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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2376 times)
« Reply #30 on: 22 October, 2009, 06:04:38 pm »

6: Part 2
Port Rixstar

We begin this chapter with the motley crew composed of: the Koopa Bros., Scorpion, and Mephiles, searching for a town to grab something to eat. The gang is starving after the exhausting battle with the Robot Masters, and the sight of water makes them sick. They have been wandering aimlessly for hours upon hours, with no luck of finding anything. Only the vast sea, soft sand, and a battlefield of palm trees.

Scorpion: This is getting ridiculous. We've been wandering for hours! Mephiles...you can't sense ANYTHING!? Not the strong odor of booze? Food!? ANYTHING!?

Mephiles: *eyes closed trying to concentrate* *opens eyes* Nothing.

At the sound of "nothing", Red's eyes go bloodshot.


Yellow: We all are...

Black: ...

They travel eastbound, hugging the shoreline searching for ANY kind of sign. Only to be disappointed when lone boats coast opposite of where they're headed.

Red has finally had enough and flags down a boat with two fisherman onboard.

Red: Hey...PLEASE...tell me there's some sort of town nearby!!!!

The two fisherman were from a city called Animal Crossing. One had a red cap and horns emerging from the side of his head. The other was the same, except for a yellow cap. They were twin brothers with the most goofy looking expressions on their faces you'd ever see. The red one was named Reese; the other, Tomar.

Reese: You're in luck cowboys! There's a nice little port up ahead, bout 2 miles from here. It's a good place to rest, but I wouldn't advise you to stay there for a long time. The owner of the port is a very twisted man. I think his name is Rix or somethin other.

Tomar: Yeah. Once, he executed a guy for picking his nose.

Scorpion: Hmph.

Reese: We could give you passage there, for a small price.

Red: We're fine.

Tomar: Suit yourselves. But yeah, there's Port Rixstar, and ahead of that is Veilstone City across the sea. You're going to need to buy tickets to the S.S. Rix to get there.

Green: Sweet. You know a place for some quick cash?

Tomar: We know a guy in Port Rixstar codenamed "MM". He might have some work for you guys. Light work like picking up garbage and the like. He's got a good load of cash.

Reese: Yup. He's a nice guy though.

Mephiles: *already walking eastward* Thanks for the info.

*the gang follows*

Black: Thanks guys!!

Reese: No problem, guys! Remember our warning though!!

*the two fisherman bid farewell and head down the coastline*

Scorpion: Hmm...twisted owner huh?

*the crew hug the sea as they march onwards down the seemingly neverending coast*

Scorpion: Is....this the place?

The team stop dead in their tracks as they look onward at the most depressing sight they've ever seen.
The port was a mess. Collapsed buildings, corpses on the jacked up paved roads, and objects everywhere in the roads. The place was a wreck. The squad stared in awe for a good 2 minutes...

Red: Oh...man....

Mephiles: Who could live like this...?

The team trek through the mess and come across a pub, that's still intact. They decide to head in and gather info.

Red: Umm...anybody here?

A lone voice pierces the silence.

??: What do you want?

Red: We need nourishment...please...if..-

??: Leave. For your own good.

Black: We didn't march all the way down here just to turn back and get lost AGAIN.


*A strong force of power shoves the squad out of the pub and sends them tumbling into the street*

Green stood up immediately after the blow, intent on paying the mysterious man back.


*Scorpion thrusts his arm out to stop him from going in*

Scorpion: Let him be. Obviously this town's wreckage has taken a toll on his mind. We should expect everyone here to behave likewise.

Mephiles: Indeed.

Red: Where to now, then?

*the team ponders for a moment*

Scorpion: Maybe we should try to find this..."MM".

Yellow: Oh yeah, I forgot about him.

Mephiles: And if we collect enough currency we can board the S.S. Rixstar.

Black: Yeah. Hey, bro, you alright?

*Green has cooled down a bit, but he's still a little irked*

Green: ...Yeah.

*the team wander the depressing port, hoping to find MM and collect some money*

*they soon come across a long line of people in front of a small store, each one holding a bowl and moaning eerily*

Scorpion: What...is this?

A small man with a top hat was screaming from the store entrance with a megaphone. The people were obviously starving and waiting in line for food. This man was torturing them.


The poor, starving man standing in front of megaphone-guy got on his knees and begged for food. Holding out his bowl with the last bit of energy he had left.

