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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
The one and only Cads.
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #15 on: 05 August, 2008, 09:28:14 am »

Name: Cads_473
Race: nobody
Weapon: Dark Gunblade. (Can fire an infinite amount of dark energy bullets)

Secondary weapon: Kyle, my heavily armed super panda. Kyle has several visors, including infarred, night vision, X-ray, and E.D (Energy detection. He can see the way the foes energy is flowing through their body and can detect where their next attack will be coming from) He has multiple weapons. Some normal, some special made.

Weapons include:
Machine gun. (infnate ammo)
Flame thrower.'
Grenades (And grenade launcher)
Smoke bombs: Kyles smoke bombs produce a special cloud, and when hes in it, hes undetectable by any means.
Standard bombs.
Energy bombs: Powerful bombs that explode into pure energy upon impact. Everything within a 20 feet radius is damaged.
Implosion bomb: On impact. it implodes on itself and creates an interdimensional rift. This MUST be dodged,for it cant be destroyed. Everything within 5 feet is sucked in. (Once per battle)
Implosion gun: Same thing as the implosion bombs, but it fires faster, is less easy to dodge, but its strenthg is lessoned. Everything within a 2 foot radius is sucked in. (Can be used twice per battle)
Standard pistol.
Energy pistol: A powerful pistol that fires off strong energy rounds.
Optical maser ray: A VERY powerful laser that fires in a stright thin line. The laser produces a sheild that protects him against everything except melee attacks while firing. This laser is VERY powerful, and WILL cause extreme damage if hit by it.

There are more that i cant reveal yet. Their secret.

Ability 1. Can control super powered nobody pigs, AKA pigoons. Powers include the ability to shoot fire, thunder, and ice; Javelin skills; Super strentgh; and super speed.
Ability 2. can transform into gannon like monster. stats triple, extremely tough hide, fire manipulation, and sonic boom.
Abilty 3. Werewolf transformation. while in this state, can control spirits, speed triples, strength doubles, and can control wind.
Abilty 4. Bone manipulation: Can soften, harden, loosen, tighten, shrink, enlarge, stretch, create extra, regenerate, and morph ALL bone in my body. All bone has an thin outer shell of adamntium. VERY thin, but this stops it from being damaged or broken easily.
Ability 5. Earth Dominance: Can manipulate the earth in ANY way. This includes making it larger, smaller, stretching it out, etc.
Ability 6. Red chakra: At all times during battle, a red chakra envelopes my body, shaping a fox. This chakra is heated, and can burn some attacks before they hit me. (Not alot, just a few things.) It can be enlarged and stretched, and can damage just like normal punches.
Ability 7: Soul Transfer: Can transfer my own soul into ANY object- Living or Inanimate- and stay in that form for any number of time. Objects i go into can be anything- from solids to liquids to gasses. Once my soul is in another place, my body dissapears until i summon it back. Inside of the object i tranfered my soul into i have all of my abilities. For example, if i transferred my soul into kyle i'd have all of my normal abilities PLUS kyle's. My soul, when in another inanimate object, is undetectable by ANY MEANS. This means i can transfer my soul into, say, a tree, and you wouldnt know unless i moved.

Miscallaneus battle facts:

Seeing as how i can control the elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire, all attacks related to these can be stopped. This doesnt mean, however, i am immune to them. If i am hit with a fireball, i'll get damaged. HOWEVER, if i see the fireball coming i can control it however i want. Whether its redirecting it or destroying it. BUT if the other person can ALSO control the element, i cant stop it.

My blade is enfused with the dark element. This means it can negate all light attacks thrown at me. If i dont have my sword or cannot pull it out in time, the light attacks will hit and damage me, but as long as i can move my sword to where the light blast is, i can negate these attacks.

(More of these types of facts will pop up the more i get more abilities, and undergoe more surgery on my body. Keep an eye on this section of my profile, as more and more facts will appear.)

Gmb: Final form- KYUUBI!
This can work in 2 ways:
1: I transform into the 9 Tailed fox itself. Most attacks are comepletely unnaffective because of my extremely large size. Can utilize extremely powerful strentgh,
2: Uses the 9TF's power, but remains human. Cloak of the fox and physical affects (Self explanatory) Are there to. Can utilize a varity of ranged attacks. Can utilize all of the 9 tals of the cloak, giving MAZ=XIMUM speed and power.


AP: 68
JD: Huh?

Name: Andrew
Race: Big Daddy, Bouncer.
Weapon: Basic arms, including a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, crossbow, grenade launcher, chemical thrower, wrench, rivet gun, and of course, the drill. All of these weapons are fully upgraded, by Bioshock standards.

