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17 January, 2022, 10:54:29 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2368 times)
« Reply #30 on: 10 May, 2009, 08:42:37 pm »

5: Part 1


*multiple explosions are heard in the distance* *the camera pans in on the erupting battle*

Ganon: *flying through the air* *lands casually on the calm sand* *smile*

Kefka: *badly swollen lip and purple eye* *a piece of flesh hangs off of his cheek* GRR!! I'll wipe that ugly look off your face! *charges a lightning fist*

Ganon: *smile fades* *charges a Warlock Punch*

Kefka: AAAHAAHHAHHA!!!! *propels fist forward at blazing speed*

Ganon: *does the same*

*The inevitable collision causes the land to crack and sand to seep through a mini-chasm* *the impact blazes on for a couple of seconds until Kefka goes flying in the other direction*

Ganon: *calmly walks forward* Heh heh, c'mon Kefka, after all of these years you still haven't changed. That's just sa-*pauses at the end of sentence* *blood seeps down forehead*

Altair: ...*behind Ganon with a hidden blade in his skull*

Ganon: *head twists backwards* YOU.

Altair: *smirk*

Ganon: ...

Eggman: *cruises around in Egg-mobile, dodging Chaos's Liquid Blasts* *points forward and a giant drill emerges from the head of the car* *full speed* ALL SYSTEMS, FULL POWER!!!! *car blazes the sand in an all out blitzkrieg intending on obliterating Chaos*

Chaos: ...*uses liquid tentacles to blast towards the Egg-mobile* *gets caught in the drill and spins around in it*

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! I have you now, you defective experiment!! *triumphant look* *looks forward and sees a cliff approaching* NO!

Chaos: *in back seat chillin'*

Eggman: EMERGENCY BRA-*can not finish sentence*

Chaos: *has one tentacle over Eggman's mouth, and another wrapping around his body* *throws him down in the backseat and restrains him*

o_O ha ha ha...that sounds so wrong...

Eggman: GRAH! *snorkel* *hastily pulls out a remote and presses the "eject" button* ...

*nothing happened*

Eggman: O_O *presses repeatedly*

*they both epicly charge off of the cliff, going at least 300mph*

Eggman: *closes eyes and prays they make it to the other side of the cliff*

*the Eggmobile seems likely to make it at first, but quickly runs out of steam and they both plummet down the giant chasm*

Bowser: *pulls Altair off of Ganon and slams him into the ground* *holds him down while Ganon unleashes several Warlock Punches into Altair's gut and face* *switches positions with Ganon and breathes fire into Altair's face, then attempts to finish with a Bowser Bomb*

Kefka: *appears out of nowhere and giggles* *smacks Ganon off of Altair and pulls Altair out of harm's way* *pulls out a sharp needle and holds it under Bowser's descending asscrack*

Bowser: *oblivious to Kefka's prank* *flies downward and strikes something VERY pointy*

*the needle goes straight up Bowser's ass*

Bowser: *tears form in eyes* *screams at the top of lungs and flies upward like a rocket*


Ganon: *while Kefka is laughing, grasps his face and unloads dark energy in it*

Altair: *shanks Ganon in the stomach and repeatedly punches him in the gut*

Ganon: *blocks the 5th blow, and counters with an upward kick* *rams a recovering Kefka*

Altair: *flying in the air*

Bowser: *also high in the sky* You're dead. *does another Bowser Bomb* *shreds the sky like a meteor*

Altair: *opens eyes* O_O

Bowser: *drops dead onto Altair and they both smash into the ground* *a big explosion consumes the field*

Altair: *gasps for air*

Bowser: *gets off of Altair and breathes more fire into his face* *picks him up and rams him multiple times with horns* *throws him into the ground, and stomps on his face a couple of times* *then picks him up again, bearhugs him, and jumps high into the sky, bellyflopping the crap out of him when they land* *is still on top of Altair* *squeezes him as he breathes fire in his face*

Altair: *unconscious*

Bowser: *gets off and looks around*


*a flying Ganondorf collides into an unaware Bowser*

Kefka: *walks forward through sandstorm* *mad as hell* *hears something* *looks up*

*a shadowy figure of a car is seen high in the sky, flashing in the scorching sun*

Eggman: *is seen standing on the head of the car* I'm glad I installed the jetpacks!! *jumps off into the flare and press a button on a remote* *the car explodes in an epic fiery inferno, and Eggman skydives to the ground* *lands formally as chunks of debris and drips of Chaos fall into the raging sand behind him* *crosses arms and smiles a badass smile* GET A LOAD OF THAT.

Bowser: Impressive.

Ganon: Indeed.