Megaphone-guy just let out a low growl, and dipped his ladle into a giant pot of an unknown liquid.
The ladle emerged from the pot, but it didn't pour in the bowl...it poured on the nasty dirt underneath him.

??: Whoops, I missed. Oh well. If you're that hungry...EAT IT OFF THE GROUND YOU DOG! HAHaHAHAHHAHAHAH!!

The man hurriedly licked the liquid off of the ground, and consumed the damp dirt for nourishment.

??: AHHAHAHHAHA. Oh wow, that's just sad!!!

*the torture continued as the team watched*

Scorpion: What is wrong with that man?

Mephiles: I'm all for a good ounce of torture, but this is insane.

Red: Yeah, this has got to stop. He's going to kill all of these people!!

Black: What do we care? This isn't about us! Let's hurry and find MM and get out of this place!

Yellow: No, we should help them. That guy pisses me off!

Scorpion: Black, you can stay behind if you want, we're helping.

Black: ...

Just then, megaphone-guy attempted the worst thing one could imagine. A somewhat short, red haired girl walked up to the entrance, and bashfully raised her bowl. She looked no older than 15, but had the figure of a 24-year old. She was too beautiful to be treated like this. You could tell she was very shy by the way she mumbled her words and stuttered.

Megaphone-Guy: Well, well, well...who do we have here? You're a cute one, I'll give you that.

She only looked at the man, not saying a word.

Megaphone-Guy: What's the matter? Awestruck by my handsomeness? Ha, I'm flattered.........but your cuteness won't sway my judgment. I have a...special task for you. I'll double the amount of soup you get....

The girl's eyes instantly lit up, but quickly turned into a look of horror as the man finished his sentence.

Megaphone-Guy: ....but you must first strip in front of all of these people.

The girl looked as though she was on the verge of crying as she stood there in silence. The people looked onward in despair and told her not to heed his demand by shaking their heads.

Tears slowly fell down the girl's cheeks as she reached for her sides, pulling her shirt over her head.

The people covered their faces with their hands and all moaned some more.

Megaphone-Guy: Verrrry niiice.

He walked up to the girl and tickled her breasts. He then, embraced her roughly and stroked her hair. He licked her face and slowly his hand crawled down her shorts. She cried softly, as the man was on the verge of inevitably raping her. He brought his lips up to her mouth, but quickly stopped and looked to the right.

One of the starving men slammed his head inside the pot and drank the soup faster than Usain Bolt runs.

Megaphone-Guy immediately let go of the girl, and chased after the man who hauled ass when the evil man spotted him.

The people cheered, but it hastily died down into a sound of terror as a gunshot was heard.

The courageous man had been shot for his rebellion, and he just lie there in the soil.

Megaphone-Guy: NEVER attempt to steal from me. Or you WILL pay. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.

He made his way through the crowd and placed his hands on the girl's hips.

Megaphone-Guy: Now where were we?

His lips braised her cheeks, and slowly shifted toward her lips. He reached for her shorts again, but was interrupted by a loud battle cry coming from the east.


*a lean man wearing black shades, red coat, black pants, and white shoes came storming down the road with a sword in his hands* *he wore a black cape with the letters "MM" embedded in the cloth* *he had red, fingerless gloves and spikes on the back of his shoes*


*the team watched from the distance*

Green: That's the same guy from the pub!! Why does he look so....heroish?

Scorpion: Maybe secret identity?

Mephiles: Like superheroes do? Lame.

Black: That's MM?

Red: Yup.

*the team went silent in disbelief*
The man that rudely shoved them out of the pub, the man that hastily denied their request, was this guy.

Black: That megaphone guy's name is Rix? Hey, that's the name of the ship!

Red: Yup, now shut up Black!

Black: Okay, dawg!

*the team facepalmed*

Red: Don't start this again, Black. I thought we were over that...

Black: No way, yo!

Yellow: Let's watch, dammit!!

MM quickly tackled Rix to the ground, and proceeded to pound his face in.

MM: These people don't deserve this! How many times do I have to beat you down for you to realize that!?

Rix just kept getting his face pounded, but in between the punches, he smiled.

Rix: As many times as I want.

*MM picks Rix up and throws him twenty feet away*

MM: You guys need to board the ship. Go to Veilstone!! You can't stay here. This is the last time I'm bailing you out! Get onboard and leave this horrid place. GO!

Rix got up and punched MM in the face. Rix drew his knife and slashed at MM repeatedly as he dodged the cuts.

Rix: You vermin can't leave!!

