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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2780 times)
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« on: 14 July, 2008, 07:01:14 pm »

Taking place exactly 1 month after the events of the 2nd Mephiles incident...

When Blue and his friends board a passenger ship embarking to a new continent, a mysterious storm appears, taking the crew by surprise. The fierce gales take the ship into the air and tear it to shreds, causing the group to be scattered by the winds. When Blue awakens, he finds himself safe inside of a bed, but neither of his friends are present. Shortly after meeting a boy by the name of Reese, the two set off in search of his lost companions, and the events that follow hurls them into a new adventure unlike any you've ever seen.


Name: Quentin "Blue" Simpson
Age: 17
Weapon: Black "Attack" Magic, Martial Arts
Our hero clad in blue returns once again, but this time to search for Lilia and Jawo, who were all seperated by the mysterious storm that destroyed their ship. After making the acquaintance of Reese, he soon discovers that what was meant to be a simple search and rescue, turns into much much more. Cunning, knowledgeable, and boasted by a strong sense of justice, Blue always steps up to the plate when someone's in danger.

Name: Reese Eytinge
Age: 16
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Reese is a student at the Kinnear Academy, which is actually a mercenary organization under the guise of an average private school. He discovers Blue unconscious lying in the outskirts of the schoolyard and brings him back for medical treatment. After witnessing his plight, Reese offers to aid Blue in his search for his friends. Reese is somewhat softspoken, but like Blue, has a heart of gold and will always help those in need. He also wears a strange necklace that has a slight air of mystery around it. It is said to have been with him since birth.

Name: Penelope "Penny" Bancroft
Age: 15
Weapon: Spinners (Kinda like yo-yos meant for combat)
Penny is a healer in training at the town of Ackland and childhood friend of Reese. Penny dislikes the way of the healer and prefers combat instead, but is constantly pressured into continuing her studies by her father, the Great Healer Mel Bancroft. When Blue and Reese arrive in Ackland, she finally ditches out and joins then in their quest, mostly because of her huge crush on Blue. In contrast to Reese, Penny is very loud and outspoken, and loves to fight, which often gets her into trouble with the other healers.

Name: "Jawo"
Age: 21
Weapon: Crystal Sword
Jawo is a former antagonist turned friend of Blue. When the mysterious storm destroys the passenger ship, he, along with the others, are sent scattering on the continent. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Name: Lilia Presser
Age: 16
Weapon: Daggers, Bombs
Lilia is a long time companion and best friend of Blue. When the mysterious storm destroys the passenger ship, she, along with the others, are sent scattering on the continent. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Name: Kovah Reynard
Age: Unknown (Appearance suggests he's in his early 30's)
Weapon: Fists
The main villain of the story, Kovah is a power hungry man who seeks the forbidden powers sealed within the Lunar Monolith. Cold and relentless, Kovah will crush any and all who stand in his way.

Name: Deke Sandford
Age: Unknown (Appearance suggests he's in his late 20's)
Weapon: Battle Ax
Deke is the right hand man and long time friend of Kovah. When Kovah sets out in search of the Lunar Monolith, he leaves alongside him and pledges to do whatever it takes for him to acheive his goal. Deke is very submissive and has an air of dullness about him, but even so, he is a fierce battler, and can crush anything with his mighty ax. Though he often acts as if he's unsure of what he's doing...

Name: Prima Bancroft
Age: 17
Weapon: Whip
Prima is the daughter of Mel Bancroft and older sister of Penny. Like Penny, she too gets fed up with the way of the healer and sets off in search of real power to satisfy her wild ego. This leads her to join forces with Kovah as she aids in his ambition to unlock the power within the Lunar Monolith. In addition to her whip, Prima can conjure powerful beasts to do her bidding. Like her sister, Prima is very loud and outspoken, and can come off as crude and malicious. Caring nothing for the monsters she conjures, using them to do whatever she wants. Deke sees her as nothing more than an obnoxious brat who's just "in the way".

Name: "Shadow"
Age: 18
Weapon: Scythe, Mystical Spells
Shadow is a mercenary hired by Kovah to dispose of Blue and co. when they begin to meddle in his plans. Cool, collected, and highly skilled in combat, Shadow easily dispatches his foes without ever breaking a sweat. Though he doesn't seem to care much about the money he brings in, as he, on occassion, let's his prey get away. Often stating the reason as he just likes conflict. He also takes many breaks while on the job. Though he appears to have other reasons for fighting as well...

*Other characters*

Name: Mel Bancroft
Age: 40
Weapon: None (Healers dislike violence)
Mel is the father of both Penny and Prima, and the Great Healer of the town of Ackland. Once a kind and caring parent, Mel's attitude took a drastic change when his wife was killed in a terrible accident. Now determined to see his daughters raised into healers capable of saving all life, Mel strictly disciplines them and always keeps them on the path to becoming a healer, despite their having no interest in it at all.

Name: Cassidy Bellamont
Age: 16
Weapon: Sword
Cassidy is a cute and perky girl who attends the Kinnear Academy just like Reese. She also has a crush on him, always blushing as she passes him in the halls.

*Full profiles at the end of the story*

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« Reply #1 on: 02 August, 2008, 07:56:35 pm »

[We join Blue and his friends, Lilia and Jawo, as they continue their voyage across the sea for the new continent. While Blue and Lilia seem to be enjoying the cruise, Jawo is leaning over the railing with a rather bored expression on his face]

~~Aboard the Passenger Ship~~

Lilia: Jawo'...is something the matter?

Blue: Yeah, it's not like you to mope around.

Jawo: *grumble* We've been at sea for over a month now. When are we going to get to this place already?

Blue: Don't get restless, we'll be there soon. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

Jawo': Hmph. Been there, done that. I'm just ready for some action.

Lilia: *annoyed* Some things never change...

Jawo': Meh...

Blue: ...Hn?

Lilia: Blue, is something up?

Blue: Yeah, look at the sky.

Lilia: Uh?

[lilia looks upwards to see storm clouds coming in from the north]

Lilia: Are those...storms clouds? But I thought the skies were supposed to be clear all the way through?

Blue: That's what I thought too, Lilia. Something's not right...

Jawo': Hey, what's with you two? It's just a little rain. How bad can it be?

[Just then, one of the sailors comes out on deck and addresses the passengers]

Sailors: Hey! A storm is coming in from the north, so if you guys don't wanna get blown away, I suggest you come below decks like the rest of us!

Lilia: Ugh, just our luck. Way to ruin a perfectly good day.

Blue: Oh well, it can't be helped. Let's just hurry below before the storm comes.

Jawo': *sigh* Fine. Either way it's still boring.

[The group begins to head down when the ship starts to rock violently. The force causes them to fall to the floor]

Lilia: Whoa! Oof!

Jawo': Geez, what the heck was that? I thought the guy said the storm was coming, not the storm is here! Ouch...

Blue: Ergh...I guess they made a slight miscalculation. Let's hurry to safety before it gets worse.

[But before they can even move, an enormous twister forms around the ship and takes it into the air]

Lilia: Aaagh! Too late!

Jawo': Damn, we're in for it now...!

Lilia: Hey, weren't you the one who said you wanted some action!?

Jawo': Not this kind! Whoa!!

Blue: Guys! Quick! Hang on to something!

[The group grabs hold of whatever they can get their hands on]

Blue: Don't...let go...!

Jawo': Well you don't have to tell me twice!

Sailor: Urrgh! Th-this is it! I knew I should've listened to my mother and became a politician! Waaaah!!

[The sailor is throw off the ship and pulled into the raging waters]

Lilia: Ah! No!

[The railing Blue is holding on to begins to get pulled up by the strong winds. It eventually gets pulled apart, and Blue and the railing are sucked into the twister]

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!

Blue: Aaaaaggh!!!

Jawo': Hang on, I got you!

[Jawo' reaches out and grabs Blue's hand in the nick of time]

Jawo': Are you okay, Blue?

Blue: Yeah...thanks...

Jawo': Sure thing. Just hold on tight!

[As the storm rages on, pieces of the ship begin to break away and get sucked into the twister, along with the passengers and crew]

Sailor: Whoooooooooa!!

Man: Ah! Noooooooo!!

Lilia: Guys, this ship won't hold out much longer! We have to find a way out of here somehow!

Jawo': But how!? There is no way out!

Blue: Maybe...maybe there is...!

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: I...I think I have a plan!

Jawo': Oh yeah? Then spill it!

Blue: Okay, but it involves up going into the twister head on...

Lilia: What!? Are you crazy!?

Blue: I know, it's dangerous, but it's our only hope.

Jawo': Anything's better than just waiting to die! Let's get on with it, already!

Blue: Okay, you two. Take each others hands and form a triangle!

[The group grabs a hold of one anothers hands and forms a closed unit]

Blue: Now, on the count of three, we jump. Ready?

Lilia/Jawo': *nods*

Blue: 1...2...3! Jump!

[The group leaps from the ship and jumps into the twister. Afterwards, the ship is completely torn away by the winds. And meanwhile, the group is being violently spun around by the twister]

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaah! What...now...Blue!?

Blue: We....waaaaaaaaait!

Jawo': Some plan! Uuurgh!

[lilia begins to lose her grip]

Lilia: Uh! I-I'm slipping!

Jawo': Lilia, hold on!

Blue: Lilia!

Lilia: I can't! I...I'm done for!

Blue: Lilia, you can't! If you let go, we'll--

Lilia: I'm sorry, Blue! But, I--Ahh!

[lilia loses her grip and gets pulled into the twister]

Lilia: Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Jawo'/Blue: No!!!

Blue: W-Without Lilia, we'll...urgh...!

[lilia's absence causes the triangle to fall apart, sending Blue and Jawo' spiraling into the center of the twister]

Blue/Jawo: Aaaaaaaauuugggggh!!!
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« Reply #2 on: 04 August, 2008, 10:07:18 am »

[After the disaster that took place aboard the passenger ship, Blue awakens to find himself safe inside a bed with a young boy staring in his face]

Blue: Ngh... Wh-where..where am I...?

Boy: Ah! Hey, he's awake!

Blue: Uh? ...Whoa!

[Blue springs up from the sheets in surprise]

Boy: Haha! He's awake! Nurse! Come quickly!

Nurse: Are you serious? Okay, I'll be right there.

[Moments later, a middle age woman walks into the room. Though she enters with a warm smile, she possesses a spunky and fierce demeanor for one of her profession]

Nurse: Hey, so you're not dead afterall. That's a relief.

Blue: Wait a minute... Who...are you people? And what am I doing here? I want some answers.

Nurse: The nerve! We pratically save your life and the first thing you do is make demands of us? Maybe we should've just left you out there on that coast, huh?

Blue: Ah...!

Boy: Nurse...

Nurse: Okay, okay. I apologize. Anyway, to answer your question, I'm Nurse Underwood, the one in charge of this infirmary.

Boy: And I'm Reese, Reese Eytinge. Welcome to The Kinnear Academy.

Blue: Ms. Underwood and Reese. It's nice to meet you both.

Nurse: We've introduced ourselves, now it's your turn.

Blue: Me? Uhm...my name's Quentin. But my friends call me Blue.

Nurse: Blue, eh? Well that's strange. Why do they call you that?

Blue: Er...it's a long story.

Reese: Well I think it's a nice name. It's good to meet you, Blue.

Nurse: Hey hey hey...

Blue: What is it?

Nurse: Aren't you going to thank Reese here? I mean, he is the one who found you washed up on the coastline, afterall. If it wasn't for him dragging you all the way here, you probably wouldn't have made it.

Blue: Reese, you...did all of that?

Reese: Heehee, yeah.

Blue: Thanks a lot. I really do owe you my life.

Reese: Aw, heheh, it was nothing. Really. *rubs head*

Nurse: Don't be so modest, Reese. You did a good thing today. I'm sure Headmaster Bringas will be very proud of you.

Blue: Who's Headmaster Bringas?

Nurse: Oh, he's the head of the academy here. If you've got time, you should probably go meet him.

Reese: Hey, that's a great idea, Nurse. Come on, Blue. I'll take you to go meet the Headmaster.

[Reese grabs Blue's arm and pulls him out of the bed]

Blue: O-o-ow! Watch it!

Reese: Oops, sorry...

Nurse: Oh, you might wanna be careful. I don't know what exactly happened to you, but you're still pretty banged up, so go easy.

Blue: I'll remember that.

Reese: Are you ready, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, let's go.

Nurse: Take care. And enjoy your time at Kinnear Academy!

