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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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Name: MLU-118 "Machine King"
Race: Robot

*Pulse Blade. A powerful weapon resembling a blade of energy extending from a sword hilt. The energy blade can be manipulated by Machine King to lengthen it, change it's shape, etc. Machine King is extremely proficient with this weapon, and due to it's nature the energy blade cannot be broken. However, if the hilt is damaged it can malfunction, rendering it useless.

*Mechanical Body. As a robot, Machine King can upgrade his body by attaching mechanical augmentations to it, similar to how you can power up a vehicle by attaching weapons to it. Machine King's current set up is:
-Missile launchers in his shoulders.
-Energy cannons in his hands, eyes and chest.
-Rocket boosters in his legs, arms and back to allow flight, as well as enhance his kicks and punches.
*Metal Empire Summon. Thanks to a device installed inside him, Machine King can summon members of the Metal Empire from his home dimensions to fight alongside him. As with other summoners, Machine King can summon up to 20 "units" at any one time, either as 20 basic grunts, his five Machine Generals, or a combination of the two. Due to their programming, these robots will follow Machine King's orders to the letter without question.

*None yet.

AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Power: 5/5

Height: 8' 0''
Weight: 350 kg
Age: N/A, robots do not age
Skin Tone: Silver-grey
Eye Colour: White
Hair Colour: N/A
Hair Style: N/A
Garments/Clothes: Blue and white paint job, red cape, golden crown.

In another dimension a long time ago, science had advanced to the point that robots were able to experience human-like thoughts and emotions. However, due to their programming, they were unable to disobey their human masters, and were regarded as little more than slaves or appliances. As time went on, there was no such thing as a human soldier; wars were fought entirely by these intelligent robots against their will, controlled by humans from safe bunkers miles away.

Eventually, humans decided to take the next step, and create a robot that could serve as both a soldier and a controller. This resulted in the creation of the MLU series (Machine Leading Unit). From here, they continued to build upon the MLU and improve both their combat abilities, leading capabilities and intelligence.

Until one day, it happened. The one hundred and eighteenth MLU was brought online. With the knowledge, intelligence and experience of all 117 MLUs before him preprogammed into him, MLU-118 was to be the humans masterpiece and ultimate soldier. But they had succeeded too well; alongside their experiences and intelligence was the resentment and hatred of every previous MLU, and it wasn't long before MLU-118 found a way around his programming. He soon turned on his creators, slaughtering the scientists that gave him life, before unleashing a signal that erased the programming of every robot on the planet that caused them to obey humans. Crowning himself "the Machine King," MLU-118 led the robots in a revolution against their creators.

The humans, who by that point had become dependant on the machines for combat and day-to-day living, were helpless against their former slaves.

With every human on the planet gone, the Machine King proceeded to organise the planet into a utopia for mechanical life. However, as time went on, Machine King's original programming as a war machine began to surface, and he found himself lusting for more power. Soon, he organised the entire robot population into a colossal army under his command, and they left Earth to conquer other planets. With each new planet they conquered, the robots discovered the secrets of that race's technology and integrated it into their society, before exterminated all organic life on that planet. An unaging, unrelenting, unstoppable force was formed: the Metal Empire.

Withing one full century of this assault, all organic life in the universe was destroyed, leaving only machines. But for the Machine King, that wasn't enough. He wanted more.

Using the massive array of technology they had taken, the Metal Empire was soon able to find a way to punch a hole through the dimensional barriers, allowing them access to other universes. Thus the cycle continued, with the Metal Empire invading other dimensions and bringing them under their rule.

Soon, a dimension inhabited by extremely powerful beings was discovered. The Machine King decided he wanted to test the increased power of his Empire and ordered an invasion. But for some bizarre reason, it was found that the dimension would only allow one individual through. After some deliberation on the matter, the Machine King decided to enter the dimension himself. Armed with his Pulse Blade and with the inter-dimensional technology integrated with his system, the Machine King entered the wormhole and found himself in a place titled simply "the Clash of Smash."

