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17 January, 2022, 10:16:07 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2368 times)
« on: 11 July, 2008, 01:10:01 am »

2: Part 3

*morning!!!* *alarm clock rings*

Scourge: *stretches* Oww... What the hell?
Sol: *is putting clothes on* Dude, we're gonna be late for class, hurry up!!
Scourge: Woah!! *jumps off of bed and throws on shoes*
Vegeta: NAPPA!!! Where is my scouter!!!???
Nappa: *looks under bed* I DON'T KNOW!!!
Vegeta: You lying bastard!! Gimme yours!!!
Nappa: *finishes putting on Saiyan Armor* I don't think so!! See you in class!!! *dashes off*
Vegeta: AGHHH!!! *chases him through hallway*
Cell: ........Idiots. *walks in behind them*
Broly: *shakes head* *walks alongside Cell*
Scourge: 2 more minutes?!?!?!
Sol: You better hurry!! Later!!
Scourge: *puts on shades and jacket* *dashes through door behind Sol*

*Tardy bell rings and Scourge slips in luckily*

Scourge: ......
King K. Rool: What? Haven't you seen a talking crocodile before?
Scourge: *points* Yur fat.
*class laughs*
King K. Rool: *looks around* We got ourselves a new comedian, eh? I eat hedgehogs like you for breakfast...
Scourge: Before, or after the hedgehog rapes you?
King K. Rool: Wut?
Cell: BWAH HA HA!! STUPID ****ER!!!
King K. Rool: I don't get it!!
*Villain Basics 101 Teacher, Andross, appears*
Andross: Settle down, children.
*everyone sits down*
Andross: First of all, I want you all to get accustomed to where you sit and where you are. You will be seating there, for the rest of the year.
Koopa Black: *laughs* *whispers to Yellow* Doesn't he mean "sitting"?
Koopa Yellow: XD
Andross: What was that? Care to, share to the class what you said, young Koopa?
Koopa Black: *scratches back of head* No sir.
Andross: Good. Now, first of all, I'll go down your row, and you tell me what is your evil ambition.
Koopa Black: *giggles* *whispers to Yellow again* Doesn't he mean, "What your evil ambition, is"?
Damn, he sure is an illiterate son of a *****, that's for sure. We should be the ones teaching him proper sentence structure and English....<_<
Koopa Yellow: *is in tears holding back laughter*
Koopa Black: *whispers again* I think his old age is getting to his brain. It won't be long now...
Koopa Yellow: *tears pour down eyes while still holding laughter*
Koopa Black: .....
Andross: Silent huh? WHAT IS SO FUNNY??? You can tell me!!! One more snicker out of you two and I'll throw you into 10 hour detention!!! DO I MAKE MESELF CLEAR!!??!?
Koopa Black: Don't you mean-
Koopa Yellow: *covers Black's mouth* He has a running motor for a mouth. Please excuse him.
Andross: >8U You'll slide this time. Next time, I won't be so lenient. Fine. Now, what is your evil ambition?
King DDD: I want to destroy Kirby!! I say, I say, destroy Kirby!!!
King K. Rool: I want to somehow end the lives of that meddlesome DK Crew!!! And take over the nation!!!
Scourge: I want to be rich and famous. And, to discover who I truly am.
Koopa Red: I want to serve Lord Bowser till the end of time. And to destroy Mario.
Mewtwo: I want to be the world's greatest Pokemon!!
Mephiles: I want to conquer Mobius, and harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds for my own POWER!!!
Akuma: I want to be the world's strongest fighter. So strong, no one shall rival my power!! Not even come close!!
Black Knight: I want to rule the nation as well. And have the world's strongest military power at my side.
Koopa Yellow: Basically what Red said, and to become the world's greatest Mario Kart player!!
Koopa Black: ^^^What he said.
Sol: I want to destroy all of the Gears.
Nappa: I want to see who has the greatest power level!!!
Vegeta: >_> I want to defeat Kakarot!!! And become the strongest Saiyan in the universe!!!
Cell: I want to become stronger, and host many tournaments to see who has the potential to rival me.
Broly: KAKAROT!!!!
Koopa Green: What Yellow said!!
*time flies by and the bell rings*
*everyone leaves class*
Andross: See all of you tomorrow!! *waves*
Koopa Black: *whispers to Yellow* Doesn't he mean-
Koopa Yellow: *elbows Black in the tummy*
Koopa Black: Oof..k, I'll leave him alone.
Scourge: So, what now?
Sol: I dunno. We only have 3 classes a day and the next one is 2 hours from now.
Scourge: ........Well, I guess we could go back to our room and play Mario Kart.
Koopa Red: *jumps up* SURE!!
*the gang walks back to their room*

*Mephiles gets sent across the hallway flying*

Akuma: *bursts through door shaking fist at a flying Mephiles* NEVER, talk about my momma.
Mephiles: *gets up and wipes blood from mouth* Funny, everybody does!!
Akuma: GRRR!!!!
Mephiles: That's the same noise we made last night!!
Sol: So immature...
Cell: Exactly.
Scourge: Fights occur all the time here!!! Geez, no room to rest!!
Mephiles: C'mon big guy!! Or are you chicken!? I'll rip your ass apart!!!
Nappa: Vegeta!! What does the scouter say about his power level??
Vegeta: *smacks Nappa*
Nappa: Hey Vegeta......wut's up?
Vegeta: Grr....
Akuma: ........Stupid hedgehog!!! HEDGEHOGS DON'T BELONG HERE!!! HEDGEHOGS ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL ANIMALS!!! No offense to you Scourge.
Scourge: None taken.
Akuma: Now. Mephiles The *****. I'll gladly knock you six-feet under. Prepare for an all-out assault on your skull, and life. *dashes at Mephiles*
Koopa Yellow: This is gonna need a fight tune!!!
Koopa Green: *bobs head*
Akuma: HERE IT COMES MEPHILES!!!! *charges a dark hadouken as he dashes at Mephiles*
Mephiles: *dashes forward as well* I'LL MAKE IT YOUR LAST, AKUMA!!!!

*Will Akuma defeat Mephiles, and reclaim his mom's dignity? Or will Mephiles beat the crap out of Akuma and make never-ending jokes of Akuma's mom? Find out next time on The Green Antagonist!!*

*replay the song next chapter*

I had to be quick and brief on this one. Sorry. I had to go. The next will probably be the longest of them all. That's probably a bad thing to some of you.

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