[Blue and Reese leave the infirmary and begin down the halls of the academy]

~~Kinnear Academy~~

Blue: Wow...this is place is huge... But why does seem so empty?

Reese: That's because there are classes going on right now, so nobody's in the hallways.

Blue: Ah, I see...

[As Blue and Reese continue down the hallway, a girl carrying a sword on her back runs through and crashes into Reese and drops her books]

Reese/Girl: Waaaah!!!

Reese: Ouch... *rubs head*

Girl: *gasp* Oh no! My books! Oh gee, I'm already late as it is...

Blue: Here, let me help you with those.

[Blue picks up the girl's books and hands them to her]

Girl: Gee, thanks. You're a real gentleman, aren't you?

Reese: Cassidy...you might wanna watch where you're going next time...

Cassidy: Yikes! Reese!

[Cassidy's face turns bright red]

Reese: Huh? Cassidy...you're turning red. Are you sick or something?

Cassidy: *flustered* I..I..I...

Reese: ...Maybe you should go see the nurse about that.

Cassidy: I-I gotta go! Bye!

[Cassidy quickly tears down the hall in a panic]

Blue: Reese...who was that?

Reese: Her? Oh, that's Cassidy. She's one of my classmates. But for some reason, she always turns red whenever she's around me. I wonder if she's allergic to me or something. *shrugs*

Blue: Hah hah...

Reese: What's so funny?

Blue: Uhm, nothing. Anyway, we were going to the Headmaster's office?

Reese: Oh yeah, it's right up here. Let's go.

[Blue and Reese arrive at the headmaster's office and enter. Inside is a vast room filled almost entirely of windows, with a single desk and a turned chair]

Reese: Headmaster? Headmaster, are you in here?

Bringas: Why yes I am!

[The chair turns around, revealing headmaster Bringas, a man in his 40's with gray hair, glasses and a beard]

Bringas: Hello Reese! What can I do for you today, hm?

Reese: Well Headmaster, I wanted you to meet Blue here.

Bringas: Ah, so this is the mystery boy I was told about.

Blue: Hello, sir. *bows*

Bringas: Oh come now, there's no need for formalities and courtsies. Come and sit, both of you.

[Reese and Blue take a seat at the desk]

Bringas: So your name is Blue, is it? Well then, Blue, I'm sure we're all wondering just what is it that happened to you.

Reese: Yeah, I wanna know too.

Bringas: Would you care to tell us your story?

Blue: Sure. Uhm, all right. So me and friends, Lilia and Jawo, we boarded a passenger ship together heading for this continent. But all of sudden, a storm came and caused our ship to wreck.

Bringas: Goodness! That sounds terrible!

Blue: It was. We were pulled into this huge twister. I had thought it was over for us, but the next thing I know, I end up in the infirmary of this academy. Apparently, Reese was the one who found me and brought me here.

Bringas: So Reese was responsible for your safety, was he? Very well done, Reese!

Reese: Heehee, no problem.

Bringas: But Blue...you said you had friends with you, did you not?

Blue: Yeah, that's right.

Bringas: Reese, did you happen to see them when you found Blue here?

Reese: *shakes head* No. Blue was the only one I found on the coast, unfortunately.

Bringas: So I'm afraid Blue's friends are still lost somewhere...

Blue: Then I'll just have to find them myself!

Reese: Blue, are you serious? But--

Blue: I know, I have no idea where they are, or if they're even still alive, but I have to try. I owe them that much.

Reese: In that case...I'll have to go with you!

Blue/Bringas: Huh?

Reese: Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. With me along, finding your friends will be that much easier, right?

Blue: Thanks for the offer Reese, but I have to decline. The world out there is dangerous, and I don't know if you can handle it.

Reese: Heh, are you kidding? I'll have you know that I'm a pretty darn good archer. In fact, everyone in this academy is adept in combat.

Blue: Huh? But...

Bringas: Reese is right, Blue. I'll let you in on a little secret. This may just look like an ordinary academy on the outside, but on the inside, we're a full fledged mercenary troupe that trains students in the art of combat! These students then take on jobs from various employers, all around the world! This, is the true nature of Kinnear Academy.

Reese: Heheh, pretty impressive, huh?

Blue: Well I'll say. I had no idea. But then again...I thought it was strange seeing that Cassidy girl carrying a sword.

Reese: Yup, she's one of us too.

Bringas: So what say you, Blue? Will you take Reese along? For you, I'll make it free of charge! Ha ha!

Blue: ...Alright. You can come, Reese.

Reese: Yeah! I promise I won't let you down, Blue. We'll find your friends, no doubt.

Blue: I'm counting on you.

Bringas: Okay, so now that that's settled, why don't you two wait until tomorrow before heading out to search. I'm sure Blue could use some more time to let his body heal.

Blue: Yeah...you're right.

Bringas: And in the meantime, you can show Blue around the Academy, Reese.

Reese: That's a good idea, Headmaster. Sure, I'll do it.

Bringas: Make him feel at home, Reese.

Reese: You can count on me, Headmaster! Come on, Blue. Let's go.

Blue: Sure.
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« Reply #3 on: 05 August, 2008, 01:06:05 pm »

[Blue and Reese leave the office and return to the main hall of the school. Soon after, they cross paths with Cassidy once again]

~~Kinnear Academy: Main Hall~~

Reese: Hey Cassidy. How's it going?

Cassidy: Ah! It's you again, Reese! *turns red*

Reese: Oh no, it's happening again...

Cassidy: What? What's happening?

Reese: You face. It's red.

Cassidy: It is!? Oh geez, how embarassing...

Reese: I really think you should go see the nurse now.

Blue: Hold on. Maybe I can do something.

Cassidy: Huh?

[Blue walks up to Cassidy and whispers in her ear]

Blue: *whisper* Cassidy, I can tell that you have a thing for Reese there. If you want him to like you, you have to stay calm. That means no acting jittery, and especially no turning red. The guy thinks you're allergic to him.

Cassidy: *whisper* Oh...well...how do I do that?

Blue: *whispers* That's easy. Just be yourself. And you can begin by taking a deep breath and starting over.

Cassidy: *whisper* O-Okay.

[Cassidy inhales and exhales deeply. Her face then returns to its normal complexion]

Cassidy: *gasp* It worked!

Blue: See? I told you.

Reese: Wow, Blue. You cured her red face. Just what did you do anyway?

Blue: Let's just say I gave her some mental therapy.

Reese: Okay, that works for me. Whatever it takes for her to stop going red like that. It's kinda creepy.

Cassidy: Eheheh, so uhm...you guys wanna go get some lunch with me?

Reese: Huh? Lunch? Wait a minute...it's lunch time already!?

Cassidy: Yeah, it started over ten minutes ago.

Reese: Ah! Ah! Aaaaaah! *panics*

Blue: Reese, what's the matter?

Reese: No time to talk! We've gotta move! Come on, Blue!

[Reese grabs Blue's arm as the two dash down the hall]

Cassidy: Hey! Wait for me!

[Cassidy follows after them. The three arrive in the cafeteria as Reese hurries into the empty lunch line]

~~Kinnear Academy: Cafeteria~~

Reese: *to himself* Please not be too late. Please not be too late. Please not be too late.

Blue: Reese, I don't get it. What's the problem?

Cassidy: Heehee, it's the dreaded lunch rush, Blue. If you don't get here early enough, you'll be stuck with the nasty leftover lunch from yesterday.

Reese: Please please please please please...

Lunch Lady: Hey kiddo. You're just in time for...

Reese: *excited* Aaah!

Lunch Lady: ...some leftover cold spaghetti!

Reese: Aww...nevermind...

[Reese returns the lunch tray]

Cassidy: Haha! And that's why I pack my lunch everyday.

Reese: Gee, way to rub it in, Cassidy.

Cassidy: I'm sorry, Reese. Say, I think I'll share my lunch with you.

Reese: Would you really!?

Cassidy: Sure! And I know a great place where we can have our lunch too. Come with me!

[Blue and Reese follow Cassidy outside to the front of the school. There, they sit at a bench under the shade of a large tree]

~~Kinnear Academy: Outside Campus~~

Cassidy: *inhales* Aah! It feels so good out here. The shade of the trees, the pretty flowers, the crisp air. It's just wonderful! Don't you guys think so?

Blue: Yeah, I love nature. It's so beautiful and pristine. There's nothing better if you ask me.

Reese: Uh huh, it's real cool. Now how about you crack upon that lunch, Cassidy? *drools*

Cassidy: Heehee, you're cute when you're hungry. Okay, I hope you like turkey.

[Cassidy hands Reese a turkey sandwich]

Reese: Are you kidding? I love turkey! *munch*

Cassidy: How about you, Blue? There's plenty more where that came from.

Blue: Uh, no thanks. I don't have much of an appetite after what happened.

Cassidy: Oh yeah. I heard you were in a shipwreck. That must've been awful...

Blue: It was.

Cassidy: And I heard that you were seperated from your friends too. Is that right?

Blue: *sadly* Yes.

Cassidy: I see...you must really care for them, huh?

Blue: Of course. They're my best friends. Why wouldn't I? I'm sure everybody has somebody they care for. Isn't that right, Reese?

Reese: *munch* You said it, Blue.

Cassidy: Is that so? Well then, Reese. Who are the people you care for?

Reese: Me? Well uhm...there's Headmaster Bringas...and Nurse Underwood. Oh, and Penny too. Can't forget her.

Cassidy: Is...is there anyone else..?

Reese: Hmmm...nope. Not really.

Cassidy: *angrily* Oh...

Blue: How about you, Cassidy? Who do you care for?

Cassidy: Everybody that's not Reese! Hmph!

Reese: Wah!? Cassidy, that's mean...

Cassidy: Well you deserved it! ...And no more food for you!

[Cassidy snatches the half eaten sandwich from Reese]

Reese: Aah! Aw...

Blue: Hah, I'd say you've got a lot to learn about women, Reese.

Reese: I guess. Especially if they're all like Cassidy.

Cassidy: *angrily* And what's that supposed to mean...?

Reese: Uh-uhm! N-nothing! *sweatdrop*

Cassidy: Hmph, well anyway! So, Blue. Is one of your friends...a girl?

Blue: Well yeah, as a matter of fact. Her name's Lilia. Why do you ask?

Cassidy: Is she...your girlfriend?

Blue: Girlfriend!? N-no! I-I mean...I don't know. Wait, what I mean is...it's not like that at all...she's...she's just a friend...you know...and...I...

Cassidy: Heehee. Calm down, Blue. I'm just teasing. But I can tell you really care for her.

Blue: Yeah, and that's why I'm going to look for her. And I won't stop until I've found her, even if it takes me forever.

Cassidy: Wow, that's some devotion.

Reese: And I'm going with him.

Cassidy: Ah, you are!? Oh, I wish I could go with you! But...*sigh* I can't. I've still got some work to do for class, and I've got that field exam to study for...

Reese: Don't worry. We can handle it. Right, Blue?

Blue: Right.

Cassidy: Oh, I know...but...

[The school bells rings, signaling the end of the lunch period]

Cassidy: Oh looky! Lunch time is over already it seems. Which mean it's time for me to get to class! See you later, guys! And good luck with your search!

Blue/Reese: Later, Cassidy.

[Cassidy gets up from the bench and heads back into the school]

Reese: Well that was fun. Let's say we head on back and get on with that tour, eh?

Blue: Yeah.
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« Reply #4 on: 05 August, 2008, 02:01:49 pm »

[After Reese finishes his tour of the academy with Blue, they both retire to his dorm room to rest for the evening]

~~Later that night, in Reese's Dorm~~

Reese: So Blue, did you enjoy yourself today?

Blue: I did, thanks. I would've never thought that places like this existed. It's really amazing when you think about it.

Reese: Yeah, it is pretty cool, huh? I've been here my whole life. I love this place.

Blue: Huh? You mean you were born here?

Reese: Well, not really born. But Headmaster told me that I've been here ever since I was an infant.

Blue: So...you don't know your parents?

Reese: ...No. But it's okay, because headmaster and the Nurse are both like parents to me. So I'm fine.

Blue: That's good to hear. ...You know, I never really knew my parents either...

Reese: So you're an orphan like me, huh?

Blue: *nods*

Reese: Well...wherever my real parents are, whether they're alive or not, I know that they loved me. And I'm sure your parents felt the same way too, Blue.

Blue: ...

