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AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)  (Read 1711 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 09 June, 2008, 11:47:40 pm »

*Meanwhile at the same time, ILS has finally recuperated from his defeat at the hands of Blue and his friends*

Hunter: ILS has recovered and regained consciousness sir.

Official: Bring him in.

Hunter: Yes sir.

*ILS enters the room*

ILS: You wanted to see me?

Official: You simpleton.

ILS: Hoo boy, I already know where this is going...

Official: How dare you take that arrogant tone with me, you stupid fop. I cannot believe that you allowed Blue to escape our grasp a second time!

ILS: Hey, what happens happens.

Official: Hold your incompetent tongue. I know now that it was a mistake to have let you go after Blue in the first place. That is why I've taken different measures...

*At that moment, a very beautiful woman with dark brown hair, clad in a black skin tight suit and decked out in makeup enters the room*

??: Well well, it's been a while, Mads. Still need me to clean up after your messes I see.

ILS: Ooh, of all the people you could've gotten, why Rachel? I mean, come on!

Rachel: Because, unlike you, I don't make such amateur mistakes. I surely won't underestimate Blue's power as you did.

ILS: I didn't underestimate anything. I've seen first hand what he's capable of. He's no mere magician, that's for sure.

Rachel: Haha, so you're just inadequate is all. What a shame.

Official: That's enough out of you two. ILJ, you will be give the job of recapturing Blue. I trust that you can handle this task.

ILJ: Don't you worry about a thing. I will bring Blue back here. By force, if necessary.

ILS: B-but w-what about me!?

Official: You? For your failures, you are hearby on reprimand until further notice.

ILS: N-no way!!

Official: Yes way! Now get out of my sight!!

ILJ: Hahahaha, poor baby.

Official: Our spies have reported that Blue and his companions were last seen heading towards Huran City. Go there, seek them out, and bring him to me.

ILJ: Yes sir. I will depart first thing in the morning.

Official: ILS, what are you still doing here? I thought I told you to get lost.

ILS: *grumble*

*Both ILS and ILJ leave the room*

ILJ: Well, Mads. I guess I'll just have to show you how it's done.

ILS: Heh, are you kidding? You won't last a second against Blue.

ILJ: You forget, dear Mads. I am in a league way above you. Where you failed, I shall succeed. Once I return with Blue, I'll receive all the glory! And you'll be begging for my mercy! Ahahahaha!!

ILS: Grr, why you...

ILJ: Goodbye, sweetie. Mwah *blows kiss* <3

ILS: Ew. *wipes cheek*

ILJ: Oh stop. You know you want me. *wink*

ILS: (It's true! She's soooooo hawt!) I'll get you for this!

ILJ: Sure you will!

*Rachel walks off*

ILS: *to himself* Damn that Rachel. Always getting in my way with her smexiness. Heh, I know. I'll go see Blue's been up to. If I leave now, I should be able to reach him before Rachel does.

*ILS grabs his gear and leaves the Guild, making his way towards Huran City to join up with Blue*

ILJ: Hmm, now just where could he be running off to...?
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« Reply #16 on: 10 June, 2008, 12:40:12 am »

*The next morning, Blue and the group leaves the inn and begins to make their way to the Magic School to carry out his favor*

Lilia: So Blue, today's the big day. Did you memorize those lesson plans alright?

Blue: Yeah, for the most part, anyway. I think I'll do okay.

Jawo: Well just remember that we're here if you need any help.

Blue: I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

*Meanwhile, ILS is watching from atop a building as Blue and the others are walking down the city streets*

ILS: Ah ha! There they are! But if I approach them like this, I'm as good as dead. Hmm...think ILS, think.

*ILS looks around the city, upon his search, he finds spots a clothing store*

ILS: Bingo! I'll approach them using an elaborate disguise!

*ILS leaps from the building and crosses the street in to the clothing store. Moments later, he walks out wearing only an eye mask and a silly cape to conceal his identity*

ILS: Ha HA! This should do nicely! Not even the wisest man will be able to see through this hoax!

*ILS spots Blue and the others walking towards the clothing store*

ILS: Uh oh! Gotta hide!!

*ILS quickly runs down a back alley and leaps on top of the nearest building*

ILS: They're coming closer. I'll use this to get their attention. Go, Enchanted Sword!

*ILS takes one of his swords and chucks it off the building. It plummets to the ground and comes within millimeters of Lilia's head*

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!

Blue: Whoa! What the...a sword?

*strands of Lilia's hair fall from her head to the ground*

Lilia: Aah! It-It almost split my head in half!

Jawo: Geez, what kind of bozo just chucks a sword into the middle of a busy road? Aren't there laws against this kind of thing?

ILS: Now the stage is set, to make my heroic debut!! Here I co-oh Aah! W-whoa! Oh no!!

*ILS prepares to leap off the building, but instead, stumbles on his cape and falls face first to the ground*

ILS: Ugh, ouch...that could've went better...

Jawo: Hey guys, check out the clown. Isn't it a little too early for Halloween, kid?

ILS: *gets to his feet* Hey! I'm no kid! I'm-- (Wait, I'll blow my cover if I use my name. I better think of something quick)

Blue: Well? Who are you?

ILS: I'm...uhm...(I got it!) Sli! The devilishly debonaire do-gooder of...something else that starts with a D... (Oh yeah, I'm good)

Lilia: Okay erm...Sli. What do you want with us?

Sli: Well, my charming pet, I'm here to warn the Blue one of impending danger!

Blue: Impending danger? Like what?

Sli: A bounty hunter by the name of ILJ is on your trail as we speak. Take heed, for she is a formidable foe. Though not as formidable as ILS, because he's the coolest. And with that, POW, I'm gone!

*ILS runs off*

Jawo: Hey weirdo, you forgot your sword.

Sli: Oh yeah. Thank you, kind patron!

*ILS comes back, grabs his sword, then runs off once again*

Jawo: God, what a dingus.

Lilia: Well, he did say that someone was after Blue. Do you think we should listen to it?

Blue: I don't know. The whole thing seemed kinda iffy to me. I mean, who does that anyway? He looked like he crawled out of an 80's cartoon.

Lilia: Yes well, I guess his appearance was a bit...odd.

Jawo: Odd is an understatement. The guy is wearing a cheap halloween mask and a crappy polyester cape. The cheese is oozing out of his ass.

Blue: At any rate, I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out. The school is just ahead, so let's keep going.
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« Reply #17 on: 10 June, 2008, 09:38:55 am »

*Blue and his friends enter the Magic School and are soon greeted by Magalina, who's looking much more chipper than she was the other day*

Lady M.: Ah Blue, you're here. Excellent.

Blue: How about you show us to the classroom?

Lady M.: Yes, of course. It's right upstairs. Come along now, I'll introduce you to the children.

*Blue and the others follow Magalina to the classroom. Upon entering, there is a small group of children playing around inside.

Lady M.: Okay class, settle down.

Boy: Lady Magalina, who are those three people?

Lady M.: I was just getting to that. Ahem, today, instead of myself, Blue will be teaching your class. Say hi, Blue.

Blue: Uhm...hello. *waves*

Lady M.: And these are his friends, Lilia and Jawo. They will be serving as his aides.

Lilia: Hi there.

Jawo: Hey.

Lady M.: Now I want you to give them all a warm welcome and make them feel right at home. ...And if you give them any trouble...AT ALL, it's the bubbling curdled milk cauldron dip for all of you snotty brats! Is that understood!?

Children: Yes, Lady Magalina.

Lady M.: Well okay then! *giggles* <3

Blue: Just what is it with punishments and curdled milk?

