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29 September, 2022, 09:13:48 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3167 times)
« Reply #15 on: 12 July, 2008, 02:06:50 am »

2: Part 4

Mephiles: *frontflips over Akuma and elbows him in the back of the head*
Akuma: *smiles* *backhands Mephiles as he lands and shoots a dark hadouken at him*
Mephiles: *lies on ground and quickly jumps back up* *roundhouse kicks Akuma in the stomach, and hammers him into the ground*
Akuma: *eyes glow red* YOU FOOL. *uppercuts the **** out of Mephiles and follows him as he flies upwards* *Akuma spikes Mephiles into the ground and crosses arms in disappointment* I thought you could do better...
Mephiles: *flies out of ground and tackles Akuma to the ground* *quickly shoots multiple energy beams into Akuma's face* *Lastly, Mephiles elbow-drops Akuma*
Akuma: *goes for another uppercut, but it's blocked by Mephiles*
Mephiles: *realizes Akuma is vulnerable, and knees him in the crotch*
Scourge: Ooooooooo........I felt that in my stomach.....
Sol: *hurls* Ouch...
Cell: O_O
Akuma: GWAHHHHHKKKKAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *falls on knees grabbing his lower areas* *rocks back and forth*
Mephiles: *repeatedly kicks Akuma in the face before urinating on him*
Akuma: When I get up, ............oooo........
Mephiles: *starts to pound Akuma's face in*
Akuma: THAT'S ENOUGH!!! *jumps up and peforms a devastating combo to Mephiles's skull*
*grabs his leg and flings him into the wall* *flies at him like Superman and crashes through the wall* *the two exchange multiple blows in midair, before they land into the river* *Akuma attempts to drown Mephiles*
Akuma: What was that? I can't hear you!! *chokes Mephiles underwater*
Mephiles: I'M BLORRY!!! I'M BL-BL-S-BLSORRY!!!
Akuma: You sorry!??!
Mephiles: *Struggling for air* *starts to scream in fear* I'M SORRY!! BLUG, S-BLUG, BLUG!! SORRY!!!
Akuma: *chokes harder* NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!! *squeezes*
Mephiles: *struggles to escape Akuma's grasp* ...............*head bobs to side*
Huh?: *slashes Akuma's hands*
Akuma: OUCH!!! *lets Mephiles go* What in the name of-...
Huh?: That's enough. I'm not going to stand by and let you kill another student of this school.
A friend once told me that I didn't care for others. I made a promise to him.
Huh?: *helps gasping-Mephiles out of water* You okay?
Mephiles: If it weren't for you, I would've been dead. I'm in you debt, Prometheus.
Prometheus: It's no biggie. I'm a changed roid.
Akuma: Corny little prick...I'll kill him too...
Mephiles: I'm reporting you Akuma. You went too damn far. I don't even know you anymore...*panting* ****ing psycho!!!
Akuma: ...........*walks off*
Prometheus: Hold up. We aren't finished. *raises scythe*
Akuma: I don't have time for you, rust bucket. Leave me be.
Prometheus: ......*lowers scythe*
Akuma: *stops* But, I will fight you later. If that is your desire. Hmph. *continues walking*
Pro: .......
Sol: *walks up to Pro* You make Blues proud.
Pro: You think so?
Sol: Prolly'. He's in a better place than this dump for a school, that's for sure.
Koopa Green: Damn skippy!!
Koopa Red: Hey, where did Scourge go?
Koopa Black: I dunno......he disappeared!!
Vegeta: *looks at Nappa* Nappa? What are you doing?
Nappa: *turns back* Nothing......
Vegeta: .........*walks toward Nappa*
Nappa: *strolls forward to get away from Vegeta*
Vegeta: NAPPA!?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!?Huh?
Cell: He's messing with your scouter so it will say "9000" every time you scan someone's power level.
Nappa: Thanks a lot you ugly bastard!!! *flings a big rock that strikes Cell upside the head*
Cell: Grr....
Vegeta: *punches Nappa into the water* *grabs scouter* Fat *****!!!
Nappa: Well guess what? Your breath is OVER 9000!!!
Vegeta: You don't know how stupid you sound.
Nappa: Your face sounds stupid, when I punch it!!
Koopa Yellow: *shakes head*

