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AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)  (Read 1696 times)
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« Reply #45 on: 22 June, 2008, 02:48:40 pm »

*Rachel, accompanied by Jawo and Lilia walk over to Mike's house. They arrive, and the three walk up to his front door*

Rachel: *sigh* Here we are.

Jawo: Okay. Go on.

Lilia: Don't be afraid. Remember, we're here with you.

Rachel: ...

*Rachel takes a deep breath and proceeds to knock on the door. After a moment, Mike answers the door*

Mike: Who's there?

Rachel: Mike...

Mike: Rachel?

Rachel: Yes, it's me. I'm back.

Mike: Hmph. Why did you even bother?

Rachel: Huh?

Mike: You leave me alone for 3 years without a word, and then you have the nerve to show up at my doorstep and act as if nothing's wrong?

Rachel: I'm sorry...

Mike: Do you even know how worried I was? Off throwing yourself into danger everyday just for money. I had thought you were dead!!

Rachel: But I was doing it for us! Can't you see that!?

Mike: I don't care! There are other ways to get money! You didn't have to risk your life like that! What if you had gotten hurt? Did you even think about that?

Rachel: N-no. ...I didn't...

Mike: I know you didn't. And where's this money you've supposedly earned up? I don't see it anywhere.

Rachel: I don't have it. I...never earned any...

Mike: What!? You mean to tell me that you've been gone for 3 long years, putting your life on the line, and you haven't even made a single penny!?

Rachel: ..What have I done...

Mike: You tell me, Rachel.

Rachel: Can you ever forgive me?

Mike: It's too late for forgiveness, Rachel. Much too late. I've already moved on.

Rachel: *shocked* No...

Mike: It's true. I couldn't let myself be worried over you any longer. After the first year, I stopped my sulking and went on with my life. And I suggest you do the same.

Rachel: But Mike! I...I can't--

Mike: You have no choice.

*Mike reaches into his pocket and takes out a ring*

Mike: This...this has no meaning anymore.

*Mike takes the ring and tosses it at Rachel's face. It hits her cheek with a slight thud and falls to the ground by her feet. She then picks it up and glances at it*

Rachel: This..this is..!

Mike: It's nothing. It's garbage. Throw it away.

*Rachel tightly clenches her fist and grits her teeth in anger. She then closes her eyes and walks away*

Lilia: Ah! Rachel wait!

*Jawo turns to Mike and glares at him*

Jawo: You... She didn't deserve that...

Mike: Well I didn't deserve what she did to me.

Jawo: It's true, you didn't deserve it. But even still, she cared enough to come back here and try to apologize. And what do you do? You practically spit in her face! You're even worse than scum...

Mike: Hey, mind your own business, pal!

Jawo: She is our business!!

Lilia: Rachel's our friend! We'll always stick up for her no matter what!

Jawo: Yeah, unlike you. You're the person she cared the most for, yet you wouldn't even address her like a human being. You disgust me!

Mike: Yeah yeah. If you're done, can you kindly get off of my property?

Jawo: Oh oh, just one more thing... *crack knuckles*

Mike: Huh?

*Jawo pulls his fist back and throws a heavy left hook to Mike's jaw. The force of the punch sends him flying back through the doorway and crashing through everything indoors*


Jawo: Heh. There's something you deserved. I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did.

Lilia: Way to go, Jawo! You showed him who's boss!

Jawo: You don't think I overdid it, do you?

Lilia: Nah! If you didn't do it, I would've knocked his lights out myself!

Jawo: Well, I think we're just about done here. Let's go, shall we?

Lilia: I hope Rachel's okay...

Jawo: I do too, Lilia.

*Jawo and Lilia leave Mike's house and heads back to the inn to meet up with the others*

(Author's Note: By the by, this isn't what I really think of Rachel's boyfriend. This was just for the sake of the story. I'm pretty sure Mike's a great guy. >_>)

*Later that night, the group is up in their room, getting ready to go to bed. All except Rachel, who is nowhere to be found*

Jawo: Hey, have any of you guys seen Rachel around?

Blue: Hmm, the last time I saw her, she was standing out on the terrace.

ILS: She looked pretty sad too. Just what happened over at Mike's anyway?

Lilia: It was awful. He wouldn't even listen to her. He just chewed her out piece by piece.

Jawo: Yeah, I could hardly stand to watch it. But I made sure to leave him with something he'll not soon forget.

Blue: Heh, good old Jawo.

Collin: Gee, if that's what really happened, she can't be feeling too good right now. I think somebody should go comfort her...

Jawo: I'll go.

Blue: Good luck, Jawo.

Jawo: Yeah...

*Jawo leaves the room and walks out to the terrace. There he finds Rachel standing alone, pondering the midnight sky*

Jawo: Hey.

Rachel: Hn? Oh..it's you, Jawo.

Jawo: Mind if I join you?

Rachel: No, not at all. Come on over.

*Jawo walks up to Rachel and stands beside her*

Jawo: Hey uhm...are you feeling alright?

Rachel: *sigh* No. Not really...

Jawo: Well cheer up! You don't need that guy!

Rachel: *sweatdrop* Wow, Jawo. You sure have a way with words.

Jawo: *rubs head* Sorry. What I mean to say is, you deserve much better than him. Nobody should ever treat their loved ones that way.

Rachel: But...he had a right to feel the way he did. I mean, I left him for 3 years and didn't bother to let him know I was even still alive. He's right for hating me...

Jawo: No! That's not true!

Rachel: What..?

Jawo: Yeah, you probably should have been more considerate, but still, at least you came back and tried to make amends. It's his fault for being so stubborn and thinking that his feelings are all that matters.

Rachel: Hmm, yeah. I guess you're right...

*Rachel takes the ring out and glances at it*

Jawo: Oh, I've been meaning to ask you, just what is that ring?

Rachel: It's an engagement ring...

Jawo: What..you mean...

Rachel: That's right. Before I left those 3 years ago, I asked Mike to marry me, and he gladly accepted. It was the happiest day of my life.

Jawo: No way...

Rachel: We agreed to have our ceremony the day I came back with the money. We were going to have a huge wedding with all the fixings, but...I guess that's never going to happen now.

Jawo: Hey, don't think like that. Sure, it may not be to Mike, but you can still have a huge wedding! There's plenty of other guys out there, you know.

Rachel: You know what? You're right, Jawo! You sure know how to cheer a girl up when she's down.

Jawo: Heh, I'm glad to hear it. ...You know, if I was your boyfriend, I'd always treat you right.

Rachel: I bet you'd make a great boyfriend to some lucky girl out there.

Jawo: Yeah, one can hope, can't they?

Rachel: They sure can.

*Jawo places his hand on Rachel's*

Rachel: Uh..?

*They both stare at eachother with a blank expression on their face*

Jawo: Uhm...

Rachel: Er...*gulps*

*The tension breaks when they both move in and have a long, passionate kiss. All the while, Blue, Lilia and ILS are watching the spectacle from afar*

Lilia: Aww! How cute!

Blue: Heh, it is kinda cute, isn't it?

ILS: Hmph, that should be me getting that big sloppy kiss.

Lilia: Hmm, say Blue...

Blue: What's up?

Lilia: Do you think we can kiss?

Blue: What!?

Lilia: I mean, just to see what it's like!

Blue: But Lilia...

Lilia: Oh just come here!!

*Lilia pulls Blue towards her and kiss him on the lips. Shortly after, they remove their faces from eachother*

Lilia: Whoa, that was cool! Now I see why people do it!

Blue: Lilia...*blushes*

ILS: Damnit! How come everybody has someone to kiss but me!?

*Collin runs in*

Collin: I'll kiss you, ILS sir! It'd be my pleasure! Mmmm...*pucker lips*

ILS: Uhm, thanks, but no thanks.

Collin: Aww...

*ILS takes out a **** mag and walks away*

Blue: Where are you going, ILS?

ILS: Eh, just to handle some business. Don't wait up.

Lilia: Weird...

*Meanwhile, Rachel and Jawo finally finish their kiss. They both blush and quickly turn away from eachother*

Jawo: That was...nice...

Rachel: Yeah..it was...

Jawo: ...So uhm...

Rachel: ...This never happened.

Jawo: Noted.

Rachel: It's pretty cold out here. Wanna go back inside?

Jawo: Sure. Uhm...mind if I hold your hand?

Rachel: *giggles* I'd be happy if you did.

Jawo: Alrighty!

*Jawo and Rachel hold hands as they walk back inside the inn. Upon arriving, they notice that Blue and the others were watching them the whole time*

Jawo: Huh!? Blue! Lilia! Collin!? What are you doing!?

*The three stumble about and fall over*

Blue: U-u-uhm!! N-nothing!

Collin: Y-yeah! That's right!

Lilia: We totally weren't spying on you or anything!

Blue/Collin: Lilia!!

Rachel: Hah, you guys...

Jawo: Hey wait, where's ILS? Out of everyone where, I'd expect him to be the most attentive.

Blue: *shrugs* Beats me. He said he needed to take care of some business*


Lilia: What was that?

*ILS' voice can be heard from the distance*

ILS: *dreamily* Aaaaaaaaaah.....

