?

The team stop dead in their tracks as they look onward at the most depressing sight they've ever seen.
The port was a mess. Collapsed buildings, corpses on the jacked up paved roads, and objects everywhere in the roads. The place was a wreck. The squad stared in awe for a good 2 minutes...

Red: Oh...man....

Mephiles: Who could live like this...?

The team trek through the mess and come across a pub, that's still intact. They decide to head in and gather info.

Red: Umm...anybody here?

A lone voice pierces the silence.

??: What do you want?

Red: We need nourishment...please...if..-

??: Leave. For your own good.

Black: We didn't march all the way down here just to turn back and get lost AGAIN.


*A strong force of power shoves the squad out of the pub and sends them tumbling into the street*

Green stood up immediately after the blow, intent on paying the mysterious man back.


*Scorpion thrusts his arm out to stop him from going in*

Scorpion: Let him be. Obviously this town's wreckage has taken a toll on his mind. We should expect everyone here to behave likewise.

Mephiles: Indeed.

Red: Where to now, then?

*the team ponders for a moment*

Scorpion: Maybe we should try to find this..."MM".

Yellow: Oh yeah, I forgot about him.

Mephiles: And if we collect enough currency we can board the S.S. Rixstar.

Black: Yeah. Hey, bro, you alright?

*Green has cooled down a bit, but he's still a little irked*

Green: ...Yeah.

*the team wander the depressing port, hoping to find MM and collect some money*

*they soon come across a long line of people in front of a small store, each one holding a bowl and moaning eerily*

Scorpion: What...is this?

A small man with a top hat was screaming from the store entrance with a megaphone. The people were obviously starving and waiting in line for food. This man was torturing them.


The poor, starving man standing in front of megaphone-guy got on his knees and begged for food. Holding out his bowl with the last bit of energy he had left.

Megaphone-guy just let out a low growl, and dipped his ladle into a giant pot of an unknown liquid.
The ladle emerged from the pot, but it didn't pour in the bowl...it poured on the nasty dirt underneath him.

??: Whoops, I missed. Oh well. If you're that hungry...EAT IT OFF THE GROUND YOU DOG! HAHaHAHAHHAHAHAH!!

The man hurriedly licked the liquid off of the ground, and consumed the damp dirt for nourishment.

??: AHHAHAHHAHA. Oh wow, that's just sad!!!

*the torture continued as the team watched*

Scorpion: What is wrong with that man?

Mephiles: I'm all for a good ounce of torture, but this is insane.

Red: Yeah, this has got to stop. He's going to kill all of these people!!

Black: What do we care? This isn't about us! Let's hurry and find MM and get out of this place!

Yellow: No, we should help them. That guy pisses me off!

Scorpion: Black, you can stay behind if you want, we're helping.

Black: ...

Just then, megaphone-guy attempted the worst thing one could imagine. A somewhat short, red haired girl walked up to the entrance, and bashfully raised her bowl. She looked no older than 15, but had the figure of a 24-year old. She was too beautiful to be treated like this. You could tell she was very shy by the way she mumbled her words and stuttered.

Megaphone-Guy: Well, well, well...who do we have here? You're a cute one, I'll give you that.

She only looked at the man, not saying a word.

Megaphone-Guy: What's the matter? Awestruck by my handsomeness? Ha, I'm flattered.........but your cuteness won't sway my judgment. I have a...special task for you. I'll double the amount of soup you get....

The girl's eyes instantly lit up, but quickly turned into a look of horror as the man finished his sentence.

Megaphone-Guy: ....but you must first strip in front of all of these people.

The girl looked as though she was on the verge of crying as she stood there in silence. The people looked onward in despair and told her not to heed his demand by shaking their heads.

Tears slowly fell down the girl's cheeks as she reached for her sides, pulling her shirt over her head.

The people covered their faces with their hands and all moaned some more.

Megaphone-Guy: Verrrry niiice.

He walked up to the girl and tickled her breasts. He then, embraced her roughly and stroked her hair. He licked her face and slowly his hand crawled down her shorts. She cried softly, as the man was on the verge of inevitably raping her. He brought his lips up to her mouth, but quickly stopped and looked to the right.

One of the starving men slammed his head inside the pot and drank the soup faster than Usain Bolt runs.

Megaphone-Guy immediately let go of the girl, and chased after the man who hauled ass when the evil man spotted him.

The people cheered, but it hastily died down into a sound of terror as a gunshot was heard.

The courageous man had been shot for his rebellion, and he just lie there in the soil.

Megaphone-Guy: NEVER attempt to steal from me. Or you WILL pay. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.

He made his way through the crowd and placed his hands on the girl's hips.

Megaphone-Guy: Now where were we?

His lips braised her cheeks, and slowly shifted toward her lips. He reached for her shorts again, but was interrupted by a loud battle cry coming from the east.


*a lean man wearing black shades, red coat, black pants, and white shoes came storming down the road with a sword in his hands* *he wore a black cape with the letters "MM" embedded in the cloth* *he had red, fingerless gloves and spikes on the back of his shoes*


*the team watched from the distance*

Green: That's the same guy from the pub!! Why does he look so....heroish?

