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19 January, 2022, 07:19:41 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2372 times)
« on: 16 June, 2008, 12:11:33 pm »

1: Part 4

*Scourge and the others are finally patched up and are heading to lunch*
Scourge: I'm so hungry...I feel so....skinny..
Sol: *drools* I smell meatloaf....*clutches stomach*
Vegeta: M-M-M-Meatloaf??? The smell.....IT'S OVER NIN-
Nappa: ........But Vegeta, you know what meatloaf does to my indegestion.
Vegeta: NOT MY FAULT!!!
Cell: *runs into Cafeteria*

Broly: *is still in clinic* KAKAROT!!
Nurse Waddle Dee 1: Can someone please shut him up?
Doctor Dee: Hmm......some laughing gas should hold him down.
Broly: HA HA!! KA-HA HA HA!!! KAKA-HA HA HA!!! ROT!! A HAHA HA HA!!!! *laughs hard*
*starts crying and falls on floor* KAK-KAK-KAK-BWAH HA HAA!!!

*meanwhile back a cafe*
Koopa Bro. Green: *gets a spoon* HEY!!
*Sephiroth bumps into him*
Koopa Bro. Green: Watch where yur goin-
*Sephiroth draws blade and points it at his face*
Koopa Bro. Green: You can't cut in line! *smacks blade out of his hands*
Sephiroth: Do you know who I am?
Koopa Bro. Green: An ugly *****!!
Sephiroth: Obviously your mouth speaks louder than your actions.
Koopa Bro. Green: You want me to take action? Okay. Cut in front of me again, and I'll promise you that your face won't have a pleasant day.
Scourge: Oh god....not another fight...I'm so hungry...
Sol: Don't worry. First we eat, then we help him out.
Scourge: Agreed. *goes to get plate*
*Sephiroth holds hand out not letting anyone pass*
Sephiroth: I don't think so.
Scourge: Move your hand, or we'll have a serious problem....
Sol: *sticks blade at Sephiroth's throat* Let us pass, or I'll slash your throat out...
Vegeta: *has a Galik Gun forming*
Nappa: *clenches fist*
Sephiroth: You're not getting past me. Forget it.
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *slides between his legs* *quickly eats meatloaf with hands* Ohh...so good...
Sephiroth: HEY!! *grabs Yellow by the shell and flings him at the drink machine where Koopa Bro. Black was getting a Coca-Cola*
Koopa Bro. Black: *inserts quarter*
*Out of order*
Koopa Bro. Black: SON OF A *****!!! *looks at Sephiroth*
Sephiroth: *smiles*
Koopa Bro. Red: Okay...now, it's go time!!!
*a voice is heard from the back*
Bass: Don't do it.......he has.....demonic powers....beyond your belief...he'll kill you...*crawls forward on the verge of death* I.....couldn't defend myself......he crushed me.....
Prometheus: BASS!!!
Blues: *evil glare in eye*
Sephiroth: *runs at Bass and slashes his head off*
*everyone gasps*
Blues: Okay that's it...*stands up* You're a dead man!!
Sephiroth: Well why didn't you help him before?
Blues: We thought you were cool. You're just some *****-ass bully. I ain't afraid of *****es!!
Sephiroth: Hmph....what's this? 10 against 1?
Cell: *stands up* Make that 11.
Ansem: 12.
Reptile: *observes*
DDD: *frown on face* 13!! I say-I say- I say- make that 13!!
K. Rool: Hmph..I think I'll pass...
DDD: *****
K. Rool: *raises eyebrow* I'll deal with you later. *takes tray to dumpster*
MK: Make it 14.
Akuma: 15.
Kazuya: 16.
*Broly busts through wall*
Broly: KAKAROT!!! MAKE IT 17!!!
Mewtwo: 18.
Black Knight: Hmmm.....
Mephiles: Let's see.....odds are...Sephiroth is about to get his ass kicked... make it 19.
Sephiroth: Cowards the lot of you!! I'll be back. I need time to-
Ansem: Grow you some balls?
Sephiroth:..........*smirks* Just for that....you're my #1 target....
Ansem: I'm sorry, I don't have sex with other men.
Sephiroth: Yur pushing it...
Ansem: Up your butt? Gladly!
Sephiroth: One more comment.....just one more and I'll cut your heart out and feed it to my bats!!
Ansem:..........................Yo' Momma
Sephiroth: *teleports behind Ansem and blade slits his neck*
Ansem: Aghh...****!!!
Sephiroth: See? I don't make threats, I execute them!!!
Ansem: *from back of the room* You and me aren't going to get along....
Everybody: NOT YET!!!
Prometheus: *crawls back into seat and pouts*
Ansem: *squints at Sephiroth with mean look on face*
Sephiroth: *does the same to Ansem*
*Both of their faces are seen on opposite sides of the screen*

ROUND 1.......

*to be continued*
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