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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13317 times)
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« on: 09 July, 2008, 02:32:11 pm »


You are allowed to have a maximum of five characters at any given time.

To fight you must apply like this:
Secondary Weapon:
GmBs (leave blank if you lack one)
AP: (1 point for every fight, regardless of who wins)
JD: (20 points for every fight, regardless of who wins, you start out with 100 JD)

Stats: ( each is out of 5, 12 stat points total)
Mana/rage/power/jump/reflexes (depending on character origins and style ONLY PICK 1 of them!!!)

(Each player is allowed to have 5 characters; you may not fight one against the other to gain AP)

Description (Either fill out the fields below or post a scanned picture. the below fields can be altered as necessary)
Skin tone:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair style:

(Note about weapons: some weapons can be declared Indestructible or Cut anything, both are allowed, however when 1 meets the other in battle they cancel each other out Ex. C.A (cut all) Vs. IW (indestructible weapon), if a weapon breaks in combat it is automatically repaired after the fight free of charge) C.A weapons can only be Obtained through the Clash Mart at their market price of 3000JD. All weapons are automatically indestructible at the start of the game.

Bio: (optional but is preferred)

Clash Mart:
You may change your weapon by going over to the Clash Mart. For full terms & conditions, ask in-store.

Every user starts with 2 abilities to aid them in battle at the beginning. Once again, no God-Modding, also, no abilities that essentially allow you to do whatever you want. For example: “can cast never before seen spells”. Stuff like that isn’t allowed.

To gain more abilities, you must gain 10 AP. (increase as you gain GmBs)

To gain your first God-Mod Breaker, you must gain 40 AP. (each GmB afterwards is awarded after 4 new abilities are unlocked)

You CANNOT, repeat CANNOT, change your profile in the middle of a fight. Your profile during a fight is the last profile you posted (so you can’t activate a new ability or new GmB unless you’ve updated your profile to include it beforehand).

Certain abilities have limiters added on to stop them from being too powerful they include…
-Magical moves (please describe all its uses)
-Any attack that used TK(telekinesis) requires the clasher to not be in active motion while using it.
-Character moves- please explain what show/movie he/she is from so that it can be checked for verification if a problem arises.
-Helper summons- there is a limit to how many summoned creatures can be on the field at once. You can summon up to 20 total unless its your GmB to summon an army I guess..(Please show their stats for reference)
-Portals are only usable on the caster or friendly targets, not opponents, Also they have a 1=1 cooldown (meaning if they are used in 1 post, the user must go at least 1 post without using them again, or else the cooldown time increases 2=2, 3=3, ect.)
-Teleporting follows all the same rules as Portals, including its cooldown factor
-Ghosting/phasing (going through object without harming/interacting with the object(s)) follows all the rules of teleporting and portals
-Clashers are not allowed to have abilities that allow them to create indestructible/ cut anything items.
- the abilities that nullify the effects of abilities like light immunity or poison immunity aren’t allowed. (So basically you cannot have Lightning Immunity Immunity)
- No clasher is allowed to have an ability that grants "limitless" stats, for obvious reasons.

Additional notes: some poeple were confused about the actual value of the stats. I decided to offer a explaination for their values
ALL stats are Basic human values at 1/5

Strength 2/5- is able to lift 150 Lbs easilly 300 max.
             3/5- is able to lift 500 lbs easily 1000max.
             4/5- is able to lift 1500 Lbs easily 3000max 
             5/5- is able to lift 5000 Lbs easily 10000max
(strength follows a pattern of lvl to weight, repeat it to get strength values over 5)

Speed 2/5 wolf speed 
speed 3/5 cheetah speed 
Speed 4/5 speed of sound   
speed 5/5 speed of light

(speed Max's out at 5/5 even with more stars, you won't go faster)

Defense 2/5- human wearing leather armor
Defense 3/5- human wearing steel armor
Defense 4/5- can shrug off a war hammer smack
Defense 5/5- go ahead, jump in front of that semi, you'll be ok ^_^

(defense can go over 5, but specific example vary depending on circumstances)

Jump 2/5- kangaroo
Jump 3/5- pile-banker legs
Jump 4/5- flea like jumping skills
Jump 5/5- you can just fly

(jump is an aux skill, if you don't have jump, just add speed to strength and devide by 2 to get your jumping abilities, or spend an ability on super jump/flight)

Rage 2/5- you can increase your stats by 1 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 10 turns to increase again.
Rage 3/5- you can increase your stats by 2 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 9 turns to increase again.
Rage 4/5- you can increase your stats by 3 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 8 turns to increase again.
Rage 5/5- the pinnacle of furious fighting, you can Double all your stats for 2 turns during a fight, but you must wait 8 turns after it wears off to use it again.

(Rage is best used when applied to a warrior-type character, with physical attacks and fair speed)

Power 2/5- allows the user to absorb small electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming burn.
Power 3/5- allows the user to absorb medium electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming stun/freeze.
Power 4/5- allows the user to absorb large electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming poison.
Power 5/5- same as power 4, only this user also instantly overcomes any 1 status he/she is afflicted with at the end of the turn/post.

(power is "geared" towards a robotic or mechanical player,using its metal skin to protect from status and such, though non mechanoids can use this as well)

Mana X/5: mana is simply the amount/number of magic based attacks you can use per turn, as the number get higher, more attacks can be launched per turn and each gains slightly more power per level.

Doc: in the last CoS season, we had this chart which a clasher can use to track their abilities and GmBs when looking at their Ap count. A special note for all clashers, anyone who reaches 400AP will recieve a special prize for reaching such a rediculous level of experience. (Only I know the nature of this prize so asking any other creator will be fruitless)

The Chart:
AP count: Ability meter: GmB meter:
0               2                   0
10             3                   0
20             4                   0
30             5                   0
40             6                   1
60             7                   1
80             8                   1
100           9                   1
120           10                 2
150           11                 2
180           12                 2
210           13                 2
240           14                 3
280           15                 3
320           16                 3
360           17                 3
400*         18                 4
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« Reply #1 on: 11 July, 2008, 02:16:36 pm »

Name: Oorta
Race: Beetlekin 
Primary Weapon:  Dual Chainsaws: Charous- A set of indestructible, High RPM Chain-Chucks which cannot cut Oorta, The chain which connects them is Indestructible and extendable to any length. The Blades & chain are imbued with the lightning element. 
Secondary Weapon: Chitin Carapace- armor which protects Oorta from poison & paralysis.
Ability 1: Vanguard of the Swarm- Oorta is the harbinger of the insect army, and through the release of pheromones he can send commands to the forces, those commands include (but not limited to).
-Evolve Command- causes Oorta (and other insects) to sprout wings from their armor and fly, or to travel through the ground like a burrowing ant-lions. (Fly/dig speed is 5/5)
-Summon Command L- call up to 3 large bug units at a time (starship trooper tank bug sized things)
-Summon Command M- call giant Beatles (think VW beetle-sized) or other insects.
-Summon Command S- call swarms of large bees (each swarm is treated as one unit, roughly human sized clouds of insects)
-Defend Command- causing nearby insects to act as living shields for “higher caste” units (eg. Oorta, or larger bugs units)
-Swarm Command- causing all units to attack a target as a single strike, like an army of ants.

Ability 2: Caustic Combatant- Oorta’s body excretes an acidic compound from every point on his body where armor seems meet or joints occur, so whenever he moves highly corrosive chemicals are flung in all directions. Metal will rust, skin will burn, and plants will dissolve. The compound can also be forcefully fired from Oorta’s body at high pressure if desired, creating a precise stream of acidic liquid able to destroy a meter thick wall of steel in mere seconds. Entities who are bug-like in nature or have specific abilities to fight corrosion or blight are not affected by the compound.

Ability 3: Beetle Bruiser- Oorta’s body rapidly change into his Taurus Scarab form, shedding his green shell like a husk, He emerges in a bulkier jet-black form. While Oorta is in his Taurus form his strength increases to 20/5 allowing him to lift object more than 1000 times his own weight. Oorta can also release an adhesive from his body that allow him to stick object together and create giant spheres of matter which he can use to steamroll opponents.

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Reflexes: 4/5
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 260lbs
Age: unknown
Skin tone: Green
Eye color: Red
Hair color: none
Hair style: none
Garments/clothes: shell

Theme: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/540909

Bio: A praetorian class insectoid being, Oorta serves “The Queen” as a mighty zealot in her skittering horde of horrors. He carries with him the knowledge that she, his mother, is the one being who holds the claim to devour the waking world, and so long as he calls to the nearby insects around him He we do all to see she gets her fill.

AP: 10
JD: 300


Name: Marcus
Race: Death Elemental
Weapon: Demon’s Wrists (IW) - a pair of IW elbow length gauntlets with retractable wave swords/wing blades and spiked knuckles. Adds +2 strength in battle.
Secondary Weapon: (key) Chains of fate (IW)
A set of Key chains who allow Marcus to instantly summon any of his minions desired depending on which is used, it also renders all of Marcus' summons immune to being controlled/instantly destroyed by other abilities, they include:
-Chucky's arm- the bones of a human arm with a scythe and chain shackled onto it, can be used as a scythe and summons Chucky
-Billy’s treats- a candy shaped key chain with a pumpkin on it, summons Billy
-The sentinel- a cross shaped key chain that summons Monky
-Galaxy drop- keychain of a sun moon and star overlapped, summons the dark minions (honey, floog, REM)
-Primal fear- a goldfish shaped keychain that summons Twist
-Dollheads- a pair of dollheads, one is a bear & the other resembles Marcus, they currently don't summon anything.

Third Weapon: Lecil the Soul Train - a train driven by Marcus for collecting souls, It includes:
-An infinite Rail System that creates its own tracks as it goes.
-Gummy Hyper-Gatlin Turrets on each side. (Infinite ammo)
-Gummy Hyper-Cannons on top. (Infinite ammo)
-made out of a nigh-unbreakable non-metallic compound (Neo-mantium)
-The train itself in ungodly heavy.
-entire train has Lightning, Fire and Ice Empowerment!
-is able to compact itself to the size of a small toy train.
-Has sentient intelligence and independent thought, has the voice of an 8 year old boy.

-Auxiliary weapon:The Deathstar Pumpkin King: Leslie- a colossal space faring machine made from pumpkinite alloy (which is completely Bioluminescent) designed to conquer the universe with its weapons & giant smile. Its armaments include.
-A million bazillion Lasers (not an exaggeration)
-A Pumpkin-Tie-Fighter spawner: spaceships that look like jack-o-lanterns w/ Tie fighter wings.
-Advanced Energy Shields: Resilient shields that If taken out, come back in 3 turns, additionally everything with the shield’s radius is Portal & Alchemy Proofed
-the entire station is Electrically charged to shock any hostile that make contact  
-A Chakra Lightning Rod, which can absorb any kind of chakra & convert it into energy for the lasers.
-Petting Zoo: spawns Bio-engineered animal atrocities
-A Teleportation System for friendly targets
-Automatic Repair Systems: Superior to Nanobots (the station's sentience has been modified so that if any piece remains, it will start consciously reforming of its own will)
-Merging Capabilities: merges w/ Lecil
-A fully functional tractor beam
-the universe’s 3rd largest ball pit (yes, this was actually paid for)
-A Sentient Technopathic Uplink to Marcus w/ the voice of an 8 year old girl

Ability 1)
Darkness Control
- has the ability to manipulate darkness to use as an attack
-Black bolts- Marcus is able to rapidly throw negatively charged plasma energy.
-Dark meld- allow Marcus to dive in/through shadows to move quickly/avoid attacks, if the shadow is destroyed while he's inside ,he can simply exit through another nearby shadow
-Dark claw- is able to extend his body along shadows or create shadows to move across for sneaky, long ranged, physical attacks (think Shikamaru's shadow possession from Naruto)
-dark field- if Marcus is hit with a powerful enough of an attack, he can disperse his body as a cloud of dark particles, lessening the damage and allowing him to reform next turn, he cannot attack the turn he reforms however.
-Black gaze- creates a void of light in the opponent's eyes, causing them to lose their vision for 1-2 turns depending on their distance from Marcus when this attack is used. This ability also grants Marcus perfect vision in the dark.
-Tendrils of darkness- thousands of tentacle-like objects explode from all the nearby shadows and ensnare the target, immobilizing them completely after contact for 2 posts. (Stacks over time)
-Trick flight- Marcus uses his giant bat wings to fly around at light speeds, wings can be damaged but they heal after 1 post.
-Chucky- A death elemental minion that looks like a skeleton with 1 wing. He possesses all of Marcus' abilities with the exception of imagination, Marcus and Chucky are able to spontaneously change positions like a substitution jutsu, and Chucky’s entire left arm is IW since that arm is the weapon Chucky’s arm, which cannot be used by Marcus while chucky is active.
              -Chucky's stats mimic Marcus' except when Marcus' GmB is activated


-Minions of Darkness- allow Marcus to call upon several dark spirits to aid him in battle. They come in three types

Dark Moon:               Dark Star:                 Dark Sun:
Strength: 2/5           Strength: 5/5         Strength: 2/5
Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5
Defense: 1/5            Defense: 1/5          Defense: 4/5
Rage: 4/5               Rage: 1/5               Rage: 1/5

Ability 2)
- Marcus enshrouds the entire arena with a giant, thick, purple and black cloud, the Miasma has several uses:
-Anyone inside the miasma for more than 2 turns begins losing 1 Strength point every 2 turns until they reach 1 strength, this effect can wear off after 2 turns outside the Miasma (must be consecutive)
-The Miasma Drowns out all light and Holy energy, causing all attack of that variety to fail while inside or to simply stop upon contact with the miasma.
-Because the miasma is mostly intangible, it cannot be altered by abilities like alchemy, and since it is an extension of Marcus’ body, it cannot be controlled by an opponent’s abilities.
-Because it is so thick, those inside the miasma are near blind unless they are able to see in the dark, this also allows Marcus to move anywhere within its range very quickly by way of dark meld.
-all Darkness based attacks deal double damage within the miasma's radius.
-Marcus is able to fire a short range concentrated burst of miasmal mist from his mouth to instantly poison the target with the miasma's "strength dooper"
-All other poison related abilities/items that enter the miasma and instantly diffused of their poisonous capabilities while inside.
-As a result of spending countless days at a time within the miasma, Marcus is immune to most poisons even while not inside the miasma.

Ability 3)
Nature Perversion

Allow Marcus to control and Mutate plant life in various ways:
-Birth and Death of the Green world: Marcus can cause any plant (alive or dead, so wood objects included) to grow, shrink, wither, or die in any environment (specific examples below)
-Briar Wall: Marcus can use this to allow his body to erupt with plant-like thorns that have adamantium class strength
-Briar storm: Marcus can shoot projectile forms of briar wall at light speeds.
-Synthesis: this ability drains the power of all opponents who use the light or holy element (-1 star in each stat unless the stat is one) each turn. If synthesis is used in battle, Marcus or Billy can use it to increase all of their stats by +1 for each of the opponent’s stats that went down) additionally, Billy can regenerate faster if this has been used.
-Venusian’s Prison: a specific "nature perversion" move that causes giant venus flytraps to spring from the ground and ensnare the opponent, holding them for 2 turns, unless they have 4 or more strength in which case they Can break free sooner.
-Hydro Choker: when used it infects all nearby water with a mutated version of "red tide", taking on a black and purple hue, it makes all the liquid poisonous to the touch, if contracted, the subject loses 2 defense unless they will have less than 1 as a result. Hydro choker continues reducing defense until the opponent's defense reaches 1. Only removable by extreme heat.
-Contact Spores: a giant cloud of floating yellow and black spores that poison anyone who comes in contact with them (teammates excluded obviously) if infected, they spores cause the player to lose 1 speed for each turn they are within the cloud, the spores can only be removed by strong winds or by pulling them off by hand.
-Billy: Billy is a summon/helper of sorts, he is made almost entirely of vegetation and plant-life, he has the ability to speak, but only those with some extent of plant control can understand him (unless certain conditions are met). Billy can use all of the "Nature Perversion" moves as well as a few other nature related tricks like regenerating wounds over time that isn't burn damage (because he is a plant after all, he regenerates broken limbs and such as a rate of 1 limb per opponent's post.)Billy can also transform into a kind of plant armor and pseudo-fuse with Marcus to improve Marcus' stats.

Billy's stats             Billy Armor (on Marcus)
Strength: 4/5                    Strength: 9/5
Speed4/5                         Speed: 4/5 (on ground) 5/5 (while flying)
Defense: 2/5                     Defense: 3/5
Power: 2/5                        Rage:  4/5


Ability 4
King of the Gummified World

With this ability, Marcus' entire body can become elastic or stretchy at will. It also makes Marcus able to control anything that is Gummy, Elastic, Stretchy, Rubbery, or made from similar materials as the waist of underpants. So literally all things of the prenamed list are fully under Marcus' control. As an added bouns of having a elastic body, Marcus( and Macabre) cannot be harmed by blunt attack damage like punches or being hit by trains.
I'll also take this time to remind everyone Gaffit sold Marcus a gummy worm generator (which is in the Misc. area seeing as it isn't a weapon)  that will function for 300 years, giving 300 years worth of gummy worms ^.^.

Ability 5
Marcus' Twisted Imagination

With M.T.I. Marcus can spontaneously spawn anything from his imagination into the real world, enabling it to help him in battle. Marcus can spawn anything from sentient candy to giant, evil, teddy bears.
The ability works similar to "painting abilities" only without the need for a brush or other medium.
-This ability is the alternate route to summoning Monky and Twist.

Monky: (a living scarecrow)
Strength: 1/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 5/5
Power: 3/5


Twist: (a half man, half shark)
Strength: 10/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 5/5
Rage: 3/5


Ability 6
Sciurus Combustion Force

After training a small army of squirrels tactical maneuvers that rival the marines, Marcus saw fit to equip each squirrel with a metal acorn firing, kinetic rail gun & a skull and ribcage stuffed with high-explosives. While the S.C.F has little power in 1 v1 hand to hand they make good use of their speed (5/5) to avoid opponents and snipe them from a distance, or latch onto opponents in kamakazi strikes. The S.C.F can be summoned by Marcus/Macabre in any situation.

