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AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)  (Read 1696 times)
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« Reply #60 on: 01 July, 2008, 08:19:50 pm »

*With their task finished, the group picks up and leaves the Yanju Wastelands. But soon, night falls and they are forced to stop for the evening*

Blue: Hmm, no town in sight. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to set up camp here.

Lilia: Oh no. We're camping out again!?

Blue: Well yeah. You know it's too dangerous to travel at night.

Lilia: But...but..!!

Mizuna: What's the matter, Lilia? You're not afraid of sleeping on the range, are ya?

Lilia: Oh it's just..it's...Oooh nevermind!

Blue: Okay. Jawo, you set up the sleeping bags while I get the fire started.

Jawo: Yeah, I'm on it.

*Jawo grabs the sleepings bags and lays them out. Meanwhile Blue uses fire magic to start up a flame. Afterwards, the group gathers and sits around the campfire*

Mizuna: Hey Blue.

Blue: What's up, Mizuna?

Mizuna: I don't think you've introduced me to your two friends there. Who are they?

Blue: Oh yeah, that's right! This is Jawo.

Jawo: It's a pleasure.

Blue: And that's Rachel.

Rachel: Hello. *waves*

Blue: They've been helping me throughout this whole journey.

Mizuna: Is that so? Well then, nice to meet you! As you should already know, I'm Princess Mizuna--

Blue: *annoyed* Mizuna...

Mizuna: Alright alright. Former Princess...

Jawo: Former Princess? What happened?

Mizuna: Uhm...*looks away*

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: Er...it's a long story...

Jawo: Eh, fine then.

Rachel: You don't have to tell us if you don't want to.

Mizuna: Okay! So can somebody give me a quick recap of what's been going on? I'm kinda in the dark here.

Blue: Alright, long story short, bounty on my head wasn't so much a bounty anymore, so we set out to uncover the conspiracy behind it. Our travels led us to their headquarters and then...uhm...

Mizuna: Then what?

*Everyone's expression turns to sadness*

Mizuna: Hey, why the long faces?

Blue: Oh um..sorry. It's just we...lost a friend back there...

Mizuna: *gasp* You're kidding!

Blue: I wish I was. It was thanks to him that we got as far as we did, but in the end, he was slain...

Mizuna: That's...awful...

Blue: Yeah, I...probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Now I've gotten everyone down...

Mizuna: Oh, well I know what'll cheer us up! How about we fix some dinner? I'm starved!

Blue: Hey, now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry.

Lilia: Who gets to cook this time?

Blue: Good question. Any volunteers?

Rachel: Ooh! I will, Blue!

Blue: You cook, Rachel?

Rachel: Not really, but a while back I tasted this great dish that I just have to try and recreate. Trust me, you'll love it!

Blue: Well, okay. It's all yours, Rachel.

Rachel: Great! I'll get started now!

*Rachel pulls out a pot and places it over the fire. She then dabbles through the group's ingredients and adds them as necessary, stirring them into a fine mix*

ILS: Mmm, that smells divine, Rach! What are you making over there?

Rachel: It's a secret! But don't worry, it'll be done in just a bit.

*Rachel taste tests the dish*

Rachel: Hm...almost there...but it's missing that kick the last one had...

*Rachel shuffles through her belongings in search of another ingredient*

Rachel: Ah ha! This should do it!

*Rachel pulls out a can of Sprite and quickly despense it into the dish. She then mixes it in and tastes it once more*

Rachel: There! Perfect!

Jawo: Is it ready, Rachel?

Rachel: It sure is! Here, you can have the first bowl, Jawo.

*Rachel hands Jawo a bowl of Sprite Beef Stew*

Jawo: Thanks a bunch!

*Jawo tastes the stew. The familiarity leaves him with a puzzled look on his face*

Jawo: Hm!?

Rachel: Is something wrong?

Jawo: This tastes just like my Sprite Beef Stew...

Rachel: You mean...that was your recipe!?

Jawo: Well yeah. I made it for dinner a few weeks ago.

Rachel: Oh my! I must know, did I recreate your masterpiece okay?

Jawo: I'll say! It's spot on, Rachel!

Rachel: Oh yay! I'm so happy! Eat up everyone! Have a taste of Heaven in a bowl!

Blue: *under his breath* Hmph. More like Hell in a bowl...

Lilia: Mmm! Yummy! Just as tasty as always!

ILS: Wow, this is some good stuff. Who would've thought that Sprite could make Beef Stew taste so good?

Blue: It doesn't!

Mizuna: Amazing! Jawo, I must have the recipe! The guys back at the hideout will just love this!

Lilia: Ooh, give me the recipe too, Jawo!

ILS: Yeah, me too! I gotta have more!

Jawo: Everyone can have the recipe!

Everyone: Hooray!!!

Blue: What is wrong with you people!?

*The next morning, the group awakens bright and early, ready for departure*

Blue: Are you guys ready to shove off?

Mizuna: Yup, we're all set! Chant the incantation, Blue!

Blue: Okay. I haven't used this in a long time. I hope I still remember it...

*Blue recites the incantation to gain entry to Jahannam, but nothing happens*

Blue: ...

Jawo: Well? Shouldn't a big hellish looking gate be appearing right about now?

Blue: It should, but...nothing...

Lilia: Are you sure you said it right, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, I'm pretty sure...

ILS: Maybe you should try it again.

Blue: Alright, here goes nothing.

*Blue recites the incantation once again, but like last time, nothing happens*

Blue: Well that's strange. *scratches head*

Rachel: Gee, I wonder what the problem is.

Blue: I don't know. But until we find out, we're stuck.

Mizuna: Hmm...*thinks*...Oh! I know!

Blue: What's up?

Mizuna: I'll call Zeldafan! She knows all about this kind of stuff!

Blue: Really? But how are you going to do that? Who knows where she could be now...

Mizuna: It's true, I don't know where she is, but I can always just summon her here.

Lilia: Can you really do that, Mizuna?

Mizuna: Well sure! ...I think. Bob showed me the basics of summoning a while back. If I can summon creatures from other dimensions, surely I can summon a regular person from this world.

Blue: Okay. Give a shot.

Mizuna: I will!

*Mizuna places her hands together and gathers her mana*

Mizuna: I summon: Zeldafan!

*Mizuna's summon attempt proves successful when Zeldafan materializes in front of the group*

Blue: Uhm...*gulp*

Lilia: Oh...*looks in another direction*

Mizuna: Guys, what's the matter? Why are you looking all funny like that?

Jawo: Er....*points*

Mizuna: Oh!!! *covers eyes*

*Mizuna looks over to see Zeldafan soaking wet and ****, scrubing herself with a loofa with her eyes closed, completely oblivious to her current surroundings*

Zeldafan: La laaaaa la laa lala laaaaaa! (LoZ Main Theme)

ILS: Yowza!!! *pants like a dog*

Lilia: Oh no you don't!!

*Lilia jerks ILS by his collar and covers his eyes*

Zeldafan: La laaa la laa lala laaa--uh? *opens eyes* Hey, who was that?

*Zeldafan observes her surroundings*

Zeldafan: Hey! This isn't my bathtub! What am I doing here!?

*She then turns around to see Blue and the group staring right at her*

Zeldafan: *gasp* Blue!?

Blue: Uhm...hi. *blushes*

*Zeldafan looks down at her naked body and then quickly covers herself with her arms*

Zeldafan: *shrilly* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
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« Reply #61 on: 03 July, 2008, 01:14:45 pm »

Zeldafan: How did I get here!?

Mizuna: Uhm, I kinda..summoned you and...

Zeldafan: You what!?

Mizuna: Erm..this isn't a bad time..is it? *twiddles thumbs*

Zeldafan: Well, I'm kinda dripping wet in my birthday suit out in the middle of nowhere. WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!?

Mizuna: Aaah, I'm sorry!

Zeldafan: *to herself* Okay, Zeldafan. Calm down. Remember your therapy. Now why did you bring me here? And it better be good, or else!

Mizuna: Yikes! *flails arms*

Jawo: Psst, ZF. Don't you think you wanna get decent first?

Zeldafan: Oh right!

*Zeldafan snaps her fingers, instantly reappearing covered in a towel*

Zeldafan: Thanks for reminding me. And what are you doing here anyway, Jawo?

Jawo: What do you mean?

Zeldafan: I mean exactly what I said.

Jawo: I'm here giving Blue a hand. What of it?

Zeldafan: My, that's a strange development. I thought you hated Blue.

Jawo: Meh, that's old news now. He needs my help and I'm going to stick by him.

Zeldafan: Well thanks for being a friend to him! Blue could always use a little extra support, so it's good that you're there for him now. Blue, did you even thank Jawo for helping you this far?

Blue: Well gee, I don't think I did... Egh, thanks Jawo.

Jawo: You don't need to thank me.

Blue: Huh? Jawo being modest?

Jawo: What's so weird about that?

Lilia: Are you feeling sick?

Jawo: Ugh, whatever! Just get on with it!

Blue: Ah, yeah, right. Anyway, Zeldafan, don't be upset with Mizuna for bringing you out here.

Zeldafan: Huh?

Blue: She was just doing it for us. If you need to be angry with someone, it should be me.

Zeldafan: *sigh* Oh, Blue-kun. You know I could never be mad at you. Now tell me, just what's going on?

Blue: Well, you see, we're having some trouble with a certain incantation spell.

Zeldafan: Incantation spell? What are you trying to do?

Blue: We need to get into Jahannam.

Zeldafan: Jahannam!? Why there!?

Blue: It's Mephiles...

Zeldafan: Mephiles!? But...isn't he supposed to be dead...?

Blue: That's what I thought, but now he's back, and seeking revenge against me.

