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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3773 times)
« Reply #15 on: 06 August, 2008, 06:52:06 pm »

3: Part 2

Crazy: BEGIN!!!!!!!!
Nappa: I WON'T HOLD BACK!!!! *charges up*
Goro: RAOR!!!! *rushes at Nappa*
Nappa: *dashes forward and punches Goro in the gut*
Goro: *grabs Nappa's fist with two hands, and starts to *****-slap him with the other 2*
Nappa: *wipes mouth* That all you got? *tries to sweep Goro off of his feet*
Goro: *jumps and smashes Nappa into the ground* *crosses arms* Ror!
Nappa: *flies out* THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!! BOMBER DX!!! *shoots a yellow blast out of mouth at Goro*
Goro: *smacks it away* *punches the ground furiously*
Nappa: HA HA HA!! What will that do!?!?
Vegeta: NAPPA!! Pay attention!
Nappa: Hmm? *the ground below Nappa rises up and sends him far into the air* WHAT THA??!
Goro: *jumps like the Incredible Hulk and stomps Nappa back to the ground*
Nappa: *sustains flight and looks up* *sees Goro is falling down on him* *quickly moves and right as Goro lands, shoots a Bomber DX and it strikes Goro in the back* *tackles Goro and punches him repeatedly*
Goro: *throws Nappa off and clothes-lines him*
*everybody flinches in disbelief*
Sol: Ouch...
Nappa: GOYGI!!!
Goro: *puts Nappa in the headlock and slams him to the ground* *locks his legs with two arms and locks his head with the other two*
Nappa: *gasps for air* Grr...GRAHHH!!!!! *struggles to break free*
Goro: *locks harder*
Nappa: *bites Goro's arm and punches his way free* *rolls on top of Goro and bear-hugs him*
Goro: !!!
Nappa: *flies high into the air* This is where you are welcomed to oblivion!!!
Goro: GEROK!??!
Nappa: *drops fast to the ground like a fallen satellite*
Scourge: This might be it...
Sol: Yeah..
Ganon: Huh?
Nappa: *starts to burn through the atmosphere* *spins with Goro*
Koopa Green: BIG IMPACT AHOY!!
Cell: Holy Mother of god....
Vegeta: O_o
Cell: What does the scouter say about the impact level?
Cell: Damn, I always wanted to say that...
Nappa: *the pressure starts to peel away at Nappa and Goro's skin* OH MY GOD!!
*2 minutes later*
Nappa: THIS IS IT!!!!
Goro: GRACK!!!??
Nappa: *they both make impact to the ground while Goro's head goes deep into the muddy ground* *the impact was so big, they are both unconscious* *the loud roar of the impact was sent so far into the heavens, Jesus said "DAMMNNNN!!"
Goro: .........*head deep in theground, not a sound heard*
Nappa: *lies on ground breathing heavily* ........
Vegeta: C'mon, NAPPA!! GET UP!!!
*the crowd begins to chant* "Nap-pa!..... Nap-pa!..... Nap-pa!!..."
Nappa: *opens eyes slowly and tries to get up* Did......did.....*closes eyes* Did....I..........did......did......I.....*falls down*
Goro: ......................
Crazy: Huh?
Nappa: *gets up* I-I-I....I WON!!!
*crowd goes wild*
Vegeta: WAY TO GO NAPPA!!!
Koopa Black: *chirps*
Eggman: Wait!! I saw Goro move!!
Scourge: WTF?
Sephiroth: It's not over.
Scourge: How so?
Sephiroth: Goro still has some fight left. I can feel it.
Scourge: AFTER THAT DROP?!?!
Sephiroth: True, a normal human cannot survive such a blow..hell...some of us wouldn't survive that blow. But, Goro is a champion in his mind. He won't stop until he wins.
Scourge: Dammit. NAPPA, FINISH HIM!!!