Lilia: Is it really that bad? *scratches head*

Lady M.: Oh my yes. It's worse than you could ever imagine. I remember my first run in with it. There it was...standing there in the dark alley, that menacing carton! PAIN!!! AGONY!!1!

Group: *sweatdrop*

Lady M.: Well enough of my rambling. I've got to work to do, so I'll let you all take it from here. If you need anything, I'll be in my office.

*Magalina leaves the room*

Blue: Okay then, let's get started. Lilia, Jawo, take a seat, would you?

Lilia: Alrighty.

Jawo: Sure thing.

*Lilia and Jawo take seats amongst the rest of the class*

Girl: Hey sir!

Blue: Uhm yes, what is it?

Girl: What do we call you?

Blue: Erm, just call me Blue, I suppose.

Girl: But that's discourteous. Lady Magalina always says to address our elders with formality, even if they don't care for it.

Blue: Well, if I have to. In that case, call me....Mr. Simpson.

Children w/Lilia: Yay, Mr. Simpson!!!

Jawo: *nonchalantly* Uhm...yay...whoo... *twirls finger*

Blue: Okay, now that that's taken care of, let's begin class, shall we? Our first lesson for today is...Mana Focusing.
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« Reply #18 on: 10 June, 2008, 10:45:02 am »

Blue: Allow me to begin by saying mana focusing is the most fundamental basic to using magic. It's step one in the process and it's by far the easiest. Mana focusing is important in that it's what determines the level of spell that you wish to utilize.

Boy: Mr. Simpson, show us what it's like!

Blue: Alright then I will. Watch closely.

*Blue closes his eyes and focuses his mana. A light aura of blue mana energy forms around his body*

Children: Wow!!!

Blue: See, you can tell my focus isn't very stringent due to the size of the aura. This type of focus is for the use of level one magic spells. But watch, once I tighten my focus...

*Blue focuses further and the aura around him expands and grows larger*

Blue: My aura grows larger, and I become capable of using more powerful spells. This type of focus is for level two magic spells. And then there's one more...

*Blue focuses even further, and his aura increases to its safest maximum*

Blue: Now I'm fully focused, allowing me to utilize level 3, or advanced magic spells.

Girl: Can we do that, Mr. Simpson!?

Blue: Oh no, you guys aren't quite there yet. It takes a lot of hard training to get to this level. Even I can't maintain it for long.

Girl: Aww...

Lilia: Hey Blue! I mean er..Mr. Simpson!

Blue: Blue is fine, Lilia. What's your question?

Lilia: I was wondering, is it dangerous for you to focus too much?

Blue: Good question. And yes it is, in fact. If you go too far beyond your natural limit, your mana will escape your body all at once, leaving you unconscious, or possibly dead from mana deprevation.

Boy: Gee, that's scary.

Blue: Yes, it is a frightening thought. But worry not, for it's easy to determine with your limit is. So long as you don't push yourself and mind your limit, you have nothing to fear.

Jawo: Well well, look at the smart guy.

Blue: Eh, I dabble. Heheh.

Jawo: I think these kids wanna try mana focusing for themselves. How about it?

Children: Yeah!!!

Blue: Okay okay, you can try. But remember everything I told you, and no going past level one. I don't want anyone getting hurt.

*The children begin focusing their mana. Everyone is pulling it off fine, except for Lilia, who can't seem to hold her aura*

Lilia: *focuses* Haaaaaah! *aura appears, but immediately fades* Argh, one more try!!

*Lilia focuses even harder, her aura appears, but explodes when she loses her focus*

Lilia: *panting* Why...why can't I do it...?

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: For some reason, I can't focus my mana right. I try and try, but my aura never stays up.

Blue: Well Lilia, since you lack the ability to use magic, I imagine it would be pretty hard for you to do.

Lilia: Then how come Jawo and ILS can do it!?

*Jawo's aura is at its max. His aura lashes out and whips one the children's behind*


Boy: Owie!

Jawo: Heheheh.

Blue: Jawo and ILS use mana for their techniques all the time. I could only assume that they've extensive training revolving around it. You, on the other hand, never utilize your mana to fight with.

Lilia: *sadly* Oh...

Blue: Hey, cheer up. You've come this far without it, don't let it get you down now. You don't even need your mana to be a help to us. That shows how strong you are.

Lilia: *giggles* Blue, you always know the right things to say. *hugs Blue*

Blue: Ack! Lilia, not in front of the kids!

*Meanwhile, ILS is sitting in a tree looking into the classroom through the window*

Sli: What's Blue doing teaching a magic class?

Girl: Aaah! Mr. Simpson!!

Blue: What's wrong!?

Girl: There's a peeping tom looking into the classroom! Aaah!! *points to ILS*

Blue: Peeping tom? Could it be another bounty hunter?

Jawo: Let's get him!

*Blue and Jawo walk towards the window*

Sli: Oh no! They're coming over! Aaah..aaah..*flails arms in a panic*

*ILS' panicing causes him to lose his balance and fall out of the tree, crashing to the ground*

Sli: Murgh....

*Blue and Jawo open the window and look outside*

Jawo: Do you see anybody?

Blue: No, but I thought I heard a crash....there! *points*

Jawo: Who!? Oh...it's him again!! Hey!!

Sli: Hn?

Jawo: What were you doing peeping at us, huh!?

Sli: Aaah!

Jawo: Don't make me come down there! Because I will! *shakes fist*

Sli: The jig is up!!!

*ILS takes off running with his arms in the air*

Sli: Sli away! *panting as he runs*

Blue: Man, what is wrong with that guy?

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« Reply #19 on: 10 June, 2008, 12:56:32 pm »

Blue: Alright class, it's time for the next lesson of the day, which is Mana Expulsion. Mana Expulsion is the process of forcing mana out of your body, and the second step in using magic.

Boy: Show us, Mr. Simpson! Show us!

Blue: Okay okay. Watch closely...

*Blue cups his hands and concentrates. A ball of pure mana rises from his hands*

Children: Whoa!!!

Blue: See, it's as simple as that. Though it's not quite as easy as it looks. It's much more difficult than focusing mana, and it requires a lot of concentration on your part. So one who gets easily distracted will have a hard time expelling mana.


Blue: Oh, that must be the lunch bell. Alright, class is dismissed until lunch is over.

Children: Hooray!!!

*The children storm out of the classroom in a frenzy. Blue and the others soon follow after them*

Lilia: Hey Blue, you're doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

Blue: Yeah, but it's pretty exhausted having to demonstrate all of these steps. I'm glad I won't be the one who has to show them the actual spells.

Lilia: Oh, well maybe you'll feel better after having some lunch. I packed a special one just for you.

*Lilia hands Blue a lunch box*

Blue: Wow, thanks a bunch, Lilia.

Jawo: Hey! What about me!?

Lilia: Well gee, sorry Jawo. There wasn't enough food left for me to make you one...

Jawo: Damnit!

*Blue and the students arrive in the cafeteria. They all form up in the lunch line and prepare to recieve their food. Jawo lines up with them*

Blue: Okay guys, remember to stay in a single file line. And no cutting. ...That goes double for you, Jawo...

Jawo: Shut up, Blue.

Lilia: Ooh, I found a nice table over there. Let's go, Blue!

*Blue and Lilia go to a small table at the front of the cafeteria and have a seat*

Lilia: Go on, take a look at the lunch I made for you.

*Blue opens the lunch box and finds various potato dishes lying inside*

Blue: Hey, there's scalloped potatoes in here too! I haven't had these in ages!

Lilia: Hehe, I knew you'd like it. I spent all morning preparing it for you.

Blue: Thanks, Lilia. You're a real pal.

*Jawo walks over to the table carrying his school lunch*

Jawo: Mind if I sit?

Blue: Yes.

