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AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)  (Read 1696 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 16 June, 2008, 08:37:44 am »

*Meanwhile, in the IL Guild Headquarters, nestled deep in Southern Wastelands, the Official arrives*

Hunter: Official! Sir, you've arrived!

Official: Yeah, what of it?

Hunter: Uhm well, last I heard, the northern base where you previously were was conquered by Blue and his companions. Not even ILJ could handle them...

Official: I'm well aware of this.

Hunter: What should we do about this, sir?

Official: Send a messenger to every remaining base. Tell them all to be on the lookout for Blue. Their orders are to detain and capture him...alive.

Hunter: Every hunter, sir? But don't you think that's a bit extreme? He is but one man with one bounty. There are hundreds of others out there.

Official: Are you questioning my orders?

*The Official shoots the hunter a piercing glare*

Hunter: Aah! N-n-n-no, sir!

Official: Send a messenger to the eastern and western bases, and have him relay my orders, NOW!

Hunter: Yes! Right away sir!!

*The hunter sets out about his task. The Official then proceeds into his quarters*

Official: Heheheh, stupid hunters. So easily tricked.

*Suddenly, the Official changes forms, revealing himself to actually be Mephiles, the shape shifter. Thought to have been killed by Blue in the events that transpired 4 months (nearly 2 years to Blue and co.) prior*

??: Are you sure it's safe for you to take on your regular form?

Mephiles: Your shenanigans ever cease to annoy me. Stop sulking in the shadows and show yourself.

??: Fine fine...

*A mysterious figure rises from the ground, revealing himself to Agaranok, once again summoned by Mephiles*

Agaranok: So I assume everything's going as you planned?

Mephiles: Not quite. That Blue is an evasive one, he is.

Agaranok: Ah, I heard. He even managed to lay waste to an entire base of bounty hunters. Such is no simple feat.

Mephiles: Grr, I knew I should've destroyed him when I had the chance. Curse these bounty hunters. Weaklings, all of them!

Agaranok: Calm down. Surely he will not be able to defeat all of them. Yes, he is powerful, but their ranks far outnumber his.

Mephiles: Hmhm, yes. Perhaps you are right. But nothing is certain.

Agaranok: And while we're on the subject, care to remind me why you require my services again?

Mephiles: Just in case this does not work, you will be my contingency plan. A last resort, of sorts.

Agaranok: So you want me to clean up after your messes, huh?

Mephiles: I don't like your tone, Agaranok.

Agaranok: Relax. It is my duty to obey your orders, as you are the one who's summoned me. So, I may as well make the best of it.

Mephiles: Good.

Agaranok: And besides, I've been waiting for the opportunity to challenge Blue again. I wonder how far he's come since our last battle.

Mephiles: Enough! This will not be one of your silly duels of honor. You will defeat Blue by any means necessary if it comes down to it. Is that understood?

Agaranok: *groans* Yes, Master...

Mephiles: Now leave me, you worm! I have business to attend to.

Agaranok: Hmph. As you wish. *disappears*

*After Agaranok leaves, Mephiles resumes the form of the Official*

Official: Hahahah. Soon...soon, you will be mine, Blue. And then I will have my revenge!

*The Official leaves his quarters, afterwards, Agaranok resurfaces*

Agaranok: Hmm, I wonder... Show me how strong you've become, Blue. Show me your true power.

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« Reply #31 on: 16 June, 2008, 09:38:35 am »

*Meanwhile, we rejoin Blue and co. as they've split up and part ways to accomplish their goal*

(From here on, I'll be alternating scenarios between the two groups. For example, one chapter will focus on one group, while the following chapter focuses on the other, and so on until they come back together. Starting with the group of Mads and Rachel)

*Mads and Rachel begin their journey to the western base. We join them as they are traveling on the road*

Mads: Hm...I'm bored. I wish we'd find this base already so we can start kicking some tail.

*Rachel stops walking*

Rachel: Aah!

Mads: Hey, what's the matter? Why did you stop walking?

Rachel: Something's...happening to me...

Mads: Hm? Like what?

Rachel: I don't know. It's just...it feels like something is coming over me.

Mads: Uhm...are you sick? *scratches head*

Rachel: No, not sick. I feel...empowered!!

Mads: Oh! Now I see why!

Rachel: Huh?

Mads: You've got yourself a font color, Rachel! Congratulations!

Rachel: A...font color? What does that mean?

Mads: Gee uh...I don't really know.

??: Then allow me to explain it for you.

Mads/Rachel: Hunh?

*Just then, Bob appears in front of Mads and Rachel*

Mads: Bob!?

Bob: Oh hello, ILS. Long time no see.

Mads: What are you doing here?

Bob: You see, I couldn't help but overhear your little predicament, and I thought I'd make a short cameo to shed some light on things.

Mads: Uhm...okay...*scratches head*

Rachel: Who's he? Is this a friend of yours, Mads?

Bob: Ah, Rachel. I don't believe we've met. My name is Bob the Omnipotent, but you can call me Bob. How do you do?

Rachel: Hey, how did you know my name?

Bob: I know lots of things, Rachel. One of them being the answer to your feeling of "empowerment" as you described it.

Rachel: Oh yeah, why don't you fill me in?

Bob: Of course. Your new lime green font color is a symbol of your importance to the plot of this here tale.

Rachel: What? Plot? Tale? I'm not following you.

Bob: I expected that reaction. Ah well, may I continue?

Rachel: Oh yeah, of course. Go ahead.

Bob: Now that you've joined Blue and his friends, you are no longer an NPC, as well call it.

Mads: N...P...C? What's that?

Bob: ILS, an NPC is short for non playable character. Or in this case, is the multitude of people that are not Blue and friends, or the big terrible baddie that you must pummel.

Rachel: Oh, I think I get it now! NPC's are people like the civilians, or the generic bounty hunters we come across, right?

Bob: Exactly right. You're a quick study, Rachel. Since you are no longer one of the NPC's, you have gained your own font color. Like me and ILS.

Rachel: You guys have one too? What's your color, Mads?

Mads: Mine's Navy Blue, according to Bob.

Rachel: Navy Blue!? Aww, no fair!

Bob: Hahaha, don't not fret, Rachel. Lime Green is a splendid color, unique only to you. Embrace it, make it your own. For it is yours to behold.

Rachel: Really? Heh, I guess that's pretty cool.

Bob: I'm glad you understand. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave.

Mads: Wait, Bob! Since you're here and all, won't you help us out?

Bob: Well you see, I'd love to, but I've got to get back to Zeldafan and her story. I'm already late as it is.

Mads: Oh...

Bob: Don't look down, ILS. You'll be just fine without my help. Mephiles is no match for your combined might.

Mads: *surprised* Wait, Mephiles!? What does he have to do with this!?

Bob: Oops. I believe I've said too much. Gotta run. Good luck, you two.

*Bob disappears*

Rachel: That guy was awesome. I hope we meet up with him again someday.

Mads: Yeah, knowing him, we probably will. Let's keep going.

Rachel: Right.

*Mads and Rachel soon arrive in the nearby City of Lahnzay, a large community one the edge of a mountainous region*

Mads: Alright, we made it.

Rachel: Hey, this is Lahnzay City, isn't it?

Mads: Oh yeah? It is, isn't it? In that case, I know where we should go first! Come on!

*Mads runs off into town, leaving Rachel behind*

Rachel: Mads, wait up!

*Rachel runs after Mads, eventually following him to the front of a large building named "The Shot Spot"*

Mads: Hey Rach, remember this place?

Rachel: Huh? Oh yeah! This is the club where we and the guys would always hang out. Wanna go in and check it out?

Mads: Yeah, I wonder if they're still hanging here. If they are, maybe we can dig up some info about headquarters from them.

Rachel: That's a good idea. Let's do it.

Mads: Oh, wait a second.

Rachel: What?

Mads: Look at the sign on the window. *points*

Rachel: Hmm..."Couples get 1/2 off the entry fee"...

Mads: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Rachel: Not on your life.

Mads: Why!?

Rachel: Because, you know full well that I'm already in a relationship. You're not going to pull a fast one on me.