*Mortal Kombat voice*
Nappa: .....Right! *screen fades* BOMBER....DX ULTIMA SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!
*yellow beams rain from the sky and rip away at Goro's exposed body* *a beam swipes one of Goro's arms clean off*
Goro: *flies out of ground*
Nappa: WTF?!?!
Goro: *badly bloody body* It's....not over yet...
Nappa: Damn!
Goro: GRAH!! *rushes forward and and clothes-lines Nappa again* *furiously punches Nappa's face* *jumps and tries to stomp on Nappa*
Nappa: *moves before Goro lands, and throws him into the ground*
*it begins to rain*
Goro: *gets up and trips Nappa, then steps on his face*
Nappa: *grabs Goro's foot and tosses him into the mud* *bear-hugs Goro again*
Goro: *elbows Nappa in the face and smacks him around* *knees Nappa in the face and Nappa is sent flying*
Nappa: *sustains position and kicks Goro into the air* *flies behind him and shoots a Bomber DX*
Goro: *turns around, catches it, and fires it back*
Nappa: *falls out of the sky*
Goro: *flies beside Nappa, grabs him, and performs the same move Nappa did to him*
Vegeta: Oh no....NAPPA!!!
Nappa: *eyes closed*
Shao Kahn: Get em' Goro!!
DDD: I say-I say this is one helluva, I say this is one helluva fight!
Goro: *flies straight into the ground head-first with Nappa*
Vegeta: No....
Pro: ****
Jesus: Not again...
Nappa: *lies on ground, not breathing*
Vegeta: *jumps off of bleachers and rushes to Nappa* NAPPA!! NAPPA!!!!
Nappa: ........
Goro: tries to smack Vegeta away*
Vegeta: BASTARD!! *blocks and fires a Galik Gun into Goro* *Goro flies into the air*
Shao Kahn: *jumps over bleachers and tackles Vegeta* You dirty cheater!!
Vegeta: *pimp-smacks Shao Kahn away and kneels near Nappa* NAPPA!!! BREATHE!!!
Nappa: .......
Vegeta: *gives Nappa a Sensu Bean*
Nappa: *opens eyes slowly* V-V......V-Vegeta........b-beat him.....
Vegeta: I swear my life on it!
Nappa: HA HA *cough, weeze* ....I....need to lie down....
Vegeta: *carries Nappa to the nursing room*
Sephiroth: You deserved it.
Shao Kahn: YOU!!!
Crazy: Save it, guys. Goro wins the match!!
Scourge: Damn. Nappa did good though.
Koopa Red: Damn skippy.
Bowser: Interesting...
Eggman: Indeed.
Ganon: *nods*
Crazy: That was one for the record-books! All right..Goro advances! Next match will be!!.....
DDD vs. Sol!!!

Sol: I'm up!
Scourge: You better not lose...
Sol: Ha, don't worry. I'll crush that penguin.
Scourge: Heh.
Sephiroth: My money is on Sol. I've seen DDD fight. Koopa Green could beat him by himself.
Scourge: xD He's that bad?
Sephiroth: Heh, yeah. He's horrible.
Koopa Green: I HEARD THAT!! Too bad for you two. I brought hotdogs and fries. You don't get any!
Scourge: *mumbles* Sorry...
Sephiroth: What she said!
Scourge: *punches Seph*
Koopa Green: *gives them fries*

Crazy: Round three will be underway in 5 minutes! Use the restroom and the likes!!
Pro: *goes to the Port-o-potty*
Mephiles: *rofl*

Sol: Let's do this.
DDD: My, I say-I say, my pleasure! *grips mallet*


Scorpion vs. Akuma
Nappa vs. Goro
DDD vs. Sol
Mephiles vs. Cell
Ansem vs. Sephiroth
Scourge vs. Reptile (he got his tongue reattached)
Vegeta vs. K. Rool
Koopa Bros. vs. Noob Saibot
Prometheus vs. Shao Kahn
Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Zabuza
Vega vs. Broly
Devil Jin vs. Kazuya Mishima
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