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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13060 times)
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« on: 11 July, 2008, 02:16:36 pm »

Name: Oorta
Race: Beetlekin 
Primary Weapon:  Dual Chainsaws: Charous- A set of indestructible, High RPM Chain-Chucks which cannot cut Oorta, The chain which connects them is Indestructible and extendable to any length. The Blades & chain are imbued with the lightning element. 
Secondary Weapon: Chitin Carapace- armor which protects Oorta from poison & paralysis.
Ability 1: Vanguard of the Swarm- Oorta is the harbinger of the insect army, and through the release of pheromones he can send commands to the forces, those commands include (but not limited to).
-Evolve Command- causes Oorta (and other insects) to sprout wings from their armor and fly, or to travel through the ground like a burrowing ant-lions. (Fly/dig speed is 5/5)
-Summon Command L- call up to 3 large bug units at a time (starship trooper tank bug sized things)
-Summon Command M- call giant Beatles (think VW beetle-sized) or other insects.
-Summon Command S- call swarms of large bees (each swarm is treated as one unit, roughly human sized clouds of insects)
-Defend Command- causing nearby insects to act as living shields for “higher caste” units (eg. Oorta, or larger bugs units)
-Swarm Command- causing all units to attack a target as a single strike, like an army of ants.

Ability 2: Caustic Combatant- Oorta’s body excretes an acidic compound from every point on his body where armor seems meet or joints occur, so whenever he moves highly corrosive chemicals are flung in all directions. Metal will rust, skin will burn, and plants will dissolve. The compound can also be forcefully fired from Oorta’s body at high pressure if desired, creating a precise stream of acidic liquid able to destroy a meter thick wall of steel in mere seconds. Entities who are bug-like in nature or have specific abilities to fight corrosion or blight are not affected by the compound.

Ability 3: Beetle Bruiser- Oorta’s body rapidly change into his Taurus Scarab form, shedding his green shell like a husk, He emerges in a bulkier jet-black form. While Oorta is in his Taurus form his strength increases to 20/5 allowing him to lift object more than 1000 times his own weight. Oorta can also release an adhesive from his body that allow him to stick object together and create giant spheres of matter which he can use to steamroll opponents.

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Reflexes: 4/5
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 260lbs
Age: unknown
Skin tone: Green
Eye color: Red
Hair color: none
Hair style: none
Garments/clothes: shell

Theme: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/540909

Bio: A praetorian class insectoid being, Oorta serves “The Queen” as a mighty zealot in her skittering horde of horrors. He carries with him the knowledge that she, his mother, is the one being who holds the claim to devour the waking world, and so long as he calls to the nearby insects around him He we do all to see she gets her fill.

AP: 10
JD: 300


Name: Marcus
Race: Death Elemental
Weapon: Demon’s Wrists (IW) - a pair of IW elbow length gauntlets with retractable wave swords/wing blades and spiked knuckles. Adds +2 strength in battle.
Secondary Weapon: (key) Chains of fate (IW)
A set of Key chains who allow Marcus to instantly summon any of his minions desired depending on which is used, it also renders all of Marcus' summons immune to being controlled/instantly destroyed by other abilities, they include:
-Chucky's arm- the bones of a human arm with a scythe and chain shackled onto it, can be used as a scythe and summons Chucky
-Billy’s treats- a candy shaped key chain with a pumpkin on it, summons Billy
-The sentinel- a cross shaped key chain that summons Monky
-Galaxy drop- keychain of a sun moon and star overlapped, summons the dark minions (honey, floog, REM)
-Primal fear- a goldfish shaped keychain that summons Twist
-Dollheads- a pair of dollheads, one is a bear & the other resembles Marcus, they currently don't summon anything.

