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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2376 times)
« Reply #30 on: 06 July, 2009, 09:25:14 pm »

5: Part 4

*the massive struggle begins*

*the camera pans in on Falcon, Alex, Dante, and Kratos duking it out*

(skip to 1:01)

Falcon: *thrusts arm back and goes in for a Raptor Uppercut on Alex*

Alex: *effortlessly sidesteps the blow and sweeps Falcon off of his feet*

Dante: *pulls out his twin pistols and sprays a barrage of bullets at the unsuspecting Alex*

Alex: *gets pelted by 15 bullets and quickly transforms arm into a giant shield*

Kratos: *runs up behind Alex and shoves both of his blades into Alex’s spine*

Alex: Ugh…*turns his head and glares at Kratos* *gets up and transforms his arms into blades*

*Alex and Kratos square off in a duel of blades* *parrying and repelling each other’s blows with skill* *when it looked like Alex got the best of Kratos, Falcon intervened*

Falcon: *is seen jumping high into the air* FALCON KICK! *dives downward with a blazing kick that crashes into Alex sending him back a couple of yards* *salutes* YES.

*while Falcon was too busy with Alex, Dante takes a stroll over to a not-yet recovered Kratos*

Dante: *pulls out Rebellion (sword) and begins to unleash a barrage of thrusts at a downed Kratos* *it seemed like he was piercing Kratos over a thousand times by the looks of how fast he was going*

Kratos: *finally has had enough and catches Dante’s blade*

Dante: You can have it. *he lets go of the blade and begins to pelt Kratos with bullets*

Kratos: *gets up after Dante has to reload, and begins to swing Dante’s own blade at him*

Dante: *dodges all of the incoming blows and finally knees Kratos in the gut* C’mon, you haven’t even touched me!

Kratos: *begins to grow furious* *drops Dante’s blade and summons the power of Zeus* *lightning strikes the battlefield and Kratos uses the electricity to zap the hell out of Dante*

Dante: Woah, boy. *begins to retreat down the plain as electricity follows him*

Kratos: What? How is that? Impossible!

Dante: *begins to run at what seems like the speed of sound and runs around Kratos*

Kratos: AHH!!! *lightning strikes from the skies and nails Dante precisely in his tracks*

Dante: Ugh..*falls over and begins to twitch on the ground*

Kratos: HA HA HA. *runs over to Dante and raises blades high into the air* *is about to impale Dante when a familiar blue figure crashes into him*

Falcon: *is on the ground shaking head* He’s strong.

*Alex walks over to him and picks him up by the collar*

Alex: *pulls fist back and knocks Falcon into a downed Kratos*

Falcon: Hey, I know we aren’t the best of friends, but this guy has got to go.

Kratos: Hmph, as you wish. *pushes Falcon off and charges at Alex with blades sliding on the ground*

Alex: *smiles* *arms transform into Hulk-like fists* *punches Kratos*

Falcon: *as he is running towards Alex, he sees Kratos flying in the other direction* Damn, I don’t want him to show me his moves!

*he jumps in the air to Falcon-Kick Alex again, but is interrupted by a rocket-launcher to the stomach* *Captain Falcon flies backwards*

Dante: *is seen in the smoke, Rocket Launcher in hands* *smiles*

Alex: *looks at Dante*

Dante: *looks at Alex*

Alex: Double-team?

Dante: I was going to ask you the same thing. *puts up rocket launcher and leans over to pick up Rebellion*

*the rain drenches the battlefield*

Falcon: *helps Kratos to his feet* Hey, they’re going tag-team!

Kratos: Not like I care. *tosses Falcon’s hand away* *wipes blood from mouth*

Falcon: You can’t take both of them! Hell, you couldn’t take Dante by yourself!

Kratos: This isn’t my full-power you imbecile.

Falcon: *slaps the back of helmet in an exasperated sigh*

Kratos: *stares at Falcon* I need no one’s help! *raises fist in triumph* I AM THE GOD OF-


*Kratos goes flying in the air*

Alex: Haha. Bullseye.

Dante: *gives out a manly “YEAH!”*

Falcon: *looks around to see Dante and his rocket-launcher* *Alex beside him laughing*

Dante: You’re next, Captain Bird****!