Mads: But it's not like that! It's just to save us some cash down the road.

Rachel: I still don't like the idea. ...But when you put it that way...

Mads: Cool. Let's go!

*Mads grabs Rachel's hand and pulls her along into the club*

Rachel: Mads! W-wait!
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« Reply #32 on: 16 June, 2008, 01:03:07 pm »

*Now we join Blue, Lilia, and Jawo as they make their way towards the eastern base. They soon arrive in the port town of Meisa*

Lilia: Where are we now?

Jawo: Hmm...*sniff* I smell the ocean on the air.

Blue: Wait, ocean? That can't be...

*Blue takes out a map and peers through it*

Blue: No!

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: According to this map, we're in Meisa Town!

Jawo: *sigh* It's a port...

Lilia: I don't get it. What's so bad about that? I mean, it's just a port town, isn't it?

Jawo: It is just a port town, but that's not the point, Lilia. There's nothing beyond here but the ocean. Meaning we've gone too far east. And it's all Blue's fault! *points*

Blue: What!? My fault! But how!?

Jawo: Meh. *shrugs* Just is.

Blue: Idiot. Anyway, let's turn back. We're not going to find anything here.

Lilia: Wait guys. Before we leave, we need to stock up on more supplies. We're fresh out.

Blue: Okay. Let's head to the general store first, then leave town.

*Blue and co. walk over to the local general store and stocks up on more supplies for their journey. They purchase their items and get ready to leave*

Clerk: Thank you! Come again!

Blue: Alright, we've got our stuff. Let's get out of here.

Jawo: Hold it, Blue.

Blue: What's wrong, now?

Jawo: We've got trouble. Take a look.

*Blue looks out of the window of the store. Outside, he sees a group of bounty hunters crawling around town in search of him*

Blue: Damn, bounty hunters again? Talk about rotten luck.

Lilia: What do we do, Blue?

Jawo: What do you think, Lilia? We go out there and kick their butts.

Blue: No, Jawo. We can't do that.

Jawo: And why the heck not?

Blue: Because, there are civilians out there too, you know. If we fight in the middle of town, someone's going to get hurt. Didn't we already go over this once before?

Jawo: Yeah yeah. Then what's your bright idea, huh?

Blue: Well we obviously have to sneak past them. But how...?

Lilia: Hmm...

*Lilia looks around the store until she eyes the paper bag carrying their groceries*

Lilia: Ah ha!

*Lilia empties the groceries from the bag and places it over Blue's head*

Lilia: There!

Blue: Egh, hey! What's the big idea, Lilia!?

Lilia: The bounty hunter's wont come after you if they don't recognize your face. With that bag over your head, you're pratically invisible!

Blue: Lilia, this is dumb...

Lilia: Never underestimate the anonymity of a brown paper bag, Blue! It's sure to work!

Jawo: Yeah, Blue. What've you got to lose?

Blue: Try my life.

Jawo: Oh yeah... Well look on the bright side, you've never looked better in your life. It's a real improvement, I'd say.

Blue: Why you...

Lilia: Okay, that's enough, you two. Let's get out of here and put this to the test.

Blue: Alright, let's go.

*Blue goes to walk out of the store, but instead smacks right into the wall*


Blue: Ow!!

Lilia: Oh, I forgot. I didn't make any eye holes...

*Lilia takes out a dagger and cuts two holes in the bag for Blue to see through*

Lilia: There you go!

Blue: Ah, much better. Now let's go.

*The group leaves the store, casually walking past the bounty hunters without a care*

Blue: I can't believe it. It's really working!

Jawo: Shhh, Blue! They know your voice! If you're too loud, you'll give yourself away!

Hunter: Hn! Who said Blue!?

Lilia: Ugh. Nice going, Jawo...

Hunter2: There! In the stupid paper bag! Get him!

Lilia: What now, Blue!?

Blue: Run for it!!

*Having been found out by the hunters, the group abandons their plan and makes a break for the town gate. But before they can make it out, they are completely surrounded by bounty hunters*

Jawo: Damn. There's no way out now. I guess we'll just have to cut our way through.

*Jawo raises his hand to place it on the hilt of his sword, but Blue stops him by placing his hand over his*

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: No, Jawo. I said we're not fighting here. We can't risk any innocents getting hurt.

Jawo: Then what do you suggest we do, Blue!? Get captured again!?

Blue: No...but..! One second thought...that's not a bad idea!

Jawo: Eh?

*Blue raises his arms into the air*

Blue: I give up.

Lilia: Blue, what are you doing!?

Blue: It's okay, guys. I have a plan. Just go with it.

Jawo: Hmpfh. this better work, Blue. For all our sakes.

*Both Jawo and Lilia surrender*

Jawo: Alright, you got us. Do what you will.

Hunter: Heheheh. I knew you'd say it our way. Round them up and take them back to the base!

*The hunters restrain the group and takes them aboard their Dragonship. It then takes off and heads for the eastern base*
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« Reply #33 on: 16 June, 2008, 07:58:56 pm »

Oh yeah, I went back and edited the Mads/Rachel scenario to keep it more in line with the canon. I think it works a lot better that way.
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« Reply #34 on: 17 June, 2008, 12:30:51 pm »

*We rejoin Mads and Rachel as they enter the Shot Spot to uncover information about the headquarters*

Mads: Hmm...do you see anybody, Rach?

Rachel: ...Nope. No one that we know.

Mads: Darn.

Rachel: Oh well. While we're here, let's grab a seat and get some drinks, yeah?

Mads: Yeah, why not. I could use a little break.

*Mads and Rachel walk up to the counter and takes a seat. The Bartender then comes to take their orders*

Bartender: Alright, what can I getcha?

Rachel: A lime martini for me.

Mads: Same.

Bartender: Okay, a lime martini for the lady, and a non-alc for the laddie.

Mads: Hey, what are you talking about? Yes, alchohol!

Bartender: Sorry, kid. You're not old enough.

Mads: No! Come on, Rach. Vouch for me.

Rachel: You're kidding, right? You know I can never condone underage drinking. I'm a model citizen.

Mads:*rolls eyes* Yeah right...

*The Bartender leaves to prepare the drinks. Meanwhile, 3 bounty hunters walk into the club. 2 male, one female. The walk over to the counter and have a seat next to Mads and Rachel*

Hunter: Hey Bartender! Over here!

Mads: Hey, I know that voice. ...Jerry, is that you?

Jerry: Uh? Mads!? Hey buddy! I haven't seen you in ages!

Mads: It is you, Jerry! And Liam and Pamela too!

Liam: Hiya, Mads.

Pamela: Oh look, well if it isn't Rachel. Still busy being a D-rank hunter? Kyahaha!

Rachel: Grr...Hello Pamela...

Jerry: What brings you two here? I wasn't expecting to see you in this neck of the woods.

Mads: Aw, we're just, you know, taking some time off. Right, Rach?

Rachel: Yeah, that's right. We're totally not helping Blue or anything.

*Mads bumps Rachel with his elbow*

Mads: Rach!!

Rachel: What?

Jerry: Ah, I see. Didn't you know that every hunter in the organization is on the lookout for Blue now?

Mads: What?

Liam: Yeah, we just got the order yesterday. There must be something really special about him if we've gotta ignore every other bounty out there.

Pamela: The three of us are looking for him now. We just decided to stop by here to have a little downtime before we get back to it.

Mads: Well good luck, and all of that.

Jerry: Say Rachel, you wouldn't happen to know where he's headed, would you?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Liam: Didn't you face off against him back at the northern base?

Rachel: Uhm, yeah, I did. But what does that have to do with anything?

Pamela: That would mean you were the last one to see him before he fled.

Rachel: I guess that's true...

Jerry: So, did you see him?

Rachel: Can't say I did. No.

Jerry: Are you sure...?

Rachel: Positive.

Pamela: *angers* Grr, stop beating around the bush! We know what you're up to!

Liam: Yeah, our scouts reported that they saw the two of you leaving the northern base with Blue and his companions!

Mads: Damn!

*Jerry rises from his seat and grabs Rachel by the neck*

Rachel: Ergh!!