[Blue averts his gaze]

Reese: Ah, I'm sorry. Did...did I say something to upset you?

Blue: No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Reese: Okay. Well, I guess it's time to hit the hay. Wouldn't wanna wake up late for our big journey tomorrow.

[Reese takes off his necklace and places it on a dresser beside his bed]

Blue: Hn...? Hey, Reese.

Reese: Yeah?

Blue: What's that necklace?

Reese: Oh, you mean this? It's my lucky necklace. Headmaster told me that I had it around my neck the day I was sent here, so I think my parents gave it to me. Ever since learning that, I've never taken it off. Where I go, it goes.

[The jewel of the necklace begins to glow with a feint light]

Blue: Ah! It's...it's glowing. Does it normally do that, Reese?

Reese: Yeah, it does from time to time. I don't know why, but I think it's neat. I like to pretend that it contains some kind of special power or something. Heheh, pretty silly, huh?

Blue: No, I don't think so. There may just be more to that necklace than we know.

Reese: You really think so? It'd be cool if you were right, Blue. Just imagine, my necklace, holding some kind of ancient secret. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Blue: Heh, well don't get too excited. I wouldn't want you all tuckered out before the journey.

Reese: Yeah, you're right. Speaking of, we should really get to bed now.

Blue: Mhmm. Good night, Reese.

Reese: Good night, Blue.

[Reese shuts off the lamp and the two fall fast asleep. Reese's necklace then glows ominously in the darkness of the dorm room. The next morning, Blue and Reese awaken bright and early and get geared up for their trip]

Blue: Have you got everything you need, Reese?

Reese: Hmm, let's see. I've got my bow...my quiver..and my arrows, so I'm all set. What about you, Blue?

Blue: All I need are my hands and feet.

Reese: Cool! Then let's mosey!

*[Blue and Reese head down to the front gate of the school and prepare to head out onto the road. That is until Cassidy stops them at the last second]

~~Kinnear Academy: Gates~~

Cassidy: Blue! Reese! Wait!

Blue: Cassidy?

Reese: What are you doing here?

[Cassidy screeches to a halt, leaning over to catch her breath]

Cassidy: *panting* Huff...huff...hold...hold on.

Blue: What's up?

Cassidy: Headmaster Bringas wanted me to give this to you, Blue. Here.

[Cassidy hands Blue a bag full of gold coins]

Blue: What's this?

Cassidy: It's a bag with approximately 10,000 gold in it. To pay for all of your expenses and whatnot. Aaand, I have this for you too.

[Cassidy hands Blue another bag, full of ointments and medicines]

Cassidy: That bag is from Nurse Underwood. Since you guys don't have a healer with you, it's necessary that you keep a few medicines on hand, for when unexpected trouble arises.

Blue: Wow, that was generous of them. Be sure to give them my thanks, okay?

Cassidy: Will do!

Reese: Well, Cassidy, I guess this is goodbye.

Cassidy: Hold on! There's one more thing!

Reese: Huh?

Cassidy: Headmaster told me to tell you, Blue, to look after Reese and to make sure that he stays out of trouble.

Blue: Sure.

Reese: Aww, not again. Headmaster is always telling others to look out for me on assignments. I'm the one who's supposed to be helping you! Not the other way around! Doesn't he think that I can handle myself?

Blue: Heheh, no worries, Reese. I have faith in your abilities.

Reese: At least someone does... Yeesh...

Cassidy: Well my job is done. I guess I can let you guys go on your way now.

Blue: Thanks, Cassidy.

Cassidy: Sure thing, Blue. Just make you come back safely.

Reese: We will! Tell Headmaster and the nurse that they don't have to worry about a thing!

Blue: Yeah, we'll find my friends, and then we'll bring Reese back here in one piece.

Cassidy: I sure hope so. Take care, guys! And good luck!

[With their goodbyes said, Blue and Reese leave the grounds of Kinnear Academy and set out on the road and into a whole new journey]

End: Kinnear Academy Arc
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[The duo of Blue and Reese begin their venture on the vast roads of the country side]

~~On the Road: Countryside~~

Blue: So, Reese.

Reese: Hm?

Blue: Where are we headed from here?

Reese: Are you serious? I was about to ask you that... *rubs head*

Blue: But how would I know? I'm not from here, remember?

Reese: Oh yeah, that's right. Hmm...well...maybe we can go see Penny.

Blue: Penny? I heard you mention her before. Just who is she?

Reese: Penny is a healer-in-training, and a friend of mine from Ackland Town.

Blue: A healer-in-training? That's interesting, but how is she going to help us find Lilia and Jawo?

Reese: I was thinking, maybe we can ask her if she's seen anyone who fits their description.

Blue: Oh, now I see. So where is this Ackland Town anyway?

Reese: If we keep going westward like we are, we should get there pretty soon. That is, once we get past the forest that comes before it.

Blue: Forest?

Reese: Yeah, the Vogul Forest. No worries, though. It's not particularly dangerous.

Blue: Okay then. Lead the way.

Reese: You got it.

[Blue and Reese keep traveling until reaching the Vogul Forest. The Vogul Forest is very dark on the inside, despite it being the middle of the day. Likely due to the vast trees blocking the sunlight from entering]

~~Vogul Forest: Entrance~~

Reese: *whistles*

Blue: ...

Reese: Say, Blue. Why don't you relax a bit?

Blue: Huh?

Reese: You always walk so...stiff and upright.

Blue: It's...just how I walk. What's wrong with that?

Reese: It looks painful.

Blue: *annoyed* Mmph.

Reese: And there's another thing. You always have that scowl on your face.

Blue: But...this is how I always look.

Reese: Your face is stuck in a scowl? Something really bad must've happened to you when you were a kid.

[Blue balls his fists tightly as his eyes grow narrow]

Blue: *disturbed* Grgh...

Reese: Uh! Uhm...nevermind...

[Blue and Reese continue through the forest. Suddenly, a shaking is heard up in the trees, and the two stop to investigate]

~~Vogul Forest: Midway~~

Blue: What was that?


Reese: It sounds like something's up in that tree. But, I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Blue: Eh, you're probably right. But just to be sure--

[Blue picks up a rock and hurls it into the shaking tree. The rock's impact causes a flock of startled birds to fly out of the tree]

Blue: Hm, it was just some birds.

Reese: See? I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Blue: I guess you were ri--


[Just then, a small imp-like creature leaps from the bushes at Blue]

Imp: Gragh!

Blue: Ugh! What the hell!?

Reese: Blue, watch out!

[Blue quickly sidesteps to avoid the creature's pounce. Reese then pulls an arrow out of his quiver and nocks it in the bow. He pulls back and shoots. The arrow strikes the imp in mid-air, piercing it through the heart and pinning it to a nearby tree]

Imp: Uuragh..

[The creature's body sizzles away, leaving just the arrow alone in the tree]

Reese: Phew. Talk about cutting it close. Are you okay, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine. But what the hell was that thing?

Reese: Oh, that's just a little imp monster. They're pretty weak.

Blue: Did it...did it come from Jahannam?

Reese: Jahannam? What's that? There are creatures like those all over this continent. They're pretty commonplace, you know. It's no big deal.

Blue: You're joking...

Reese: Blue, are you telling me there aren't monsters where you come from?

Blue: No. Well not like that, anyway. The worst we have to deal with are rabid animals and your average crook. But that... It looked more like a creature of myth...

Reese: Wow. Your homeland sounds really different from mine, Blue.

Blue: I thought you said there was nothing to worry about, huh?

Reese: Well, what I really meant was, the monsters around here don't really get too tough. If I had known that you lived in a place without monsters roaming around, I would've warned you first. ...Sorry, Blue.

Blue: *sigh* It's okay. I've been through worse, afterall, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Reese: That's the spirit, Blue. Now let's keep going; we're almost there. Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye out for those imps. They're pretty tricky.

Blue: Urgh, what a pain...

[Blue and Reese continue on to the edge of the forest]

Reese: Blue, I can see the end! Let's hurry!

Blue: Alright!

[Blue and Reese make a run for the forest exit, but are soon halted by the sound of approaching footsteps]


Reese: Huh?

Blue: Oh no... What is it this time?

[Suddenly, a larger, more bulky ogre-like creature plows through the forest trees and advances on the duo]

Orge: Graaaaaaagh!!!

Reese: It's...an ogre! Well he's a pretty big fella!

Blue: *sigh* Man, I'm really starting to think this is more trouble than it's worth...

[The ogre throws a mighty punch at the two. They both dodge in seperate directions, causing the orge to tear down a tree instead]


Reese: Whoa! If that punch can knock down a tree, just imagine what it'd do to us!

Blue: I'll pass on that, thanks.

Orge: Grraaaaagh!!

Reese: Leave it to me, Blue. I'll take him down.

Blue: Okay. Just be careful.

[Reese nocks an arrow and shoots it at the orge, but it snaps on impact, unable to pierce its rough hide]

Orge: Grrrrrrgh...

Reese: Uh oh, it wasn't good enough. Then maybe I'll try a more blunt approach...!

[Reese pulls out an out arrow with a blunt tip and prepares it to fire]

Reese: Here I go! Hah!

[Reese fires the blunt arrow at the ogre's head. It strikes, and knocks his head back slighty. But the ogre shakes off the damage]

Reese: Shoot, that didn't work either...

[Enraged, the orge makes a mad dash towards Reese]

Ogre: Rrrrraggggh!!!

Reese: Wah!!

Blue: No! Reese! Get out of there!

[Reese attempts to run, but is stalled upon getting his ankle is tangled in tree roots]

Reese: *struggles* Ergh! C-come on...!

Blue: Reese! Hurry!

Reese: I'm trying! But my foot...it's stuck!

[The ogre closes in on Reese and prepares to attack]

Blue: (If Reese gets hit by that thing, he's not gonna make it out of here alive. I had better act fast...)

[Without hesitating, Blue focuses his mana in preparation for a spell. A light blue glyph appears around his feet]

Reese: *closes eyes* Nngh, th-this is it!

Blue: *chanting* "O frozen blade, fly sharply across the heavens..."

Reese: Aaaah!

Blue: Freeze Lancer!

[Blue casts Freeze Lancer, calling forth a number of sharp ice spears to cut away at the ogre and intercept his attack on Reese]

Orge: *injured* Grrrngggh...!

Reese: Whoa...! Th-that was...magic!

Blue: Reese, are you alright?

Reese: Y-yeah... But, Blue! Behind you!

Blue: !?

[The ogre quickly recovers from its injuries and springs up behind Blue, attempting to smash him its fists]

Orge: Rrrrraaagh!

Reese: Blue, he's going to attack!

Blue: Not if I have anything to say about it...

[Blue prepares another spell, a yellow glyph appearing around his feet]

Blue: *chanting* "O demon who crawls the depths of the earth, gore my enemies and crush them to dust...!" Riot Horn!

[Blue casts Riot Horn, causing sharp pillars of rock to rise and impale the ogre in multiple places, rendering it an broken unsightly mess and destroying it for good]

Blue: Hmph. Not too shabby.

Reese: Blue, you...you saved me...

Blue: Well yeah, what did you expect?

Reese: But...I'm the one who's supposed to--

Blue: Hey, listen. I don't care about that. Just because you've offered me your help doesn't mean I'm gonna let you get hurt. You're my friend, Reese. And I always protect my friends.

Reese: Heh...gee. Thanks Blue.

Blue: No problem. Now come on, let's get out of here before any of its friends show up.

Reese: Right. But wait...

Blue: Hm?

Reese: I didn't know you were a mage, Blue. That magic you used on that ogre was out of this world!

Blue: Well thanks, but I told you I only needed my hands and feet.

Reese: Yeah, you said that, but I thought that meant you were a martial artist or something. I never expected to see you break out magic attacks like that.

Blue: I'm guessing you've never seen magic before?

Reese: You're right. There aren't any magic specialists at the academy, so I was really amazed to have seen it in action. How much more can you do, huh?

Blue: A lot more. I can't even count the number of spells I've learned at this point.

Reese: Wow! Can you teach me to use magic!?

Blue: I wish I could, Reese, but you're not able to.

Reese: Huh? But why?

Blue: Because, you don't possess the Runic Symbol like I do.

Reese: What's a...Runic Symbol? *scratches head*

Blue: It's a special mark that all those capable of using magic are born with. If you don't have it, use of magic artes is an impossibility.

Reese: Aw man...

Blue: But don't fret. Your arrows are plenty good enough.

Reese: Heh, you think so?

