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08 December, 2023, 05:23:54 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 3777 times)
« Reply #15 on: 17 April, 2009, 07:57:55 pm »

4: Part 5 Final
Aquatic Ambiance

Sephiroth: *dashes at high-speed toward the Guardian*
Guardian: No way. *raises gigantic arm and sweeps it across the floor*
Seph: *jumps right over his arm, and slashes at his face* GIVE ME THE EMERALD!
Guardian: *pimp-smacks Seph, and he flies across the room and through the wall into the next room*
Cell: You idiot...
Seph: *emerges from the rubble* Your size is your only advantage that's for sure. *dusts self off and dashes again*
Guardian: *plays a song*
Seph: *stops in bewilderment* Wha?

Guardian: *bobs head furiously*
Seph: *dashes*
Guardian: *bobs head faster*
Guardian: *head bobs superfast*
Seph: I SAID STOP THAT. *attempts to slash*
Guardian: *raises fists into the air and screams*
*blades emerge from the ground in multiple places*
Seph: *dodges the first, the second, but the third nicks his leg*
Guardian: *smirk*
Seph: ...*closes eyes*
Guardian: Thinking of your inevitable funeral?
Seph: No. I'm thinking of yours. ULTIMA FLARE. *a giant force of dark energy envelops Guardian and crashes into him* *the force is so tremendous it rips his flesh bit by bit* *smile*
Guardian: *emerges from the ominous energy* Good one. But, while you took all that time to cast that, .......you've been surrounded.
Seph: *opens eyes and notices that several gigantic blades now surround him, ready to thrust deep within his body*
Guardian: I believe that's game, young Sephiroth. Not so egotistical now huh, hotshot?
Seph: ........
Guardian: Speechless huh? You were oh so chatty a few minutes ago! What happened?
Seph: ........
Guardian: Hmph. Hypocrite. Away with you, heathan. SWORDS, FINISH HI-
Cell: THE EARTH WILL BE DESTROYED!! *charges a solar kamehameha*
Guardian: FOOL. *turns around and attempts to smack Cell to the ground*
Cell: *smiles*
Cell: *appears behind Guardian*
Guardian: O_O
*an enourmous kamehameha was unleashed, upon contact it destroyed the entire room and destroyed a good bit of the land*
*the blades bolt at high speeds to avenge their master*
Seph: *jumps and starts to ride on a blade*
*jumps from blade to blade, and as soon as he rides above a downed Guardian, he grabs one and slices the **** out of him* *he tosses that one away, grabs another, and repeats at high-speed*
Cell: *teleporting through all the blades* Ha ha haaaa!!!
Guardian: *grabs the blade Seph attempts to slash him with, and throws it at Cell*
Cell: *teleports behind Guardian* *prepares a kamehameha*
Guardain: ...
Seph: *prepares another Ultima Flare*
Guardian: ...
Guardian: *catches the beam and infuses it into his fists*
Cell: OH SHI-
Guardian: *breakneck speed* *connects an uppercut on Cell, and follows with hundreds of chaining kicks and punches* *after getting bored, he smacks him into Sephiroth who dodges the incoming Cell*
Seph: *infuses his blade with the Ultima* You're so dead now.
Guardian: Come at me.
Seph: ...*walks forward* *he vibrates at hallucinating speeds and copies himself into another Sephiroth who walks beside the original* *he does this again*
Guardian: HADOUKEN *fires one in a horizontal line*
Seph: *the first fake blocks the charge with his Ultima Katana, while the second fake jumps into the air* *the original Sephiroth extends his blade 4 feet and uses it as a pole-vault to land on the Guardian's head* *he raises his blade and sinks it deep within his skull*
Guardian: GRUH.
Seph: *he twists the blade and an Ultima blast crashes into his brain and destroys multiple cells and commands the brain was giving to the rest of his body*
*while he's immobilized, the second fake sinks his blade into the Guardian's back, and tries to obliterate his spine*
Guardian: *falls over and squashes the second fake* *still immobilized as far as bodily functions go*
Seph: *the first fake thrusts his sword toward the Guardian's heart*
Guardian: ENOUGH. *blood in body run rampant and repair the damage and immobilization done to him*
Seph: It’s like we can’t hurt him for a long period of time!!
Cell: *gets up* *clenches arm* Seems that way. He’s invulnerable to ailments…he can get hurt, but no life-threatening actions can actually be executed on him.
Seph: There’s a weak spot somewhere…I could’ve sworn that Ultima Blast to the skull did it…