Everyone: o_O
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« Reply #46 on: 22 June, 2008, 04:41:37 pm »

*The next morning, the group packs up and leaves Weyseid Village. Later in the day, they cross over into the desolate fields of the Yanju Wastelands*

Blue: *sweating* Is it me, or did it just get hotter all of a sudden?

Collin: Well that's to be expected, Blue. As we did just reach the Yanju Wastelands. The temperature often reaches as high as 120 degrees.

Lilia: 120 degrees!? That kind of heat is bad for my complexion!

Jawo: *sips a can of icy cold Sprite* Hah, you girls and your beauty fits.

*The group stops and stares at Jawo's Sprite, licking their lips with dry tongues*

Jawo: Huh? What are yo--Oh, I see! You want my Sprite, huh!? We'll you're not getting it!

*Jawo chugs the rest of the Sprite and crumples the can*

Jawo: Ha HA!

Everyone: Aww....

*The group continues through the scorching wastelands, slogging about at a sluggish pace*

ILS: Ooh...it's sooooo hooooo--..huh? Hey..Collin..

Collin: Yes, sir?

ILS: When did you get a font color?

Collin: Oh that? Yeah, it came to me just last night. I didn't know what it was at first until this weird guy came and explained it to me. I forget his name. Uhm...Billy...Joe...George...

ILS: Bob.

Collin: Yeah, that's it!

ILS: Well congratulations! Welcome to the world of fictional importance!

Jawo: Hmm, I wonder... Hey Blue.

Blue: What?

Jawo: Come over here for a sec.

Blue: Okay...

*Blue walks over to Jawo and he proceeds to whisper something in his ear*

Blue: You want me to what!?

Jawo: Oh come on! Just try it! Please?

Blue: But why me?

Jawo: Because you're the leader!

Blue: Alright, fine. *clears throat* Collin...

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: You're out of the group.

*Collin's font color returns to black*

Collin: OH NO!!!

Jawo: Wow, it actually worked. Now turn it back on.

Blue: Okay, now you're back in.

*Collin's font color goes back to purple*

Collin: Phew. You had me going for a second there...

Blue: Now you're back out. Just for old times sake.

*Collin's font color turns to black*

Collin: Nooo! Oh, why must you torment me!? *sobs*

Blue: Hey, this is pretty cool... *rubs chin*

ILS: Blue! Stop picking on Collin!

Blue: Oh yeah!? Well I say you're out of the group, ILS!

*ILS' font color turns to black*

ILS: Hey! What did I do!?

Rachel: Wow, Blue. You're real mature.

Blue: Bye Rachel.

*Rachel's font color turns to black*

Rachel: Grow up!

Lilia: Blue, stop it! You're being rude!

Blue: You're gone!

*Lilia's font color turns to black*

Lilia: *gasp* Oh Blue! How could you!? *sobs*

Jawo: Alright Blue, enough's enough.

Blue: And last but not least...

*Jawo's font color turns to black*

Jawo: Hey!!

Blue: Hahahahaha! Your fate is in my hands! I've never felt so powerful!

ILS: Blue's abusing his main character status! We have to stop him!

Lilia: But how!?

Jawo: Like this!

*Jawo socks Blue in the jaw and knocks him to the ground*

Blue: Uuurggh....everyone's back in...

*The group's font color goes back to normal*

Everyone: Hooray!!!
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« Reply #47 on: 23 June, 2008, 06:03:33 pm »

*The day continues on as the group marches on through the heat*

Blue: Hey, Collin.

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: Just how far are we from the headquarters?

Jawo: Yeah, we've been traveling all day and there's still no sign of it. What's the deal?

Collin: Well...the files stated that it's located in the center region. So we shouldn't be too far off.

Blue: Hmm, if you say so. While we're on the subject, why don't you tell us a little about it.

Collin: Okay! Uhm...to begin with, the headquarters is composed of two buildings.

Lilia: Two buildings?

Collin: Yeah, the left tower and the right tower, as they call it. The two towers are both connected by a bridge at the top, acting as a way of transport between the two.

Blue: I see... So where would we find the Official?

Collin: According to the files, the Official's quarters lies at the top of the right tower. But the only way to reach it, is to cross the bridge from the left tower and go from there.

ILS: Wait a minute. Why can't we go there directly from the right tower?

Collin: Because, other than the bridgeway, there is no other entrance into the right tower.

Rachel: So the only way to get into the right tower, is to enter from the left tower? Pretty awkward system they have going there.

Collin: It's a defense mechanism meant to confuse intruders. The target of an infiltration is almost always the right tower, so that makes easier for them to be trapped and picked off.

Jawo: That's pretty elaborate of them, don't you think? Why would they even need something like that?

ILS: Eh, you never know when rival hunters may try to invade and take out the competition. We've had to deal with stuff like that before.

Collin: But we don't have to worry! Thanks to the files in the archive room, I know the place inside out.

Blue: In that case, we'll be counting on you to give us a leg up, Collin.

Collin: You got it, Blue! I won't let you down!

*The group continues traveling through the wastelands. Later on, the two towers of the headquarters come into view*

ILS: Hey, is that what I think it is?

Lilia: It is! It's the headquarters! We found it!

Blue: Great. Let's go!

*The group picks up their pace and trudges toward the headquarters. But they are halted when the ground beneath them begins to crack and crumble*

Blue: W-what the--

Jawo: What's going on!?

Collin: It..it must be-- Guys! Get out of the way! Hurry!

Blue: Okay!

*The group follows Collin's advice and leaps to safer ground. Just then, a giant green serpent emerges from the earth and faces them*

Serpant: Sssssssssssss!

Jawo: What the hell is that!?

Collin: *shivering* I-I-It's the Y-Yanju Snake!!!

Lilia: It's enormous!

Blue: I think it'd be safe to assume that this isn't a defense mechanism.

Collin: You're right, Blue. It's a wild beast native to these lands. And it'll attack anyone who trespasses!!!

*The serpent lunges at the group, but they manage bounce back and avoid the attack*

Blue: Whoa! I'll just have to show it who's boss. Fireball!!

Collin: No, Blue! Don't!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. He launches three fireballs at the Serpent, but it opens its mouth and injests the fireballs, completely unphazed by the attack*

Blue: What!?

Collin: I meant to tell you! The Yanju Snake is impervious to fire attacks!

*The serpent opens its mouth and takes a deep breath. It then spews a violent stream of fire at Blue*

Blue: Aah!

Jawo: Blue, watch out!!

*Blue springs back and manages to avoid being hit by the full attack. Though his leg is struck by the fire and is severly burned*

Blue: *clutches wound* Errgh...

Lilia: Are you okay...?

Blue: No. It...it got my leg....Aaagh...

Jawo: Blue's hurt. Collin, take care of him.

Collin: Got it.

*Collin helps Blue up and helps him to safety*

Collin: Easy, Blue. Easy. That wound is terrible. Let me apply some first aid.

ILS: We'll take it from here, Blue. You just rest and leave everything to us.

Blue: Alright, but be careful. That's no normal flame it's shooting from its mouth. The heat is almost twice as intense.

Jawo: Don't worry, I've got it all under control.

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo: Let's see how he likes a taste of my Crystal Sword.
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« Reply #48 on: 24 June, 2008, 12:22:25 pm »

*Jawo takes out his sword and holds it in front of him*

Jawo: I'll finish it with this!

*Jawo plunges his sword deep into the ground*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Graveyard!!!

*Just then, a multitude of towering crystal pillars emerge from the ground. The attack continues until the serpent is completely enveloped by the crystals and the entire area is left filled with crystal formations*

Jawo: Hah, that wasn't too bad.

Lilia: Jawo, you did it!

ILS: Don't you think you went a little overboard?

Jawo: Nah, I wanted him to feel the pain.

Blue: Good work, Jawo. But next time....watch where you're aiming that thing...

Jawo: Huh?

*Jawo looks over to see that a pillar came within inches of impaling Blue's body*

Jawo: Oh. Eheheh, sorry. I'll admit, that move still needs a little work.

Rachel: Well I guess that's over and done with. Let's say we get out of here, eh?

Blue: Yeah, let's g--

*Just then, the serpent bursts from the field of crystal alive and well, with shards of crystal still stuck in its skin*

Serpent: Ssssssssss!!!

Jawo: B-but how!? He should be dead!!

Collin: W-well apparently it's tougher than it looks!!

Lilia: What do we do now!?

Collin: We p-p-panic!!!

*Collin attempts to run away, but ILS grabs him by the shirt and pulls him back*

ILS: Oh no you don't! You're facing it with the rest of us!

Collin: Nooooo!!

Jawo: He may've survived this one, but he won't survive another!

*As Jawo prepares another technique, the serpent whips its tail, crushing the surrounding crystal pillars and sending the pieces scattering everywhere. The group manages to dodge it, except for Jawo, who's still preparing to attack*

Blue: Jawo, get out of the way!

Jawo: Wha--!!

*Before Jawo can pull off his attack, a large chunk of crystal strikes him and he's sent rolling along the ground*

Jawo: Uwaaah!! T-taken out...by my own attack. Damnit...ugh..

*Jawo passes out*

Lilia: *gasp* No! Jawo!

Collin: This doesn't look good. Its already gotten Blue and Jawo!

Rachel: Well it won't get anymore! I'm going in!