Third Weapon: Lecil the Soul Train - a train driven by Marcus for collecting souls, It includes:
-An infinite Rail System that creates its own tracks as it goes.
-Gummy Hyper-Gatlin Turrets on each side. (Infinite ammo)
-Gummy Hyper-Cannons on top. (Infinite ammo)
-made out of a nigh-unbreakable non-metallic compound (Neo-mantium)
-The train itself in ungodly heavy.
-entire train has Lightning, Fire and Ice Empowerment!
-is able to compact itself to the size of a small toy train.
-Has sentient intelligence and independent thought, has the voice of an 8 year old boy.

-Auxiliary weapon:The Deathstar Pumpkin King: Leslie- a colossal space faring machine made from pumpkinite alloy (which is completely Bioluminescent) designed to conquer the universe with its weapons & giant smile. Its armaments include.
-A million bazillion Lasers (not an exaggeration)
-A Pumpkin-Tie-Fighter spawner: spaceships that look like jack-o-lanterns w/ Tie fighter wings.
-Advanced Energy Shields: Resilient shields that If taken out, come back in 3 turns, additionally everything with the shield’s radius is Portal & Alchemy Proofed
-the entire station is Electrically charged to shock any hostile that make contact  
-A Chakra Lightning Rod, which can absorb any kind of chakra & convert it into energy for the lasers.
-Petting Zoo: spawns Bio-engineered animal atrocities
-A Teleportation System for friendly targets
-Automatic Repair Systems: Superior to Nanobots (the station's sentience has been modified so that if any piece remains, it will start consciously reforming of its own will)
-Merging Capabilities: merges w/ Lecil
-A fully functional tractor beam
-the universe’s 3rd largest ball pit (yes, this was actually paid for)
-A Sentient Technopathic Uplink to Marcus w/ the voice of an 8 year old girl

Ability 1)
Darkness Control
- has the ability to manipulate darkness to use as an attack
-Black bolts- Marcus is able to rapidly throw negatively charged plasma energy.
-Dark meld- allow Marcus to dive in/through shadows to move quickly/avoid attacks, if the shadow is destroyed while he's inside ,he can simply exit through another nearby shadow
-Dark claw- is able to extend his body along shadows or create shadows to move across for sneaky, long ranged, physical attacks (think Shikamaru's shadow possession from Naruto)
-dark field- if Marcus is hit with a powerful enough of an attack, he can disperse his body as a cloud of dark particles, lessening the damage and allowing him to reform next turn, he cannot attack the turn he reforms however.
-Black gaze- creates a void of light in the opponent's eyes, causing them to lose their vision for 1-2 turns depending on their distance from Marcus when this attack is used. This ability also grants Marcus perfect vision in the dark.
-Tendrils of darkness- thousands of tentacle-like objects explode from all the nearby shadows and ensnare the target, immobilizing them completely after contact for 2 posts. (Stacks over time)
-Trick flight- Marcus uses his giant bat wings to fly around at light speeds, wings can be damaged but they heal after 1 post.
-Chucky- A death elemental minion that looks like a skeleton with 1 wing. He possesses all of Marcus' abilities with the exception of imagination, Marcus and Chucky are able to spontaneously change positions like a substitution jutsu, and Chucky’s entire left arm is IW since that arm is the weapon Chucky’s arm, which cannot be used by Marcus while chucky is active.
              -Chucky's stats mimic Marcus' except when Marcus' GmB is activated


-Minions of Darkness- allow Marcus to call upon several dark spirits to aid him in battle. They come in three types

Dark Moon:               Dark Star:                 Dark Sun:
Strength: 2/5           Strength: 5/5         Strength: 2/5
Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5
Defense: 1/5            Defense: 1/5          Defense: 4/5
Rage: 4/5               Rage: 1/5               Rage: 1/5