Lilia: *slaps Blue* Of course not!! Come sit with us, Jawo.

*Jawo sits down beside Blue*

Blue: So, how's the lunch?

Jawo: Well...it tastes like crap. With a mild aftertaste of sweaty socks.

Lilia: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Jawo.

Jawo: Nah, don't worry about it. So long as I have my trusty Sprite, I'm fine.

*Jawo opens a can of Sprite and chugs it down*

Jawo: Aaah...Limoney goodness...

*Meanwhile, ILS sneaks into the lunchroom. He grabs a tray and cuts to the front of the line, shoving the innocent children out of the way*

Sli: Make way! *push* Coming through! *shove*

Boy: Egh, hey!

Girl: You cutted!

Sli: What're you gonna do? Beat me up? Hahahahaha!!

Children: *sadly* No...

Sli: That's what I thought. Now scram!

*All the children in line walk away with their heads hanging low*

Sli: Okay! I'll have some of that, and one of those, oh and a ton of these!!

Lunch Lady: Hey, aren't you a little too old to be here?

Sli: Oh of course not! Didn't you hear? I have Isreally16butispretendingtobe10togetfreefood-itis.

Lunch Lady: My word! You poor thing! Here, take all you like!

*The lunch lady fills ILS' lunch tray full of food. ILS then walks away to find a table. When he turns around, he finds the students standing before him with rocks in their hands*

Sli: You again? Didn't I tell you to beat it?

Boy: Take this! Huh! *chucks rock*


Sli: Aaaaah! My leg! You'll pay for that you bra--

*All the children wind their arm back and prepares to throw their rocks*

Sli: Uh oh...

*Meanwhile, Jawo is attempting to expel mana from his hands*

Jawo: Come on...almost...got it...

*A ball of mana comes out, but it fades away*

Jawo: Damn, it's no use.

Blue: Jawo, you're trying too hard.

Jawo: Oh?

Blue: Yeah, while concentrating, you need to keep a clear head. No disruptions, no hesitation. Like so.

*Blue expels a ball of mana from his hands*

Jawo: Ah, I think I got it. Alright, let's try again.

*Jawo concentrates once more, and he also expels a ball of mana from his hands*

Jawo: Hey! I did it!

Blue: Awesome. Now if you had the gift of magic, you could take that mana, and change its form into that of the elements. Like fire, for instance.

*Blue changes the ball of mana in a small flame*

Blue: And that's all there is to using magic.

Jawo: I see now. Heh, you're fairly knowledgeable, Blue.

Blue: Well I kinda have to know all of this. I do take it into account everytime I use a magic attack.

Lilia: Aaaah! What's going on over there!?

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: The students, they're beating up someone by the lunch line!

Blue: Oh geez. Let's hurry!

*Blue and the others rush over to the scene. Meanwhile, the students are punching and kicking ILS' grounded body*

Sli: Help me, I'm being mugged!!

Blue: Alright, break it up!

Lilia: What are you guys doing!?

Boy: That guy kicked us out of the lunch line!

Girl: So we're teaching him a lesson!

*Sli gets to his feet, adjusts his mask, and dusts off his clothes*

Jawo: You!!

Blue: Why do you keep hanging around us!?

Sli: *backs away* Oh...this is NOT good...

Jawo: You're damn right it isn't! Come here!

Sli: Sli away!

*Sli runs out of the lunchroom with Jawo on his tail*

Jawo: You're not getting away this time!

Blue/Lilia: *sweatdrop*
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« Reply #20 on: 11 June, 2008, 06:43:05 pm »

Blue: Alright class, it's time for the last lesson of the day, Mana Conversion. This part is the actual casting of the magic. After you focus and expel your mana, you channel the power of an element and change it into that.

Girl: How do we do that, Mr. Simpson?

Blue: It's fairly simple. Say you want to cast...oh...a Fireball spell. You'll want to think about the fire, picture it in your mind. Embrace it, if you will. That goes for any of the other elements as well.

Boy: Show us! Show us!

Blue: Okay okay. But I'm gonna need a target if I want to avoid causing any harm. Hmm.....Jawo, come up here.

Jawo: What!? Why me!?

Blue: Why not? You're telling me you can't handle a little Fireball spell?

Jawo: Fine fine. But if you overdo it, I'll make you regret it.

Blue: You don't have to worry about that. I know how to control my power.

*Jawo walks up the the front of the room and braces himself*

Jawo: Alright, Blue. Lemme have it!

Blue: Okay, here it comes! *casts spell* Fireball!!

*Blue sends three Fireballs towards Jawo. They collide with him, and he barely flinches*

Jawo: Heh, not too bad.

Blue: Any damage?

Jawo: Nope. Except for a singed shirt, I'm fine.

Blue: Alright class, now that you've seen how it works, you can begin your practice. But to make sure that no one gets hurt, just focus on producing a flame, rather than casting Fireball.

Children: Yes, Mr. Simpson.

*The students begin practicing mana conversion. Everyone appears to be doing fine, except for one little girl who can't seem to get it right*

Girl: *sobs* Oh...

Blue: Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Girl: Because *sniff* Everyone can do it b-but me...*sniff*

Blue: Oh come on, that's not true. Let's try it again, and I'll help you this time.

Girl: *wipes eyes* Okay...

*The girl focuses and expels her mana*

Blue: Alright, you got the first two steps down. Now remember what I told you. Think about the fire. Imagine a roaring flame spreading across a forest.

Girl: B-but...I can't!

Blue: You can't? Well uhm...try imagining your mother preparing dinner on the stove.

Girl: Okay! That's easy!

*The girl follows Blue's advice and a flame begins to flicker*

Blue: You almost got it! Keep going!

Girl: .....

Blue: Yes...just a little more... uh..?

*The girl thinks too hard and from her hands, a wild flame bursts outward and torches Blue's face, leaving it comically charred*

Girl: Aah! Mr. Simpson! W-what have I done!?


Blue: Pwah... *puffs out smoke* C-class...dismissed...*cough* Ugh...

*Blue faints*

Girl: Oh no!

Jawo: Run along, little girl. We'll take it from here.

Girl: W-will he be okay?

Lilia: Yeah, we'll take care of him. You just go on ahead.

Girl: Okay.

*The girl leaves the classroom and joins her friends. After Blue comes to, he and the others pack up their belongings and prepare to leave*

Lady M.: Very well done, Blue. You did much better than I excepted.

Blue: Oh, thanks. It was a nice learning experience for me. Maybe one day, when I decide to settle down, I'll become a magic teacher.

Lady M.: Well you'd certainly make an excellent teacher. No prior knowledge of teaching, and you already have a knack for it. And the children love you!

Blue: Do they really?

Lady M.: Oh yes! So much in fact, that they just couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye first. They're waiting outside for you now.

Lilia: Oh wow, let's go to them, Blue!

Blue: Yes, let's.

*Blue and the others leave the building and find all the students together outside*

Blue: Well kids, I guess this is goodbye...

Girl: Aww, I wish you didn't have to leave...

Boy: Yeah, you've taught us so much.

Blue: I wish I didn't have to go either. But me and my friends have something we need to do.

Lilia: But don't worry. We won't be gone forever.

Jawo: That's right, and once we're done with our travels, we'll come back and visit. Isn't that right, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, definitely.

Lady M.: Remember Blue, you and your friends are always welcome here. Come back anytime you feel like it.

Blue: Thanks, Magalina. We sure will.

Lady M.: Okay students, let's give Mr. Simpson and his friends one last farewell.

Children: Goodbye, Mr. Simpson!!!!

Blue: Bye everyone!

Lilia: See you all again soon!

Jawo: Take care of yourselves. And stay out of trouble!