*Rachel advances on the serpent alone. It retaliates by shooting fire at her, but she swiftly evades every shot. Once in range, Rachel leaps high into the air, above the serpent's head*

Rachel: Taigen Impact!!!

*Rachel descends from the sky at a high speed, feet first. She plows into the serpents head and drives it into the ground with a massive blow. The serpent struggles to get up, but soon stops moving*

Rachel: *dusts off hands* Hah, that'll take care of it.

Lilia: Nice going, Rachel! You did it!

*Just then, the serpent quickly opens its eyes*

Rachel: What!?

ILS: No! Not again!! Rach, get out of there!

*Before she can react, the serpents eyes flash, and Rachel is left completely paralyzed*

Blue: Rachel, what's the matter!?

Rachel: I c-can't...m-move...

*The serpent thens takes the opportunity and swipes Rachel with its tail, sending her flying backwards through the air. She hits the ground with a thud and doesn't get up*

Collin: Rachel! Not you too...

ILS: Looks like it's just me and you, Lilia.

Lilia: ILS, I have an idea.

ILS: You do?

Lilia: Yeah, but I need to get within range of the snake's mouth. Can you get me there?

ILS: You can count on me! Let's do it!

*Both ILS and Lilia advance on the serpent together*

Lilia: Okay, this is far enough. ILS, can you give me a boost?

ILS: Sure, hop on!

*ILS kneels over and cups his hands at the ground. Lilia then gets in front of him and places her heel in his hands*

ILS: Are you ready?

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: Then here you go!! Huaah!!

*ILS uses all his strength and throws his hands up, launching Lilia high into the air*

Lilia: Almost there...

*Lilia comes face to face with serpent and pulls an object out of her satchel*

Lilia: Open wide! Ha!

*Before gravity takes over, Lilia chucks the object into the serpents mouth and proceeds to plummet back to Earth*

ILS: Hang on! I gotcha!

*ILS catches Lilia*

Lilia: Thanks a lot, ILS.

ILS: No problem. Just what did you do anyway?

Lilia: Hah, just watch!

*Seconds later, the bomb inside of the serpent detonates, destroying its internal organs. The serpent, no longer able to sustain its life, crashes to the ground*

ILS: Oh...

Lilia: Yeah! I knew that Nova Bomb would do the trick!

Collin: The Snake...i-it's dead?

Lilia: Yup!

Collin: Whoo! You did it! You did it! You were amazing!

Blue: Nice going, Lilia. I don't know where we'd be without you.

*Jawo walks up to Lilia and places his hand on her shoulder*

Jawo: Great job, Lilia!

Lilia: Uh, Jawo? You're okay!?

Jawo: You know me, I don't stay down for long. I came to just in time to see the fireworks.

Rachel: Yeah. Those bombs of yours really are something.

Lilia: Rachel, you too?

Rachel: Oh come on. That tail attack was nothing!

Lilia: I'm glad you're both okay...

*Blue stands on his feet*

Blue: Well, if we're done here, we should be getting on the headquarters.

Lilia: Blue, your leg. Is it feeling alright?

Blue: Yup. Collin's first aid worked pretty well. I'm feeling as good as new.

Lilia: That's good to hear!

Blue: Alright, let's go! The worst lies yet ahead.
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« Reply #49 on: 25 June, 2008, 01:19:39 am »

*The group continues onward and soon arrives at the entrance to the left tower. Guarding it are two simple hunters. Not wasting any time, Jawo cuts through them without a second thought*

Jawo: Out of the way!

Rachel: Must you always be so quick to kill someone, Jawo?

Jawo: *shrugs* Meh. It's fun.

Rachel: *sigh*

Blue: Well, he's got the right idea anyway. Let's move in.

*The group enters the left tower. Upon entering, they come across an office desk with a lone male receptionist sitting behind it. The group moves past him without taking notice, but they are stopped when he calls out to them*

Receptionist: Uh, excuse me! Hello!

Blue: Erm...hi?

Receptionist: Welcome to IL Guild Headquarters. Might I ask why you've visited us today?

Jawo: We've come to put the smackdown on the Official!

Blue: Jawo!

Receptionist: I'm sorry, but the Official has requested that he not be disturbed. Please come back another day.

Jawo: Listen pal, we're going up there whether he wants us to or not. And you're not going to stand in our way. Got it!?

Receptionist: Sir, I'll have to ask you to lower your voice.

Jawo: Make me!

Blue: Jawo, we don't need this kind of trouble right now!

Lilia: Yeah, what's wrong with you!?

Jawo: Hmph, fine. I'm....sorry.

Receptionist: Oh! Sir.

Jawo: Who?

Receptionist: The young man in the blue vest.

Blue: Me?

Receptionist: Yes. You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Blue, would you?

Blue: Yeah, I am. What of it?

Receptionist: Splendid.

*The receptionist reaches under her desk and presses a button*

Receptionist: The staff has just been alerted of your presence.

Blue: What!?

Collin: Ah! Oh no!!

Jawo: Why you...

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword and advances on the receptionist, but ILS grabs him and holds him back*

Jawo: Let me at him! I'll shove this sword down his throat!

ILS: Stop! Nixing him won't do anything! We need to focus on getting through this place before we're up to our necks in guards!

Blue: ILS is right. We need to move! Everyone, to the elevator, hurry!

Jawo: *grumble* You got lucky.

Receptionist: Enjoy your stay. *smile*

*The group hurries and boards the elevator lift*

Blue: Hmm, let's see. There's 20 floors, so I'll set it to 20. We'll head straight to the top.

*Blue operates the lift and sets it to go to the 20th floor*

Jawo: Mmph! This place just gets dumber and dumber. I mean, why do they even need a receptionist? It's a bounty hunter hideout in the middle of a desert!

Blue: Just calm down, would you? Save your energy for when you'll really need it.

Lilia: Blue's right. If you get all tuckered out now, you won't be much help when the fighting starts.

Jawo: Yeah yeah...

*The elevator continues until it reaches the 5th floor and comes to an abrupt stop*


ILS: Whoa! What happened just now?

Rachel: The elevator stopped moving...

*Blue presses every button, but isn't getting a response*

Blue: Argh! Piece of junk!

Lilia: What do we do now, Blue?

Collin: This can't be the only elevator in the tower. I say we should disembark and try to find a working one.

Blue: Good idea, Collin. Let's get looking.

*The group disembarks at the 5th floor. They continue onward until reaching yet another elevator*

Blue: Okay, we've found one. Let's keep going up.

Jawo: Hold on a minute, Blue.

Blue: What's wrong?

ILS: This elevator...is already in use...

Lilia: But by who?

Rachel: We'll find out soon enough.

*The elevator stops at the 5th floor. The door opens, and from it emerges an elderly, yet well-built man wielding a large bo staff*

Elderly Man: I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to proceed.

Blue: Who are you?

ILS: Ah! No way!

Jawo: Huh? What gives, ILS? You know this guy?

ILS: Yeah, he's ILX, a S rank hunter.

Rachel: He's like a legend among us bounty hunters...

ILS: That, and he's our former mentor.

ILX: Ah, ILS and ILJ. It is good to see you two again. But unfortunately it had to be like this.

Jawo: Just let us by, old man. We don't wanna have to hurt you.

ILX: You, hurt me? I must say, that is amusing.

Jawo: Scratch that, you're getting hurt!

ILS: Jawo, no!!

*Jawo reaches his hand up to grab the hilt of his sword, but in an instant, ILX approaches and delivers a quick jab with his staff*

Jawo: Uuaggh!

*ILX then strikes from the side and knocks Jawo to the ground*

Blue: Hey! Back off him!!

*Blue prepares to cast a spell, but ILX appears in front of him and thrusts his staff upwards, knocking Blue up off his feet*

Blue: Aaagh!

Jawo: Ergh..h-how did he do that!?

ILS: I tried to tell you! Trying to attack him head on is useless!

Blue: But...why...?

ILX: Because, I have to ability to read your movements.

Jawo: What!?

ILX: Every move you make, right down to the tenses in your muscles, I can see it all. Allowing me to both percieve and counter your attack, before you even make it.

Lilia: I-if that's true, then how can we fight against something like that!?

ILX: You can't, my dear. This battle shall be won in my favor.

Collin: Oh man...why do these things always happen to us!?

ILX: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking Blue now.

ILS: Can't let you do that, Sta--*shakes head* Egh, I mean, ILX!

ILX: ILS, you would stand against me, despite knowing that you have no chance?

ILS: I know...but I'll do it anyway! Because...Blue's my friend.

ILX: You fool. Very well then! I will just have to take you down first!

*ILS unsheathes his swords and prepares himself*

Collin: Oh gee...Oh gee...Oh gee..!!!

ILX: Here I come!! Hyah!!

Collin: *gasp* No! (Plasma!)

ILS: Huh?

*A spark of plasma thunders down over ILX, but he hops back, barely avoiding the attack*

ILX: Where did that attack come from? ...You, the boy! But how come I could not read his movement?

Rachel: Collin...you did that? But...

*Collin expression changes from that of fear, to that of iron-willed determination. He gets into a battle stance and prepares to face ILX*

Collin: Guys...leave him to me!
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« Reply #50 on: 25 June, 2008, 10:37:03 am »

Blue: W-was that....Psynergy!?