Ability 2)
- Marcus enshrouds the entire arena with a giant, thick, purple and black cloud, the Miasma has several uses:
-Anyone inside the miasma for more than 2 turns begins losing 1 Strength point every 2 turns until they reach 1 strength, this effect can wear off after 2 turns outside the Miasma (must be consecutive)
-The Miasma Drowns out all light and Holy energy, causing all attack of that variety to fail while inside or to simply stop upon contact with the miasma.
-Because the miasma is mostly intangible, it cannot be altered by abilities like alchemy, and since it is an extension of Marcus’ body, it cannot be controlled by an opponent’s abilities.
-Because it is so thick, those inside the miasma are near blind unless they are able to see in the dark, this also allows Marcus to move anywhere within its range very quickly by way of dark meld.
-all Darkness based attacks deal double damage within the miasma's radius.
-Marcus is able to fire a short range concentrated burst of miasmal mist from his mouth to instantly poison the target with the miasma's "strength dooper"
-All other poison related abilities/items that enter the miasma and instantly diffused of their poisonous capabilities while inside.
-As a result of spending countless days at a time within the miasma, Marcus is immune to most poisons even while not inside the miasma.

Ability 3)
Nature Perversion

Allow Marcus to control and Mutate plant life in various ways:
-Birth and Death of the Green world: Marcus can cause any plant (alive or dead, so wood objects included) to grow, shrink, wither, or die in any environment (specific examples below)
-Briar Wall: Marcus can use this to allow his body to erupt with plant-like thorns that have adamantium class strength
-Briar storm: Marcus can shoot projectile forms of briar wall at light speeds.
-Synthesis: this ability drains the power of all opponents who use the light or holy element (-1 star in each stat unless the stat is one) each turn. If synthesis is used in battle, Marcus or Billy can use it to increase all of their stats by +1 for each of the opponent’s stats that went down) additionally, Billy can regenerate faster if this has been used.
-Venusian’s Prison: a specific "nature perversion" move that causes giant venus flytraps to spring from the ground and ensnare the opponent, holding them for 2 turns, unless they have 4 or more strength in which case they Can break free sooner.
-Hydro Choker: when used it infects all nearby water with a mutated version of "red tide", taking on a black and purple hue, it makes all the liquid poisonous to the touch, if contracted, the subject loses 2 defense unless they will have less than 1 as a result. Hydro choker continues reducing defense until the opponent's defense reaches 1. Only removable by extreme heat.
-Contact Spores: a giant cloud of floating yellow and black spores that poison anyone who comes in contact with them (teammates excluded obviously) if infected, they spores cause the player to lose 1 speed for each turn they are within the cloud, the spores can only be removed by strong winds or by pulling them off by hand.
-Billy: Billy is a summon/helper of sorts, he is made almost entirely of vegetation and plant-life, he has the ability to speak, but only those with some extent of plant control can understand him (unless certain conditions are met). Billy can use all of the "Nature Perversion" moves as well as a few other nature related tricks like regenerating wounds over time that isn't burn damage (because he is a plant after all, he regenerates broken limbs and such as a rate of 1 limb per opponent's post.)Billy can also transform into a kind of plant armor and pseudo-fuse with Marcus to improve Marcus' stats.

Billy's stats             Billy Armor (on Marcus)
Strength: 4/5                    Strength: 9/5
Speed4/5                         Speed: 4/5 (on ground) 5/5 (while flying)
Defense: 2/5                     Defense: 3/5
Power: 2/5                        Rage:  4/5


Ability 4
King of the Gummified World

With this ability, Marcus' entire body can become elastic or stretchy at will. It also makes Marcus able to control anything that is Gummy, Elastic, Stretchy, Rubbery, or made from similar materials as the waist of underpants. So literally all things of the prenamed list are fully under Marcus' control. As an added bouns of having a elastic body, Marcus( and Macabre) cannot be harmed by blunt attack damage like punches or being hit by trains.
I'll also take this time to remind everyone Gaffit sold Marcus a gummy worm generator (which is in the Misc. area seeing as it isn't a weapon)  that will function for 300 years, giving 300 years worth of gummy worms ^.^.

Ability 5
Marcus' Twisted Imagination

With M.T.I. Marcus can spontaneously spawn anything from his imagination into the real world, enabling it to help him in battle. Marcus can spawn anything from sentient candy to giant, evil, teddy bears.
The ability works similar to "painting abilities" only without the need for a brush or other medium.
-This ability is the alternate route to summoning Monky and Twist.