*Blue and his friends leave the Magic School behind, as the students stand there waving goodbye. Eventually, it fades from sight*

Blue: Well, I guess it's time to get back on the road.

Lilia: Where are we headed next?

Jawo: Baldovain City is just a short hop from here. If we leave now, we should get there before nightfall.

Blue: Alright, let's go.

*Blue and the others leave Huran City. Meanwhile, ILS is hanging by his underwear on a tree branch, courtesy of Jawo*

Sli: Gah, they've finally left! Thank God! Now to follow them. But....how do I get down form here!?!?

*sigh* I'm getting a wedgie...
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« Reply #21 on: 12 June, 2008, 09:54:58 am »

*ILJ arrives in Huran City, though it's much too late, as Blue and the others have already departed*

ILJ: Hmm, this is the place, so where could they be?

*ILJ spots a kid hanging around the schoolyard, and approaches him*

ILJ: Hey kid!

Boy: Yeah?

ILJ: Did you happen to see a young man around here? Dark skinned, short brown hair, wearing a blue vest? Ring a bell?

Boy: Was he with two other people?

ILJ: Yes, a girl and an older guy.

Boy: Oh, that's Mr. Simpson!

ILJ: Mr....Simpson?

Boy: Yeah! He was our substitute teacher earlier today. Man, he was the best! *sadly* But he left us after school was over...

ILJ: Ah, so he's gone. Did he say where he was going?

Boy: Nope. But we saw him leave the city from the northern gate.

ILJ: Northern gate, huh? Okay, thanks a lot kid. Here, have a lolly.

*ILJ gives the boy a lollypop*

Boy: Hooray! *licklick*

ILJ: Cute kid. Now to find Blue. He couldn't have gotten far.

*ILJ runs off in pursuit of Blue. Meanwhile, he and the others have reached Baldovain City*

Blue: Finally here.

Lilia: You wanna go get a room for the night, Blue?

Blue: Nah, we've got a few hours to spare. Let's head to the castle first before retiring.

Jawo: Sounds like a plan.

*Blue and his friends head towards the castle, with ILS trailing behind as usual*

Sli: Hm, what could possibly be at the castle? Whatever it is, I'll be sure to find out. Nothing escapes the eye of Sli! ...Hehe...that's rhymes.

*The group arrives at the Castle Gate. Upon arriving, they are halted by the gate guards*

Guard1: Whoa, buddy. As usual, the castle is open to guests, but you must state your business before entering.

Blue: Well uhm, we want to have an audience with the King.

Lilia: That's not too much trouble, is it?

Guard1: No, not at all. You may enter.

Guard2: Hey, wait a minute.

Guard1: What is it?

Guard2: The kid...he looks familiar.

Guard1: He does?

Guard2: Yeah, he looks like...hey kid.

Blue: Who? Me?

Guard2: Yeah you. You wouldn't happen to be THE Blue by any chance, would you?

Blue: THE Blue? Well, I'm the only Blue I know, so I guess that's a yes. What of it?

Guard2: You're really Blue!? It's a miracle!!!

Jawo: Mind telling me what's so special about him?

Guard1: We've been looking for Blue for months now!

Guard2: When we saw no trace of him, we had figured he disappeared forever.

Blue: You've been looking for me? But why?

Guard1: Come in! Come in! Head Magician Lunes will explain everything!

Lilia: Lunes? Oh yeah! I remember him! He was the second person we asked for help with the shape shifter revelance spell. It'll be great to see him again!

Blue: Yeah, I wonder what he's been up to this whole time. Let's head in.

*Blue and the others head into the castle. Soon after, ILS arrives and attempts to gain entrance*

Sli: Excuse me, my good men.

Guard1: Hold it. You have to state your business just like everyone else.

Sli: Uhm...I'm with them.

Guard2: You're with Master Blue? Well excuse our impertinance. Come right in.

Sli: Well-a here we go!

Guard1: Wait a minute...

Sli: *scoffs* What now?

Guard1: The Great Blue wouldn't hang out with a freak like you.

Guard2: Yeah! He's much too sophisticated for the likes of you!

Sli: What!? B-but..but I--!

Guard1: No buts. Now get out of here before I poke you with this lance.

Guard2: You better listen. Those pokes don't feel very good.

Sli: *sadly* Okay...

*ILS turns around and begins to walk away. A second later, pulls a fast one and dashes past the guards and into the castle*

Guard1: Hey! You little rat!

Guard2: Stop! Come back here!

Sli: Sli away! *pants while running*

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« Reply #22 on: 12 June, 2008, 10:48:02 am »

*Upon entering the Castle, the group is greeted by Lunes, head magician of the court mages*

Lunes: Blue! Lilia! Hello!

Blue: Lunes! How've you been!?

Lunes: I've been just fine, but I'm more concerned about you. Where've you been for these past 4 months? We've been looking all over for you!

Blue: Yeah, about that. Just what do you have to tell me that's so important?

Lunes: Ah, well let me get straight to the point. The bounty on your head, it's been officially removed.

Blue: Really? But..why the sudden change?

Lunes: You see, ever since the word spread that you've become the new ruler of Jahannam, people feared that you would use your authority to wreak havoc across the land. This fear is what urged the King to place the bounty on you. But we didn't want to act merely out of fear, so we waited until we had the chance to meet you. And that chance came some two years later.

Jawo: Yeah, so then what?

Lunes: Oh? Who might you be?

Blue: This is our companion, Jawo.

Jawo: Hey there.

Lunes: So, I see you've replaced the perverted one. Thank Heavens, he was a menace.

Jawo: Why does everyone think I'm just a replacement for that bonehead?

Blue: Don't worry about it. Anyway, continue, Lunes.

Lunes: Ah, sorry about that. Anyway, as I was saying, we waited to actually meet with you before we took action. That time I met you 4 months ago was actually the deciding factor in what we should do about you. We learned the truth. That you were really a kind and righteous person, and that you could never do any wrong.

Lilia: Heheh, that's our Blue!

Lunes: So soon after you departed, we made the decision to remove the bounty on you. We tried to find you and tell you of the good news, but we couldn't...

Blue: Well, no matter. Everything's okay now.

Lunes: That's right. Now you and your friends cam return to your travels. You have nothing to worry about anymore.

Jawo: Hold on a minute!

Lunes: What is it, Jawo?

Jawo: Something still doesn't add up. If the bounty on Blue was removed those 4 months ago, then why the hell are those bounty hunters still after him?

Lunes: Excuse me? You're saying that bounty hunters are still chasing after Blue?

Blue: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we came here to try and convince the King to remove the bounty on me so all of this would stop. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Lilia: There's no bounty on Blue, yet they still come after him. Do you think maybe they don't know that the bounty was lifted?

Lunes: That's not possible though. We notified all the bounty hunter organizations personally of it. There's no way they couldn't have known.

Jawo: Then that must mean....they're after him for another reason...

Lunes: Are you certain of that?

Jawo: Well that's the only explanation.

Lilia: Do you think ILS is in on all of this?

Blue: I don't know. But we're going to find out. We're heading back to the IL Guild and putting a stop to this.

Jawo: Time for a house call, huh? I like that idea. Now's our chance to rough them up.

Lunes: Do you want us to look into this, Blue? We'd be happy to lend you a hand.

Blue: Thanks, but no thanks, Lunes. This is our problem, and we'll handle it.

Lunes: If you insist.

Blue: Alright guys, let's get going. And thanks again, Lunes.

Lunes: You're very welcome, Blue. And be careful.

*As the group is about to leave, ILS leaps from behind a pillar and confronts them*

Sli: Stop! I heard everything!

Jawo: You! *pounds fist* This time I'm gonna get you good!