Lilia: Psynergy? What's Psynergy?

Blue: Psychic Energy, or Psynergy for short, is the ability to conjure sorcerous effects based on the elements and fueled by the spiritual power of the person's mind.

Lilia: A person's...mind?

Blue: Yeah, unlike me, who uses the energy of the body to cast magic instead.

Lilia: That sounds pretty cool!

Blue: It is. But only a particular people can make use of Psynergy. They're known as Adepts.

Lilia: So I guess Collin must be one of these Adepts, huh?

Blue: Yeah. And since he used a Plasma spell, he must belong to the Jupiter Alignment. Their psynergy is based on the powers of wind and lightning.

ILS: Collin! Is...is this all true?

Collin: Yes..it is...

Rachel: But then...how come you didn't tell us there you were a Jupiter Adept? Why did you keep it from us?

Collin: Because I...I was afraid of fighting. I'm not as strong and courageous as the rest of you. I was just a weakling...

ILS: Collin...

Collin: But now...now it's my turn to fight! Now's my chance to contribute to our cause! You guys go on ahead. I'll take care of things here.

Jawo: Come on, Collin. You can't really mean to take him on by yourself. That's just crazy!

Collin: We don't have a choice! I'm the only one among us who can fight ILX without having my attacks read and countered. Only I can do this!

Jawo: But...

Blue: You heard him. We need to move on.

Lilia: But Blue, what if something happens to him!?

Blue: I know...he's inexperienced. But like he said, he's the only one who can fight ILX on fair ground. If we try to help, we'll only get in the way.

ILS: Mmn, I know what you mean, but...I still don't like this.

Blue: I don't either, but this is for the best. Collin, we'll leave it to you.

Collin: Thanks, Blue. And don't worry, I'll be sure to catch up later.

Blue: Heh, you better. Now let's go. We still have a date with the Official.

*The group heads to the elevator lift, but ILX steps in front of them to stop their advance*

Blue: Ergh...

ILX: You're not going anywhere, I'm afraid...

Collin: Not if I have anything to say about it! (Blunt!!)

*Collin casts a blunt spell. A sword of magic appears in front of ILX and shatters, signifying a decrease in strength*

ILX: Oofgh! W-what is the meaning of this? Why do I feel so...weak...?

Collin: Hurry, guys! Get out of here while you can!

Blue: Okay, thanks!

*The group boards the elevator and Blue sets it to go up to the 20th floor*

Jawo: Don't you die on us, Collin! You hear!?

*Collin smiles and waves as the elevator door closes shut and sets about its destination. Once it's out of sight, he turns and faces ILX once more*

Collin: Hm!

ILX: Ah, child. I must say, that is some impressive power you wield. How long have you been praticing its use?

Collin: Uhm...only a month, I suppose.

ILX: Only a month, you say? But you handle it so well! Tell me, lad. How old are you?

Collin: I'm 12.

ILX: Oh, for one so young, you are quite formidable. But I must ask, what makes you think that you, a novice hunter with no rank to speak of, can defeat me, a S rank hunter?

Collin: I don't know. But I do know that for the sake of my friends, I will have to try!

ILX: I admire your strong spirit. But it will take much more than just being able to avoid my ability to best me. Are you ready!?

Collin: I am!

ILX: Then have at you! Well shall see who's abilities trump who's!
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« Reply #51 on: 26 June, 2008, 11:17:43 pm »

ILX: Come. I'm ready for you!

Collin: Okay, you asked for it! (I know he's probably expecting me to use psynergy, so I'll mix it up, and use a head on attack instead! That'll throw him off)

*Collin charges head on at ILX and attempts to punch him. ILX easily dodges and swats Collin to the ground with a blow from his staff*

Collin: Ugh!!

ILX: Boy, why would you make such a foolhardy attempt!?

*ILX attempts to jab Collin while he's down, but he quickly scrambles out of the way just in time to avoid it*

Collin: *to himself* Uhm okay...that didn't work. Now what to do...?

*ILX runs up to Collin and strikes him in the face, knocking him down on his back*

Collin: Oww!! W-watch where you're swinging that thing!

*ILX then follows up with a continuous volley of attacks. Collin quickly gets to his feet and clumsily dodges the attacks*

Collin: Whoa! *flails arms*

ILX: Come, child! Show me that power of yours! That is the only way you can beat me!

Collin: (He's right, but at this rate...I won't be able to concentrate long enough to pull it off)

*The attacks continue, and Collin keeps dodging until he is backed into a wall*

Collin: Uh oh. Dead end!

ILX: Nowhere for you to run now. This is the end!

*ILX fiercly jabs his staff at Collin, but he ducks and avoids the blow, causing ILX's staff to get stuck in the wall*

ILX: Hmph. You're a slippery one.

*Collin uses the opportunity and scrambles far away to safety*

Collin: *to himself* Okay...now what? Hurry Collin, you only have so much time. ....Alright, I got it!

*Collin balls his fist and pokes out his index finger*

Collin: Come out, Squall!

*Just then, a tiny purple creature appears and stands atop Collin's outstretched finger. It is the Jupiter Djinni, Squall*

Squall: Hey boyo, what's shakin'?

Collin: Squall, I need your help!

Squall: With what?

Collin: With that!!! *points to ILX*

Squall: The muscley grandpa? Wait a minute..Collin, are you in a fight?

Collin: Yes, but I don't have time to explain it right now.

Squall: Oh. *sniff* They grow up so fast...

Collin: Hey, cut it out!

Squall: Alright alright, what do you want me to do?

Collin: I need you to go on standby, just in case.

Squall: Ah, the old last resort, huh?

*ILX finally manages to remove his staff from the wall and he charges at Collin once again*

Collin: Aaaaah! He's coming! Hurry hurry!

Squall: You got it!

*A small burst of light shines from Squall. He then returns inside of Collin for later usage. Seconds later, ILX arrives in front of Collin and prepares to deal a finishing blow*

ILX: Now you die!

Collin: Eep! (I have to buy some time, but... Oh well, here goes nothing...)

*Before ILX can strike, Collin leaps foward head first, tackling ILX to the ground*

Collin: Yaaaaaaaah!!

ILX: Errgh! What a reckless endeavor!

*ILX crashes to the ground, causing him to lose his grip on his weapon as it goes sliding across the floor, out of reach*

ILX: No!

Collin: Ah ha!

*Collin makes a break and scrambles across the room. He grabs ILX's staff and celebrates in triumph*

Collin: Yay, I got it! Now you're defenseless! What do you have to say to that!?

*ILX grabs the chain around his waist and unravels it, unleashing yet another weapon in his arsenal*

Collin: Yikes!

ILX: You see, dear boy, that staff was not my only weapon....

*ILX swings the chain weapon over his head*

ILX: Now the real battle starts!

Collin: Oh man, this ISN'T my day...
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« Reply #52 on: 27 June, 2008, 10:40:40 am »

ILX: Now take this!

Collin: *gulp*

*ILX throws his chain and lashes Collin several times. The last hit knocking him to the ground*

Collin: Oof! Ugh...that's gonna leave a mark...

ILX: What are you waiting for, boy? Fight me!

Collin: You see, you'll just have to wait and find out.

ILX: Very well. I'll just beat it out of you then!

*ILX throws his chain and it wraps itself around Collin's right ankle. He then pulls him forwards and slings him into a wall*

Collin: Whoooooa!! Ooof!!

ILX: Not yet. There's more!

Collin: More!? Waah!

*ILX pulls Collin the other way and slings into the opposite wall*

Collin: Yaaaaaaaah! Uungh!

*ILX continues his assault, throwing Collin back and forth against the wall*

ILX: I wonder, how much more can you take before giving up!

Collin: (Oh, this is not good. Squall isn't ready yet..but I'm feeling....faint..)

*ILX swings Collin over his head and prepares for one final toss*

ILX: Now I think it's time we finished this!

Collin: Finish!? C-can't we talk!? You know, with a nice cup of tea or something!?

ILX: Too late for pleasantries now! You've had your chance!

Collin: *to himself* Then I guess it's now or never. (Halt!!!)

*Collin casts a halt spell on ILX. His body flashes as he's immediately frozen in place*

Collin: Alright, it worked!

*Collin loosens the chain around his ankle and frees himself*

Collin: Now this should leave me just enough time to use an attack of my own.

*Collin prepares to attack, but before he can, ILX stops flashing and returns to life*

Collin: Erm....or not..

ILX: Excellent use of your skills, dear boy. But too bad it wasn't enough to save you.

*ILX quickly dashes behind Collin unseen*

Collin: Wha- W-where did he--?

ILX: Over here!!

Collin: Ah!

*Before Collin can react, ILX takes his chain and wraps it around Collin's neck, effectively putting him in a strangle hold*

ILX: Now there's now way for you to escape.

Collin: Aggh!

*Collin tries to break his hold, but he isn't strong enough to overpower ILX*

Collin: (It's...no use. I-I'm too weak!)

ILX: Your life is mine!

*ILX tightens his grip, choking Collin further*

Collin: Ergh! *cough*

ILX: Any last words before I take the victory?

Collin: Y-yeah...as a matter of fact...

ILX: Hm?

Collin: *smiles* Victory...belongs to me!!

