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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 13 July, 2008, 01:56:45 am »

Name: Rosshan Volk
Race: Human
Height: 5'9 Weight: 180 lbs
Skin tone: Tan Eye color: Blue, bright green when using a certain power.
Hair color: Black.  Hair style: Decent length, is wearing a blue headband.
Garments/clothes: A simple journeyman's cloth and leather shoulder plate, modified for movability over power. The only armor of note are his steel gauntlets (with leather gloves).
Weapon: Toess - A simple longsword enchanted and named after Rosshan's former master. It is identical in shape, size, and sharpness to any ordinary longsword, but has the ability to change it's weight (become light for travel, or become heavy at the end for a powerful blow).

Rosshan is a man with a blazin' heart and an unbreakable back.

In battle, he shows a carefree attitude but is very smart, caring, and generally aware.

Strength: ****(*)
Speed: ****
Defense: ****

1: Rosshan Cutter - With the power of his master's dying gift, Rosshan can use his eyes to see the inherent mortality of anything in the form of lines. Upon cutting one of these lines with any slightly sharp object, the object cut will be cut perfectly along the said line. Both using his eyes and performing the Cutter will fatigue Rosshan.
2: Rosshan Eliminate - With the power of his master's dying gift, Rosshan can use his eyes to see the ultimate inherent mortality of anything in the form of a dot. Upon stabbing the single dot on a given object, the object in question will be utterly eliminated from existance. Performing Elimination will fatigue Roshan, depending on the power of the object eliminated.
3: Rosshan's Reality - With the power of his master's dying gift and his best friend's sacrifice, Rosshan can use his eyes to eliminate almost anything; from diseases to concepts, such as the distance between himself and his enemy. However, this will greatly fatigue Rosshan and will generally only be preformed while using Killing Intent or Burnin' Hart.
4: Killing Intent - ? ? ?
5: Burnin' Hart - ? ? ?. +1 STR.

Name : Chelinka Tan
Race : Human
Height : 5'4 Weight : 90 lbs
Skin tone : Tan. Eye color : Black.
Hair color : White. Hair style : Shoulder-length, curled at the ends and generally messy, with a black hairpiece.
Clothing : a tight, dark red mage's gown that looks more like a dress than a robe. Runic symbols line the sleeves.
Weapon : Archivel - A long knife with a dark red handle that has encrusted gems. The blade is dull, but the knife itself has magical power.

Chelinka is a mage with a fiery attitude and a love for combat.

She has expertise in reading human bodies, that is, predicting an attack or noticing an emotion.

Strength: **
Speed: ****
Defense: **
Magic : ****(*)

7: Devonian Magic - Chelinka can perform Devonian Magic, an "absurdly powerful" form of magic. There is no control involved; only a single level of power is usable in a spell.

However, this type of magic requires symbols to be drawn in the air with a weapon or on a surface, and is very fatigue inducing. Devonian spells are offensive, with some self-based spells.

8: Name : Emilia Tan
Race : Human
Height : 5'6 Weight : 118 lbs
Skin tone : White. Eye color : White.
Hair color : Black. Hair style : Long, clean, and waist-length with a white hairpiece.
Clothing : A traditional white robe, enchanted so it can never be dirty or ripped (for long). No hood. Runic symbols can be seen on Emilia's hands.
Weapon : Peace - a staff borrowed from Aura. It always eminates light, both visible and magical. Simply holding this staff with calm the holder. A low-karmic entity will be burned when touching (or being touched) by it.

Emilia is a kindhearted mage who has trouble hurting anything. She is a good negotiator.

She practices "white" magic and accompanies Rosshan.

Strength: *
Speed: ***
Defense: ****
Magic : ****

9: Silesian Magic - Emilia can perform Silesian Magic. The Silesian magic school is all about healing, defense, and enchantment magics. They are casted orally and are spirit based.

GMB; Nothin'.

AP: 114 (3)
LBs: 240 + regular amount.
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