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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13060 times)
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Derp it!

« on: 11 July, 2008, 02:30:59 pm »

Name: Leanan Rosewood
Race: Daughter of a Wind Fairy and an [Earth Goddess]
-Racial Skill: Flight (wings)
Sex: Female
-Crystal Shard: A sword that belonged to her father, the wind fairy, and an item that means a lot to her.  It is CA, so it is technically breakable, but that is by design.  The sword can deconstruct and reconstruct into different shapes and sizes, which can also lead to some creative uses.  Theoretically, it can also create copies of itself, but they do not last long.  It's base form is a slim, slightly curved blade.  The sword itself is made from a stone not known to man, and is pearl colored, and shines with a pale green light.
-Gungnir: No, not Odin's spear, but similar.  Gungnir is the name of an ancient spear that was a treasured relic of a lost civilization... until Leanan stole it from the ruins.  The spear is connected to her mother's mysterious past though, so as far as she is concerned, she is entitled to it.  ...Anyways, it is a long, red spear, longer than Leanan is tall, with a tip that splits into four prongs, making the corners of a square or diamond shape.  The spear is indestructible, and is charged with the power of electricity.  Not only is it a melee weapon, but it can pretty much act as a very long energy gun, able to shoot arcs of lightning, as well as beams of pure energy.  Leanan's innate elemental abilities from her mother can also let it fire other types of elemental shots, such as fire and ice.  Despite this being an extremely powerful weapon, it is a bit unwieldy for such a short person, so she favors her sword.


Ability 1: Inherited Elemental Powers
-The name is sort of vague, and it might seem like she's trying to get away with more powers than she should, but let us explain it first.  Leanan's primary element is wind, because she takes very heavily after her father, but she does have minor control over the other elements, which she gets from her mother.  BUT, a big BUT here, she only has real control, and immunity, from this area, and that is wind, obviously.  She can TECHNICALLY use other elements, but not in any way that would be beneficial in battle, except for using it as "ammo" for gungnir.    Theoretically, she can combine wind plus another to create a new attack, but even those would be of limited use.  So, this ability is basically "Wind Control + Immunity", but we felt the need to explain it a bit more.

Ability 2: Teleportation Dash
-Leanan, as you will see in her stats, is NOT a defensive character.  She relies on her insane speed to cover her numerous weaknesses, as wel as her respectable magical ability.  This is a certain ability that makes use of both.  Leanan can perform an extremely fast dodge to escape from danger.  This dodge is pretty much impossible to stop, so getting in her way would be... bad.  She can also combine this handy move with her magic and weapons to turn her entire body into a weapon.  Under normal circumstances she could use this move near infinitely, but... she smokes.  So it has a one turn cool down.
-Leanan can also simply teleport herself without the need of relying on her speed, but this uses a lot of magic, so while it only has a 1 turn cool down, it leaves her unable to use magic during that turn.  She tries to avoid using it for this reason.

-Strength: **
-Defense: *
-Speed: *****
-Magic: ****

-Description: Leanan is a short and thinly built young woman, with a modest chest, and long, almost elf like ears.
-Height: 5' 1''
-Weight: 100 lbs.
-Age: [Working]
-Skin Tone: Caucasian, Pale
-Eye Color: Grass Green
-Hair color: Lime Green
-Hair style: Usually pulled back in a long pony tail that goes past her shoulder blades, with some bangs in the front.
-Garments and Clothing: She dresses pretty normally.  Tattered blue jeans, t shirts, and tennis shoes, or boots.  Her usual get up for the CoS is said tattered blue jeans, a nondescript green t-shirt, and black casual boots.


AP: 0
Gold: [Starting Amount] [Working, won't be long]
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