*walking to Bowser's office*
Mephiles: I could've died back there...I need to work on my fighting skills. *looks at hands* .....
Scourge: Hey.
Mephiles: *jumps* Oh, Scourge. You startled me.
Scourge: Mmm. Say, do I know you? Have I met you before?
Mephiles: Of course! We're related silly!
Scourge: .....What?
Mephiles: WE ARE RELATED!! You and Manic are cousins right? I'm Manic's cousin! So we are, step-cousins! I think.
Scourge: ........
Mephiles: I must've looked like a wimp back there...
Scourge: If that was me, I couldn't have done anything either.
Mephiles: Akuma is going to pay for making me look like a fool.
Scourge: Well, you did make fun of his mom.
Mephiles: .......
*opens Bowser's door*
Scourge: Think about it Mephiles. You had it coming to you. If you snitch on Akuma now, you're going to get caught up in the fiasco sooner or later. There's 2 sides to every story. Just think about it. You were the one who started the whole thing.
Mephiles: Sure, I'll really take that into consideration. .......Not.
Scourge: Suit yourself. Akuma might kill you next time. And I'll just sit and watch.
Mephiles: You do that.
Scourge: Meh. *walks off*
Bowser: Mephiles, did you need something?
Mephiles: .........*looks at ground* Yes sir. Aku-........n-no, it's nothing.
Bowser: Huh? You sure?
Mephiles: Yeah. I think......

Scourge: *walking through hallway* So, I really do have relatives.....I really need to figure out who I really am... *bumps into Scorpion*
Scorpion: HEY WATCH WH-.........Oh, it's you....
Scourge: Scorpion. How have you been?
Scorpion: Still need some nursing. Ganon got me good. I've had to go to physical therapy all day, and nothing is helping. When Ganon smashed that boot into my head...it all went downhill from there. I thought I was dead. You really got to watch yourself here. People will take your head off for a piece of change. Even Grand Generals like Ganon.
Scourge: Yeah, there's only a few "good" people here that will try to avoid fights and death.
So far, a couple of people have died. Bass, Blues, Baraka,......plenty more will be added to the list.
Scorpion: Yeah. *sigh* Back to Phys Therapy for me. I'm not hanging out with Shao Kahn and the crew anymore. All they do is get me into things I can't get out of. Bastards...
Ah, I'll stop rambling, catch you around man.
Scourge: Likewise.

Scorpion: Hmm? *looks through window* Damn...Wait, don't you hang out with them? Grr...
Scourge: WHAT??!?! *looks out window*  ****!!! *runs outside*

Sephiroth: *turns around* Long time no see, green hedgehog! Miss me?
Scourge: *mean look* Hell no.
Seph: Hmph, fine. Be that way, rudeness. I was waiting on you to show, so me and my crew could kick your crew's asses. HA HA HA!!!
Scourge: Shao, Goro, Reptlile, I won't show any mercy to you guys in battle...
Goro: *sort-of sad look* Hmph..
Reptile: *flicks tongue*
Shao: WE DON'T CARE!!! We'll kill you just like Scorpion kille-
Prometheus: HOLD YOUR TONGUE *****!! I've HAD it with you guys making fun of my friend!!! *glows red*
Koopa Green: Yeah, we're gonna wreck you guys. Sephiroth, you may think you're the best fighter here, but you are gravely mistaken. You're just a fraud!!
Seph: Is that so? HA HA HA!! A measly turtle is going to insult me? How rich!!
Sol: Your arrogant attitude pisses me off.
Seph: Your face pisses me off.
Scourge: What's up with the stalling, Seph? Let's go!! You wanna mess with us so much!!
We'll tear you inside-out!!
Scourge: Was anybody ****ing talking to you?
Shao: Apparently, you are now!! My hammer will be talking to you in a second!!
Seph: Hmph, so rude. So, I took the time to gather more members for my crew! You already know these two, but I have 3 more members!!
Koopa Red: Three?
Seph: Yep. Meet King DDD, King K. Rool, and Akuma!!!
DDD: I say, I say, we is, I say, we is gonna kick, I say kick yo' mutha ****in' asses!!
K. Rool: Damn right!! *steps forward*
Akuma: ..........
Scourge: Akuma, I thought you were better than that...
Akuma: .........I........I am sor-
Seph: *serious look* Shut it, Akuma.
Akuma: Yes.
Vegeta: So? We gonna get started? Or do we have to **** in your faces to let you know we're ready?
Nappa: Yeah. You bastards need to get it together and hurry up. My fists hunger for Sephiroth stew.
Sephiroth: You oughta be full off of donuts by now. FATASS.
Nappa: *clenches fist* ...........*shakes* Grr......*veins pop in head* GRRR......
Cell: ..........We have a new member as well. Welcome Prometheus.
Pro: ............
Shao: We'll dismantle him like that friend of his!!!
Pro: *narrows eyes* I told you, that is the LAST time!!!
Shao: Bring it!!