Blue: Jawo wait. What do you want?

Sli: Everything, about the IL Guild, and the bounty, it's not true...is it?

Blue: It is true. Something's transpiring in there, and we're going to find out what it is.

Lilia: Why do you care anyway?

Sli: I..w-well..it's..I uhm...

*Just then, the guard comes up from behind ILS and restrains him*

Guard1: Ah ha! Thought you could get away from us, huh?

Guard2: Well you were wrong! Now you're ours!

Sli: Agh! No! G-guys! Please! Help me!

Blue: Hmm...all those in favor of helping him, say "I".

Jawo/Lilia: *whistles*

Blue: I thought as much. Let's go.

*Blue and the others leave the castle, leaving ILS at the mercy of the guards*

Sli: Wait! I promise I won't stalk you anymore! Come back!

Guard1: What do you think we should do with him?

Guard2: I think a good poking is in order. How about you?

Guard1: Ooh, I like that plan. Let's do it.

*The guards ready their lances*

Sli: Have mercy!!!


Sli: Aaaaauuuuuuuuuuggggh!!!
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« Reply #23 on: 12 June, 2008, 11:54:09 pm »

*Blue and his friends leave Baldovain City. Later that day, ILJ arrives, but once again, she's too late*

ILJ: I've got you this time, Blue! Now where are you...?

*ILS leaps from a building and lands in front of ILJ*

Sli: So, you've finally caught up.

ILJ: Hn? Who are you?

*ILS takes off his eye mask*

ILS: Rachel, it's me, Mads.

ILJ: Mads? What are you doing parading around in that get up? And...why are there puncture wounds all over your body? Has someone been poking you?

ILS: I'd...rather not talk about it... Anyway, if you're looking for Blue, you just missed him. He and his friends left just a few hours ago.

ILJ: *gasp* I did!? Not again!! Ooh, I'm always late! Where are they headed?

ILS: They're going back to the Guild.

ILJ: The Guild? But why would they--

ILS: Because, they found out that there really was no bounty on Blue's head. Not anymore, anyway.

ILJ: What? You can't be serious.

ILS: It's true. We discovered that it was lifted months ago. The Head Magician of the Castle told us himself.

ILJ: If that's true...then why... No. That can't be right. This is probably just another one of your games.

ILS: Eh, take it how you will. But I know that something's going on with the Guild, and I don't like it. If you were smart, you'd stop pursuing Blue and join him instead.

ILJ: Join him? Never. I don't believe any of this. I'm going to hunt down Blue and put a stop to him once and for all.

ILS: Rachel, will you just face the facts? There IS no bounty on Blue. You're chasing after him for the wrong reasons.

ILJ: Just shut up! How dare you try to tell me what's wrong. One way or another, I'm going to take Blue down, and if you get in my way, I'll have to kill you.

ILS: Kill me? Rachel, I know you much better than that. You're too soft to ever slay anybody. Why do you think you're still a D rank hunter while I'm an A rank? You're a better fighter than me, but you've never killed a target. You don't have what it takes.

ILJ: So, you think you've got me all figured out, do you? Well I'll just have to prove you wrong once again. Goodbye, Mads.

*ILJ runs off*

ILS: Rachel, come back! You fool, you don't know what you're doing...
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« Reply #24 on: 13 June, 2008, 01:18:43 am »

*Meanwhile, the group has set off back on the road towards the IL Guild. Night falls, and it becomes too dark for them to continue traveling*

Blue: Hmm, it's getting dark out.

Lilia: Should we head back to town, Blue?

Blue: Nah, we've come too far out to go back. We'll just set up camp here for the night.

Lilia: Camp!? B-but that means...we'll have to sleep outside!

Blue: Is something wrong with that?

Lilia: Yes! I don't want to be out here with the bugs and dirt and wild, ravenous creatures! Please, let's go back to the city and get a nice safe room!

Blue: Stop being a baby, Lilia. It's too dangerous for us to travel at night. With it being so dark outside, we'll lose our bearings and end up getting lost.

Jawo: Yeah, and besides, it'll be nice to chill outside for a change. I can't even remember the last time I slept under a starry sky.

Blue: So that's settles it. Jawo, you roll out the sleeping bags while I set up the fire.

Jawo: Sure thing, Blue.

Lilia: *groans*

*Jawo sets up the 3 sleeping bags, while Blue uses a Fire Spell to make a fire for the group the sit around*

Blue: Alright, camp is set up. So what's next?

Lilia: *stomach rumbles* How about some dinner? We haven't eaten anything all day!

Jawo: Well then get cooking.

Lilia: Me!? But I cooked yesterday! It's someone elses turn!

Blue: Oh for crying out loud, Lilia! You know we can't cook!

Jawo: Actually, Blue, I wouldn't mind fixing us up a little something.

Blue: Oh yeah? What can you cook?

Jawo: My mother knows a recipe for a mean beef stew. Trust me, it's amazing.

Blue: Beef stew, eh? Okay, Jawo. It's in your hands.

Jawo: Alright! I'll get started right now!

*Jawo gathers all of the necessary ingredients and throws them into a pot. He places it over the fire and begins to stir it all together*

Lilia: Well, how's it coming along?

Jawo: Just a little longer, Lilia. *tastes stew* Hmm...it needs something, but what?

*Jawo shuffles through his belongings*

Jawo: Ah, there we go. This should give it the kick it needs.

*Jawo adds his extra ingredient to the stew. Several minutes later, the stew is ready, and he prepares a serving for everyone*

Jawo: Eat up, guys! I put my best into this one.

Lilia: Wow, it smells delicious! I can't wait to dig in!

Blue: Hmm, the bouquet is quite soothing, I'll admit. But can it stand to satisfy my sophisticated palette? I shall put it to the test!

Jawo: Just shut up and eat, Blue.

Blue: Hmph, no need to get testy.

*Blue and Lilia taste the stew*

Jawo: Well? How do you like it?

*Upon tasting the stew, Blue's eyes bulge in a comical fashion. His cheeks bulge as if he's about to puke, but he swallows it down to avoid doing so*

Blue: Blargh!!! Jawo, what did you put in this!? It's God awful!

Jawo: Uhm, I thought it tasted a little bland, so I poured in a can of Sprite for some extra flavor.

Blue: Sprite!? Are you mad!? Who in their right mind puts soda in beef stew!? It's inconceivable!

Jawo: Well I liked it. *twiddles thumbs*

Blue: Well of course YOU'd like it. You're a Sprite freak! You like anything with Sprite in it! My God, what is wrong with you!?

Lilia: Oh, I don't know, Blue. I think it tastes pretty good. Jawo's right, the Lemony Limoney twist of Sprite is just what that stew needed.

Jawo: Ha! That's two to one, Blue. You lose!

*Blue slams the bowl on the ground, shattering it*

Lilia: Blue! That was my good china!!!

Blue: Well I don't care! Mark my words, Jawo. You'll pay dearly for making me experience that monstrosity you call culinary cuisine.

Jawo: Blue, do you need a time out?

Blue: Don't toy with me! Hah!!

*Blue tosses a Fireball at Jawo's bowl, breaking it and causing stew to splatter all over Jawo's pants*

Jawo: Hey!!! *cracks knuckles* You're dead meat...

Blue: *gulp*

Lilia: Jawo! No! Don't hurt him! ....Uh..?

*Jawo puts Blue in headlock and gives him a noogie*

Jawo: Mega Noogie!!!

Blue: No! Stop! Please!

Jawo: Not until you tell me who your King is.

Blue: You're my King!! Now let me gooooo! *sobs*

Jawo: Heh, okay crybaby.