Zeldafan: Oh boy. Blue, what kind of mess did you get yourself into this time?

Blue: Well, I'd love to explain, but time really isn't on our side.

Zeldafan: I understand. So, you need to get into Jahannam, eh? Well let me try out that old incantation.

*Zeldafan recites the incantation, but as with Blue, nothing happens*

Zeldafan: Hm? That's not supposed to happen...

Blue: See? The same thing happened to me when I tried it out. We brought you here to see if you knew what the problem was.

Zeldafan: Well...*rubs chin* the only explanation I can think of is that the internal structure of Jahannam has been shifted since the last time we've been there. Perhaps that's why the old incantation doesn't work.

Blue: Shifted?

Zeldafan: Yeah. My guess is that Mephiles has been doing some renovating.

Blue: Can you fix this?

Zeldafan: Sure. All I need to do is whip up a new incantation spell for you to use.

Blue: You can do that?

Zeldafan: Of course! It'll be easy! Just give me a few minutes and I'll have one ready.

Blue: Really? You're the best, Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Heehee, I know.

*Zeldafan does as promised and begins to prepare a new incantation spell for Blue. She grabs various books and potions from her bag and works among them. Moments later, she completes her task*

Zeldafan: And with that, I'm done!

Blue: Finished already?

Zeldafan: Yup! Here you go.

*Zeldafan hands Blue a book already open to the page with the new incantation*

Zeldafan: Just recite that spell and the gate to Jahannam should open.

Blue: Alright, I'll give it a whirl.

*Blue immediately recites the new incantation spell. Seconds later, the gate to Neo Jahannam opens, proving Zeldafan's efforts successful*

Zeldafan: Voila!

Blue: It worked! I can't believe it!

Zeldafan: Hehehe, did you expect any less?

Blue: Come on guys, let's go in.

*The group begins to walk into the gate, but it won't allow them to enter, pushing them back*

Blue: Egh!!

Jawo: Hey, what's the deal!? Why can't we get in?

Zeldafan: Oh yeah...uhm..I forgot to mention something...

Blue: And that is...?

Zeldafan: Due to the spell being brand new, its capacity is somewhat limited...

Lilia: What does that mean?

Zeldafan: Only a max of 4 people can enter the gate. Try to go over that limit, and it will repel you, like it just did.

Blue: Damn. Well then I guess we have no choice.

Jawo: Who's gonna go, Blue? Make a decision.

Blue: Alright, Jawo, I want you to come with me.

Jawo: Ha, as expected! You just love having me around, don't you?

Blue: Well that didn't last long...

Jawo: What?

Blue: Nothing. You come too, ILS.

ILS: Yeah! Let's do it!

Lilia: Oh oh! And me, right Blue?

Blue: Uhm...actually...

Lilia: Huh?

Blue: I thought it would be better if Rachel came instead.

Lilia: But why!?!? ....Oh, I know. It's because she's a better fighter, huh?

Blue: Well...

Lilia: It's okay. I understand. *sniff* You don't have to say it.

Blue: Oh Lilia...

Rachel: Actually, Blue...

Blue: What is it?

Rachel: I think Lilia should go with you.

Blue: But...

Rachel: I know, I'm more able. But it seems to me that the four of you have a history with this Mephiles person. I know you all have a score to settle, including Lilia, so I don't think it'd be right for me to take her place.

Blue: Rachel...

Rachel: I've made up my mind. I'm not going.

Blue: Fine. I guess that means you're with us, Lilia.

Lilia: Yay! Thanks, Rachel!

Rachel: No problem. Us ladies have to look out for eachother, you know.

Lilia: Mhmm!

Blue: Well, now that that's settled, I guess we'll be leaving.

Zeldafan: Wait, Blue! Before you go...

Blue: Hm?

Zeldafan: I just wanted to say...be careful.

Mizuna: Yeah, I wish I could go with you, but what can you do? Just make it back here alive okay?

Rachel: Good luck, all of you.

Zeldafan: We'll be waiting right here for you! Come back safely!

Blue: Okay, we will. And thanks, you guys.

Zeldafan: Bye! *waves*

Blue: You guys ready?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Then let's go! To Neo Jahannam!

*The group enters the gate. Once they've gone in, it closes behind them*
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« Reply #62 on: 04 July, 2008, 12:42:15 am »

*After the group enters through the gate, they arrive in the middle of a red, dusty plain. Above them is a sky, colored black with gray clouds*

Jawo: So, this is Jahannam, eh?

Blue: Yeah, but I don't remember it looking like this. I guess Zeldafan was right. Mephiles really did do some renovating afterall.

ILS: If that's true, then how do we get to him?

Mephiles: *voice over* Allow me to explain that!

Lilia: Ah, that's Mephiles' voice!

Mephiles: *voice over* Welcome to Neo Jahannam! I hope you enjoy your stay....or not! Hahahaha!

Blue: Mephiles, where are you hiding? Come out now!

Mephiles: *voice over* But what fun would that be? As with last time, I await in the depths. But THIS time, the only way to get to me is to unlock the path leading deeper in.

Blue: And how do we do that, huh?

Mephiles: *voice over* You must locate and obtain the keys I've given to my loyal minions. There are only 2, but they will not be so easily gotten.

Blue: We don't have time for these games!

Mephiles: *voice over* Then you'll just have to make time! I'll be waiting, Blue and crew. Hahahahaha!!

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Blue: Darn it!

Lilia: Don't get upset, Blue.

Jawo: Yeah, I know it's stupid, but we'll just have to play his little game. And win.

ILS: Then let's get started, shall we?

Blue: Yeah, looks like it's Jahannam: Take 3.

Jawo: Take...3?

Blue: Oh uhm, yeah. This would mark my third time coming here.

Lilia: Really?

Blue: Yeah, the first time was back when me and Bob took on the Iblis, the second was when me and ILS came to rescue you, Lilia.

ILS: Oh yeah, I remember that!

Blue: And the third time is now.

Jawo: So I guess you're a veteran, huh Blue?

Blue: I suppose. But it's nothing to write home about. Anyway, we should get going.

Jawo: Right.

*The group begins their venture through the hellbound realm of Neo Jahannam. After a while, they come across a strange village at the northern edge of the plain*

Blue: Hm, what's this?

Lilia: I can't believe it. ...There's actually a village here!

ILS: What kind of people live in a place like this? *scratches head*

Blue: Demons, I'd reckon.

Lilia: D-d-demons!? *gulp*

ILS: Gulp is right. I think I've had enough demon fighting for one lifetime.

Jawo: Aw, what are you two so scared of? If any demons come at us, I'll just cut em to pieces!

Blue: Maybe it won't have to come to that, Jawo.

Jawo: Oh yeah? And why not?

Blue: You'll see. Come on guys, let's go in.

*The group enters the demon village of Gulgar. Upon entering, every demon in the streets stops in their tracks and stares in awe at the group as they walk through town*

Lilia: W-what are they staring at...?

ILS: *picks tooth* Is there something in my teeth, or what?

Jawo: I think they're looking for a fight!

Blue: No, it's not that.

Jawo: Then what?

Blue: Did you forget already? I'm the Lord of Jahannam. These guys can't attack me.

Lilia: Hey, you're right! Phew! *wipes forehead*

*Suddenly a demon approaches the group*

Demon: Uhm...hey...

Blue: Er, hey there. What do you want?

Demon: *covers up* Don't hurt me!

Blue: Uhm...I wasn't going to...

Demon: Oh. Well uhm, I just wanted to say that all of us here have been awaiting your triumphant return, milord.

Blue: Triumphant...return?

Demon: Oh yes. Ever since you left that last time, Mephiles came back and started making a mess of things. We remained loyal to you, but some turned traitor and went to Mephiles' side.

Blue: Is that right?

Jawo: I bet they were the demons that attacked us earlier.

Demon: Yeah. We've held out all this time, waiting for the day that you'd come back, defeat Mephiles and reclaim your throne!

Demons: Yay!!!

Blue: Hey hey, settle down. Sure, I'll defeat Mephiles, but I don't plan on reclaiming anything.

Demon: What?

Blue: I...don't really wanna be the lord of Jahannam.

Demon: Oh no! Our Lord has forsaken us! Oh what have we done to deserve such a cruel fate!?

Blue: It's not you. It's me, really. *rubs head*

Demon: So you...haven't forsaken us?

Blue: No...

Demons: Yay!!!

Blue: *sweatdrop*

Jawo: Wow, these guys are goofballs.

ILS: Tell me about it...

Blue: Well anyway, while you're here, do you think you could give us a little help?

Demon: Sure, anything for Lord Blue.

Blue: You see, we're looking for the keys to get to the lower levels, but...we don't really know where to look.

Demon: Ah, say no more! I know who's in possession of the keys you seek!

Blue: Oh really?

Demon: Yes! Even now, they are in the hands of the wicked Black Dragon Borgan.

Blue: Black Dragon Borgan?

Demon: Yes, Sir Borgan is the Lord of the Manor in the north area of town. He's a cruel man who sided with Mephiles when he took over.

Lilia: A black dragon is the Lord of the Manor? *scratches head*

Demon: Oh no, mistress of Blue. Black Dragon is just a title he uses. Sir Borgan is just a mortal man, but with terrible magic power. If you plan on facing him, you had better be careful.

Lilia: Ah, I see. ....Hey wait! Mistress of Blue!?!? I'm not--!!

Blue: Not now, Lilia.

Lilia: Hmph!

Blue: Well, thanks for the advice, demon guy.

Demon: Yes, of course! Now go show that Borgan what for!

Blue: Come on guys. Let's go pay the "Black Dragon" a visit.
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« Reply #63 on: 04 July, 2008, 09:32:11 am »

*The group heads for Borgan Manor to the north of the village. Upon arriving, they are stopped by two demon guards*

Guard: Alright, where are you going, buddy!?