*these words echoed in Falcon’s head* *as the two laughed and taunted, Falcon grew angry* *not angry, but a savage fury* *something very unlike him* *he clenched his fists and turned his back to them, trying to ignore their taunts and insults* *but those words never left his mind* *NO ONE insulted his trademark animal* *the rain stopped in his mind and his muscles bulged a bit*

*Dante readied another missile and Alex just sat there, the rain pelting his hood*

Dante: You’re dead!! *he fired the missile and smiled at the impending explosion*

Falcon: *quickly turns around with a smile and runs toward the missile at lightning-fast speed* *he sprints toward the missile and jumps in the air*

*Falcon pulls his fist back*

Falcon: FALCON……*he thrusts his fist forward with phenomenal intensity* PUUUUUUNNNNCCHHHHH!!!!

*he punches the missile head-on and it reverses direction instantly* *before it had time to zoom back toward its original firer, Falcon hops on top of the missile and rides with it*

Dante: *puts up his rocket launcher and hides behind a shielding Alex*

*the missile crashes into Alex and sends him flying despite his shield* *as Dante looks back in confusion, he turns back around to see the ugliest thing a man wants to see…….A fist to the face*

Falcon: *fist connects with Dante’s face and time freezes again* *as time fast-forwards, Falcon snaps his fingers and his Blue Falcon appears* *he hops in and cranks it up* *when time resumes, Dante goes flying across the field* *Falcon races right under him and jumps out* *reversing direction of his jump, he kicks Dante in the other direction* *he lands back in his Blue Falcon and repeats only this time, he knees Dante across his skull to send him hurtling into Alex in which they both fly across the field*

*Kratos is seen running towards them, and he impales both of them on one blade* *he chains the other to it, and drags them on the ground while he clutches the free blade as he runs*

Falcon: *approaches Kratos in his BF*

Kratos: *wraps his blade around the BF’s exhaust and pats the BF signaling Falcon to go*

Falcon: *gives a thumbs-up and boosts off, dragging the two on the wet ground* *they get constantly burned by the exhaust and the blade impaling them makes it feel all the worse* *Falcon drags them for at least 5 minutes and finally does a barrel-roll, sending them high into the sky*

Kratos: *stops below them and summons Zeus’s power* *the two get struck repeatedly with furious lightning as they come rocketing back towards the ground* *the free blade hangs down as they fall and Kratos grabs it to yank the impaling blade out* *he twirls in the air with the chained blades and slashes them repeatedly* *he sees the BF zooming in and he slides under it, latching on to it with his blade*

Falcon: *jumps out of the cockpit and does his trademark punch* FALCON PUUUNNNCCHHHHH!! *the punch sends them spiraling into the ground to meet a still-going BF* *the two get struck by the front of the machine and they go soaring into the air once again*

Kratos: *pulls out Typhon’s Bane and begins assaulting the two with numerous arrows*

Falcon: *finally finishes the never-ending combo with a Falcon Kick in which the two plummet into the wet grass* *snaps fingers and BF runs them over* *salutes* YES.

Kratos: *quickly runs over to Alex and begins pounding on his head with his fists* *then after a while of revenge, the two collapse exhausted* *Kratos laughs for the first time in years*

Falcon: *begins a shaky chuckle and holds hand out to shake Kratos’s hand*

Kratos: *glares at Falcon for a minutes, then holds his hand out as well* You have the power to rival Ares, Falcon.

Falcon: Is that a good thing?

Kratos: Yes. That is an exceptionally good thing. But, my rage will never be relinquished. Zeus may have helped me today, but tomorrow, he will die. And so will the rest of the gods. Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, they will all die. By MY hands.

Falcon: *just nods in agreement because he doesn’t know what to say*

*Dante and Alex lie unconscious on the ground, smoke enveloping their bodies*

Kratos: I should kill the hooded one, but I have no right to kill those that aren’t interfering with my conquest. I will only kill Zeus, his followers, and the rest of the gods that have formed an alliance with him. *the rain washes the blood off of Kratos’s blades*

Falcon: You’re really pissed off aren’t you?

Kratos: Damn right. I’ll do anything to satisfy my rage. You’ve helped me defeat these clowns, I bet you’re friends are having a hard time with the rest. Let me return the favor. I will fight alongside you, Falcon. And please, tell me who your friends are, I don’t want to have to wind up killing one of them.

Falcon: *smiles and nods*

*they both charge towards the raging battle*

*the camera pans in on the other battle*

*Samus, Scourge, Goroh, Cole, and Llednar are seen leading the assault on the intruders*

Ragna: *punches Llednar in the gut furiously* *as Llednar kneels over, he looks at his palm as it turns into a dark hand about to grab Llednar*

*a burst of lightning zaps Ragna in the back, interrupting him*

*a figure is seen running about with his arms moving around in a circular fashion, manipulating electricity* *thanks to Zeus’s lightning strikes, Cole manages to absorb the excess lightning in the air*

Cole: I don’t think so.