For those that have never played the game, here is a description of each weapons upgrade and what it does;

(Increased damage simply means the bullets do more then the normal damage, I.E, against super powered clashers they can actually inflict damage, unlike normal bullets)
Pistol: Increased damage, 26 bullet clip. (Ammo types: Normal, Anti personal, Armor piercing)
Machine Gun: Virtually no recoil, increased damage. (Ammo types: Normal, Anti personal, Armor piercing)
Shotgun: Rapid fire, increased damage. (Ammo types: Normal, Anti personal, Armor piercing)
Crossbow: Crossbow arrows never invincable and never break, increased damage. (Ammo types: Incindiary, trap bolts. Incindiary are super heated, and can burn through many different types of armor. Trap bolts lead an electric charged wire behind it, and stick to surfaces.)
Grenade Launcher: Increased damage, grenades inflict no damage on me. (Ammo types: Heat seeking missile, Proximity mines)
Chemical Thrower: Increased range. (Ammo types: Napalm, Liquid nitrogen, electric gel. Nalpam sets enemies on fire (Including armor), Liquid Nitrogen freezes any enemy, and Electric gel runs electricty through them, causing them to be immobile for a few seconds along with the damage of a lightning bolt running through them)
Wrench: Freezes opponents upon contact. Freeze lasts 3 seconds.
Rivet Gun: Simple gun, fires IE nails.
Drill: Drills through any surface.

Secondary Weapon: Little Sister. Although normal little sisters are harmless, Andrew's little sister is extremely battle orriented. She is outfitted with her own suit similar to the big sisters, and wields an enourmas needle which can suck 1 power per match out of an opponent.  Little Sister is extremely agile, and due to the ADAM in her bloodstream, invincible.


Ability 1: Plasmids. These are special powers, magic, if you will.
Electro Bolt: Sends out lightning bolts. Stuns opponents for 3 seconds.
Incinerate: Sets opponent on fire. Deals damage until opponent finds a water source (Wind, pat downs, etc. will not put the fire out. Being a very powerful fire, only water can douse it)
Winter Blast: Freezes an opponent, for 3 seconds.
Insect Swarm: Shoots out extremely powerful bee's at an opponent. In all actuality, the insects are very hard to destroy, come in extremely large numbers, and are almost unblockable. Therefore, insects must be dodged for the 60 seconds they are out or simply taken.
Target Dummy: Useable every 10 posts. Target dummy clouds the opponents minds, forcing them (No matter what, regardless of any mind tricks they may have) to pay attention to a simply "dummy" of a man for 15 seconds, or until they manage to get across the battle field and strike him enough times for him to dissapear (Normally 3-5 times). In their eyes, everything else on the battlefield is cluded up, invisible, until the dummy is dealt with.
Security Bullseye: Once hit, up to 3 security robots will fly out for 60 seconds, shooting at the opponent.
Enrage: If any other living being (Or, in robots cases, unliving sometimes) is on the battlefield, they must attack this for 30 seconds. This includes my little sister, security robots, and even their own allies (Such as Gaffits Toolbox, Lawnchair, etc.). Useable every 10 posts.
Telekineses: Self explanatory.

Ability 2: Gene Tonics. These are self enhancers, meant to improve defense, offense, and overall performance on the battlefield.
Sport boost: Allows for extreme speed.
Electric Skin: When hit with a melee object, opponent is zapped with electricity, allowing 3 seconds for a counter attack.
(More will be added as Andrew levels up)

AP: 0
JD; 100

Strentgh: ****
Speed: ** (With sportboost, it may be slightly more then this. Also, Andrew can pull of a shoulder dash attack which would be about 4 stars worth of speed. However, this shoulder dash can only head one direction at a time.)
Defense: *****
Reflexes: * (With the massive amounts of damage Andrew, as a big daddy, can take, reflexes are unimportant)

Description: Andrew is a basic big dadder bouncer, only taller and much heavier.
Height: 7 feet, 2 inches.
Weight: around 6 tons.
Age: 59 years
Eye color: N/A
Hair color: N/A
Hair style: N/A
Garments/clothes: Big Daddy suit. See picture.

Bio: Andrew was born in Rapture on April 4th, 1950. Andrew was a basic big dadyd bouncer, save for one thing; He was stronger, faster, and much more smart then the rest. After 3 years of faithful service for his little sister, Andrew realized he was different then the rest. he had free will. And when Rapture went to hell, he realized odds are it was no longer safe fopr him or his precious little sister. Andrew faught his way to a bathosphere and rose to the surface. (Basic, but Big Daddies dont exactly have deep backrounds in the first place.)

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