Jerry: It was a nice try, but the jig is up. Tell us where Blue is, or I'll have to pop that pretty little head of yours.

*Jerry tightens his grip*

Rachel: Agh! L-let me...go!

Mads: Let her go! Now!

*Mads unsheathes his swords and strikes Jerry. Causing him to spring back and lose his grip on Rachel*

Jerry: Argh! Damn you! That cut deep...

Mads: Rach, are you okay?

Rachel: *panting* Hah..ha...yeah..I'm fine...

Liam: So you intend to fight us, huh?

Pamela: It's three against two. You don't stand a chance. Tell us where Blue is, and we may just let you walk out of here alive.

Mads: Alright, I'll tell you. He and the others are heading for the eastern base as we speak.

Rachel: Mads...

Mads: It's okay, Rach. These guys won't live to tell anyone else. They're not walking out of here. Ever.

Jerry: What!?

*Mads gets into his fighting stance*

Mads: Let's go!
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« Reply #35 on: 18 June, 2008, 04:26:43 pm »

*Coming back to Blue's scenario, he, along with Lilia and Jawo have been captured once again by the bounty hunters. They arrive at the eastern base and throw into a cell. But not before being stripped of their belongings*

Hunter: Now sit in there and be quiet!

Jawo: You don't tell us what to do!

*The hunter leaves the room, ignoring Jawo's words*

Jawo: Heh, guess I told him off.

Lilia: Oh yeah, you really showed him. *rolls eyes*

Jawo: Anyway, what's the big idea making us surrender like that, Blue?

Blue: Isn't it obvious? Doing it saved us the trouble of having to find the base on our own. Now that we're here, the rest'll be a cakewalk.

Jawo: Ah, I see now. Pretty clever, Blue. I can only assume that you know how we're getting out of here too, right?

Blue: Well...not really...

Jawo: *facepalm* Figures. Leave it to Blue to not think things completely through before acting.

Blue: Well instead of complaining about everything, you could try helping to come up with a plan of escape.

Jawo: Alright fine. Just leave it to me.

*Jawo takes some time to think. A few moments later, an idea come to him*

Jawo: Ah ha! I've got it!

Lilia: What are you thinking, Jawo?

Jawo: Okay, here's the plan. Come over and listen up.

*The group huddles together as Jawo explains the details of the plan to them. Afterwards, they get into place and prepare to carry it out*

Jawo: Okay guys, are you ready?

Blue/Lilia: Ready.

Jawo: Okay, the guard's heading this way. Go for it!

Blue: *moans* Oooooh...my stomach...so..so hungry...

Lilia: Oh no! Blue!

Guard: Hey, what's going on in there? What's the matter with him?

Lilia: Blue hasn't had anything to eat in days! You see, we were running low on rations, and in a most selfless act, Blue gave his portion to me and Jawo so we wouldn't go hungry. But now, it's starting to catch up to him...

Blue: OOoooogh! Food... Give me...food...

Lilia: Please! Help him!

Guard: Well...the Official does want him alive... Okay, I'll bring him some food. Just hang on a little longer.

*The guard runs off to get Blue some food*

Jawo: Alright, you guys. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

Blue/Lilia: *smile and thumbs up*

*Several minutes later, the guard comes back with a full plate of food*

Guard: Okay, I'm back. Is Blue still alive?

Lilia: Yeah, he's okay. Just hurry and give it to us!

Blue: Oh the agony! Oh the pain!

*The guard slips the food through the small opening in the cell*

Guard: There, that should be enough to sustain him.

*Jawo picks up the food and starts to eat it himself*

Jawo: Mmm. Hey, not bad. *munch* Could use a little salt though...

Lilia: Jawo!? What are you doing!? That food is for Blue!

Guard: Yeah, hand it over!

Blue: My time...is growing near...

Jawo: Sorry, *munch* but Blue'll just have to go to the afterlife cafeteria to eat.

Blue: I see a light...*coughhackwheeze*

Lilia: No, Blue! Don't leave us! *feigns crying*

Jawo: *whispers* Hey, overdramatic much?

Blue/Lilia: Oh, sorry...

Guard: (No! If Blue dies under my watch, it's curtains for me!) Give the food to Blue, or else.

*Jawo spits chewed up food at the guard*

Jawo: Or else what?

Guard: Grr...or else THIS!

*In a fit of rage, the guard opens the cell and attempts to attack Jawo*

Jawo: Blue, now!

Blue: Right! Fireball!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. The guard is struck by several fireballs and knocked unconscious*

Blue: Yeah!

Lilia: Jawo, your plan worked!

Jawo: Of course. It was my plan afterall. Now let's split!

*As the group prepares to make their escape, an alarm begins to sound across the entire base*

Jawo: Damn, that was quick.

Blue: No matter, it was going to come to this anyway. Let's find whoever's in charge and squeeze some info out of him.
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« Reply #36 on: 19 June, 2008, 08:45:32 am »

*Back to Mads and Rachel at the club. They've been outted as traitors by their fellow hunters and are forced into a battle*

Jerry: Here I come, ILS!

*Jerry runs toward ILS, intent to attack. ILS reacts by positioning into a counter stance*

Mads: Watch for it...

*Jerry strikes, but ILS defends against the attack with his sword and knocks Jerry off center. He then follows up with two quick slashes in succession. And then finishes with a thrust through his abdomen*

Jerry: Gyaah!! H-how did you get so...strong...?

Mads: Traveling with Blue all this time has taught me a lot. I've not only come farther as a fighter, but as a person as well.

Jerry. Y-you! Urrrggh...

*Jerry collapses and dies*

Liam: Jerry! How could you do that!?

Mads: I wasn't the one who started this fight. But you better be sure that I'm gonna finish it.

*Meanwhile, Rachel is facing off against Pamela. They begin exchanging blows, and Pamela seemingly gets the upper hand*

Pamela: Hahahah. What's the matter, Rachel? Running out of steam already?

Rachel: Well actually, I'm trying not to hurt you too bad.

Pamela: You, hurt me too bad? You must be joking. You know I'm the better fist fighter, Rachel.

Rachel: I wouldn't bet my money on that.

Pamela: Then I'll just have to show you!

*Pamela runs up to Rachel and throws a few punches. Rachel moves swiftly and dodges the blows. She then repeatedly kicks Pamela in the face and follows up with an elbow to the gut*

Pamela: Aaagh!

Rachel: Now to take out the trash! Huuragh!

*While Pamela is stunned, Rachel picks up her overhead and throws her over the bar counter, into the various bottled drinks and glasses*

Liam: No! Pamela!

Mads: Time's up, Liam. So what's it going to be? Are you gonna go quietly, or do I have to take you down screaming?

Liam: Bounty hunters never surrender. Even if I can't win, I won't go down without a fight! Yah!

*Liam runs toward ILS in a futile attempt to defeat him. He prepares to strike, but is halted when ILS jabs his swords straight through him*

Liam: Ggh!!

*ILS pulls his sword from Liam's body and sheathes it. He then falls to the ground and dies*

Mads: Okay, Rach. We're done here. Let's go.

*Rachel stands there looking at the dead bodies of her former comrades*

Rachel: ...

Mads: Rach, what's the matter?

Rachel: Uhm, nothing. Come on. Let's get out of here.

*Mads and Rachel leave the club and head back into the city streets*

Mads: Well that didn't go quite as planned. What do we do now?

Rachel: I guess we have no choice but to go to the western base and try our luck there.

Mads: Okay, but it's getting late, so let's head to the inn for tonight. We'll leave for the base first thing in the morning.

*Mads and Rachel go to the local inn and purchase a room for the evening. Later that night, Rachel is sitting atop the roof, plucking random pieces of dirt and debris off the building*

Rachel: *sigh*

Mads: Hey Rach, what are you doing up here by yourself?

Rachel: Oh nothing. Just thinking about things.

Mads: Okay. Mind if I join you?

Rachel: No, not at all. *pats the ground next to her* Come and sit.

*Mads walks up to Rachel and sits next to her*

Rachel: Hey Mads...I've been wanting to ask you something...