ILX: What!?

Collin: I summon: Jupiter! Do it, Squall!!

Squall: You got it, boss!

*An image of Squall appears in the air above ILX and Collin*

ILX: W-what is this? Another spell!?

Squall: Let's see how you like this!!

*Squall attacks, summoning a range of large purple orbs to rain down on ILX*

ILX: No! Aaaaaagggggh!!!

*The attack subsides, rendering ILX a battered mess, collapsed on the ground*

Collin: *panting* Ha...hah...ha...

*The image of Squall disappears, and he returns in his usual proportions on top of Collin's head*

Squall: Are you okay, sport?

Collin: Yeah...I'm fine.

*ILX manages to lift his head and addresses Collin one last time*

ILX: Collin...

Collin: You, are you still gonna try and fight!?

ILX: No, this is it for me. I've been beaten, and you were the only person who has ever done so. And for that...I commend you. ...Farewell...ugh..

*ILX lowers his head, the last of his life fleeting away*

Collin: I...I won...?

Squall: Yeah, you won!

Collin: I won!? I won! I won! I won!

*Collin celebrates his victory by jumping up and down with glee. He then finishes it by holding up a peace sign towards the "screen"*

Collin: Yeaaah!!!

Squall: I always knew you had it in you, Collin. You just had to believe in yourself.

Collin: That's right. I know now that I can anything if I put my mind to it. Literally! Ha ha!

Squall: Hah, you've come a long way since the day we first became partners. I couldn't be more proud.

Collin: Hey Squall, is something the matter? You're looking kinda...weak...

Squall: Oh this? Yeah, this tends to happen after we've been used to summon. But don't worry, I'll be back in tip top shape after a little rest in recovery mode.

Collin: Okay!

Squall: Say, don't you think it's time you got on back to your friends? I'm sure they're worried sick about you.

Collin: Oh yeah, you're right! Come on, Squall. We need to catch up with them!

*Squall returns to Collin's body, and they both board the elevator lift and heads to the 20th floor to rejoin Blue and the others*
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« Reply #53 on: 27 June, 2008, 01:09:30 pm »

*In Collin's absense, the group manages to reach the bridge connecting the two towers*

Lilia: Blue, it's the bridge! We made it!

Blue: The right tower is just on the other side. We're almost there!

ILS: But Blue, what about Collin?

Rachel: Yeah, shouldn't we wait for him?

Blue: Well, now that you mention it, he has been down there for a while...

Jawo: Hey hey, he said he'd catch up to us, didn't he? Don't tell me you're losing faith in him already.

ILS: No, that's not it...

Jawo: Then what?

ILS: ....You're right. We should trust in him more.

Jawo: Now you're getting it. He'll make it back to us, just you wait and see.

Blue: Okay, let's get across this bridge. Hurry now!

Everyone: Right.

*The group begins to cross the bridge to the right side. When they reach the center, a hunter enters the bridge from the right side and faces the group*

Blue: Huh?

Jawo: They sent one fodder hunter to face us? You've gotta be kidding.

Hunter: *grins* Hehehehe.

Jawo: Oh, I'll give you something to grin about.

*Jawo draws his sword and runs after the hunter himself. When he draws near, the hunter pulls out an object and Jawo stops in his tracks*

Jawo: Hey, what is that, huh?

*The hunter presses a button on the object*

Hunter: Have a blast! Hahahaha!

*The hunter runs away*

Jawo: What are you talking about? Come back here, you!

*Just then, Blue hears a feint beeping noise under where the group is standing*

Blue: Hn? That noise...what is it?

Lilia: *gasp* It's a...! Hurry, get out of the way everyone! It's a bo--


*A bomb under the bridge explodes, blowing away the entire center portion. Jawo, ILS and Rachel manage to avoid the blast, but Blue and Lilia aren't so lucky. Blue is hanging onto the left edge with one arm, and holding Lilia in the other*

Lilia: Aaaah!!!! Bl-Blue, don't let me go!!

Blue: *struggling* Ergh, it's okay Lilia. I...got you...

Jawo: Blue, Lilia! Are you two alright!?

Blue: Yeah...but..not for long. How about some help over here?

Jawo: You got it!

*Jawo attempts to help, but he double takes and notices that the gap between them is far too wide*

Blue: Erragh! W-what's taking you!?!?

Jawo: Damnit!! You're too far out of reach!

Lilia: Do something! Blue can't hold on forever!

ILS: Guys, what do we do?

Rachel: What do we do? What can we do? There's no way we can reach them...

ILS: So, that's it? We just...give up...?

Jawo: No, we can't! We can't let them die! Not on my watch!

ILS: But Jawo!

Jawo: Shut up!!! Nobody's dying!

*Blue's grip begins to loosen*

Blue: Aah..!

Lilia: Aaaaah! No!

Jawo: Blue, Lilia, hang on!

Blue: Jawo...listen to me!

Jawo: Yeah?

Blue: T-take care of the group!

Jawo: W-what are you saying!?

Blue: This is it for us. There's no way we're getting out of this alive.

Jawo: Stop talking like that, you idiot. You'll be okay! You and Lilia...are going to be just fine...

Blue: Don't be stupid! Just do as I asked! My grip...I...I can't hold on anymore. Lilia...I'm sorry...

Lilia: It's okay, Blue. If we have to die, we'll die together...

Blue: Goodbye guys. It's in your hands now...

*Blue let's go of the edge and the two begin to plummet to their eventual demise*

Jawo: Noooooooooo!!!

ILS: Blue!! Lilia!!!

Rachel: This can't be happening!!

Jawo: It...it's over. T-they're gone. I can't believe it...

*Jawo bangs the ground in frustration*

Jawo: Damn!!! I said..I said I wasn't going to let anything happen to them.

ILS: It's okay, Jawo. There was nothing we could've done.

Rachel: Mads is right. We need to pick our heads up and move on. It's what Blue wanted...

Jawo: Are you guys stupid or something!? Blue is dead! There is no reason to go on! They've won!!

ILS/Rachel: ...

Jawo: And it's all my fault. If only...if only I had stayed with them. If only...

*A tear begins to fall from Jawo's eye*

Jawo: If only...*sniff*

??: Teleport!!!

Jawo: Huh?

*Jawo looks up to see Collin standing on the left side of the bridge, along with Blue and Lilia, alive and well*

Jawo: What!?

Blue: H-how did we...?

Collin: Phew. That was a close call. A second later and you guys would've been smashed tomatoes.

Lilia: Collin!? You're here! ...Did you save us?

Collin: That's right! I knew this teleport spell would come in handy sooner later.

Blue: Thanks, Collin. If it wasn't for you, we'd be dead right now. We owe you our thanks.

Collin: Nah, you don't owe me a thing! I was doing what I could to help is all.
I'm just glad you're both alright.

*Jawo runs up the right edge and yells out to them*

Jawo: Blue! Lilia!!

Blue: Jawo! Hey!

*The two wave back at him*

Jawo: Don't you wave at me! Get over here now!!

Blue: Uh...

Lilia: Is he...upset at us...? *rubs head*

Blue: Erm, we'll worry about him later. But first, how the heck do we get over there?

Collin: Leave that to me. I'll handle it! (Levitate!)

*Collin casts a levitate spell. Multicolor disks appear under the three as they are lifted above ground*

Lilia: Whoa!

Collin: Okay, now walk with me. We need to hurry before the spell wears off.

Blue: Alright.

*The three cross the gap in the bridge and rejoin the rest of the group. Upon arriving, Jawo runs up to Blue and begins to violently shake him*

Blue: Yiiiiiaaiaah!!

Jawo: Why you..!! Why aren't you dead!?

Lilia: Aah! Jawo, what's the matter with you!? Stop that!

ILS: Heheh. Jawo here was beating himself up over your "deaths".

Rachel: *giggles* He even started crying like a wittle baby.

Jawo: I'll kill you guys!!

Blue: Jawo, you...cried over us...?

Jawo: Hmph, no! It was the...the heat! The heat was getting to me is all...

Blue: Alright, it's okay if you don't wanna admit it.

Jawo: Admit what!?

Lilia: Yeah, we understand.

*The two stiffle a laugh*

Jawo: You better stop...

Blue: Okay okay, as much I'd love to stay here and pick on Jawo, we need to get moving.

Lilia: Yeah, let's go!

Blue: Come on guys. ...Oh, and Collin...

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: Welcome back.

Collin: Thanks! I'm glad to be back!
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« Reply #54 on: 28 June, 2008, 12:24:31 am »

*Meanwhile, in the Official's quarters*

Hunter: Official, sir!

Official: Now what is it?

Hunter: ILX, he's been defeated!

Official: What!? By who!?

Hunter: It was the child, sir.

Official: You mean to tell me that a mere boy defeated a S rank hunter!?

Hunter: It's most unfortunate.

Official: Argh, useless!

Hunter: Uhm, that's not all, sir. I have more to report.

Official: Hmph. Continue.

Hunter: Blue and his companions managed to get past the trap on the bridge. They've reached the right tower and are heading here as we speak.

Official: What!?

Hunter: It seems that nothing can stop Blue's group now. I highly suggest that you evacuate while you can.

Official: Erragh! Pathetic hunters! You can't even fight off a boy and his band of misfits! What good are you!?