*Gene is seen (lol rhyme) running towards Cole* *he jumps, going in for a Dragon Kick only to get blasted sideways by a Plasma Beam*

*Samus is seen with her left arm clutching her cannon arm in a crouching stance*

Cole: *yells to her* I owe you one!

Samus: *nods*

Cole: *eyes grow wide* Behind you! *he throws an electrical sticky-grenade in front of her*

*she jumps over it, shoots it, and watches Ragna get zapped*

Ragna: *kneels over* *quickly recovers and slashes Samus multiple times, sending her away with an Inferno Divider*


Ragna: *smiles* *wags finger at Cole, signaling him to come at Ragna*

*Cole runs toward Ragna and attempts to electric-kick him, but Ragna sidesteps the blow and elbows Cole in the face, following with a couple of slashes and a punch that sends him into the mushy ground* *punts Cole away and sweeps backwards, tripping an ambushing Goroh*

Goroh: *recovers quickly and slashes Ragna twice, only to get parried the third time and sent flying with an Inferno Divider by Ragna*

*Gene reappears and kicks a downed Samus out of his path* *Samus quickly rolls over and grapple-hooks Gene’s leg, causing him to trip* *she quickly gets up, stands over him and unloads numerous blasts of plasma into him*

Gene: OUCH. *he finally rolls backwards and tries to punch Samus in the balls*

*Gene sees she’s not affected*

Gene: What the f-

*he is sent flying by a roundhouse kick*

Samus: *facepalms and continues running forward, helping a downed Cole to his feet along the way*

Llednar: *clashes with Ragna multiple times as the two attempt to exploit each other* Dammit, why won’t you just fall!

Ragna: Because I’m not weak like you. *he draws back and his arm turns into that hand again* *this time he successfully grabs Llednar and begins holding him high in the air* DARK DEVOUR!!!

*Llednar struggles to break free of the grasp as his energy is being depleted by the dark hand*

*a familiar green hedgehog quickly interrupts the feast with a spinning backhand that sends Ragna reeling back a couple of steps*

Scourge: Hey, hey! *wipes jacket with fist arrogantly*

Ragna: GRAH! *he zips behind Scourge and blasts him away with dark energy*

*Goroh runs behind him, only to get blasted away by the same energy*

Ragna: *smirks*

*Samus and Cole are seen running in the distance*

Samus: You know what you’re doing?

Cole: God I hope so.

Samus: …

*she grabs Cole’s hand and launches him high into the air*

*Cole rubs his hands together to power his fall as he soars directly over an unsuspecting Ragna*

*he plummets downward and crashes directly on top of Ragna sending electricity everywhere in a 2 mile radius*

Ragna: *is on the ground twitching*

Cole: *gets up and begins to barrage Ragna with the last bit of electrical energy he has left* *he stops* Damn, I’m out of juice!


Cole: I can’t! There’s got to be a generator somewhere…

Scourge: But it’s raining! Rain generates electricity right?

Cole: Hmm…*light bulb flashes in head* How fast are you?

Scourge: Faster than the speed of sound.

Cole: Run back to the city and bring me a power line!

Scourge: I can’t lift one of those!

Cole: Well, bring as many cables as you can hold! Hurry!

*Scourge zips back to the city*

Ragna: *gets up finally and sends Cole flying with a haymaker*

Samus: *shoots from the distance*

Ragna: *blocks the blows with his sword* *he laughs*

Samus: *changes cannon frame and starts firing Phazon from cannon*

Ragna: *blocks again, but the Phazon sails right through the sword and into Ragna, burning him* *angry voice* Blasts that can travel through solid matter? Impressive. *he charges at Samus and slashes at her multiple times*

Samus: *dodges all of the strikes and finally rolls to the side, sending Ragna back a couple of yards with a Spazer blast*

Ragna: You’re growing to be a nuisance. *he looks at his palm* BLOOD KAIN. *a dark aura glows around him and his dark wings grow visible*

Samus: *blasts at Ragna while rolling about*

Ragna: *dodges all of them effortlessly and strikes Samus mid-roll* *slashes repeatedly and grabs her with the dark hand* *the hand squeezes hard and her armor shatters*

Samus: !!! *gasps for air*

Llednar: *shoulder-tackles Ragna and slashes him twice only to get knocked away with a Dark Backhand*

Scourge: *hands Cole the cables and runs at Ragna*

Cole: *absorbs the cable electricity and calls forth a lightning-strike from the sky*

Ragna: *looks up* Trouble brewing. *he smiles and runs forward at Cole*

Scourge: *meets Ragna mid-pursuit and sends a fist his way*

Ragna: *blocks the blow and kicks Scourge out of the way*

Goroh: *comes out of nowhere and bearhugs Ragna, only to get kicked in the nuts by a struggling Ragna* *Goroh falls to the ground*

Cole: Someone! Restrain him! *he concentrates on the lightning-strike*

Goroh: *reaches up and grabs Ragna’s leg sending him to the ground*

Ragna: *kicks him off* You fat lard, let go!

