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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13060 times)
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« on: 11 July, 2008, 04:43:33 pm »

Name: Bob the Omnipotent
Race: Semi-Immortal Meta-Fictional Being
Gender: Male

Weapon 1: + 5 Magical Rapier. A simple, magically enhanced rapier that Bob is quite skilled with. Is surprisingly durable.
Weapon 2: Anti-anti-magic dagger. A simple looking dagger, it has the ability to stop anti-magic fields by being placed into the ground and creating an "anti-anti-magic field", allowing Bob to summon no matter what as long as he remains in the field. Also, can be used to stab people. Because its a dagger.

Ability 1: Pop Culture Summoning: Allows Bob to summon characters from pretty much anything. The stronger the character, the more energy it takes to create and maintain, so he can either summon many weak summons, or a couple strong one. Also, stronger summons can be more difficult to control, and anything that could canonically kill the summon in their world can kill them in this world.
Ability 2: 3.5 D&D Wizard/Sorcerer Spell-casting: Bob can cast every single spell from D&D's 3.5 edition's list of Wizard/Sorcerer spells (One list, it's just that two classes have access to it.) Bob doesn't actually have to follow the rules of D&D when casting these spells. He casts all his spells spontaneously (that is, without choosing them ahead of time) and as an infinite number of spells per day, although the number of spells he can cast per post is limited by his mana reserves. He largely abstracts the effect of the spell from how the spell is described in accordance to D&D's rules, but he doesn't have to follow them to a T, and is known to occasionally give himself a little leeway with the effects. Still, he tries his best to remain true to the intent of the spell. Here's a list of the spells Bob can cast, with quick, simple summaries of their effects, in case you want proof I'm not making something up. http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20/rules/DnD3.5Index-Spells-SorcererWizard.pdf

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Age: Claims to be 42, real age unknown.

Strength: *
Speed: *
Defense: **
Mana: *****

Bio: A mysterious wizard who can break the "Fourth Wall", Bob specializes in summoning magic. Because of this ability to break the "Fourth Wall" he is well aware of the existence of other worlds with powerful characters, and so he summons magical duplicates of these characters to aid him in battle. These duplicates are exact copies of the character they are based on, down to their memories and personality.

Bob's past is mysterious, and he prefers to keep it that way. When pressed too hard about it, he merely says "my RPer never really intended for me to have a back story. She created me just because she thought a fourth wall, pop-culture summoner was an awesome idea."  This leads to much confusion on the behalf of the questioner.

His reasons for joining the Clash of Smash? "For teh lulz. Also, my RPer felt like it."

AP: 5
JD: 180


Name: Brunna Stoneblood
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female

~Weapon Spec character~

Weapon 1: Battle Axe of Striking Force - A powerful magical battle axe with two blades, one on each side of the head. It's capable of creating blasts of invisible, pure solid force. These blasts are similar to the traditional wizard spell "Magic Missile" and are fired from the area between the two blades. Further more, the wielder can surround the blades with an invisible layer of force, greatly increasing the impact power of the axe, but making it so the blade deals bludgeoning damage instead of slicing damage.

Weapon 2: Frostforge - A powerful magical throwing hammer. It is capable of freezing anything the head of the hammer comes into contact with, extending a thick layer of ice over anything it strikes. If stuck against a flat surface, the ice just spreads out thin to cover over the area. If it strikes something else, the ice will instead try to envelope the struck object. However, the more ice the wielder wants to make, the longer the hammer has to be in contact with the target, so it is difficult to freeze a large object in the midst of battle.
As a secondary ability, the hammer can create weapons and simple constructs out of ice. The magic of the hammer doesn't actually require any water to make these items out of ice, instead drawing mana from an outside source and freezing the mana itself.
Finally, as a magical throwing weapon, it will return to its wielder's hand after being thrown. The hammer doesn't actually fly back to its owner. Rather, after being thrown, the owner just has to will it, and the hammer appears in their hand again.

Ability 1: Epic-Level Dwarf Fighter - Brunna is an epic level dwarf fighter. In other words, she has reached the peak of her physical abilities as both a dwarf, and a fighter. Because of her Dwarven blood, she is incredibly resistant to poisons, very durable compared to a normal human, very hard to knock over or push around if she doesn't want to be, and very good and spotting and identifying unusual stone work, and an expert at appraising all kinds of metal and stone objects value.
Further more, she has spent years mastering the art of armed combat. Because of that, she is proficient with all sorts of melee weapons, and a couple of ranged weapons. She can pull off a number of amazing martial exploits, some that borderline on superhuman. She can let a flurry of five or more blows off in a matter of seconds, make incredible leaps longer and higher than her own height, cleave through whole groups of enemies with a single swing, and other similar feats of physical prowess. This includes the ability to wield two weapons at the same time effortlessly.
Finally, she has a very high level of battle field awareness. This allows her to quickly respond to even the most sudden techniques, although it isn't perfect.