Scorpion: Maybe secret identity?

Mephiles: Like superheroes do? Lame.

Black: That's MM?

Red: Yup.

*the team went silent in disbelief*
The man that rudely shoved them out of the pub, the man that hastily denied their request, was this guy.

Black: That megaphone guy's name is Rix? Hey, that's the name of the ship!

Red: Yup, now shut up Black!

Black: Okay, dawg!

*the team facepalmed*

Red: Don't start this again, Black. I thought we were over that...

Black: No way, yo!

Yellow: Let's watch, dammit!!

MM quickly tackled Rix to the ground, and proceeded to pound his face in.

MM: These people don't deserve this! How many times do I have to beat you down for you to realize that!?

Rix just kept getting his face pounded, but in between the punches, he smiled.

Rix: As many times as I want.

*MM picks Rix up and throws him twenty feet away*

MM: You guys need to board the ship. Go to Veilstone!! You can't stay here. This is the last time I'm bailing you out! Get onboard and leave this horrid place. GO!

Rix got up and punched MM in the face. Rix drew his knife and slashed at MM repeatedly as he dodged the cuts.

Rix: You vermin can't leave!!

*as Rix punches MM away, he pulls out a small detonator remote from his pocket.

Rix: Many of you may not know this...but there is a bomb under this port. One press of this button, and we'll all go up in ashes. You dare board that ship!? BE PREPARED TO DIE! AHAhaHAHAHHAHA!!!

MM: Dictator you're one twisted man, but have you forgotten that that is YOUR ship?

Rix: It isn't mine. It has been tainted by these vermin. I am not associated with dogs like you in the least.

MM: I find it ironic that you call US dogs.

The townspeople let out a small chuckle, and eventually it erupts into cries of laughter. They hadn't had such a laugh in months.


His finger soared downward, intent on mashing the button. MM cringed at the sight, knowing that they could all die within this explosion.

As his finger was millimeters away from mashing the button, a spear lodged itself in the remote, causing it to malfunction and explode. The people looked over to the left, and saw the motley crew who would turn out to be their saviors.


Mephiles: ...

Scorpion: The only garbage here is you.

Red: And it needs to be burned.


*Rix whips out another remote, but successfully presses this one*


*4 Robot Masters emerged from the store, focused completely on killing Rix's enemies*

Concrete Man: ...

Centaur Man: ...

Hard Man: ...

Junk Man: ...

Rix: Yes...now, DESTROY THESE...SCUM.

*the robot masters charge toward the group, only to be stopped by a yellow bolt of energy*

Mephiles: !!!

Scorpion: Hey, that's.....!!!

*a familiar hedgehog casually lands in front of them*


Shadow: *smirks* Been a while.

Mephiles: *smirks as well* Indeed.

Scorpion: Hey Shadow. Let's rid the world of these pests.

Shadow: Gladly.

Red: MM? You in?

MM: Of course. Sorry for booting you guys out. I had my reasons.

Green: We won't hold you against them. *smiles*

MM: Heh. *looks back at the people* Board the ship! Now! GO!!!

The people hurriedly board the S.S. Rixstar and watch from the mast. The red haired girl kept a close eye on MM, thanking him with all her heart.

Rix dashed towards MM, and the two began exchanging blows immediately.

Shadow ran towards Junk Man, clearly the most dangerous of the Robot Masters.

Scorpion stormed towards Centaur Man, Mephiles blitzed Concrete Man, and the Koopa Bros. ganged Hard Man.....

*Concrete Man fired multiple shots of concrete towards Mephiles, only for him to evade them easily and to received a mighty axe kick from Mephiles sending him straight into the ground*

*Shadow was having a hard time hitting Junk Man* *Junk repeatedly protected himself with recycled garbage, and blew Shadow away with trash*

Shadow: Tch.

*Shadow fired off multiple Chaos Spears only for them to get blocked*

Junk Man was a defensive bot. He wouldn't go down easy.

Scorpion was also having a hard time with his target. His fire barely effected Centaur, and his spear was useless against him.

Scorpion and Shadow were back to back on each other, fending off their respective attacks.

Scorpion: Grah...Shadow...ugh...let's trade...!!

Shadow: Ugh...sounds good to me!

*the two switch positions and repel their enemies with ease*

Scorpion's fire hurt Junk Man a lot. And Shadow's physical onslaught was enough to make Centaur Man cry.

*Scorpion ignited his feet and popped Junk Man a new one with his flaming back flip kick*

Shadow assaulted Centaur with a beat down he'd never forget. (if Master Bots could remember that is)

*Shadow alternated between punches, kicks, Chaos Spears, and Homing Attacks to pressure Centaur*

*Centaur drew his tomahawk, and hurled it at Shadow, only for it to get kicked back at him and lodge itself into his face*

Shadow: Hmph.

The Koopa Bros. pounded Hard Man good. Hard Man was too slow to retaliate and took the beating like a *****. He went down in no time.