Mads: Yeah?

Rachel: How is it that you can kill with no remorse?

Mads: What do you mean?

Rachel: I mean, how can you just take the life of another without even a second thought?

Mads: Well it kinda comes with the territory when you're a bounty hunter. Speaking of, how can you not do that?

Rachel: I don't know. I guess...I just don't have it in me. If I was ever to kill someone, I'd never be able to forgive myself for doing such a thing.

Mads: Even if that person meant you harm?

Rachel: Even if. I don't see how you can do it. It's not like you at all.

Mads: Yeah, you're kinda right. When I fight, it's like a whole different person takes over me. This person, he's ruthless and never backs down til it's over. He'll do whatever it takes to win.

Rachel: *sigh* I don't even know why I became a bounty hunter in the first place...

Mads: Uh? You mean you don't remember? It was because you wanted to raise enough money for you and Mike to get a house together. Speaking of, how's he been doing these days?

Rachel: *gasp* Mike!!!

Mads: Oh, Rach. Don't tell me...

Rachel: It's true! I haven't seen him!!

Mads: Since when!?

Rachel: Since I first joined the IL hunters!

Mads: But Rach, that was over 3 years ago!

Rachel: Oh God, I feel so terrible! I've been meaning to go back and visit, but with all the hunting and the failures on my record, I just lost track and eventually forgot all about it.

Mads: Rach...

Rachel: He never wanted me to go off and join the hunters in the first place. He probably hates me for what I've done!

*Mads put his arm around Rachel*

Rachel: Mads...?

Mads: Oh come now, don't think like that. I mean, even if he does hate you, you still have me.

Rachel: Mads, I--

*Mads takes the opportunity and moves in for a kiss*

Rachel: ACK!


Mads: Youch!

Rachel: Mads, what are you doing!? What's wrong with you!?

Mads: But...wasn't this supposed to be the romantic kiss scene?

Rachel: What are you talking about? We were just talking about my boyfriend of all things! Goodness!

Mads: Does this mean no kiss?

Rachel: ...I'm going to bed.

*Rachel descends the roof and head back to her room*

Mads: *sigh* Another night alone.

*Mads takes out a **** magazine and unzips his pants*

Mads: ...
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« Reply #37 on: 19 June, 2008, 10:30:44 am »

*Getting back to Blue's group as they make their way through the eastern base. They are attacked on all fronts by hunters, but Blue manages to defeat them on his own*

Lilia: Blue, are you okay?

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine. While you two are unarmed, I'm going to have to do the fighting for us.

Jawo: Okay, before we do anything else, let's find our gear. It's not safe to be walking around here with only one able fighter.

Lilia: Jawo's right, Blue. If something happens to you, we're going to be in big trouble.

Blue: Alright, then let's go.

*Meanwhile, as Blue and the others change routes to look for Lilia and Jawo's weapons, a hunter speaks to the lead hunter of the base*

Hunter: ILA, sir. We have a problem that needs your immediate attention.

ILA: What is it, runt?

Hunter: Blue and his friends have managed to escape. We're trying our best to stop them, but he's too powerful for us.

ILA: That's perfect!

Hunter: Hunh?

ILA: Now that he's escaped, I'll get my chance to fight Blue. Hehehe, if he was strong enough to best both ILS and ILJ, this will be a good fight indeed. Oh yeah, I'm pumped!

Hunter: Uhm, sir...

ILA: What now!?

Hunter: Ah! Uhm..what s-should the rest of us do?

ILA: Er, tell them to go take a break or something, I don't care. Just don't mess with Blue. He's mine.

Hunter: Yes sir.

ILA: Heheh, Blue. The prize we all seek. I can only imagine how powerful he must be. But no matter how strong he is, none is more powerful than me, the Great ILA!

*After a while of searching, the group manages to find where their lost weapons being guarded by two hunters. Blue makes quick work of them and retrieves the stolen possessions*

Blue: Did somebody order a Crystal Sword?

*Blue tosses the sword to Jawo and he catches it*

Jawo: Alright! *twirls swords and sheathes it*

Blue: Can't forget yours, Lilia. Catch!

*Blue tosses Lilia her gear*

Lilia: Nice going, Blue! *straps satchel and dagger holsters around her waist*

Blue: Phew. Now I don't have to fight alone anymore.

Jawo: Now let's find who's in charge and put him out of commission.

Blue: Yeah.

*In their search, the group heads outside of the base. Before long, a rather muscular man carrying a giant steel hammer descends from the sky. He causes a small quake upon landing*

Lilia: Ah! W-what was that?

Jawo: Who's this chump?

ILA: Hmph, so you're Blue, huh? But you're so...scrawny. I was expecting a man, not some...some kid! The others must be pretty weak if they lost to you.

Blue: Didn't you ever hear the saying "Dont judge a book by its cover"? I'm stronger than I look.

Lilia: Hey! Don't make fun of Blue!

ILA: Don't you raise your voice at me, little girl.

*ILA slams his hammer into the ground, causing a quake that knocks Lilia off her feet*

Lilia: Waaah! *thud* Oof!

ILA: Heheheheh. You're no match for me if you can't even stand through that. Get back in the kitchen, why don't you.

Lilia: Uugh...

Blue: Lilia, are you alright?

Lilia: Yeah...I'm fine. *rubs head*

Jawo: Hey man, are you gonna tell us where the headquarters is, or not? We don't have time for games.

ILA: So that's what you're after? Well I'm afraid my lips are sealed. That is unless Blue can defeat me.

Jawo: Forget Blue! He's got nothing on me! I'll defeat you right now!

*Jawo leaps into the air and slashes overhead at ILA. ILA stops his attack by grabbing his sword with his bare hands*

Jawo: What!? T-that's impossible! My sword cuts through everything!

ILA: Is that it? Don't make me laugh, little man. I'll show you a real attack. Rrrragh!!

Jawo: ...Uh oh...

*ILA swings his hammer with tremendous force, striking Jawo and sending him flying into the sky*

Jawo: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *Star KO*

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo!!

ILA: That'll teach him to try and mess with the big boys. Now come on, Blue. You're next. That is, unless you're too weak to stand up to my might.

Blue: Strength goes far beyond having large muscles, and I'll just have to prove it to you.

Lilia: You tell him, Blue! Let's do it!

Blue: No, Lilia. Leave this guy to me.

Lilia: But..are you sure...?

Blue: Yeah, it's me he wants. And besides, I haven't gotten to show off my skills at all yet. This should be a good way to test my new magic.

Lilia: Okay, just be careful.

ILA: Hmph, you've got spunk, kid. I like that. Too bad it won't save you from being knocked sky high like your friend there.

Blue: We'll see about that, big guy. Let's do this!

ILA: Heh, come on! Show me what you can do!!!
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« Reply #38 on: 20 June, 2008, 10:39:34 am »

*Time to rejoin Mads and Rachel as they awake the next morning and head back into the city streets, ready for departure*

Mads: *cheerfully* So Rach, you ready to go?

Rachel: Uhm, sure. But, why are you so chipper all of a sudden?

Mads: I released all of my sorrows.

Rachel: Released?

Mads: Yup.

Rachel: Hm...*thinks* ...Ew...

Mads: It's better if you don't think about.

Rachel: Too late...

*A voice calls out to them from the distance*

??: ILS sir!!!

Rachel: Hey, who's that?

Mads: Collin!?

*Collin runs in and screeches to a halt*

Collin: *panting* ILS sir! I'm so glad I found you!

Mads: Collin, what are you doing here?

Collin: After Blue's seige of the northern base, me and the rest of the novice hunters were relocated to the western base.

Mads: Okay, but that still doesn't explain why you're here by yourself.

Collin: Oh yeah. After you and ILJ were found out and branded as traitors, I was sent out on reconaissance duty and ordered to report back if I found you two or any of Blue's friends.

Rachel: Kyyah!!

*Rachel kicks Collin with enough force to send him spiraling into the side of a building*

Mads: Rach! What's the matter with you!?

Rachel: He's an enemy, isn't he?

Mads: No! Hang on, Collin! I'm coming!