Ability 7
Polarity switch

After his entended stay inside Judg’ sprison, Marcus learnt a dangerous skill that even he is conscious of the effects of, the polarity switch. Marcus has always been seen as evil due to his, well…evilness, however it turns out that Marcus is the Good side of his existance, the white half of a yin-yang if you would. Now, with the power of polarity switch, Marcus is able to suppress his own consciousness and let his worse half out. Macabre.
-Macabre loses the ability to control Marcus’ minions (except Chucky, Lecil< & Leslie) but as a result gains the ability to split his mind into 5 separate Macabre(s)
-Macabre is a much more serious fighter then Marcus, and therefore isn’t likely to hide behind trees, man-sharks or jokes when fighting, he prefers a head-on blitz, this is also seen in his weapons, which are dual scythes which have infinate chains on them (all IW) that extend from his bracers.
-Macabre is unaffected by bladed weapons or bullets, as his dark control reaches the point where he can instantly turn that section of his body into energy to nullify the attack.
-Macabre possesses x4 what ever Marcus’ stats were at the point of switching, but as a result must wait at least one turn before he can switch back to Marcus.

Ability 8
Power of Fear

Using this power  Marcus (or Macabre) can force their opponent(s) to experience their worst fears as real and present, though unlike other fear attack in the past, when an opponent experiences a monster biting them, the damage carries over onto their body. A truly musterious power indeed…
-as a side effect of this ability Marcus and Co. have lost the ability to be affected by fear techniques. This ability also acts as a firewall against Psychic attacks targeting Marcus' brain, anyone who tries to enter his mind recieves a "super-concentrated wave of fear" causing them to usually curl up in a fetal position for a little while (think Scarecrow's super-fear toxin).

Ability 9
Sugar King

Through unknownn means, Marcus has been crowned the King of Sugar, and with his invisible crown he is able to control all kinds of sugar, from powdered sugar, to the glucose in blood or plants. Marcus is able to transform any kind of sugar into any other sugary substance within reason, like turning the sugar in a plant into a lollipop. The power of the Sugar king also lets marcus control and spawn and kind of candy  he wants. Opponents beware of gummy bears…

Ability 10

GmB #1: Marcus World- through the use of a Complex dark ritual, Marcus Transports all players within a 20 miles sphere to “Marcus World” a dimension where Marcus spends most of his time that take on the appearance of a theme park. While in Marcus world, all of Marcus powers operate at x20 more powerful levels (this meaning his minions do as well of course) Marcus World also cancels out all portals leading out of the area (meaning you cannot teleport out of Marcus World or use a portal to, though you can still perform summons). Marcus world lasts 5 of Marcus’ turns and during that entire time, this music plays: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=wFTPhNDGhx8&mode=related&search=

GmB#2:  Synchronization: Terror- A giant beam of pure Death energy (not darkness) pierce through the sky and hit any opponent within 1 meter of Marcus/Macabre. If No one is hit then the beam is absorbed by Marcus or Macabre.

GmB#3: Giggledrops Mk(us) III- Through direct exposure to concentrated Lolz Marcus and Co. has gained the ability to become giant robots and fuse using a voltron-like system. While Giggledrops, Marcus has all his stats at 200/5, is able to use all of his abilities at a massivly boosted level, and is roughly the size of a gundam, this form is sustainable for 5 turns or until the battle ends, whichever occurs first.

Team: (none)

Strength: 3/5 (5/5 with Demon knuckle)
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage: 2/5


Height: usually 6’2” due to his posture (6'8" when he actually stands up straight)
Weight: unknown
Skin tone: completely white
Eye color: all yellow
Hair color: Bright orange
Hair style: long, no real style
Garments/clothes: Hell’s jester suit (red and grey) indestructible gauntlets (demon's knuckles)

Misc: -doesn't require air for breathing and can survive inside vacuums. Marcus is able to automatically "Fear" animals that attempt to attack, stopping their attacks cold.
-Own an infinite gummy worm generator.

Bio: A creature/being from the chaos realm that seeped through to our realm when the dark chapel collapsed, he is very loyal to Doc and is by all means insane and mentally unstable. It’s hard to tell if Marcus is ever actually aware of what he's doing, sometimes when fighting it’s almost as if he thinks it’s a game. Is addicted to gummy worms.

(Marcus' group theme: at 2 minutes into the song you can hear Marcus' voice (or something close to it anyway))

AP 131
JD irrelevant to Marcus


Name: Atari (AKA: “Gil”, “Green”, "Eagle", or “No. 3”)
Race: Human/Gene-Enhanced
-Primary Weapon: “Miser”- An IW Greatsword built to last 10,000 wars, It empowers its owner with the combined strength of all its previous users.
“She ain’t flashy, but she gets the job done”.  (+1 strength)
-Secondary Weapon: “Snaggletooth”- A Bass guitar with scars covering most of its head & neck. It has internal amps to create sonic blasts or reflect elemental based attacks.
“If you cannot be pretty, at least be strong”.
Team: (none)

-Ability 1: “Sword Saint”- Through years of training with all manner of weapons big and pointy, Atari is a master of all forms of swordplay. The combination of training & “nuclear powered hair” has left Atari virtually immune to cutting based attack (meaning that most cutting attacks will simply bounce off his skin like a “kitchen Knife” off a G-Black Gravios). He still feels the pain if each blow regardless of whether or not a wound is made.

-Ability 2: “Human Weapon serum No. 3”- From a young age Atari, along with his test mates, was frequently infused with various chemical enhancements designed to turn them into super soldiers. In his case “serum No. 3”, a collection of mechanical implants, steroids & body chemistry altering compounds, is designed to allow Atari to temporarily unleash explosive strength & breakneck speed. (Allows Atari to perform feats like punching holes through a diamond, traveling at light speed for short durations, or unleash elemental bursts from him body) 

Strength: 3/5 (4/5)
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage: 3/5

Description: A guy who has no time for your bull****.
Height:  5’11”
Weight: 200lbs
Age: unknown (assumed early 20s)
Skin tone: pale flesh
Eye color: brown
Hair color: Nuclear Green
Hair style:  Huh? (Call it whatever you want)
Garments/clothes: Long sleeve shirt, jeans, running shoes, sword cradle

Bio:  arrived at CoS in the traditional drifter fashion. A collector of swords & a taker of names.


Name: Chem
Race: Varian
Sex: female
-Weapon: Vibra-sonic Knife- an IW knife with the ability to vibrate at various frequencies allowing it to cut through matter like butter. The VS knife is capable of discerning the make-up of an item by striking it, then Chem can choose for the knife to remember the appropriate frequency to easily cut that material (the blade can remember 5 specific frequencies at a time). Without remembering a frequency the knife simply alternates frequencies while making contact with a solid object.
-Secondary Weapon: Moisture Gun- a type of weapon built on Chem’s home world. It functions like a water jet cutter, but compacted into a handheld weapon. The Moisture gun requires no reservoir; instead it collects moisture from the atmosphere around it so it never runs out of ammunition in most situations. In addition, the moisture gun also takes on other properties of the nearby air (ex. Airborne toxins become imbued into the projectile) or if desired the gun can siphon liquids directly into itself.
-1. Olfactory Magnus- Varians have highly evolved senses of smell (reaching superhuman levels) allowing their brains to overlay their sense of smell into their other senses. Put simply Varians can “see” smells to the point where they can see the path a smell took (similar to how smell is shown in twilight princess). B/c their olfactory sense is so developed however, Varians are susceptible to scent attacks more so than most species.
-2. Ocular Biology Morph- Chem’s body contains a form of organic nanite colony that can alter the chemistry and composition of her eyes & ocular lobes, letting her eyes shift between different spectrums of vision (standard, infrared, ultraviolet, isolative, electro-aura) depending on what the situation requires.

GmBs: null
AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 1/5
Reflexes  4/5

Description: Adult Varian female (amphibious humanoid species)
Height: 8’3”
Weight: 345lbs
Age: 7 (Varian calendar) 26 (earth calendar)
Skin tone: blue-green
Eye color: orange
Garments/clothes: Tanned leather armor (unknown species)

Bio: An experienced hunter & warrior from Varro (2nd moon of the 4 planet of the Maal system) Chem hails from a group of tribal Varians. When Varro first made contact with alien life Chem was among the first to meet them, and was taken along with a number of her tribal siblings off world for unknown reasons. Mid-flight Chem and co. escaped their cells and overtook the ship. After being rescued by a salvage crew Chem and her surviving siblings are dropped off at a hub world, with no knowledge of how to return home. Chem’s siblings remain on the hub world, seeking information on how to return home, Chem instead looks onwards towards the now endless hunting grounds of the universe, seeking her next great battle.
…She finds CoS.

Name: Musclefish (the 2nd)
Race: Atlantic Goliath Goldfish
Weapon:  Sanja- Musclefish’s most trusted weapon, a still live swordfish made IW. Sanja’s bill is constantly razor sharp, and while underwater he can move freely and independently of Muscle.  Sanja also emits an AoE effect similar to Sea air, rusting nearby metal objects at an incredible rate (3 turns is enough to rust most metal objects to the point of breaking)
Secondary Weapon:  Gama- An  IW sea turtle who Muscle uses as a shield. Gama’s shell has the ability to absorb all incoming magical attacks, and after being hit by a certain amount of magical hits (3) Gama can transform into a boat sized turtle with the ability to fly. Gama can also move independently of Muscle when underwater.

-Guardian of the Sea- Musclefish fights as a champion of Neptune, and receives his blessing as a result Musclefish can call upon the powers of the sea. Musclefish can control and summon water at will or communicate with all manner of aquatic and amphibious creatures (and horses) as well as compel most of them to aide him in battle, or dredge up sea-mines and use them in battle, Or if he takes a moment to focus he can pull objects as big as submarines as well (may or may not be nuclear). The same power also allows Musclefish to smite any shark creatures in a single blow

-Might of the Sea- Musclefish can channel the fury of the sea into his physical body, allowing him to significantly alter his strength & defense in battle. The amount his stats can increase by is dependent on the amount of water nearby.
(puddle+1, Lake,+3, Sea+5, great Sea+10, ocean+20) lawd help the fool who picks ocean as an arena.

GmB(s): The Beast of the Edge of the Map.
AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage:  3/5

Description:  An enormous goldfish with humanoid characteristics.
Height: 9’4”
Weight: 400lbs
Age: unknown
Skin tone: orange
Eye color: white
Hair color: Yellow-orange
Hair style:  Roman centurion
Garments/clothes: none


Bio: At the bottom of the sea there be monsters, banished from the world of light above. Across history the Gods of the sea have called to champions to stand vigil and keep the beasts within the abyss. One of the current champions of Neptune, Musclefish, guards the area of the Bahamas. After years of silence, one of the wretched monsters, and its underwater army of the night poured out from its trench and laid siege to all of the Atlantic. Though the champions fought hard they were unable to hold the line, and the coast was lost to their dark influence. It was then that Neptune chose Musclefish to venture forth and find a means to drive the monsters back into their deep dark prisons. Having fought his way across land and sea, Muscle made his was to Fax, and eventually to CoS…
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Derp it!

« Reply #2 on: 11 July, 2008, 02:30:59 pm »

Name: Leanan Rosewood
Race: Daughter of a Wind Fairy and an [Earth Goddess]
-Racial Skill: Flight (wings)
Sex: Female
-Crystal Shard: A sword that belonged to her father, the wind fairy, and an item that means a lot to her.  It is CA, so it is technically breakable, but that is by design.  The sword can deconstruct and reconstruct into different shapes and sizes, which can also lead to some creative uses.  Theoretically, it can also create copies of itself, but they do not last long.  It's base form is a slim, slightly curved blade.  The sword itself is made from a stone not known to man, and is pearl colored, and shines with a pale green light.
-Gungnir: No, not Odin's spear, but similar.  Gungnir is the name of an ancient spear that was a treasured relic of a lost civilization... until Leanan stole it from the ruins.  The spear is connected to her mother's mysterious past though, so as far as she is concerned, she is entitled to it.  ...Anyways, it is a long, red spear, longer than Leanan is tall, with a tip that splits into four prongs, making the corners of a square or diamond shape.  The spear is indestructible, and is charged with the power of electricity.  Not only is it a melee weapon, but it can pretty much act as a very long energy gun, able to shoot arcs of lightning, as well as beams of pure energy.  Leanan's innate elemental abilities from her mother can also let it fire other types of elemental shots, such as fire and ice.  Despite this being an extremely powerful weapon, it is a bit unwieldy for such a short person, so she favors her sword.


Ability 1: Inherited Elemental Powers
-The name is sort of vague, and it might seem like she's trying to get away with more powers than she should, but let us explain it first.  Leanan's primary element is wind, because she takes very heavily after her father, but she does have minor control over the other elements, which she gets from her mother.  BUT, a big BUT here, she only has real control, and immunity, from this area, and that is wind, obviously.  She can TECHNICALLY use other elements, but not in any way that would be beneficial in battle, except for using it as "ammo" for gungnir.    Theoretically, she can combine wind plus another to create a new attack, but even those would be of limited use.  So, this ability is basically "Wind Control + Immunity", but we felt the need to explain it a bit more.

Ability 2: Teleportation Dash
-Leanan, as you will see in her stats, is NOT a defensive character.  She relies on her insane speed to cover her numerous weaknesses, as wel as her respectable magical ability.  This is a certain ability that makes use of both.  Leanan can perform an extremely fast dodge to escape from danger.  This dodge is pretty much impossible to stop, so getting in her way would be... bad.  She can also combine this handy move with her magic and weapons to turn her entire body into a weapon.  Under normal circumstances she could use this move near infinitely, but... she smokes.  So it has a one turn cool down.
-Leanan can also simply teleport herself without the need of relying on her speed, but this uses a lot of magic, so while it only has a 1 turn cool down, it leaves her unable to use magic during that turn.  She tries to avoid using it for this reason.

-Strength: **
-Defense: *
-Speed: *****
-Magic: ****

-Description: Leanan is a short and thinly built young woman, with a modest chest, and long, almost elf like ears.
-Height: 5' 1''
-Weight: 100 lbs.
-Age: [Working]
-Skin Tone: Caucasian, Pale
-Eye Color: Grass Green
-Hair color: Lime Green
-Hair style: Usually pulled back in a long pony tail that goes past her shoulder blades, with some bangs in the front.
-Garments and Clothing: She dresses pretty normally.  Tattered blue jeans, t shirts, and tennis shoes, or boots.  Her usual get up for the CoS is said tattered blue jeans, a nondescript green t-shirt, and black casual boots.


AP: 0
Gold: [Starting Amount] [Working, won't be long]
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But... if our leaders actually reflected the wants of the people... then we'd be a democracy, and that's just gross.
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Name: Dr. Beta
Race: Human

Weapon 1: Atomic Gloves: A pair of high tech gloves that allows Beta to use Fusion and Fission down to the atomic level.
Weapon 2: Gravity Belt: A belt worn around his waist that allows Beta to control the gravity of anything in contact with him.

Ability 1: Energy Manipulation: Beta can utilize energy and form it into solid objects.

Ability 2: Alpha Transformation: Beta can transform into Alpha. The transformation causes his muscles to rapidly expand, making Alpha’s full height 20 feet tall. His strength and speed also increases exponentially which makes his Energy Manipulation ability far more violent, and makes his skin tough enough to repel bullets, however, while in this form, Alpha is not intelligent enough to use any of Beta’s weapons.
             Alpha Ability: Equalizer: Alpha's body is a living equalizer; anything he hits with his massive strength is to him, the same as hitting normal human flesh. This holds for robots, incorporeal, other normally unhittable opponents. The same goes for anything that hits him, including bullets, energy projectiles and some weapons. The Equalizer does not extend to his energy abilities; his massive strength only extends to the end of his fist.

Ability 3: Sigma Transformation: Beta can transform into Sigma. The transformation causes Alpha to turn into a mesh of scientific technology and stitches, standing 8 feet tall. Sigma’s transformation results in a large boost in agility along with a smaller boost in strength and defense due to many pieces of Sigma’s body being covered in armor. Sigma’s Energy Manipulation has strong electrical properties, being able to stun his opponent through enough contact.
            Sigma Ability: Enhancement: Sigma has the ability to manipulate the scientific components that make up his body, being able to create up to two weapons on his body at a time. These weapons can be as simple as a machine gun that pops out of his elbow, or as complex as a laser that shoots from his eye.

Ability 4: Digamma Transformation: Beta can transform into Digamma. The Transformation causes Alpha to become a massive beast, towering at just over 300 feet and weighing in at 60,000 tons. Digamma is a monster of pure strength and destruction. Its arms and legs are the size of tall buildings, and its tail is as long as it’s body. Its tail is razor sharp and also detachable, growing back quickly. Its Energy Manipulation is projected from its mouth in a massive beam which scientists have only been able to describe as “destruction personified”.
           Digamma Ability: Minions: Digamma can summon smaller minions that spawn from his body. These minions look very similar to Digamma, but stand at only 10 feet. They are extremely agile, and can also project a much weaker, but still potent energy beam from their mouth. Digamma can spawn twenty of these minions at a time.

Height: 5’4
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 26
Accent: German
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short and messy
Garments/Clothes: Wears a labcoat and belt.

Strength: **
Speed: ****
Defense: ***
Mana: ***

Bio: Dr. Beta used to be a normal scientist. Working the usual hours in a laboratory, wasting his life away in the useless pursuit of something he didn’t entirely care about. Beta graduated top of his class Bio-University, a position that he shared with Gaffit, who at the age of 200 was the oldest human alive, but he still looked in his 20’s. Until he went missing that is. But Beta didn’t really care about that either. Until one day a strange package was delivered to his apartment. Within the package was a strange cube. As Beta touched the cube, a strange energy surge went through his body, unlocking his true potential and unlocking a wide array of abilities, some of which Beta didn’t quite understand at the moment. In a blast of inspiration, Beta ran into his lab, and in a week invented the Atomic Gloves and the Gravity Belt. Having made several breakthroughs in physics in a single week, a vision suddenly came before him, a vision that said that the person responsible for the package understood what Beta was going through, and that he wanted to help Beta to understand his purpose, and that when the time came, he would. Until then, Beta would just have to keep searching. The vision ended, but instead of a signature, there was a trophy received to by the highest ranking graduate of Bio-University, but the trophy was dated nearly 180 years ago. With his new inventions and abilities, Beta set off on his journey.

AP: 21
JD: 430

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/80430


Name: Weapons-Android Reaper-class (W.A.R.)
Race: Android

Weapon 1: Plasma Rifle- A high-tech plasma rifle that can be upgraded by W.A.R.
Weapon 2: Grenade Dispenser- A grenade dispenser built into W.A.R. that allows him to manufacture various types of grenades.