Guard2: Yeah, this is Lord Borgan's Manor! No visitors allowed!

Jawo: Out of the way.

*Jawo steps up and backhands one of the guards*

Guard: Ouch!!

Blue: Jawo, wait!

Jawo: What now?

Blue: Let me.

*Blue walks up to the guards and addresses them*

Blue: Hey, you wouldn't try to hurt your Lord and Master, would you?

Guard: Yikes, it's Blue!

Guard2: W-what do we do!?

Guard: We...we...p-panic!

Guard2: Run away!

*The two demons guards run far away, leaving the entrance unguarded*

Blue: See? You don't have to use violence to solve all of your problems, Jawo.

Jawo: Aw, why do you get to have all the fun...?

*The group enters the Manor. As they walk through, every demon maid and butler and such flees in terror at the sight of Blue*

Maid: Aaaaaah! It's Blue!!

Maid2: He'll set you ablaze!

Maid3: He'll blow you away!

Butler: He seeks retribution! Run for your lives!


Blue: Uhm...*rubs head*

Jawo: Okay, this is getting REALLY annoying.

*Jawo quickly grabs one of the fleeing butlers and begins to interrogate him*

Jawo: You! Tell us where Borgan is, now!

Butler: Hmph, I'll never tell! I do not fear Blue's lackey.

Jawo: LACKEY!? I'll...!!!

*Jawo angrily draws his sword and prepares to kill the butler*

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo no!!

Jawo: You won't stop me now, Lilia!

*Blue steps in and saves the butler from Jawo*

Jawo: Hey!

Blue: I told you to let me handle it.

Jawo: Hmph. *crosses arms* Well I'm not your lackey...

Blue: Okay butler guy, now tell ME where Borgan is hiding.

Butler: Aaaaah! Blue! Oooh....

*The Butler falls limp, dying in fear*

Blue: Hm?

ILS: *pokepoke* He's dead. Geez, Blue. What did you do to him?

Blue: I didn't do anything! I..I..

Jawo: You should've just let me kill him. It would've saved us some time.

Blue: *sigh* Let's just go.

*The group continues through the Manor, until reaching a large door in the north area. They go in, and inside, they find a room full of elegant displays, but no one inside*

Lilia: There's no one here...

Blue: Really? Darn, and this looked like the place too...

Jawo: Should we turn around then?

Blue: Yeah. Let's go.

??: Who dares to trespass in my Manor!?

Blue: What?

*The group, alerted by the mysterious voice, turns around. Then, a man materializes in front of them. It is Borgan, a rather portly man wearing a black robe with intricate designs all over it. He stands on a small floating contraption of sorts, which he uses to get around*

Jawo: Who are you, huh!?

Borgan: I am the Black Dragon Borgan! Lord of the Manor and servant to Mephiles.

Blue: Oh yeah? Well I'm Blue!!

Borgan: Yeow! Blue!! *regains composure* Hmph, so you're Blue, eh? You don't look so tough.

Blue: I think my magic says otherwise.

*Blue engulfs his hand in flames*

Borgan: (Oh dear! Oh dear! He looks serious!) Uhm..Hah! You think your magic can stand up to mine!? I'll have you know that I'm the most powerful magician to ever live!

Blue: Take this! Fireball!

*Blue hurls three fireballs at Borgan. He stumbles about in a panic, but manages to avoid the attack*

Borgan: Wagnabit! Wait you!

Blue: Huh?

Borgan: Erm, I mean...! Ah ha! Did you see how I skillfully dodged that spell!? You are no match for me! Ha ha!

Jawo: You know, I'm starting to think this guy is full of it.

Lilia: Yeah, now that you mention it, he does seem a little...odd...

Borgan: (Oh no! They're on to me!) I'll show you who's full of it! Are you ready to face me, now that you've pushed me this far!?

Blue: I'm ready for you.

Borgan: Uhm....good bye!!

*In a panic, Borgan opens a portal and disappears into it. But as he leaves, he drops a small shining object*

ILS: Hey! He ran away!

Jawo: I knew it! That coward!

Lilia: Come on, Blue! We have to chase after him!

Blue: But how?

Lilia: Oh...right...

ILS: Hm...what's this...?

*ILS walks over to the object Borgan dropped and picks it up*

Blue: Hey, what's that you got there, ILS?

ILS: I saw Borgan drop this as he fled. It looks like a key of some sort.

Lilia: A key? Do you think it could be--

Jawo: It must be the key to the second level! Talk about lucky.

Blue: Hah, Borgan isn't getting far. Let's go the second level and catch him.

*The group nods in agreement*
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« Reply #64 on: 04 July, 2008, 10:27:59 am »

*Blue uses the key to open a portal to the second level. The group disappears inside, and the next moment, they reappear in an area with a large pool of lava in the center*

Blue: Now where did you run to, Borgan?

Lilia: There, Blue! *points*

Blue: Huh?

*Blue looks over to see Borgan floating away just ahead of them*

Blue: We have to stop him!

ILS: Don't worry, I'll cut him off!

*ILS runs forward and takes a giant leap, jumping high over Borgan and landing in front of him, halting his escape*

ILS: Stop right there.

Borgan: Yeow! Where did you come from!?

*Seconds later, Blue and the others come up from behind Borgan, surrounding him*

Blue: The game's over, Borgan. You're trapped!

Borgan: Oh no!! Impossible! How did you get here!? I have the key!!

Blue: You mean...THIS key?

*Blue holds up the key*

Borgan: Aaaah! How did you get that!?

Blue: You dropped it when you tried to run away from us. I guess you should learn to keep a better hold of your belongings.

Borgan: Grr, you brat...

Blue: Now hand over the second key...

*The group gets into fighting position*

Jawo: Or else.

Borgan: Yargh! This isn't good. I'm outnumbered!

Mephiles: *voice over* Borgan, you imbecile!!

Borgan: Ah! L-Lord Mephiles!

Blue: Mephiles...

Mephiles: *voice over* How could you let them get the key so easily!?

Borgan: I-I'm sorry, milord! It was an accident!

Mephiles: *voice over* Now that you've blundered, it is your responsibility to keep them from advancing further. Deal with them now!

Borgan: Y-yes, milord!

Mephiles: *voice over* Don't...disappoint me.

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Blue: Well, what's it gonna be?

Borgan: It seems I have no choice but to take you all out.

Jawo: In other words, you're going to run away again.

Lilia: Well we won't let you!

Borgan: Oh no, I won't be running away this time. Ehehehehe.

*Borgan puts his hands together and concentrates his energy*

ILS: I think he's up to something...

Borgan: You should remember this very well, Blue! And you too, Jawo!!

Blue/Jawo: Huh?

Borgan: Ifalas zaras I e zaraq. Ifalas zaras I e zaraq...

Blue: No way!

Jawo: He can't be!

Lilia: What's going on, guys?

ILS: Yeah, what's he doing?

Borgan: Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by Iblis!

Blue: He's..he's summoning...

Borgan: Iz Afrit!!!

*As Borgan completes his summoning, three Afrits emerge from the pool of lava and let out a mighty roar*


Lilia: Aaaaah! What are those things!?

Blue: They're djinnis that control fire!

Jawo: And I know from personal experience that they aren't be taken lightly...

Borgan: Hahaha! Now I'M in control of the Afrits awesome power! Go Afrit! Burn them alive!


*The first Afrit reaches its gargantuan hand out and tries to smash Lilia beneath it*

Lilia: Aaah!!

Blue: Lilia, watch out!

*Lilia jumps out the way in time, but she is burned by the massive amount of heat the Afrit is giving off*

Lilia: *grasps wound* Ergh...

Blue: Lilia, are you okay?

Lilia: Yeah, I'll be alright. Those things, they're so hot. Even getting close to them could prove fatal.

Borgan: HAHA! You cannot fight the Afrits! They're too hot for you to approach! Try as you might, but you will only be burned to a crisp!

Blue: Damn, isn't there anything we can do?

Jawo: Well...there is one thing.

Blue: Huh?

*Jawo pulls out an old object from the past. The Water Blue Ring!*

Blue: It's...the Water Blue Ring! I can't believe you still have that!

Jawo: Did you think I'd really get rid of it? I needed it just in case you started acting up again.

Blue: Hmph.

Borgan: The WATER BLUE RING!?!? Where did you get that!?!?

Jawo: None of your business, porky. Now I think it's time your Afrits took a little dip.

Borgan: Noooo! Don't do that!!!

*Jawo raises the Water Blue Ring into the air*

Jawo: Now, Water Blue Ring! Bring forth a mighty storm!!

*Jawo calls out to the heavens. Moments later, as if from nowhere, rain begins to fall dousing the Afrits in water, and signficantly weakening them*

Afrits: Rrrrrggh!

Borgan: No! What have you done to my precious Afrits!?!?

ILS: Nice going, Jawo!

Jawo: We shouldn't have any problems now.

Blue: Now let's finish them off.

Borgan: No! Stop! Oh why me...?
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« Reply #65 on: 04 July, 2008, 02:25:01 pm »

Jawo: Then allow me to start things off. Hyah!!!

*Jawo draws his sword and runs after the first Afrit. He tries to smash Jawo with its hand, but it misses*

Jawo: Thanks for the boost, buddy! I could use that.

*Jawo takes the opportunity to jump on the Afrits hand and run up along its arm until reaching the top of its shoulder*

Afrit1: Rrrrrgggh!!!

*In an attempt to get Jawo off, the Afrit shoots flaming barrels at him. But with no way to shoot directly at him, the barrels completely miss their target*

Jawo: Time for the finale!