Cell: ….Let’s keep working, we’ll figure out something shor-
Guardian: *swinging at something in the distance* YOU, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.
?: …*jumps high and repeatedly smashes Guardian in the face with four arms*
Seph: Is that Goro?
Cell: It looks like him….wait…now I see…Sephiroth, quickly, use your clone to get on his head again. You were on to something earlier.
Seph: What?
Cell: Just do it. Both of you need to impale his skull and do another Ultima Blast in it. While you’re doing that, I’ll attempt to shock his heart and puncture his lungs. You see his spine is still rattled and I imagine that if we do enough damage to his body, his body will lose control and panic.
Seph: Thus, they’ll start performing the wrong functions and he won’t get healed as fast…
Cell: Very perceptive.
Seph: Alright, let’s give it all we’ve got.
Cell: *nods*
*Seph and Cell bolt towards Guardian at breakneck speeds*
Guardian: *clasps together both hands into a hammer-fist and nails Goro into the gound*
Goro: *lying on ground* *pushes self back up and punches the ground, sending forth a massive tremor to disrupt the Guardian’s flow*
Guardian: *yawn* Is this really all you can do, freak? *stomps as well and his tremor cancels out Goro’s*
Goro: …
Guardian: Are you overwhelmed with awe?
Goro: *wags finger*
Guardian: *eyebrow rises* What? *turns around*
*2 blades are stuck in Guardian’s cranium*
*they both twist and the power of Ultima owns his brain again, but thice time twice as hard*
Cell: Perfect, Sephiroth! Now, time for the finisher!! *teleports in front of the Guardian and prepares a Full Power Death Beam that’ll pierce its heart* TIME TO DIIIIEEEEE!!
Guardian: WAIIIITTTTT!!!
Seph: …?
Cell: Huh?
Goro: *cocks head to the side*
Guardian: I am not who you take me to be. You guys are good…really good…but I’m not this ‘beast’. *the head of the monster opens and a cockpit is revealed * *it floats out of the hatch and it reveals an old man with white hair*
Cell: Wha?
Guardian: I am not this ‘Guardian’ you think I am, my name is Dr. Wily. I plan on taking over the world with my creations known as ‘Master Robots’. I’m terribly sorry for putting you through that repetitive test, but you kids are the only beings that’ve came close to defeating me.
Seph: …So, that’s why you couldn’t get hurt…although we trashed your cockpit pretty badly…
Cell: Master Robots?
Dr. Wily: Yes, my Master Robots I created to defeat the likes of Megaman, a very annoying child that has thwarted my plans for 9 games, created by my worst enemy, Dr. Light. I revamped my Master Bots and made them even more deadly with minor upgrades and what not. But, Megaman always seems to be able to defeat one, and gain it’s power as it gets destroyed. I do not know of what Dr. Light has installed in that bot, but it’s beyond me.
Cell: Megaman? That blue guy with a muther****ing gun for a hand?
Seph: I remember him.
Dr. Wily: No no no. That was X. Basically the same thing, but X is highly more advanced than Megaman.
Seph: What about Prometheus?
Dr. Wily: I had nothing to do with that one.
Cell: Bass?
Dr. Wily: …I can’t say.
Cell: Quite alright. What about Protoman?
Dr. Wily: I heard he was deceased.
Cell: Yes.
Dr. Wily: Then there’s no point in telling you of his past.
Cell: …
Dr. Wily: Well, now that the formalities have been discussed, it’s time for me to take my leave.
Cell: WHAT?
Seph: What about the emerald?
Dr. Wily: Take it.
Seph: Serious?
Dr. Wily: Yes. I must go speak with Dr. Robotnik, about his plans on his “Sonic” prototype. Farewell.
Seph: *goes to grab the emerald*
Cell: Wait, where are your Master Bots?
Dr. Wily: *chuckle* Don’t worry, they’ll find you before you find them.
Cell: …How many?
Dr. Wily: *chuckles again* You’re going to have your hands full.
Cell: …Bastard!
Dr. Wily: *walks off* You might want to warn your friends. Some are quite lethal. I have one…….that may bring one of your friends…..to tears.
Cell: …Begone.
Seph: I’ve got the emerald.
Cell: Good. Let’s go.
Dr. Wily: Oh yes, you might want to hide that thing. My bots see those jewels as a ‘threat’. They WILL terminate you if you have it in your possession. I mean, they’ll terminate you anyway, but…HAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA
Cell: *shakes head*
*teleports with Seph and Goro out of the coliseum*