1: Technopathy- W.A.R. has control over machinery, including himself. He can augment his body to create various weapons, such as converting his left arm into a beam sword,  adding Rocket Boots, Missile Launchers or augmenting his Rifle and it’s type of ammunition. He cannot repair damage sustained to himself however.

2: Power Discharge- W.A.R. runs off of a Positronic Brain which grants him enough power to last until the end of the Universe twice. W.A.R. can convert this power into the form of electricity, which he can mold to his own use.

Height: 6'
Weight: 10,000 lbs
Age: 5
Accent: None, speech is cold and calculated
Skin tone: White
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Gold/Red
Hair Style: Sleeked back
Garments/Clothes: Wears normal clothing
Notes: W.A.R. looks human on the outside, but is Adamantium on the inside. W.A.R. possesses robotic reflexes and intelligence, along with robotic strength and defense.

Strength: ****
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Power: **

W.A.R. was Gaffit's last creation before leaving for parts unknown. Before leaving, Gaffit hooked his newest creation to a charging station, which activated W.A.R. at full charge five years after Gaffit's departure. W.A.R. awakened to find pieces of LawnChair, ToolBox and HK-47 strewn across the room and the lab having been ruined by Gaffit himself with clear signs of radiation burns. W.A.R. believes himself to be the creation of the best pieces of each of Gaffit's three greatest inventions combined, LawnChair, ToolBox and HK-47. Gaffit left instructions for W.A.R. deep inside his mind which tell him that he was created for a purpose, and that W.A.R. will have to find this purpose for himself. The instructions also state that Gaffit locked out many of W.A.R.'s destructive abilities, so that W.A.R. will have to earn his power. Unsure of where to go, perhaps to search for his lost creator, W.A.R. opens the door from the lab, and sets out on his journey.

AP: 3
JD: 160

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/119778


Name: Lotus
Race: Plant
Gender: uses Asexual Reproduction. But appears Female.
1: Sword of Thorns: A barbed sword that can extend to any length and is made of a razor sharp natural compound. If broken, it will simply regrow within the turn.

2: Geisha’s Fan: A large ridiculously strong leaf that Lotus can summon at any time. It can be blown to create a large gust of wind, and when blown, can release a variety of toxins into the air that can affect enemies. If broken, it will simply regrow within the turn.

3: Angelic Musician's Flute
A cursed flute played by a Lost-And-Found attendant to fend off of souls of the living that has a wide variety of powers including:

-Ability to create a shadow of a target. The shadow is a soulless, black copy of the target that acquires 1 weapon and ability of the target. The Shadows Takes 3 hits in the heart to kill and they can walk through walls and hide in shadows while completely intangible except for the heart.
-Ability to suck the soul from a target and place it in another object for 3 turns. Body of target is rendered useless, but target can fight while inhabiting another object. Unusable against robots and you must be touching target for this to work.
-Can create sound waves sharp enough to cut through mountains, or flat enough to crush skyscrapers.
-If played in extremely close proximity to a target, target will go deaf for the rest of the match.
-Playing the Sonata of a Soul's Schism (Made up, in case you’re wondering) causes the user to be split into two separate clones of equal strength.
-Playing the Dirge of Depravity causes a soulless clone of the wielder of the flute to appear anywhere in the battle arena. Clone, unlike in the SoaSS, is not as strong as original.

-Playing a tune can send a sound wave that inflicts status effects based on the second’s place of the post in which the target was hit.
0-1: Harsh Poison
2-3: Sleep (2 turns)
4-5: Paralysis (3 turns)
6-7: Dizzy (Cannot hit Lotus for 4 turns.)
8: Nothing
9: Target is fully healed (Lowest chance of happening.*

 -Playing a low note causes all metals and woods to be transformed into cheap plastic. (Flute must be kept played for two turns.)
-Playing a note out of tune serves to disrupt ALL electronic devices for two turns.
-Tune of the Traitors: A song that turns all sentient partners AGAINST they're master.

Weapon 4:- Marcus PEZ dispenser: Contains 11 objects of incredible power!
-rocket shoe (raises speed and gives slight fire use from rocket.)
-temporary tattoos (Gives summons or minions special effects depending on what tattoo is given)
-flower pot mobile (A giant flower pot with wheels and an engine)
-Butter clone (Creates a clone out of butter, the butter cannot be "destroyed" but can be deformed and melted, the clone will eventually reform itself)
-Sackboy (A sack boy from Little big planet, the Sack boy is dressed as a skeletal Deer and has IW antlers)
-Pine cone grenades An unlimited supply of holy hand grenades, in the shape of pine cones)
-Chariot o' snakes (A chariot pulled by snakes made from Dark energy and light energy, the chariot is average size, but the snakes are about 1 foot long each)
-Crabs (Normal crabs....THAT ARE SUPER POWERFUL IN WATER!!! 2# stat increase while in water)
-Snow globe: (A snow globe that controls the weather,  the harder you shake it, the harder it snows!)
-Jingle Keys: (With a single shake of these jingle keys any clone, summon or minion of your opponents will become mesmerized by its shineyness)
-A Tissue box( A tissue box with an infinite amount of tissues, They must be pulled out one at a time, and they have SUPER absorption abilities, any liquid they touch will be for ever trapped in its tender touch)


Ability 1: Call of Nature: Lotus’s natural connection to the Earth gave her the ability to summon any type of plant imaginable, the limit being her imagination, this gives her a number of sub-abilities.
Merge: Any plant in existence or that she creates can be merged directly into her, giving her their characteristics.
Life Drain: Any time a minion or clone is summoned, Lotus can call forth vines which suck the life energy from it and transfer it to her. She can also suck energy from other plants.
Transform: Lotus can transform her entire body into a different plant or a combination of plants almost instantly.
Toxic: Lotus can create plants which release toxins that may be harmful to her opponent.
Helper Plant: Lotus can summon minions made of plants which are usually pitifully easy to kill, but may grow back.
Body Augmentation: Since Lotus herself is a plant, she has the ability to manipulate her own body in many ways.

Ability 2: Call of the Wild: Lotus can summon and control any animal in or out of existence, giving her a number of sub-abilities:
Merge: She can add the characteristics the animals she summons to herself, which may lead to stat boosts.
Feral Rage: Lotus can manipulate an animal upon creation, giving it strength or speed that it may not originally have.
Soul Trust: Once an animal of Lotus’ dies, she has complete control over it’s soul.
Freak: Lotus can call forth extremely tough minions which combine both Animal and plant characteristics.

Ability 3: Call of Storms: Lotus can summon and control things that are weather related to assist her in battle, she can also merge herself with their characteristics.

Ability 4: Call of Gaia: Lotus has the ability to change the battlefield as she sees fit, having full control over her surroundings except for her opponent. So she can turn a Grassy Plains into a Futuristic City instantly.

Ability 5: Call of Spirit: Lotus has gained dominance over souls and spirit, giving her a number of interesting abilities.
Battle Aura: Lotus can charge her attacks with her Aura, causing damage to her opponent's soul should they hit. This will cause them to slowly lose consciousness with each attack.
Soul Lock: This gives all of her creations souls linked to hers and prevents her summons from being auto-killed or manipulated.
Summon Dead: Lotus can now summon demons, angels, ghosts, and undead, as well as merge with them.
Astral Projection: Lotus can Astral Project her soul from her body, however, should she create copies, she can still only Astral Project one soul.
Spirit Control: This allows Lotus to control "mystical energy" or mana, however, she can only control raw mana, mana that has been formed into an attack is outside her realm of control.

Height: Depends on the growing season *Rimshot*
Weight: 90 lbs.
Skin Tone: Green
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green
Hair Style: She can change it at any time.
Clothes/Garments: Her entire outfit is made out of plant-life and can change for convenience purposes.

Strength: **
Speed: *****
Defense: **
Mana: ***

Bio: Lotus was once the most beautiful flower of Ueno Park in Tokyo as she was a unique plant that had one more petal than the others. But she was just a flower, nothing more. One day a passing chemical truck had a horrible accident and sprayed the park with untested formulas. All the flowers in the field died after the crash, but Lotus lived. Lived in a field of death. And then one minute, something very strange happened. She had an idea. Now consciousness is alarming for most humans but we have a tendency to get over it rather quickly and quietly suck our pacifiers and poop in peace, but for a plant, consciousness is something completely different. Lotus rose from the ground and walked the field where her fellow plants had died. Seeking revenge for their deaths and her suffering, Lotus went to the chemical plant and killed every person there. Having since repented for her crimes, Lotus resolves to only fight when necessary. Lotus continues searching for peace, hoping to find some shred of meaning in the accident that is her existence.

AP: 30
JD: 700

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/35900


Name: Drake Kin (AKA Dragoon)
Race: Human
Class: Dragoon

Weapon: Ultima Spear: An ancient spear from the long lost order of the Dragoon Legion. The Ultima Spear was wielded by the current leader of the Dragoons, which means Drake by default. The Spear homes in on its target when thrown, its speed and force increasing with distance. Drake can instantly summon the Spear to his side when needed. A switch on the spear allows Drake to switch it's element between Gravity, Lightning and Air. The tip of the spear can be fired like a powerful bullet which is instantly replaced.

Weapon 2: Shock Absorbing Armor: An ancient Dragoon secret. The full body armor worn by the Dragoon is a massive shock absorber, which absorbs force thrown at it. Primarily used to absorb the force of any fall Dragoons suffer during their strikes, it can be used to decrease damage taken from hits, though it’s not as effective in this task. The suit has a built in life support system, allowing Drake to travel through areas that would be otherwise dangerous.

Ability 1: Gravity Control: Drake has inherited the magic of the Dragoon race, gaining the ability to manipulate his own gravity and the gravity of anything that touches him. This allows him to lower his gravity and make massive leaps into the air. He can also change the gravity of his spear even if it’s thrown. This ability allow his Jump strikes to be practically unstoppable.

Ability 2: Dragon Summoning: Drake’s Dragoon abilities allow him to summon the ancient Dragons of the old Legion. Normally, every Dragoon would receive one Dragon to ride into battle. But with the order long gone, the Dragons follow Drake’s orders alone. This army of Dragons includes Dragons of every mythical nature, though Drake can only summon up to 3 at a time.

AP: 5
JD: 200

Strength: ***
Speed: ***
Defense: **
Jump: ****

Height: 6’2
Weight: 145 lbs
Age: 18
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short
Garments/Clothes: Normally wears simple jeans and a T-Shirt, but Drake can summon the ancient Dragoon Armor straight onto his body. It’s made from an unknown compound that is naturally colored black. The head piece has a Dragon Mask that can be closed to protect Drake’s face, the eyes of the mask colored blood red.

Bio: When Drake was 12 years old, he had his fortune read by an old Fortune Teller. Upon simply touching his palm, the Fortune Teller recoiled. She revealed that Drake’s family comes from a long line of Dragoons, powerful warriors who could summon and control the might of Dragons, but the Dragons were assumed to have died out millennia ago, and the Dragoon Legion’s power with them. It was likely that Drake’s parents didn’t even know of their ancient lineage. Drake didn’t believe the tale obviously, but the story stuck with him as he became fascinated by his ancestry. When Drake turned 17, his parents took him on a trip to Greece, but throughout his entire trip, Drake couldn’t get an annoying buzz out his ear. When they went to visit the Coliseum, the buzz in Drake’s ear became a roar of thousands of voices calling out to him. Leaving his tour group unnoticed, the voices led Drake to a seemingly dead-end hallway within the Coliseum. When he touched the far wall, it opened up to reveal a massive chamber filled with thousands if not millions of sealed Dragons deep beneath the Arena. In return for releasing the noble race, they granted him their power, as well as bestowing upon the Ultima Spear and the Dragoon King’s Armor. Drake’s spent the last year back home in America, adjusting to his newfound abilities by saving the day time and time again, not minding missing out on the fame and fortune and letting the newspaper’s “Dragoon” get all glory.

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/59561


Name: Rief
Race: Human
Class: Cyber Ninja
Type: Weapon Spec.

Weapon 1: Razer Laser Weapon Projectors (RLWP): Two small hilts sheathed on Rief’s back that are crafted precisely for Rief’s grip. When activated, the hilts create any weapon Rief desires out of Razer Lasers. Since Razer Lasers have no weight, these weapons can be immense, but mostly Rief uses his familiar Kris.

Weapon 2: 50 Caliber Beretta Pistols: Two bladed-pistols holstered on Rief’s chest. The pistols have been modified with his old Bow and Arrow’s upgrades. The bullets it fires seek out their targets so they never miss, and the gun is modified with Fire, Ice and Lighting element. The clips automatically reload themselves after they’ve been expended. The two pistols can be combined to form a Machine Gun, a Sniper Rifle, or a Shotgun.

Weapon 3: The Cloaking Emitter: A blue glowing device placed in the center of Rief’s chest. Despite its name, it doesn’t actually emit anything, instead when activated, it takes anything that could be sensed of Rief and rips it from space time while leaving Rief unharmed. This blocks Rief from being seen, heard, smelled, felt, or sensed, because those things are simply not their. Rief can expand the cloak around anything he wants.

Weapon 4: Alchemical Potion Generator: A belt worn by Rief that is lined with vials of potions which are instantly replaced when used. These potions work on People and Objects alike and take affect on contact. This weapon can only be countered by an ability that specifically blocks Magical Potions. These potions are stackable, and when used on Rief or his allies, they have the exact opposite effect.
Weaken-U: Quickly drains the opponent or object of their strength. Lasts 5 turns.
Slow-U-Down: Slows down the opponent or object’s speed. Lasts 3 turns.
Magic-B-Gone: Quickly drains the opponent or object of its magical traits. Lasts 5 turns.
Double Damage: All opponents or objects take double the damage from each of Rief’s attacks. Lasts 8 turns.
Pain-4-U: Causes Rief’s opponent excruciating pain. Lasts 6 turns.
Sight-B-Gone: Temporarily blinds Rief’s opponent. Lasts 3 turns.
Aim-No-More: Causes Rief’s opponent’s accuracy to fall devastatingly. Lasts 7 turns.
Down-N-Up: Confuses Rief’s opponent, giving them extreme vertigo. Lasts 4 turns.
Go-2-Bed: Puts Rief's opponent to sleep. Lasts 2 turns minimum.
U-C-Things: Causes Rief’s opponent to have vivid hallucinations. Lasts 3 turns.
I-Melt-U: A very potent acid.
I-Hurt-U: A potion that does direct damage to his opponent.

Weapon 5: Emergency Exit Overide System: A small badge that Rief wears next to his heart. It's equipped with a teleporter and a life support system. Though it's power is limited so it can only be used in emergencies. The badge allows Rief to escape from being bound, trapped, or stunned.

Weapon 6: All Terrain Shoes: Soft and flexible shoes worn by Rief that allows him to travel in all terrain, which allows him to safely walk over water, lava or acid unharmed. It also allows him to control himself while the air, allowing him to manipulate his body while airborn.

Weapon 7: Dice: One of the few weapons Rief still uses from his old fighting style, a magical piece of dice that when rolled, has a variety of affects. The dice's effect takes two turns to initiate, one turn to roll the dice, the next turn to use it's effect.
1: The dice creates a UW shield around Rief for 1 turn, preventing him from harm.
2: The dice fires hundreds of lightningbolts that travels at light speed towards his opponent from all directions.
3: The dice creates a mine directly underneath his opponent that fires poisoned needles in all directions
4: The dice creates a small acid fog that surrounds and follows Rief's opponent for 1 turn.
5: The dice creates a clone of Rief, that fights alongside Rief for 4 turns.
6: The dice depowers his opponent's weapons, making them useless for 1 turn.
The number the dice lands on depends on the seconds in Rief's post. If he posts in seconds 0-9, it lands on 1, 10-19 and it lands on 2, 20-29 and it lands on 3, 30-39 and it lands on 4, 40-49 and it lands on 5, and 50-59 and it lands on 6.

Weapon 8: Jet Yoyo: A jet-powered yoyo that uses a built-in jet engine to travel at extreme speeds and hit with a massive amount of force. The Yoyo has an infinite amount of string. Rief's still practicing with it.

Weapon 9: Concealed Tonfa: A pair of Tonfa strapped to Rief's forearms that extend to their normal size at the press of a button. Both Tonfa contain a hidden half-foot blade inside their shafts as well as a small engine in the shafts that allow the Tonfa to spin at blurring speeds. The Tonfa can be switched between Light and Dark element, granting either seering holy damage, or rotting shadow damage.

Weapon 10: Belt of Power: A belt that can manipulate the gravity around Rief as well as control the magnetic fields of metallic objects around him, allowing him to manipulate them.

Weapon 11: BFG 11K: Throwing all subtlety out the window, this is a gun powerful enough to obliterate reality, it is however rather long to recharge (1 post) and can fire only one round each time. It causes a singularity on what it hit, transmuting matter and energy into raw destructive power.

Weapon 12: Monju: Rief keeps a pouch of 4 large pearls at his hip called Monju. Each Monju can be imprinted with a one-syllable word, then that word is brought into reality. So if Rief imprints the word "Blast" onto a Monju, a massive fiery blast appears. Rief can also string multiple Monju together, creating words of multiple syllables, or two words combined together, such as "De" "Stroy" or "Large" "Blast", increasing the power of the Monju exponentially with each Monju used. Each Monju has a recharge time of 5 posts.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 pounds
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: His left eye is brown while his bionic right eye is red.
Hair Color: Black
Garments/Clothes: Rief wears futuristic clothing that retains medieval ninja elements, including a bandana that covers his right eye. He also wears a long black glove on his left arm that hides his bionic arm. He wears a black trench coat over this.

Strength: ***
Speed: *****
Defense: **
Jump: **

Bio: Rief was a common thief, until one day he was assigned the task of “relieving” a nameless magician of his most powerful magical artifacts. Rief managed to infiltrate the magicians imposing fortress, but was caught by The Magician himself. The Magician cast a freezing spell on Rief and was all too ready to kill him, when The Magician decided that having a thief for a minion could potentially be of great use to him. The Magician released Rief, and told him that he would be trained by The Magician himself to become the greatest Thief in the world. The Magician taught Rief how to blend his own poisons and the art of becoming invisible along with other elaborate thief tricks. The Magician made Rief a magical tunic, which would always blend itself in with its surrounding environment, shoes which would never make a sound, a pair of unbreakable Kris which bring good fortune, and a pack of cards, filled with an unlimited number of playing cards which were magically made to rarely miss their target. Rief worked with The Magician for many years, gaining his respect and his trust. The Magician allowed Rief to keep anything he stole while on a mission. Rief aquired many powerful items on his own this way. eventually Rief saw the Magician as a good friend. One day The Magician revealed to Rief that he was actually quite old, and very near death. The Magician asked Rief to seek out a source of incredible power that would allow The Magician to make himself young again. Rief complied and set out to find a source of power that would heal his friend.