Eggman: We don't care.

Kefka: *fumes* *stomps the sand* RAH!! *sandstorm envelops him*

Eggman: XD

Bowser: BWAH HA HA HA.

Ganon: We have someone who is REALLY ready to listen to your whines.

Kefka: ?_?

??: Oh yes, Kefka.  You'll see that my fist is ready to destroy that mouth of yours.

Kefka: NO.

*a yellow beam slides along the sand in a swirling fashion*

Kefka: *attempts to block*

*the beam is a mirage, the real one is behind Kefka*

Kefka: WHAT? *gets hit by the massive beam* Ooff...

Vegeta: Surprised? *teleports in front of Kefka*

Kefka: *falls down in horror* Not you...N-NO!

Vegeta: *steps forward* *holds palm out* BIG BANG ATTACK.

Kefka: N-No, WAIT-

Vegeta: *shows no remorse* *unleashes the ball of energy at point-blank range* *an explosion of sand follows and a giant crater in the ground is shown, but no Kefka* That was for those Waddle Dees, you PRICK. *turns around and just as he flies off-*

Kefka: *emerges from smoke, BADLY scarred, clutching arm* It's just the beginning....V-Vegeta...I'm not done with you. I'M going to have the last laugh. NOT YOU. Y-You...POOPIE-HEAD!!! *serious tone* I'll make sure to go all-out next time we meet...I MEAN IT. *evil energy flows around Kefka* *the sand swirls around his energy* *a reddish aura is seen around Kefka* *wind blows furiously*
*snaps fingers and the crew retreats from the area*

*all is calm again*

Bowser: Hmph. Still sad to see he hasn't changed. *shakes head*

Ganon: I wasn't worried a bit. That was great fun.

Eggman: I quite liked my "epic" explosion. *chuckle*

Ganon: Indeed it was quite "epic". *laughs a bit too*

Bowser: *smiles*

Vegeta: GAH, old-people humor!

Ganon: Shut up, boy.

Vegeta: No.

Bowser: ANYWAYS, we should be getting back, my feet need a good rubbing..

Ganon: Ha, I could use a good backrub myself. I think I have a crook in my neck from that damned Altair...

Eggman: I must build a new Eggmobile. This time, I'll install Atomic Nitrus and a giant gatling gun that fires heat-seeking bullets!

Ganon: Is that even possible?

Eggman: With my intellect, ANYTHING is possible. OH HO HO

Vegeta: ...*cannot help but to smirk* Goodbye.

Bowser: Where are you going?

Vegeta: None of your business.

Bowser: ....

Vegeta: Tuh. *flies off*

Ganon: He's so rude.

Eggman: Let him be.

Bowser: .....Let's go. *summons Koopa Clown Car*

Eggman: *summons mini-Egg Carrier*

Ganon: *summons dark portal and walks through it*

*in Waddle Dee-Care Hospital*

Pro: *wakes up* .....*grunt* Ohh, my head....

Shadow: You're awake...

Pro: Yeah...wait...what happened?

Shadow: ...

Pro: *sits up, curious look* Huh?

Shadow: Nappa.

Pro: What about him?

Shadow: He's dead. He saved us by sacrificng himself.

Pro: ...What?

Shadow: *hops off of bed* Yeah...*walks to door* *turns around* Ansem already left, and I'm going to find that Dragon Ball I threw away from Ridley. Later. *opens and walks through door*

Pro: *rubs head* *sits up* Oh man...*gets up* *grabs scythe and stares at ceiling* Nappa, say hi to Blues for me. *shakes head and runs out of door*

*meanwhile at the left-wing of the destroyed school*

Ansem: Shadow said he threw it around here...but I don't see the thing! *rumages through rubble* GOD THIS IS ANNOYING!

*a shadowy old-man approaches*

??: Looking for this? *holds up Dragon Ball*

Ansem: YES. *quickly runs up to him* Can I see it?

??: ...No.

Ansem: ...Um, I don't know who you are, but I really need that. It's important.

??: What important use could you possibly have with this? Bringing forth the apocalypse?

Ansem: Hell no, gramps. I don't have time for your lecturing baloney.

??: Impatient fool. You should respect your elders. There was another silver-haired boy I fought who was impatient and rude just like you.

Ansem: !!

??: Yes, I've nailed you dead-on.

Ansem: PLEASE, SHUT UP. Give me the Ball, NOW.

??: *strokes mustache* Do you know who I am? *wind starts to pick up*

Ansem: You're going to be a rotting corpse in a few seconds.

??: Ha. Highly unlikely, young fool.

Ansem: Just because you've lived a long life doesn't mean it can't come to a short end.