Lilia: *sigh* You guys... *sweatdrop*

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« Reply #25 on: 13 June, 2008, 11:29:30 am »

*The next morning, the group packs up and gets back on the road. Before long, they reach the entrance to the IL Guild base*

Blue: Okay, we're here. Let's go in.

Lilia: Blue wait!

Blue: What now, Lilia?

Lilia: You can't just go charging in there like that! In case you forgot, everybody in there wants you dead. We need a plan first.

Blue: A plan? Like?

Lilia: Uhm...well how would I know? You're the smart one, you come up with a plan.

Blue: Okay, here's a plan. We bust right in there and kick some ass.

Jawo: Now you're speaking my language, Blue. Let's do it!

Lilia: Uh! No! A plan that'll actually work! I was thinking maybe we could find another entrance and sneak in from there, as to avoid detection. Then we could put the squeeze on the man in charge, without all the nasty scrapes inbetween. Now doesn't that sound good? .......Blue? ...Jawo?

*Blue and Jawo are walking towards the main entrance, having completely ignored Lilia's words*

Lilia: Egh, hey!!

Blue: Sorry, Lilia. Wasn't listening.

Jawo: Yeah, we're too busy being men.

Lilia: Blue! Jawo! Come back! *sigh* They're such boys...

*Lilia runs to catch up with the others. Meanwhile, in her pursuit of Blue, ILJ has stumbled across their abandoned campsite*

ILJ: Hmm...a campsite. I wonder if it belongs to Blue and crew...

*Upon inspecting the area, ILJ finds some of Jawo's leftover soup and decides to help herself*

ILJ: Well speak of the devil! Leftover stew! And thank goodness too, because I'm starving!

*ILJ tastes the stew. She pauses for a second, then she immediately slurps it down with glee*

ILJ: Rapture! This is....stupendous! A gift from the Gods! Whoever prepared this magical dish is a culinary master! Putting Sprite in beef stew, such genius! I must have the recipe.

*ILJ packs up the rest of the soup in a canister and stows it away for later*

ILJ: But, I've regressed. I shall not let this most tasty treat distract me from my objective. Blue, you will be mine.

*ILJ leaves the campsite and continues on her way back to the Guild. Meanwhile, Blue and the others begin their infiltration, storming in directly from the front*

Jawo: Alright, which one of you goons is the one in charge!? Speak up!

Hunter1: Who wants to know!?

Blue: I do!

Hunter2: It's Blue!

Jawo: Yeah, you see, our buddy here is being pursued by you guys for no reason, and...his friends aren't too happy about that. So unless you wanna be eating crystal for lunch, you'll give us some answers.

Hunter3: You've got a lot of moxy invading our base like that. Well we'll teach you to mess with the IL Bounty Hunters! Get them!

*The hunter whistles, calling forth more hunters to join the fray*

Hunter3: Don't let any of them escape alive!

Jawo: Hah, it's your funeral.

Blue: Looks like it's time for another throwdown. You guys ready?

Lilia: Ready, Blue. *draws weapons*

Jawo: Heh, I've been waiting for this. *grabs hilt of sword*

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« Reply #26 on: 13 June, 2008, 01:06:38 pm »

Blue: In that case, let's take em down! *engulfs hands in flames*

Jawo: Blue, wait?

Blue: What is it?

Jawo: You go on ahead. We'll handle things here.

Blue: But...are you sure you can do it without me?

Lilia: Yeah, we'll be fine. Just hurry and find the Official.

Jawo: Me and Lilia will cover you. Now go.

Blue: Alright. Be careful.

*Blue leaves the group to make his way through the base*

Hunter1: He's trying to get away! After him!

Jawo: Not so fast!

*Jawo plunges his sword into the ground, causing large crystal peaks to protude from the ground, blocking the hunters from pursuing Blue*

Hunter2: W-what the--!

Jawo: If you want to get to him, you'll have to go through us first.

Hunter1: You. Diiiiiiiie!!!

*The first hunter charges at Jawo with his sword drawn. He swings, but Jawo blocks the attack, and proceeds to knock the sword out of the hunters hand*

Hunter1: No!!

Jawo: Big mistake. Hyah!!

*Jawo brings his sword across, cutting cleanly through the hunter. Blood spews from his wound as his life fades away*

Hunter1: Guaagacck!!

Jawo: And there's more where that came from. If you ever hope to beat me, it's gonna take more than just one of you.

Lilia: Ah! Don't give them any ideas, Jawo!

Jawo: Relax, Lilia. Not even an army of these guys could take me down.

Lilia: Overconfidence breeds disaster...

Jawo: It's not being overconfident when it's all true! Come on! I'm ready for ya!

Hunter2: Cocky brat. We'll show you! Come on!

*The next three hunters charge at Jawo*

Jawo: Only three? Eh, beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Meltdown!!

*The blade of Jawo's sword liquifies and turns into a bubble of liquid crystal. It then slowly floats towards the hunters*

Hunter3: Hah, is that all you got? Well we'll just have to burst your bubble!

*The three hunters attack the bubble in an attempt to pop it. But instead, the bubble traps their weapons and begins to engulf them*

Hunter2: W-what's happening!?

Hunter3: I can't...get free!!

Hunter4: What kind of bubble is this!? Aaagggh!!

*The liquid crystal completely swallows the hunters. It immediately hardens, crystallizing them. Jawo's sword then reforms*

Lilia: Whoa, you really know some neat tricks, Jawo.

Jawo: Lilia, would you do the honors?

Lilia: Oh! Yeah, of course! Leave it to me!

*Lilia reaches into her satchel and pulls out a bomb. She flings it at the crystallized hunters, and it explodes. Sending the crystallized pieces of the hunters scattering everywhere*

Jawo: Not too shabby, Lilia. *thumbs up*

Lilia: Right back at ya, Jawo! *thumbs up*

Hunter5: Hey! You haven't won yet!

Hunter6: Yeah, don't forget about us!

Hunter7: Wait you idiots! If we go after that guy, we're toast!

Hunter5: Well then what do we do?

Hunter7: Let's get the girl!

Hunter6: Yeah!!

*The remaining hunters charge in, this time with their attack focused on Lilia*

Jawo: Alright, here they co--W-wait. They're not coming for me, they're-- Lilia! Watch out!

Lilia: Aaah!!

*The hunters close in on Lilia and prepare to attack. She makes a move and rolls past the hunters, avoiding their attack*

Hunter5: You can't run away forever!

Hunter6: Yeah, you have to face us sometime!

*The hunters charge after her again, but this time, Jawo steps in front of her, and they quickly come to a halt*

Jawo: Picking on the girl, huh? That's pretty low, even for you.

Hunter7: Aaah! It's him!

Hunter5: Game Over, man! Game Over!

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares another technique*

Jawo: Oh yes. I've got a special technique, just for you. You'll love it.

Lilia: Jawo, wait!

Jawo: Lilia?

Lilia: You don't have to do anything. I've already got it covered. *wink*

Jawo: Oh yeah? Well let's see.

Lilia: Gladly. .....Now!!!

*Just then, a beeping sound is heard. The hunters look for the source of the noise, only to find small objects attached to their clothes*

Hunter5: Hey, what are these things?

Hunter6: They look like....Aaaah!

Hunter7: What's the matter!?

Hunter6: They're...they're remote bombs!!!

*The beeping noise speeds up and stops. The bombs then detonate, engulfing the remaining hunters in flames*

Lilia: Yeah! I got em!

Jawo: Remote bombs? Heh, can't say I saw that coming.

Lilia: See, I can be clever too when I need to be.

Jawo: I never doubted you for a second, Lilia. You and me make a great team!

Lilia: Mhm! Now let's go find Blue. He probably needs our help.

Jawo: Right, let's do it!