*Mads runs after Collin to check up on him*

Rachel: *rubs head* Well he seemed pretty enemyish to me...

*Rachel runs after him. When they arrive, Collin manages to stand on his feet, but is wobbling in a daze*

Mads: Collin, are you okay?

Collin: *swirly eyes* Eeeee...uuuugh...

*Collin wobbles until he loses his balance and falls into Mads' arms unconscious*

Mads: Aw man. We should take him back to the inn until he comes to.

*Mads and Rachel carry Collin back to the inn, and lays him in bed to rest. A while later, he comes to, and the three sit at a table in the lobby to talk*

Rachel: Uhm, I'm sorry for attacking you like that, Collin. I hope it didn't hurt too bad.

Collin: Nah, it's okay. You were just being cautious afterall. I can't blame you for that.

Rachel: So you're really on our side?

Collin: Yeah, I don't really know what's going on, but I could never betray my hero, ILS. As his subordinate, I'll follow him always!

Mads: Heheh, Oh Collin...

Collin: So, where are you two headed, anyway?

Rachel: We're trying to find out where the IL Guild headquarters is.

Mads: Yeah, so we can confront the Official and put an end to all of this.

Rachel: You wouldn't happen to know where it's located, would you, Collin?

Collin: Oh, of course not. If you two don't know, there's no way that a grunt like me ever would. ...I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Mads: Don't worry about it. We'll just be on our way to the western base and find out for ourselves.

Collin: Wait, you're going to the western base!?

Rachel: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Collin: It's dangerous!

Mads: Don't you think we know that? But we have to go anyway.

Collin: No no no! You don't understand!

Rachel: What don't we understand?

Collin: The researchers at the western base, the same ones who built the Dragonship, are developing a battle weapon to combat Blue.

Mads: A what!?

Collin: It's a machine designed specifically to apprehend and capture Blue, while being able to deal with his magic abilities. It's still in the prototype stages, but it's still a force to be reckoned with.

Rachel: Gee, the Official must be desperate if he would go to such heights just to get his hands on Blue.

Mads: Yeah, no kidding. Let's go, Rach.

Rachel: Right.

Collin: What!? You're still going after everything I just told you!?

Mads: Well yeah. If we don't we may never find out where headquarters is. We'll just have just have to fight this battle machine ourselves.

Collin: But...

Rachel: You said it's still in the prototype stage, right? Then that should mean we have a fair chance of taking it down.

Collin: Perhaps, but you don't know what you're up against!

Mads: We don't, but you do, Collin!

Collin: Well yes. Yes I do.

Mads: Then you can help us fight the battle machine.

Collin: W-wait! I don't know about this..I-I mean..I..

Mads: No buts! You're coming with us! Let's go, Rach!

Rachel: Yeah!

*Mads grabs Collin's arm and drags him along. The three leave Lahnzay City and set out for the western base*
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« Reply #39 on: 20 June, 2008, 04:29:37 pm »

*Back to Blue and co. as he faces off alone against the mighty ILA. Lilia stands on the sidelines and lends him her support, whilst Jawo is...er...*cough*

ILA: Get ready for this! Eragh!

*ILA pounds his hammer into the ground, causing a quake to lift the ground below Blue, sending him into the air*

Blue: Whoa!!

Lilia: Ah! Blue!

*Blue uses wind magic to slow his fall and regain his balance on the ground*

ILA: Nice trick, kid. But can it save you from this!?

*ILA stomps on the ground, causing boulders to rise from the earth*

ILA: Batter up!

*ILA begins to bat the boulders at Blue as if they were baseballs*

Lilia: Blue, watch out!

Blue: (Gotta think fast...) Maybe I can counter it.

*Blue casts a spell*

Blue: Atlas!!!

*A centralized vortex of air appears in front of Blue. The spell catches the incoming boulders and grinds them to bits with air pressure*

Lilia: Whoo! Way to go, Blue!

ILA: Hmpfh. Lucky shot. But let's see how you handle some close combat!

Blue: Agh!

*ILA runs up to Blue and begins taking swings at him. He ducks, sidesteps, and jumps, dodging any way he can*

Blue: (Damn, he's faster than he appears)

ILA: Haha! You can use your sissy magic if you're one the defensive. Face it, kid. You're finished!

Blue: (Rgh, he's right. One hit from that, and it's lights out for me. I can't dodge forever either)

Lilia: Blue! Do something! Anything!

Blue: (Okay...I don't know how well this'll work, but...)

*Blue takes an opportunity and punches ILA in the face. It doesn't do much damage, but it's enough to stop his attack*

ILA: Ergh...so the kid can throw a punch afterall...*wipes blood from mouth* This could be a good fight afterall.

Lilia: Good job, Blue! Now get him!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue casts a spell*

Blue: Aqua Laser!

*A beam of pressurized water shoots toward ILA*

ILA: Hah, is that it? Come on! I can take it!

*ILA braces himself for the spell. The Aqua Laser collides with him, but instead of knocking him over, he manages to hold it off*

Blue: What!? How is he doing that!?

Lilia: Blue, it's not strong enough on it's own!

Blue: I see. Maybe if I double the power!

*Blue casts another Aqua Laser spell. The second laser combines with the first making it twice as powerful*

ILA: What!? No!!!

*ILA is engulfed by the empowered Aqua Laser and run down. He sustains heavy injuries, but still manages to stay on his feet*

ILA: Gya ha ha! Pretty good! I need to watch out for you, kid. If I'm not careful, I could be in some trouble.

Lilia: What does it take for this guy to stay down!?

Blue: Stay calm, Lilia. I'm not up the creek yet. There's plenty more where that came from.

ILA: Take this!!

*ILA throws his hammer like a boomerang at Blue*

Blue: Gah!

*Blue is struck by the attack. He is knocked back and sent rolling a long distance along the ground and is left seemingly unconscious*

Lilia: Blue, no! Get up!

*ILA's hammer returns to his hand*

ILA: Sorry, girlie. But it's over. One good hit was all it took.

Lilia: No...

ILA: Heheh, I have to hand it to him though. No one's been able to hurt me like that before. The kid's a good fighter, but not good enough to beat me.

Lilia: You're wrong! Blue can defeat you! He's not down yet!

ILA: Are you stupid? Just a look at him! Lying on the ground. He can't even move! Face it, he's done.

Lilia: Then I'll just have to take you on myself!

ILA: You? Take me on? Hahahahaha! You're funny! Tell you what, I'll just let you go. Run along, girlie.

Lilia: If you think I'm gonna abandon my friends, you're wrong!

ILA: That's cute. The little girl thinks she can play hero. You're obviously no match for me, so just go on home. That's about all you can do anyway.

*Lilia grabs an object from her satchel*

ILA: Hunh?

Lilia: Well this bomb says otherwise! Hah!

*Lilia throws the bomb at ILA. But before it can reach him, A fully recovered Blue steps in and catches it*

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!! You're okay!

Blue: Didn't I tell you to leave him to me?

ILA: Blue!? How could you withstand a blow from my hammer!? You should ever be moving!

Blue: I told you before, I'm stronger than I look. Or maybe you're not as powerful as you think you are.

ILA: Grr, why you little...

Blue: Thanks for filling in for me, Lilia. I'll take it from here.

*Blue tosses the bomb back at Lilia*

Lilia: *panics* Wait Blue! That bomb's still acti--


Lilia: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! *Star KO*

Blue: Oops...
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« Reply #40 on: 20 June, 2008, 06:11:40 pm »

*Back with the group of Mads, Rachel, and now Collin. After cutting down the entry guards and the hunter within, the group enters the threshold of the western base*

Mads: Hah, that was easy. Now where to, Collin?

Collin: Ah, right. If you're looking for the location to the headquarters, you may find some data on it in the archive room.

Rachel: Okay, take us there.

Collin: Right. Follow me!

*Collin leads the group to the archive room in the center of the base. There they find a multitude of shelves filled to the brim with hundreds of folders containing data on the Guild and everything about it*

Collin: Here we are. This is the archive room.

Mads: Wow, would you look at this place...