Continued Log: Rief saved his friend, but was not satisfied with what he had learned, determined to learn more about the art of thievery and fighting. When Gaffit asked him to escort Gaffit V back to his time period, Rief jumped at the chance. When Rief went to the future, he made sure Gaffit V got home safe before seeing what he could learn of fighting in the future. Rief entered a secret society of Ninja, learning all he could of their fighting style, which combined classical ninja fighting with futuristic technology, while Rief added his own experience into the mix. Satisfied with all he had learned, Rief went back in time, to re-enter the Clash.

Notes: During a raid on his Ninja Dojo, Rief lost his right eye and left arm during the conflict. These were replaced with bionic replicas. His right eye can see all spectrums of light and works as a telescope and a magnifier, importing the data it gains directly into Rief’s brain. His left bionic arm is made out of an extremely potent metal that combines Adamantium and Razer Lasers together, it also makes his left arm insanely fast.

AP: 31
JD: 720

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/50645


Team Gamma Fort:

Name: Morphosis

Type: Mech

Size: Moon-Class

Material: A complex combination of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymimetic Alloy, which allows the Mech to be both absurdly strong, and able to change its shape into anything of similar size. Each molecule of the Mech is coated with a Razer Laser finish, which instantly vaporizes anything that shouldn’t be touching it.

Power Source: A complex combination of Gamma Radiation, Positronic Energy, and Razer Laser energy. When multiplied together, this essentially gives the Mech enough power to survive to the heat death of the universe 5 times. The energy is in constant flux and is very hard to control without proper understanding of its fluctuation patterns, which are naturally randomized.

Computer Type: Organic Super-Computer. The ship itself is sentient and capable of self-healing if under duress, but can take awhile. Both Lotus and W.A.R. are easily capable of merging their minds with the ship. Others… might get a nasty headache from trying.

Shields: None. Though does possess a Cloaking Device similar to Rief’s.

On Board Weapons:
Gamma Cannons
Razer Laser Point Defense Turrets
Tesla Coils
Deployable EMP Drones
Turrets that fire standard shells laced with Rief’s potions
A colossal RLWP Engine built in that can be used for various purposes

The Ability Merger Pod: A pod that allows members of Team Gamma to select an ability or weapon to be merged with the craft, allowing the craft access to that ability on a larger scale.
The Captain’s Chair: Whoever is sitting in the Captain’s Chair is fully merged with the fort. All of their weapons and abilities are available to it.
Atomic Pill: A small pill containing the mass and energy of a star. To be saved for a very rainy day.

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/334023
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DB maybe?

« Reply #4 on: 11 July, 2008, 04:29:44 pm »

Name: J.D. Blaze
Race: Human

Weapon: Katana.

Weapon 2: High-Power Sniper Rifle: A sniper rifle that's strong enough to obliterate everything except the hardest non-IW substances. The barrel can be removed so the rifle can be used as a pistol, but this makes it extremely loud and inaccurate.

Weapon 3: Two .50 caliber magnum pistols trained to never miss their desired target as they will seek it out. Also a box of ammunition that supplies any kind of bullet Darkblaze can imagine.

Weapon 4: Portable Lounge AI Staff (Final Name Pending): A staff capable of firing (green) lasers in various ways, and can create energy barriers. Contains an AI system based off of the Lounge AI, which was created by the Lounger Strike.

 Some typical variations on weapons and shields:
Regular Beam: Standard use. Straight line, also most powerful.
Bullet Form: Fires 1 to Several small energy balls which can be controlled, provided DB is stationary.
Orbital Crush: A huge (And oddly named) beam capable of massive damage. 5 turn cooldown, other attacks can still be used though.

Shields (Does not have to be wielding to use):
Standard Protect: A spherical shield. It's the weakest shield, but protects in all directions. Can be broken with some force.
Strong Protect: Semi-spherical shield. Stronger than standard, but doesn't cover everywhere. Takes a lot of effort to break.
Circular shield: A large circular shield. Strongest, but only protects from one direction. Takes a ton of force to break.

Harbinger: An abnormally large HellHound, almost as big as Blaze himself. The HellHound has the same access to the DarkBlaze Aura abilities as Blaze himself, and its hide is extremely thick, capable of stopping point-blank bullets with little trouble. It’s also extremely strong, capable of digging through and chewing on most forms of metal with no ill effect (it actually likes Adamantium Bones, gives it something to chew on for a couple minutes). Despite its size, the dog is extremely agile, capable of leaping mountains and outrunning jets. It’s also fiercely intelligent, capable of understanding human speech, though it’s still incapable of speaking itself. As a Hellhound, it is capable of crossing into the Hell Plane, a dimension accessible only to HellHounds, crossing into it through one surface, and coming out of it through another. It also has the normal dog traits, such as hyper-enhanced smell and hearing, allowing it to warn Blaze of danger in advance. In a pinch, it can merge with DarkBlaze himself, doubling the power of his DarkBlaze Aura abilities, thickening his skin, enhancing his strength, agility, and senses, and allowing him access to the Hell Plane. It’s been imprinted to DarkBlaze, meaning that its soul is attached to his own, meaning that it’s attached to DarkBlaze for the rest of its life, incapable of being controlled or manipulated by another, or auto-destroyed. Should Harbinger die, DarkBlaze should feel no ill effects, but due to the imprinting, should DarkBlaze die, so will Harbinger. Considering the Hellhounds strength, this would probably be the easiest way to get rid of it.


Ability 1: Metal Control: Can summon metal to use in different ways. (It's practically the same as before, but less limiting IMO), Provides natural immunity to electricity. The metal summoned cannot be controlled by anyone else. Can turn his body into metal (Like Greed from FMA, but metal instead of carbon), increasing his defense by 3, but dropping his speed to 1.
He can form robots with this skill, as well.

Ability 2: The Burning Soul of the Lounge: The Lounge abides by it's own rules, and tends to go way against the laws of nature.

 - Can summon a can of Sprite. And drink it.

 - Allows Darkblaze to not only fly, but walk/run/swim etc. in the air.

 - Allows DB to breath in space, lack of oxygen, etc.

 - Can create multiple Lounge holes. They basically behave like the portals from Portal, except they can be created anywhere, even in midair. They can be moved and changed in size at will. There can also be multiple exit points, and anything that passes through the entrance hole is duplicated at all exit holes. The instances are destroyed when the holes are closed.

Ability 3: The Dark Blaze
DB is surrounded by a dark "Aura" which is hotter than the sun. He can also create and control black flames which are also hotter than the sun, These flames can be used as solid weapons. The flames do not hurt DB or his allies. The flames can also be combined with his weapons for added affects.
Sword - Flame Wave
Sniper Rifle - Dark Mass Driver
Can transform into a being of flames, increasing his strength by 2 and his speed by 1, but drops his defense to 1.
The flames can also be compressed into small spheres of energy. These can be used to power machinery, as well as highly-destructive, incinerating bombs. They have come to be known as "Black Hole Suns"

Combined Ability Effect: Transformation
Can transform into a being made of flame and metal, his speed is boosted by 2, his defense is boosted by 4, and his strength is boosted by 3. Transformation lasts 3 turns, followed by a cooldown of 3 turns.

Ability 4: Crush
When not using any weapons, DB's physical attacks become devastating in strength and insane in speed.

Ability 5: Animation
Can give sentience to anything he touches (Unless it's created from his other abilities, then he can do it from a distance). After a few turns, the creations lose sentience and fall apart (If made from other abilities, they disintegrate), but they can be re-animated.

Ability 6: Heavily Armed Loli (Unfinished)
DB's assistant loli, she's attached to DB for some unknown reason. She uses a teleporter to warp to and from the battlefield. If she is in critical danger, her teleporter will automatically send her away from the battlefield. It takes 5 turns before she can be summoned again. She wears a jetpack. Occasionally she will ride on Harbinger, even though Harbinger isn't too fond of her. She is armed with a bunch of huge weaponry she can hammerspace between. Armaments incude:

Large cannon - Basically the cannon off a tank. Strong.
RPG - An RPG with simple tracking technology.
Laser - It takes a bit to charge up, but extremely powerful. Like a Spartan laser.
Among a few other huge weapons.

(Don't have pic)

Stats (Really only for reference):
Strength: * (Misleading, her weapons have devices that make them easier to move)
Speed: *****
Defense: *
Agility: ****


 Sex Change Ray Gun
An artifact from the lounge, it has a certain way of ending arguments... DB can only use this on himself. When in his female form, his abilities gain an opposite (but still use useful) effect. They are:

 Metal Control -> I'm unsure right now ._.
 As the SCRG is a lounge utility, JDB's lounge powers are unaffected.
 Dark Blaze -> White Ice
 Crush -> Unsure as well. Thinking of changing the original ability anyway.
 Animation -> Dispersion
 Heavily Armed Loli -> Magical Shota

In addition to modifying the abilities, Harbinger takes on a different form with the same White Ice ability as JDB due to the soul imprinting. He looks like this after transformation:

Alternate ability descriptions:

 White Ice:
Fairly self-explanitory. Like Dark Blaze, but Ice can be controlled instead. It can be combined with whatever I decide the opposite of metal to be >_>

Any summoned creature can be unsummoned with one touch. Also works for beings that are created by someone's ability.

 Magical Shota:
Summons a little magical boy that JDB met once while transformed. He has a slight crush on her despite knowing that she is a guy transformed.
As opposed to the Loli, he uses magic of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) to bring destruction upon the enemies. Same rules apply to him.

GMB - Lounge Ally Summon (Mini-fied due to being loooong)

DB summons his friends from the lounge. They are always allies, regardless of distance.

 - Jawo'

The acting leader. A rational guy who loves music and most of all, Sprite. One of the oldest loungers still around, Jawo' commands a ton of respect not only from the loungers, but among the general population as well. Jawo's actions are in Green.

Divine Sprite Blade (DSB for short):
A blade that has been infused with Sprite. It's blade is made entirely of Sprite held in place by magic. It can slice through all but the hardest of non-unbreakable materials. It's sharpness makes up for the lack of direct strength he possesses.

Holy Book of Lymon:
No one knows what exactly is written in this book save for the few that have wielded it. By reciting passages from the book, Jawo' can control Sprite itself to do whatever he likes.

Ability: Sprite Blood
Jawo's blood is comprised entirely of Sprite, giving him immunity to water-based damage and the ability to survive in harsh conditions. (I.e, in space, underwater, etc.)

Combat information:
Jawo' is a close to mid-range fighter. He is quick on his feet and very agile, making a formidable opponent at close range. And medium range he can use his Sprite abilities to attack, change the distance between him and his opponent, or even alter the battlefield with it.

Strength: *
Speed: *****
Defense: **
Magic: ****


 - Overlord Dizi

Dizi is a loud, showy fighter. His bold claims are backed up by his immense power. There is a rumor that he is able to destroy the world, but hasn't done so because there would be nothing to do afterward. Dizi's actions are in Red.

Weapon: Dizi Claw
A gauntlet that is capable of tearing flesh. He usually prefers to use his Overlord powers to fight, but it works well if needed.

Ability: Overlord Powers
Dizi, as an overlord, is capable of calling forth the powers of Lightning, Fire, and Darkness. The versatility of this is amazing. They also allow him to fly.

Combat Info:
Dizi generally fights mid to short range with extremely powerful magic, despite the fact that his magic is generally long ranged by nature. The attacks released by this magic are devastating.

Strength: *
Speed: **
Defense: ****
Magic: *****


 - Strike Alpha Unit 02

The real SA02 is still MIA. The Lounge AI he left behind has taken control of his mechs (And in fact, built one of it's own...) and fights in his place for now. While it does so, it assumes his personality and projects an image of him piloting the mech inside the cockpit. Strike is an extremely talented mecha pilot and has some of the strongest weaponry available. Strike's actions are in Blue.

Weapon: Mech Unit SAU02 Lounge Ai version
A large mech. Different from Strike's orignal in that it's humanoid shaped, rather than the bipedal walker style. It is loaded to the max with all kinds of weapons. (I'd give you specifics, but I'm not too good with that sort of thing. Suffice to say, if it's bullets, lasers, or missiles, it's got 'em. It has a lot of melee capabilities as well.) Strike's technology has allowed for improved mobility and physical strength. (+2 to each) It can fly, as well.

Ability: Support
Strike can call in a few support units to perform an attack. Most notably the A-1 Skyraider Toilet Bomb. A vicious bomb that can destroy much more than you'd think... Others include M4A4 Sherman Boy and M4A3 Sherman Girl. Both are armed with tank cannons and huge machine guns.

Combat Info:
Strike is vicious, all-range fighter. His various armaments let him fight at all ranges. He is fond of impalement kills, though...

Mech Stats:
Strength: ***(**)
Speed: ***(**)
Defense: *****
Magic: * (Placeholder)


 - Autumn Espirit

Also known as Shadow, the only female member of the team. She doesn't fight, even though her powers are formidable. (Mostly because I can't decide on a profile yet...) Her actions are in Orange.

She does not need to be defeated. She will disappear if everyone else is defeated.


 - Gamefreak Jake

He just hides under his tarp. He doesn't do anything. His actions are in Purple.

He does not need to be defeated. He will disappear if everyone else is defeated.

Strength: ***
Speed: **
Defense: ****
Mana: ***

Height: About 5'10"
Weight: around 150
Age: Unknown.
Description: http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n259/Barnbrat16/Original%20Onigiri/Kiyo.jpg

Bio: As a young boy, his hometown and his family were destroyed before his eyes by an unknown force. He managed to escape the annihilating force and lived on the streets of a nearby major city, fighting in the streets and the creatures outside the city. Not content with just fighting random people, he began working as a mercenary, accepting almost any sort of job for money. One particular case involved an investigation into a mysterious group. After some searching, he located the group's headquarters and discovered their plan; to summon a demon for malicious purposes, and that they were close to completing their goal. He returned to attempt to gather help, but found none. He returned to their headquarters to discover them summoning the demon, He attempted to interrupt and stop the summoning by killing the leader, but the summoning did not stop, and only caused the demon to have no one to take orders from. The demon promptly killed all the nearby summoners, and attempted to kill DB as well. However, having been exposed to the magical energies awakened his metal control ability. The ensuing battle was long and hard fought, but DB managed to emerge victorious. Not willing to be defeated so easily, the demon grafted his soul to DB's, which at the moment seemingly did nothing, but increasingly corrupts his soul, along with awakening new powers... After a few years, he was approached by Jawo' of The Lounge, with an offer for him... A rival organization, known as "The Inn", had been attempting to bring them down. Jawo' requested his support in an attack on them, since some of The Lounge's best warriors were abroad on other missions. During the assault, the demon spirit attached to his own flared up, causing him to go berserk and destroyed the whole Inn. Jawo' recited a passage from the Holy Book of Lymon which calmed the demon soul and partially sealed its powers. After the whole incident, Jawo' offered to let him stay on permanently as a member of the team. DB accepted, and so became an official Lounger and began training to explore the mysterious abilities of the Loungers. Again, time passed, and as DB was carrying out a mission, he became entangled in a fight with someone who was involved with "CoS"... And now he fights, to uncover more about this "Clash of Smash", it's history, it's potential futures, and what secrets it may hold...

AP: 40
JD: 500


Empty slot for now, contemplating what to use~

AP: Lost 'em somehow. Will start over.
JD: See above


Name: Asuka
Race: Human

Weapon 1: "Starlight" Serial BB1-112, A giant mech, customized by Asuka. Weapons include a High-power Laser Sniper Rifle (With semi-auto mode, decreased accuracy), a Large energy-edge sword, Rocket generators and smaller lasers all around the mech, and a high-velocity chaingun in each arm.
("Starlight" Serial BB1-112 = SSBB LLR = SSBB Luxary Lounge/Resort >_>)

The robot can transform into a few different modes.

Balance Mode (This is the normal mode):
Description: Standard mode.

Attack Mode:
Description: The wings mostly disappear, and all the limbs become bladed. The limbs also become large for max attack power and speed, but consequently leave many places open.

Defense Mode:
Description: The wings get a lot larger and more feathery looking, The limb movement is severely reduced to cover all weak points, but as a result cannot attack well. Moves by flying.

Power House Mode:
Description: The mech's legs becomes short and stumpy, the wings turn into racks upon racks of missiles, and the laser rifle morphs with the chest and turns into a Laser Cannon capable of plowing through a mountain. The arms are still long enough to wield the sword close-range effectively.

Compact Battle Suit Form:
Strength: *****
Speed: *****
Defense: *****
Power: *
Description: A Compact, slightly larger than a human sized form, perfect for combat in enclosed spaces, although this forces all armaments to become hand-held weapons, Except rockets, which can be fired from any point on the body.

Weapon 2: A small beam sword (Can also be used as a small utility knife), When active, it is pretty much the same as a regular sword. The beam's temperature can also be increased just enough to melt metal, although it takes a while and can burn out temporarily if used too long.

Ability 1: Orbital Strike
Can call an orbital laser strike, Strong enough to destroy most materials. (Is not CA) Disrupts electrical devices in a half-mile radius (Except for Asuka's mech) for a couple of turns.

Ability 2: Soul of Fire
Can create and control fire, and make explosions. Cannot hurt self.

 Ability 3: ...

Height: 5'10"
Weight: Around 150
Age: 28

Pilot Stats:
Strength: **
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Mana: ****

Height: Around 25'
Weight: A few tons.

Bio: Asuka is a pilot for a defensive force that protects Earth and other colonies, and is a fairly high ranking soldier, and one of the more promising pilots. She is an expert in the martial arts part of her training, and is good with a gun too. Asuka rose quickly through the ranks of the soldiers, and is highly respected among them.

AP: 17
JD: 440


Name: Dimitri the Conscript
Race: Human

Weapon 1: Super AK-47
An AK-47 that ignores any defense/power/anything that might stop it that isn't body armor, and can home in on enemies. Also has a near CA bayonet on the end that can be removed and used as a melee weapon.

Weapon 2: Warm Fur Coat
A nice warm coat... Provides immunity from ice/cold damage, and reduces all other damage. Also has infinite Molotov Cocktails in there.