Hunter: I...apologize...

Official: Silence! You are of no more use to me. Die!!

*The Official fires a purple bolt at the hunter, destroying him*

Hunter: Aaaaggggh!!!

*The Official resumes his true form of Mephiles*

Mephiles: I cannot believe this! Blue, you ever remain to be a thorn in my side...

??: Things sure have developed, haven't they?

Mephiles: Come out, you ignorant creature.

*Agaranok emerges from the shadows*

Agaranok: Hey hey, what's with all the name calling? You could hurt my feelings.

Mephiles: I care not about your feelings!

Agaranok: Ah, whatever. Hmm, so I see Blue's already on his way here. He's come a lot sooner than I expected. I'm impressed.

Mephiles: Hrmph. I guess we have no choice but to face him here.

Agaranok: Maybe. Or...maybe not...

Mephiles: Hm?

*Agaranok begins to walk away*

Mephiles: Wait, where are you going?

Agaranok: To see if I can...slow them down a bit. Do not worry, I shall return shortly.

*Agaranok disappears. Meanwhile, Blue and the others hurry through the right tower in search of the Official*

Blue: Collin, which way is it?

Collin: Uhm...it's this way! *points the left*

Blue: Down that hallway, huh? Alright, let's go.

*The group makes a left and Collin leads then down the hallway. But he soon comes to a stop, causing the others to stop along with him*

Blue: Hey, what's the matter?

Jawo: Yeah, why did you stop here?

Collin: I'm...sensing something...

Lilia: Like what?

Collin: I don't know. But whatever it is...it's strong. Really strong.

ILS: What could it be?

Rachel: We should stay on guard. It could attack at any moment.

Blue: Rachel's right, guys. Be ready.

*The group ready's their weapons and maintains a vigilant watch for the source of the strong power*

Jawo: You guys see anything?

ILS: No...not yet...

*ILS looks around for a sign of anyone approaching. Just then, Agaranok slowly creeps up from the ground behind him and prepares to strike*

Agaranok: Ha! Behind you!

ILS: Wah!!

Collin: Ah! ILS sir, look out!!!

*Collin runs over to ILS and pushes him out of the way, causing Agaranok's attack to strike him instead. His sword plunges deep into Collin's body, impaling him*

Collin: Nngh!!

ILS: No! Collin!

*Agaranok pulls his sword from Collin's body and takes a step back*

Agaranok: You were not my target...

Collin: Take...this...! (Blue Bolt!)

*Before collapsing to the ground, Collin casts a Blue Bolt spell. Two thick bolts of lightning thunder down on Agaranok, damaging him greatly*

Agaranok: Urrgh! N-no!!

Collin: G..got him...

Lilia: *gasp* No!

*Lilia runs over to Collin gently shakes him*

Lilia: Collin, can you hear me? Collin!!!

Jawo: You! You're gonna pay for this!!

*Jawo quickly draws his sword and charges after Agaranok*

Jawo: Rrraagh!!

*Jawo slashes overhead, but Agaranok easily blows the attack with his sword*

Agaranok: You are not who I want to fight. Go away.

*Agaranok pushes away, knocking Jawo off balance. He then kicks him, knocking him on his back*

Jawo: Aagh!!

Agaranok: Hmph. Even with this injury you are not match for me.

Blue: Agaranok! H-how...

Agaranok: Ah, Blue. So we meet again...

Blue: What are you doing here!? Why are you working with the Official!?

Agaranok: Official? Oh oh! The Official! Eh, well, to put it simply, he wants you gone and he's sent me to do it.

Blue: That's not the answer I wanted.

Agaranok: *shrugs* Oh well. You'll find out the truth for yourself soon enough.

Lilia: Collin! Let me see your wound!

*Collin slowly moves his hand from his wound, revealing a massive amount of blood on his palm*

Lilia: Oh no. This is...terrible...

Rachel: How could you do that!? He was just a kid!

Agaranok: It is unfortunate that the child was struck, as my attack was not intended for him. Had he not tried to save the perverted one, he would still be with you...

ILS: *lowers head* Collin... Is it...my fault...?

Blue: You're not going to get away with this, Agaranok!!

Agaranok: Blue, I would be happy to face you in battle, but now is not the time.

Blue: I'll be the one to decide that! Fireball!!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. Three fireballs are hurled at Agaranok, but he disappears before the attack can hit*

Blue: Damn, he got away...

Lilia: Blue, come quick!

*Blue runs over to Lilia*

Blue: What is it? Will Collin be okay?

Lilia: He's in pretty bad shape. I...I don't think he's going to make it...

ILS: No! Collin, you can't die! You just can't...
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« Reply #55 on: 28 June, 2008, 12:16:54 pm »

Lilia: The bleeding...it won't stop! What do I do!?

Collin: Just...stop, Lilia. There's nothing you can do..for me...

Blue: We're not going to let you die, Collin.

Collin: You don't..have much of a choice. Just hurry. Go on...without me.

ILS: Collin, why!? Why did you do it!? Why did you save me!?

Collin: What...do you mean? You're my...hero, ILS...sir. I'd do..anything for..you..

ILS: But...but you're too young to die here. I..I can't believe this is happening.

*tears begin to trickle down ILS's face*

Collin: Why are you crying? I...I couldn't be..happier...

ILS: What..?

Collin: I finally...got the chance...to fight side by side with my hero. It was like...a dream come true...

ILS: Collin! I want you to keep fighting alongside us! Please, don't die! Not yet!

Collin: I'm...afraid that can't happen...sir. My time...is up...

ILS: No!!

Jawo: Kid...

*Jawo turns his head in an attempt to hide his tears*

Collin: Jawo...you're..crying again...

Jawo: *sniff* N-no I'm not! It's...it's the heat again!

Collin: Heh..heh. ILS was right about you. You may be all big and tough...but you're just...a big softie on the...inside. That's what I like...about you.

Jawo: Collin...you brat. *sniff*

Lilia: Collin! Please don't go! We need you here with us!

Collin: Li-lia..

Lilia: Uh?

Collin: Your love...for Blue..is very strong...

Lilia: Wha-..but how did you...

Collin: I read your mind. Promise me...that you'll stay by him. Always lend him your support, so that he'll have the strength to make it through...

Lilia: *sniff* I promise...

Collin: Good. Rachel...

Rachel: Yes, Collin?

Collin: I know that...you're a great friend to ILS. Promise me that you'll continue being a friend to him, and watch over him in his times of need. He cares deeply for you...and would be sad if you ever left him...

Rachel: I understand.

Collin: And Blue...

Blue: Collin.

Collin: You're a very strong man. I peered into your heart. I saw all of the hardships you've endured over the years. I saw...how you risked your life day after day for the sake of Earth and its people. Just know...that I was honored to have been able to fight with someone as gallant as you.

Blue: Thank you, Collin. You've been a great help to us too, you know. Had it not been for you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. And for that, you have my gratitude.

Collin: Thanks, Blue. That means...a lot...to me...Nngh! Aaa-aagh!!

*Collin graps his wound in pain*

ILS: Collin!!

Collin: I guess...this is it for me...

ILS: Collin wait!

Collin: It's...okay, sir. I've lived my dream..and I have no regrets. I just wish...that I could've...spent more time...with you...

ILS: Collin, don't go! Wait! Please!

*Collin's body falls limp and his life fades*

Collin: ...

ILS: He's...gone...

*Just then, Squall emerges from Collin's dead body*

Squall: Hey, what's going on!? Kid? Kid!? What happened to you!?

Blue: Uhm...who are you..?

Squall: I'm Squall, Collin's djinni. Now tell me what happened to him, now!

ILS: Collin..he..gave his life...to save me.

Squall: You...you're ILS, aren't you?

ILS: I am.

Squall: I see. Now I'm not surprised at all. The kid would never stop talking about how much of a hero you were and yadda yadda. He really looked up to you, you know.

ILS: I know. He was a good kid.

Squall: In fact, he told me that the one reason he became a bounty hunter, was to be just like his hero. Would you say he lived up to your expectations?

ILS: Oh no. He far exceeded them. He's more than I could ever be...

Squall: Ah, if only he could've heard you say that. That would've really made his year. ...Oh Collin, why did you have to die so soon...?

*Collin's body begins to float*

Squall: I guess it's time for us to go.

Blue: Wait, where are you taking Collin's body?

Squall: To Contigo.

Jawo: Contigo?

Squall: Yeah, it's his home. I figured the least I could do is give him a proper burial.

ILS: Okay. Just..take good care of him.

Squall: You got it, bub. Come on, kid. Let's..get you home.

*Both Squall and Collin's body disappear*

Blue: Well...are you all ready to go?

Jawo: ..Yeah...

Lilia: Mhm.

Rachel: *nods*

Blue: ILS?

ILS: No...I'm not...

Blue: ILS, we need to move on. We can't stay here any longer.

ILS: How could you say that!? Our friend just died!!!

Blue: I know that. But he sacrificed his life, so that we could keep going. Don't forget what he stood for.

ILS: ...Yeah. You're right! I'll...I'll be the hero that Collin believed me to be!

Blue: Okay! Now we're talkin'.

ILS: But one more thing.

Blue: Huh?

ILS: I want...to get revenge.

Blue: You don't have to worry about that.