*lightning finally strikes from the sky and crashes into Ragna full-force*

Ragna: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *he falls to his knees and slumps to the ground, still trying to fight*

Llednar: *helps Samus and Scourge to their feet* Is it over?

Gene: Not yet!

*Gene comes out of nowhere and sends forth a blazing fist that sends Scourge eating the dirt* *he turns to Llednar and punches him repeatedly, finishing with a flying uppercut that sends him back a couple of feet into the muddy soil* *he looks at Samus*

*She whips out her plasma whip and glares at Gene*

Gene: Ha, very kinky. *he gets lashed across the face harshly* OUCH. *he reels back in pain*

Samus: …

Gene: Okay, I submit! I give! I give! *sits down and relaxes on the ground, covering his face*

Samus: *sighs*

Cole: *walks over to Ragna* Is he dead?

Goroh: Don’t count on it. That bastard was out for blood.

Cole: *rubs chin*

Ragna: *arm moves about*

Cole: *whips back into battle stance*

Ragna: *starts to levitate*

Goroh: Oh hell, he’s into that paranormal ****!!

Cole: Ah man!

Scourge: *squints* What!?

Samus: He should be dead!

Llednar: NO!!

Gene: Meh.

*Ragna explodes with dark energy, knocking everyone back off their feet*

Ragna: I’ll start with you. *he walks over to an exhausted Cole, and raises his demon hand* You’re the one who poses the most threat to me. Now, I’ll end that charade! Then, I’ll absorb the woman’s life. Then, the hedgehog’s!! *he thrusts forward his hand*

Cole: *closes his eyes*


*hears a loud explosion and opens his eyes* *he sees that Ragna is nowhere to be seen*

Cole: What the? *he looks around and sees a familiar cardboard box* Snake?

Snake: *tosses cardboard box off* *has a very serious look on face* It’s showtime. *he pulls out his G. Launcher and fires mortars at a flying Ragna*

Ragna: Ha! *Ragna aerial dodges the mortars but gets bombed by three of them*

Snake: *throws away Launcher, and runs at Ragna, pulling out a grenade*

Ragna: *drops to the ground and runs at Snake*

Snake: *tosses grenade and goes in for a sweeping slide*

Ragna: *easily hops over Snake, ignoring the grenade*

Snake: *as he slid past, he catches the flying grenade and tosses it backwards, blowing up Ragna and knocking him over*

Ragna: *quickly recovers and charges again, shooting dark energy as he runs*

Snake: *uses incredible acrobatics to dodge the energy, and disarms Ragna*

Ragna: …My sword.

Snake: …

Ragna: If that’s how you want it! *he thrusts his fist forward and the two exchange epic blows in the pouring rain*

Cole: We have to help!

Scourge: Yeah!

*the whole team dashes forward to support Snake, only to be blocked off by a blue hedgehog* *his red eyes glow in the solemn rain*

Scourge: No, not now!

Metal Sonic: You will not interfere!

Scourge: !!! Where’s Prometheus!!??

Metal Sonic: *points in the distance*

*all you can see is a defeated body in the distance*

Scourge: PROMETHEUS!! *he flashes off towards the incapacitated cyborg*

Metal Sonic: Hahahahahaha. Now then, the rest of you: MUST GET THROUGH ME.

Llednar: Gladly! *draws Bio Sword*

*they all struggle with the robotic hedgehog*

Scourge: Prometheus!?

Pro: *does not budge or make a sound*

Scourge: No…

Pro: *silence*

Scourge: *grabs Pro’s hand and holds it in his* This is not happening….

Pro: …

Scourge: *voice becomes rattled and shaky with sorrow* I swear on my life…I WILL KILL HIM. *eyes flash with absolute hatred*

*he flashes back to the scene only to see a downed Captain Falcon with Kratos nowhere to be seen*

Scourge: FALCON!!

Falcon: …

Scourge: *he zips over and feels his heart* He’s still breathing…

Falcon: S-S-Scourge….

Scourge: Falcon!