Weapon 3: Hammer and Sickle
The Hammer and Sickle pair are both ice enhanced. They also have both Fire and Ice protection and offer thermal control, allowing for the wielder to bring icy Soviet death to his foes.

Ability 1: War Bear Summon
Can summon Soviet War Bears, up 20 of them at a time. The bears have armor that reduces Water, Fire, Air, and Earth damage. Bears can swim and carry rocket launchers and jetpacks, but they cannot fly with the jetpacks, only make long jumps. Bears are also immune to Ice/Cold damage. The bears just disappear when they die or are dismissed.

Bear Stats:
Strength: *****
Speed: ****
Defense: ***

Ability 2: V4 support
The Conscript can call in V4 strikes anywhere on the battlefield (The V4 launchers are always off-battlefield) The missiles take 1 turn to reach the battlefield, but he can call up to 6 of them at once, and they can slightly adjust their path before the land. Also take 4 turns to recharge, counting from the launch (So, 3 after the missile lands) The missiles path cannot be altered by any outside force.

Ability 3: Magnetic Satellite/Orbital Dump
Dimitri has been granted access to Russia's Magnetic Satellite/Orbital Dump system to use at his free will. The Magnetic Satellite takes 4 turns to charge up, and then the Orbital Dump can be fired on the 5th turn, or he can wait if he chooses
to do so. The Magnetic Satellite will not recharge until Orbital Dump has been fired. The Magnetic Satellite can pick up almost anything save for Combatants and their hand-held weapons. (Partners can be affected by this, but they won't die from the whole "Being in space without oxygen" thing.) Orbital Dump drops anything that the Magnetic Satellite picked up, along with various space junk, including old satellites, meteors, as well as weapons placed there on purpose, such as flares, which are designed to burn people, and some explosive warheads, much stronger than the missiles fired by his other ability. Though only one ever appears at one time during a useage.

Strength: **
Speed: ***
Defense: *****
Rage: **

Height: Around 6'0"
Weight: Heavy
Age: 38


Bio: The Soviet army conscripts men for service in the army. Many of them are surprisingly willing to fight and die for their motherland.
He is skilled in a Russian martial art that is taught to the conscripts who have proven themselves capable and loyal.

AP: 11
JD: 260
Empty Slot for now. Contemplating what to use here.

AP: 14
JD: 380
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« Reply #5 on: 11 July, 2008, 04:43:33 pm »

Name: Bob the Omnipotent
Race: Semi-Immortal Meta-Fictional Being
Gender: Male

Weapon 1: + 5 Magical Rapier. A simple, magically enhanced rapier that Bob is quite skilled with. Is surprisingly durable.
Weapon 2: Anti-anti-magic dagger. A simple looking dagger, it has the ability to stop anti-magic fields by being placed into the ground and creating an "anti-anti-magic field", allowing Bob to summon no matter what as long as he remains in the field. Also, can be used to stab people. Because its a dagger.

Ability 1: Pop Culture Summoning: Allows Bob to summon characters from pretty much anything. The stronger the character, the more energy it takes to create and maintain, so he can either summon many weak summons, or a couple strong one. Also, stronger summons can be more difficult to control, and anything that could canonically kill the summon in their world can kill them in this world.
Ability 2: 3.5 D&D Wizard/Sorcerer Spell-casting: Bob can cast every single spell from D&D's 3.5 edition's list of Wizard/Sorcerer spells (One list, it's just that two classes have access to it.) Bob doesn't actually have to follow the rules of D&D when casting these spells. He casts all his spells spontaneously (that is, without choosing them ahead of time) and as an infinite number of spells per day, although the number of spells he can cast per post is limited by his mana reserves. He largely abstracts the effect of the spell from how the spell is described in accordance to D&D's rules, but he doesn't have to follow them to a T, and is known to occasionally give himself a little leeway with the effects. Still, he tries his best to remain true to the intent of the spell. Here's a list of the spells Bob can cast, with quick, simple summaries of their effects, in case you want proof I'm not making something up. http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20/rules/DnD3.5Index-Spells-SorcererWizard.pdf

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Age: Claims to be 42, real age unknown.

Strength: *
Speed: *
Defense: **
Mana: *****

Bio: A mysterious wizard who can break the "Fourth Wall", Bob specializes in summoning magic. Because of this ability to break the "Fourth Wall" he is well aware of the existence of other worlds with powerful characters, and so he summons magical duplicates of these characters to aid him in battle. These duplicates are exact copies of the character they are based on, down to their memories and personality.

Bob's past is mysterious, and he prefers to keep it that way. When pressed too hard about it, he merely says "my RPer never really intended for me to have a back story. She created me just because she thought a fourth wall, pop-culture summoner was an awesome idea."  This leads to much confusion on the behalf of the questioner.

His reasons for joining the Clash of Smash? "For teh lulz. Also, my RPer felt like it."

AP: 5
JD: 180


Name: Brunna Stoneblood
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female

~Weapon Spec character~

Weapon 1: Battle Axe of Striking Force - A powerful magical battle axe with two blades, one on each side of the head. It's capable of creating blasts of invisible, pure solid force. These blasts are similar to the traditional wizard spell "Magic Missile" and are fired from the area between the two blades. Further more, the wielder can surround the blades with an invisible layer of force, greatly increasing the impact power of the axe, but making it so the blade deals bludgeoning damage instead of slicing damage.

Weapon 2: Frostforge - A powerful magical throwing hammer. It is capable of freezing anything the head of the hammer comes into contact with, extending a thick layer of ice over anything it strikes. If stuck against a flat surface, the ice just spreads out thin to cover over the area. If it strikes something else, the ice will instead try to envelope the struck object. However, the more ice the wielder wants to make, the longer the hammer has to be in contact with the target, so it is difficult to freeze a large object in the midst of battle.
As a secondary ability, the hammer can create weapons and simple constructs out of ice. The magic of the hammer doesn't actually require any water to make these items out of ice, instead drawing mana from an outside source and freezing the mana itself.
Finally, as a magical throwing weapon, it will return to its wielder's hand after being thrown. The hammer doesn't actually fly back to its owner. Rather, after being thrown, the owner just has to will it, and the hammer appears in their hand again.

Ability 1: Epic-Level Dwarf Fighter - Brunna is an epic level dwarf fighter. In other words, she has reached the peak of her physical abilities as both a dwarf, and a fighter. Because of her Dwarven blood, she is incredibly resistant to poisons, very durable compared to a normal human, very hard to knock over or push around if she doesn't want to be, and very good and spotting and identifying unusual stone work, and an expert at appraising all kinds of metal and stone objects value.
Further more, she has spent years mastering the art of armed combat. Because of that, she is proficient with all sorts of melee weapons, and a couple of ranged weapons. She can pull off a number of amazing martial exploits, some that borderline on superhuman. She can let a flurry of five or more blows off in a matter of seconds, make incredible leaps longer and higher than her own height, cleave through whole groups of enemies with a single swing, and other similar feats of physical prowess. This includes the ability to wield two weapons at the same time effortlessly.
Finally, she has a very high level of battle field awareness. This allows her to quickly respond to even the most sudden techniques, although it isn't perfect.

Ability 2: Ex-quipping Magic - In all her years of travel, Brunna's greatest triumph was running into a wizard who taught her the secrets of the "Ex-quip" magic style. With this magic, she is capable of magically swapping out her current weapon with any other weapon she owns in an instant. Besides having a huge amount of mundane, non-magical weapons she can access, she can use it to cycle through all the magical weapons she owns.

Strength: ***
Speed: *
Defense: *****
Healing Surges: *** (These represent her ability to shrug off harm, and aren't really a measure of any actual healing ability. She has three healing surges per fight and can spend one to ignore a large amount of damage she just took. It doesn't mean she didn't take the attack. It just represents her ability to ignore pain and injury through years of endurance training and pure adrenaline. )

Height: 4' 1"
Weight: 214 lbs
Age: 96 ( Quite young for a dwarf, actually. )

Bio: A relatively young Dwarven woman, Brunna has spent many years of her life fighting. And she has fought a lot of things. Goblins, orcs, giants, dragons, slimes, beholders, drow, zombies, treants, devils, demons...you name it, she's probably fought it.

She's come to the Clash of Smash simply to test her might against some fellow warriors.

AP: 0
JD: 100

Name: GARkip
Race: Mudkip
Gender: Male

Weapon: GAR Sunglasses - These sunglasses are absolutely unbreakable. They return to GARkip when thrown, and are razor sharp. However, due to his hot-bloodedness, GARkip can't be harmed by his own sunglasses.

Secondary Weapon: Mudren - A giant robot Mudkip sporting its own pair of giant GAR sunglasses. Based on Spiral Technology, the Mudren is a powerful mecha. It can fire powerful, highly pressurized blasts of water from its mouth or lasers formed from pure manliness. It can swim and dig because Mudkips are Water types, and gain the Ground type upon evolution. I can also fly just because flying is epic. Also, it can Gattai with certain other mecha to form more powerful mecha. And finally, it can fire its giant GAR sunglasses. They either function like a boomerang and slice through the enemy before returning to its face, or they become two pairs of giant GAR sunglasses and will capture the enemy and hold them in place for a powerful finishing move.
However, GARkip is not only manly, but also very fair. He rarely ever uses his Mudren against opponents who lack a way to fight back, because it's more manly to engage in a fair fight than it is to overwhelm a human sized opponent with a giant robot.
Mudren's appearance:

Thanks to DB for the shop.

1. GARness: He has an unlimited supply of MANLY SPIRIT and HOT-BLOODEDNESS. This allows him to kick reason to the curb and do impossible things. Of course, he can't just do any impossible feat. The impossible feat has to be either manly or epic in order for him to do it. One good example of an impossible feat is the fact that he can increase his strength and other stats the more injured he is, provided he got injured by a powerful attack. Also, he can project shockwaves of pure manliness, or create an aura of manliness that makes other men feel like whimpering little girls in comparison, and causes woman to instantly become very attracted to him.

2. Mudkip-ness: He's a Mudkip. He can use any move a Mudkip can learn, his GARness allowing him to have more than 4 moves. Also, he has legions of fans who liek him and would follow his every command. They can be summoned at any time to do his bidding.

Strength: ****
Speed: **
Defense: ***
Spirit: *** ( This is how often in one turn/post he can do the impossible. Because if you do the impossible too many times in a row, it stops being manly and epic, and starts getting annoying. )

Height: 1' 4"
Weight: 16.8 lbs.
Level: 99

Bio: One day, a Mudkip found a pair of GAR sunglasses. The moment he put them on, he felt a surge of MANLINESS and HOT-BLOODEDNESS. It transformed him from a simple Mudkip into the mighty GARkip! Using his new found hot-blooded spirit, he gained the ability to walk on his hind legs, use his front legs as hands, and the ability to speak the human language. He then decided to travel the world to prove how manly and hot-blooded he was. In order to further prove his manlyness, he joined the Clash of Smash. Because it would be fun.

Theme: Rap is a Man's Soul! We Surpass the Impossible, and Kick Reason to the Curb! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to the Great Gurren Brigade Theme (from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=YK7cvxWpE9E

AP: 0
JD: 100
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Name: Catastrophix
Race: Only he knows.

Created. Type varies, no special abilities beyond being very sharp and very sturdy.

Absolute Control: Catastrophix has complete voluntary control over kinetic energy. However, the "AT field" of other characters prevents their kinetic energy from being manipulated. This restriction only applies to beings with functioning minds, and is not in effect for summons.

The Universe: Catastrophix has the ability to stop moving on the 4th-dimensional path often known to other beings as "time". During this period, he can do two things:
  • Change the dimensional coordinates of anything
  • Apply one rule to the universe.
Note: Catastrophix may not directly affect his opponent during this.

Melchsee's Door: Catastrophix may create a small, self-motivating black hole that seeks out created or controlled supernatural effects (such as elements, auras, and summons) and teleports to them immediately in order to consume them. Every one thing that it consumes not only makes it grow larger, but also adds one (distributable) stat point to Catastrophix. If there is more than one target, it will split into several pieces and all of them will teleport into their respective targets. After splitting, they will converge at a point determined by Catastrophix. After consuming five things, it will begin to leave a trail connected to itself between its destinations. After consuming ten things, a piece of it will split off and automatically protect Catastrophix from all imminent attacks by putting itself in the way, though it will not teleport. Things created by Catastrophix will be consumed as well, but will not count towards its consumption total.


Strength: *
Speed: *****
Defense: *
Senses: ***** (Is able to see down to the subatomic level, hear the trajectory change of electrons, feel the movement of anything within a 1 mile radius.)

Height: Anything he wishes it to be, but normally 6'2"
Weight: Can't be measured.
Age: Meaningless.
Skin tone: Tan.
Eyes: Blue (just blue, his eyes are entirely blue)
Hair color: Very pale blond.
Hair style: Short and slicked back.
Garments/clothes: Blue jeans and a black leather trenchcoat.

Bio: A being to whom past, present, and future are meaningless terms, his 5-dimensional existence often leaves him bored with the sheer monotony of the lives of others. So, he often seeks battles with those whose powers may provide him with some novel amusement. Of course, since he is what he is, he voluntarily limits himself in order to make things that much more fun. The knowledge gained through his eternity of existence and special abilities let him modify his body from whatever it is at the moment, forever erasing the chance of knowing what he originally was. He does, however, have a few favorite forms.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=SToomAszw0A&fmt=18

Name: Versaren (Ver-sar-en)
Race: Created Being.

Indestructible, very sharp claws on fingertips, toes. Larger single claws on forearms, shins. Smaller single talons on heels.

Force gun: Can produce concussions, with range, shape, energy, and duration depending upon how it is tuned.

Linkshell: A pair of rings that function as portals. One serves as an entrance, and the other as an exit. These rings are telepathically linked to Versaren, and as such he has complete control over their shape, size, and position, as they are self-motivating and move extremely fast. They can be locked closed at either end, preventing something from exiting or entering the circuit. The circuit has a maximum load of 6 attacks before it overloads, expelling all absorbed attacks or masses from both ends and frying it, preventing it from being used for two turns.


Self Control: Versaren has complete and total control over every piece of his body, allowing him to change his body according to his needs. Versaren's usage of it allows for including, but not limited to:
  • Immunity to all stat-decreasing effects
  • Immunity to all poisons, acids, magical potions, and diseases
  • The creation of poisons, acids, and diseases tailor-made to opponents, bypassing immunities.
  • Flight
  • The usage of transformable and detachable body parts as weapons
  • Versaren enters a state of extreme metabolic acceleration, doubling speed and tripling strength for three turns
  • Mitosis, with the end products being identical to the original in every way, except for having 3 less stat points each, these stat points being distributed anew for every product. Each product of this process is another Versaren, and is fully independent and capable of everything that the original is. There is no limit to the number of products.
  • Limited regeneration, up to the level of restoring lost limbs
  • Change at will of stats, with a corresponding change in body

Phage: Versaren can eat anything and everything without suffering any ill effects or bodily distortion. In addition, whenever he eats anything, his stats increase. When he eats matter, his strength and defense increase by one point. When he eats energy, he gets one stat point to distribute at will.

Primal Pulse: Every time Versaren's stats change without increasing, all weapons cease to function for three turns, and any effects generated by weapons cease to exist immediately. The weapons themselves do not cease to exist, however, and physical weapons such as blades or clubs can be used. (Not guns, though) Every time Versaren's stats increase, all abilities except Phage are disabled for two turns, and any effects generated by abilities cease to exist immediately.

Strength: ****
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Rage: **

AP: 16
JD: 360

Height: Varies, but usually 5'9"
Weight: Varies, but is off the scales anyway.
Age: Immeasurable
Skin Tone: Totally black
Eyes: Black, with bright gold irises.
Hair Color: Pure white.
Hair Style: Very long, uncombed and goes straight back.
Garments/clothes: Green and blue silk scarves wrapped turban-style around the torso and upper legs.

Bio: Created so very long ago that he can barely remember it, Versaren first awoke in the same form that he uses now, with the full knowledge of how to utilize his special abilities and some other information besides. Part of this inborn information was an incredibly keen sense of smell, and the knowledge of the chemical structure of all forms of material known to his creator. He knew that his purpose in life was to find his creator and defeat him, for only then could he be free to choose what to do with himself. Equipping himself with the few things that his creator left behind especially for him, he began his endless hunt. The eternity of time has led him to the Clash of Smash, where he hopes to find his creator, or, as he refers to him, "That Man".

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=jZwxIAHiwoQ&feature=related&fmt=18
Name: Zetta Freeman
Race: Bad-ass freakin' voice actor

Changes depending upon form.

  • Overlord Zetta: Yo****suna, a broadsword/space battleship. Adds strength +1 when in sword form. In battleship form, it is armed with a large amount of laser cannons, IW missiles, and an impenetrable force field that surrounds it for two turns, but needs to recharge for three. In addition, it carries an infinite amount of Prinny Baals, though only 5 may be out of the ship at once.
  • Sho Minamimoto: Pins: Each pin allows for a different psychic ability to be manifested, but equipping each pin requires at least as many mana stat points as the pin requirement. Up to a maximum of six pins may be equipped at any one time. The equipping or usage of pins does not consume stat points.
  • Nameless Swordsman: Is able to use all of the bladed weapons of the other forces.
  • Alucard: The Casull and the Jackal, two enormous IW handguns which fire holy attribute bullets.
  • Hagi: An infinite number of impossibly sharp (as near to CA as can be, without canceling indestructibility) daggers secreted around Zetta's person.
  • Karasu: Indestructible black whips that appear from Zetta's tattoos. Their length can be changed at will, and has no limit.


A red motorcycle, with built in rocket launchers, laser cannons, and anti-gravity system.


Freeman Force: Zetta has the power to use the abilities based upon the attributes of any character that Crispin Freeman voices, up to 3 at once. His appearance changes depending upon which forces he is using at the current time.