*Having made quick work of the hunters, Jawo and Lilia set off to catch up with Blue*

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« Reply #27 on: 13 June, 2008, 10:58:50 pm »

*Blue is running down the halls of the base, searching for the whereabouts of the Official*

Blue: Where could he be hiding...?

*Blue continues his search. Once he turns a corner leading down another hallway, he is sent flying when he's struck in the face with a powerful kick*

Blue: Uaaagh!! What the heck!?

??: Ha! How did you like that, Blue?

Blue: Wha-? Who are you?

ILJ: Me? Why I'm Rachel! Hunter Extraordinaire! But you can call me ILJ.

Blue: ILJ, huh? I can already tell that you're different from those other hunters we've been going up against. So tell me, why are you after me?

ILJ: Why do you think? To claim the bounty on your head, silly.

Blue: What? You mean you don't know that the bounty on me has been lifted?

ILJ: Ergh, not that again! Quit trying to mess with me!

Blue: What are you talking about? It's the truth! Now stop this foolishness and surrender.

ILJ: Well now, and if I don't?

Blue: Then I'll have no choice but to use force!

*Blue runs towards ILJ and throws a punch. She catches his fist, then pulls him forward and pushes him down. She then tries to stamp him with her heel, but Blue hops out of they way just in time*

ILJ: Goodness! You'd put your hands up against a woman? What kind of man are you?

Blue: The kind that doesn't give a darn what gender you are. I don't care if you're a girl, a baby, or somebody's grandma. If you're my enemy, you're going down.

ILJ: Ooh, you're so...forceful. I like that in a man.

Blue: *blushes* Egh..be quiet...

*As Blue and ILJ stare eachother down, Jawo and Lilia arrive on the scene*

Jawo: Yo, Blue!

Lilia: Blue, we found you!

Blue: Hey guys, I see you've made it out okay.

Jawo: No sweat, those guys were easy pickings. ....Uh? Hey, who's the chick?

Blue: That's ILJ, another bounty hunter...

Jawo: Oh yeah? Hm...she's pretty hot for a bounty hunter. Yes indeedy...

Lilia: Hn!? ILS, why you...!!!

*Lilia grabs Jawo's ear and tugs on it*

Jawo: Ow! Lilia, what's wrong with you!? I'm not ILS!

Lilia: Oh! Eheheh, sorry Jawo. Forcive habit. *rubs head*

Blue: Guys, stop playing around and give me a hand here.

ILJ: So, the three of you are going to come at me at once, eh? Heehee, sounds like fun!

Jawo: Sorry, Blue. No can do.

Blue: What? Why not!?

Jawo: I'll never ever hit a lady. It's just wrong.

Blue: You've gotta be kidding me. Didn't you hear? Chivalry is dead.

Jawo: Not according to the Code of Sprite Ethics it's not.

*Jawo pulls out a small booklet from his pocket*

Jawo: Here, it's states that "Ye who followseth the way of Sprite, must never attacketh the womeneth. Lest he be condemed to never quencheth his thirsteth again....eth." So you see, as a devout Sprite consumer, I'm strictly forbidden from raising my sword against a woman.

Blue: You just made that up!

Jawo: Yeah, well so what if I did? I've made my point, and I'm sticking by it. You'll just have to do it without me.

Blue: Ugh, you're no help at all. Come on, Lilia. We'll take her ourselves.

Lilia: I'm with you, Blue.

ILJ: Aw, so it's just going to be the two of you now? And here I thought I was gonna have some fun. *sigh* Oh well...

Blue: I'd be worried if I were you. There's no way you're gonna take the two of us armed with only a combat knife.

ILJ: Hmm, you know what? You're right. The knife is a little much. Maybe I should throw it away.

Jawo: Oooh! Burn!

Blue: Damn her. You're not gonna make a joke out of me!

*Blue runs in for another attack. He throws a punch, but ILJ catches his fist. He throws a punch with the other hand, but she catches that one as well. With his arms tied, he ducks and attempts to sweep kick her, but she hops over the attack. Blue then throws a flurry of kicks from all over, but ILJ blocks them all with little effort. When the last kick is throw, she grabs hold of his leg*

Blue: Ergh...

ILJ: Hahahah, nice try! But not good enough!

*ILJ throws Blue leg to the ground, causing him to lose his balance and stumble. She then uses that opportunity to land a few punches on Blue's face, and then finishes the assault with a kick to the ribs, knocking him to the ground*

Blue: Gaaaaah!!!

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!

ILJ: Had enough?

*Blue rises to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth*

Blue: *panting* Not even close. There's no way I'm losing to a...weak female...
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« Reply #28 on: 14 June, 2008, 05:52:11 pm »

ILJ: *surprised* Excuse me? What did you just say?

Blue: You heard me. I said weak female. I'll say it again if you need me to.

ILJ: Why Blue, you've got a lot nerve generalizing us women in such a crude manner. I'd like to know why you'd say such a thing.

Blue: Because, everyone knows that males are stronger, smarter, and just overall more capable than females. It's common knowledge.

ILJ: Well now! This is news to me! I'll give it to you that some girls are weak and pathetically dull-witted, but to say all of us are like that is just plain absurd. I mean, how could you with me standing right in front of you!?

Blue: Hmm, okay. I guess you're an exception. But I still stand by what I said! It'll be a cold day in Hell when a woman bests me in battle!

ILJ: Hmm...well now that you mention it, my tootsies have been feeling a little nippy as of late...

Blue: What are you, a wisenheimer!?

ILJ: *giggles* Calm down, Blue. I'm just trying to make conversation.

Blue: Make conversation? Make conversation!?!? *stammers* We're enemies!!

ILJ: Ooh, I know. But does that mean we can't have a nice little chat? I mean, you're kinda fun to talk to.

Blue: Agh! Idiotic woman! Well what are you waiting for, Lilia? Don't just stand there, help me fight!

Lilia: Oh, I'm SO sorry, Blue. I wasn't aware that you wanted help from a weak female!!!

Blue: Yaah! L-L-Lilia! I-I didn't mean you, of course! *nervous laugh* I just...I..I...

Lilia: Hmm, okay. I'll help you. But only if apologize first.

Blue: Fine, I'm sorry.

Lilia: ...I'm still not helping...

Blue: But you said--!!

Lilia: I lied. But you're such a big strong man, Blue! Surely you can take her without little old me. That is...unless you're wrong, and this woman can indeed beat you.

Blue: Ggh!!

Jawo: Blue, did you forget that your best friend is a girl, or are you just stupid?

Blue: Jawo, you are not helping...

ILJ: Hahaha! Wow, Blue. Your friends are really supportive!

Blue: *glares at Lilia and Jawo* Yeah, tell me about it...

Lilia/Jawo: *whistles*

ILJ: You know, Blue. You kinda remind me of myself a little. You and me are a lot alike, afterall.

Blue: What? You've gotta be--! ...Okay, I'll bite. How are we alike?

ILJ: Oh, you should already know that.

Blue: Actually no, I don't. Now tell me.

ILJ: Ah ah ah! I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to find out on your own.

Blue: I'm really not in the mood for games...

ILJ: What? This is no game, Blue! It's...it's a test. A test to see how strong our bond is.

Blue: Bond!? For the love of-- *facepalm*

ILJ: Oh just take a guess!

Blue: Alright alright. Hold on. ...Uhm...is it because...fight for...things?

ILJ: What? Are you even trying!?

Blue: Not really...

ILJ: Guess again. I'll give you another shot.

Blue: Uhm...is it because we...both have people we care for?

ILJ: Heheh, nice guess, but that's not it.

Blue: Okay, then I give up.

ILJ: What!? Already!? Blue, you're no fun...