*Jawo raises his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Enlarge!

*Jawo's sword doubles in size. He then makes uses of its increased mass to slice the Afrit's head clean off its shoulders. Its head tumbles down into the lava, soon followed by its body. Jawo then leaps back to safety, rejoining the group*

Borgan: My Afrit! How could you do that!? You're a monster!

Jawo: *sheathes sword and dusts off hands* Hah, piece of cake. I'll leave the rest to you guys.

Blue: Okay! I'm gonna make short work of this next one. Just watch!

*Blue advances on the second Afrit. It shoots lasers from its eyes in an attempt to stop him, but Blue easily dodges the attacks. He then leaps directly on top of its shoulders*

Afrit2: Roooooooaaarr!!!

Borgan: Afrit, what are you doing!? Stop him now!

*The Afrit flails its arms wilidly, but despite that, it cannot land a direct hit on Blue*

Blue: Time to end it. Thunder Blade!!

*Blue casts a thunder blade spell. A sword made of pure lightning falls from the sky and plunges into the Afrit's weak spot on its head, instantly killing it. The Afrit's lifeless body falls into the lava and Blue jumps to safety*

Blue: Alright, I did it. Now who wants the last one?

Lilia/ILS: Oooh! Me me!!

*Lilia and ILS glare at eachother*

ILS: We'll flip for it.

Lilia: Fine!

Borgan: Hey, you kids! Stop making a game of this! *flails arms*

ILS: I call heads! *flips coin*

Lilia: No fair! I wanted heads!

*The coin plops on ILS' hand, he takes a peek at the outcome*

Lilia: Well, what is it?

ILS: Uhm...it's heads!

Lilia: Really? Let me see.

ILS: You can't.

Lilia: Why not!? Is it because you're lying!?

ILS: N-no. Of course not. *nervous laugh*

Lilia: Then show me!

*Lilia runs up to ILS and begins reaching for the coin, but ILS holds it up out of reach*

Lilia: Gimme!

ILS: No!

Lilia: I said give it to me!

ILS: Nobody's going to see it ever again! Hah!

*ILS blindly chucks the coin behind him. But unbeknowst to him, the coin flies up and plucks the last Afrits weak spot, taking it down*

Afrit3: Rrrrrrgh....

Borgan: *facepalm* Ugh...

ILS: Oops.

*The coin then falls back near ILS' feet, revealing it to have landed on tails afterall*

Lilia: *gasp* It was tails! You stole my kill!

ILS: It was an accident I swear!

Lilia: *smacks fist against hand* You're gonna pay for that...

Blue: Later, you guys! We still have business to take care of.

*Blue looks over at Borgan*

Borgan: *gulp* Y-You mean me?

Blue: Oh yes. You.

*The group slowly advances on Borgan*

Jawo: *cracks knuckles* I've been waiting for this.

Borgan: H-hey! C-can't we talk this over like gentlemen?

Lilia: The time for talking is over.

ILS: You're going down.

Borgan: Noooo! P-please!

Mephiles: *voice over* Oh Borgan. I see you've failed again...

Borgan: Ah, Lord Mephiles! Quickly, save me from these urchins!

Mephiles: *voice over* I don't think I'll be doing that.

Borgan: But why!?

Mephiles: *voice over* You've messed up one too many times, Borgan. I think it's time for you to go.

Borgan: N-no! You can't mean that, Lord Mephiles! I'm your most faithful follower! Give me another chance!

Mephiles: *voice over* You've had your chances and you wasted them. I have no need for a pathetic simpleton like you. Blue, you may finish him.

Blue: Hah, at last we agree on something.

Borgan: Lord Mephiles, wait!

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Jawo: I think you know what time it is...

Borgan: Please, have mercy...

*The group runs up to Borgan and begins pummeling the daylights out of him*

Borgan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghh!!!!

*After the beating ceases, Borgan is left a battered bloody mess on the ground, and his floating machine in pieces. Blue then retrieves the second key from him*

Blue: Yeah, I got it!

Borgan: Mmurrgh...

Lilia: So, we can get to the final level now, right Blue?

Blue: That's right.

Jawo: Alright! I can't wait!

Blue: Let's go. Mephiles and Agaranok are waiting for us. I think it's time we settled this.
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« Reply #66 on: 06 July, 2008, 09:24:45 am »

*Blue uses the second key to open a portal to the deepest level of Neo Jahannam. The group heads in, and the next moment, they find themselves falling through an abyss until reaching the space-like area with floating orbs scattered about*

Blue: So, I guess this is it, huh?

Jawo: Yeah, but why does it look so...spacey? And what's the deal with those orb thingies? Just where are we anyway?

Blue: We're still in Jahannam. As to why it looks like this, well, I've always wondered that myself.

ILS: Speaking of, it looks the same as when we were here last time. I guess for one reason or another, Mephiles couldn't change the structure of this area.

Lilia: Hmm, I wonder why that is...

Jawo: No time to ponder over it now. We need to get going, right Blue?

Blue: You're right. Let's go.

*As Blue steps forward, the orbs line up, forming a pathway for the group to traverse. Jawo runs ahead as usual, and the group follows, except for Lilia, who seems reluctant*

ILS: Lilia...?

Blue: Lilia, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, or you'll be left behind.

Lilia: Oh..ooh...alright...

*Lilia steps lightly on the path of orbs. She begins to lose her balance and quickly steps back*

Lilia: Eeep!

Jawo: Hey! Any day now, grandma!

Lilia: You shut up!

Blue: *sigh* Hang on, Lilia. I'll help you.

*Blue walks back over to Lilia and kneels down with his back facing her*

Blue: Alright, get on.

Lilia: You mean..you're going to carry me?

Blue: That's right. If you're too scared to cross, I'll just do it for you.

Lilia: Thanks, Blue! You're a sweetie!

*Lilia jumps on Blue's back. He struggles to get up, but manages to do so*

Blue: Urk! Gee...you're pretty heavy, Lilia...

Lilia: *gasp* Blue! You're so rude!

Blue: What?

Jawo: Can we move it along now? Agaranok and Mephiles will die of old age before we can get to them!

Blue: Yeah yeah. Coming...

*The group arrives at the end of the pathway, reaching a swirling vortex of light*

Jawo: What gives? We can't go any further!

Blue: Oh yes we can.

Jawo: Huh?

ILS: *gulp* This is the part where we jump in there, isn't it?

Blue: Yes it is. Here we go!

Lilia: Blue, wait a minute!

*Blue, carrying Lilia on his back, jumps into the swirl of light*

Lilia: Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

ILS: Oh man. I hate this...

*ILS begins to backstep*

Jawo: Hey, where are you going?

ILS: N-nowhere...

Jawo: Then get in there!

*Jawo grabs ILS and throws him into the light*

ILS: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

Jawo: Now it's my turn! Yahoo!!!

*Jawo dives headfirst into the light. The group enters the mysterious portal, landing in a dark, temple-like room on the other side. Before them stands Mephiles, sitting patiently on his throne*

Blue: Mephiles!!!

Mephiles: So Blue, you finally made it! Oh how I anticipated your arrival.

Blue: It's time to settle this once and for all.

Mephiles: I agree. Heheheh...

Jawo: Hold up, Blue. I get dibs on him first.

Mephiles: Hm? And who might you be? I don't recall your face.

Jawo: Oh yeah? Well I recall yours. Or maybe it was the little flower girl?

Mephiles: Ah...! So you were that brat who tried to fight me with water.

Jawo: Hah, well this time, I've got a more...solid weapon.

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Mephiles: Haha! What a joke! You should just be thankful that I didn't kill you on the spot! Hahahahaha!!

Jawo: I'll make you eat those words!

*Jawo runs forward and leaps into the air. He quickly draws his sword and slashes overhead*

Jawo: Diiiiiiiiiie!!!!


*Mephiles grabs hold of Jawo's blade and snaps it in half*

Jawo: N-no way!!

Mephiles: How dare you try to fight me with a novelty weapon like that!

*Mephiles blasts Jawo at point blank range in the gut with a purple bolt. He is send flying backwards*

Jawo: Huuaaaggh!

Lilia: Jawo!

Blue: Jawo, are you okay?

Jawo: Y-yeah...that attack was nothing...*panting*

Mephiles: Nahahaha!

Blue: Mephiles, you won't get away with that!

Mephiles: Blue, I'd love to cut you to ribbons. But...I promised my dear friend Agaranok that he could have a turn first.

??: That's my cue.

*Agaranok appears in front of the group*

Agaranok: Welcome, Blue. So good to see you.

Blue: Too bad I can't say the same.

Agaranok: Aww, are you still sore?

Blue: What do you think? You murdered our friend. You stole his life before my very eyes. I'll never forgive you for that!!

Agaranok: Yes! You are fueled by vengence! I can feel the anger and hatred deep inside of you. I can feel your power!

*Agaranok draws his sword*

Agaranok: Now come. Give me the fight I've been waiting for.

Blue: Guys, I want you to stay out of this. Leave Agaranok to me.

Jawo: Fine.

Blue: Huh?

ILS: We understand.

Blue: You're...not going to argue?

Lilia: Well yeah, we'd rather be fighting with you, but we've come to learn that some things you just have to do on your own.

ILS: Besides, we know full well that you can take him without our help.

Jawo: Just make sure you hit him once for me. ...Okay, maybe twice...

Blue: Heh, thanks guys.

Agaranok: Are you ready, Blue?

Blue: I am. But just one more thing...

Agaranok: ?

Blue: This is neither anger nor hatred. I'm not fighting only to avenge Collin, but for the sake of everyone that believes in me. My strength comes from them!

Agaranok: Ah, I see. It seems I've misjudged you...