  • Overlord Zetta: The first of Zetta's default forces. The raw power of this force means that as long as this force is active, Zetta will gain two stat points per turn, one mana and one to distribute as he pleases. Mana +2
  • Sho Minamimoto: The second of Zetta's default forces. This force allows Zetta to summon an army of Taboo noise. Each Taboo noise costs one mana point until it is destroyed, at which point it may be absorbed back into Zetta, giving him one distributable stat point for each two Taboo noise he absorbs. This force also allows Zetta to phase through anything once per two turns.
  • Nameless Swordsman: The third of Zetta's default forces, an amalgamation of all of the swordsmen played by Crispin Freeman. This force gifts Zetta with mastery of all forms of bladed weapon combat. Strength +2.
  • Albedo: While this force is active, Zetta's hair turns white. Zetta is immune to all poisons, acids, and diseases, and cannot have his stats decreased. If Zetta is already suffering from any of these when he switches to this force, they are immediately removed.
  • Alucard: When this force is activated, Zetta dons a red fedora with a wide brim. This force allows Zetta to generate an infinite amount of limbs. This force also gifts Zetta with darkness control. Strength +1
  • Hagi: When this force is activated, a pair of black leathery wings burst from Zetta's back and his left hand becomes clawed. The wings allow Zetta to fly at speeds in accordance with his speed stat. The clawed hand is impossibly sharp, and indestructible as well. Speed +1, Strength +1.
  • Heat: While this force is active, a red tattoo in the shape of flames appears on Zetta's right arm, blending with the black tatoos in a spiral shape. This force allows Zetta to control heat at will. Defense +1
  • Itachi Uchiha: When this force is activated, Zetta gains the Mangekyo Sharingan and holds his right eye closed most of the time. Abilities of the Mangekyo Sharingan include Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susano'o, as well as the usual Sharingan abilities.
  • Kagetsu: This force allows Zetta to project a spherical field with a radius of 10 miles. Inside this field, no elemental, magical, summoning, transforming, or control abilities will function unless the user has as many or more mana stat points than Zetta.
  • Karasu: When this force is activated, Zetta's black tattoos elongate and form thin lines all around his entire body. This force allows Zetta to teleport at will, as well as letting him travel in the 4th and 5th dimensions at will.
  • Regal Bryant: While this force is active, a pair of broken shackles appear on Zetta's wrists. This force gifts Zetta with the ability to negate the motion of anything, so long as he touches his feet to it. Strength +2
  • Sakaki: When this force is activated, golden areas appear inside Zetta's black tattoos and three black horns form upon his head. Zetta's touch will infect any electronic devices/entities/tools with AIDA, a malevolent computer virus that causes temporary paralysis, decreased functionality (speed and attack stats -3), and errors resulting in erratic behavior (in sentient machines, this would resemble insanity).
  • Straight Cougar: When this force is activated, Zetta dons Straight Cougar's shades, the most bad-ass pair of shades in the entire cosmos. It also changes his theme to theme 2. This force allows Zetta to move at speeds faster than that of light, as well as giving his kicks incredible power. Speed +3
  • Zelgadis Greywords: While this force is active, Zetta's skin turns gray and stony. He gains access to all of the spells from the Slayers universe, most notably the Dragon Slave, Ra Tilt, Ragna Blade, and Giga Slave. Strength +1, Defense +1, Speed -1.

Netherworldly Overlord: Once every four(personal) turns, Zetta may freeze everything happening on the current field of battle and translate it all onto a Netherworld. Each Netherworld lasts for 5 turns (total).

  • The Netherworld of Gehenna, the spawning point of all insanity. Normally sane characters have a 25% percent chance (determined by two coin flips of a neutral party, heads and tails called beforehand) per turn of going insane from all of the psychic stress emanating from it. If Zetta calls both coin flips correctly, the affected character goes totally insane, hallucinating and manifesting hidden phobias. If one is called correctly (the calls must be in order), then the character suffers from an incredibly increased amount of stress, this decreasing strength and mana stats by one. If none are called correctly, then nothing happens to the character. Of course, this place has no effect upon characters that were already insane.
  • The Netherworld of Mvbinuz, essence of the infinite. This netherworld is totally without any form of light, but this is merely a minor detail. The true attibute of this Netherworld is that it is truely infinite, and, in the way that infinity has of doing such things, renders distance meaningless. As such, when in Mvbinuz, the position of characters is determined by nothing, essentially allowing for infinite teleportation.
  • The Netherworld of Rasa, the blank world. Whatever rules Zetta sets here are absolute. These rules cannot infringe upon the rules of the CoS, such as making a character hit themselves. All rules are set at the beginning of Zetta's first turn and serve as the physics of this Netherworld.
  • The Netherworld of Sietz, the world without limits. This Netherworld essentially acts as a limited GMB for the time it is active, releasing all limits upon a character's powers so long as those limits do not constitute an auto-hit. (The one rule of this Netherworld)
  • The Netherworld of R'lyeh, home of the Dead Outers. While in R'lyeh, Zetta may summon the Outer Gods Cthulu and Nyarlathotep, along with Shoggoths and Deep Ones. Only one of the Outer Gods may be summoned at a time, while up to ten Shoggoths and Deep Ones each may be on the field. The characteristics of Outer Gods are as follows:
    • Cthulu: The Outer God that slumbers deeply in R'lyeh, it is immortal and undying. Capable of driving absolutely insane any being whom stares into its eyes, this gigantic abomination crushes anything caught in its endless amount of tentacles.
      Strength: ******
      Speed: ***
      Defense: *
    • Nyarlathotep: The communicator and avatar of greater powers than even he, the Black Man is sardonic, sadistic master of magic. His cruelty and taste for revenge are unparalleled, as his immortality has let him refine them infinitely. His powers let him rearrange space and objects in any way he likes, letting him create areas where M.C. Escher would get lost, as well as firing blasts of magic so powerful as to make a supernova seem tame.
      Strength: *
      Speed: **
      Defense: *
      Mana: ******

Wakamotivate: Due to his ever-increasing prowess as a voice actor, Zetta now has access to the powers of characters voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Only two forces may be active at one time, and they are indicated by the creation of auras and changing the color of Zetta's clothes.
  • Alexander Anderson:
  • Cell:
  • Charles zi Brittania: Signified by the color of Zetta's clothes changing to purple with gold trim, this force grants Zetta
  • Dracula: Signified by the generation of a blood-red aura
  • Faceless Mastermind: Signified by the generation of a black aura and changing the color of all of Zetta's clothes to black, this force grants Zetta
  • Guyver II: When activated, this force summons a suit of organic armor onto Zetta, known as the Guyver. Further details in the equipment section. Speed +1.
  • Hol Horse: Signified by the color of Zetta's clothes changing to dusty brown and green, this force grants Zetta the ability to control the trajectory of all of his projectile weapons at will. Speed +1.
  • M.Bison: Signified by the generation of a purple aura, this force grants Zetta
  • Mechazawa: This force grants Zetta the ability to combine with and upgrade his motorcycle, allowing him to channel all of his powers through it. Defense +2, Speed +1.
  • Winters Sokaro: Signified by the generation of a white aura and changing the color of Zetta's cloak to white, this force grants Zetta the ability to combat darkness. While this force is active, not only is Zetta immune to damage from darkness, but any darkness he comes in contact with is consumed with holy flame upon it's whole area. Strength +1
  • Xemnas: Signified by the color of Zetta's clothes changing to black with white patches, this force grants Zetta
  • Zenon: Signified by the generation of a bright yellow aura, this force grants Zetta a stat boost of +1 to all stats for every force active that is based on a human character and for every human on the battlefield.

Strength: ****(***)
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Mana: **(**)

AP: 10
JD: 350

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Age: Indeterminate
Skin Tone: Albino, with black tattoos covering his left hand and forming tribal designs upon his forehead.
Eyes: Totally white.
Hair: Red flames that appear to be in the shape of hair.
Garments/clothes: He wears a red cape, blue pants and coat, and belts on his wrist and chest.

Bio: Sho Minamimoto, barely alive after his encounter with the Composer at the end of TWEWY, still had his sights set upon attaining the Composer's position. To this end, he did the only thing that could conceivably make him more powerful and bad-ass than he already was. He decided to kidnap Crispin Freeman and perform a procedure to make him his voice actor. However, during the procedure Sho's basic form, that of a "zetta", interfered with another, already present "Zetta". This interference caused the untimely birth of Zetta Freeman, an unholy amalgamation of Sho Minamimoto and Crispin Freeman, with the personality of Overlord Zetta in control, except for the subconcious influence of Crispin. A few minutes after his birth, Zetta announced to the world that he was "One bad-ass freakin' voice actor" and proceeded to rampage across the Universe. Now, he has appeared at the CoS.

Theme song:
1. http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=VXytaD5AKyM&fmt=18
2. http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=pv1kirNU8n4&fmt=18
Name: Con Briofe
Race: Incarnation

Chaos Breaker: Appearing to be nothing but an ornately decorated sword hilt, this piece of equipment, when used, projects a steady stream of photons that are not affected by the Inverse-Square Law.

Armor of the Tiger: This armor, with a blue base and white stripes, covers Con Briofe's arms, legs, and torso. By wearing it, he may convert any form of ambient energy he comes in contact with into a mana stat point. It also increases his strength and speed by one each, and boosts his defense by two. If damaged, the Armor of the Tiger will slowly regenerate.

Linkshell: A pair of rings that function as portals. One serves as an entrance, and the other as an exit. These rings are telepathically linked to Con Briofe, and as such he has complete control over their shape, size, and position, as they are self-motivating and move extremely fast. They can be locked closed at either end, preventing something from exiting or entering the circuit. The circuit has a maximum load of 6 attacks before it overloads, expelling all absorbed attacks or masses from both ends and frying it, preventing it from being used for two turns.


Entropic Conversion: Con Briofe, in his capacity as the Incarnation of Entropy, has the ability to increase or decrease the entropy of a system at will, allowing him to, for example, turn water into an explosive, or transform a star into a gigantic crystal, however, he cannot increase the entropy of organic systems. This ability has no range limits.

Personal Space: Con Briofe may create a spherical space 5 meters in radius around himself, this space being a hole into a different universe consisting entirely of vacuum. Anything inside this space is instantly transferred to a space of corresponding size in the other universe. This space (on both sides) may not be entered or exited while the ability is active. Anything caught is transferred only once, and must wait for another activation of the ability to return, if at all.


Strength: ****(*)
Speed: ***(*)
Defense: ***(**)
Mana: **

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 200 kg
Age: N/A
Skin tone: White
Eye color: Totally white
Hair color: White
Hair style: Short and spiked.
Garments/clothes: The Armor of the Tiger and a white pair of boots.

Bio: Con Briofe is the incarnation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as Entropy. He came into existence with the sole purpose of ensuring that the heat death of the Universe comes about as fast as possible, and at first, he not only performed his duty, he enjoyed it, as he despised everything about the Universe, from sentient beings to solar systems. However, something happened to throw all of that into chaos. On his endless trek, Con Briofe discovered that he rather liked felines. As such, he now spends most of his time doing his job while carrying around as many cats as he can find.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=VLCS9Jq-YQ0&fmt=18
Name: Halgensyd Rexef
Race: Human Ubard

The Sacred Tome: A magical book that determines the order of the cosmos. Not only will anything written in this book come true at the cost of some mana, any damage done to it will also be done to the one who damaged it.

Maou Kestra, The Devil's Flute: A cursed flute that bound itself to Halgensyd from the very moment that he first picked it up. This UB instrument can transform at will into any type or number of other instruments, no matter how esoteric they may be. The music it plays is so charged with magic that it can do things ranging from charming even the most berserk of beasts to blasting holes in miles of solid rock. Even the very elements themselves dance to his tune when he plays it. Regenerates one mana stat point per turn. Some of its transformations include:
  • Speaker Shield: This form of Maou Kestra is a system of speakers (size and shape may vary) plugged into whichever instrument Halgensyd is currently using. Not only does it serve as a defensive barrier, the sound it produces can be tuned to be so loud that it can lay bare a grassy plain with one note, or ****ter several meters of titanium alloy with two. (40+ Bels) It also amplifies the power of the elemental intruments so that they produce double the effect they would otherwise.
  • Screaming Soloist: This form of Maou Kestra is a matte black electric guitar with the power to control electricity when played. When combined with a speaker, it supercharges it, makin the speaker three times as powerful as before.
  • Crashendo: This form of Maou Kestra is a camoflage patterned drumset with the power to control Earth (including all metals, metalloids, minerals, and nonliving organic material). Halgensyd cannot move while he is playing Crashendo.
  • Sonic Archer: This form of Maou Kestra is a bow and set of arrows, all hollow. The fluted arrows, fired at speeds approaching that of light, produce a damaging sonic boom even if they miss. Best suited for long-range combat.
  • Blazing Bow: This form of Maou Kestra, a bow with a glossy red finish, it is able to control fire when it is used. When used in conjunction with the Sylphic Violin, it becomes twice as powerful.
  • Sylphic Violin: This form of Maou Kestra is a violin, pure white with gold and silver filigree. When played, it has control over wind. When used with the Blazing Bow, it becomes twice as powerful.
  • Purging Piano: This form of Maou Kestra is a grand piano, complete with stool. When used, it banishes summoned objects/creatures, nullifies intangible objects (such as fire, light, darkness) in a 100-meter sphere around Halgensyd, and harms intangible creatures severely. Halgensyd cannot move while playing the Purging Piano.
  • Piercing Flute: This form of Maou Kestra is a simple flute made of platinum. A note from it will return transformed beings to their original form, but heavily damaged. In addition, those beings capable of transformation will also be rendered unable to trasform for the rest of the battle.
  • Tuning Sword: This rapier vibrates with the harmony of all of the instruments that Halgensyd has played so far, becoming sharper and sharper for each instrument he has played before using it. For every instrument he has played, he may release a ghost of it from the Tuning Sword and play a duet with it for two turns, but this consumes the stored harmony of the instrument. Once he has stored the harmonies of all of the named instruments, he may use the Tuning Sword to fuse with Maou Kestra, doubling his stats for three turns and allowing him to use his first GMB.


Infinite Crescendo: Halgesyd, with his infinite library of music, may play one song per turn, with the song's effects based upon its title. This is represented by the posting of a YT video containing that song, if possible. While normally, Halgensyd has an infinite amount of songs to work with, with each song only being usable once per battle, Halgensyd can choose different things can happen depending upon how limits himself.
List of limits and effects;
  • One artist/band: 4 uses per song, the same song cannot be used consecutively.
  • One album: Unlimited number of uses per song, two songs may be used concurrently, the same song may not be used consecutively.
  • One song: The song is always in effect, or may be used every turn. Is not compatible with all songs.
Note: Use of Maou Kestra does not count as use of this ability

Pianoforte: Halgensyd may change the hardness of anything he is in contact with, with this, he can make paper harder than diamond, or make corundum that you could cut with a fingernail.

Ensemble: Halgensyd may summon any music-related character from any work of fiction or real life, with any and all powers applicable to them.


Strength: *
Speed: ****
Defense: ***
Mana: ****(*)

Height: 7'1"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Age: 25
Skin tone: Tan
Eye color: Bright green
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Medium-length, messy.
Garments/clothes: Light brown long-sleeved tunic, dark red pants, leather boots and pauldrons, black fingerless gloves, bright red cape embroidered in green.

Bio: Born in a large city, Halgensyd showed a remarkable affinity for music at a very young age. As such, he was taken into the Musician's Guild, where he learned to use every instrument with an equal amount of skill. All was well with his life until one day, he broke into a sealed storeroom in the Guild out of curiosity. Inside the room lay an iron chest, and inside that chest lay Maou Kestra. At the very moment when he first touched it, Maou Kestra bound itself to him and gave him magical abilities with music, but also a curse. He may never have a home, for he will be reviled by all beings after staying for a short time. As such, he travels ever onward, searching for a home to rest in.
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Name: Jase
Race: Demon-Elf
Class: Assassin
Weapon: Long Blade that pops out of arm.
Sec. Weapon: Bombs

AP: 0
JD: 0

Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Rage: 1

Description: [image]http://starsmedia.ign.com/stars/image/article/839/839722/altair-assassinscreed_005_1196886358.jpg[/img]

Looks like that, except turn those daggers on his side to bombs, and change his hoody black. Has baggy pants, a very urban dialect (with lots of yo's and other hood slang), and a black bandana over mouth.

Bio: A loud assassin hailing from the town of Masterman. Originally, a hired mercenary for the raid on Bridge 8, Jase proved that he was much more than a simple mercenary. He defeated countless recruits on the Bridge 8 massacre, and captured the Bridge alone. It eventually caught fire, and he was one of the two survivors. The King of Masterman, Masterman, saw this, and asked Jase to be his loyal assassin. Jase accepted. After 7 months passed, Jase resigned, and went off to carry on his own life. He eventually got married at the age of 15 to a samurai-woman named Shura. They lived happily, but being the man Jase is, Jase strolled off later on, and eventually his loud mouth led him into dark waters. He got into a big fight with some local thugs, and when his back was turned, one of them stabbed a deep wound in his arm. He now has a very distinct scar on his left arm. Later on, he strolled off again and met up with a group of people called "Clashers" and eventually played their game, to show his strength and win money, back for his home life. Little does he know, the King of his hometown, laid the foundation of this very widespread fighting-craze, called the "Clash of Smash".

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 118 lbs
Skin tone: Light
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Black
Hair Style: Short
Garments/Clothes: *see pic* Except turn those daggers on his side to bombs, and change his hoody black. Has baggy pants, a very urban dialect (with lots of you and other hood slang), and a black bandana over mouth.

Notes: Metal blades pop OUT of arms. Like Baraka.

Thnx for the heads-up Doc.
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Do you earnestly think you can defeat me?

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Judgment Angel: Zero

Judgment Blade
A gargantuan sword that is around 8 feet long. Blessed by the gods, it can only be weilded by himself. Anyone else who attempts to weild it shall not be able to lift it. The sword is capable of ripping rifts between dimensions that will suck up anything within its range, never to be seen again. The blade can cause massive shockwaves that can cut as well as the blade itself.

Chain Gauntlets
Golden gauntlets equipped with unbreakable chains. Chains can travel through any surface, and can be manipulated by Judg's finger movements. As many chains as desired can be fired from both gauntlets. Each chain comes with a spear head attached that latches on to a target, making removing it from a body dangerous. If caught in s dangerous situation, Judg can clip the chains.

Robotic Mosswine Companion
A robotic mosswine (monster found in MHF2. Research say it goes crazy when you hit it.) It comes with a mushroom cannon that fires mushrooms like bullets. The mushrooms can come with hazardous qualities that are specified by Judg. This includes, but is not limited to poisons and paralyzation agents.  It comes with jet boosters as well, increasing it's speed greatly if nescesary, and even rurning the robot into a projectile. Immune to dark, ice, and lightning.