Rachel: Yeah, there's so many files stored in here, I bet we can find anything about the Guild if we needed to.

Mads: But right now, our main concern is the headquarters. Let's split up and look. If you find something, let us know.

*The group separates and begins to search through the archive files. After a little while, Rachel finds a particular file and picks it off the shelf*

Rachel: Hmm...Mads Andersen, eh? Let's take a looksee.

*Rachel flips through Mad's profile and begins to read it*

Rachel: Mads Andersen. Hunter name: ILS. Rank: A...

Mads: Hey Rach, what are you reading? Is that the file on headquarters?

Rachel: Eh, something like that.

*Rachel continues reading the file*

Rachel: "Hunter ILS displays exceptional combat prowess and ingeniuity."

Mads: Huh?

Rachel: "Would have been next in line for ascension to S rank if not for his incessant compulsive mastur--

Mads: Aaaah!!

*Mads steals his file from Rachel and rips it to pieces*

Mads: Phew...

Rachel: Mads! What did you do that for!?

Mads: What were you doing reading through my personal files!?

Rachel: Calm down, Mads. I was just taking a teensy peek.

Mads: No you weren't! If I didn't stop you, you were going to find out my deepest, darkest secret...

Rachel: Hmm, deepest darkest secret, huh?

Mads: No, I'm not telling you.

Rachel: Oh come on!

Collin: Hey guys! Come over here! I found it!

*Mads and Rachel run over to Collin*

Mads: What did you find?

Collin: It's the file on the headquarters!

Rachel: What's it say?

Collin: It states that the IL Guild headquarters is located deep in the Yanju wastelands.

Mads: Yanju Wastelands? But isn't that where the southern base is?

Collin: Yeah, it says here that the southern base and the heaquarters are both one and the same.

Rachel: Well that explains a lot. No wonder none of us we're assigned there after being accepted into the Guild.

Mads: Alright, I guess we're done here. Now let's get to that battle machine.

Rachel: Okay!

Collin: W-wait, what!? B-but we already got what we came for! C-can't we just leave quietly?

Mads: No can do, Collin.

Rachel: Yeah, we have to take it out now, before it's complete. Or else it'll be a real pain in the butt to us later down the road.

Collin: B-but..!

Mads: We don't have time for your insecurities, Collin! Now tell us where they're holding the battle machine!

Collin: A-alright. I'll tell you. The finished prototype is being held in the undergroud hangar just below here.

Mads: Okay, take us there, Collin.

Collin: Right. It's this way.

*Collin leads the group the underground hangar. There, they find the battle machine, a large robotic vehicle, decked out with cannons and other various weapons*

Collin: Here it is. The battle machine, codenamed: Annihilator.

*Mads unsheathes his two swords*

Mads: Stand back, guys. I'm about to tear this thing apart!

*As Mads nears the machine, the wires holding it in place snap off, and it comes to life*

Mads: What the--!?

*The Annihilator extends its robotic arm and strikes Mads, sending him careening into the wall*

Mads: Uuaaaagh!

Rachel: Mads!

??: Hahaha, you fools. Did you really think we didn't know what you were up to?

*A man with wearing an eyepatch walks from the back of the hangar room and stands beside the Annihilator*

Mads: *panting* ...ILU...

ILU: Ah, well if isn't ILS and ILJ, the traitors...

Collin: Aaah!

ILU: Collin, I'm disappointed in you. Though I can't say I'm surprised. That is why I had another hunter keep tabs on you, just in case you'd pull a stunt like this.

Rachel: So were being following this whole time?

ILU: That's right. And now that you're here, you three'll make good guinea pigs to test the might of the Annihilator.

Mads: Hah, that thing doesn't scare me!

Rachel: Me neither!

Collin: Uhm....

*Collin runs to a corner and cowers in fear*

Mads: Collin...

ILU: Hahahaha! Well, you can't blame him for being afraid. The Annihilator is our most powerful creation yet! And once its fully completed, we will have Blue and the rest of his friends begging for mercy.

Mads: Not on my watch, buddy! That Annihilator is gonna be scrap metal once we're through with it.

ILU: That's a laugh. Even if it's still just a prototype, it is more than a match for you two. The Annihilator cannot be beat!

*Meanwhile, in the Adventurers' Guild...*

Tobi: *gasp*

Link: Tobi?

Zeldafan: What's the matter?

Tobi: Somebody...somewhere just said that it cannot be beat!

Link: And what's so bad about that?

Tobi: Only Zabuza Sword cannot be beat!!!

Zeldafan: *facepalm* Tobi, you idiot. That was just a stupid commericial...

*Tobi looks at his plastic Zabuza Sword toy and quickly hides it behind his back*

Tobi: *whistles*
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« Reply #41 on: 20 June, 2008, 07:15:05 pm »

*Back to Blue vs ILA. After taking a massive hit from ILA's hammer, Blue stands once again, ready to fight*

ILA: You're just full of surprises, kid.

Blue: You haven't seen anything yet.

ILA: Heh, same here. In fact, I think I'll show you a few tricks of my own.

Blue: Ah!

*Blue bounces back and braces for ILA's next attack*

ILA: I hope you're ready!

*ILA stomps his left foot, then his right, causing two walls of Earth to rise and form on each side of Blue*

Blue: What the--

ILA: Now you're mine!!

*ILA pushes his hands together, causing the walls to close in on Blue and crush him*

ILA: Hahaha! It's over! ....Huh?

*Blue defends by pushing the walls back with his hands*

Blue: Errrgh! N-not...yet!

ILA: Whoa. Not bad, kid. But I doubt you can hold it together for long.

Blue: (Damnit, he's right...I'm..I'm losing it. I..can't...)

*Blue gives in and the walls close in on him*

ILA: Ha! Done!

*ILA walks up the closed walls and inspects them*

ILA: Yup. Flat as a pancake. He never stood a chance.

Blue: Absolute!!

ILA: What!?

*A chilling mist surrounds the area, and in an instant, the walls are frozen solid and so is ILA's left arm*

ILA: Argh! Another spell! ...And it got my arm... Curse him!

*Blue punches through the frozen walls, causing them to shatter completely. He is freed from the attack, and is ready to fight once more*

ILA: Damn, how did you--

Blue: I'll say it a third time. I'm stronger than I look!!!

*Blue engulfs his fist in flames and delivers a heated punch to ILA's face*

ILA: Uuagh!

Blue: I'm not done with you yet!

*Blue grabs hold of ILA's shirt and pulls him forward into a fierce knee attack. He then follows up with a high kick to the chin that send him airborne*

ILA: Ggyaagh!!

Blue: Now to finish you off!

*Blue casts a final spell*

Blue: Explosion!!

*A ball of fire forms in Blue's hand. He then hurls it up at ILA*

ILA: W-what is that!?

*The fireball connect with ILA, resulting in a devastating explosion the fills the sky with an intense orange light*

ILA: Aaaaaaaaaaaarrggh!!!

*The effects of the explosion fade, and not a trace of ILA is anywhere to be seen. Having been completely disintegrated*

Blue: Heh, sorry. ....Kid.

*Blue stumbles back and falls to the ground from exhaustion*

Blue: *panting* That Explosion...used up the last..of my mana...hah...ha...hah..

*Laying on his back, Blue looks into the sky and sees two twinkles*

Blue: Unh?

*Upon further inspection, the two "twinkles" are Lilia and Jawo hurdling towards Earth, right where Blue is laying*

Blue: Aaah!!

*Blue quickly scrambles out of the way, avoiding Lilia and Jawo's impact. He walks over to check up on them*

Blue: Uhm...guys? Guys? Are you okay?

Lilia/Jawo: *swirly eyes* Uuuuugggh......

Blue: *rubs head* Guess not...

*Blue plays around with his magic while waiting for the two to regain consciousness. A while later, they come to*

Jawo: Ngh... *holds head*

Blue: Oh hey. Good to see you awake.

*Jawo springs to his feet and pulls out his sword*

Jawo: W-where is he!? Where did he go!?

Blue: Whoa! Calm down! It's already taken care of.

Jawo: Is that so? Dang.