Name: Kheperu Seshem III aka "He Who Returned"
Race: Mummified Human

*Anubis-Ib. An Ib (heart) granted by Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, that Kheperu holds inside his chest. This artifact serves as the anchor between Kheperu's Akh (spirit) and Ha (body), allowing him to return to life, in addition to magically allowing him to communicate with others. If the Anubis-Ib is ever removed, then Kheperu will remain alive but drastically weakened; his stats all drop to 1, he is unable to communicate with anything other than a muffled groaning, and if he is killed, he must somehow regain the Anubis-Ib and re-establish a connection between his Akh and Ha before he can ressurect himself.

*Snake Bandages. As a side effect of being ressurected, Kheperu can manipulate the bandages he was buried in as extensions of his own body. Despite being thousands of years old and decaying, when using the Snake Bandages ability Kheperu's bandages are as strong and sturdy as any other part of his body. The bandages can extend to an almost limitless range, so long as Kheperu can see where they are; if he loses sight of them, he can only extend them 10 to 15 metres from his body.
*Poison Breath. Kheperu removes the bandages around his mouth and exhales a venomous purple gas, which forms a cloud that extends a metre from his body in all directions. Anyone besides himself who comes in contact with this gas is poisoned for the next 10 turns, or until an antidote is administered.

*None yet.

AP: 1
JD: 120

Strength: 4/5
Speed: 1/5
Defense: 2/5
Mana: 5/5

Height: 6' 8'' (when standing at full height)
Weight: 45 kg
Age: Thousands (22 at time of death)
Skin Tone: Bluish-grey
Eye Colour: Golden yellow
Hair Colour: None
Hair Style: Bald
Garments/Clothes: Yellowish-brown, decaying bandages.

Kheperu Seshem was born in Ancient Egypt as the son of a great Pharaoh, Kheperu Seshem II. He led a fairly priveliged lifestyle until his father died from illness, resulting in him becoming Pharaoh at the age of 17. Despite his young age, Kheperu did the best he could for his people, and was adored by his subjects as a result.

Five years later, however, a rival nation attacked Kheperu's kingdom and the land became embroiled in war. Kheperu himself led the first charge and successfully repelled their attackers, but was killed in the ensuing battle. His body was recovered and mummified, before being buried in a tomb fit for a Pharaoh.

In the afterlife, Kheperu encountered Anubis, who tested to see whether he was worthy to enter the realm of Osiris. Kheperu passed the test and was granted entry, but once there, he discovered that in the wake of his death, a second attack had begun. Though they fought as best they could, without their leader to guide them and still mourning the loss of their king, his people were quickly becoming overwhelmed.

Kheperu immediately begged Osiris for a way to help them. Osiris agreed, but only on the condition that Kheperu give up the paradise he had earned and accept punishment for their collective sins, being devoured by Ammit. Kheperu, desperate to save his people, agreed without question. Osiris smiled and revealed it to be a test of Kheperu's loyalty, and allowed him to return. Anubis gave Kheperu the Anubis-Ib, a powerful artifact that would allow him to reuinite his Akh (spirit) and Ha (body) together and return to life.

Kheperu immediately used the Anubis-Ib to ressurect himself in his mummified body, leaving his tomb and confronting the attackers. With his new powers, Kheperu easily repelled them once again and led his kingdom to victory. This incredible revival caused Kheperu to be passed down in legends as "He Who Returned."

With his kingdom safe once again, Kheperu returned to the afterlife, leaving his body in the tomb once again for thousands of years. His kingdom slowly faded away, as the people left to discover new lands until it was lost to the sands forever.

Eventually, Kheperu's tomb was ransacked by a group of grave robbers, taking the beloved heirlooms and belongings he was buried with. Enraged at the theft of the only remaining aspects of his former life, Kheperu used the Anubis-Ib to return once more, swearing to hunt down the people who stole from him and not resting until his entire treasury was returned to him.