Falcon: S-Scourge…that hedgehog…unbelievable power…just…nng…*he flails over and fidgets on the wet ground*

Scourge: *leaves Falcon to rest* I’ll be back. *eyes are now the deepest form of hatred a man could reveal* *he furiously runs back to the scene* Metal Sonic!! *he sees him in the distance, easily fending off his opposition* *Scourge jumps high into the air and spins right into Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *punts Scourge away* Inferior being, begone!

Scourge: *recovers and spins again, only to be caught and punted away again*


Snake: *fends off Ragna, and goes to help the others* Guys, I’m coming!

Ragna: *grabs Snake’s arm and pulls him into a DDT*

Snake: *gets up quickly and stomps Ragna on the ground* *leaves him a grenade and runs off*

Ragna: *throws the grenade away and pulls Snake back in with his Dark Arm* *he squeezes the life out of Snake* DARK DEVOUR!! IT’S OVER FOR YOU!

Snake: AHHH!!! *musters all the strength he can to escape, but to no avail* *he shimmies out of his pants and tosses them at Ragna via his feet*

Ragna: *pants are on face* *holds them with his free arm and is about to toss them away, when Snake yells-*

Snake: NOW. *the pants explode and Ragna goes flying* Always leave a live C4 in your pants. And always put the remote under your tongue. *he spits the remote out and throws it away* *he clutches his stomach as he runs to help his desperately struggling friends*

Cole: *is on the ground exhausted*

Llednar: *is on knees* *the only form of support he has to stand is his sword*

Samus: *is lying face-down in the wet plains*

Goroh: *is holding shoulder and wincing at the pain he’s feeling*

Gene: *is on the ground unconscious*

Snake: *sees Metal Sonic holding Scourge up by the head*

Metal Sonic: Now, to finish you off for good. *a buzzsaw emerges from Metal’s stomach and nears Scourge’s body*

Scourge: *desperately wiggles to escape* *gives out an extremely shrill “HELLLPPP”*

Snake: *hurls a grenade at Metal Sonic and it knocks Metal Sonic forward, into the dirt, dropping Scourge*

Scourge: *nods at Snake* *then points at Snake furiously and calls something out* *Scourge is seen running towards Snake, but it was too late*

Snake: *everything turns silent and blank in his mind and you could tell from the expression on his face*

*the sound of blade piercing flesh is heard, and blood gushes*

Ragna: *is seen behind Snake*

Scourge: *punches Ragna square in the face, which sends him hurtling into the mud* *he looks at Snake, who is looking forward with a blank look on his face*


Snake: *no response*

*Snake has been impaled from behind by a dirty Ragna*

Scourge: Snake?

Snake: *mouth gapes and he tilts to the left for a minute* *he turns his head to Scourge and falls over*

*For the first time in what seems like years, tears form in Scourge’s eyes as he shakes Snake on the ground*

Scourge: Snake? S-S-Snake?? *he shakes Snake rapidly* Snake? C’mon man…*he shakes more and more, but when he gets no answer he stands up* SNAAKKEE!!!*his fists ball up and nothing but pure Devil can be seen on his face* *he has been absorbed by complete hatred* *his normally green skin, becomes a dark indigo* *his spines grow longer and more deadly* *a dark aura emits from his body and his eyes go blank* *he takes off his jacket, and crushes his shades as he faces the two murderers*

*Scourge is now, Darkspine Scourge*

Metal Sonic: Well, this is new.

Ragna: *stands beside Metal Sonic and goes back into Blood Kain mode*

Cole: S-Scourge? What happened? What happened to Sna-*his eyes close and he loses consciousness*

Samus: *has already lost consciousness*

Llednar: *struggles to stand up, but just flops over in fatigue* *he hasn’t lost consciousness, but is on the verge of it*

Goroh: *is on the ground asleep, consumed by exhaustion*

Gene: *has lost his consciousness a while ago*

*the rain pours even harder now*

Scourge: (his voice echoes with power) You have paraded on this plain for long enough. Now, it is time for me to clean up. I will bring Hell onto this field. *he balls up his fists and the field explodes around him* *lightning strikes in the distance and the wind kicks up*

Metal Sonic: Come. Show me your true power, Scourge.

Ragna: *eyes glow demonic* *points blade at Scourge*

Scourge: First Prometheus, then Douglas, then my friends, and then Snake. No. No more. I won’t have it any longer. YOUR TIME IS UP. I AM THE HOURGLASS THAT WILL DECIDE YOUR FATE. THE SANDS ARE SHIFTING, AND TIME IS ON MY SIDE. It will only be a matter of minutes before your time, your life, and your existence……………………is up.

*as they all come to a stand-off the screen fades*

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