??: CLEVER. Unfortunately, that won't be happening.

*multiple rumblings are heard in the nearby bushes*

Ansem: Friends of yours?

??: No. Servants of mine...ha ha ha!

Ansem: *tilts head to the right*

??: ...*attempts to walk off*

Ansem: *dashes in front of him and knocks him over* I don't think so.

??: Insolent child, you will be crushed!! *rubs bottom* Master Bots!! SLAUGHTER THIS DELINQUENT!!

*5 Master Bots jump out of the bushes and land in front of Ansem*

Ansem: Ha ha ha, you really think these pathetic excuses for garbage disposals can take me? *quickly draws dual Energy Sabers*

Dr. Wily: mmmmYes.

Ansem: I'll gladly burst that bubble. *grey aura surrounds him* *the area below him crashes and a mini-crater is seen below him due to his emerging power*

Dr. Wily: *retreats into his Wil-O-Coptor*

Ansem: *looks up* Coward. *looks back at Master Bots* ...

Dr. Wily: You deviant, you're nothing but a thesis, I'll blow you to pieces!!

Ansem: Go eat your tapioca. And please have a heart-attack afterwards.


*the Master Bots become operational*

Ansem: *hand gesture* Bring it.

Metal Man: *clutches Metal Blades* It'll be fun cutting you into ribbons!!

Crash Man: My crash bombs'll obliterate you, man! I feel sorry for you, man! Not really though, man!

Flame Stag: *flames spout from nose* *revs leg like a bull* I'll burn you like toast on a Sunday morning.

Slash Beast: *claws are ready for flesh ripping* *licks claws* Mmm...*sadistic smile*

Armored Armadillo: ...*curls up and spins almost like a spinball*

Ansem: ...


Ansem: ...

Dr. Wily: *claps* yes, YES. TEAR HIM APART!!!

*all of the robot masters leap at Ansem, grinning wildly*

??: SPEAR!!!!!

*they all look to the right in midair*

*a giant yellow javelin-beam is seen darting towards them*

Crash Man: MAN!!


*the robots were all sent flying*

Shadow: *kneeling on the ground* *stands up* Hmph.

Ansem: I was wonderin' when you'd show up, hedgehog.

Shadow: ...*gets into stance*

Ansem: *clenches sabers tighter*

*a crash bomb is seen hurtling towards them*

Shadow: o_o *jumps out of the way*

Ansem: *slashes the bomb in two and kicks both of them back at Crash Man*

*kabooommm* *a huge explosion envelops the area*

Slash Beast: *flies out of the smoke and attempts to slash Ansem multiple times*

Ansem: *steadily dodging his slashes while moving backward towards the pond*

Shadow: *dashes into the smoke to face the other bots*

Metal Man: *throws multiple blades into the smoke towards the shadowy figure he sees*

*the shadowy figure evades his blades effortlessly*

Shadow: *charges a Chaos Spear*

Flame Stag: *breathes fire into the smoke*

*another yellow javelin-beam nails him in his wide-open mouth like a blowjob and sends him flying into the bushes*

Armored Armadillo: *curls up into a ball, praying that he doesn't get hurt*

Shadow: Hmm...*picks up Armadillo and tosses him up and down* *jumps into the air and kicks him into the ground to send him rolling like a bowling ball towards Crash Man and Metal Man*

Metal Man: *jumps to the left*

Crash Man: OH MAN!! *gets bowled-over by spinning Armadillo*

Armadillo: *keeps on rolling nonstop into the bushes where Flame Stag is*

*a scream is heard*

Metal Man: *runs forward and knees Shadow in the gut* *knocks him into the ground and tosses Metal Blades downward*

Shadow: *catches the 4th one and throws it back at him* *dashes forward right after and delivers a bone-crushing elbow into Metal Man's right arm*

Metal Man: O_O  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *falls to the ground, flailing*

Shadow: ...

*a crash bomb stops right before Shadow's feet*

Shadow: !


Crash Man: Hell yeah, man! I got him, man! *runs forward into the smoke triumphantly*

*a figure is seen standing unscathed*

Crash Man: *in horror* No man!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

*a anger-infused punch decks Crash Man square in the nose*

Crash Man: *is sent flying to the pond*

Flame Stag: *gets up finally* *breathes fire on Shadow from behind* *punches him repeateldy and chuckles an arrogant laugh* I'm just getting warmed up!

Shadow: *catches his fist* *that was so lame* *bends his fist backwards, clearly overpowering him*

Flame Stag: *mouth open in pain* *eyes wide* *girly scream* AHH!