Monky: (a living scarecrow)
Strength: 1/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 5/5
Power: 3/5


Twist: (a half man, half shark)
Strength: 10/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 5/5
Rage: 3/5


Ability 6
Sciurus Combustion Force

After training a small army of squirrels tactical maneuvers that rival the marines, Marcus saw fit to equip each squirrel with a metal acorn firing, kinetic rail gun & a skull and ribcage stuffed with high-explosives. While the S.C.F has little power in 1 v1 hand to hand they make good use of their speed (5/5) to avoid opponents and snipe them from a distance, or latch onto opponents in kamakazi strikes. The S.C.F can be summoned by Marcus/Macabre in any situation.

Ability 7
Polarity switch

After his entended stay inside Judg’ sprison, Marcus learnt a dangerous skill that even he is conscious of the effects of, the polarity switch. Marcus has always been seen as evil due to his, well…evilness, however it turns out that Marcus is the Good side of his existance, the white half of a yin-yang if you would. Now, with the power of polarity switch, Marcus is able to suppress his own consciousness and let his worse half out. Macabre.
-Macabre loses the ability to control Marcus’ minions (except Chucky, Lecil< & Leslie) but as a result gains the ability to split his mind into 5 separate Macabre(s)
-Macabre is a much more serious fighter then Marcus, and therefore isn’t likely to hide behind trees, man-sharks or jokes when fighting, he prefers a head-on blitz, this is also seen in his weapons, which are dual scythes which have infinate chains on them (all IW) that extend from his bracers.
-Macabre is unaffected by bladed weapons or bullets, as his dark control reaches the point where he can instantly turn that section of his body into energy to nullify the attack.
-Macabre possesses x4 what ever Marcus’ stats were at the point of switching, but as a result must wait at least one turn before he can switch back to Marcus.

Ability 8
Power of Fear

Using this power  Marcus (or Macabre) can force their opponent(s) to experience their worst fears as real and present, though unlike other fear attack in the past, when an opponent experiences a monster biting them, the damage carries over onto their body. A truly musterious power indeed…
-as a side effect of this ability Marcus and Co. have lost the ability to be affected by fear techniques. This ability also acts as a firewall against Psychic attacks targeting Marcus' brain, anyone who tries to enter his mind recieves a "super-concentrated wave of fear" causing them to usually curl up in a fetal position for a little while (think Scarecrow's super-fear toxin).

Ability 9
Sugar King

Through unknownn means, Marcus has been crowned the King of Sugar, and with his invisible crown he is able to control all kinds of sugar, from powdered sugar, to the glucose in blood or plants. Marcus is able to transform any kind of sugar into any other sugary substance within reason, like turning the sugar in a plant into a lollipop. The power of the Sugar king also lets marcus control and spawn and kind of candy  he wants. Opponents beware of gummy bears…

Ability 10

GmB #1: Marcus World- through the use of a Complex dark ritual, Marcus Transports all players within a 20 miles sphere to “Marcus World” a dimension where Marcus spends most of his time that take on the appearance of a theme park. While in Marcus world, all of Marcus powers operate at x20 more powerful levels (this meaning his minions do as well of course) Marcus World also cancels out all portals leading out of the area (meaning you cannot teleport out of Marcus World or use a portal to, though you can still perform summons). Marcus world lasts 5 of Marcus’ turns and during that entire time, this music plays: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=wFTPhNDGhx8&mode=related&search=

GmB#2:  Synchronization: Terror- A giant beam of pure Death energy (not darkness) pierce through the sky and hit any opponent within 1 meter of Marcus/Macabre. If No one is hit then the beam is absorbed by Marcus or Macabre.

GmB#3: Giggledrops Mk(us) III- Through direct exposure to concentrated Lolz Marcus and Co. has gained the ability to become giant robots and fuse using a voltron-like system. While Giggledrops, Marcus has all his stats at 200/5, is able to use all of his abilities at a massivly boosted level, and is roughly the size of a gundam, this form is sustainable for 5 turns or until the battle ends, whichever occurs first.