Manipulation of the Holy Element
Zero's favorite, signature ability. It allows him to summon up blessed mana from within himself and the environment and bend it to his will. The light that is produced from this manipulation is eternal, and very powerful. It can be a solid as steel, or liquid, like a river, depending on his will. He can even use the light produced from the manipulation of the mana to illuminate dark places, and blind his opponent.

Mastery of Gravity
As the name implies, this is the ability to completely manipulate gravity. Allows Judg to strengthen or diminish the pull of gravity. He can even control from what direction gravity is pulling on, and what objects are affected or unnaffected by that gravitational pull. The sub-ability to give something an orbit is also included. Judg may also use gravity to pull things into other objects. Gravity can also be used offensively, in the form of black zones. If an area is turning black, it means Judg is going to make the pull of gravity very intense. Bone disintegrating intense. Anything in the black zone has one turn to escape.

Command of Heaven and Hell
Judg has complete command over demons from Hell and angels from heaven. He can summon up to 20 total minions with this ability.
Angels: These guys have healing properties. Their primary role is to heal Judg and the demons. It takes a single turn to completely heal one injury Judg has sustained in battle. An angel can choose to sacrifice itself to become a stat point for Judg in any area he desires. However, this reduces the amount of total summons by two, meaning, if one sacrifices itself, Judg can only have 18 summons. Often, they will aid Judg with ranged attacks from their arrows. If they touch an opponent, the opponent will freeze in place for one turn. The shields of angels can absorb any non-CA attack.
Demons: Vicious, large brutes. They have high offensive power and defense. Their speed stat raises for every angel on the field. They are armed with flame manipulating abilties, axes, and tougher-than-steel bodies. If they manage to hit an opponent with their axe (no cut nescessary), that opponents speed stat will be reduced by one. If their fire hits an opponent, the target's fourth stat (Jump, senses, mana, etc.) will lower by one star. Physical attacks (fists for example), result for a loss of one star in defense for the foe.

Sand Manipulation
Judg can also manipulate sand in anyway he desires. He may produce sand, manipulate it, and even transform into it (If transformation is used as auto dodge or teleportation, it has cooldown time of one). The density of the sand may be controlled as well, allowing the sand to become incredibly hard, like a boulder, or delicate, like a child's sand castle. Judg's sand has the ability to suck the moisture from anything it comes into contact with, such as water, the human body, grass, etc...If used on a living person, the ability can completely parch the body causing immediate dehydration, resulting in lack of energy if not death.

I'm Taking You With Me
Three times in battle, Judg may choose to use this ability. If Judg is wounded by a foe's attack, the wound will be automatically inflicted on the opponent as well. Only works three times.

Temperature Control:
Judg can control the temperature of objects that are not his opponent. Not much else needs to be said about this ability.

Stat Reduction Reversal
Any attempt to reduce Judg's stats result in him gaining the amount of stats he would have lost.

Water Manipulation:
The ability to manipulate and produce water at will. This includes the transforming into of water as well. As with sand, if transformation is used to teleport or auto dodge, transformation has cooldown time of one. Judg may also manipulate water pressure with this ability.

True Angel Transformation:
With this transformation, Judg removes the spell that was put on him sealing his potential. This causes his stats to double what they were for two turns (stats affected by the stat reversal ability doubled what they currently are.) Cannot be used first five turns. Lasts five turns. 5 turn cool down.

Super Pizza Summon:
Judg summons his fictional creation, Supa Pizza. Only one can be on the field. It's abilities include:
-The use of any Pizza Topping as a weapon.
-Elastic arms and legs.
-Flying with his cape and teleporting with it.
-Turning into a pizza wheel.
-Using a giant rotating pizza cutter.
-Giving Judg awesome sauce. (Ups his defense and strength by 1)

Stats of Super Pizza:
Strength: ***
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Senses: ***

Pizza Topping Uses:
Peperonis Cut
Crust is a bludgeon
Jalpenos explode
Cheese is an adhesive and burns
Hawaiian fruits suck
Bacon slides along the floor making it slippery
Olives can be used as poisonous agents.

God Mode Breakers
Shining Bind:
A move learned from Judg's idol. A large ring of light causes initial damge under Judg, anyone caught in it will then be subjected to several waves of light building into the center of the ring until final a burst of powerful light energy erupts from the ground. Since it is allowed to break the rules and such, this nullifies Light immunities.

Final Angel Transformation:
A blinding light shots from Judg's body and when it dims, Judg has unlocked his greatest potential. His stats triple in this form and it last 3 turns only.

Speed *****
Defense *
Mana *****

AP: 127


Name: Codename: Plasma Komodo
Race: Super Human

This is a high tech eyepatch Komodo constructed in order to help him out on the battlefield. It does the following:
-Vastly improves PK's sense of sight.
-Can swith into thermal mode, where Komodo can see hidden objects by tracking their heat.
-A small, hidden camera on the back strap provides an image of what's behind Komodo at all times, on a small transparent portion of the screen.
-Zoom in and out.
-Sonar mode, where Komodo can detect things through the sound waves being transmitted to the eye wear.
-Provides light in the darkest situations.
-Can shoot small lasers from a tiny opening in the corner of the patch. The laser barely hurts the opponent, but can serve as an excellent distraction if hit in the eye. >_>

StickJet Shoes
These are are seemingly normal boots that can actually propel propel Komodo into the air. The flames that come out the soles can be used for combat. These shoes can also stick to any surface Komodo wishes to travel on. Even an organic surface.

Disjointed Hitboxes
In honor of Solid Snake's brokeness in SSBB, Komodo also get's disjointed hit boxes. With this, Komodo can actually hit things that are two god damn feet away from his actual attack, and still retain all the god damn damage. Also, as a wink to MGS4, Komodo can grab you even if your two feet from his grab range. If you are within those two feet, Komodo will reappear right next to you, and you will have been grabbed.

Stealth Boost
If Komodo remains out of the opponents sight for two turns, all his stats go up by one.

Strength: ****
Defense: ****
Speed: ***
Jump: *


Name: "Devil God of the Sea: Raijin"
Race: Human (Although, he seems to believe that he is a divine being)


Rod of Dominance
This is an extravagant, golden, 7 1/2 foot staff. Written in royal blue are unidentifyable letters from a dead language. At the top of it is a small ball, decorated with a halo-like crown, that holds many hidden weapons. The hilt of the sword piece also acts for storage for another weapon. This is a very....Versatile rod. Here is a list of it's features (All off these with the exception of the sword are not constantly in effect, and require a button press from Raijin):
-It splits in two to reveal a long, double-edged sword. (Like a sword cane)
-Razor blades poke out of the ball in a ring formation and spin like a buzz saw.
-A scythe-like blade comes out from the ball.
-A spear head comes from the top of the ball.
-A spear hear comes from the bottom of the staff.
-Ball enlarges to about 7 times it's size.
-When enlarged, the sphere can grow spikes.
-A lid pops out of the top of the sphere, revealing a gun, that fires shotgun shells.
-Said gun can also shoot orbs of energy like cannonballs.
-A beam of energy can also be fired from the gun.
-A yoyo-like loop connected to a 150 foot is at the end of the staff, turning it into a projectile weapon that can be swung around.
-If anyone else tries to wield the rod, it will create spikes all over itself.
-When enlarged, the ball can turn into an axe blade.
-The spikes from the enlarged sphere can shoot off.
-When the sword is removed, the scabbard can split apart and turn into long-ass nunchucks.
-Gun on the sphere can fire machine gun rounds that home in on a target and explode.
-When the sphere is enlarged, the gun acts as a bazooka.
-Slamming the staff into the ground causes circular shockwaves to be sent rippling from it.
-Hilt of sword can be launched as a solid projectile, attached to strings from the scabbard to return if it hits or misses.
-Sword can send out shockwaves.
-Staff can decrease and increase it's length and circumference at will, along with the sword (length and width).
-Spikes can portrude from the scabbard side of the rod, to be used as a spiked club.
-If the size of the rod is decreased, and the size of the ball is increased, the staff can be used as a kendama, or a ball and chain. (There is a string attached to the ball.)
-The secret technique of the staff allows it to duplicate itself up to eight times. However, the most Raijin might ever use is two.


Rokushiki Master
Raijin has mastered the seven techniques of Rokushiki. He is able to use each technique to it's fullest potential, without much trouble, except for the secret seventh technique, known only to true masters, Rokuougan. Here are the techniques:
By increasing the blood pressure in his legs, Raijin is able to achieve break neck speeds. It almost seems as if he teleporting if used in short distances. It is easier to see him move if he does Soru long distances.
By focusing his energy into his finger, Raijin can move his and quick as a bullet (Shigan translates to finger gun) and pierce the opponents body like a bullet with just his finger. Moves like Shigan Ouren demonstrate that this can be done multiple times in quick succession. Using Shigan, Raijin can also shoot pure energy bullets from his fingers, and even fire, by just flicking them.
This move makes Raijin's entire body hard as steel, allowing him to withstand the strongest of physical attacks. Cooldown time of 1.
This technique makes the users body like paper, making physical attacks brush past him. Cooldown time of 1, cannot be used after or before Tekkai.
With this technique, Raijin can shoot energy shockwaves sharp  as swords flying from his feet..
This gives Raijin the ability to jump. IN THE AIR. As if he were flying. No, I **** you not.
-Seimei Kikan
This is a technique that allows the user to control his body size and even his hair. The hair is able to stretch using this move, and can become very thick.
-Sai Dai Rin: Rokuougan!
The seventh, and most powerful technique in the Rokushiki art, known only to true masters. This sends a stream of pure concentrated energy flying from his fists. This move is insanely powerful, and exhausting, thus Raijin can only use it 4 times in battle.

Below are two videos of Rokushiki in action, the second one being performed by a master.
www.youtube.com/ watch?v=bKALro9FIa4
www.youtube.com/ watch?v=FT1l3Va8r9I

Goro Goro no Mi
Raijin's second ever devil fruit was the Goro Goro no Mi. This is a logia fruit (Allows the user to control and turn himself into a certain element), for lightning. With this, he is able to control, absorb, and even transform himself into lightning. Obligatory side ability list:
-If the opponent is hit by an electric attack with a product of four in their post time (seconds only), they will be paralyzed for one turn.
-Raijin can turn his body into electricity and travel at light speed in that form.
-If hit by an attack, Raijin can completely nullify it by turning into lightning. However, this can only be done five times in total.
-Rubber nullifies any of his lightning attacks, and will always hit him if he tries to nullify the rubber.
-Raijin can throw an electric shockwave that absorbs all the electrical energy from machines, rendering them useless, and can even operate electricity powered machines with just a zap.
-The power and accuracy of lightning is doubled if target is soaked in water.

Power: ****
Defense: **
Speed: **
Mana: ****

Weight: 265lbs
Age: 27
Skin Tone: White/Caucasian
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Hair Color: Platinum-Blonde
Hair Style: The hair on his hair has smal spikes that seem to curve to the back of his head. On the back of his head, is a...ponytail, I think it's called...that goes down to his waist.
Clothing: He dons the traditional red pirate captain cloak as a cape of sorts. To keep it in place, he wears a large purple and blue shoulder guard that is attached to a piece of blue, leather armor that covers the right half of his chest (which holds his second weapon) via a brown belt. His abdomen is covered in bandages. He wears very poofy, white pants often seen in indian culture. On his wait is a belt with a large, gold, circular buckle. A large piece of cloth drapes from the belt. In battle, he'll take off his cloak, and replace it with this cloth as a cape.

    Raijin started out with the name Vincent McDonald, captain of the most infamous pirate crew in the west sea, the Jury. He and his crew were a good hearted bunch of pirates, and only plundered from the rich and selfish. They defeated many government agents who tried to stop them, and through propoganda, they were branded as cold hearted killers, but that was not the case. Vincent was a very generous and kind man, who only fought when nescessary. He did not mind though, he knew the consequences of becoming a pirate, as was happen to live with the title of a killer. He was seemingly uncorruptable.
    One day, he came upon this foreign island while he was hungry, and found a mysterious fruit. He took it aboard his ship and told the crew of what he found. The master fruit. A devil fruit that prevents the body from being destroyed should the eater consume multiple devil fruit. The crew grew jealous of the captains findings, and threw a mutiny, throwing him over board to keep the fruit, but the crafty captain managed to steal back the fruit and killed them all.
  After murdering his crew mates, a terrifying shock filled his body...He killed his own friends...For power...This was so unlike him, that he just completely collapsed in despair. He vowed never to kill a soul, and ate the master fruit thus robbing him of his ability to swim as punishment.
    Eventually he found his second devil fruit and ate it as well. He sudden felt a strong jolt of emotions gather up inside of him in and collapsed. When he awoke, he found himself in a ruined city, destroyed by his new power. He did not understand how he did this...All he understood was that he's powerful.....And he likes it.
    As he gained more fruit, Raijin (whom he named himself) gained more and more power thirsty and cold hearted. He suffered a terrible price for his ability to consume more fruit. In place of his body, he lost his human nature.

Raijin is very egocentric and prideful. He is ruthless, cunning, and cold hearting, killing on a whim. He views himself as some sort of God, and demands praise as one.

AP: 0
JD: 100
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Name: Hellbent Tails
Race: hedgehog
Weapon: Claws & Boots & 2 Tails
Secondary Weapon:A small pouch to pull out any kind of weapon or vehicles... and a gutair

Ability 1) Extreme speed - to freak out and run around and attack and dodge really fast (like a 7/5 in speed) and to pounce on the opponent with out time to block and most likey to rip him to shreads
Ability 2) Able to summon and close the gates of hell (If ever need)

Strength: **
Speed: *****
Defense: ***
Mana: **

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 120
Age: 27
Skin tone:Furry
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Orange
Hair style: Some what spiked
Garments/clothes: Shoes and gloves

Bio: Coming soon as I get to it

Theme song: Storming the Burning Fields  ( http://www.jango.com/music/DragonForce?l=0 )
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Since I'm low on ideas right now, heres a reset and slightly edited version of HMA.
Race: Human
Primary Weapon: Heart of Mercury: A limitless supply of metal shaped into a small heart around a necklace. It is extrmely light to everything except a rival or anything under a rival's control, to which it very very heavy.
Secondanry Weapon: Infinte Matchbook: A matchbook with a limitless amount of matches.

Transmutation: Any object in contact with HMA can be transmuted into anything like the object.
Pure Control: Any transmuted object can't be changed out of it's form unless it's done by HMA's Transmutation abilty.

GmBs: None
Team: None

Defense: ***
Mana: ***

Height: 2m
Skin tone: Light
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Thick, messy.
Garments/clothes: A black jacket, with a white shirt and blue jeans.

Bio: Under Progress. Release date: Never|

Second charcter, just so I can do some more things. Still low on ideas, exactly the same.

Name: Crimson Blood
Race: Blood Being (descpition in notes)
Weapon: Crimson Wrath: A spear with a huge expandable blade, which can also be shrunk. It can be controled perfectly by Crimson Blood with his mind. The blade has a picture of the Ouroboros carved into it. The spear can be summoned forth in perfect condition in Crimson Blood's hands, regradless of what has happened to it. When not in use, it is a small charm. It can be held, used, and controled easily by Crimson Blood alone. To all others it is near impossible to use.
Secondary Weapon: Blood Bones: A huge skelington of a dragon with blood drpping from it. The end tail is comprised of very sharp blades, which can be deattached and can be controled by Crimson Blood's mind, and be reattached at any time. The wings act as a giant sheild. The head can shoot out giant balls of dark energy, and swarms of bullets and the bullets which are used for attacks are summoned forth. Blood Bones can be summoned forth in perfect condition in Crimson Blood's hands, regradless of what has hapend to it. It as light as feather to Crimson Blood, but only him. When not in use, it is a small charm.
Blood Control: This alows Crimson Blood to summon forth any amount of blood, control blood (as long as it is not in a body of a clasher, that is) and use it for many purposes.
Changing Blood: This alows blood not in a clashers body to be changed for multiple purposes. Blood can be changed into: a hard, solid material, a sticky material, a sharp blade, a thin mist, and various other things. It is still blood and can be controled as such.

Strength: **
Speed: ****
Defense: **
Mana: ****

Height: 2m
Skin tone: White.
Eye color: Crimson
Hair color: Crimson
Hair style: Long.
Garments/clothes: Black pants, black shirt with a crimson picture of the Ouroboros on it, crimson shoes, and a necklace which holds the charms which become weapons.
Misc: 2 Black draconic wings.

Bio: Blood was a being that relied on the blood of others to survive, who one day joined CoS. The fights in CoS made him stronger. Eventually, he left CoS, but he still gained power. Eventually, he began to evolve. He lost his old powers... but he gained new ones. He became able to sustain himself with his own powers. He became a totaly differnt being. He rejoined CoS in his new form... as Crimson Blood.

Notes: Is no longer the hybrid he once was, he still has traits of his older self. For example, dragon wings. Can also drain blood, like a vampire. Blood must be gained for life, but is kinda pointless noting that since blood can now be created by him. Even more pointless when you add the fact that with all to blood he has gained, he could last a very long time without any more.

OMFG a update. Expect end of the world to follow.

Name: Tarna
Race: Demon
Weapon: Perplex: A powerful weapon which can turn the users hands and feet IW with incredibly sharp edges. They turn black to indicate this.       
Secondary Weapon: Breaker: A powerful artifact, in the shape of a horn. Can only be used in times of emergency. Adds 3 stats, which can be distributed at will. Can only be used for 3 turns, and then requires 8 turns to charge. When Breaker is used, stats cannot be set any lower by anything, even stat boosting effects wearing off.

Abilities: Hyper Style: Allows the body of the user to be propelled at the maxium speed available, and to stop or change the  movement of direction instantly. This can be used to generate shockwaves by immediatly stopping after propelling a body part. The power and range of the shockwaves are determined by the strength and speed stats.
Stat Morph: Allows any 3 stat points to be moved about between stats. They can be taken from anywhere and added anywhere else. Lasts 3 turns, 8 turn cooldown.

AP: 0

Strength: ***
Speed: *****
Defense: **
Rage: **

Height: 1.7m
Age: ?
Eye color: Brownish red.
Hair color: Red
Hair style: Ponytail.

Bio: A female demon. (More might be added. Might being the keyword)
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Name: "The Mimic King"

Race: Royal Mimic

Weapon: Jack and the Mimic:

This weapon has two parts. First is the MK's outer body (which looks like a large wooden chest). The outer body is actually made of a substance called orichalcum, which has been fused into it. This grants the MK a +1 stat to defence. The second part, the MK itself, is able to hide in the chest and use it as a shield, although he can still be harmed while inside (just not as easily). It can also cast fire magic and its upgraded forms (Fira, Firaga).