Blue: I know so. I can tell that your skills as an archer will come in real handy down the road.

Reese: Heheheh, you're gonna make me blush.

Blue: It's the truth! Well, anyway, it's about time we got going.

Reese: Oh yeah, that's right. We still need to get to Ackland Town. Let's go, Blue.
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[Meanwhile, up ahead in the town of Ackland...]

~~Ackland Town: Sanctuary~~

[Penny, the young healer-in-training is boredly studying her various spiritual texts with a fellow priest when they are alerted by the sound of shattering glass]


Penny: Hn?

Priest: What was that? It sounded like glass breaking...

Penny: Finally, some action! Just leave it to me!

Priest: What? Penny, no! I'll take care of it! You stay here and continue studying!

[Eager to find an excuse to get out of studying, Penny grabs her spinners and runs off towards the source of the noise]

Priest: Penny, wait! *sigh* Not again...

[Up ahead, the ruckus is being caused by two trouble-making boys, who've taken the liberty of smashing the windows of the sanctuary with rocks]

Boy: Alright! We got one!

Boy2: And there's more where that came from. Let's smash 'em all!

Boy: Yeah! Not like those goody goody priests'll do anything about it!

[Penny confronts the two boys, ready to put a stop to their juvenile antics]

Penny: Hey! Cut that out, you punks!

Boy: Huh? Who's the chick?

Boy2: What do you want, huh?

Penny: You guys better hightail it out of here right now, or else...!

Boy: Haha! What do you think you're gonna do, little girl?

Penny: Hah!

[Penny draws her spinner and lashes it out at the first boy. It strikes him square in the nose, smashing the bone]

Boy: Uugh!

Penny: How's that for starters!?

[With tears filling his eyes, the boy holds his hands over his shattered nose in pain]

Boy: M-my nose! I-I think it's broken!

Boy2: Oh no! Are you alright!?

Penny: Oh, don't think you're getting off easy, pal. You're next!

Boy2: *frightened* Uwaaah!

Priest: Penny, what's going on here!? What have you done!?

Penny: Stand back! I'm not finished taking out this trash.

Priest: No! You've done enough damage for one day!

[The priest cautiously approaches the two boys, offering his aid]

Priest: Young man, are you okay? Here, let me heal you...

Boy: N-no! J-just stay away!

Boy2: C'mon! Let's get out of here!

[Not wanting to stick around any longer, the two boys quickly scurry out of the sanctuary, sealing the victory for Penny]

Penny: Ha! And that's what happens when you mess with Penny! The strongest girl in all of Ackland!

Priest: Penny, why must you always be in such a hurry to start a fight?

Penny: What are you talking about? I just stopped those idiots from wrecking the sanctuary! Don't you care at all!?

Priest: Of course I do, but violence is not the answer. Our job is to heal injuries, not cause them.

Penny: Then what do you suggest I do, huh? Bake them a cake!?

Priest: *sigh* No, but--

Penny: Exactly! The only way to teach those creeps a lesson is to beat it into their skulls! *pounds fist*

Priest: That violent streak of yours is the reason why your father is always so strict with you. Why can't you just be calm and quiet for once and do as you're told?

Penny: Hmph! I don't have to listen to this! I'm outta here!

Priest: Wait! Penny, where are you going?

Penny: Out. Don't wait up.

Priest: But, Penny! You haven't finished your lessons for today! You know that you're only going to get in trouble with Master Mel again!

[no response]

Priest: Ugh... What a pain...

[Penny leaves the Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Blue and Reese have just arrived in Ackland Town]

~~Ackland Town~~

Blue: So this is Ackland Town...

Reese: Yup, that's right.

Blue: So, where do we find your friend?

Reese: Penny should be at the Sanctuary doing her studying. But if I know her, she's probably ducked out again...

Blue: Should we go somewhere else then?

Reese: Nah, let's go the sanctuary anyway. If she's gone, I'm sure the priests there can tell us where she ran off to.

Blue: Okay, then let's get to it.

[Blue and Reese arrive at the Sanctuary at the western edge of town and enter its doors]

~~Ackland Town: Sanctuary~~

[Within the confines of the sanctuary there lies a vast assortment of ornate tapestries and statues depicting sacred figures. And among them are a number of robed priests, young and old, reciting their ancient texts and chanting holy words]

Blue: So this is what it's like inside of a sanctuary...

Reese: Yeah, it's really something, isn't it? But I don't see Penny anywhere... Oh, I know! Let's ask that priest over there if he's seen her.

Blue: Alright.

[Blue and Reese approach a priest of the sanctuary to ask him of Penny's whereabouts. He appears to be muttering to himself while sifting through money in a dish]

Priest: *to himself* Six hundred one...six hundred and two...six hundred and three!? *yelling* This is all of today's donations!? The people of Ackland aren't just a bunch of heathens, they're also a bunch of tightwads! I can't believe we're wasting our talents on these cheapskates!

Reese: Uhm...

Priest: Hm? Who are you? I'm sorry, young man, but donations to the sanctuary are strictly non-refundable.

Reese: Uh...I'm not here for a refund. Priest Georg, it's me, Reese. Don't you remember?

Georg: Ahh, Master Reese! It IS you! I hardly recognized you, my lad. It's been so long since you last paid us a visit. What brings you to the sanctuary today?

Reese: Well, you see, my friend Blue here is on a journey to find his lost companions, and I was assigned the task of aiding him along the way.

Georg: Hmm, I see! Have you come seeking our aid, then?

Reese: Well, sorta. I was just wondering if you've seen Penny around, because it doesn't look like she's still here.

Georg: *angrily* Penny!?

Reese: Huh...?

Georg: I'm appalled that you would dare invoke such an infamous name in this sacred place! That girl is a demon spawn! A being of pure evil whose purpose is only to wreak havoc and rain misery upon us good-natured folk!

Reese: What!? B-but Priest Georg! Penny isn't--!

Georg: Silence! I still can't believe that rogue is one of Master Mel's beloved daughters! It was suicide to ever consider turning that wild child into a priestess of the sanctuary!

Blue: Hmph. Well you were a big help...

Reese: *sigh* Come on, Blue. Let's go ask someone else...

[Blue and Reese continue through the sanctuary until coming across another priest, the young man that was assisting Penny earlier on. With a distressed look on his face, he is scrubbing what appears to be blood off the floor]

Priest: *groan*

Reese: Hey, Alec!

Alec: Hunh? Oh! It's you, Reese! Long time, no see.

Reese: Uhh... What are you doing?

Alec: This? Uhm, just cleaning up this mess.

Reese: But what is it?

Alec: Erm, it's...

Blue: Smells like blood.

Reese: Blood!? Oh no... This was Penny's doing, wasn't it?

Alec: *sigh* You guessed it. She smashed a poor kid's nose to pieces this morning, and I've been stuck cleaning up the mess she made all afternoon!

Reese: Gee, I wasn't aware that Penny was giving you all such a hard time... *rubs head*

Alec: That...is an understatement. Master Mel left her in my care, but she's just too much for a junior priest like myself to handle. *sigh* If only she was to leave Ackland somehow...

[Suddenly, an idea pops into Alec's head]

Alec: Say, Reese! Are you going on a journey with your friend there?

Reese: Uhh, yeah, but--

Alec: If you are, please, take Penny with you!

Reese: Huh!? Well, I wish I could, but, you know her father would never allow that...

Alec: *sigh* You're right. Guess it was just wishful thinking on my part...

Blue: Regardless, have you seen her around anywhere? We need to speak with her.

Alec: Sorry, but Penny never tells anyone where she goes whenever she runs off. But I know for sure that she left the sanctuary. You might just run into her if you try searching around town.

Reese: Really? Alright, thanks. We'll do just that.

[Unable to dig up any clues on Penny's whereabouts, Blue and Reese leave the sanctuary and hit the city streets]

Blue: So Reese, where should we begin looking?

Reese: Hmm... I think the town bar might be a good place to start.

Blue: Huh? The bar? Isn't Penny a little too young to be hanging around that kind of joint?

Reese: Er... that's right, but... Penny likes to pick fights with the bar-goers. As she would always say: "You've never lived until you've punched a drunk!"

Blue: Hmph, this friend of yours seems like a glutton for punishment.

Reese: *sigh* Tell me about it...

[Beginning their search, Blue and Reese make for the bar at the eastern edge of town]

~~Ackland Town: Bar~~

[Upon arriving, the two are immediately met with a random bar-goer bursting through the bar walls. He rolls and plops flat on the ground, not moving an inch]

Drunk: Muuuurgh...

Reese: Whoa!

Blue: I think we've found her...

[Seconds later, Penny springs out of the bar, gloating loudly in triumph]

Penny: Ha ha! Chalk up another one for Penny! The strongest girl in Ackland! And when you make it to the sanctuary, tell them I sent ya!

Reese: Penny!

Penny: ...Huh? Reese, is that you? What have I told you about disturbing me while I'm blowing off steam?

Reese: Sorry, it's just we need your help and--

Penny: We? Who's we?

[Penny looks at Reese's side to see Blue standing tall. She gazes at him slowly from his feet all the way to his face]

Penny: ...

Reese: Oh, I almost forgot! This is my new friend, Blue. Why don't you say hi?

Penny: ...

[Penny continues to stare at Blue with her mouth slightly gaping]

Reese: Uhm...Penny?

Blue: Is there a problem?

Penny: (Wh-What's this feeling in my gut? Am I sick? Ohhh, I knew I shouldn't have touched that drunk. Wait, no, that can't be right. Could it be I'm...I'm in...I'm--)

Blue: Hey! I'm talking to you!

Penny: Whuh!? Oh, s-sorry...

Reese: Penny, you're acting strange. Anyway, can you help us out?

Penny: Yeah yeah, sure. Whaddya need? And make it quick, I need to beat the brew out of those drunken bums before they sober up. *cracks knuckles*

Reese: Blue and I are looking for some people. We we wondering if you might've seen them pass through town.

Penny: Well what do these people look like, huh? Can't tell ya without something to go by, y'know.

Blue: Right. One's a girl, about my age. She has light brown hair with a bandanna around her head. Looks very pirate-like. The other is a guy, a few years older than me. Dark brown hair, black shirt, white pants.

Penny: Hmm... haven't seen the chick, sorry. But the dude, I think I did see someone like that come through here.

Blue: Hm!? Are you certain!?

Penny: Yeah, if I remember right, he was carrying some goofy looking sword. Like it was made out of crystal or something... It looked pretty smashable.

Blue: That's him!

Reese: Can you tell us where he went, Penny?

Penny: He blew into town around the same time yesterday and passed straight on through. I think I saw him leave through the--

??: I've found you, Penelope!

[Before Penny can finish giving her info, the trio is approached by a tall and imposing middle aged man with short brown hair and a stubbly beard. His garb suggests that he too is a priest of the sanctum, although of higher authority]

??: *sternly* Penelope...

Penny: Hmph. Dad...

Blue: Dad...?

Penny's Father: So this is where you've run off to. What are you doing in this part of town? And with that boy, no less!

Reese: *nervously* Uhm, h-hello, Mel... I-I mean Mr. Bancroft, sir...

Mel: Mmph, Reese. How I despise you. I thought I made it clear that I wanted you and the rest of the Kidney Academy urchins to stay away from my family.

Reese: Erm... it's Kinnear, Mr. Grand Healer Bancroft sir...

Mel: I don't care what it's called! I will never accept a facility that teaches mere children to fight and kill with deadly weapons. It's that kind of madness that turns the youth into violence craving rapscallions.

Reese: T-that's not true, Mr. Bancroft! The Kinnear Academy promotes good--

Mel: Silence, fool! It's thanks to that decieving establishment that my daughters have been set on the path to a life of violence. But you won't have your way. I will reverse these teachings! Now leave this place, immediately. You will taint my Penelope no longer.

Reese: But--

Blue: Excuse us, sir, but we have unfinished business with your daughter.

Mel: Oh? And who might you be? Another Kidney academy urchin perhaps?

Blue: No, I'm Blue. A mage.

Mel: A mage, you say? Well then, that's quite an admirable trade for one so young. Despite it being the most barbaric school of magic.

Blue: Hmph.

Mel: Reese, you could learn a thing or two from this lad. And you as well, Penelope.

Penny: Yeah well, are you done yet?

Mel: You've got some nerve, young lady. No, I am not done! There's still the matter of your punishment!

Penny: What!?