Lilia: Did you really beat him, Blue? Oh, I knew you could do it!

Blue: Aw, he wasn't that tough. Once I got cookin' there was no way he could beat me.

Jawo: Whatever you say, Blue. So did he tell you the location to the headquarters or not?

Blue: Uhm...no. I kinda overdid it and...*gulp* burned him to ashes... eheheh...

Lilia/Jawo: *sweatdrop*

Blue: *hangs head* Sorry...

Jawo: *shrugs* Oh well. No use crying about it now.

Lilia: But what do we do?

Jawo: There's still the southern base we can go to.

Blue: You're right. But I think it'd be better if we waited for ILS and Rachel, to see if they discovered anything first.

Lilia: So where are we headed?

Blue: To the place where we all agreed to meet back up.

Jawo: Awedon City?

Blue: Bingo. Let's get going.

*With their mission turning up a failure, the group leaves the eastern base and sets out for Awedon City to await the return of ILS and Rachel*
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« Reply #42 on: 21 June, 2008, 04:59:20 pm »

*Back to Mads and Rachel as they face off against the prototype Annihilator. Meanwhile, Collin is shuddering in fear, too afraid to help fight*

Collin: G-g-g-guys! B-be careful!

Mads: Don't worry, Collin. I'll take this thing out in one shot!

*Mads runs up to the Annihilator and attempts to cut it, but instead, his sword bounces off without even making a scratch*

Mads: What!?

ILU: You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? The Annihilator is made of a near indestructible metal. You could never hope to damage it with your pathetic weapons.

Mads: Darn it...

ILU: Now, Annihilator! Destroy them!

*The Annihilator revs towards Mads and grabs hold of him with its robotic arm*

Mads: Ah!

ILU: *does cutthroat gesture* Kill him.

*The Annihilator then extends its arm at a great speed, fiercely crushing Mads against the wall*

Mads: Aaaagh!!

Collin: ILS sir! No!

Rachel: *gasp* Mads!

*The Annihilator, still carrying Mads, pulls its arm back, and slams him into the wall again. And it continues to do so again and again*

Mads: Ergh! *slam* Aagh! *slam* Uuwah!

Collin: Aaah, this is terrible! I knew coming here was a bad idea!

Rachel: (If I don't do something quick, he's done for) Mads, just hang on!

ILU: Hah! What do you think you can do? You don't even weild a weapon.

Rachel: Hagansho!!!

ILU: What...

*Rachel's fist is enveloped in a light blue energy. She attacks and punches right through the Annihilator's arm, stopping its assault on Mads and freeing him. Rachel then carries him to safety*

ILU: No! I-It can't be!

Rachel: Collin, take care of Mads, okay?

Collin: Alright.

Mads: N-no. Rach, you can't..take it alone. Let me fi--

*Mads clutches his shoulder*

Mads: Erragh!

Collin: *gasp* Look at all of that blood... Sir, you're badly hurt.

Mads: I don't care! I refuse to let you fight by yourself, Rach!

Rachel: Don't be stubborn. What could you possibly accomplish in your condition? Just stay with Collin and don't move.

*Rachel leaves to return to the battle*

Mads: Rach! Wait!

Collin: Just let her go, sir. She'll be just fine.

Mads: *sigh*

Rachel: Here I come!

ILU: Gah! Annihilator! Don't let her approach you! Stop her!

*The Annihilator unleashes its guns and fires a multitude of rounds at Rachel. But the Annihilator can't keep up with her speed and it misses every shot*

ILU: No!!

Rachel: Take this! Shin Joh-ranbu!!!

*Rachel envelopes both her fists with energy. She then lets loose a massive flurry of punches upon the Annihilator. Each blow leaving a tremendous dent in the body*

Rachel: And here's the finale! Haah!!

*Rachel throws a final devastating punch that sends the Annihilator shooting back into a wall, its various parts flying everywhere*

ILU: Annihilator! Get up! Get up and kill them!

*The Annihilator struggles to get up, but to no avail. It finally shut offs and falls to pieces*

ILU: No! This can't be happening!

Collin: Alright! She did it! Did you see that, sir? She beat the Annihilator!

Mads: Heh, way to go, Rach...

ILU: Damnit. So the prototype wasn't enough to defeat them. No matter. We'll just go back and build the real thing!

Rachel: You're not going anywhere.

ILU: Wha--

Rachel: This is the end of the road for you!

*Rachel walks towards ILU as he backs away*

ILU: No! S-stay back! Get away!

Rachel: Hagansho!!!

ILU: Nooooooo!!!

*Rachel delivers a powerful punch that cracks every bone in ILU's body. He is sent rolling along the ground and crashes into the broken Annihilator. He never gets up*

Rachel: That takes care of him.

Collin: Excellent work, Rachel! You were great!

Mads: Nice job, Rach.

Rachel: Mads, are you feeling any better?

Mads: Not...really...

Collin: I applied some first aid, but he's still heavily injured. It's gonna be a while before he's back to 100%.

Rachel: I see...

Collin: Well, the Annihilator's caput, and we got the info on the headquarters. Let's say we get out of here, huh?

Rachel: Yeah, but I wanna make one little stop first.

Collin: Huh?

Rachel: Let's go to the archive room!

Mads: Hey, Rach. Wait a second.

Rachel: What is it?

Mads: I thought...I thought you didn't like killing?

Rachel: I don't.

Mads: Well ILU looks pretty dead to me...

Rachel: Oh yeah. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about it at the time. All I thought about was you and Collin. I guess..I guess I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends. Even if it means taking the life of my opponent.

Mads: You've come a long way, Rach...

*The group leaves the underground hangar and heads for the archive room. Upon arriving, Rachel searches through the various files*

Rachel: Hmm...where is it...Ah ha! Found it!

Mads: What is it?

Rachel: It's the research data on the Annihilator.

*Rachel tears the files into tiny pieces*

Rachel: And now it's no more.

Collin: Ah, so that's why you wanted to come back here.

Rachel: That's right. Now there'll never be another Annihilator again.

Mads: Okay, Mission Complete! Now let's head to Awedon City and wait for Blue and the others.

Rachel: Right.

Mads: Well, see you later, Collin.

Rachel: Yeah. Be safe.

Collin: W-wait! You can't leave me all alone here! I wanna come with you!

Rachel: Are you sure? It's only gonna get more dangerous from here on out.

Collin: I know...but this is my big chance! If I don't face my fears, I'll never become a great hunter like my hero, ILS!

Mads: Okay then, Collin. Come with us. I'm sure Blue and the others won't mind having you.

Collin: Yes! Thank you, sir!
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« Reply #43 on: 21 June, 2008, 07:45:46 pm »

*Blue and the others reach Awedon City. They walk through the city looking for any traces of ILS and Rachel, but to no avail*

Blue: Do you guys see them?

Lilia: Hm...nope..

Jawo: Same.

Blue: I guess they're not here yet.

Lilia: What should we do?

Jawo: We wait for them, I suppose. Should we head to the inn, Blue?

Blue: That sounds like a good idea. Let's go.

*As the group makes their way to the inn, a voice calls out to them from the distance*

??: Blue!!! Hey!!!

Blue: Huh? Who said my name...?

*Before Blue can realize what's going on, Rachel comes up from behind and gives Blue a big hug*

Rachel: Blue! I'm so glad to see you!! <3

Blue: Ergh!! G-get off of me!

Lilia: Rachel! You're here! But..where's ILS?

ILS: Right behind you, Lilia!

Lilia: Oh!

*Lilia turns around and sees ILS and Collin standing behind her*

ILS: Hey there.

Collin: *nervously* Hello...

Jawo: Hm? What's the shrimp doing with you?

Collin: Aah! It's him!

*Collin hides behind ILS*

ILS: Collin, it's alright. I know he's a big brute, but he's really a nice guy. Relax.

Jawo: Hey, watch it...

Blue: It's good to see you guys again.

ILS: Same here, Blue. So how did everything go for you guys?

Blue: Uhm...

Lilia: Pretty bad.

Jawo: Yeah, Blue here fried the guy before we could squeeze any info out of him. So we have no choice but to rely on you guys.