Blue: The game or test or whatever it is is over. Now tell me how we're alike or be done with it.

ILJ: Well...I don't know..Eh..heheh. *scratches head*

Lilia/Jawo: *sweatdrop*

Blue: How can you say we're alike if you don't even know why!?!?

ILJ: Uhm, I know that we are, but I just don't know why...

Blue: Then the means we aren't!! I've had just about all I could stand of you, woman. Playtime's over. Time to finish this.

ILJ: Well, if you insist. It was nice talking to you, Blue!

Blue: Pffffbbtft! Whatever!

(Author's Note: The talk between Blue and ILJ was loosely based on an actual conversation that me and Bass (who is ILJ, for those who didn't know) had a while ago)
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« Reply #29 on: 15 June, 2008, 12:56:02 am »

ILJ: Okay, Blue. I hope you're ready for thi--

*But before ILJ can react, in a flash, ILS appears from behind and restrains her*

Blue: Wha-- It's him again!

Jawo: The masked loser!

Sli: I'm not a masked loser!

Lilia: What's he doing here!?

Sil: Hurry and find the Official, Blue! He's in the room just down the hall, now get going! I'll hold her off!

ILJ: Aagh! *struggles* Mads, what are you doing!? Let go of me!

Blue: ...No way. ILS, it's you behind that mask!?

Lilia: You're the one who's been following us this whole time?

Sil: Yeah, it was me. But I'll explain later! Just go!

Blue: Okay. Let's go, guys.

*Blue and the others follow ILS' orders and heads down the hallway*

ILJ: Egh, no! I have to stop them! Unhand me, Mads! Right now!

Sli: Not until you stop attacking Blue! I told you there was no bounty on him! Why won't you listen!?

*ILJ stops struggling*

ILJ: You mean...you're for real?

Sli: Well duh! Why would I lie about something like that!?

ILJ: Because I..I thought you were trying to fool me into giving up on capturing Blue, so you could get him and take all the glory for yourself...

Sli: That's crazy, Rachel. Blue is my friend. I would never do that.

ILJ: He's...your friend? Since when?

Sli: *sigh* Guess I better come clean. Remember how I said that Blue got away from me the first time I was sent after him? Well the truth is, I was traveling alongside him the whole time.

ILJ: Heh, Mads, you sneaky fox. I knew something was fishy when you left and didn't come back for over a month. You were just having a merry old time with Blue boy there.

Sli: I'm sorry for keeping it a secret from you all this time.

ILJ: Hey, don't worry about that. Besides, we've got more important things to tend to.

*ILJ runs off to follow Blue and the others*

Sli: Wait, where are you going!?

ILJ: We're looking for the Official, right? Well come on!

Sli: Uh..yeah!

*ILS follows after ILJ. Meanwhile, Blue and his friends have reached the room that ILS spoke of earlier. They open the door, only to find it completely empty*

Blue: There's...no one in here...

Jawo: Do you think he maybe he flew the coup?

Blue: I don't know. But let's search the rest of the building just to make sure.

Jawo/Lilia: Right.

ILJ: Blue, wait!

Blue: You. What do you want now?

ILJ: Relax, I'm not here to fight. That's all water under the bridge now. Did you find the Official yet?

Blue: No. We found the room, but he wasn't in there.

*ILS catches up with the others*

Sli: You said he's not in there? But...why would he leave...? This doesn't make sense.

Blue: We don't know. That's why we're going to look through the building to see if he's hiding anywhere else.

ILJ: Good idea, Blue. We'll help. Come on, Mads.

Sli: Yeah.

*The group splits up and scours the base in search of the Official. A while later, they regroup, but with no positive results*

Blue: I didn't find anything. How about you guys?

Jawo: Nope. Nothing.

Lilia: Same here.

Blue: ILS, ILJ, how about you?

Sli: I didn't find anything either.

ILJ: Same. It seems like the place is totally deserted.

Blue: Damn. Do you two know where he could've run off to?

Sli: Well, there is the main headquarters...

Blue: Okay, where is it located?

ILJ: That's the problem. None of us know where it is.

Jawo: Well that sure does us some good. What do we do now?

Blue: I guess we have no choice but to find the headquarters on our own. Any idea where to start looking?

Sli: Hmm...other than here, there are 3 more IL Guild bases in this region.

ILJ: Yeah, one in the northern reaches, which is where we are now, one in the east, one in the south, and another in the west. It's not much, but it's all we have to go on right now.

Blue: Well, it's a start, at any rate. I guess we'll head for the eastern base and begin our search there. Is that okay with you two?

Jawo: Whatever you decide is fine with me, Blue.

Lilia: Same here. We're with you all the way.

Blue: Alright. And what about you two? What will you do?

Sli: Well if it's not too much trouble, we'd like to accompany you. Isn't that right, Rachel?

ILJ: Yeah, I'm not one to stand by and watch an injustice like this take place. I don't know what the Official is up to, but I wanna help you stop him.

Blue: But...are you sure about this? I mean, you are going up against your fellow hunters afterall.

Sli: Fellow hunters? Pfft! I thought you knew me better than that, Blue! This is just a job I do to pay the bills! You guys are my true friends. If anyone messes with you, they mess with me.

ILJ: What Mads said, basically. I may've worked alongside them, but they mean next to nothing to me. Besides, you and your little band are much cooler than they are, Blue. *wink*

Blue: Then it's settled. Let's get moving.

Jawo: Hold on a minute.

Blue: What is it, Jawo?

Jawo: Are you sure it's a good idea for us all to be traveling together in one big group? I think it'd be better if we split up, don't you think?

Blue: Hm, on second thought, I suppose you're right. If we split up, it would make finding the headquarters a lot easier. Plus it's safer to travel in small groups.

Lilia: But how should we split up, Blue?

Blue: *thinks* ...Okay, we'll do it like this. Jawo and Lilia, you two'll stay with me.

Jawo: Got it.

Lilia: Alright.

Blue: ILS and ILJ, since you're both technically one of the enemy, I think it'd be better for us if you two go together. Is that okay?

Sli: Crystal clear, Blue.

ILJ: You can count on us!

Blue: Good. In that case, we'll head for the eastern base, while you'll go for the western. Provided that everything goes well, we'll meet back at the inn at Awedon City and report our findings.

Sli: Cool. But first. Seeing as I don't need this anymore...

*ILS takes off his eye mask and cape, ditching the Sli persona and returning to ILS*

ILS: Ha! ILS is back in action!

Blue: Heh, I'm glad to have you back.

ILS: But..Blue. I feel I owe you guys apology. It was never my intent to capture you in the first place. It was just the heat of the moment and...and...

Blue: Don't worry about it.

ILS: What?

Blue: Despite what we may've thought during that time, we never stopped trusting you, ILS.

Lilia: Yeah, we knew all along that you'd never really betray us. We know you too well!

ILS: Aw, you guys. Sheesh, you're gonna make me cry!

ILJ: Heehee. Seeing you guys get all touchy feely like this makes me wish that I was apart of your little group.

Lilia: Well what's stopping you?

ILJ: Huh?

Lilia: You don't have to feel left out, you know. You can be our friend too!

ILJ: R-really?

Jawo: Yeah, the more the merrier, ain't that right, Blue?

Blue: Mmn, I guess...

Jawo: Hrmph! Blue...

ILJ: Haha! It's okay, Jawo!

*ILJ runs up and hugs Blue*

ILJ: I know that Blue and me will become the best of friends in due time!

Blue: *annoyed* Keep dreaming...

ILS: Really, I'd like nothing more than to catch up with you all, but shouldn't we get going right about now?

Blue: Yeah, you're right, ILS. We've got a long road ahead of us, so let's head out, everybody!
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