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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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Do you earnestly think you can defeat me?

« Reply #15 on: 19 August, 2009, 12:08:16 pm »

Name: Ryan Davis AKA. Plasma Komodo
Age: 33
Race: Human


Weapon 1: The PKD-2009model Weapons Generating System
Komodo has four of these devices. Contained in a gun holster is four rectangular boxes with gun triggers and two buttons each. This is Komodo's own invention, the PKD-2009m. Clicking the trigger when the box is in it's neutral form causes it to recieve signals from his brain via his nervous system. The box uses the signals to determine which weapon Komodo needs. It then transforms into the gun desired. No matter what size. Komodo can change the gun by simply thinking of another one. The device stores an infinite number of four different bullet types:
-Neutral (the bullets the gun was designed for)
-Explosive (equivalent to a hand grenade)
-Homing (Will go around obstacles if needed)
-Elemental (Made only of the element, no metal bullet)
There are three different elemental bullets:
-Fire, Electricity, Poison
The two buttons on each box can serve to turn it into an explosive. The red one sets the transformation into an explosive and covers the back of the PKD with an adhesive that will stick to any surface. The second button explodes any charged explosives set up by Komodo. The explosion can be equivalent to that of a rocket launcher.

Weapon 2: Bioforce Exoskeleton Unit Mark 3 (BEU)
Komodo is covered from shoulder to toe in his own light weight, highly advanced suit of armor. It provides him with a permanent invisible energy shield that can only be removed with 3 solid hits. In addition to this, every turn, it increases one stat by one for that turn. Komodo may not choose the same stat twice in a row. Every three turns, he can increase a stat by three for that turn. In both wrists of the suit are beam sword generators. The feet have a technology that allow them to stick two any surface and have rocket boosters for flight as well. One unique quality about the suit is that as Komodo grows more injured and weaker, the the BEU only gets stronger, allowing him to work through that pain and increase all hhs stats depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. The BEU also can render Komodo completely invisble to the naked eye in stealth mode and comes with a self repair feature.

Strength: ***
Speed: ***
Defense: ****
Senses: **

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 211lbs
Race: Caucasion Human Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Built >_>
Hair Style: Similar to Ace's from One Piece
Clothing: The main clothing he has is the BEU. It is black with silver camo. Most of it consists of a thick, form fitting armor which is made from a flexible material. He wears a belt with a gun holster (containing PKDs) on his waist. The large boots that come with the BEU seem to be made of metal and are completely silver. He does wear smal finger-cut black gloves as well.

To come. Too lazy to write anymore.

Name: Draft
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Species: Ghost

Chill Ship-
Draft's ghost ship from the world of the dead. This ship accompanies Draft into battle, hovering high above the battle field. It will occasionally teleport from place to place. Features:
-Shoots canonballs. These canonballs can be fire, ice, or dark type along with the neutral canonball, and have intagibility features, ghosting through defenses.
-It can summon up to 10 skeleton pirates, who are armed with swords and a pistols.
-It's anchors can be used as weapons.
-Spikes can be generated on the ship for ramming or projectile purposes.
-At the front of the ship is a giant skeleton head decoration. This is skeleton king Lord Marrow. He spews fire breath or acid onto the field and can produce hands on the ship dual wielding swords. He also shoops da whoop.
-Destroying the ship causes acid rain to fall for the rest of the battle. It burns the opponent every two turns and drains all of their stats by one every five turns.

Gordon the Puppet:
Through his masterful possession skills, Draft is able to simultaneously fight and have a part of him control a puppet. It is a wooden mannequin that is seven feet tall. It wields a large scythe that can be freely controlled by Draft. Features:
-Shoots lazer beams from it's hands, mout, and eyes.
-Grows spikes all around it's body.
-Switch places with Draft instantaneously (teleportation rules)
-shoots poison needles
-throws bombs of fire, ice, and darkness
-summon chains (lightning flows through the chains)