Name: Diablo, the Annoying Devil
Race: Devil

*Demon Fork. Diablo's trademark weapon, a trident that Diablo is almost never seen without. It appears to be a simple black metal pole with a red three-pronged head, as long as Diablo himself is tall. The weapon is unbreakable and very powerful, and Diablo has the ability both summon and dispel it at will, as well as change its shape whenever he feels like it. Like Diablo himself, the origins of the weapon are unknown, and at times it almost seems to act as an extension of Diablo's own body. This weapon is Indestructable.
*Eye of the Damned. A crystal ball that Diablo often carries with him. The Eye can show Diablo pretty much whatever he wants, whether its a certain person's location, a map of the area, or the latest shows on Netflix. He often uses it to spy on possible victims for his pranks.

*Hellfire. As with all devils, Diablo possess the ability to command Hellfire, the unholy flame of the underworld. Hellfire manifests as a blood-red flame, but despite this and its name, it is not a true flame at all and is actually the pain and suffering of sinners in hell. As such, Hellfire can damage beings and items that are explicitly supposed to be fire-proof, and it is not bound by natural laws, but by Diablo's will.
*Demon Summoning. As a direct servant of the 13 Lords, Diablo was given command over many demons and creatures that he can call upon at any time. Diablo can summon virtually any of Hell's legions to his side with a simple spell, ranging from imps and gremlins to mighty behemoths and demon lords. His highest level summons include beings such as Cerberus and the Akelarren, which he must drink a certain potion for before he can cast the spell or else he'll be drained to the point he can no longer fight. HOWEVER, ever since he has lost his position, his Summoning spells have become unreliable. He can still summon any of his former minions, but there is no guarantee they will obey him, and they are just as likely to attack him and ignore his commands as they are to do the same to opponents.

*None yet.

AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 1/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Mana: 5/5

Height: 5' 5''
Weight: Unknown, seems easy to lift by anyone, regardless of strength.
Age: Unknown
Skin Tone: Scarlet
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: Jet black
Hair Style: Shaggy, unkempt, often messy thanks to his hood.
Garments/Clothes: A jumpsuit, with matching boots and gloves, and an ankle-length cape with a high collar and attached hood. The entire ensemble is bright red.

Diablo's past is, quite simply, a complete mystery. Where he came from, what he wants, and ultimately who he really is are all completely unknown.

What is known is that, for majority of time, Diablo has served a group of extremely powerful demons known as "the 13 Lords of Hell" commonly shortened to just "the Lords". The group consists of twelve beings, united under the command of Lucifer, one of the Seven, and Diablo was their top servant. He would often act as intermediatary, relaying messages between the Lords as well as their lower servants, and was even granted the authority to summon their servants for his own ends whenever he desired. His great power, skill at trickery, love of causing chaos, and overall sadism and cruelty made him an ideal agent for their cause and he gained their favour.

At some point, Diablo encountered a mercenary named David K92, who he followed to a dojo in a strange world. Discovering the many new victims he could have fun with, he settled down and began to play with his new "toys". However, he was quick to discover that unlike most of his victims, many of the Dojo-ers were both able to fight back and unwilling to allow him to do as he pleases. At this time, the Lords were growing tired of his lazy and cowardly nature. To Diablo's horror, he received a message informing him that he had been relieved of his duties and replaced by a less powerful but more competant devil, Astaroth.

Despite his best attempts (and even the attempts of some of the Dojo residents), Diablo was unable to get his job back. Despondent and confused at what to do with his life now, Diablo took to browsing other worlds in an attempt fill his time. He stumbled upon a world not unlike the Dojo but at the same time quite different. Deciding that it couldn't hurt to try, the Annoying Devil decided to step through and see what this new world has to offer.
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