Mel: That's right. Young Alec told me of that despicable act of violence you committed earlier. What you have done is unacceptable! Now, as recompense for defying our teachings, you will be confined to the sanctuary for the remainder of the day!

Penny: No! Not that!

Mel: Yes. Maybe this will teach you not to usurp your responsibilities as a healer. Now, you will come with me this instant.

Penny: No! I'm not going! You can't do this to me!

Mel: I can and I will! Eragh!

[Mel grabs ahold of a defiant Penny and slings her over his shoulder with little effort. She begs, kicks, and screams, but Mel remains unfazed]

Mel: And you won't be needing these anymore.

[Mel forcefully relieves Penny of her spinners]

Penny: Hey! Give me those! They're mine!

Mel: Healers have no need for such things. I will dispose of them immediately. But first, your punishment.

Penny: Noo! Stop! L-let me go! I can't go back! I just can't! Help me, Reese! Blue! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

[Mel takes off towards the sanctuary with Penny helplessly in tow]

Reese: Oh man, not again... What do we do now?

Blue: What else? We have to help her out of there.

Reese: *sigh* Somehow I knew you'd say that.

Blue: We don't have a choice. If we don't rescue Penny, we won't be able to follow Jawo's trail.

Reese: I guess you're right... Okay then, I'm sure the other priest's will help us out if we treat with them.

Blue: Good, then let's get moving. We haven't a moment to spare.
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[Intent on saving Penny from her confinement, Blue and Reese return to the Healer's Sanctuary to begin their rescue operation]

~~Ackland: Healer's Sanctuary~~

Blue: Well, Reese? Where can we find Penny?

Reese: Hm, if I remember correctly, she's being held in the back of the sanctuary past a locked door. We'll have to ask one of the priests for the key.

Blue: That should be easy enough. Let's go.

[Before the two can make their way forward, they are immediately halted by a money hungry priest carrying an offering plate]

Priest: Ahh! Welcome! Are you two here to inquire our services? The God of Healing is good to those that serve him well.

[The priest holds out the plate in greedy anticipation]

Blue: *annoyed* Especially if they donate in cash, right?

Priest: *gasp* How dare you!

Reese: We'll donate another time, Samuel. Right now we need you to tell us who has the key to Penny's  room.

Samuel: Alright alright... I don't really know who has your key though. You'd be better off asking priest Georg. He's sure to know.

Reese: Thanks, Sam. Let's keep going, Blue.

Blue: Right.

[Blue and Reese approach priest Georg once more to ask for the whereabouts of the key]

Reese: Priest Georg!
Georg: Oh! Welcome back, boys! Finally decided to make a donation, have you? How wonderful! Offering your gold to the God of Healing will surely make you grow strong.

Reese: Uhm...no, we haven't...

Blue: What is it with you priests, anyway? You guys are public servants, aren't you? You seem more interested in lifting money pouches than curses and ailments.

Georg: Eee! W-well yes, but...but...you see, as public servants, we priests of the sanctuary only recieve non-monetary rewards...

Blue: What?

Georg: Yes... Master Mel says that it's best for performance improvement. But that's easy for him to say. He still gets paid handsomely through commissions, while all we get for our hard work is a pat on the back!

Blue: So that's where all this "donation" business comes from. You couldn't appreciate kindness being it's own reward, so you cheated these unsuspecting people into giving their money to a phony "God of Healing" who would promise them strength and mercy they'd never receive. Am I right?

Georg: *gasp* How did you know that?!?!

Blue: Because you were kind enough to confirm it for me, priest.

Georg: W-What!? Ohh, you...you tricked me, you...you--!

Blue: Just like you tricked the people of Ackland...?

Georg: *sweats* Grrr...! But I...! Th-That was--!

Reese: Ah! So it's true! All this time you've been conning the people of this town! How could you!?

Georg: No! Please!

[Georg throws himself to the ground on his hands and knees, begging and pleading for forgiveness]

Georg: *sobs* Please! F-Forgive us! Don't report our transgressions to Master Mel! He'll have no mercy on those who defy the sanctuary's teachings!

Blue: Hmph, why don't you ask the God of Healing to save you?

Georg: I-I beg of you! I'll do anything you ask! Please! Spare this old fool!

Blue: ...Fine. Tell us who has the key to Penny's room. Right now.

Georg: I...I was entrusted with the key. If you desire it, then it is yours.

[Georg surrenders the key to Blue]

Blue: Heh. See that, priest? You give a little, you get a little.

Reese: Well played, Blue! Now we can rescue Penny. But can we really just ignore what's been going on here? The people of Ackland may be scoundrels but even they don't deserve to have their money swindled.

Blue: I know what you mean, but we'll have to deal with that problem later. The issue of saving Penny and finding my friends comes first.

Reese: You're right. Follow me, Blue. I'll lead the way to Penny's room.

[After recieving the key, Blue and Reese make their way to Penny's chamber in the back of the sanctuary. Upon arriving, they are treated to the site of a priest smashing through the locked door]

Priest: Yaaaaaggh! Oof...

Reese: Whoa!

[Out from the destroyed doorway comes Penny, commencing escape plans of her own]

Penny: Ha ha! As if you pansy choir boys could ever hold me!

Reese: Deja vu...

Blue: No kidding. Guess we won't be needing this then. *tosses key*

Penny: Hey, guys! What took ya!?

Reese: No time to gawk, Penny! We need to get out of here before your dad catches wind of us!

Penny: Right! Let's blow this joint!

[Blue and Reese, joined by Penny, hurry out of the Healer's Sanctuary. They make their way back to the streets of Ackland without a hitch]

~~Ackland Town: Streets~~

Reese: Well, that went rather smoothly!

Penny: Heh, wasn't expecting you to come to my rescue, Reese.

Reese: Huh?

Penny: Yeah, you're usually too much of a chicken wuss when it comes to matters involving my dad. You've gotten pretty ballsy as of late!

Reese: I couldn't have done it without Blue. He did most of the work...

Blue: Hey, don't be so modest, Reese. You pulled your weight too, you know.

Reese: Heheh, well, I guess... *rubs head*

Blue: Penny, before we were interrupted by your dad, you were about to tell us where you saw Jawo' leave town.

Penny: Oh, that's right. Yeah, I saw him leave through the northern gate. I think he was heading to the next town over.

Blue: The northern gate, huh... Okay, if we leave now we should be able to catch up to him by tomorrow.  Let's get going, Reese.

Reese: Right, Blue. Thanks for all your help, Penny. We'll be back eventually, so until then, try to stay out of trouble, okay?

Penny: Hmph, whatever!

[After recieving adequate info regarding Jawo', Blue and Reese are finally set to leave Ackland, but before they can go, a blinding flash of light strikes in front of the duo, stopping them in their tracks]

Blue: Ugh! What was that power!?

??: You're not going anywhere...
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Blue: Agh, it's you.

Reese: M-Mr. Bancroft! Uhm...you're looking good today...

Mel: Spare me your empty flattery, boy. Now tell me, where do you think you're going with Penelope? She is forbidden to leave the hall!

Reese: *quietly* W-well, we were just..


Reese: Aaah! *trembles*

Blue: We needed some information from her was all.

Mel: Is that so? What kind of information?

Blue: We came here to ask her if she knew anything about the whereabouts of my friends. They're lost, so me and Reese here set out to find them.

Mel: Hmm, go on.

Blue: As it turns out, she had seen one of my friends, and was about to tell us where he went, that is until you came and scooped her up. So you, that's why we just had to break her out of the hall. The lives of my friends may depend on it.

Mel: I see. That's quite the tale you just told me. And I think it's very noble of you to set out in search of your lost comrades.

Blue: Thank you.

Mel: So Penelope, have you told Blue what he needed to know?

Penny: Uhm..yeah.

Mel: Very well then. Blue and Reese, you may go. As for you, Penelope; you're coming back with me to continue your punishment!

*Mel grabs Penny's arm*

Penny: Aah! But why!?

Mel: Despite their valiant cause, you still need to learn your lesson in respect.

Penny: That's not fair!

Mel: I believe it is very fair, Penelope. Now come along, back to the hall with you. And this time, I'll be watching after you myself so you won't escape.

Penny: *struggles* No! Ergh!

Reese: Penny...

Blue: Hey, come now, don't you think you're being a little too hard on her?

Mel: Hm?

Penny: Blue?

Blue: I mean, locking her in that room all day like some kind of animal. What's that supposed to teach her?

Mel: Hmph. It's supposed to teach her to remain diligent in her studies and respect the wishes of her elders and the way of the healer.

Blue: But--

Mel: If I let her rambunctious behavior go unpunished, she will only get the idea that she can do as she pleases without any consequences. This, I cannot allow.

Blue: Any why not?

Mel: Eh?

Blue: If Penny doesn't want to be a healer, that's her choice. Who are you to make those kinds of decisions for her?

Mel: Who am I, you ask? I am her father! And she will do as her father commands of her.

Reese: Well now you're just being unreasonable!

Mel: Silence!

Reese: Eep!

Blue: No..he's right. Penny has the right as a human being to live her life how she wants to. And you can't make her do otherwise. I don't care whether you're her father or not.

Penny: Guys...

*Penny's eyes begin to tear up*

Mel: You...how dare you tell me how to raise my daughter! Let her live her life how she wants? Don't make me laugh. I let my eldest daughter Prima choose her own path in life, and look where she ended up. She became a wild and untamable child that ran away from home. I have no idea where she is now, or if she's even still alive.

Blue: What...

Mel: And that's why, I made a promise...to my wife, that I won't let our Penelope go down the same path. I will see to it that she becomes a great healer one day even if it kills me!!!

*Mel's body erupts with light power*

Reese: Agh! What power...!

Mel: And if you intend to stop me, even if it means abdicating the way of the healer, I will destroy you!

Blue: Man...he looks pissed...

Reese: Yeah, no kidding! Penny, do something about your dad, would you!?

Penny: *annoyed* Well what do you want me to do? He never listens to me!

Blue: Then...we have no choice. We'll have to use force!

Reese: Blue!!

Mel: Ha, you think you can challenge me? Very well. I'll show you that even a healer can be dangerous!

*Mel prepares a spell*

Mel: Ray!!!

*A ball of light appears in the air over the group*

Reese: Blue, how about a shield?

Blue: No dice, it'll smash right through it. We have to evade.

Reese: But--

Blue: Now!

*The ball of light begins raining down light beams the spread in multple directions. Blue grabs hold of Reese and the two dodge the beams together*

Reese: Phew, thanks Blue.

Blue: ...That was too close...

Mel: So you avoided my Ray, did you? Then how about this?

*Mel prepares another spell*

Mel: Photon!!

Blue: No..not Photon!

Reese: What? What's Pho--

*Before Reese can finish speaking, a cage of light ensares Reese and traps him within*

Reese: Aaagh!

Blue: Reese!

Reese: G-get me out of here, Blue!

Blue: Hang on! I'm coming!

Mel: It's too late!

*The cage explodes, attacking Reese with a converging blast of light. Heavily wounded, Reese falls to his knees, and then collapses on the ground*

Reese: Ugh...darn..it...

Blue: Reese! No!

Mel: Heheheh, not bad, huh? Light Magic does indeed hurt.

Blue: You...I'll get you for that!

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Thunder Arrow!!

*Three balls of lightning form around Mel, surrounding him*

Mel: Hm? What's this...?

Blue: Mmph! Do it!

*A massive bolt of lightning strikes down on Mel, breaking away the very earth with devastating power*

Penny: Blue!!

Blue: Huh?

Penny: *annoyed* What are you trying to do, kill him? That's my dad, remember!?

Blue: Oh. Eheheh...sorry about that...

Penny: *sigh* *facepalm*

*When the dust clears, there is no trace of Mel where the spell took place*

Blue: What? He's gone? He couldn't have been vaporized, could he...?

Penny: Vaporized!?

Blue: Oh, uhm...don't worry, Penny. I'm sure he's...just fine...*sweatdrop*

Mel: Yes. In fact, I'm feeling great.

Blue: What!?

Penny: Blue, behind you!

*Before Blue can turn around, he is struck with a hard blow to the back that knocks him to the ground*

Blue: Agh! ...That hurt...

*Blue struggles to get up, but the damage from the attack renders him unable to move*

Blue: Urgh, damn. I can't...get up....

Mel: Ha, now that you're down, it's time I finished the job.

Blue: Hey...we're beaten. Why don't we just leave it at that, huh?

Mel: Hmm...okay. I suppose I could at least retain some of my healer values and spare your lives.