Mephiles: Agaranok, get on with it!

Agaranok: Very well...

*Agaranok point his sword at Blue*

Agaranok: Fight me!!!
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« Reply #67 on: 07 July, 2008, 12:07:58 am »

Blue: Here I come!

*Blue dashes forward and throws multiple punches at Agaranok. He dodges them by stepping backwards, then avoids the last punch by side stepping. He then counters with a swipe of his sword, but Blue anticipates it and bounces back*

Blue: Nice try!

Agaranok: *surprised* You...you're faster than before.

*Agaranok dashes at Blue and delivers three slashes in quick succession*

Agaranok: But still not faster than me.

Blue: Urgk!!

Agaranok: Had those been killing strokes, this fight would've been over.

Blue: Don't...play games with me...

Agaranok: These are no games. I am holding nothing back, Blue. If I had come at you with the intent to kill, you would've surely dodged it. That is why I must catch you off guard, if I ever hope to land such a blow.

Mephiles: Agaranok!

Agaranok: Yes?

Mephiles: Shut up and fight! No more words!

Agaranok: *sigh* You're a real pain, do you know that?

Mephiles: What did you say...?

Agaranok: Nothing, master. *addresses Blue* Well then, Blue. Shall we get back to it?

Blue: Yeah, let's go.

Agaranok: Very well!

*Agaranok rushes Blue once more and unleashes a volley of quick slashes, finishing with a blow from the hilt of his sword that sends Blue stumbling back*

Blue: Nngh!!

Agaranok: I'm not done with you yet. Come here!

*Agaranok grabs Blue by the front of his vest and lifts him into the air. He then delivers a flip kick to his chin which sends him upwards and then falling flat on his back*

Blue: Uaagh!!

Lilia: Blue!!

*Lilia steps forward, but Jawo grabs and restrains her*

Jawo: No, Lilia. We have to let him do it.

Lilia: But...

Agaranok: You'd best listen to the brash one. Lest you desire a painful end.

Lilia: *softly* Urgh... *clenches fists and grits teeth*

Blue: Lilia...

Lilia: Blue..?

Blue: I told you...to stay out of it...

Lilia: I know, but how can you expect me to do that?! I can't just stand by and watch you get hurt. Not when I can do something about it!

Blue: You have to believe in me!

Lilia: But Blue..I...

Blue: You have to, Lilia!

Lilia: *sigh* Fine. But if he gets you on the ropes again, I'm stepping in whether you want me to or not!

Blue: Heh, you don't have to worry. That won't be happening.

*Blue springs to his feet and unbuttons his vest*

Blue: Now it's time to get serious.

Agaranok: Serious you say? Well, since you put it that way...

*Agaranok throws off his cape*

Agaranok: Then allow me to get "serious" as well.

ILS: Come on, Blue! You can do it!

Jawo: Yeah, there's no way you can lose to that guy!

Blue: I've got it, guys. No need to worry.

Agaranok: Well aren't you the confident one? Care to show me exactly what you've "got"?

Blue: Alright, you asked for it! Eruption!

*Blue clenches his fist and pounds it into the ground. Moments later, a pillar of lava bursts from the ground in under Agaranok*

Agaranok: W-whaa--!!

*Agaranok bounces back, barely managing to avoid the fierce spell*

Agaranok: Darn. I wasn't expecting that...

*Agaranok looks forward and notices that Blue is no longer there*

Agaranok: What!? Where did he--

*At that moment, Agaranok is struck from behind by a sideways flying kick from Blue, having used the Eruption as a decoy*

Blue: Tah!!

Agaranok: Aaarggh!!!

*The force of the blow sends Agaranok flying and then rolling along the ground*

Blue: Hah! I bet you weren't expecting that either!

Lilia: Ah! Awesome move, Blue!
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« Reply #68 on: 08 July, 2008, 09:49:51 am »

*Agaranok's body lays on the ground, not moving at all*

Jawo: Alright, Blue! You got him! Now finish him off!

Blue: Yeah! Hrraggh!!

*Blue runs towards Agaranok and prepares to deal the finishing blow. But when he approaches, Agaranok's body disappears in a puff of smoke*

Blue: Huh? What the--

ILS: He...disappeared...

Blue: But where did he get to? *looks back and forth*

Agaranok: I hope you didn't think it would be that easy...

Blue: What!?

Lilia: Blue, above you!

*Blue looks upwards to see Agaranok flying above him*

Blue: !!!

*Agaranok holds his sword up into the air. It becomes coated in purple electricity and grows longer and longer*

Agaranok: Now I'll show you real power! Hyaah!

*Agaranok lands and stabs Blue with his powered up blade. The attack sends currents of electricity surging through his body, frying him from within*

Blue: Nnnnaaaggggh!!

*Agaranok pulls the blade from Blue's body, and it returns to normal. Afterwards, Blue kneels to the ground, grasping his wound. Still with electrical charges coursing through him*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Agaranok: Shocking, isn't it? Ahahahah! I made a funny!

Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Mephiles: *sweatdrop*

Mephiles: Argh! Idiot!

Agaranok: *rubs head* Hmm, tough crowd...

Blue: Haah!!

Agaranok: Bwah...

*Blue takes advantage of Agaranok's lapse in focus and lunges forward with punch, but Agaranok disappears, avoiding the attack*

Blue: Damnit, I missed.

*Agaranok then reappears behind Blue and slashes him*

Agaranok: Ha! Too slow!

Blue: Gah!!

Agaranok: You'll never beat me like that. I thought you were getting serious?

Blue: I haven't lost yet.

Agaranok: But you will if you can't dodge this!!

*Agaranok stabs at Blue with his sword. But instead of dodging, Blue grabs hold of the blade with his bare hands*

Agaranok: What?!

Blue: Heheheh. I got you now.

Agaranok: But how are...how are you not damaged at all!?

Blue: Who said I wasn't?

Agaranok: Huh?

*Agaranok looks at Blue's hand to see blood spilling down from them*

Agaranok: Hmph! You...

Blue: Yeah, it hurts, but it's a small price to pay for this!!!

*Blue pulls Agaranok forward and unleashes a powerful punch on his face, sending him careening straight into a wall*

Agaranok: Uaagh!

Blue: Now, Spiral Flare!

*Blue follows up the attack with a Spiral Flare spell. A large bolt of flames shoots towards Agaranok at a high speed. The spell collides, causing an explosion upon impact*

Agaranok: Aaaaaaaaggggh!!!

Blue: *pumps fist* Yeah!!

*When the smoke clears, Agaranok is seen smashed up against the wall. He then falls and smacks to the ground*

Agaranok: Urgh...

Mephiles: Mmph! Agaranok, you better get up!

Lilia: Blue, I think you've got him this time!

ILS: Yeah, now's your chance! Do it!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue runs foward and leaps into the air. He then engulfs his fist in flames and decends at a great speed*

Blue: Here it comes!!!

Agaranok: ...Hah!

Blue: What!?

*As Blue nears, Agaranok quickly springs up and grabs hold of him*

Agaranok: I got you! Hmhm, you fell for it...

Blue: *struggles* Aagh! How could you--

Agaranok: I'll admit, you almost had me. Almost. But now it's over!

Blue: Ergh...

Agaranok: I think it's time you got reacquainted with....Shun Goku Satsu!!!

*The entire area goes pitch black*
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« Reply #69 on: 09 July, 2008, 12:06:49 am »

*After the area grows dark, rapid slashes of dark energy are seen all across the room*

Jawo: What's going on!? What is that!?

ILS: I remember, this is the attack he used on Blue last time we fought him!

Lilia: It was the attack that beat him too.

Jawo: It beat him!? Damnit...do something, Blue...

*The darkness begins to clear from the room. Lilia then covers her eyes*

Lilia: I...I can't look! Please, someone tell me when it's over.

Jawo: Oh, it's over alright.

Lilia: Huh..?

ILS: You might wanna look at this, Lilia...

*Lilia uncovers her eyes*

Lilia: Ah...AH!!

*The darkness is gone, but Agaranok is layed out on the ground instead, with Blue standing over him*

Agaranok: Urk!!

Blue: Hmm. Shun Goku Satsu, eh? Pretty cool attack, if I must say so myself. *dusts off hands*

Lilia: Blue!!

Blue: Oh, hey Lilia! *waves*

Agaranok: You! H-how did you--

Blue: Heh, did you think I didn't see that coming? I knew you were going to try that attack before this fight was over, and I was prepared for it!

Agaranok: How did you counter my Shun Goku Satsu!? It's supposed to be unbeatable!

Blue: A magician never reveals his secrets! *winks and gives a thumbs up*

Jawo: You're not that kind of magician, ding dong!

Blue: Well you know what I mean!

Agaranok: Ergh...agh...

Blue: Are you coming back for more?

*Agaranok struggles to get up, but his energy is depleted and can no longer fight*

Agaranok: Ugh..no. It's..it's over. I can't fight anymore...

Blue: Hm.

Agaranok: I commend you, Blue. Perhaps I was just cocky, but I thought I had it all in the bag. But you've proven me wrong, and in the most humiliating way no less. Never in all my years has anyone been able to use my Shun Goku Satsu against me. You truly are one of a kind...

Blue: Well thanks. I hate to say it, but that means a lot coming from you.

Agaranok: You don't need to thank me, I merely speak the truth. You...are the better warrior. And as such, you have the honor of doing this...

*Agaranok hands Blue his sword*

Blue: Wh-what's this for...?

Agaranok: For you to kill me.

Blue: What!? But..why?

Agaranok: It is the warrior's way, Blue. As the victor of our duel, you must take my life with my own blade. Only then, will I be able to die with honor.

Blue: But...

