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19 January, 2022, 09:07:41 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2372 times)
« Reply #15 on: 19 July, 2008, 11:41:21 pm »

2: Part 5 Final

*both teams dash at each other at blinding speed*
Akuma: BRING IT ON!!!!

*all of a sudden, a mysterious light appears in the center of the fight*

Scourge: Ah gee, what now?
Sephiroth: O_O Wow....I've never experienced such a distortion in space...it's unbelieveable...
Scourge: So...not even YOU know about this?
Sephiroth: I have no idea.
Akuma: Bah, it's just the sun. Let's continue.
Mephiles: Wait....it's like a mini-sized black hole...we're getting drawn to it!! LOOK!!
Prometheus: He's right....What is this?

Ganon: *watches from afar* So....he's shown himself. It's about damn time.
*rushes to Bowser's*
Ganon: Bowser...he's here.
Bowser: *spits out coffee* WHAT!?!??!
Ganon: The students don't know what the light is, we have to defeat him here, once and for all.
Bowser: But, he only shows himself to worthy opponents!! If he didn't show up to us...
Ganon: Then one of them is a threat to his life.
Bowser: Get Robotnik, we're going after him.
Ganon: Yes.
*after Ganon gets Eggman, all three walk outside towards the light*
Bowser: Students, we're going in!! You stay outside!!
Ganon: Right.
Robotnik: Alright, let's go.
*all three disappear into the light*
Scourge: Ugh...why do I have this.....
*a rift in space alters gravity, and instantly another light, stronger than the first appears behind the students*
Koopa Red: WHAT?!?!!?
Nappa: OH MY GOD!!!!
Vegeta: *eye twitches*
Vegeta: NOT NOW, NAPPA!!!
Nappa: Hey Vegeta, what's up?
Vegeta: Grrr....
Scorpion: ...
Shao Kahn: This power.....is truly magnificent!! SPECTACULAR!!!
Reptile: ....
Koopa Green: Dudes, what do we do?
Sephiroth: We go in.
Sol: ARE YOU MAD?!!?!?
Sephiroth: No. But, it beats sitting here waiting for the two of them to collide and swallow the school whole.
Cell: I'm in.
Mephiles: Let's do it.
Akuma: I'm not scared.
Scourge: What iif something lurks in there? Waiting for us?
Sephiroth: You're not scared are you?
Scourge: **** No.
Sephiroth: Good. *walks in* Coming?
*1 by 1 the students walk in*
Koopa Black: Woah....what is this?

Sephiroth: WHO ARE YOU?!?!
*a gloved fist comes out of nowhere and strikes Sephiroth in the back*
Sephiroth: *flies to the other side of the stage*
Sol: SEPH!!!
Scourge: A talking glove?
Huh?: I AM MASTER HAND!! Beat me, and you will manifest my power, to do whatever you please.
Scourge: Okay, if you're this light, who was the other light?
Master Hand: My brother, Crazy Hand.
Nappa: Figures.
Mephiles: WHY US?
Master: A particularly strong fellow, is in your company.
Prometheus: Who?
Scorpion: Let's go!!!
Master: *turns into a middle-finger rocket and blasts at the students*
Scourge: *ducks and elbows Hand as he flies back around*
Sol: *gets in three slashes before kneeing Hand*
Sephiroth: *gets up and starts to slash rapidly at Hand*
Akuma: *punches Hand furiously*

*everyone gangs up on the Hand*

Hand: HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! This tickles.
Seph: Grr...
Hand: Of course. I haven't used my special skill yet either. I expected a tough challenge.
Scorpion: Talk is cheap.
Hand: JUST LIKE YO' MO-wait...don't be rude Master Hand..
Scourge: What is with you?
Sol: Yeah, you got a cheery attitude.
Hand: .....
Scourge: You haven't answered our questions either!
Hand: Shoot.
Scourge: Where are we?
Hand: Final Destination. The afterlife to be specific.
Seph: WHAT!!?!??
Scourge: ****
Sol: DAMMIT!!!
Nappa: ....
Vegeta: *crosses arms* Where's the exit? Or do I have to MAKE one?
Hand: You leave on 1 condition. You beat my challenges.
Koopa Yellow: Okay.
Hand: Each one of you gets a different challenge. Or, you can take them as a group. Group challenges are difficult though, as a warning. If you lose, you lose your life, forever.
*students stare in shock*
Hand: Challenges range from incredibly simple, to insanely difficult.
Shao: Quit your babbling and give us a challenge already!!!
Hand: Okay. I'll start with you first.
Shao: Good.
Hand: Touch me.
Shao: That's it?
Hand: Yep.
Shao: Okay...*walks over cautiously and touches Hand*
Hand: You're free to go.
Shao: .................What?
Hand: YOU ARE FREE TO GO. Exit is right there.
Shao: .....*walks out* See you punks later, if you aren't dead!!!
Scourge: Stop boring us, let us out of here, PLEASE!!
Hand: What did you say?
Scourge: Please?
Hand: Why, that's all you needed to say!! Go ahead, you're free to go.
Scourge: *facepalm* We wasted all that time........for that?
Hand: Yep.
Sol: *falls to floor*
*everybody walks toward exit*
Hand: A little word though...I'm organizing a tourney later on. I do hope you participate. The prize is unparalleled.
Koopa Red: Oooooooooooookay.
Hand: *waves*

*back to the real world*

Scourge: What the hell was that all about?
*someone shouts at the front of the school*
Sol: ****
Huh?: The brackets are set!! 1on1 battles!! Hurry and take your seats!!
Sephiroth: Master Hand!?!?
Huh?: No, I'm his brother! Crazy!!
Mephiles: ......
Crazy: First match. Akuma vs. Scorpion!!
Scorpion: We aren't ready though!!!
Crazy: Too bad. Step into the ring, and fight your hearts out!!

*Ganon, Eggman, and Bowser watch from a distance*

Ganon: Crazy isn't even a threat anymore. I'm glad he came through in the deal.
Eggman: Yes. If it wasn't for my persuasion, he'd still be a rampant hellspawn.
Bowser: Heh heh...

Akuma: Scorpion...I won't hold back!!
Scorpion: Good. I like my battles TOASTY.
Akuma: O_O
Scorpion: Forget it, inside joke.

- That whole chapter was an inside joke and a parody off a movie I've seen.
the guys on fanfiction.net will love this.

ROUND 1.......
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