ILS: Well worry not, because we got the goods!

Blue: Really!?

Rachel: Yup! Tell him, Collin.

Collin: Uhm, well, we found out that the southern base is really the headquarters. And that's it's located in the Yanju Wastelands.

Lilia: Yanju Wastelands?

Collin: The area on the southern edge of Baldovain. It's barren plain devoid of any plant or animal life.

Jawo: Seems like a good place to stick a headquarters. I doubt anyone would go snooping around there.

Blue: Good work, you guys. I trust you didn't have too much trouble digging up this info.

ILS: Yeah well, we only got attacked by a super powerful battle machine created to destroy you.

Blue: Excuse me?

Rachel: Wouldn't you know it? They actually developed a machine for the sole purpose of fighting against you and your magic, Blue.

Lilia: Wow, that sounds terrible.

Rachel: But we don't have to worry about that anymore. I took good care of it. And I even destroyed the plans for it so they can't make another one.

Blue: Well thanks a lot, Rachel. I owe you one.

Jawo: So Blue, what's next?

Blue: What else? We're going to the Yanju Wastelands to find the headquarters. Then we can settle this.

Jawo: Great. I've been dying to cut something with this blade of mine.

Lilia: Alright! Let's do it, Blue!

Collin: I'm ready!

Jawo: Wait a minute. You're not going, peewee. You'll just get in the way.

Collin: Ah! But..but..!

Blue: Jawo's right. I'm sorry, Collin. But you'll only be a liability to us when things get rough. It's better if you stay behind.

Collin: But...I...I just..

ILS: No way!!

Lilia: ILS..?

ILS: If Collin has to stay behind, then so am I!

Blue: ILS, don't be silly.

Rachel: Yeah, same here! If he's not going, then I'm not going.

Blue: Aw, come on guys, we don't have time for this...

Lilia: Come on, Blue. Just let him come along.

Blue: But Lilia...it's too dangerous...

ILS: Don't worry, Blue! We'll look after him! Isn't that right, Rach?

Rachel: That's right. He'll be safe under our care.

Blue: Hmm...okay. But only if you're going to watch over him. I don't want to see him get hurt because he was caught up in our struggle.

ILS: You can count on us, Blue!

Collin: Gee, Blue. I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble...

Blue: It's okay, Collin. I think it's great that you want to help out. But just promise me that you'll be careful.

Collin: You have my word, Blue!

Blue: Good. Now that that's settled, let's get out of here. We're going southward!

*The group comes together once again and leaves Awedon City behind. With the information that they've gathered, they depart with a new destination in mind, the Yanju Wastelands*
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« Reply #44 on: 22 June, 2008, 12:30:56 pm »

*Meanwhile, in the IL Guild Headquarters, a messenger hunter enters the Official's quarters to inform him of events thus far*

Hunter: Official sir, I have something to report.

Official: Yes, what is it?

Hunter: Uhm well...you see..

Official: Spit it out!

Hunter: Aah!! B-Blue and his friends managed to overcome both the eastern and western bases!

Official: What!? Are you certain!

Hunter: I'm afraid so. They even laid waste to the Annihilator and destroyed all the research data on it. The project has been deemed a failure.

Official: Where are they now!?

Hunter: They've discovered the location of the headquarters and are on their way here as we speak.

Official: Rrraaaggh!!!

*In his anger, the Official resumes his true form of Mephiles*

Hunter: A-aaah! W-what is the meaning of this!?

Mephiles: Begone!

*In a fit of rage, Mephiles fires a purple bolt at the hunter, destroying him*

Hunter: Aaaaaagggh!!

Mephiles: Curse you, Blue! Curse your eyes! Why can't they defeat you!?!?

??: Hahahahahaha...

Mephiles: What are you laughing at, you pest? I am not in the mood.

*Agaranok emerges from the shadows*

Agaranok: Blue and his friends simply are amazing, are they not? There is only 6 of them, yet they continue to effortlessly bring an entire organization of skilled fighters to submission. Don't you see? Don't you see how sublime it is!?

Mephiles: I think you are enjoying this spectacle a little too much, Agaranok.

Agaranok: What do you mean? My most worthy adversary trudges ever closer to his destined battle with me. How could I not revel in excitement?

Mephiles: What did I tell you about that...

Agaranok: Worry not. For when the time comes, I shall not pull my punches against Blue. Me and him will fight at our very best, as true warriors should!

Mephiles: Hmph, so you say.

Agaranok: Do you not trust my word?

Mephiles: Not that. It's just..I'm beginning to wonder if even you have what it takes to defeat Blue now.

Agaranok: Hmm, I wonder myself.

Mephiles: What...

Agaranok: Perhaps Blue has become stronger than I. Perhaps he hasn't. The only sure way to find out is for us to cross blades.

Mephiles: Agaranok...

Agaranok: Then we will see. If it so happens that I have met my match, and I meet my end on the battlefield, then so be it. At least I will die an honorable death by the hands of a superior opponent. That, is the way of a warrior.

Mephiles: Silence your foolish tongue, Agaranok. There is no honor in being defeated. Only shame and ridicule. To even suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

Agaranok: Hahaha. Ah, Mephiles. You've much yet to learn.

Mephiles: Enough of your babbling. Away with you.

Agaranok: As you wish. I shall return once Blue comes knocking.

*Agaranok disappears*

Mephiles: Agaranok, you whelp. Blue will meet his end. I will have my revenge. Even if I have to bring him to his knees myself!!! *clenches fist*

*Back to Blue and his friends as they head towards the Yanju Wastelands. On their way, they come across the small village of Weyseid, and decide to pass through*

Rachel: Uhm, w-wait a minute, guys...

Blue: What's the matter, Rachel?

Rachel: Would it be okay if we..uhm..skipped pass this town?

Lilia: But why?

Rachel: I...just don't like it here...

Blue: Well gee, Rachel. I'd like to, but it's starting to get late, and we don't know how far off the next town is.

Rachel: *sigh* I understand...

Lilia: Sorry, Rachel...

Rachel: Don't worry about it.

ILS: You know, you can't dodge it forever, Rach.

Jawo: What are you going on about?

ILS: This is where Rachel's boyfriend lives.

Jawo: What!?

Rachel: Mads!!!

ILS: I'm not going to let you hide it anymore, Rach.

Collin: I don't understand. If it's her boyfriend, why is she so afraid to see him?

ILS: It's because--

Rachel: No, Mads. I'll tell them.

ILS: Alright.

Rachel: You see, me and my boyfriend, Mike. We've been together for a long time. So long in fact, that we've decided to get our own place and move in together.

Blue: So then what?

Rachel: Well, we didn't have the money to do that and we weren't getting enough from our current jobs.

ILS: And that's when I offered her the opportunity to become a bounty hunter, since they make a lot of quick cash. She had the fighting ability, so I thought it'd be easy for her.

Rachel: Mike didn't want me to go, but since we were desperate for money, I went ahead anyway.

Lilia: What happened next?

Rachel: I joined the bounty hunters easily enough, but I soon found out that I was never able to acquire any bounties due to my fear of taking lives. I became so distraught by my constant failures that I spent all my focus on becoming better, and after a while, I completely forgot why I was even there in the first place.

Jawo: How long has it been since you've last seen him?

Rachel: Over 3 years...

Lilia: Ah! Oh no!

Rachel: Now do you see? I just can't bare to face him after abandoning him for so long!

ILS: But Rach, if you don't, it's just going to continue eating at you on the inside.

Rachel: I know, but..

Blue: ILS is right, Rachel. For better or worse, you have to go see him and let him know what happened. If his feelings for you are strong, it shouldn't be hard at all for him to forgive you.

Rachel: Okay...I'll do it...

Jawo: Alright. And I'll come with you! Just to make sure everything's okay.

Lilia: Yeah, me too!

Rachel: Heheh, thanks for your support, guys.

Jawo: No problem. That's what friends are for.

Lilia: We'll always be there to lend a hand!

Blue: Good luck, you guys. The rest of us will be at the inn.

Rachel: Okay. See you later.
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