Spectral Powers:
Draft is a ghost and gains a huge number of benefits because of this:
-Intagibility: He is immune to attack. He is only vunerable while physically attacking or inhabiting Gordon completely. He also shows weakness to light/holy and dimensional attacks. He has a small weakness to electricity.
-Levitation: He can flyyyyyyyy!
-Materialization (Cloning): He may create duplicates of himself. It is impossible to tell which is the real one. They mirror Draft's moves and do not inflict damage, acting as illusions more than anything.
-Possession: Draft can possess inanimate objects and control them. He can even possess an opponents weapons (sentient or not). These gain intagibility and invisibility powers upon possession.
-Shapeshifting: Draft can manipulate his image to anything he wants and use the new form to attack. He gains no new abilities as a result of this (ex. turning into a dragon won't give him fire breath.)
-Spectral Screech: Draft emits a bloodcurling screech. Being within three meters of him when he yells causes paralysis for one turn. The screech interrupts all electronic devices, effectively acting as an EMP (effects last two turns). Screeching destroys any clones the foe may have on the field and emits a large, damaging sound wave that shoots in front of Draft.

Poison Attributes:
Draft was killed by having all of his poison's dumped on him at once. As a result, in death he gained the ability to manipulate these poisons. The ability makes him immune to all poisons. Features:
-Purple: The most basic poison. It acts as a corrosive liquid that slowly melts away the victim in an agonizing fashion. Deadly if ingested (death in seven turns).
-Green: It causes the strength stat to go down once per every three turns. Stays in effect as long as on the victim.
-Red: Same as above, but with defense.
-Yellow: ^ But speed
-Orange: ^ 4th stat
-PurpleHaze: Reduces vision. In addition, staying in the fog for two turns lowers every stat.
-Blue: Liquid. Reduces all stats once every turn. Can only be used once every ten turns. Follows rules of other colors. Cannot produce more than 15 Liters per attack.
-Only two poisons may be used per turn.

Strength: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Mana: ***

-Seems like a typical sheet ghost. His eye hole are crudely cut out into an angry style. Inside of the holes are complete blackness except for a piercing yellow ring in each hole (the pupil). His hands float in front of him, and are purple with claw-like, black nails. Also floating are his sleeves, which are long and float behind his hands. They are large and billow behind Draft as he moves. The sheet on top of his head is like a tail that billows in the same fashion as his sleeves. At the tip is a blue flame (think Majin Buu's **** head thing, without the **** fodder.) His mouth is in a constant state of an evil, toothy grin...
Height: 4'7"
Weight: None.

Draft was a high ranking officer on Raijin's pirate crew. He was the poison specialist. All of his weapons were laced with the poisons he crafted himself. One day, he got a bit too greedy. He planned a mutiny with a number of his mates. Upon trying to execute this mutiny, he was defeated by Raijin, who had learned about it before Draft had a chance to strike. Raijin cruelly killed Draft with his own poisons. His final moments:

Draft: You...You bastard! *cough*
Raijin: Even when you say that, you have that stupid grin attached to your ugly face. I admire that.
Draft: How did you know about-
Raijin: The mutiny? As a god, it is my job to know when my disciples want to kill me. I have my ways.
Draft: Damn you Lucifer.
Raijin: That isn't my name. I tire of you calling me that...
Draft: You're scum. How can you call yourself god? I will never call you that name!
Raijin: Oh well. That poison will kill you soon enough anyway. Let this be an example to all who try to betray Raijin. I will come down on you with God's fury.
Crew: *gulp*
Draft: *holds up a pistol* Go to Hell!
Raijin: ?
*Draft fires the gun. Raijin phases through it and kicks him in the ocean, leaving him to die*
Raijin: Set course for Red Island.

Draft's body was found by former first mate of Raijin's, Morty Strong, a Necromancer who defected from the crew. Morty ressurected Draft from the dead. Draft's body was badly poisoned during his death, and it was clear when he was revived. He now had the ability to control poison, as well as use spectral powers. Together, he and Morty plotted to kill Raijin. Raijin was becoming to powerful and too greedy. They agreed, he had to be stopped. Gaining control of one of the most powerful pirate crews in the world was an attractive idea as well, obviously. Draft rallied up a crew of his own pirates in the underworld, with Morty as a co-captain. Together, they set sail to find Raijin and kill him.
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