Reese: Phew.

Mel: So instead, I'll report you to the proper authorities!

Reese: Wait, what!?

Mel: Oh yes. I think attacking "defenseless" healers will put you away for a long time. Come along, you two.

*Mel reaches out to grab Blue and Reese when a strange object knocks his hand away*

Mel: Ugh! What was that...who struck me?

Penny: Over here!

Mel: What!?

*Mel looks over to see Penny twirling her spinners*

Mel: You! What are you doing with those!? I took them from you!

*Mel looks down at his pocket to find it empty*

Mel: No! They're gone!

Penny: Heehee, that's right. While you were playing with Blue and Reese over there, I snuck on you and nabbed them without a trace. Pretty slick, eh?

Mel: Hmph, so my daughter's not only a violent beast, but a thief as well.

Penny: It's not stealing when they were yours to begin with!

*Penny twirls her spinner and lashes it out, striking Mel in face, drawing blood*

Mel: Ergh! ...Blood. Penelope, how dare you attack your father. For that, I'll double, no, triple your punishment!

Penny: I don't think so! Try this on for size!

*Penny begins to twirl her spinners rapidly over her head. The spinning starts to stir up wind*

Mel: What...

*The wind begins to pick up, growing more fierce until turning into a tornado that surrounds Penny. It expands, and Mel is caught in the updraft*

Mel: Ngh..Penelope! What are you doing? Stop this now!

Penny: No way! Now it's time I taught you a lesson respect! ....Spinning Tornado!!!

*The tornado carries Mel up and launches him into the air. He is then hurled into the wall of the healers hall. The force of the blow cracking the building slightly*

Mel: Aaaagggh!! D-defeated...by my own daughter. ...Forgive me...my wife...

*Mel falls to the ground unconscious*

Penny: Ha! That just proves that not even Penny's dad can withstand her might! I'm the best there is!

Reese: Penny, you did it! You saved us!

Blue: Thank you.

Penny: Aw, don't thank me. I was just glad to have been able to show that blowhard what for! Man, that felt good!

Reese: You said it, Penny. Your dad really needs to chill. Like maybe go smell the flowers for a bit.

Blue: But I think you deserve the thanks, Penny. If it wasn't for you, we'd be in the middle of a jail cell right now.

Penny: Aw shucks. *blushes*

Blue: Well..I think it's about time we took our leave. We've wasted enough time here. Let's go, Reese.

Reese: Yeah. Take care, Penny. We'll visit you again someday.

*Blue and Reese begin to make their way out of town when soon after, Penny begins to follow after them*

Penny: Guys, wait!

Blue: Hm?

Reese: What's up?

Penny: I...I want to come with you!

Reese: You do!? But..why?

Penny: Well gee, anything's better than staying around here. And besides *solemnly* I want to..help Blue...find his friends. *blushes*

Reese: Hey, that's okay with me! Blue?

Blue: ...Sure.

Penny: Ah! Really!? <3

Blue: Of course. We could always use an extra hand around. And those healing arts of your should come in real handy down the road.

Penny: Uhm...

Blue: Speaking of, I have this nasty scratch on my arm. Do you think you can heal it up for me?

Penny: But Blue...

Reese: Go ahead, Penny.

Penny: *sigh* Alright.

*Penny attempts to heal Blue's wound, but instead...*

Blue: OUCH!!! What was that all about!?

Penny: I'm sorry!

Blue: You were supposed to heal my wound, not make it worse! Geez!

Penny: I tried to tell you! I...don't really know any healing spells...

Reese: Oy, well I can't say I'm surprised. You never study, Penny. Ah well, at least we still have our medicines...

Blue: Great. A healer who can't heal. Now I've seen everything.

Penny: Eheheh...*sweatdrop*

*And so, Blue and Reese, now joined by their new friend and companion, Penny; leave Ackland Town from the northern gate to follow the trail of Jawo and continue their search*

End Penny SubArc
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~~On the Road~~

Penny: *happily humming* Hm hm hmhm hmhm hmm.

Reese: Wow Penny, you sure are happy.

Penny: You betcha, Reese. It's been so long since I've been out of Ackland, how could I not be happy!?

Blue: That's understandable. If I were you, I wouldn't wanna be cramped up in that healer's hall day after day either.

Penny: Yeah, and now that I'm out, I can finally let loose my awesome fighting skills! Bring anyone on! I can take em!

Blue: Heh, I think Jawo might disagree with you, Penny.

Penny: Who's Jawo? ...Oh! He's the one with that silly looking sword, huh? Pfft! Who are you trying to kid, Blue? I can take him anyday of the week! I'll give him a smack *punch* and a thump *punch* and the ol' wumpa dumpa! *punches*

Blue: Gee, Penny. You sure are...spirited. (Something tells me those two won't get along so well...)

Reese: Well at least you can always count on her to make things interesting...

Blue: I guess. So Penny, just where is this next town anyway?

Penny: I'll give him one of these too! *punch* Ha! Take that, Jawo! And I've won! Yay!

Blue: *sternly* Penny...

Penny: Oh, sorry. So uhm...what did you want?

Blue: The next town. Where is it?

Penny: Oh right. The place we're heading for is Belden Town. If we keep heading in this direction, we should be there in no time.

Blue: Belden Town, eh?

Penny: And speak of the devil, it's right over this horizon! Come on! Let's hurry!

*Penny runs ahead of the group*

Reese: Penny, slow down! *sigh*

Blue: Well, you heard her, Reese. Let's go!

*Blue runs ahead*

Reese: Blue! Ugh..not you too...

*The three make their way over the horizon and arrive in Belden Town, just in time for sundown*

~~Belden Town~~

Penny: Ah ha! We made it! Now let's go find this Jawo. I wanna let my spinners go wild on him!

Reese: Penny, we want to find Blue's friends to reunite them. Not beat them up...

Penny: Yeah yeah, I know.

Blue: Hmm, the sun's starting to go down. I think we should stop her for tonight.

Penny: Stop here!? Aww...

Blue: We don't have a choice. You should know that's its too dangerous to travel around at night.

Reese: Yeah, that's when all of the really strong monsters come out...

Penny: Strong monsters? Ha! I'll show them! Compared to me, they're nothing!

Blue: NO Penny...

Penny: Hmph.

*The group arrives at the front of the local inn*

Blue: Well, here we are. Let's go purchase a room and get some rest.

Penny: Rest!? But we haven't eaten yet! I'm starved! Let's say we go get some grub first.

Blue: Hmm, I guess you're right. I could use a bite to eat too.

Reese: So what's the deal, Blue?

Blue: Okay, we'll do this. Reese, I want you to take 100 gold and get us a room. Meanwhile, me and Penny will go to the market and shop for dinner.

Reese: Will do.

*Reese takes 100 gold and heads inside the inn*

Blue: Alright, Penny. Let's go.

Penny: Yeah!

*Blue and Penny reach the market area and begin shopping around for food*

Blue: Hmm..what should we get for dinner, Penny?

Penny: How about some beef and potatoes?

Blue: ...I was thinking more of a chicken and potatoes. Maybe with some string beans on the side...

Penny: Why not get both?

Blue: Okay then.

Penny: Great, I'll get the potatoes, you go get the meat. See ya later.

*Blue and Penny split up and scour the marketplace for their respective food items*

Penny: Hmm...now where are those potatoes...?

*Penny looks around*

Penny: Ah ha! There they are!

*Penny heads over to the potatoe cart, but when she gets there, she finds someone already there. A strange man in a blue cloak, wearing sunglasses and carrying a scythe*

Mercenary: *humming* Ah, these potatoes look fresh. I think I'll just grab a few...

Penny: Hey!

Mercenary: Hm?

Penny: You're in my way. I want some of those potatoes!

Mercenary: Oh, excuse me. I'll only be a minute.

Penny: *angrily* Mmmn...

*Blue walks over*

Blue: Hey Penny, I got the meat. Did you get the potatoes?

Penny: Well I would, if this guy would just get out of the way!

Blue: Huh? What guy?

Penny: That guy!!! *points to the mercenary*

Blue: Wow, he looks cool.

Penny: Argh! That's not the point!

Blue: Oh, I know. You just have to be patient and wait your turn.

*The mercenary puts together a bag of potatoes and ends his session at the stand*

Mercenary: There, all done!

Penny: Well it's about time!

Mercenary: My apologies if I took too long. It wasn't my intent to cause any trouble, as rare as that is. Hahaha!

Blue: Nah, it's okay. It wasn't any trouble at all. Penny here is just a little impatient.

Penny: Hmph!

Mercenary: Ah, patience is a virtue, dear Penny.

Penny: Don't you preach to me!

Mercenary: Hah, suit yourself. Oh hey, I don't believe we've met. My name's Matt, but you can call me Shadow. I'm a mercenary.

Blue: A mercenary, huh? That's pretty cool. Oh uhm, my name's Blue. And as you already know, her name is Penny.

Penny: *reluctantly* Tsch, hello...

Shadow: Well I must say, it's a pleasure to meet you both. I'd love to stay and chat, but this food isn't going to cook itself. Farewell, Blue and Penny! Stay out of trouble! Hmm...on second thought..staying out of trouble isn't very fun...well, you get the idea! Later!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Penny: I don't like that guy...

Blue: Aw, you're just being rude. But I'll admit, he does come off as rather...odd. Oh well, let's get back to the inn and make dinner.

Penny: Okay!

*Blue and Penny return to the inn and prepares dinner for the group. After getting a belly full of food, they retire to their room for the evening. Soon after, they fall fast asleep*

~~Later that night~~

*Blue awakens from his sleep and puts on his clothes. He's about to leave them room when the sound of his footsteps wake up Reese as well*

Reese: *Zzzzzzsnort* Hunh..uh...Blue? Is that you?

Blue: Yeah. I'm going out for a little bit.

Reese: But it's past midnight. Where could you be going at this hour?

Blue: Just to get a little fresh air. Don't worry about me. You just get some rest.

Reese: Mmm...okay. Just don't be out too long.

Blue: Sure.

*Blue leaves the room and climbs up to the roof of the inn. There he sits and ponders the midnight sky*

Blue: *sigh* Lilia...Jawo...wherever you two are, I hope you're safe...

Reese: Blue...?

Blue: Aaah! R-Reese!!!

Reese: Oh! I'm sorry..am I intruding...?

Blue: No, you just startled me was all. Didn't I tell you to get some rest?

Reese: You did, but I thought you might've wanted some company, so I came up here.

Blue: Oh, well...thanks.

Reese: Of course. So uhm...what were you thinking about?

Blue: Just my friends...

Reese: You're worried about them, aren't you?

Blue: Yeah, I can't stop wondering if they're okay. I mean..what if they're hurt? Or starving? Stranded? Or who knows what else? This feeling of uncertainty is killing me.

Reese: Blue, you have to stop worrying.

Blue: Huh?

Reese: You have to believe that they're okay, wherever they may be. You have to have faith in them; that they can survive on their own.

Blue: You're right, Reese. ...Maybe I should have a little more faith in them.

Reese: Now that's more like it.

Blue: But for some reason, I just can't stop thinking of them.

Reese: That's okay! That just shows that you care for your friends. I'm sure, that wherever they are now, they're thinking of you too.

Blue: You think so?

Reese: I know so! They're probably wondering if you're safe too. So let's hurry and find them, to show them that you're alive and well.

Blue: ...Yeah.

Reese: Oh hey, lookie there!

Blue: Huh?

*Blue and Reese look down at the ground to see Shadow walking through the streets by himself*

Reese: I wonder who that is. He looks pretty mysterious...

Blue: Hey...that's Shadow!

Reese: Shadow?

Blue: Yeah, he's a mercenary that me and Penny met at the market earlier today. But what could he be doing out here so late by himself...?

Reese: Hmm...maybe he couldn't sleep either, and came out to get some fresh air like us.

Blue: Maybe..or maybe not. Whichever, I know there's definitely something strange about him...
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~~Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Belden Town~~

*Jawo is walking down the road away from the town. And he too is searching for his lost friends*

Jawo: *sigh* Ugh, it's so dull being by myself. I feel like I'm about to die of boredom...

*Jawo stops and shakes his head*

Jawo: Wait, what am I talking about? This isn't like me... What happened to the old Jawo? The lone wolf. The one who looked out for himself, and had nobody's back but his own!

