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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
The Saga Continues
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Space is Deep

« Reply #15 on: 12 December, 2008, 08:42:43 pm »

Name: Brann Kelliher
Race: Human
Weapon: Iron Tusk- As its name suggests, this is a massive Iron Tusk, ripped directly from the mouth of a giant, mythical sea mammal. Brann wields it like a man would wield a normal weapon. Its relatively basic in what it is and does, but its sharpness and durability make it a potent tool of destruction. It can be used for stabbing or crushing due to its large size. (IW)
Secondary Weapon: Harpoons- Large IW harpoons used in whaling expeditions. These are primarily used as ranged weapons. Brann can throw them faster than a normal human being thanks to his incredible strength.

Ability 1: Classical Elements- Brann can utilize the five classical Greek elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Aether and Wind for attacks. Although skilled with each element, he is not as skilled as someone who would devote an entire ability towards one element.

Ability 2: Wild Beasts- Brann has managed to tame a variety of wild beasts during his travels. The beasts her can summon are warhorses, giant (dog sized) fire ants, wolves, grizzly bears, seabeasts (basically seals, but with tusks that point upward from their lower jaws and clawed flippers), Cysquatches (One Eye Sasquatches), Birchmen (like Ents but only slightly larger than a man, they wield curved, serrated blades called "Lion Slicers") and Hunters of the Sky (winged, carnivorous reptiles that resemble pterosaurs).

Ability 3: Savagery- Despite his usual learned demeanor, Brann sometimes gives into the chaos that surrounds him. While in this savage state, his stats get a raise. However, this state is never permanent.

Ability 4: Grimoire- While exploring the forbidden city of Lea Monde one day, Brann came across this powerful book of spells. While he is not normally a magic user, he found he was able to decipher the Grimoire and use it. It gives him access to four magic types and various spells. However, he can only use a spell once per battle. The magic list is below, made smaller so that space is saved.

Shaman Spells: Focus on healing and cure

Antidote: Cures poison
Restoration: Cures paralysis
Heal: Restores some health
Clearance: Cures status        
Blessing: Cures curse
Surging Blam: Regenerates health

Enchanter Spells: Focus on increasing Brann's affinity against and for specific things. (Each last three turns)

Terra Guard: Armor increase in Earth Affinity
Aero Guard: Armor increase in Air Affinity
Pyro Guard: Armor increase in Fire Affinity
Aqua Guard: Armor increase in Water Affinity
Frost Fusion: Weapon increase in Water Affinity
Light Fusion: Weapon increase in Air Affinity
Soil Fusion: Weapon increase in Earth Affinity
Spark Fusion: Weapon increase in Fire Affinity

Warlock Spells: Focus on damaging the enemy.

Drain Heart: Steals health
Exorcism: Does damage to undead types.
Fireball: Hits enemy with a fireball.
Aqua Blast: Blasts enemy with water.
Solid Shock: Strikes enemy with explosive shockwave.
Spirit Surge: Attacks enemy with light.
Dark Chant: Enemy feels pain from dark energies.
Explosion: Exactly what it says on the tin.
Flame Ring: Surrounds enemy with a burning ring of fire.
Thunder Burst: Lightning strikes.
Avalanche: Exactly what it says on the tin.
Gaea Strike: Gravity-based attack on enemy.
Meteor : Summons a small meteor shower to strike foe.

Sorcerer Spells: Focus on buffing and nerfing people (Each last three turns)

Stun Cloud: Paralyzes enemy
Degrade: Enemy's strength goes down by one.
Lead Bones: Enemy's speed goes down by one.
Silence: Enemy can't cast magic.  
Dispel: Cancels magic on whoever its cast on.
Poison Mist: Causes poison.
Invigorate: Increases target's speed by one.
Herakles: Increases target's strength.
Magic Ward: Protects whoever its used on from the next magic spell which is tried on them.

Ability 5: Adaptability- Thanks to his natural wisdom, education, and trip through the cosmos, Brann is capable of learning how to mimic an enemy's ability. He can mimic only one ability per battle and can not switch it after the choosing.

Ability 6: Guardian of the Mountain- Due to being exposed to the Crystal Skull for long periods of time, Brann developed a hideous mutation/Hulk-side. When he needs to, Brann can transform into the Guardian of the Mountain, a fabled beast that possesses incredible power. He can no longer use his weapons or Grimoire, but his control of the elements and beasts remain the same. Brann is capable of changing back and forth from each form at will. The Guardian looks like this (minus bleeding hole in abdomen):


Strength: 4/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Rage: 4/5


(minus the guitar, and his clothes are made of animal hides and fur)

Theme: Oblivion by Mastodon

Bio: Brann was an explorer, scientist and whaler from the 1850's. Unlike most people who whaled, Brann did it because he enjoyed the challenge of it all rather than doing it for money. Historically, Brann went missing on an expedidtion to the fabled Blood Mountain, in search of an artifact rumored to be there known as the Crystal Skull. In actuality, Brann and his team found the Skull. However, the ancient magic guarding the skull opened up a wormhole, which sucked the men through. All of them died after being violently thrown around in new and unspeakable worlds, with the exception of Brann. He eventually found the pathway out of the wornhole after many years, and was dropped into the current times. Brann retained his intellect, but the trip through the cosmos gave him powers beyond that of a human. He left Blood Mountain, taking the Crystal Skull with him so that no man would suffer the same fate that his crew suffered. He found Floyd one day and joined with his cause upon hearing his tale, since he loves adventures and the like.