Mephiles had an easy time as well, as Concrete Man got stuck in his own muck he shot out of his cannon. The beating was too brutal to describe, it made me cringe fathoming something to type down.

MM had Rix on the edge. Rix was a bloody mess on the ground, begging for MM to spare him.

Rix: I was wrong! I know that now! Please, DON'T!!!

MM: Get up and on your knees. Beg.

Rix got on his knees and pleaded with MM.

Rix: Please!! I beg of you...DON'T KILL MEEE!!!

MM: Apologize to the townspeople.

Rix: *he turns to them on the ship* I'm so sorry for putting you through this whole ordeal! I'm sorry! Please believe me! I'm so so so so so so so so sorry...

MM: .....Should I spare him?

The people run their thumbs across their necks, signaling for execution.

Rix's eyes grew wide in terror.

Rix: No!! PLEASE!!! DON'T!!

MM grabbed his sword from behind him and raised it over Rix's head.

MM: Now...look at this. Rix, the justice of Port Rixstar, is begging for his life to a lowlife like me. A vermin like me. SCUM, like me. Irony plays a big part in your life, doesn't it Rix?

Rix: *sobbing* No...p-please...s-s-spare me...

MM: You're the greatest disappointment to the human race, you are. Goodbye, Rix.

The sword rises well above Rix's bald head, as he screams his final word.

Rix: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

The townspeople turn away as a sword is heard striking something. They turn around to see Rix still on his knees, crying with his eyes closed and MM standing above him, sword lodged in the earth.

The townspeople moan, and the red haired girl cannot believe what she's seeing, until she sees MM reach behind himself in which her eyes glow once again.

Rix: *opens eyes* I..I...I'm...alive?

MM: Whoops...I missed....

MM quickly grabs an item behind him and aims it at Rix's head.

Rix: !!!

MM: ......with the sword.

A gunshot is heard, and Rix's body goes limp as it slumps onto the soil.

MM: ...

The townspeople cheered and erupted into a celebration, as the gang joined them on the ship, except for Shadow.

Mephiles: Hey, MM. Now that that's taken care of...can you take us to Veilstone?

*Shadow's ears perk*

Shadow: Veilstone?

Red: Yeah, it's across this ocean. That was our destination all along! Come on MM, I think I speak for everyone when I say...WE'RE STARVING.

The people roar in unison and agreement.

MM: ...*looks at Rix's body* Yeah...let's go.

MM boards the ship, and prepares to set out. Before that though, a hand touches his shoulder and lips stalk his ears.

MM: Mmm...secret admirer huh?

The phoenix haired girl just laughed as she turned MM's head around and kissed him fully on the lips.

MM: *pulls away for a second* Woah...don't get me ****. I wanna make it to Veilstone in one piece! I don't even know your name!

"Ali," the girl replied.

MM: Alright Ali. We'll do this some other time. Right now, we gotta get you guys food. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?!?!

The people's laughs and cries pierced the atmosphere. One man was on the ground screaming "HALLELUJAH" repeatedly, while one man jerked himself off in happiness, which Scorpion had to back away from.

MM was ready to set off, until Shadow stopped him.

Shadow: Do you....mind if I join?

MM: Sure. No problem.

Shadow hopped onboard and sat beside MM.

Shadow: I see that...you have some more business to take care of.

MM: You're very perceptive.

Shadow: I too have business in Veilstone.

*the ship sets off*

MM: Let's get through our ordeals together, Shadow.

Shadow just looked onward towards the distant blue sea.

Shadow: Yeah.

Just then, Red ran up to Shadow.

Red: Shadow, we thought you might need this. It's safer in your hands than ours.

Red reveals the yellow Chaos Emerald and gives it to Shadow.

Shadow: Excellent! Where did you find it?

Red: We're not exactly sure...near the weat sea...

Shadow: Nevermind that then. Good work though. Very nice.

Shadow takes the emerald and reveals his own.

Shadow: I found one too. Got it before Ridley could get his hands on it.

Red: Nice!

Shadow: Yeah, that's two Chaos Emeralds and one Dragon Ball for us. We're making progress at least.

Red: Yup! : P

MM: *stares in bewilderment* What are those?

Shadow: *smiles* I'll explain along the-

MM: I've got one of those...I found mine in a tree, heh heh. I'm surprised no one took it.

Shadow: WHAT!?!?!? SHOW IT TO ME!

*MM pulls out a burgundy Chaos Emerald, and hands it to Shadow*

MM: I had no idea what it was supposed to do. I was about to sell the thing. Good thing I kept it huh?

Shadow: Absolutely! That's THREE for us now! I've never felt so....woah...

Shadow felt a bit nauseated at that moment.

Red: Uh oh...he's SEASICK!!

MM: *bursts into laughter as Shadow heaves overboard* Careful, buddy! Don't fall!

As Shadow reeled his head back over, a wide grin appeared on his face. No one had ever seen Shadow smile out of happiness, much less GRIN.

Red: Woah, Shadow! That's a really big smile ya got there, bud!

Shadow: Ha, don't start with me Red.

MM, Shadow, and Red conversed with each other all the way down the eternal sea.


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