Agaranok: Why do you hesitate? Am I not your enemy? Did I not take the life of your comrade? Come, you been waiting for this, haven't you? Now destroy me. Give me an honorable death.

Jawo: Come on, Blue! Just jam it right in there!

ILS: Yeah, do it for Collin!!

*Blue looks at the sword with uncertainty*

Blue: Hmm....

Agaranok: What are you waiting for? Kill me now.

Blue: ...No.

*Blue drops Agaranok's sword*

Agaranok: What!?

Jawo: Blue, what are you doing!? He said he wants to die, so why won't you nix him!?

Blue: You just said it, Jawo. He wants to die.

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: It's exactly what he wants. For everything that he's done, I don't think it'd be right for me to give him an honorable death. Instead, I've decided to let him live in shame.

Lilia: Oh, I got it! For someone like Agaranok, that's sure to be a fate worse than death!

Blue: See, now you're getting it!

Jawo: Hmph. I still wanna see him rot...

Agaranok: Ha ha...Blue, you're quite cunning. I thought for sure that you would kill me to avenge your friend. But you've proven me wrong once again.

Blue: Heheh, well, you know... *shrugs*

Agaranok: But I hope you're aware that by letting me walk away from here, you allow me the chance to challenge you again.

Blue: Well, that doesn't mean I have to accept.

Agaranok: What?

Blue: To add insult to injury, I'll never accept another challenge from you. This fight was our last, pal.

Agaranok: So you would deny me the opportunity to redeem myself?

Blue: Well yeah. You didn't think I'd let you off that easy, did you? Just consider this payback for killing Collin.

Agaranok: Hmph. You're a shrewd customer, Blue. Very well then. I...accept this punishment. It's not like I have a choice anyhow...

Blue: Let this be a lesson to you.

Agaranok: Oh please. But...I guess I do deserve this. *sigh* Oh well. Mephiles, it looks like you're on your own now. I'm outta here.

Mephiles: *grumbles*

Agaranok: So long, and good luck. You'll need it. Hahahahaha!!!

*Agaranok disappears*

Mephiles: Mmph! Agaranok, you waste of flesh.

*Blue turns and faces Mephiles*

Blue: Mephiles! Now it's just you and me!

Mephiles: *sigh* Sometimes dealing with barbarians can be such a bother.

*Mephiles slowly rises from his throne*

Mephiles: But as they say, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Lilia: Don't forget us, Blue!

*Lilia, Jawo, and ILS grab their weapons and join the fray*

ILS: We're here with you!

Jawo: And ready to fight.

Blue: But Jawo...what about your sword? I thought it was broken?

*Jawo holds up his sword to show that blade is fully reformed*

Jawo: You know, the thing about crystal is...it always grows back.

Blue: Great.

Jawo: You're telling me. Now let's kick some ass!

Mephiles: Excellent. The more the merrier! Now I can take you all out at once! The end is near, Blue!!
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« Reply #70 on: 10 July, 2008, 12:21:35 pm »

Mephiles: My dark power will be the end of you! Hah!

*Mephiles outstretches his hand and continuously shoots purple orbs at the group*

Jawo: Here it comes!

Blue: Break, everybody!

*The group splits off to avoid the attack. Jawo goes in for the attack, and rushes towards Mephiles*

Jawo: I'm going to get you this time!

Mephiles: You again? I thought I broke that toy of yours?

Jawo: It's no toy. And I'll show you why! Hyah!

*Jawo slashes overhead, but Mephiles blocks the attack with his arm*

Jawo: Ergh...

Mephiles: Like I said, just a toy.

ILS: Then let me show you some real blades!

*ILS joins in and attacks Mephiles from the opposite side. But he too blocks the attack with his other arm*

Mephiles: Ha! If that's all you got, you're just wasting your time!

Jawo: Then I say we show him what else we can do. How about it, ILS?

ILS: Yeah, let's do it.

*The two continuously attack Mephiles from all sides, but he still manages to guard against their every strike*

ILS: Damn, he blocks everything we throw at him.

Jawo: Don't give in now, he can't keep it up forever!

Mephiles: You pests. Get away! Aaargh!!

*Mephiles raises his arms and field of energy erects around him, forcing Jawo and ILS way, sending them sliding backwards*

Jawo: Looks like we're going to have to try another approach...

Lilia: Then let us try! Are you ready, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, go for it.

Lilia: Okay!

*Lilia rushes in and attacks Mephiles with her twin daggers, but he easily dodges by stepping out of the way*

Mephiles: You were a fool to challenge me, little girl.

*Mephiles stops Lilia's attack and grabs her by the neck*

Lilia: Agh!

Mephiles: Now I'll do something I should've done a long time ago!

*Mephiles charges a purple bolt to finish Lilia off*

Blue: Fireball!!

Mephiles: What?

*Blue intervenes by using a Fireball spell to attack Mephiles' hand, freeing Lilia. Once free, she then makes an unseen gesture and backs off*

Lilia: Thanks Blue!

Mephiles: Argh! Blue! You're always getting in my way. I think I'll come after you now.

*Mephiles begins to float towards Blue*

Blue: Do it, Lilia!

Lilia: Alright! ...Now!!

*Nothing happens*

Blue: Hey...what's going on?

Lilia: I don't know! My remote bomb...it should've exploded!

Mephiles: Oh, you mean THIS remote bomb? Heheh.

*Mephiles holds up the bomb and crushes it in his hand. He then releases the broken pieces to the ground*

Lilia: Aah!

Mephiles: Nice try, Lilia. But if you thought you could fool me with a childish trick like that, then you're sadly mistaken. Now take this!!!

*Mephiles shoots a stream of purple lightning at Lilia*

Blue: Lilia, look out!

Lilia: Aaaaggh!!

*The lightning strikes Lilia, knocking her out*

Lilia: Unh..I..I thought I could do it...

Blue: No!!

Mephiles: Hahahahaha! Pathetic girl. You were never a match for me.

Jawo: Mephiles...you're gonna pay!

Mephiles: Then come. Give me a fight! I'm just getting warmed up over here.

Jawo: Okay, you asked for it!

*Jawo holds up sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Berg!

Mephiles: Huh?

*Suddenly a huge chunk of crystal forms over Mephiles' head and drops on him, concealing him in crystal*

Mephiles: Eraggh! You...release me from this at once!

Jawo: Not a chance! I'm just getting started!

*Jawo runs up to Mephiles and begins rapidly slashing at him, breaking apart the crystal prison with each hit. The final strike completely shatters it, greatly damaging Mephiles as well*

Mephiles: Oof! M-my body...*grumble* Why you...that hurt you little brat..

Jawo: Hah, how's that for a toy!?

Mephiles: Argh! That's it! I'm going to destroy all of you!

*Mephiles raises his hands into the air*

Mephiles: Hahahahahaha! You won't escape this! Blood Rain!
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« Reply #71 on: 10 July, 2008, 11:41:16 pm »

*A red sphere of energy emerges from Mephiles' hands. And it soon bursts into hundreds of tiny bolts that begin to rain upon the group*

Blue: Damn. ILS, hurry and protect Lilia!

ILS: I'm on it!

*ILS runs over to Lilia and slings her over his shoulder*

ILS: Easy now. Are you okay?

Lilia: Yeah, I'm fine...

ILS: Oops, no more time, now get ready!

*ILS twirls his blades over his head like a propeller, in an attempt to shield both himself and Lilia from the blood rain. Meanwhile, Jawo takes cover with Blue as he erects a barrier around himself*

Mephiles: You think that's going to save you from my blood rain? Well here! Have some more! HAH!

*Mephiles unleashes another wave of Blood rain upon the group*

Blue: Urgh, no!

Jawo: Come on, Blue! Keep that barrier up!

Blue: I...don't know if I can. If he continues that attack, it'll give in after a while...

Mephiles: Take this! And that! And some of these! Hahaha!

*Mephiles continuously attacks with blood rain, shooting wave after wave. Meanwhile, ILS is beginning to tire and lose control*

ILS: *panting* Hah...ha....

Lilia: ILS...are you alright..?

ILS: I'd be lying if I said I was. I hate to say it, but if something isn't done, we're through!

*ILS calls out to Blue*

ILS: Hey Blue! Do something, would you!? I can't hold out forever!

Blue: Ooh, darnit! We can't lose now! Gotta think...hm..Jawo!

Jawo: What?

Blue: Can't you make us a shield with that crystal of yours?

Jawo: Huh? But..I never praticed any defensive techniques...

Blue: Well you're gonna have to try something. Because if you don't...

Jawo: Yeah, I think I got that part. *sigh* Alright, just leave it to me.

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares a new technique*

Blue: Hurry! The barrier is breaking!

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal...uhm...Fortress!!!

*Jawo's blade shatters. And the next moment, a massive tower of crystals surround the group, providing them with ample cover from the blood rain*

Mephiles: Hah, that won't save you! How about this!?

*Mephiles stops using blood rain and attacks head on with purple bolts. But it can't penetrate the crystal fortress*

Mephiles: *grumble* Damn, it's too strong. Curse that boy and his toys!

ILS: Whoohoo! Jawo, you did it!

Jawo: Phew. That was a close one. Took a lot out of me too...

Blue: Can't you still fight?

Jawo: Of course I can! Don't count me out yet.

Blue: How about you, Lilia? Are you feeling alright?

Lilia: Y-yeah. I'm not at 100%, but I think I can still help out.

Blue: Okay. Then let's use this opportunity to pull off a surprise attack.

*The group nods in agreement*

Mephiles: Argh! Come out of there! You can't hide forever! Haaah!

*Mephiles futily attacks the fortress with purple bolts*

Mephiles: Hmph. It's no use. I have to stop or I'll exhaust my power...

ILS: Plasma Array!