Secondary Weapon: Hands of the Mimic:

Two hand mimics magically bonded to him. This "weapon", in addition to acting as an extension of his hands, allow him to use an attack called Rock-Paper-Scissors. While using R-P-S, the MK will either shape one of his hands into a fist (rock), a stretched palm (Paper), or point his middle and index finger forwards (Scissors). Rock casts the wall spell (Protect+Shell; increases defence by +1 for one turn. Can be stacked for longer use but follows the cooldown rule). Scissors casts either the thunder, thundara, or thundaga spell (Can doublecast spells). Scissors also "Pierces" (ignores and removes) any status that reflects magic/etc. attacks. Paper allows him to block and absorb the mana from one attack that uses mana, which increases his own mana stat by +1 for every time an attack is absorbed. In addition to the R-P-S attack the HotM can also fire non-elemental beams and launch large magic "bullets", from their finger tips. These hands are IW and each one (two in total) add +1 to The MK's mana stat.

AP: 15
JD: 400


1)I-Mimic-You(IMU): With this ability, the MK can copy one of the opponents abilities and be able to use it as well. Once he has copied the opponent's ability, he will have it for the rest of the battle, and he can't change what he's copied. The copied ability will also take up this ability slot for the battle.

2)Minion summon: The MK, being overly powerful and all, compaired to other mimics, also has his own set of minions which he can summon to do his bidding. These minions include:

Magic Vice:


Defence :*


1) Magic Hammer - Reduces the mana of one opponent by -1.

Appearane: Looks like an undead gladiator with three red feathers on its helmet. Uses a magic staff as a weapon.

Hand Mimic:


Defence :**


1) Can use a weaker version of R-P-S.

Pot Mimic:


Defence :*****


1) Can cast either Aero, Aerora, or Aeroga (All of the listed spells are wind magics).

Chest Mimic:


Defence :***


1) Poison spell - Casts the poison spell, which causes poison (either strength, speed, defence, or optional stat reduction -1) status to one opponent.

3)I-Eat-You(IEU): MK can "eat" various objects, although he doesn't exactly eat them. More like he stores them inside himself for later use. If he "eats" something elemental (chunk of earth, blast of light, etc.) he is able to use that element of magic, or he can just spit it back out at the opponent. Once he has "eaten" his first element of the battle he has it for the rest of the battle, although he can store others, just not use them as spells. Non-elemental objects have no limit (although this depends on their size).

GmBs: N/A



Bio: The Mimic King was once an ordinary jack in the box that was stored in a regular wooden toy chest. One day a powerful mimic found the two and decided to combine the two into a body that it can use. With its new body the mimic started out as a "bogeyman" of sorts for the owners of the house, soon leaving after having its fair share of fun with them and wandering the land. The Mimic King soon after became an infamous mark/hunt for those interested. Many tried to best the Mimic King but none could completely destroy him. Now the Mimic King has entered CoS to rise though the ranks Clasher stardom.

Appearance: A combination of a large chest mimic and a jack in the box. The chest has a large crown on top of it, with two hand mimics magically fused with him to act as extensions of his actual hands. These extensions appear side-by-side with him Rayman style (Nothing connecting the outer hands to the chest). A pair of glowing yellow eyes have been placed on top of the chest for the Mimic King itself to be able to see from inside the chest. If you open up a (regular) chest mimic there will be nothing but a large, black empty space in it. The Mimic King itself is a large, yellow coloured object that looks like the sun with a jesters hat. The object has a large, swirling, yellow stream that extends from its behind into the chest, seemingly attatched to the bottom of the chest.

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=V8p9c1o1u_U
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Name:Pun (Stands for Plutonium, Uranium, Neutronium. Also winning the pun contest ^^)
Race:Nuclear Fairy, cousin of the Electrical Fairy
Atomic crystal wing: Crystal stocking pure energy, those explode easily and can be thrown for massive explosive damage. Cost 1 Energy per use (See below)
Miniflare: A basic radiactive thermal blast of doom!

Flare boost (options: Flare burst, Speed boost)
Atomic bomb (options: Radiation, Timed bomb)

Ap : 1
Jd : 120


Energy: Abilities have an energy cost, a little like Mana prevent using more than a set number of abilities. Any unspent energy is transfered into Overheat, required for more advanced abilities.

Height: 60 Cm
Weight: 15 Kgs
Age: Less than her half-life

Pun is a fairy. You know, those michievelous, small winged creatures, cute and all? Forget about that part. Born from the nightmares following Fukushima's catastrophe, she is the epitome of global destruction and is obvious about that fact. Being made of pure elemental energy like her sisters, she is prone to release it and she is not a partisan of self control, relieving any excess in the most explosive fashion she can think of. Not that it prevented her to be used as a reacor core in the past (a really bad memory that turned her into a hate machine, not like she needed help for that), but guess what? She liked that fact in the end and became a F-Zero pilot for quite some time, albeit an awful one (with a potential for self destruction higher than the bastard child of a Minecraft's Creeper and a Final Fantasy's Bomb). One fact for sure: she is not quite ready to die as the simple existence of belief in her is enough to revive her; and no one want to think a living nuclear warhead is the product of one's imagination for too long when she's around.

Abilities description:
Flare boost
Cost: 2 Energy
Effect: Increases speed by 1, but must go in a relative straight line

-Flare burst
Requires 5 Overheat
Cost: 1 Energy
Effect: Upon using Flare boost, Pun can surround herself in flames, turning into a ramming fireball of pure hatred!

-Speed boost
Requires 10 Overheat
Effect: Flare boost gives +2 speed per use instead of +1

Atomic bomb
Cost: 2 Energy
Effect: A massive ball of fire is released, which can be shot by Pun or left in place. It explodes upon contact and deals significant damage on a large radius

Requires 10 Overheat
Effect: The greenish aura released by the bomb reveals illusions and concealed things. It also cause minor damage to non-indestructible material and people

-Timed bomb
Requires 15 Overheat
Effect: Upon creation, bombs can be set to explode after a set duration (in post)

Liquid pearl: Can take the form of any item that doesn't rely on ammunition, even if it can be split in multiple parts, or fuse with Ariya when "summoning"

Summon Namazu
Divine skills

Ap : 0
Jd : 100


Summon: A summon is not simply a creature brought on the battlefield, but fused with Ariya's body, changing her appearance. As any form it lasts 3 turns but this can be increased by spending the use of the rage ability. A summon brings their own abilities and health, once unfused it takes 3 posts to summon again, if the summon is badly damaged it cannot come back in the fight

Height: 171 Cm
Weight: 68 Kgs
Age: Not what you ask to a woman, eh?

The quest for self improvement, can go many ways, but few are truly pluridisciplinal. In Ariya's case, it is: being omnipotent is a dream yet she is clearly awake when she ponders her ability to become so. Of course, she doesn't mean to get there by her own power alone and is not agaisnt borrowing someone else's power to help herself, reasoning that "If you did all the work to convince someone to help you, it's almost like doing it yourself".  Of course, the less she have to rely on this, the better, and one day, perhaps, she will understand what it mean to know everything and beable to practice it herself... or discover that some things are jst outside the human condition? Who know? The path only just begun!

Abilities description:
Summon Namazu
Namazu is the catfish God of wisdom and earthquake alike, as seen in Zelda: A link to the Past, Lufia 2, Pokemon, Touhou Hisoutensoku, the largest Japanese company producing security anti seismic equipment's logo and more. Note that it doesn't prevent that particular fish to use his own wisdom as way to troll people, including Ariya herself. He travels in a fishtank in Ariya's back outside of battle
Fused appearance: Skin turns bluish while keeping pink parts in some place, two large antennaes falls from her face, reacting to any perceived move and muscles increases slightly in size.
Sub abilities:
Passive +1 Strength, vibration sensing and waterbreathing
Quakepalm: Can hit the ground with all her might, sending a shockwave cracking it. It can be used to destroy massive objects with ease, like a building
Wise defense: With the new tremor sense opening a new perception of reality comes ways to fully understand things unexpected: for exemple on a calm ground the slight vibration of a beating heart can be felt, while on a more busy daythe variance in stepwork allows to see movement coming before they are completed. It is useless without the ground under her feets.

Divine skills
Ariya believes that you can't ask someone to do something without knowing about that something yourself. As thus, she knows how to use a lot of non-combat skills perfectly, be it cooking, sewing, swimming or accounting. BUT there's that little spark called improvisation allowing for an unexpected use of said skill. At the beginning of any fight, 5 differents skills and theirs usage can be prepared, not knowing if those can be useful in advance! Who know if that hand-made porcelain vase crafted "just for practice" before the start of the match could come in handy?

*Pic pending, but a human sized Raven from Armored Core fit the description nicely*

Name:The StarCola company. Delivery: Ernst Kapplan, Engineers: Magali and Justian (others not disclosed)
Race:Various, The current CoS staff is human
StarCola battle mech V1.0. Basic weaponry includes two plasblasters.

1 Heavy weapon slot
1 Support slot

Ap : 0
Jd : 100


Customizable: At the beginning of any match, the Battle mech can be outfitted with several equipment piece (more slots opens as abilities), but it cost JD each time while it also cost to devellop new equipment or upgrade it (paying the R&D)
Advertisement: Matchs are used a a way to entertain customers and as such a good fight increases sales of StarCola, meaning a better budget for customizing the machine. After each match won, StarCola earns 3x(Number of posts) JD, but only (Number of post) upon defeat

Height: Around 220 Cms
Weight: Varies, but above 600 Kgs
Age: Inapplicable

☆This space brought to you by StarCola! StarCola, the drink made for winners☆
What exactly can bring a company specialized in various drinks to send a drone fighter in a place like the Clash of Smash? The answer is not "Money", as you would have expected... or at least, not directly. No, the point is that when you want to show that your industry is top of the line, that your engineers are more competent than any other, that you are a leader in many more things than "drinks", you simply find a competition worth being mentionned worldwide... and you win it, especially if you have no reason to be part of it, showing that you are way above everyone... and this is the perfect advertisement!
Note that Ernst, the guy in charge, would rather be far from here, the poor family man is lost in such a place. As for the mechanist duo? They seems rather crazy and are not much different tha the regular crew spending their time in the lounge...

Abilities description:
Heavy weapons: Those are shoulder mounted weapons with usually massive firepower

Pulsar gun
JD cost: 5
Medium range heavy plasma gun with a low fire rate while being able to pack a punch on a direct hit. Contact with solid matter is explosive

JD cost: 5
Dual rod releasing a massive continual electrical arc in front of the Battle mech, put it interrupts Plasblaster shot as the air is constantly ionised

Cool missile launcher
JD cost: 10
Cool as in cold, these missiles being filled with a mix of liquid nitrogen and endothermic reagent, exploding into a block of frozen air. Funnily enough, the tracking system is heat based

Support: As the name imply, support are general upgrade that doesn't fill a global role

Laser show
JD cost: 0
The point of this "upgrade" is for show only, increasing the total post count at the end of battle by 2 (meaning more money, especially on a win)

Sensor array
JD cost: 5
Nothing can escape the third eye the sensor array is, outside of a global jamming. It helps accuracy a lot

Cycling fusion core
JD cost: 5
More power for any energy themed equipment such as plasblaster or force field, increasing effectiveness of said equipment after the fifth turn (Time required so it can recycle something)

Name: Belnan, the History keeper
Race: Metaphysical being
Book of History: Simply writing in this book is enough to change the World
Basic terms
Nature's will

Ap : 0
Jd : 100

Word Length:****

Semantics: Instead of a set in stone ability, Belnan uses words translating into power. Each abilities unlock a new set of Prefix, Base and Suffix allowing the writing of said word and they follow this general rule:
Prefixes are usually grammar or syntax related and always effect the entire word
Base is what constitute the word itself and is mostly noun. Order is important, as the most proeminent Base is put first
Suffixes alter the previous Prefix or Base or, if at the end of the word, the entirety of it. Those works like adjectives and can complement each other. Order is revelant
The number of elements in a word is limited by the Word Lenght stat

Height: 174 Cm
Weight: 80 Kgs
Age: Undocumented, but tied to the existence of Writing in History
Appearance: Belnan himself is only a Human and keeper of the Book. During the fight, it's the book itself who fly around, write itself, and change the very fabric of existence as the man narrate from outside the arena

Little is known on Belnan, a pretty regular person that only have a vast historical knowledge basis as his "Ability", but the real deal here is the Book, as old as you can get, having a divine spark flowing as it's ink and pages that saw the very beginning of everything. It is said anything written in it is a fact no one could objectively oppose,however ridiculous it could be, as it is litterally the Word of God that is stated. Some other says it's "simply" a powerful artifact left by one of the greatest magician ever, deleting allthat could lead to his existence so he can enjoy his newfound immortality freely after writing his own omnipotence in these pages. Whatever is real, none other than Belnancan say, as the Book makes sure only his chosen guardian can read it.

Abilities description:
Basic terms:
Dor: Proper noun always start with it. Someone's name takes another syllab, however long it is
Vir: Verb uses it
Tel: Defines a state
Osh: Interrogative
Hag: Possessive, Me
Ni: Group, Plural
Na: Negation of next element, if used as the last suffix means negation of the entire word


Ant: Globalisation
Goth: Many, positive, increase
Lith: Few, negative, decrease (Note: Nagoth is different as it bears the idea of not increasing or growing, instead of decreasing)
Star: Hard, robust, enduring
Re: Superlative if put last, also used as "Very" in front of another Suffix
Mu: Mobility, speed

Nature's will

Gill: Earth, Soil, Land
Suke: Water, Liquid
Mehe: Air, Wind
Kele: Fire, Heat
Num: Plants
Kar: Light


Name: Novinen of the Five peaks, Goddess of all that humbly live, Master of the Senses, The Motherly one, Harbringer of truth, The Spirit queen, Lord of the Misty palace
Race: Goddess
The Five keystone of Virtue: Rocks. Undecorated, shapeless, plain old rock... around 200kgs each, floating around easily with telekinesis and useable a levitating platforms. Note that those being sacred, they are existing in immaterial planes at the same time, so ghosting out to try to pass throught them is not an option

The Five Peaks' blessing
First peak: Humility

Ap : 0
Jd : 100


Five Peaks: Novinen's sacred number is 5 and things related to that number are thus her forte, see in her abilities. Guess that's why she is the fifth in this roster!

Height: 191 Cm
Weight: 132 Kgs
Age: Lost count after a lot of eons

All hail Novinen, for her words are sacred! Well, considering se was pretty much bored to death in her valley, she thought "Might as well keep in shape doing something". In the great lottery, events like "Participating in a Smash Bros game", "Conquering the world", "Watching Futurama in Czech" and "Cooking something as she was hungry" were choices that could potentially be selected, but the hand of fate (hers) pulled "Participating in the Clash of Smash" and so here she is. She is still not sure it was a good idea, but at least there's no need to bake anything by herself and it's a good point in her book.

Abilities description:
The Five Peaks' blessing:
The fifth attack in a row is always stronger, while the fifth attack against her lose in efficiency. If an opponent has five stars in a stat, she gains 1 herself, if a password is exactly 5 characters long she can guess it immediately, if it's her fifth post, she gains temporary prescience, if a sentence is 5 words long she can hear it from anywhere... the list goes on and on. Note that the number must be 5, not a multiple, not found by adding various things unrelated or anything else, the link must be strong with the number. Good thing the 5/5/555 happened a long time ago, right?

First peak: Humility:
Before you're ever remotely able to see the Goddess in person, you must climb each of the Five peaks, and each is tied to a concept. The shortest represent Humility and must be climbed without any mechanical help, only relying on yourself. As an ability, it cancel every stat boosting effect currently active and also suppress every non-ability equipment property save Indestructible (yes, it removes Cut anything for a single turn!). There is a Five turns cooldown before each use and it can be used even without anything to remove, since it is a prerequisite for later Peak centered abilities
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Name: TBizzle

Race: Human

Weapon: Awesome Armor - This armor is, like, ****ing alive. It can, like, turn into all sorts of different things, like a motorcycle, a giant spike, etc. It also alerts the wearer when attack is coming from behind or something like that. Also, the armor can shoot out ectoplasm beams. They pack quite a punch. ALSO OLO the armor attaches a sort of invisible rubber band to anything that it touches, and only Bizzle can touch it. +2 to defense, too.







Gambit - A kinda sorta rip-off of Gambit's ability from X-Men. Bizzle can touch **** and make it explosive. He can detonate that **** at will. He can also make it so that explosions can come out of an object he's touched without harming the object itself.

AP: 1
JD: 120

Strength: *****
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Rage: ***

Bio: One day, this dude walked up to Bizzle, and he was all like, "YOU WANT SOME ****ING SUPERPOWERS AND STUFF?" And Bizzle was like, "**** YEAH" So the dude gave him superpowers and stuff.

Theme song
: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=dIzUD7FKcBk


Name: Sun

Race: Human

Weapon: Moon - An unbreakable sword that can cut through almost anything.
Secondary Weapon: Dusk and Dawn - Two guns whose bullets never stop. 


Soul of the Warrior - Has ultimate control over his sword. This allows him to block attacks that would be too powerful for him to block normally. He can also channel his energy into the sword and control it when it's not in his hands.

Heart of the Gunslinger - Has ultimate control over his guns. This allows him to perform special maneuvers with his guns and channel his energy into them. He can also control them when they're not in his hands. If a bullet from one the guns happens to be going his way, it wil redirect itself to avoid him.

Appearance: [Insert appearance here]




Name: Somnium et Somnus

Race: None

Weapon: Haze - A mist that can change its density and blend in with the environment. Haze can split into smaller clouds and go to separate places. Somnium et Somnus can teleport into Haze as long as it is as big or bigger than him. His attacks can also teleport into Haze.
Secondary Weapon: Dust - A cloud of blue particles that can be as hot as fire or as cold as ice. It can be formed into many different things.

Universal Abilities

Growth - Somnium et Somnus and each of his weapons grow throughout the fight.

Somnium et Somnus - Can change into Somnium from to Somnus and from Somnus to Somnium. Each has unique abilities and stats. Cooldown of 5 turns.

Somnium Abilities:

Density - Can control his density to become so hard as to render most physical attacks useless.

Somnus Abilities:

Shapeshift - Can change into any form.

Somnium Stats

Somnus Stats
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