Ability 2: Ex-quipping Magic - In all her years of travel, Brunna's greatest triumph was running into a wizard who taught her the secrets of the "Ex-quip" magic style. With this magic, she is capable of magically swapping out her current weapon with any other weapon she owns in an instant. Besides having a huge amount of mundane, non-magical weapons she can access, she can use it to cycle through all the magical weapons she owns.

Strength: ***
Speed: *
Defense: *****
Healing Surges: *** (These represent her ability to shrug off harm, and aren't really a measure of any actual healing ability. She has three healing surges per fight and can spend one to ignore a large amount of damage she just took. It doesn't mean she didn't take the attack. It just represents her ability to ignore pain and injury through years of endurance training and pure adrenaline. )

Height: 4' 1"
Weight: 214 lbs
Age: 96 ( Quite young for a dwarf, actually. )

Bio: A relatively young Dwarven woman, Brunna has spent many years of her life fighting. And she has fought a lot of things. Goblins, orcs, giants, dragons, slimes, beholders, drow, zombies, treants, devils, demons...you name it, she's probably fought it.

She's come to the Clash of Smash simply to test her might against some fellow warriors.

AP: 0
JD: 100

Name: GARkip
Race: Mudkip
Gender: Male

Weapon: GAR Sunglasses - These sunglasses are absolutely unbreakable. They return to GARkip when thrown, and are razor sharp. However, due to his hot-bloodedness, GARkip can't be harmed by his own sunglasses.

Secondary Weapon: Mudren - A giant robot Mudkip sporting its own pair of giant GAR sunglasses. Based on Spiral Technology, the Mudren is a powerful mecha. It can fire powerful, highly pressurized blasts of water from its mouth or lasers formed from pure manliness. It can swim and dig because Mudkips are Water types, and gain the Ground type upon evolution. I can also fly just because flying is epic. Also, it can Gattai with certain other mecha to form more powerful mecha. And finally, it can fire its giant GAR sunglasses. They either function like a boomerang and slice through the enemy before returning to its face, or they become two pairs of giant GAR sunglasses and will capture the enemy and hold them in place for a powerful finishing move.
However, GARkip is not only manly, but also very fair. He rarely ever uses his Mudren against opponents who lack a way to fight back, because it's more manly to engage in a fair fight than it is to overwhelm a human sized opponent with a giant robot.
Mudren's appearance:

Thanks to DB for the shop.

1. GARness: He has an unlimited supply of MANLY SPIRIT and HOT-BLOODEDNESS. This allows him to kick reason to the curb and do impossible things. Of course, he can't just do any impossible feat. The impossible feat has to be either manly or epic in order for him to do it. One good example of an impossible feat is the fact that he can increase his strength and other stats the more injured he is, provided he got injured by a powerful attack. Also, he can project shockwaves of pure manliness, or create an aura of manliness that makes other men feel like whimpering little girls in comparison, and causes woman to instantly become very attracted to him.

2. Mudkip-ness: He's a Mudkip. He can use any move a Mudkip can learn, his GARness allowing him to have more than 4 moves. Also, he has legions of fans who liek him and would follow his every command. They can be summoned at any time to do his bidding.

Strength: ****
Speed: **
Defense: ***
Spirit: *** ( This is how often in one turn/post he can do the impossible. Because if you do the impossible too many times in a row, it stops being manly and epic, and starts getting annoying. )

Height: 1' 4"
Weight: 16.8 lbs.
Level: 99

Bio: One day, a Mudkip found a pair of GAR sunglasses. The moment he put them on, he felt a surge of MANLINESS and HOT-BLOODEDNESS. It transformed him from a simple Mudkip into the mighty GARkip! Using his new found hot-blooded spirit, he gained the ability to walk on his hind legs, use his front legs as hands, and the ability to speak the human language. He then decided to travel the world to prove how manly and hot-blooded he was. In order to further prove his manlyness, he joined the Clash of Smash. Because it would be fun.

Theme: Rap is a Man's Soul! We Surpass the Impossible, and Kick Reason to the Curb! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to the Great Gurren Brigade Theme (from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=YK7cvxWpE9E

AP: 0
JD: 100
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