Mephiles: Hmm!?

*ILS bursts out of the fortress towards Mephiles and slashes at the air. The swing of his sword generates a wave of plasma that cuts through Mephiles*

Mephiles: Aaargh!

ILS: Ha, got ya! You're up, Lilia!

Lilia: Alright! Chain Bombs!

*Lilia pulls a group of bombs in a pack from her satchel and tosses it at Mephiles. One detonates, causing a chain reaction that results in a wide explosion*

Mephiles: Erragh! Err...

Lilia: Go for it, Jawo!

Jawo: Try this, Mephiles! Crystal Formation: Duster Trap!

*Jawo blade explodes, causing a spread of crystal powder to cover the entire ground. The powder under Mephiles' feet reforms and hardens around his legs, trapping him*

Mephiles: What!? This can't be!

Jawo: Finish it, Blue!

Blue: Here we go! Flame Lance!

*A lance of pure flames shoots towards Mephiles and impales him through the gut*

Mephiles: AAArgggh!!

Blue: It's not over yet!

*Blue pulls back his arm, causing the flame lance to explode, engulfing Mephiles in a plume of burning fire*

Mephiles: Noooooooooo!!!!

*A silhouette of Mephiles in the flames is seen falling to the ground*

Lilia: Is it...over?

ILS: I think it is, Lilia. ...I think we did it!

Jawo: He's toast, Blue!

Blue: Phew. Good. Now let's get out of here, guys. Lilia.

Lilia: Mhm!

*The group turns around to leave, when suddenly...*

Mephiles: Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuue!!!!

Group: !!!

Mephiles: You're not going anywhere!!!
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« Reply #72 on: 11 July, 2008, 04:55:20 pm »

*Mephiles emerges from the flames, badly burned and injured, but still up and about as if at 100%*

Blue: Mephiles!

Jawo: You're still alive? Do you ever stay dead!?

Mephiles: I won't die. Not until I've dragged Blue to Hell!

Lilia: You can't beat us! Just give up already!

Mephiles: Shut up! Stupid girl. This fight...is FAR from over. Now let me show you my REAL power!

ILS: R-real power...?

Mephiles: I didn't expect it to come to this, but you've left me no choice. It's time I crush you beneath my heel!

*Mephiles begins to magnify his power*

Mephiles: Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!

Lilia: W-what's he doing!?

Blue: I...I can feel his power. It's growing to unimaginable heights!

Jawo: He's changing shape! Stay alert!

*The effect of Mephiles' power amplification transforms his shape into that of an enormous dark horned demon. His body is now brimming with energy, causing the ground to crumble beneath him*

ILS: Check out that power! It's insane!

Lilia: Unh! It's so strong...I can hardly stand!

Mephiles: Hehehehe. How do you like me now, Blue? Are you afraid yet? You should be!

Blue: I'll never be afraid of you. I don't care how big you get.

Jawo: You tell im, Blue! We can take him!

Mephiles: You talk a big game, but I doubt you can back it up! To show you what you're up against, let me give you a taste of my new powers.

*Mephiles pounds his fists into the ground, creating an intense energy wave that shoots towards the group*

Blue: Uh oh!

Lilia: It's too big, we can't get away!

Jawo: Brace yourselves!

*The energy wave collides with group, sending them sky high and slamming into a wall*

Blue: Urgh!

Mephiles: Oh no, the fun doesn't stop there! Eat this!

*Mephiles opens his mouth and fires a spritz of purple bolts at the group*

Blue: Hurry, move it!

*The group runs leaps to the side, avoiding the attack*

Mephiles: So it's a game of cat and mouse, huh? Then so be it! I've got energy to spare, so let's play! Hahahahaha!!

*Mephiles' eyes begin to glow with a golden light. He then shoots rays of light from his eyes that explode on contact. The group scurries frantically to avoid the constant attacks*

Mephiles: Scurry, little mice! Hahahahaha!!!

Jawo: Blue, we can't run forever! We have to fight back!

Blue: Yeah, you're right. It's time to go on the offensive!

Jawo: Now we're talkin', I'll go first!

*Jawo dives to safety and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystalline Meteor!

*Jawo's sword explodes, and moments later, a giant crystal sphere plummets from the sky towards Mephiles*

Jawo: I think that's big enough for you!

*Mephiles reaches out and catches the meteor in his hand with no effort at all*

Mephiles: Hmph. Pathetic.

*He then crushes the meteor to pieces in his palm, rendering the attack ineffective*

Jawo: What!? That's impossible!

Mephiles: No, it's entirely possible. Especially when you're as strong as I! Now disappear!!

*Mephiles outstretches his hand and releases an onimous wave of energy from his palm. The wave passes by Jawo, and he begins to feel funny*

Jawo: Kch!!

Lilia: Jawo, what's the matter?

Jawo: My...my body. *kneels down* It's like it sapped all of my strength...

*Jawo begins to collapse when ILS catches him*

ILS: I gotcha, buddy! Just hang in there, alright?

Blue: ILS, you take care of Jawo. I'll handle Mephiles.

Mephiles: You, handle me? You must be joking. What do you think you can do by your lonesome self?

Blue: This! Explosion!!!

*Blue forms a fireball in his hand and hurls it at Mephiles. It collides and causes a huge explosion of flames, engulfing Mephiles entirely*

Blue: Yeah, take that!

Lilia: Blue, you got him!

Mephiles: Not quite, hahahahaha!!

Blue: Huh!?

*The blast fades, revealing Mephiles completely unharmed by the spell*

Mephiles: You fool. Your weak magic can never harm me! You're as good as dead!

*Mephiles points out his index finger and carves a star-like symbol into the air*

Mephiles: Satan Cross!!!

*The symbol shines and fills the room with a blinding light. When the light dissipates, Blue and the others are layed out on the ground, seemingly hurt*

Blue: Agh..damnit. What the hell was that.. Urk...

*Blue struggles to get up, but can't manage to*

Blue: Ugh, it's..it's no use...

Lilia: Blue..is it...is it over? Have we lost?

Jawo: No! It can't be over! We have to get up and fight!

*Jawo tries to stand, but the pain pulls him back to the ground*

Jawo: Aagh!!

Blue: I don't know, Lilia. But I refuse to give up...not until we've beaten him.

ILS: But how? Our attacks can't even hurt him. How can we beat someone...so strong, so powerful...?

Mephiles: You can't, that's how! I am the ultimate power! There's no force alive that can defeat me!

Blue: M-Mephiles...I'll..defeat you!!

Mephiles: Nice try, Blue. But there's nothing you can do! Now to exact my final revenge! It's over! For all of you!

*Mephiles holds up his hands and begins to slowly charge one final attack*

Mephiles: Hahahaha. The end...it's coming soon....

*Meanwhile, Zeldafan and the others have been watching the battle taking place from a magic crystal ball*

Rachel: *gasp* No! He's going to finish them off!

Zeldafan: Oh man, they're in big trouble...

Mizuna: ZF, can't you do something to help them!?

Zeldafan: Uhm..I don't know if I can, Mizuna...

Mizuna: And why not!?

Zeldafan: It's just...I don't know what to do. I don't think there's anything that can defeat Mephiles now.

Mizuna: You're kidding, right!? You have to at least try! Come on! Blue and the others need you!

Rachel: Zeldafan, please...

Zeldafan: Well...there might be one thing we can try...

Rachel: Hm?

Zeldafan: But Blue has to be the one to do it. Once I give it to him, it'll all rest on his shoulders.

Mizuna: Okay! Just hurry before it's too late!

Zeldafan: Alright. I'll contact him now. I just hope this works...
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Zeldafan: Blue!

Blue: Huh...?

Zeldafan: Blue, can you hear me!?

Blue: Zeldafan...is that you?

Zeldafan: Yes. I'm speaking to you through telepathy.

Blue: Well, then I'm pretty sure you can see that we're in a bind here. So I don't really have time for small talk.

Zeldafan: Blue, I'm here to help, you dork!

Blue: You are? How?

Zeldafan: I have something that can possibly bring down Mephiles, but only you have with it takes to use it.

Blue: Okay, what is it?

Zeldafan: It's the purifiying blades, the light magic spell Prism Sword.

Blue: Light Magic!? But Zeldafan, you know--!!

Zeldafan: I know, you don't have an affinity for light magic, but you have to try! This is our only hope!

Blue: *sigh* I...understand.

Zeldafan: Thanks Blue. Just chant the words "I call upon the power of the holy blade" and do what you do best, okay?

Blue: Got it.

Zeldafan: Alrighty! Give it your best, Blue. We're counting on you.

*Zeldafan ends her transmission*

Blue: Okay, it's time to do it.

*Blue gathers his strength and rises to his feet*

Lilia: Blue..w-what are you doing?

Blue: Everyone's hope lies with me now. I have to do it!!

Jawo: What? Do what, Blue?

ILS: Have you gone crazy?

Blue: No. I now have the power to defeat Mephiles!

Mephiles: Ha! You speak nonsense, Blue. Death is the only thing that awaits you! Your end is now!!

*Mephiles finishes charging his final attack*

Blue: I call upon the power of the holy blade. ...Prism Sword!!!

Mephiles: Die, Blue!!!

*Mephiles prepares to unleash his attack when a strange symbol appears below his feet*

Mephiles: What...?

*Then four swords of light rain down and plant into the four corners of the symbol, trapping Mephiles in place and neutralizing his attack*

Mephiles: Nooo! My attack! W-what is this!? What have you done to me!?

*And finally, one final giant sword crashes down and stabs directly into Mephiles' skull*

Mephiles: Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggh!!!

Jawo: *astonished* Whoa...

Lilia: That's..amazing...

