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17 January, 2022, 10:03:44 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2368 times)
« Reply #30 on: 06 June, 2009, 12:56:36 pm »

5: Part 2

*back on Scourge's battle*

*Scourge and co. still squared off with Adler's crew*

Scourge: *balls up fist and bolts forward*

Adler: Wow, he's fast! *tentacles extrude to smack Scourge*

Scourge: *runs past all of them and circles Adler*

Sol: *pulls out sword and squares off with Bubbleman*

Bubbleman: *shoots Bubble Lead at Sol*

Sol: You gotta be kidding me...

Bubbleman: ...*smiles*

Sol: *raises eyebrow*

*bubbles finally reach Sol and they knock him back a bit*

Sol: Woah, packed more of a punch than I thought...

Bubbleman: *feels triumphant and flexes* *he quickly loses this act as he feels a sharp blade in his chest*

Sol: But, this packs even MORE of a punch. *takes sword out and uppercuts Bubbleman into the ocean* *follows*

Scorpion: *shoots spear at Waveman*

Mephiles: *smirks and runs alongside spear*

Waveman: O_O *retreats, but the spear catches him anyway*

Scorpion: GET THE **** OVER HERE!! *pulls Waveman like a madman*

Waveman: *flies through the air toward Scorpion* *lands hard right below Scorpion's feet*

Scorpion: *takes off mask and breathes fire into Waveman's face*

Waveman: HA. No damage! *smiles* *quickly receives a boot to the face instead* GOH!

Scorpion: *bursts out laughing*

Koopa Red: Let's drown that catfish guys!

Koopa Black: Yeah!

Koopa Yellow: *spins in shell*

Koopa Green: *does the same*

*they all spin across the ocean causing massive ripples*

Mephiles: *jumps high into the air and lands on Green* *surfs across the ocean and jumps off Green as he crashes into Volt Catfish*

Volt: *flails in the ocean*

Red: *crashes into Volt*

Yellow: *also crashes into Volt, but ricochets back to the beach*

Black: *spins into Yellow to guide him the right way*

Yellow: Thanks bro!

Black: *smiles in shell* *they both attempt to crash into Volt*

Volt: *has had enough* *prepares an electric current, but is quickly interrupted by a massive axe-kick from Mephiles which plunges Volt deep underwater*

Mephiles: *dives after Volt*

Red: *spins quickly and also plunges*

Green: *follows*

Yellow: *does the same*

Black: *smirks and spins back toward the beach*

Scourge: *has been beating the **** out of Adler* You had enough yet? *looks bored*

Adler: HOW DARE YOU MAKE A MOCKERY OUT OF ME!!! *shoots tentacles forward furiously*

Scourge: *jumps and runs on tentacles* *puts on shades and roundhouse kicks Adler right in the head which sends him twirling in the air*

Sol: *dodges Bubbleman's exploding bubbles* ...*sighs* *throws blade effortlessly as it lodges into Bubbleman's skull*

Bubbleman: ...*falls over backwards, only to get kicked in the air by Black*

Sol: *jumps into the air and pulls off a multiple punch/kick air combo juggle, and finishes with taking out his sword in Bubbleman's head, and spiking him to the ground with it*

Bubbleman: *on ground* .......

Sol: *lands near him* *holds blade high in the air on the verge of decapitating Bubbleman only to get punched in the head by Waveman*

Waveman: I don't think so.

Sol: *infuriated* You....just made a horrible mistake. *walks toward Waveman*

Waveman: *retreats to the seaside* *summons water to help him* *sends forth a giant tsunami to engulf the beach*

Scorpion: .....*braces self by making an "X" with his arms over his body*

Sol: *rushes toward the tsunami with sword forward*

Scourge: Aww...I was having fun with Loser, I mean Adler! *takes off shades* Oh boy...

Koopa Black: *withdraws into shell and burts forward at breakneck speed*

*the tsunami rages and smashes into the beach with its massive size and force*

Sol: *gets knocked miles backwards* HOLY SH-AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *flies through the air*

Scorpion: *flies straight into the heart of the beach* *not as far as Sol though*

Scourge: *rockets upward, miles into the sky*

Koopa Black: *battles the massive tsunami with his speed* *crashes against the tsunami, but speeds up spin* Come on....COME ONNNNN!!!! *spins so rapidly that he produces a mini whirlwind*

Waveman: Fool, what are you doing!!???

Koopa Black: *spins even more rapidly and finally pierces through the tidal wave, sending the remaining water in random places* *lands on ground and becomes super-dizzy*

Waveman: *falls to ground exhausted* Uhh...

Koopa Black: *after seconds of recuperation, finally makes his way over to Waveman* *jumps into the air and spins into his neck, which quickly decapitates him*

Bubbleman: WAVVVVEEEEMANNNNNN!!!!!!! *rages with anger and shoots thousands of exploding bubbles toward Black*

Black: O_O *retreats into shell and gets blasted into the ocean*

Mephiles: *punches Volt Catfish deep underwater*

Volt: *pushes away, and electrocutes the sea*

Mephiles: *since he's underwater, the electricity causes MAJOR damage* *slowly drifts downward unconcious, heading for a trench*

Red: *gets zapped, but doesn't take as much damage* *sees Mephiles* Oh no...*spins downward to catch him*

Green: *keeps Volt busy, and spins into him knocking him back to the surface*

Yellow: *spins to the surface, emerges from shell and kicks the **** out of Volt*

Red: *grabs Mephiles and tries to swim back to the surface* *running out of breath* Ohh..*breathes out and is on the verge of drowning* *reaches hand out to the surface but floats back down*

Volt: *unconcious on the surface*

Yellow: *wipes water from face* *looks underwater* Red? Where's Red?!?!?

