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22 September, 2020, 07:48:17 pm
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My USoUD User Story

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Author Topic: My USoUD User Story  (Read 828 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 27 September, 2007, 08:43:35 am »

As you can tell, I was rushing it >.>
Chapter 4

Back in the grassy area, SA2 is running from Cube_Cubed along the grass when Devicho's blaster gun fall's from the sky and lands near him. SA2 picks it up, turns around and fires it at Cube_Cubed which kills him. Down the hole in the city, Nintendude is following the nickle in mid-air, closely followed by Just_Eat_It, Snaketheserpent, HunterPat, Killer_Spatula and Javier333. Snaketheserpent and HunterPat exchange punches on the way down while Javier throws bricks at them. KS perches on Javier's head while this happens. In the city, Icedragonadam is chucking copies of Superman 64 at GSD while he is countering with copies of Big Rigs: Over the road racing

Shryver: Would you like at that! It's a bad game showdown!
RGB: I actually liked Superman 64...
Shryver: O_o
RGB: ;_;
Shryver: -_-
RGB: >8U
Shryver:...Anyway, let's get back to it...

GSD hits Icedragonadam with his copies and KO's him. Lumines_God then appears and shoots GSD with his shotgun. Seconds later Lumines is crushed by a flaming meteor as they start falling from the sky. Nintendude lands in a sewer and chases the nickle as it rolls down the path, followed by JEI. KS hits HunterPat with a rabid chihuahuas then Snaketheserpent hammers him down. Snaketheserpent, KS and Javier land on HunterPat and run along the path as well. Lord_Callous is in a floating fortress in the sky. He is about to fire a giant laser when a giant hammer goes straight through the fortress

RGB: Whoa! His ship just got hit by the banhammer!
Shryver: A darn shame

The fortress lands on the grassy area and causes a giant explosion, destroying the area. In the city, Blue is sitting down. Metal_Metroid appears and tries to attack Blue but ZeldaFan42 fly kicks him from the side, knocking him into some rocks. Spazzypeanut appears from behind some rocks and fires a machine gun at ZF while she jumps behind a flame shield. Runcola slashes through Ermine's helicopter and it goes down, he then throws a shuriken at Spazzypeanut who ducks. ZF then uppercuts Spazzypeanut and he drops the gun. Underground, Nintendude finds the nickle as JEI tackles him. JEI begins punching Nintendude as KS, Snaketheserpent and Javier arrive. A second later a giant metallic snake breaks down a wall on the left side, with Metal_Metroid riding the snake. Zombie SA2 appears in the studio where RGB and Shryver are while this goes on

Shryver: Metallic snakes? That's new
RGB: Meh, seems the writer is rushing this thing now
Zombie SA2: Damn straight

The snake quickly slams Javier into a wall then knocks KS to the side. The metallic snake and Snaketheserpent both charge at each other. Snaketheserpent punches the snake, the snake then whacks him with his tail and he flies into JEI and Nintendude. Javier throws a brick at the snake, the snake then turns around and squashes Javier. The metallic snake then eats Killer_Spatula second later. Snaketherserpent and Nintendude run off down the sewer while the metallic snake chases them

RGB: I've gotta say, that metal snake is kicking ass!
Shryver: Quoted for truth
Zombie SA2: Damn straight
RGB: We're getting very close to the end, stay tuned!
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