Shadow: *let's go and axe-kicks Stag's head so that he faceplants into the ground* *balls his fists up like a hammer and drills him deeper into the ground so that only his legs are seen flailing*

*a spinning ball collides into Shadow out of nowhere*

Shadow: *throws him off* I can't hurt him...so I'll just leave him be. *walks off*

Armadillo: *peeks out from curl* Did I win? *shifty eyes*  ...*slowly waddles forward* Guys?

*a speedy figure stomps Armadillo's head into the ground*

Armadillo: DAMN!!! *attempts to curl back in*

Shadow: No. *grabs Armadillo's head and pulls it out with such force it toggles Armadillo's memory*

Armadillo: ...*dizzy eyes* Uhhh.....

Shadow: *mean look* *rips Armadillo's head off and kicks his body into the pond* *clutches Armadillo's head*

Armadillo: I didn't want to fight...I wanted peace...

Shadow: I know. And when I wish you back to this world, you will find peace.

Armadillo: Thank...yo-

Shadow: *smashes Armadillo's head in his hands*

*Metal Man is seen limping off clutching his right arm*

Shadow: *runs up to him and breaks his left arm*

Metal Man: *falls to the ground* ...ohh....damn...you...

Shadow: *looks down upon him* *stomps and destroyes Metal Man's head*
*proceeds to destroy his body with a Chaos Spear*

Flame Stag: *pulls himself up* *spits out dirt* That's two you've killed! YOU MONSTER. *swings wildly at a dodging Shadow*

Shadow: Hmph. *trips Flame Stag and in slow-motion, karate chops him to the ground*

Flame Stag: *grasping his gut in pain*

Shadow: *runs up and punts Stag through a nearby ramshackle wall* *looks over at Ansem*

Slash Beast: *blood on his claws* *on his knees with one saber on the left side of his head and one on the right side* GRAH.

Ansem: Yeah, you're done for. *decapitates Slash Beast*

Shadow: Heh...decaps are hilarious.

Ansem: I agree.

Crash Man: *quietly sneaks behind Ansem and prepares a Sticky Crash Bomb*

Ansem: I smell hesitation.

Shadow: ?

Ansem: *quickly throws one saber up in the air and jams his other saber in the chest of Crash Man*

Crash Man: UGHHHH, MAN!!!

Ansem: *kicks Crash Man to the ground*

Crash Man: *cannot move* *short-circuiting* M-M-M-Maannn,,,,

Ansem: *looks up and watches as his other saber does multiple flips in the air* *the saber plummets to the ground and slices through Crash Man multiple times like a buzzsaw*

Crash Man: ...

*gets sliced into 40 mechanical pieces*

Shadow: ...*looks up at Dr. Wily*

Dr. Wily: *mouth wide open* O_O *drool slides out of mouth*

Shadow: You're next. *evil glare*

Dr. Wily: *draws back in terror* N-No! I'm...GAH. *flies off into the distance*

Ansem: ...

Shadow: Damn, he got away.

Ansem: Don't worry. There are 4 invisible Heartless abroad his vessel. I'll track his position through them.

Shadow: Right. Well, I'm going to do some reconissance. Later, Ansem. *walks off to the right wing of the school*

Ansem: *looks at wrist* Yeah...later. *dashes off towards the valley nearby*

??: *slowly arises from the rubble* *throws a slate of concrete off himself* *slowly walks forward, following Shadow*

Shadow: *continues walking*

??: *spreads arms in an attempt to bearhug Shadow* *arms go right through the supposed "real hedgehog"* WHAT? *confused look*

Shadow: *behind Flame Stag* I thought I killed you.

Flame Stag: *double-takes in horror* AN ILLUSION?

Shadow: Mirage. But, you had the right idea. *snaps fingers*

Flame Stag: *looks at stomach* What? ...*screams* *explodes*

Shadow: *skates over and spindashes right through a midair Flame Stag, which splits him in two* *lands casually onto the ground* *snubs nose and continues walking*
Who was that man? And where are all these enemies coming from? I need answers. But first, I'm going to find the one that was watching me. The one who was reading my every move when I was fighting Ridley. The one who looked like Sonic, but wasn't Sonic. I have a feeling he is the key to all of these locked doors called questions. I felt him every time we were in a big brawl. But, where is he?

??: *watching from a tall pillar near the destroyed school* If only you knew Shadow. *red eyes glow* If only you knew,,,*turns around* *looks at Ansem in the distance* I think I'll begin with him. *silently jumps from pillar and hovers towards the distant valley*

??: *was standing right below him the whole time* Yeah, and if only YOU knew. *scythe digitally appears in hands* *dashes after him*


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