Jawo: Yeah, we'll make sure that Agaranok get's his for killing Collin.

Lilia: All of us will.

Rachel: Together.

ILS: Thanks, guys.

Blue: Now let's go. We have a friend to avenge.
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« Reply #56 on: 28 June, 2008, 06:43:59 pm »

*Meanwhile, in the Official's quarters*

Agaranok: I've returned...

Mephiles: Well? How did it go?

Agaranok: I managed to get rid of one of them.

Mephiles: Ah, very good, Agaranok. I knew I could count on you.

Agaranok: But..the one I killed, it was not the target I had in mind.

Mephiles: What difference does it make who you killed?

Agaranok: Taking the life of a child is not what true warriors are supposed to do. It's dishonorable.

Mephiles: Save your dribble about warriors and honor. I've heard enough!

Agaranok: Fine. But I suggest that we leave this place for the time being. I wasn't able to slow them down as much as I had hoped.

Mephiles: Why? Can you not face them here?

Agaranok: I cannot. The boy, before passing, he inflicted a terrible wound upon me. If I was to fight Blue and his companions in this condition, I would surely lose.

Mephiles: Very well. We shall take our leave of this place.

Agaranok: To the Dragonship then?

Mephiles: Yes. Let us go.

Agaranok: Right.

*Both Agaranok and Mephiles disappear. Moments later, Blue and the group storm into the quarters with their weapons drawn, ready for a fight*

Blue: Alright, Official! We've found you! Now give u--huh?

Lilia: There's no one here...

Jawo: Argh, don't tell me they got away again!

Blue: Damn, we can't lost them now. They couldn't have gotten far. Let's look for him!

*Rachel looks out the window in the room*

Rachel: Oh! Hey, Blue! Over here!

Blue: What's up, Rachel?

Rachel: I think you wanna take a look at this. Down there.

Blue: Hm...

*Blue looks downwards out the window. He sees a Dragonship fleeing the vicinity of the headquarters*

Blue: It's a Dragonship!

Rachel: Yeah, the Official's gotta be on it. He must be trying to make a get away.

Blue: In that case, let's go after him!

Lilia: But how? We can't chase them on foot. We'll never catch them!

ILS: Maybe, Lilia. But then again...maybe we don't have to!

Jawo: What are you talking about?

ILS: Back when we first entered the left tower, I saw a garage where there were a bunch of land vehicles stored.

Blue: Oh, I see. You're saying we could snag a Dragonship of our own and follow after them, right?

ILS: Bingo!

Blue: Well then what are you waiting for? Show us the way!

ILS: Okay! Follow me!

*ILS leads the group back to the ground floor of the left tower. From there, they enter the storage garage*

ILS: Hmm, let's see... Ah ha!

Blue: Did you find something, ILS?

ILS: Yeah, over here!

*The group heads over to where ILS is. There they find a smaller land vehicle, not quite as big as Dragonship, and similar in design to that of a modern age car*

Jawo: What is this thing? It sure ain't a Dragonship, that's for sure!

Lilia: Yeah, what gives? Why are you showing us this?

ILS: Because, if we're gonna catch a Dragonship, we're gonna need something faster than one. It may be small, but it'll get the job done.

Blue: Okay fine. Let's just hurry!

ILS: Alright! I'm driving!

*ILS hops into the drivers seat of the vehicle*

ILS: Get in! *makes a hand gesture*

Rachel: I call the passenger seat!

*Rachel hops into the seat beside ILS'*

Jawo: Hey! No fair! I wanted the front seat!

Blue: Oh for crying out loud, Jawo! Just get in!

Jawo: Hmph!

*Blue, Lilia and Jawo jump into the back seats of the vehicle. ILS then starts up the engine*

ILS: Oh yeah! Listen to that engine hum! I think I'm in heaven...

Lilia: So, what, you're attracted to engines now?

ILS: *annoyed* No...

Blue: Is everyone ready!?

Everyone: *nods*

Blue: Then take us out of here, ILS!

ILS: You got it! Just hold on to your seats! This is gonna be a wild ride!

*ILS punches the gas and the vehicle bursts out of the garage at an intense speed. The group leaves the headquarters and blazes through the wasteland in pursuit of the Dragonship*

Jawo: Er, do you have a license to drive this thing or what?

ILS: Nope! Hahahaha!

Everyone: *sweatdrop*

Jawo: Alright, move it. I'm taking over.

ILS: *whiny* Nooooo! I'm driviiiiiiing!!

Jawo: Get out of the way!

ILS: Noo!

Blue: Stop it!!!

Lilia: Uhm...Blue..

Blue: What's the matter, Lilia?

Lilia: Don't look now, but we've got hunters on our tail!

Blue: No way! You've gotta be kidding!

*Blue looks behind them to see a group of hunters tailing the group in vehicles*

Blue: Man, don't they ever let up?

Lilia: They're persistent, I'll give them that.

Jawo: Well hey, look at it this way.

*Jawo stands up in his seat and turns facing the hunters*

Jawo: At least we get to have some fun!

*Jawo draws his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Garden!!

*Just then, large sharp pillars of crystal emerge from the ground*

Hunter: Whoa! What's going on!?

Hunter2: Look out! They're attacking!

*The hunters swerve in every direction in an attempt to avoid the attack. Some manage to get away, but others are struck by the pillars and throw out of the chase*

Hunter: Noooo! Aaaagggh!!!

Jawo: Alright! I got em!!

Blue: Hey, I see what you got going there, Jawo. Let's help him out, Lilia!

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: What's going on back there, huh!?

Jawo: Just shup and keep driving! We'll handle this. *grins*

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« Reply #57 on: 30 June, 2008, 12:27:42 am »

*The high speed chase rages on. Blue, Lilia, and Jawo continue to get rid of the hunters on their tail as ILS keeps advancing on the Dragonship*

Rachel: Is everyone okay?

Jawo: Yeah, we're fine back here.

Blue: How about you, ILS? Any sign of the Dragonship yet?

ILS: Not yet, Blue. But I'm sure we'll catch whiff of them in no time.

Blue: Okay, just keep at it.

ILS: Right.

Lilia: Blue, the hunters are gaining on us! Look!

*Blue looks back to see the hunters increasing their speed and inching closer and closer to the group's vehicle*

Blue: Darn it...

Jawo: Hah, there's nothing to worry about. Let em gain, I say. That'll give them the chance to get up close and personal with my Crystal Sword.

*Two hunters ride up to each side of the group's vehicle*

Hunter: Ha ha, now I've got you! Yaaah!!

*The hunter leaps from his vehicle and tries to attack the group*

Jawo: Not so fast, buddy! Take this!

*Jawo intercepts and quickly cuts the hunter with his sword, knocking him away*

Hunter: Aaaaggggh!!

*Meanwhile, the hunter on the right side bats Lilia repeatedly with a club*

Hunter2: Ha ha, take that!

Lilia: Ow! Stop it!

*Lilia retaliates by reaching out and slapping the hunter continuously*

Hunter2: Whoa! C-cut that out! You're gonna make me--

*Lilia's constant slapping causes the hunter to lose his balance and fall off his vehicle, abruptly ending his pursuit*

Hunter2: Arrrrrgggh!!

Lilia: Hehehe *wink*

Jawo: Hey, Blue. I think that was the last of them.

Blue: Really? Perfect. No there's no one to get in our way.

ILS: Hey! Hey guys!

Blue: What's up, ILS?

ILS: Check this out! The Dragonship is just ahead!

*The Dragonship comes into plain view. With each passing second, the group moves in more and more*

Blue: Alright! ILS, can you give it some more juice?

ILS: You betcha! Hang on!

*ILS pushes the cruiser to its max speed. They now advance on the Dragonship at an even faster rate. Within moments, they arrive directly behind it*

ILS: Okay, we're in, Blue. It's all you!

Blue: Yeah.

*Blue prepares to attack the Dragonship with a spell. Meanwhile, Agaranok catches whiff of the presence of the Blue and the others*

Agaranok: Hn?

Mephiles: Agaranok, what is it?

Agaranok: We've got guests...

Mephiles: What!? Who!?

Agaranok: Wouldn't you know it? It's Blue and crew. That was mighty impressive of them to have tailed us so quickly.

Mephiles: Quiet! Just get out there and deal with them!

Agaranok: As you wish.

*Agaranok leaves the interior of the Dragonship and takes the roof. From there he turns and faces the group*

ILS: Uh oh, it's Agaranok!!

Agaranok: Well well, look what we have here. Aren't you a little too young to be commandeering that vehicle?

Jawo: That's what I told him!

ILS: Shut up...

Agaranok: Oh well. It's time for you to go now.

*Agaranok draws his sword and slashes at the air. Seconds later, a burst of slicing energy waves shoot from the ground, just barely missing the group's cruiser*

ILS: Yikes! Did you see that!?

Rachel: Phew, if that hit us, we would've been toast...

Agaranok: Hmm, it seems my aim was a little off...

Lilia: Blue, hurry! Do something!

Blue: I'm on it! Stalagmite!

*Blue casts a stalagmite spell. A group of stalagmites erupt from the ground, but only barely grazes the Dragonship*

Agaranok: Hahaha! You'll have to do better than that!

Blue: Damnit, I missed!

