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06 December, 2021, 09:29:23 pm
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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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Liberty or Death

« Reply #15 on: 27 October, 2009, 07:22:59 pm »

Name: Marie Toureau
Race: Human
Weapon: Sacre Bleu: French for, obviously, "Sacred Blue". A longsword forged a strange blue steel. Its grip has an odd curve to it, and its blade appears to have "seams" across it in a geometric pattern. At Marie's will, the parts of the steel between the seams lift up and a complex network of cogs, tiny mechanical arms, vacuum tubes, is revealed, all strewn across what seems to be the barrel of a flintlock pistol. The pomel of the blade opens, and the handle of the sword becomes that of a musket, sans stock. A magazine of some sort also appears in place. When Marie pulls the trigger, the cogs begin turning, the vacuum tubes begin sparking, and a faint purple glow envelops the gun. Magically enhanced silver bullets are propelled out of the barrel. The magazine holds 150 shots by way of gravity well compression, and Marie can carry three magazines at a time.
Secondary Weapon: Gravity Engine: First created by Renaissance scientist Pierre Toureau XIII, to whom Marie can draw direct descendancy, this was one of the most potent devices of its time. The first model was the size of a train car and barely produced enough power to lift a Spanish Galleon skyward, but more modern Gravity Engines of the same size can lift whole cities into space. The arm mounted model Marie uses has been calibrated for her size, allowing her to perform feats of agility not even the most physically enhanced human could attempt, including but not limited to flight. The Gravity Engine activates at Marie's will.
Abilities: The Arc: Marie has tapped into a spectral body known as "The Arc". It is a sort of energy existing in living (and once living) things. Although invisible to the naked eye, Marie can see and manipulate it to her ends. The Arc can, ironically, be manipulated into arcs of chaos energy and used as a weapon, or arranged into a hexagonal, geometric pattern and used as a shield.
Gravity Well: Marie can create wells of gravity in any of area around her. Energy, projectiles, and objects are drawn toward this well, and at will, exploded back outward. Some may call it a "Black Hole", but it is not possessed of nearly enough strength to cause any real environmental damage. Those objects under the influence any other Gravity Field, personal or otherwise, are not drawn in by the Gravity Well.
GmBs: N/A
AP: 0
JD: 100

Reflexes: 4

Height: Short
Weight: Skinny
Age: Older than she looks.
Skin tone: A perfect tan.
Eye color: The loveliest brown
Hair color: A luxurious brunette
Hair style: Down, straight, short.
Garments/clothes: A long, black coat, form-fitting at the waist, jeans, sneakers. There is some sort of clockwork device, entirely forged of gold, save for the tesla coils and vacuum tubes. A faint purple glow is coming from the middle of the maze of cogs and gears.
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