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The Profile Topic

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Author Topic: The Profile Topic  (Read 13296 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 10 November, 2009, 05:41:41 pm »

Name : Elderim Tatnolak
Race : Human
Weapon : Spear, he use it with one hand.
Secondary weapon : A stone containing soul shards, it can be used to fire a small ray or as a shield. The stone itself is unbreakable, unlike the shield-use.

Abilities :
Soulcall : The power of the souls Elderim collected is called. The number of different powers of this ability increase with the number of abilities.
The font size of the description of the power is 1pt.
A simple destructive wave, not much to say. Out of all his powers, it's the one Elderim work on the most.

Slow the opponent by "burning" its soul, thus making it harder to think. Most people don't even feel it. Pretty useless, but Elderim intend to work on this to stun the victim.

Soul flows, pushing the opponent. Trying to resist is like trying to swim up a river, sometimes, it simply flows too fast. A little random...

Soul wind : Whenever Elderim enter in battle, a part of the soul shards he collected form a wind around him, with the effect of speeding him up. (+1 Speed)

GmB : n/a

AP : 0

JD : 100

Stats :
Strenght : **
Speed : ***(*)
Defense : *****
Soulcall* : **

*Mana, but with the name changed to reflect the fact he use soul power.

Height : Somewhere near 5''7'
Age : 20, body-wise at least... Maybe a few centuries soul-wise.
Skin tone : Somewhat tanned
Eye color : Green
Hair color : Black
Hair style : Messed up long hair
Clothes : Brown pants, shirt and coat.

Bio : Elderim is a soul bearer, someone who collect pieces of soul (soul shards are literally that.) to use them in battle. The process does not involve the destruction of the soul, since everyone let some pieces of their soul where they go. When he saw that place, he decided it might be a good idea to train. So, here's what he's doing right there. Where he come from, everyone reincarnate after death, but only trained people with a solid knowledge about souls can remember of everything its soul came trough and chose its next body.
Soul bearers are part of them. Most of the persons he know are probably fighting some kind of army, while trying to solve mysteries.

Quote: "Don't worry. Only your body is in danger."

Name : Voolan Alvan
Race : Unnamed, he's made of what his called in his universe "elemental energy".
Weapon : A laser gun.
Secondary weapon : Pretty much anything he can make by controlling elemental energy. From swords, to axes, including weirder things and shields.
Abilities :
Form item : He can form items out of elemental energy, from knifes in his hand to heavy balls 15 feets far.
Un-materializing : Because of his nature, Voolan can simply go through objects with the same limits as any such power.
GmBs :
AP : 0
JD : 100

Strength: ***
Speed: **
Defense: ***
Rage: ****

Height: Can vary, though how is unknown, 5'8" is the average
Weight: Can vary, average 100lbs
Age: He claims to be 234 years old
Skin tone: He has no such thing as skin, but his color is a light purple
Eye color: He doesn't have eyes
Hair color: He doesn't have hair
Hair style: See above
Garments/clothes: He doesn't wear anything, he doesn't need to.

Bio: His claims are the only source for his past : He claims he was made, not born, as an attempt to create things called "elementals", however, he turned out not to be what they needed... His creators still offered him to work for them, just not in the intended way. He never talked about the nature of this job, though.

Quote: "All I said is the pure and simple truth. I didn't invent anything."

Name: Ovoss Tansolan
Race: Human
Weapon: A short sword
Secondary weapon : A dagger in his left hand, with a shield attached to his arm.
Elemental missile: Ovoss can shoot elemental missile of the eight following elements: fire, water (ice missile), thunder, wind (A kind of solid wind), earth, plant (wooden), light (see wind), shadow (see wind)
Levitate: Ovoss can fly. Nobody's sure how it's done, but he doesn't use wind element.
AP: 0
JD: 100

*Mana, with the name changed.

Height: 5'4"
Age: 25
Skin tone: Tan
Eye color: Light green
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Messed up relatively short hair.
Garments/clothes: Full set of leather armor, a white tunic, and white pants.

Bio: Ovoss was born in a big city, and during his childhood, he looked like he'd be a pretty normal guy. Sure, he was a pretty good fighter, but it wasn't something special. Oh, he had a very special way to manipulate elemental power, but it would probably become a problem. That was before he was chosen to be part of a special group, and trained to survive in other worlds. He ended up being assigned to the clash, not even in the same universe, afeter a while.

Quote: "Fighting isn't the best way to resolve a problem. It's still the easiest to come with."

Name: Alfissen Robaren
Race: Godess (of drinks...)
Weapon: A simple two-handed sword
Secondary weapon : A drink gun. Basically, it shoot a pressurized liquid. The weird part is, that actually hurts. Alfissen feels ridiculous with this.
Long night : A night in a tavern is often long and hard to stop in Alfissen's world. Being a god of drinks, she draws energy from it, making him tougher. This adds her 1 defense point.
Beerbard : Alfissen make beer falling from the sky... Ignited, rich in blackpowder, beer. The result is, of course, explosive.
AP: 0
JD: 100


Height: 6'1"
Age: 451 years old, which, by god standard, is very young.
Skin tone: Pale
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: blond
Hair style: Straight and long
Garments/clothes: She wears a gray tunic, gray pants, and a pair of black shoes 

Bio: Alfissen comes from a world where anyone can ascend to godhood, meaning a gain of power, but also a need for religious practice... This lead to her case. Since the simple fact of someone drinking gives her some power, she have all her time find belivers who would give her more power.

Quote: "You know, it's quite ridiculous to be the god of something you don't ever do..."

Name: Safal Noldoli
Race: Metamorhic canine summon
Weapon: Whatever her form have
Secondary weapon : None... Yet.
Change form: Safal can take the form of a wolf, an angelic dog, or of a hell hound. They respectively have as fourth stat : mana, jump, and rage, and respectively gain one in defense, speed, and strength. She can only talk in angelic dog form. Safal can only take one form in a given turn.
Angelic magic: In angelic form, Safal can use this magic. The list twill expand as she gain AP.
Punishment: A simple, lightly damaging, spell. The target feel pain, and that's all.

Holy fire : The target burn in holy flames, causing pain. It isn't as painful as punishment, but it last for as long as the victim burn.
AP: 0
JD: 100

Strength: ***(+* in hell hound form)
Speed: ***(+* in wolf form)
Defense: ***(+* in angelic dog form)
Special(*1): ***
*1:See Change form.

Height: Average for a dog
Weight: Average for a dog
Age: 3 years old
Skin tone: Doesn't apply
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Rather fur, the angelic dog form gives her white fur, the dog form gray fur, and the hell hound black fur.
Hair style: Doesn't apply
Garments/clothes: Always wear a brown leather collar

Bio: Safal was originaly a creature made to be summoned, without any free will. A summon went wrong, and Safal, in hell hound form, appeared, attacking the summoner and running away.

Quote: "You're talking to a dog. Seriously, you should question your own sanity."

Note: They aren't working as a team. At all. Ovoss an Voolan are ennemies, and of none of them saw any of the others before.
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