*as Rix punches MM away, he pulls out a small detonator remote from his pocket.

Rix: Many of you may not know this...but there is a bomb under this port. One press of this button, and we'll all go up in ashes. You dare board that ship!? BE PREPARED TO DIE! AHAhaHAHAHHAHA!!!

MM: Dictator you're one twisted man, but have you forgotten that that is YOUR ship?

Rix: It isn't mine. It has been tainted by these vermin. I am not associated with dogs like you in the least.

MM: I find it ironic that you call US dogs.

The townspeople let out a small chuckle, and eventually it erupts into cries of laughter. They hadn't had such a laugh in months.


His finger soared downward, intent on mashing the button. MM cringed at the sight, knowing that they could all die within this explosion.

As his finger was millimeters away from mashing the button, a spear lodged itself in the remote, causing it to malfunction and explode. The people looked over to the left, and saw the motley crew who would turn out to be their saviors.


Mephiles: ...

Scorpion: The only garbage here is you.

Red: And it needs to be burned.


*Rix whips out another remote, but successfully presses this one*


*4 Robot Masters emerged from the store, focused completely on killing Rix's enemies*

Concrete Man: ...

Centaur Man: ...

Hard Man: ...

Junk Man: ...

Rix: Yes...now, DESTROY THESE...SCUM.

*the robot masters charge toward the group, only to be stopped by a yellow bolt of energy*

Mephiles: !!!

Scorpion: Hey, that's.....!!!

*a familiar hedgehog casually lands in front of them*


Shadow: *smirks* Been a while.

Mephiles: *smirks as well* Indeed.

Scorpion: Hey Shadow. Let's rid the world of these pests.

Shadow: Gladly.

Red: MM? You in?

MM: Of course. Sorry for booting you guys out. I had my reasons.

Green: We won't hold you against them. *smiles*

MM: Heh. *looks back at the people* Board the ship! Now! GO!!!

The people hurriedly board the S.S. Rixstar and watch from the mast. The red haired girl kept a close eye on MM, thanking him with all her heart.

Rix dashed towards MM, and the two began exchanging blows immediately.

Shadow ran towards Junk Man, clearly the most dangerous of the Robot Masters.

Scorpion stormed towards Centaur Man, Mephiles blitzed Concrete Man, and the Koopa Bros. ganged Hard Man.....

*Concrete Man fired multiple shots of concrete towards Mephiles, only for him to evade them easily and to received a mighty axe kick from Mephiles sending him straight into the ground*

*Shadow was having a hard time hitting Junk Man* *Junk repeatedly protected himself with recycled garbage, and blew Shadow away with trash*

Shadow: Tch.

*Shadow fired off multiple Chaos Spears only for them to get blocked*

Junk Man was a defensive bot. He wouldn't go down easy.

Scorpion was also having a hard time with his target. His fire barely effected Centaur, and his spear was useless against him.

Scorpion and Shadow were back to back on each other, fending off their respective attacks.

Scorpion: Grah...Shadow...ugh...let's trade...!!

Shadow: Ugh...sounds good to me!

*the two switch positions and repel their enemies with ease*

Scorpion's fire hurt Junk Man a lot. And Shadow's physical onslaught was enough to make Centaur Man cry.

*Scorpion ignited his feet and popped Junk Man a new one with his flaming back flip kick*

Shadow assaulted Centaur with a beat down he'd never forget. (if Master Bots could remember that is)

*Shadow alternated between punches, kicks, Chaos Spears, and Homing Attacks to pressure Centaur*

*Centaur drew his tomahawk, and hurled it at Shadow, only for it to get kicked back at him and lodge itself into his face*

Shadow: Hmph.

The Koopa Bros. pounded Hard Man good. Hard Man was too slow to retaliate and took the beating like a *****. He went down in no time.

Mephiles had an easy time as well, as Concrete Man got stuck in his own muck he shot out of his cannon. The beating was too brutal to describe, it made me cringe fathoming something to type down.

MM had Rix on the edge. Rix was a bloody mess on the ground, begging for MM to spare him.

Rix: I was wrong! I know that now! Please, DON'T!!!

MM: Get up and on your knees. Beg.

Rix got on his knees and pleaded with MM.

Rix: Please!! I beg of you...DON'T KILL MEEE!!!

MM: Apologize to the townspeople.

Rix: *he turns to them on the ship* I'm so sorry for putting you through this whole ordeal! I'm sorry! Please believe me! I'm so so so so so so so so sorry...