Mephiles: No! This cannot be happening!! I'm the ultimate power! I cannot be beaten like this!! WHY!? MY REVENGE....!!!!

Blue: Will never come to fruition! Die, Mephiles! Hah!!

*Blue slams his hand down, causing the sword to plunge deeper into Mephiles. The swords then explodes in a huge burst of light, engulfing Mephiles and destroying him once and for all*

Mephiles: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaggh!!!

*The light fades and the symbol disappears, as does Mephiles' body*

Blue: Phew. Heh..heh...

*Blue falls over from exhaustion when Jawo catches him*

Jawo: Whoa there. Are you okay, Blue?

Blue: Now...it's truly over.

*Blue falls unconscious in Jawo's arms with a smile on his face*

Jawo: Ugh, I guess now I'm gonna have to carry him back. *sigh* Consider this a favor, Blue.

Lilia: Blue...you did it.

ILS: I always knew he could. I mean, he's Blue afterall. Haha!

Jawo: Ah well. I think it's time we got out of here. Let's go.

*Meanwhile on the surface*

Mizuna: Yeah! He did it! Blue did it! He won!!

*The three girls cheer and share a 3-man high five*

Zeldafan/Rachel/Mizuna: YES!!!

*Back below, the group returns to the upper level after a gruesome battle. They pass through the demon village when the demon from earlier approaches them again*

Demon: Lord Blue! Did something happen to my liege?

Jawo: Nah, don't worry. He's just tired is all.

*Blue comes to*

Blue: Hey..w-where am I..?

Demon: Lord Blue!!

Jawo: Ah, so the sleeping beauty awakens. Now you can get off my back!

*Jawo leans over, causing Blue to fall the the ground*

Blue: Ow, hey! *rubs head*

Demon: *gasp* How dare you do that to my liege!

Jawo: Meh. *shrugs*

Blue: It's okay. He's just being Jawo, afterall.

Jawo: Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?

Blue: Forget it.

Demon: So is it true? Did you really defeat Mephiles?

Blue: That's right. He'll never torment anybody ever again. He's gone, for good this time.

Demon: Hooray! I knew nobody could defeat you, Lord Blue. You're the strongest!

Blue: Heheheh. *blushes*

Jawo: Just don't let it get to your head. I'm still better than you.

Lilia: *sternly* Jawo...

Jawo: Hmph. Okay fine. I'm sorry...

Demon: So what now, Lord Blue? Are you going to remain here with your loyal subjects?

Blue: We already went over this. I'm going back home to the surface world. I can't stay here with you. I have no desire to rule.

Demon: Oh..I see. I had thought you would've changed your mind, but I guess not...

Blue: I apologize.

Demon: No, it's okay. I know that up above, you have people that love and care for you. I wouldn't wanna tear you away from them.

Blue: Thanks. But, I don't think it's right to leave this place without a ruler, so...

*Blue takes out the Jahnnam jewel and hands it to the demon*

Blue: Here. This is yours now.

Demon: What!? B-but...it's your royal jewel! I cannot take this!

Lilia: Yeah, Blue. Didn't you say that jewel was a testament to your change? You can't give up something so precious!

Blue: I know, but I'm reminded of just how much I changed by you guys everyday. I don't wanna part with the jewel after so long, but, I don't need it anymore.

Demon: Oh, Lord Blue. I'm so honored! I'll cherish it everyday! I'll clean and polish it and place it on a pedestal and--

Blue: Hey hey, enough of that. I'm not Lord Blue anymore, okay?

Demon: Okay. ...I, Gilliam, will do everything in my power to be the best ruler I can be!

Blue: And that's all I could ever ask for.

Gilliam: So Lo--I mean, Blue. Your friends on the surface are waiting for you. Shall I send you back?

Blue: Yes, please.

Gilliam: Okay, here you go!

*Gilliam uses his powers and a tractor beam appears over the group, pulling them into the air and back up to the surface*

Gilliam: Goodbye, Lo--er, Blue! And thanks for everything!

Blue: Bye, Gilliam! Take care!

*The tractor beam takes the group out of sight*

Gilliam: *to himself* You'll always be my liege, Lord Blue.
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« Reply #74 on: 12 July, 2008, 12:30:14 pm »

*The tractor beam appears on the surface, and from it, Blue and the group comes down*

Blue: Hey guys. We're back.

Zeldafan: Blue-kun!!

*Zeldafan runs up and hugs Blue tight*

Blue: Whoa!

Zeldafan: I'm so glad you're all safe.

Blue: Yeah well, it was all thanks to you and your spell, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Aw shucks, I don't deserve the credit. All I did was give it to you. You did all of the work, Blue.

Blue: Well thanks anyway. I know I can always count on you when things get rough.

Zeldafan: Heehee, that's what I'm here for!

*beepbeep beepbeep*

Zeldafan: Oh!

Blue: What was that?

Zeldafan: It's my watch. And would you look at the time! We have to get going, pronto!

Mizuna: Okay, see you later, ZF!

Zeldafan: I said WE! Come on you!

*Zeldafan grabs Mizuna's arm and pulls her away*

Blue: Hey wait, where are you two going?

Zeldafan: Hmm, how should I put it...? Well, Bob is working on a..project..of sorts, and he really needs our help.

Mizuna: *sigh* Yeah, ZF is right. I'd love nothing more than to stay and chat with you Blue, but as you know, we've got a job to do.

Blue: Okay. Hope to see you all soon.

Zeldafan: It'll be sooner than you think! Heehee.

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Oh nevermind. Bye Blue!

Mizuna: Goodbye! *waves*

*Both Zeldafan and Mizuna disappear*

Blue: Well that was cryptic...

Rachel: So, it's all over now, huh?

ILS: Yeah, it is. We can finally get back to bounty hunting now!

Rachel: Alright! But hold on..!

ILS: Hm?

Rachel: What are we going to do? Mephiles killed the real Official. We can't operate without a leader...

ILS: Oh...you're right...

Lilia: Then you'll just have to get a new leader!

Rachel: A new leader? But who?

Blue: Oh, I think I have someone in mind.

*Blue walks up to ILS and places his hand on his shoulder*

ILS: Huh? Me!?

Blue: Yup!

ILS: Oh no, you can't mean that, Blue. I mean...I'm no leader...

Rachel: But you're the only one who can! I don't have the right stuff, and nobody else is cut out for the job, so that only leaves you.

ILS: But...

Lilia: Go ahead, ILS. You'll make a great leader!

ILS: Gee, do you really think so, Lilia?

Lilia: I know so! Rachel's right, only you can!

ILS: Uhm...what do you think, Jawo?

Jawo: Huh? You're asking me?

ILS: Well yeah, I'd like everyone's opinion.

Jawo: *shrugs* Do whatever you want.

ILS: *sarcastically* Gee, thanks...

Jawo: Although, I think Collin would really like to see his hero running the joint. If not for anyone else, do it for him.

ILS: Collin... Alright! I'll do it!

Blue: Really?

ILS: Yeah! I know, I'm not the brightest nor do I have the most work ethic. But I'll do my best, darnit! It's...what Collin would've wanted...

Rachel: And I'll be right there with you, Mads.

ILS: You're...going to stay with me, Rach?

Rachel: Of course! I'm not too keen about the idea of staying a bounty hunter, but..it was Collin's last wish, and I'm going to honor that. Besides, you can't run the company by yourself. You're going to need some backbone!

ILS: Thanks, Rach...

Blue: So, I guess you two are leaving us now, huh?

ILS: Yeah. As the new leader, I've got a lot of work to do to try and rebuild the guild. We need to replace the members who've died, reconstruct all of the bases, and lots of other stuff. With all the damaged caused, we'll be at it for a long time.

Rachel: That's true, but I'm sure we can do it. Under our guidance, the IL Guild will be better than ever! Just you watch!

Blue: Haha, I'm sure it will!

ILS: Well, I guess this goodbye again, Blue.

Blue: Yeah...for now.

*ILS and Blue clapse hands*

ILS: Ready to go, Rach?

Rachel: Yes.

*ILS and Rachel begin to part ways with the group*

Lilia: Jawo...

Jawo: Hm, what?

Lilia: Are you just going to let her go like that?

Jawo: What do you mean?

Lilia: I mean, she's your girlfr--

Jawo: Don't even finish that statement.

Lilia: Aw come on. I know you like her.

Jawo: Hmph.

Lilia: Well at least go say goodbye! Geez!

Jawo: I don't want to.

Lilia: Get out there!!

*Lilia gets behind Jawo and pushes him towards Rachel*

Jawo: Whoa! Lilia..you..

Rachel: Jawo?

Jawo: Ah, Rachel!

Rachel: Is there something you wanted to say to me?

Jawo: *stammers* I..uhm..I-I..er..w-w-wanted to s-say...

Rachel: Heehee, it's okay. You don't have to say it.

Jawo: I..don't?

Rachel: Nope. This'll say it all.

*Rachel pulls Jawo forward and the two share one last kiss*

Jawo: Uhm, wow. Heheheh. *blushes*

Rachel: Goodbye, Jawo.

*Rachel hugs him*

Jawo: ...Bye, Rachel.

*Jawo hugs her back*

ILS: Rach.

Rachel: Ah, right. Coming.

*Rachel pecks Jawo on the cheek and then walks off with ILS. He then places his hand where she kissed him*

Jawo: *sigh*

Lilia: See? Now was that so hard?

Jawo: Oh shut up.

Lilia: Hmph!

Blue: Hey guys, are you coming or what?

Lilia: Oh right, Blue. So, where are we going now?

Jawo: What are you talking about? We gotta go back to Gen-*gasp*

*The three then pause and slowly turn towards the "screen"*

Blue/Lilia/Jawo: GENE!!!!
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