Green: WHAT!?!? Oh crap...

Yellow: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. *swims to Volt Catfish, enraged* *eyes burst with fury* *beats Volt with a barrage of punches and kicks*

Green: *dives underwater to go find them*

*no luck so far*

Green: C'mon Red...where are you...?

*a faint red is seen in the distance*

Green: *running out of breath* Red, you've got to try harder! *glug*

*the red gets closer and closer*

Green: *can't stay underwater anymore* *swims back to the surface*

*peers underwater*

Green: RED!!!

Yellow: *swims to Green* Where!?

*the unconcious Red and Mephiles are brought back to the surface with an unfamiliar person**

Yellow: Who.....are you?

??: I am from this sea. I was born here, and I try to save anyone who becomes enveloped by this feral sea. I am a Zora. Adepts of the sea.

Green: Well met. *shakes hands* Thanks for saving our friends...

Zora: It's my job. *takes them back to the beach*

*Green and Yellow follow*

Black: *waves to them*

*they all regroup and the Zora tells his story again*

Green: Thanks again, bro.

Zora: *nods and dives back to the trench*

Yellow: *looks around* You killed all of them, by yourself?

Black: Yeah...I had the devil's luck.

Green: Why's that? *pumping water out of Mephiles*

Black: They were exhausted. Thank god.

Yellow: *looks at a slowly recovering Red* *bursts out laughing*

Red: *woozy* What's so....freakin' funneh?

Black: Heh. *looks backwards* Damn, they all got obilterated by that wave..

Green: *sees Mephiles has awakened* Who?

Black: Scourge, Sol, and Scorpion...they all got knocked thataway. *points backwards*

Green: Oh. *helps Mephiles up*

Mephiles: ...Wut happened? *rubs head*

Black: *sigh* I'll tell you later...

*they all sprawl out on the beach*

Red: I feel awful...

Black: You LOOK awful. XD

Red: Shut up.

Yellow: *giggles*

Mephiles: Ohhhhhhhh....*closes eyes* *face goes pale*

Yellow: Uh oh...VOMIT ALERT.

Mephiles: *rocks back and forth* *heaves to the side*

Red: *also vomits*

Black: *rolling on sand laughing*

Yellow: Eww....

*hears a screaming in the sky*

Yellow: *looks up*

*a yellowish ninja slams into the beach with "X's" in his eyes*

Green: Scorpion?

Yellow: Yup. God damn, how long were you in the air?

Scorp: *holds up a 3 then makes a 0 with hand*

Black: 30 minutes?!??!?!

Scorp: *nods* *falls asleep*

Yellow: *feels something jagged in the sand* What's this? *quickly knocks away the sand surrounding it* *picks it up and brushes it off*

Black: What is it?

Yellow: Dudes you WIILL NOT BELIEVE THIS...*voice trembles* It's...a....it's a....CHAOS EMERALD!!

*screen fades to the ocean*

*little do they know...a mysterious figure has been watching them in the sea*

??: Ha ha ha...now that they are exhausted, here comes the pain. *darts toward the beach* My hunger is insatiable...*grins* That chaos emerald is mine!!!


*in Prometheus's head*

??: Prometheus...how have you been? Slaying the good guys? Having fun? *sigh* I wish I could be there...having fun with you...

??: It sucks...I got killed off the stupidest ****...I....I want to be there...with you guys! Having fun! Fighting and stuff...

??: But, I'm stuck here...in this purgatory for the weak...Prometheus...I hate it. I hate it so much...

??: When you and the guys were fighting Ridley, I couldn't do ****. I just had to sit here and watch you get hurt...almost killed by that son of a *****. Prometheus...it sucks man...

??: You're chasing after Metal Sonic alone, when I could be there backing you up...

??: Ah...it pisses me off. But, what the hell can I do? I'm sitting here with this damn halo over my head...

??: Prometheus, when you get those wishes...wish me back...there are soo many things I need to do and finish...please...

??: I'm just glad I got to protect you. I didn't want you to end up here.

??: If it wasn't for those bastards we could still be having fun like always. Especially at the Reploid Casino. You remember that? With those fine female reploids?

??: My hardrive had NEVER been that hard....XD

??: Bah, I'm babbling on too much...I'll see you later Prometheus. Kick that bucket of tin's ass for me. I'll be rooting for you my friend.

*exit Prometheus's head*

*chasing after Metal Sonic*

Prometheus: Blues...it's a promise. A promise...I will NEVER break. No matter how cliched and corny it sounds...I WILL bring you back.

Pro: Even if my life depends on it, I promise.

*dashes faster*

Pro: I only hope I can survive for that amount of time....

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