GMB: White Whale (Holy Grail)- Brann calls the most powerful of his beasts, the legendary Leviathan, a white whale. The whale's hide is so thick that it is IW and its massive jaws power its CA teeth. It is so powerful it is capable of moving through solid Earth as if it were water (like the sand whale from Courage the Cowardly Dog). It lasts for five turns or until it has destroyed Brann's foes. It also knows Brann now from their history together and will not cause him harm.

Whale looks like this

Whale Stats

Strength: 300/5
Defense: 250/5
Speed: 4/5
Rage: 400/5

AP: 43
JD: 760

Name: Ganonfloyd (goes by GFloyd of Floyd)
Race: Human
Weapon: The Grindblademar, a legendary blade that grows more powerful for every foe it defeats, thanks to the power of "Grind". Engraved on the blade are images of famous warriors that have used it in the past. Since it has been wielded by many, it has ground quite a bit, and is very powerful. IW.
Secondary Weapon: The Punisher, a weapon from the anime/manga Trigun. It looks like a large metal cross. The head of the cross functions as a launcher for various explosives, the tail acts as a machine gun, and the left arm contains six handguns, the right containing ammo for the rest of the gun. IW.

OmArmor: A gift given to Floyd by Adynos.
Gives the wearer an elemental immunity depending of the opponent's post time when he attacks.
Last unit:

The design is an always changing pattern, symbolizing the power of the RJ board itself. The protection level is rated "Excellent" by experts.

Ability 1: Geologic Powers- Floyd has control over various geologic things. This includes standard Earth control such as rocks, as well as things such as small scale natural disasters, to summoning bones of prehistoric creatures from the Earth to attack his foes with.

Ability 2: Darkside Moons- Floyd is capable of summoning one miniture moon per turn. He can summon these moons anywhere in the battlefield. Up to four moons can be in place at once. Having a moon on the battlefield causes whatever his opponent's highest stat is to drop by one. The second moon effects the second highest stat, and so forth. If the opponent's stat in question is at one, then the drop will skip over to the highest one. Direct contact with a moon will lower the stat by two. They can be destroyed by weapons and abilities.

Ability 3: Crimson- Floyd can place a curse on his foes. The curse is transmitted through clouds of gas he can summon, or from insect like creatures who's sole purpose is to spread the curse. Once any of these things come in contact with an opponent, they are under the curse. At this point, they're bombarded from various directions by large bee like insects who's sting is incredibly powerful and painful. The bees themselves can not be destroyed, and will only disappear when he curse ends (four turns) or if Floyd is hit before that time.

Ability 4: SpringLoaded- The first of the five other Keepers that Floyd has encountered, Spring can be summoned to assist Floyd in battle. He uses two Beretta handguns in battle with extreme skill. His agility is very high, and he possesses a bullet time ability to make his attacks and dodging more effective. He also possesses a pair of electrified gauntlets for close combat battling.

Ability 5: Adol_the_Red- Floyd summons adol, one of the six, to help him in battle. Unlike Spring, who jumps right into combat, adol hangs back and lets his harem members do the fighting. He can summon one of three fighters to aid him at a time. The fighters are the following:

Morrigan- A succubus warrior from Darkstalkers. Despite her apperance, Morrigan is physically powerful. Her wings can turn into bladed weapons such as spears, and she can shoot fireballs and other projectiles at will, as well as make copies of herself to confuse her foes. The loudmouth/confidant one of the three.

Dizzy- The reluctant but powerful half human, half Gear from Guilty Gear. Dizzy's wings contain two seperate entities known as Necro and Undine. Necro appears as a Grim reaper who creates numerous weapons, and Undine as a blue woman who specializes in ice magic. Dizzy hersel is a competant fighter. The shy one of the three.

Shiki- A skilled assassin from Samurai Shodown. Shiki wields two IW blades into battle that she uses with lethal proficiency. She moves at high speeds and can "blink" from one location to the other within an arena in order to confuse her foes. She's adept at stealing life forces as well. The quiet one of the three.