Team: (none)

Strength: 3/5 (5/5 with Demon knuckle)
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage: 2/5


Height: usually 6’2” due to his posture (6'8" when he actually stands up straight)
Weight: unknown
Skin tone: completely white
Eye color: all yellow
Hair color: Bright orange
Hair style: long, no real style
Garments/clothes: Hell’s jester suit (red and grey) indestructible gauntlets (demon's knuckles)

Misc: -doesn't require air for breathing and can survive inside vacuums. Marcus is able to automatically "Fear" animals that attempt to attack, stopping their attacks cold.
-Own an infinite gummy worm generator.

Bio: A creature/being from the chaos realm that seeped through to our realm when the dark chapel collapsed, he is very loyal to Doc and is by all means insane and mentally unstable. It’s hard to tell if Marcus is ever actually aware of what he's doing, sometimes when fighting it’s almost as if he thinks it’s a game. Is addicted to gummy worms.

(Marcus' group theme: at 2 minutes into the song you can hear Marcus' voice (or something close to it anyway))

AP 131
JD irrelevant to Marcus


Name: Atari (AKA: “Gil”, “Green”, "Eagle", or “No. 3”)
Race: Human/Gene-Enhanced
-Primary Weapon: “Miser”- An IW Greatsword built to last 10,000 wars, It empowers its owner with the combined strength of all its previous users.
“She ain’t flashy, but she gets the job done”.  (+1 strength)
-Secondary Weapon: “Snaggletooth”- A Bass guitar with scars covering most of its head & neck. It has internal amps to create sonic blasts or reflect elemental based attacks.
“If you cannot be pretty, at least be strong”.
Team: (none)

-Ability 1: “Sword Saint”- Through years of training with all manner of weapons big and pointy, Atari is a master of all forms of swordplay. The combination of training & “nuclear powered hair” has left Atari virtually immune to cutting based attack (meaning that most cutting attacks will simply bounce off his skin like a “kitchen Knife” off a G-Black Gravios). He still feels the pain if each blow regardless of whether or not a wound is made.

-Ability 2: “Human Weapon serum No. 3”- From a young age Atari, along with his test mates, was frequently infused with various chemical enhancements designed to turn them into super soldiers. In his case “serum No. 3”, a collection of mechanical implants, steroids & body chemistry altering compounds, is designed to allow Atari to temporarily unleash explosive strength & breakneck speed. (Allows Atari to perform feats like punching holes through a diamond, traveling at light speed for short durations, or unleash elemental bursts from him body) 

Strength: 3/5 (4/5)
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage: 3/5

Description: A guy who has no time for your bull****.
Height:  5’11”
Weight: 200lbs
Age: unknown (assumed early 20s)
Skin tone: pale flesh
Eye color: brown
Hair color: Nuclear Green
Hair style:  Huh? (Call it whatever you want)
Garments/clothes: Long sleeve shirt, jeans, running shoes, sword cradle

Bio:  arrived at CoS in the traditional drifter fashion. A collector of swords & a taker of names.


Name: Chem
Race: Varian
Sex: female
-Weapon: Vibra-sonic Knife- an IW knife with the ability to vibrate at various frequencies allowing it to cut through matter like butter. The VS knife is capable of discerning the make-up of an item by striking it, then Chem can choose for the knife to remember the appropriate frequency to easily cut that material (the blade can remember 5 specific frequencies at a time). Without remembering a frequency the knife simply alternates frequencies while making contact with a solid object.
-Secondary Weapon: Moisture Gun- a type of weapon built on Chem’s home world. It functions like a water jet cutter, but compacted into a handheld weapon. The Moisture gun requires no reservoir; instead it collects moisture from the atmosphere around it so it never runs out of ammunition in most situations. In addition, the moisture gun also takes on other properties of the nearby air (ex. Airborne toxins become imbued into the projectile) or if desired the gun can siphon liquids directly into itself.
-1. Olfactory Magnus- Varians have highly evolved senses of smell (reaching superhuman levels) allowing their brains to overlay their sense of smell into their other senses. Put simply Varians can “see” smells to the point where they can see the path a smell took (similar to how smell is shown in twilight princess). B/c their olfactory sense is so developed however, Varians are susceptible to scent attacks more so than most species.
-2. Ocular Biology Morph- Chem’s body contains a form of organic nanite colony that can alter the chemistry and composition of her eyes & ocular lobes, letting her eyes shift between different spectrums of vision (standard, infrared, ultraviolet, isolative, electro-aura) depending on what the situation requires.

