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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 02 November, 2009, 03:11:33 pm »

Name: Trew
Race: Black Dragon
1. Scythe: Emits a black glow and can control dark energy. Chain with spear tip on other end. Tip can be shot off and replaced by another, can be explosive. 

2. Boomerang: 6ft tall boomerang. Has a field around it that sends all it touches flying. Field can be activated and deactivated at will; it can change shapes and be used as a shield to reflect projecticles and such. 

3. Battle Axe: A large ornate battle axe that can control light energy. Has auto-return function.

   1. Spirit Projection
 Can make a move and a image will appear where I want it to and make the same move with the same power. Kinda hard to explain so heres an example:
*Stands 50 feet away from a tree with fire sword in hand*
*Makes a horizontal slash*
*A image of the sword appears next to tree and slices it in half*
*Tree is sliced in half, both ends burst into flame*
Can also make clones.

   2. Dragon's Blessings
Extinction-Destroys summons/minions/etc
Shield-Protects stats from being lowered
Dragon Call-Calls fellow dragons to battle. 2 species, Black and White
Black Breath-can discharge a black fire mixed with dark energy
Heightens senses

   3. Animation
Can bring inanimate objects to life and control them. Can also bring back the dead.

   4. Fusion
Has the power to fuse and de-fuse stuff

   5. Prototype V2
Has same powers as Alex Mercer from the game Prototype. This includes:
-Shapeshifting-body parts turn into Prototype Substance(PS)
-Can create weapons, walls, and such out of PS

   6. TBD


AP: 40


Black Dragon:

White Dragon:

Theme: Unknown Soldier - Breaking Benjamin

Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lu6UwQj9Gs8/SpOHRq3mWxI/AAAAAAAAABM/-cThoxaB-9o/s400/dark_dragon_by_pamansazz.jpg
Similar to this, stands on 2 legs. About 6ft tall.

Name: Mortis
Race: Unknown
     1) The Designs
Mortis has orange lines that run all along his body. These designs can come off his body and extend to any length to be used as a weapon. Mortis can shape the lines into any form that pleases him. They regenerate and can go back to Mortis’ body instantaneously.
     2) Necromancer's Brush
An ancient paintprush with an endless supply of paint. All objects made with the brush can be animated and under Mortis' control. All objects are filled with dark energy as well. It can be used to control The Designs and transfer the paint's power to them. 

     1) Artistic Empowerment
This ability allows Mortis to give The Designs special powers. For example, a line can be made to be as sharp as a sword, or orbs can be made to explosive.
     2) The Body
Mortis’ body is made of a hard, almost rubber-like substance. Mortis can control the density to make it become as strong as metal or as flexible as rubber. This also can give Mortis the power of elasticity. 

AP: 0
JD: 100

             Stats                                                                                                                                                                                 Strength:****
   Rage: *

          Description: Human-like body with only eyes on the face. The orange   Designs run throughout his body. 
Weight: 175lbs
Skin tone: Jet Black
Eye color: Orange
Hair color: None
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