Strength: 4/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Mana: 3/5


Height: 5'9
Weight: 156lbs
Age: 19
Skin tone: White, not pale but not a whole lot of color
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Hair style: Long, curly, messy
Garments/clothes: Pink Floyd T-Shirt, jeans, Chuck Taylor's.

Theme: Scumbag Blues by Them Crooked Vultures

Bio: Floyd was once a normal human being. However, he was unlucky to be selected by a secret scientific organization that was kidnapping people for experimental use. The organization had come across a mysterious and powerful mutagen called Random Junk. However, only six experiments ever survived the procedure, and became known as keepers. One day, an explosion in the lab freed all the Keepers, including Floyd. However, all six were separated and the strange bonds that connected them thanks to their shared mastery of RJ were broken. Floyd wandered before meeting GZA, how took him in and helped hone his skills in battle. Floyd now travels the world, trying to find the other keepers to unite and strike back at their creators. GZA still travels with him, and he met Brann and MW along the way, who joined his cause for various reasons.

GMB: None

AP: 30
JD: 310

Name: Mantorok Wanderer
Race: Human
Weapon: Mantorok Fisto!- Fisto (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fisto%21) enchanted. It is no strong enough to destroy buildings in a single blow, cause small fissures, and send foes into orbit (IW).
Secondary Weapon: Mantorok Railway Rifle- An enchanted Railway Rifle (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Railway_Rifle). Its spikes can pierce through reinforces steel, and when they stick into flesh they leak magickal energy which burns, weakens and corrodes the surronding area if not removed.

Liberty Prime: A gift from Phoenix and Quill, Liberty Prime is a 40ft tall robotic companion, armed with twin head mounted laser rifles, a Mini-Nuke supply rack and Energy Shield drainer. He is transported unto the field via an indestructible Vertibird, and is programmed to see all of MW's foes as commies.

Ability 1: Mutant Summoning-  MW can summon the following creatures to aid him: Mantorok Ghoul, Mantorok Radscorpion, Mantorok Super Mutant, and Mantorok Deathclaw.


Mantorok Ghoul (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Ghoul)

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 1/5
Rage: 2/5

Mantorok Radscorpion (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Radscorpion)

Strength: 4/5
Speed: 4/5

Mantorok Super Mutant (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Super_mutant)

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 2/5
Rage: 3/5

Mantorok Deathclaw (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Deathclaw)

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 3/5

Ability 2: Radiation Magick- MW can use Mantorok enchanted radiation in beams, bolts, orbs, etc. for offensive purposes.

Ability 3: Dynamo- An ability taught to the MW by his friend GFloyd (not the Floyd I have no, the old one <_<) that allows him to control electricity and use it like a weapon in battle just like GFloyd use to be able to do.

Ability 4: Garden of Eternal Darkness Creation Kit (G.E.D.C.K.)- An unholy fusion of the Tome of Eternal Darkness, a spellbook that houses magick and horror, and the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), which is a device that is said to be able to create life in the wasteland. When combined together, they forum a union of human hide and metal, magic and technology, life and death. With the G.E.D.C.K., MW is able to alter the physical attributes on the battlefield to his favor with a few words, to a degree, such as using the arena to help him attack foes, creating barriers from the ground, etc. It can not, however, make anything disappear from the battlefield or create anything new, it can only use what it has available to it.

Here's what the two components look like originally.

Tome of Eternal Darkness



Stregnth: 3/5
Speed: 1/5
Defense: 4/5
Mana: 4/5


Wears a suit of T-51b Power Armor (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images//6/6c/Fallout_3_T-51b_Power_Armor.jpg) sans helmet. He instead wears this (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images//6/6b/Shady_Hat.png)

Theme Song: Into the Void by Black Sabbath

Bio: The Mantorok Wanderer was just an average Wastlelander, trying to survive in the apocalyptic ruins of Rhode Island. One day, while dying of starvation and thirst he found the ruins of an old mansion that used to be owned by the Roivas family. He found a pool fo radiated water and a strange, heart looking piece of flesh in the water. Facing death, the wanderer consumed the organ and drank from the pool. What the Wanderer at was the last remaining heart of the long dead Corpse God, Mantorok. By eating the heart and drinking the water it had dwelled in and enchanted for so long, the Wanderer changed himself forever. He found himself gifted with magickal powers and a new understanding of the universe, one a normal human would never be able to even contmeplate. With his new found powers he sought the domination of the Wastes, thanks to his somewhat cruel personality before happening upon Mantorok's heart. However there wasn't much in the wastes (hence the name) and he met up with Floyd and crew. He joined them, thinking he could find better lands to rule if he followed them.