*Jawo looks up at the sky*

Jawo: Man...I really have changed since I started traveling with Blue and Lilia. Could I have gone soft? ...Nah. *sigh* I guess..I guess this is just what it means to have people you care for. ...Blue, Lilia, I'll find you. No matter what.

*Jawo continues down the road until he is soon confronted by 4 men wearing black clothing with white capes*

Man: Excuse us, patron.

Jawo: Huh? Who are you guys?

Man2: That's not important.

Jawo: What?

Man3: We need to know if you've seen a boy with purple hair anywhere around here.

Jawo: Well I'm sure there are lots of boys with purple hair. Why don't you try being more specific?

Man4: He carries a strange necklace around his neck. And at times, it can be seen glowing feintly. Is that specific enough for you?

Jawo: Sure, but...

Man: Yes?

Jawo: I haven't seen him. Sorry. Now if you could kindly get out of my way, I'd greatly appreciate it.

*Jawo steps ahead of the men and goes about his way. That is until they turn around and step back in front of him*

Man: Wait!

Jawo: Hey! I told you I didn't see him!

Man: Oh, we know that.

Man2: But we're not liking that attitude of yours.

Jawo: So what? Are you gonna do something about it?

Man3: Well..now that you mention it...

Jawo: Hn...?

Man4: Haah!

*The 4th man quickly draws a crossbow and fires it at Jawo. He manages to evade in the nick of time*

Man4: Tsch, lucky.

Man: But can you handle all four of us, I wonder?

*The remaining men draw out a sword, a whip, and a knife, respectively*

Man2: Heheheheh, it's the end of the road for you.

Jawo: Hah, so it's a fight you want, huh?

*Jawo pulls out his Crystal Sword*

Jawo: Then it's a fight you got! *signals them forward* Come on, I'll take you all on!

Man3: Why you impudent...

Man4: You won't get away with disrespecting us. Kill him!!

~~Meanwhile, in Belden Town~~

*The group packs up their belongings and leave the inn*

Penny: Alright, now that we got a good night's rest, let's get back on the road!

Blue: Wait Penny. We can't leave yet.

Penny: Huh, why not?

Blue: Because, we still don't know where Jawo is.

Penny: What? But I told you that he passed through here!

Blue: That's true, but we don't know where he went next.

Reese: Then what should we do, Blue?

Blue: Well, I was thinking we could ask the people around town if they saw where he was going.

Reese: Yeah, that's a good idea. There has to be at least one person who's seen him.

Blue: Okay, to make it easier, let's split up. We'll meet back here in an hour.

Reese/Penny: Right.

*The three split and begin their inquires around town. Before long, an hour passes by, and they return to their meeting place*

Blue: So guys, how did it go? Did you get anything?

Reese: Nope...

Penny: Nuh uh...

Reese: How about you, Blue?

Blue: *sigh* No luck here either.

Penny: Oh man. What now?

Blue: I suppose we have no choice but to wing it...

??: Hey.

Reese: Huh? Who said that?

??: Up here!

Blue: Hmm...

*The group looks up towards the roof of the inn to see Shadow standing atop it*

Shadow: Hello down there! *waves*

Penny: It's you! That Shadow guy! What do you want!?

Shadow: Must you always be so hostile, Penny? Honestly.

Blue: Shadow, why are you here?

Shadow: Because Blue, I see that you have a problem, and I think I can help you out.

Blue: Oh yeah?

Shadow: Yeah! This guy your looking for. Might he be wearing a white shirt and black pants? Along with a white hat. And carrying a rather ridiculous sword?

Blue: Hah, that's him alright. Did you see him?

Shadow: I sure did. Why just the other day I saw that fellow leaving town through the north gate. If you hurry, you may just be able to catch up to him.

Blue: Gee, thanks Shadow. But wait...how did you know he's the one we're looking for?

Shadow: I have my ways. Heheh...*pushes up sunglasses*

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Reese: Weird...

Penny: And I still don't like that guy.

Blue: Oh well, we'll worry about him later. For now, let's hurry and follow Jawo before we lose him again.

Reese/Penny: Okay.

*The group follows the shady Shadow's advice and pursues Jawo by leaving Belden from the north gate*

~~Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Belden Town~~

*The 4 strangers have proved to be more than Jawo can handle alone, as he stands on his last legs against their combined might*

Man: Heheheh, what's wrong, chum? Are you all talked out already?

Jawo: *panting* Huff...huff...(Damn...I'm almost out of mana. I think I bit off more than I can chew. ...I really need to pick my battles more wisely. That is..if I can just get out of this alive...)

Man: Though I must admit, you've put up quite the fight for just one person. I expected it to be over much much sooner.

Jawo: *panting* Huff..well...what can I say? I die hard.

Man: Hmm, a wisecrack to the end, eh? Well I hope it was worth, because those were your last words! Finish him!

*The 4th man readies and arrow and prepares to fire it at Jawo*

Man4: I hope you've said your prayers. Heheheh.

*But before he can fire, the man is struck by an unknown attack*

Man4: Aaaaaaggggh!!

Jawo: What...

Man3: What was that!?

Man: An...an arrow? Who did this!?

*Just then, the third man is struck by a fireball spell*

Man3: Guaaaaaggh!!

Man: W-what the..!

Man2: Where are these attack coming fro--

*The second man is then struck with a fireball spell as well*

Man2: Gaaaaaah!!

Man: N-no! What's happeni--

*And finally, the first man is struck in the face twice by a spinner, and then another, knocking him down flat*

Man: Uuuuuurrrgh!!

Jawo: Who the heck was that!?

Blue: Good to see you safe, Jawo.

Jawo: Wait a minute...that voice...could it be?

*Jawo looks up into the nearby trees to see Blue, along with Reese and Penny standing in them*

Jawo: Blue! *thumbs up*

Blue: Jawo! *thumbs up*
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« Reply #11 on: 09 August, 2008, 10:31:22 am »

*Blue and his friends leap from the tree and back down to the ground*

Blue: Jawo! Are you okay? You're not hurt too badly, are you?

Jawo: Nah, I'm fine. It's nothing a little rest won't heal. But still...those guys...

Reese: Who were they anyway?

Jawo: I wish I knew. All of a sudden these guys just come up and ask me if I've seen a boy with purple hair and a glowing necklace. I say no, and then they just attack me from out of nowhere! I figured I could take em on my own, but...they were stronger than I thought. If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be standing here right now.

Blue: Of course. You know I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. We're friends, right?

*Blue puts out his hand*

Jawo: That's right. We're...friends.

*Jawo grabs Blue's hand as he pulls him to his feet*

Penny: Hang on! A boy with purple hair and a glowing necklace. ...Reese...that's you!!

Reese: *gulp* Me!?

Jawo: Hey, now that you mention it, you do fit that description pretty well, kid.

Blue: Reese, do you know anything about this?

Reese: No! I don't know what's going on!

Penny: Why would they want Reese?

Blue: I don't have a clue, Penny. But we're not gonna let them take him.

Penny: Yeah! We'll protect you, Reese!

Reese: Heh, thanks guys. *rubs head*

Jawo: Say Blue, you looks like you made some new friends in my absence. Why don't you introduce me, huh?

Blue: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This is Reese. He's the one who found me washed up on the coast and helped nurse me back to health. I owe a lot to him.

Reese: So, you're one of Blue's friends, are you? Nice to finally meet you.

Jawo: Likewise, kid. And thanks for helping Blue for me. You're a good guy.

Reese: Heheh, aw gee.

Blue: And this is Penny. They both came with me to help find...you...guys. Uhm...

*Penny walks up to Jawo and stares directly in his face*

Penny: Hm...

Jawo: Hey...can I help you, little girl?

Penny: So you're Jawo, huh? You don't look so tough. But I guess that was made obvious by the way those 4 guys trampled you!

Jawo: Rrrrgh! Why you...

Penny: You should've seen your face! You were pratically begging for your life! If it wasn't for us, you would've have a chance!

Reese: Penny, you're being rude...

Penny: Shut up, Reese! I'm busy.

Jawo: Geez, Blue. Where did you find this one, huh? The dog kennel?

Penny: Dog kennel!? Are you trying to say I'm a dog!?

Jawo: Well if the shoe fits...

Penny: Aargh! That's it! You're going down!

Jawo: Heh, you think you can take me on?

Blue: Penny, that's enough!

Penny: But, Blue! He started it!

Blue: I don't care who started it. We don't have time for this. In case you forgot, we still have another friend to find.

Jawo: Wait a minute, Lilia's still out there somewhere? Darn, I thought she'd be with you, Blue.

Blue: *shakes head* Actually, I was hoping you might've known where she was. *sigh* I guess we're gonna have to find her the hard way.

Jawo: Hey, cheer up, Blue. We'll find her!

Blue: We? You mean you're going to come with us, Jawo?

Jawo: What are you talking about? Of course I am! We're a team, remember? I said I was never leaving your side!

Blue: Jawo...

Jawo: Now come on. Let's find our friend and get on home!

Blue: Right. Let's go everyone.

Reese: Yeah!

Penny: Tsch.

*Blue and his friends, now joined by Jawo, Blue's old friend and companion, continue their journey in search of the lost Lilia. As the group continues on out of sight, the man that was left alive begins to struggle back to life*

Man: Ergh...the boy...he's..he's here. I must...i-inform...Master..Kovah...

*The man disappears in a pool of darkness*
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« Reply #12 on: 09 August, 2008, 04:06:27 pm »

*The group arrives in the nearby city of Clough, though they're not exactly sure of what to do next*

~~Clough City~~

Jawo: So Blue, what's next?

Blue: I don't know, Jawo. We don't have any leads on Lilia's whereabouts to go on.

Reese: In that case, why don't we do what we did last time and ask around the city? You never know, maybe someone's seen her.

Blue: Well, I guess it's worth a try. It's about all we can do for now.

Reese: Are we spliting up again?

Blue: That's right. Let's do i--

Penny: Stop!!!

Reese: Huh? Penny?

Penny: I haven't gotten my battle with Jawo yet!

Blue: Ugh, not again...

Jawo: Sorry, but I don't fight girls.

Penny: Heh, what's the matter, huh? Scared I'll beat the skin off ya?

Jawo: Like I said, I don't fight girls. ...Even if they do deserve a beating...

Penny: So I deserve a beating, do I? Well too bad! There isn't a man alive that can defeat me!

Reese: Penny...

Jawo: Alright, I've had enough.

*Jawo grabs Penny by her shirt and lifts her into the air*

Penny: Hey! Ugh! L-let me go!

Jawo: Listen you little brat, are you gonna settle down? Or do I have to give you a time out?

Penny: Don't..speak to me like a child!

*Penny struggles harder, eventually freeing herself from Jawo's grip*

Jawo: Hmph...

Penny: Don't you ever speak to me like that!

Jawo: You know, it's that temper of yours that makes you so intolerable. How Blue and Reese put up with you, I'll never know. If you'd just stay calm and quiet, you might actually be kinda cute.

Penny: *blushes* You...how dare you! You jerk!

*Penny slaps Jawo across the face*

Jawo: Ouch! Egh..didn't your mother ever teach you any manners!?

Penny: My...my mother...

Jawo: Yeah, you do have one of those, don't you?

*Penny squints hard, but can't keep a tear from dripping down her face. She then turns and runs away*

Jawo: *folds arms* Hah, that'll learn ya.

Reese: *annoyed* Ugh, Jawo! How could you be so insensitive!?

Jawo: *confused* Eh? Did I miss something here?

Reese: Penny, wait!

*Reese runs after Penny*

Blue: Reese! *sigh* Oh man...

Jawo: Blue, what's going on? Did I do something wrong?

Blue: If only I knew...*scratches head*

*Penny runs to the terrace of the local inn and begins to silently cry over the railing*

Penny: *sniff*

Reese: Penny..there you are.

Penny: Reese. *sniff* What do you want? Are you gonna try and scold me?

Reese: No, not that. I just came to see if you were alright.

Penny: *wipes tears* Stupid Jawo. Talking about my mother like that. I oughta throttle him.

Reese: Aw, don't be so hard on him. He didn't know that your mother..was...

Penny: It's been 12 years.

Reese: Huh?

Penny: It's been 12 years...since she left us.

Reese: 12 years already, huh?

Penny: Yeah. I was only 3 at the time, but I can still remember..how sad my father was. He cried more than me and my sister put together. He didn't leave his room for days. He didn't eat, and he probably didn't sleep either.

Reese: That was when he changed, wasn't it?