*everyone stares each other down*

Huh?: Hold!! Introducing 2 new members to Scourge's crew!
Akuma: Hmm? *frown on face* You.....
Mephiles: That's right. Time for some revenge, Akuma.
Akuma: *smiles* I look forward to it.
Huh?: *stares at Shao* You blind fool...
Shao: You're the blind one Scorpion. Allying yourself with these losers. Hmph. Pathetic!!
Scorpion: I've had just about enough of you. *serious frown*
Scourge: Mephiles, I knew you'd come.
Mephiles: We're cousins after all.
Seph: How touching!! Brokeback Hedgehog!!
Sol: Shut your trap!! OR I'LL SHUT IT FOR YOU!!!!
Seph: COME ON!!!
Pro: *looks at Scorpion* YOU!!!!
Scorpion: No, let us not fight here.
Pro: SHUT UP!!! I'll never forgive you for what you did!!
Scorpion: I'm sorry......I had no control back then...
Scorpion: If I was still the same, I wouldn't be here, fighting my comrades, now would I? I've changed, and I promise you, I will find a way to undo my actions.
Pro: YEAH RIGHT!!! You can't revive Blues!! You can't alter the past!!!
Scorpion: That's true, but I- no WE, CAN alter our future! If we argue here and let Seph have his way, he'll destroy more roids like you and more humans like me and more animals like Scourge!! He'll take over!! Your friend wouldn't want that now would he? He wants you to see past our differences and deal with the threat that is before us!! SWALLOW YOUR GOD DAMN GRUDGE AGAINST ME AND HELP US OUT!! That's what Blues would want!!! I'm sorry! I'm a changed man. And if you can't see that now, I really pity you.
Pro: I refuse to work with my best friend's murderer...
Sol: Prometheus!! We need you!! C'mon!! For Blues's sake!! It wasn't Scorpion that killed him, it was Shao Kahn and his manipulation tactics!!! Scorpion is right, swallow your grudge and help us!!
Pro: What manipulation?
Koopa Red: Dood, later!! C'mon man!!!
Pro:............Blues........what do I do? I don't know what to believe....
......................I forgive you Scorpion. I believe that's what Blues would want me to do. I'll fight.
Scorpion: Thank you.
Seph: How cheesy.
Koopa Yellow: Up yours.
Seph: Hee hee...
*everyone gives each other mean looks*

Scourge: Looks like this will be a long batte....*sigh* ALRIGHT GUYS LISTEN UP!!
Koopa Bros., go for Goro!! Cell, go for Reptile. Prometheus and Scorpion, go for Shao Kahn!! Mephiles, take Akuma, Broly will back you up when he gets here. Vegeta, take K.Rool! Nappa, go destroy DDD! Sol, you ready to thrash Seph?

Sol: Hell yeah.
Scourge: Alright, EVERYBODY, GO!!!!
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