GMB: None

AP: 27
JD: 340

Name: GZA
Race: Human
Weapon: The Iron Mic: An IW blade attached to a long IW chain that is attached to GZA right arm. He calls it the Iron Mic because his tongue is just as sharp and lethal as any iron sword, and he created a weapon that matches the sharpness of his lyrics and the liquid like flow he has.
Secondary Weapon: Hell's Wind Staff: An ornate, IW bo staff that GZA carries on his back when not in use. The staff itself is a powerful weapon, and it has the ability to create powerful winds that GZA uses in to aid him in battle or to harm his foes.

Ability 1: Liquid Swords: GZA is capable of summoning Liquid Swords from any point in the battle field to use against his opponents, similar to v-13's Sword Summoner Drive from BlazBlue. Only he can control the swords and their trajectories, speeds, etc (only a powerful magical barrier or IW object will stop them from moving). While the swords appear to be a liquid, they are as sharp and lethal as any blade.

Ability 2: Step to the Wu: GZA is bound to the other members of the Wu-Tang Clan by an unbreakable brotherhood. He wears a gold W symbol around his neck that shows this. Because of his bonding, he can access the abilities and skills of his fellow Clan members (only one at a time, however). It takes GZA a small amount of time to switch members (for instance, he can not use both RZA and Raekwon in the same turn, he must use RZA then switch to Raekwon. This goes for all members of the Clan). The other members and abilities GZA gets are as follows:

RZA: The leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, GZA's cousin, and Bushido follower. When bonding with him, GZA gains a katana and the knowledge of powerful sword techniques.
Method Man: The Scientific Method Man gives GZA a special generator he creatd that allows GZA to shoot lasers.
Raekwon: When GZA is aligned with Raekwon the Chef, he gains the Chef's powerful oven that gives him fire magic.
Ghostface Killah:  The stealthiest Wu member, Ghost gives GZA ninja like abilities. He can create up to three shadow clones to confuse foes, and also gains ninja teleportation (both follow standard rules).
Inspectah Deck: The rebel INS, when aligned with Deck, GZA gains 2+ Speed and 1+ Defense.
Masta Killa: The master of killing puts GZA in a homicidal mindest in which his Strength goes up by 2 and his Speed by 1.
U-God: The most religious member of the Clan, GZA gains powerful holy magic to use against his foes from U-God.
Ol' Dirty Bastard: Being dead, ODB shares the secrets of the netherworld with GZA, giving him necromantic abilities.


Strength: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 2/5
Reflexes: 4/5

Theme: 4th Chamber by GZA

Bio: A founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, GZA found GFloyd wandering one day and challeneged him to a battle. Floyd was young and not in complete control of his powers, so GZA soundly defeated him. However, he realized Floyd had potnetial and, while his personality and genetic engineering would not allow him to learn the ways of the Wu, GZA took GFloyd into the 36 Chambers and taught him the ways of combat and helped him hone his powers and style. GZA now travels to see how is protégé fights as well as to spread the word of the Wu and battle as well.

AP: 1
JD: 120

Name: Arcmiall
Race: Dhampir
Weapon: Glyphs: Two glyph tattoos (one on each upper arm) that allow Arcmiall to summon weapons in her hand. They appear when needed and disappear when not needed (basically if she swings her arm a sword appears and when the attack is done it disappears). She can summon swords, hammers, maces, and spears (IW).

Secondary Weapon: Her IW gun with a bayonent on it. It appears primitive but its actually a very complex gun that can fire multiple types of ammo, basically switching from rifle to shotgun to automatic as the situation calls for it.

Ability 1: Tactical Soul System: Arcmiall has the ability to steal the souls of monsters, which grant her abilities depending on the type. She can have one Bullet Soul (attack) one Guardian Soul (assist/attack to some degree) and one Enhancement Soul (what it says on the tin) at one time. The list of souls she can use is here.

http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/2/dos-weapons.htm (all souls and abilities follow typical CoS rules. Zephyr (time stopping) does not work at all).

Ability 2: Back Glyph: In addition to her arm glyphs which summon weapons, Arcmiall has a large glyph on her back that allows for a variety of effects, such as familiar summoning, physical transformation, etc. They can be found here.

http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/cv-ooe/ooe-weapons2.htm (like souls, all abilities follow CoS rules. Also, rather than all the stat boosters, she only has has four, one for each CoS stat).


Strength: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 2/5
Mana: 5/5


Theme: The Evil That Men Do by Iron Maiden

Bio: Arcmiall is the seventh daughter of a woman who was a seventh daughter. Her father was a vampire, which, when combined with the fact that she was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, gave her special powers that she found in her youth. She lived a peaceful life until one day her entire family was killed by a man who was the seventh son of a seventh son, giving him powers as well. Unlike Arcmiall, he used his powers for evil and sought others like him to destroy them. He failed to kill Arcmiall though but still lives. Arcmiall now uses her powers to hunt down the man who ruined her life. She met Floyd and companions and joined them on their journeys.

AP: 0
JD: 100
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