*back with Scourge and co.*
Scourge: I wonder how they’re faring..
Sol: Stop worrying, they can handle themselves.
Koopa Red: Yeah, but you just gotta wonder if Seph went in a little over his head.
Koopa Yellow: Cell’s nothing to worry about. Personally, I think Cell is one of the best fighters we have. I liked Gouki though.
Scorpion: I didn’t care for Akuma. He was fairly arrogant, that’s why he doesn’t have nuts anymore. TOASTY.
*they walk along a seaside shore*
Koopa Green: Toasty?
Scorpion: TOASTY.
Scourge: Shut up. We were just now-….*trails off into a silence*
Sol: What?
Sol: …God damn…why are we here? This place is only for Cooldown matches. Although it serves a fairly nice hang-out place.
Koopa Yellow: *picks nose*
Scorpion: *keeps trying to make the girlie “WHOOPSIE” noise off the old Mortal Kombats*
Koopa Green: *in shell playing with self*
Mephiles: The reason why we came is because….someone or something is here…
Scourge: Wut?
Mephiles: It’s here. I could sense this bastard from a mile away. It’s in this ocean…
Sol: *draws weapon*
Mephiles: IT’S HERE.

*a strange being emerges from the ocean and lands in front of them*
?: Hehehehh…
Scourge: Tentacles? An octopus?
Koopa Green: *emerges from shell* Calamari?
Koopa Black: No, that’s…..a lobster!
?: *faceplam* *robotic voice* You idiots, I am a SQUID. SQUID ADLER.
Scourge: Lame.
Sol: Concurred.
Squid Adler: …You won’t think I’m so lame after this beating!!! Volt Catfish, Bubbleman, Waveman, let’s show these clowns the real meaning of pain!
*three more beings emerge from the water, but Volt Catfish stays in the water*
Bubbleman: The aquatics, no greater place than that.
Volt Catfish: …
Waveman: Heck yes. Imma shove my trenchfoot up yous’s asses.
Scourge: Yous’s isn’t a word, numbnuts.
Waveman: ..Uhm…RAGE.
Squid Adler: *thrusts finger forward* Let’s do this thing you fools!
Bubbleman: *shooting bubbles in the distance* YEAH!
*they all line up in a line towards the ocean where Volt Catfish is and he lets off an electric pulse that shocks the ocean*
Scourge: Freakin’ freaks.
Koopa Black: ‘Tards. And you guys thought I was stupid!
Sol: Honestly, if we lose to these jokes, we don’t deserve to walk this planet anymore…honestly..
Koopa Red: These guys don’t even deserve to exist…
Mephiles: Don’t taunt until the battle is won. Don’t underestimate these guys, they are quite powerful although they may not look the part.
Scorpion: My fire will be useless here, I’ll just stick with my normal skill.
Koopa Yellow: Time to beast these punks!
*they all approach each other in a stand-off*
*it quickly erupts into a dash at each other*
*all except Volt Catfish*

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