GmBs: null
AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 1/5
Reflexes  4/5

Description: Adult Varian female (amphibious humanoid species)
Height: 8’3”
Weight: 345lbs
Age: 7 (Varian calendar) 26 (earth calendar)
Skin tone: blue-green
Eye color: orange
Garments/clothes: Tanned leather armor (unknown species)

Bio: An experienced hunter & warrior from Varro (2nd moon of the 4 planet of the Maal system) Chem hails from a group of tribal Varians. When Varro first made contact with alien life Chem was among the first to meet them, and was taken along with a number of her tribal siblings off world for unknown reasons. Mid-flight Chem and co. escaped their cells and overtook the ship. After being rescued by a salvage crew Chem and her surviving siblings are dropped off at a hub world, with no knowledge of how to return home. Chem’s siblings remain on the hub world, seeking information on how to return home, Chem instead looks onwards towards the now endless hunting grounds of the universe, seeking her next great battle.
…She finds CoS.

Name: Musclefish (the 2nd)
Race: Atlantic Goliath Goldfish
Weapon:  Sanja- Musclefish’s most trusted weapon, a still live swordfish made IW. Sanja’s bill is constantly razor sharp, and while underwater he can move freely and independently of Muscle.  Sanja also emits an AoE effect similar to Sea air, rusting nearby metal objects at an incredible rate (3 turns is enough to rust most metal objects to the point of breaking)
Secondary Weapon:  Gama- An  IW sea turtle who Muscle uses as a shield. Gama’s shell has the ability to absorb all incoming magical attacks, and after being hit by a certain amount of magical hits (3) Gama can transform into a boat sized turtle with the ability to fly. Gama can also move independently of Muscle when underwater.

-Guardian of the Sea- Musclefish fights as a champion of Neptune, and receives his blessing as a result Musclefish can call upon the powers of the sea. Musclefish can control and summon water at will or communicate with all manner of aquatic and amphibious creatures (and horses) as well as compel most of them to aide him in battle, or dredge up sea-mines and use them in battle, Or if he takes a moment to focus he can pull objects as big as submarines as well (may or may not be nuclear). The same power also allows Musclefish to smite any shark creatures in a single blow

-Might of the Sea- Musclefish can channel the fury of the sea into his physical body, allowing him to significantly alter his strength & defense in battle. The amount his stats can increase by is dependent on the amount of water nearby.
(puddle+1, Lake,+3, Sea+5, great Sea+10, ocean+20) lawd help the fool who picks ocean as an arena.

GmB(s): The Beast of the Edge of the Map.
AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage:  3/5

Description:  An enormous goldfish with humanoid characteristics.
Height: 9’4”
Weight: 400lbs
Age: unknown
Skin tone: orange
Eye color: white
Hair color: Yellow-orange
Hair style:  Roman centurion
Garments/clothes: none


Bio: At the bottom of the sea there be monsters, banished from the world of light above. Across history the Gods of the sea have called to champions to stand vigil and keep the beasts within the abyss. One of the current champions of Neptune, Musclefish, guards the area of the Bahamas. After years of silence, one of the wretched monsters, and its underwater army of the night poured out from its trench and laid siege to all of the Atlantic. Though the champions fought hard they were unable to hold the line, and the coast was lost to their dark influence. It was then that Neptune chose Musclefish to venture forth and find a means to drive the monsters back into their deep dark prisons. Having fought his way across land and sea, Muscle made his was to Fax, and eventually to CoS…
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