Jawo: Blue, what are you doing? Get it together!

Blue: This is harder than it looks, you know...

Agaranok: I think I'll try my hand at it once more.

*Agaranok slashes at the air once again. A burst of slicing energy waves shoots from the ground again, this time cutting through the engine of the cruiser*

ILS: Ah! No!

Agaranok: Ah ha! I've got it!

Lilia: ILS, what happened!?

ILS: He got the engine! W-we're losing speed!

Agaranok: So long, Blue!

*Agaranok leaves the roof the Dragonship and returns to the interior. Meanwhile, the cruiser slows down more and more*

Rachel: No, we're going to lose them!

Jawo: Blue, hurry up! This is our last chance!

Blue: Alright. One more time! Ground Dasher!!!

*Blue casts a Ground Dasher spell. The Earth cracks, and within it explodes with a staggering amount of energy. The force of the attack knocks the Dragonship over, disabling it from moving*

Blue: Yeah!

Lilia: Blue, you did it!

*Soon after, the cruiser comes to a complete stop, unable to move anymore. The group hops out of the disabled craft and moves in on the Dragonship*

Blue: We've got you this time, Official. There is no escape!

*As the group nears the Dragonship, a blast of purple energy rips through the bottom*

Blue: Huh? W-what the--!!

*The attack causes the Dragonship to go explode and go up in flames. The group barely manages to escape the blast*

Jawo: What the heck was that?

Blue: I wish I knew...

*Two shadowy figures begin to emerge from the flames of the destroyed Dragonship*

??: Well well, if isn't Blue. My loathsome enemy...

Blue: Wait...I know that voice...
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« Reply #58 on: 30 June, 2008, 01:24:04 am »

*Both Agaranok and Mephiles emerge from the flames and face the group*

Blue: M-Mephiles!? But..But...

Rachel: Wait a minute...that's not the Official...

ILS: Yeah, no kidding...

Mephiles: Hahaha, you're right, woman. I'm not the Official! It was all a hoax the entire time. I merely assumed his form in order to take control of the IL Bounty Hunters and have them do my bidding. It was much too easy.

Rachel: Then...then if that's true. What happened to the real Official? Where is he!?

Mephiles: The real Official? Oh, that's right. He's dead!

ILS: No, that can't be true. You're lying!

Mephiles: Oh no. This is very true. I would know. I killed him myself! Ahahahahaha!!!!

Rachel: No!!!

ILS: Why you...!!

*ILS draws his swords and attempts to attack Mephiles*

ILS: You'll pay for what you've done!!

Mephiles: Back, fool.

*Mephiles erects a forcefield, in which ILS collides with. The shock sends him flying backwards to the ground*

ILS: Uaaaggh! Oof!!

Lilia: ILS!!

Mephiles: Heheh, those bounty hunters were all fools. They fulfilled my orders without hesitation, not even bothering to question its validity. Like puppets, they danced at the end of my strings. Need I remind you that you too, fell prey to my scheme.

ILS: Er....Shut up!!!

Mephiles: You cannot hide from the truth. You and all the rest were tricked by me. You all fought Blue and in the end, were bested by him. It seems all you were good for was following orders. Too bad your competency was lacking.

Rachel: I can't believe it. This whole time, we...we were...

Mephiles: Just pawns in my elaborate scheme!

Blue: Guys, don't let him get to you. It's true, you were deceived.  But that's all in the past now. We settled our differences and came together in the end. That's all that matters.

Mephiles: Blue...you meddling pest...

Blue: Mephiles...how do you live still? We killed you.

Mephiles: Ah, you say you've killed me, yet I stand before you alive and well.

Blue: How is that possible? There was no way you could've lived through that...

Mephiles: It matters not how I survived. All that matters now is that I'm back and I'm here to take my revenge on you!

Blue: Revenge? That's what this is all about?

Mephiles: Yes. It was my ultimate goal to reunite with other half and become Solaris once again. But now, thanks to you, that can never happen again! Now my only goal is to see you dead and buried. That will be your fate for stealing my destiny from me.

Blue: Heh, if we beat you once, we can beat you again! Bring it on!

Mephiles: Ha, so you say. But I'll have you know that I've gotten much stronger since our last battle. Victory will not come so easily to you.

Blue: Then stop talking and let's fight already!

Mephiles: Hmph, so impatient. But I must ask that you wait, for this will not be where our battle takes place.

Blue: What?

*Suddenly, a large gate rises from the ground behind Mephiles and opens, revealing nothing but a black void inside*

Mephiles: If you wish to face me, then come. Come to my world of Neo Jahannam!!

Blue: Neo...Jahannam...

Mephiles: That is...if you can even make it to me. I'll be waiting, Blue...

Agaranok: I too, look forward to your arrival, Blue. Don't disappoint me.

Blue: Wait, come back here!

Mephiles: Sorry, Blue. But we're playing by my rules now! But do not worry, I'll leave you with a little parting gift. Hahaha!!

*Mephiles and Agaranok disappear into the gate. Afterwards a swarm of demonic creatures fly out of the gate and face the group. The gate then closes and disappears*

Jawo: What the hell!?

Rachel: What are those things!?

Blue: They're demons of Jahannam! Come on, we have to defeat them!

Lilia: But Blue, there are too many!! We'll never beat them all!

Blue: We don't have a choice! We have to get past them if we want to get to Mephiles! Are you ready?

*Jawo draws his sword*

Jawo: I know I am. *grins*
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« Reply #59 on: 01 July, 2008, 11:45:01 am »

Blue: Cyclone!

Lilia: Cherry Bomb!

Jawo: Crystal Spear!

ILS: Dual Slasher!

Rachel: Swallow Dance!

*The group unleashes attack after attack on the demons*

Blue: Tidal Wave!

Lilia: Nova Bomb!

Jawo: Crystal Burst!

ILS: Crescent Cutters!

Rachel: Ho Ki Jeiken!

*The clash continues on, but like a plague, the demon's keep coming back for more. After a while, the group grows fatigued from the non-stop battling*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...how's everyone..holding up?

Jawo: Not so good, Blue. My body is fine, but my mana is exhausted. I won't be of much use if I can't use my techniques...

ILS: Yeah, same here. I'm completely tapped...

Rachel: At this rate, it's only a matter of time before they get the better of us.

Blue: I know, but we can't give up now...

Lilia: Blue, we're running out of options here.

Blue: Damn, isn't there anything we can do...?

*As the group is backed against a wall and ready to give in, a voice cries out from the sky above*

??: Storm of Rings!!!

Blue: Huh?

*Suddenly, out of nowhere, a number of chakrams soar through the air, tearing apart every demon in their path with one shot. When the attack finishes, no demons are left alive*

Jawo: Where did those...things come from?

Blue: Chakrams? Could it be...?

??: Make way for the Princess!!!

Lilia: Ah! That voice!

*Just then, Blue's old friend and companion, Mizuna, descends from the sky and lands before the group*

Mizuna: Blue! Long time no see! Ha ha!

Lilia/ILS: Mizuna!!

Mizuna: Well if it isn't Lilia and ILS too. Good to see you all again.

Blue: Likewise. But..what are you doing all the way out here?

Mizuna: I was off training with a colleague of Zeldafan's when I began to feel that you were in a pinch.

Blue: Feel?

Mizuna: Yeah! I've acquired the ability to sense the feelings of those close to me. And I felt a lot of stress and anxiety enamating from you. So since Zeldafan and the others were off doing..stuff, I took it upon myself to come and help you!

Blue: Well I'm glad you came when you did. Had it been any later, you wouldn't have had anyone to save...

Mizuna: Oh, sorry. Us Princesses aren't used to scrambling about, you know. *rubs head*

Blue: You still haven't grown of the Princess thing I see.

Mizuna: *angrily* I am a Princess!! I am I am I am!!

Blue: Okay okay! Geez... *sweatdrop*

Lilia: Hey Mizuna, what was that attack you used earlier? It was amazing!

Mizuna: Oh, you like? It was but one of the techniques I learned during my training. I call it Storm of Rings. It multiplies the chakrams in my possession and I hurl them all at once, using mana to control the trajectory. It's perfect for taking out groups of enemies at once.

Lilia: It was great! Not even the 5 of us could handle the demons, yet you take out all of them in one attack!

Blue: Yeah, that was pretty impressive, Mizuna. I'm glad to see you kept your word of becoming a better fighter.

Mizuna: You know it! I remember, back then...I couldn't do anything to help at all. But now look at me! I'm a fighting machine! And I'm not even finished with my training!

Blue: Well then don't you think you should get on back?

Mizuna: Aw, I'm in no rush! Besides, I think you guys could use some help, so I'll stick around for a little longer, if that's okay with you.

Blue: It's fine with me. How about you guys? Is it okay if Mizuna travels with us?

Lilia: You know it's okay with me, Blue!

ILS: Same here!

Jawo: I'm cool with it.

Rachel: I have no objections.

Blue: Well, I guess that settles it. Welcome aboard, Mizuna.

Mizuna: Goody! You won't regret it, I'm sure of it!

Jawo: Say Blue, it's getting late. Don't you think we should head back now?

Blue: Yeah, you're right. We'll just have to head to Neo Jahannam in the morning. Let's go, everyone.
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