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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
Himeko Katagiri
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« Reply #15 on: 02 August, 2009, 09:15:56 pm »

Name: Bruce Campbell
Race: “Human/Man God” (?)
Weapon: Chainboom sawstick - An IW rapid-fire shotgun with an IW chainsaw bayonet that can fuse into Bruce’s left hand. It has killing power equal to that of a jet engine.
Secondary Weapon: The Chin- Bruce’s entire skull is plated with IW adamantium allowing him to perform intense cranial maneuvers. (Also add +2 defense)

Ability 1: Fire Control- Bruce Campbell ignites his red hot manliness and uses it to control fires and even set the local atmosphere ablaze.

Ability 2: Alchemy- Bruce is able to use alchemy, like in FMA.

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 2/5

Reflexes: 5/5

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 31 (Evil Dead series)
Skin tone: white
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Hair style: “the Campbell”
Garments/clothes: F3 WasteLander clothes

Bio: After defeating the army of darkness Bruce entered a portal which he though would take him home, instead he ended up here, and now He’s a pissed off badass without any gum.

AP: 4
JD: 180
GmB: (none)

Name: Optimus Minor (Opi is fine)
Race: Computer virus/ Autobot
Primary Weapon: Energon Swords- a pair of IW swords made from pure Energon crystals that can change shape & can overload machines.
Secondary Weapon: Giant Enemy Crab- Opi is able to draw a giant enemy crab through the internets to aid him in battle.

Ability 1: Shoop Da Whoop(s): is a master of shooping the whoop, allowing me to fire several different Lazorz, each having a different effect when fired, they include:
-Orange Lazor: a weak lazor that requires no charge and can be fired with rapid succession.
-Blue Lazor:  The signature lazor- requires 1 post to charge but it does not affect Opi’s ability to fire other lazors, even while charging, once charged it can be held until fired.
-Red Lazor: similar to the Blue Lazor, the Red Lazor requires 1 post to charge (can still fight during charging) once charged; it fires as a beam of constant extreme heat energy that can melt/burn almost anything.
-Yellow Lazor: a variant of the Orange Lazor, it is able to fire without charging, it is slightly weaker then Orange but it makes up for that with its ability to stun almost anything it hits on contact. (1-2 turn stun)
-Green Lazor: one of the most powerful lazors, Green requires 2 charges (not in succession) but once charged it fires a incredibly powerful beam of concentrated energy laced with an unknown substance that poisons whatever it hits, As if its massive damage wasn’t enough the toxins cause anyone/anything hit to lose 2 speed and 1 defense for 5 posts.
-Purple Lazor: The most powerful Lazor within Opi’s arsenal, it requires 3 turns to charge. But once charged it fire a blast of ultra dense, highly concentrated particle energy, anyone hit by this is sure to need an aspirin. Special note if the post that the Purple lazor is fired is a same time post as the opponent, they are transformed into a chicken of the same size as their character with all their abilities and stats (for Lols)

Ability 2: I F**king Love Coloring- Opi loves coloring, and he can use his wide selection of pencil-crayons to draw random creations into existence out of thin air.

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Power: 3/5

Height: 8’3”
Weight: 2520 lbs
Age: 4?
Skin tone: metallic grey
Eye color: teal
Hair color: (None)
Hair style: (none)
Garments/clothes: light blue and white striped gloves.


Bio: in the year 2117 an eight year old gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp. The Genie inside granted him three wishes, the first, was a fur jacket. The second was a flying car, and his final wish was to have a planet full of unicorns…Unfortunately his flying car was stolen the next day, stolen by a mad scientist! The scientist used the flying car in several experiments, most of them involving whipped cream. One day the scientist was updating his Ipod’s playlist when his computer became infected with a super powerful virus caused by his obsession with GDPCTP. Without noticing that the virus had entered his Ipod, the scientist put it into the flying car’s Ipod dock and tried to test it. The virus immediately took over the car and accidentally activated the flux capacitor and was sent back in time, it exited the time stream and crashed itself inside a movie theatre during the premiere showing of Transformers. After watching the entire movie with his recently damaged robotic brain, the car had become convinced Optimus prime was his father; it assumed the new name Optimus Minor and vowed to crush all remaining threats to mankind! Soon after it learned to become one with the universe through the use of the world wide web, Opi gained much knowledge of mankind through the Web as well as many of his unusual powers, it was also how he learned about the CoS, deciding that by going there he would be able to destroy all the evil being that would flock to the tournament. He transformed into his sub-humanoid form and rolled out. Ready to finish the fight…medabots…

AP: 2
JD: 120
GmB: (none)

Name:Eddie Riggs
Weapon: The Seperator (IW axe infused the power of METAL!!!)
Secondary Weapon: The Love Giver (IW guitar that calls down lightning bolts on targets)
Guitar Solos

Bring it on home: Playing this solo calls a giant flaming zepplin crashing down onto the target.

Darkness control

JD: 100


Weight:230 lbs (all muscle)
Skin tone:Caucasian
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Black
Hair style: Messy
Garments/clothes:Leather Jacket, Stage crew badge, spiked wrist bands, blue jeans.

Appearance: http://cache.g4tv.com/ImageDb3/143871_S/New-Brutal-Legend-Images.jpg

Bio: Eddie is a roadie for a "heavy metal" band, after saving one of the band members from a deadly fall, Eddie was crushed by a piece of the stage that broke off. After he got crushed the metal god of fire ORMAGODEN, rose up from the ground and sent Eddie back to the age of Metal to defeat Emperor Doviculus.(I won't go into further details because I don't want to put in any spoilers, even though no one cares...)

Name: Joey
Race: Kangaroo
Weapon 1: Ultra-professional boxing gloves- special gloves designed with thousands of micro pile-bankers in the fists to multiply the distance traveled of anything hit by them. they also add 2 strength.
Weapon 2: Wallabee- Joey's infinitely respawning, Fireproof child who can use any attack Joey can.

Ability 1: Pouch of destiny- joey is able to call almost anything from his pouch using the awesome power of austrailian portal technology.

Ability 2: the way of the Roo- allows Joey to do badass "matrix-esque" attacks by defying local gravity and magnifying/reducing the physical properties of the nearby space. This also permanently adds 1 defense

strength: 4/5 (2/5)
speed: 4/5
defense: 2/5 (1/5)
reflexes: 5/5
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