MM: .....Should I spare him?

The people run their thumbs across their necks, signaling for execution.

Rix's eyes grew wide in terror.

Rix: No!! PLEASE!!! DON'T!!

MM grabbed his sword from behind him and raised it over Rix's head.

MM: Now...look at this. Rix, the justice of Port Rixstar, is begging for his life to a lowlife like me. A vermin like me. SCUM, like me. Irony plays a big part in your life, doesn't it Rix?

Rix: *sobbing* No...p-please...s-s-spare me...

MM: You're the greatest disappointment to the human race, you are. Goodbye, Rix.

The sword rises well above Rix's bald head, as he screams his final word.

Rix: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

The townspeople turn away as a sword is heard striking something. They turn around to see Rix still on his knees, crying with his eyes closed and MM standing above him, sword lodged in the earth.

The townspeople moan, and the red haired girl cannot believe what she's seeing, until she sees MM reach behind himself in which her eyes glow once again.

Rix: *opens eyes* I..I...I'm...alive?

MM: Whoops...I missed....

MM quickly grabs an item behind him and aims it at Rix's head.

Rix: !!!

MM: ......with the sword.

A gunshot is heard, and Rix's body goes limp as it slumps onto the soil.

MM: ...

The townspeople cheered and erupted into a celebration, as the gang joined them on the ship, except for Shadow.

Mephiles: Hey, MM. Now that that's taken care of...can you take us to Veilstone?

*Shadow's ears perk*

Shadow: Veilstone?

Red: Yeah, it's across this ocean. That was our destination all along! Come on MM, I think I speak for everyone when I say...WE'RE STARVING.

The people roar in unison and agreement.

MM: ...*looks at Rix's body* Yeah...let's go.

MM boards the ship, and prepares to set out. Before that though, a hand touches his shoulder and lips stalk his ears.

MM: Mmm...secret admirer huh?

The phoenix haired girl just laughed as she turned MM's head around and kissed him fully on the lips.

MM: *pulls away for a second* Woah...don't get me ****. I wanna make it to Veilstone in one piece! I don't even know your name!

"Ali," the girl replied.

MM: Alright Ali. We'll do this some other time. Right now, we gotta get you guys food. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?!?!

The people's laughs and cries pierced the atmosphere. One man was on the ground screaming "HALLELUJAH" repeatedly, while one man jerked himself off in happiness, which Scorpion had to back away from.

MM was ready to set off, until Shadow stopped him.

Shadow: Do you....mind if I join?

MM: Sure. No problem.

Shadow hopped onboard and sat beside MM.

Shadow: I see that...you have some more business to take care of.

MM: You're very perceptive.

Shadow: I too have business in Veilstone.

*the ship sets off*

MM: Let's get through our ordeals together, Shadow.

Shadow just looked onward towards the distant blue sea.

Shadow: Yeah.

Just then, Red ran up to Shadow.

Red: Shadow, we thought you might need this. It's safer in your hands than ours.

Red reveals the yellow Chaos Emerald and gives it to Shadow.

Shadow: Excellent! Where did you find it?

Red: We're not exactly sure...near the weat sea...

Shadow: Nevermind that then. Good work though. Very nice.

Shadow takes the emerald and reveals his own.

Shadow: I found one too. Got it before Ridley could get his hands on it.

Red: Nice!

Shadow: Yeah, that's two Chaos Emeralds and one Dragon Ball for us. We're making progress at least.

Red: Yup! : P

MM: *stares in bewilderment* What are those?

Shadow: *smiles* I'll explain along the-

MM: I've got one of those...I found mine in a tree, heh heh. I'm surprised no one took it.

Shadow: WHAT!?!?!? SHOW IT TO ME!

*MM pulls out a burgundy Chaos Emerald, and hands it to Shadow*

MM: I had no idea what it was supposed to do. I was about to sell the thing. Good thing I kept it huh?

Shadow: Absolutely! That's THREE for us now! I've never felt so....woah...

Shadow felt a bit nauseated at that moment.

Red: Uh oh...he's SEASICK!!

MM: *bursts into laughter as Shadow heaves overboard* Careful, buddy! Don't fall!

As Shadow reeled his head back over, a wide grin appeared on his face. No one had ever seen Shadow smile out of happiness, much less GRIN.

Red: Woah, Shadow! That's a really big smile ya got there, bud!

Shadow: Ha, don't start with me Red.

MM, Shadow, and Red conversed with each other all the way down the eternal sea.


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