Penny: *nods* About 5 years after the incident, on the whims of my father, me and Prima both started our healer training. Neither of us liked it, but father insisted that it was what our mother would've wanted, so we continued.

Reese: And then you two started to get fed up, right?

Penny: Mhm. About a year ago, Prima stopped attending her regular training sessions, in favor of studying conjuring instead. Dad didn't like what she was doing, so he tried to force her into training with the same confinement methods he used on me. But that wasn't enough to detain her. With the aid of her conjured creatures, she broke out of the hall, and...that was the last time I saw her...

Reese: Penny...

Penny: With mother dead and Prima gone, my dad was able to focus all of his negative attention on me. And it wasn't long before I became just like my sister.

Reese: It must be hard...having to grow up without a mother.

Penny: What are you talking about? You don't have one either, stupid!

Reese: I know that. But...Nurse Underwood is like one to me. Thanks to her, I know what it feels like.

Penny: *sniff* Reese...

Reese: Penny?

Penny: I just wish..that my mom would come back. So that things would go back to how they used to be, and we could be a family again!

*Penny begins crying again*

Reese: Penny, I...I'm sorry.

Penny: Just go! I need some time...to be alone...

*Reese leaves the inn and returns to Blue and Jawo*

Jawo: Reese, you're back.

Blue: How's she feeling?

Reese: Not very good. She's pretty upset right now.

Jawo: What did I do anyway? All I did was ask her if her mother taught her any manners.

Reese: And that's the problem. Penny...doesn't have a mother...

Jawo: Huh? You mean...

Reese: Yeah. Penny's mother was killed in an accident when she was just a little girl.

Jawo: Hmm, so that's why she's so manly...

Blue: Jawo!!

Jawo: Okay okay, I was only kidding. But seriously though, I feel bad for her. Maybe I should go apologize.

Reese: Uhm...I wouldn't do that!

Jawo: No, I have to do this.

*Jawo goes up to the terrace where Penny*

Jawo: Hey, Penny.

Penny: Huh? *annoyed* Oh, it's you, Jawo. What do you want?

Jawo: I just wanted to say...that I'm sorry.

Penny: Uh? You are?

Jawo: Yeah, I should learn to watch what I say. I didn't know your mother was killed.

Penny: Gee. *wipes tears* Thanks. That makes me feel a lo--

Jawo: I mean, if I had known that she was dead, I would've asked had your father taught you manners instead.

Penny: What!?

*Penny's face begins to turn red*

Jawo: So that way, you wouldn't have felt as bad about it.

Penny: *cracks knuckles*

Jawo: So, I hope this little chat has made you feel better. ...Penny?

*BAM!!! Penny punches Jawo in the face, knocking him off the terrace and down below*

Jawo: Whooooooooooaaaah! Oof!!

Penny: Hmph! Jerk!

Blue: So, I trust everything went well? Heheh.

Jawo: *swirly eyes* Ugh...

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*The caped man from earlier returns inside of a dark, palace-like room*

Man: M-Master Kovah...I've returned...

*A that moment, Kovah walks into the dark room. Kovah is a rather built man, with medium length bright red hair that covers his left eye, and wearing a long black cloak*

Kovah: You...what happened out there? Where are the rest of the men I sent with you?

Man: They...weren't so lucky. They were defeated.

*Soon after, another man, Deke, walks into the room. He has a build similar to Kovah's, with medium length spiky black hair that stands on end, and is wearing an open dark blue cloak*

Deke: Defeated? By who?

Man: At first...were only fighting one man, wielding a strange sword. But as we were about to finish him off, we are attacked by 3 others who appear to be comrades of his.

Kovah: Hrrm, did you at least uncover the location of the boy?

Man: I was just getting to that. As it so happens, one of the three that attacked us, was indeed the boy we are seeking.

Deke: What? Are you certain!?

Man: Yes, I'm positive.

Kovah: Well this is good news. Where are they now?

Man: As they left, I saw them heading towards Clough City.

Deke: Clough City? Very well. I will go meet them.

Kovah: Deke, wait.

Deke: Hm?

Kovah: We have more pressing matters to attend to. We shall leave this task to someone else.

Deke: Like...?

Prima: Like me!!

Deke: Ugh..Prima...

*A rather large beast enters the room, Prima on its back. In contrast to her colleagues, Prima is a sinisterly chipper girl with long blond hair wearing a white and yellow dress that comes down to her knees, also wearing white stockings with dainty shoes and a white beret*

Prima: Come on, Kovah! Let ME go after them! My monsters'll eat em alive and spit out the bones! Ahahahaha!

Kovah: No, Prima. You too, have a different task.

Prima: Aww...

Kovah: Instead, I will leave this to my new subordinate, Shadow.

Prima: Shadow? Who's he?

*Shadow appears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Shadow: You called, oh great and powerful client?

Kovah: Spare me the theatrics, Shadow. I have a job for you.

Shadow: Okay, shoot. *rubs chin*

Kovah: I want you...to eliminate that meddlesome group of four. Leave none of them alive. Except for the boy with the necklace. Deliver him AND the necklace to me...alive.

Shadow: Hmm, that'd be Blue's group, ain't it? How unfortunate...

Deke: Do you mean to say that you know them?

Shadow: Yeah, I had to chance to meet them back when I was shopping for groceries the other day. Blue was a pretty cool dude, and with a good head on his shoulders. I can see him going far. Mhmm. *nods*

Kovah: He..will not be going far. For tomorrow will be his last day among the living.

Shadow: Oh, that's too bad. I kinda liked him, you know?

Kovah: Enough! Go now!!!

Shadow: Okay! Sheesh. Now wonder nobody likes working with the bad guys. You all yell too much!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Prima: Ugh, what. An. Idiot!

Deke: For once, I agree with Prima. Are you sure sending him was a good idea?

Kovah: Yes. His skills in combat belie is rather...plucky disposition. He is not to be taken lightly, I assure you. Now come, the both of you. We still have much to do.

Prima: Right-o!

Deke: Sure.

*The three disappear*
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« Reply #13 on: 11 August, 2008, 08:10:42 am »

*The group sets off about their task of acquiring information on Lilia. After several hours, they regroup in the center of the city to share their findings*

Blue: So, did you guys get anything this time?

Reese: Nothing. Again.

Penny: Couldn't get a thing, Blue.

Jawo: Nobody here has seen her either. It's like she disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Blue: *sigh* I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever find her...

Reese: Hey! Don't lose hope now!

Penny: Yeah, we've only just begun! She's sure to be somewhere around here.

Jawo: We'll scour this entire planet if we have to, Blue.

Blue: ...You're right. I can't get discouraged. We have to keep looking, no matter what.

Jawo: Now we're talkin'. Come on, let's get out of here. If we're going to find Lilia, we need to keep moving.

Blue: Okay. But where do we go from here?

Reese: Well...we could always try our luck in Dunlevy Town.

Blue: Dunlevy Town?

Reese: *nods* It's just east of here. If we leave now, we should get there before sundown.

Jawo: Sounds like a plan to me. How about it, Blue?

Blue: Alright. Let's get going.

*The group leaves Clough City through the eastern gate, and continues on down the road*

~~On the Road~~

Penny: You know...I noticed something.

Blue: What, Penny?

Penny: We haven't ran into any monsters the whole time we've been traveling. I wonder where they're hiding...

Blue: *facepalm* Penny, only you would want to be attacked by monsters...

Reese: Well wherever they are, I hope they stay there. The last thing we need is another encounter like the one me and Blue had.

Penny: Huh? What happened to you two?

Reese: We were attacked by a huge ogre. And in the Vogul Forest of all places. If it wasn't for Blue and his magic, he would've flattened me! *sigh* I guess no place is ever really safe anymore.

Penny: Heh, an ogre. What a wimp. I would've taken him down with no trouble at all! *punches*

Jawo: Hey, wait a minute. What's all this about monsters?

Blue: It's strange. Apparently monsters are commonplace on this continent.

Jawo: Huh!?!?

Blue: Yeah, I was surprised too when I found out. The only kind we've ever seen are from Jahannam...

Penny: Hold on. You mean...there aren't any monsters where you guys live?

Blue: That's right.

Reese: *dreamy sigh* It's like Paradise on Earth...

Penny: More like snoresville! What do you guys do for fun!? I can't imagine not having any monsters to kick around in my spare time.

Blue: *sweatdrop* Penny, you really are a card.

Penny: Heehee, no wonder Jawo boy is so weak.

Jawo: What'd you say...

Penny: I said, no wonder you're so--

*Jawo grabs Penny's collar and pulls her toward his face*

Penny: Hey!

Jawo: I heard what you said, you little pipsqueak. Keep talking, and I'll shove a mouthful of crystal into that big mouth of yours.

Penny: Tsch, I'm not afraid of you!

Jawo: Oh, you will be...

Blue: Geez, can't you guys go one day without figh--

*ZOOM! Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a strange weapon spirals past Blue, just inches away from his face, and plants into the ground*

Blue: Whoa!! What was that!?

Jawo: Whatever it was...it almost took your head off.

Reese: It's...a scythe...

Penny: A scythe? Hmm, now where did I see one of those...

*Just then, Shadow appears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Shadow: Heh. *pushes up sunglasses* So it seems my aim was a little off. Bummer.

*Shadow raises his hand into air, causing his scythe to remove itself from the ground and fly back to his hand*

Blue: Shadow...it's you.

Penny: Shadow!? Oh that's right..so it's your scythe! What are you trying to do, huh? Kill us!?

Shadow: Yes, I am actually. Thanks for noticing.

Reese: Shadow...what's going on?

Shadow: Well, if you must know, I've got a new gig today! Lucky me, huh?

Blue: And let me guess, you're out to get us, am I right?

Reese: What!? No..that can't be right...

Shadow: Ah, Blue. You are a sharp tack, aren't you? Yes, you are quite right. Sorry, Blue. Nothing personal, but I'm gonna have to kill you now.

Blue: Heh, figures. You mercenaries are the lowest of the low.

Shadow: *gasp* Blue, I'm insulted! Surely you can't mean such words. Don't blame me, blame my employer. He's the one who asked me to do this.

Blue: Who IS your employer anyway? Is he the same person who sent those four men after Reese?

Reese: What?

Shadow: Oooh. *wags finger* You know I can't do that, Blue. Only inexperienced mercenaries reveal the identity of their employer. And as you'll soon see, I'm far from inexperienced. Nice try though.

Jawo: Your name is Shadow, huh? I've only just met you and I already hate your guts.

Shadow: Hey, you're Jawo, right!?

Jawo: Yeah. What of it?

Shadow: So, it seems my tip off was helpful afterall. Outstanding job on finding your comrade, Blue. I commend you.

Blue: Hm. *grins* Well thanks for that.

Shadow: So Jawo, you hate my guts, huh? How sad. And here I thought we were going to be the best of friends. Perhaps I'll go cut my wrists later. Or maybe even start wearing black!

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo: Don't..mock me.

Shadow: Whoa, buddy. Don't be so hasty. The fun has yet to begin!

Penny: *twirls spinners* Then let's get on with it already! Ever since the potatoe stand, I've been wanting to beat your brains out!

Shadow: Too bad you'll never get the chance, eh? I'm sorry, but you're not good enough to defeat me.

Penny: I'll let my spinners decide that! Take this!

*Penny lauches her spinner at Shadow, but he catches it in his hand, stopping the attack with little effort*

Penny: What!? Ergh...

Shadow: Like I said...

*Shadow throws the spinner back at Penny, hitting her in the face*

Penny: Aaagh!!

Shadow: You're not good enough.

Reese: Penny!

Blue: Shadow, why you...

Shadow: You know, Blue, I really like you. You're different from the rest of your crew here. You're more relaxed, sensible, calm, cool, calculated. Why, you remind me of...myself!

Blue: Like you? Now I don't know whether I'm being praised or belittled...*rubs head*

Shadow: Ha ha! Oh stop. Anyway, I know I was supposed to kill you lot, but I think I'll cut you a deal.

Blue: Huh?

Shadow: All you have to do is hand over Reese, and I'll spare you your lives. Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh? So what say you, Blue? Will you do it?

Blue: Thanks Shadow...but I think I'll take my chances with you. *pounds fist*

Shadow: *sigh* And here I was hoping that our friendship would be able to blossom. Ah well.

Reese: Shadow.

Shadow: Hm? You have something to say, Reese?

Reese: Yeah. These guys, that you're working for. Why do they want me? What makes me so special?

Shadow: I wish I knew myself. But I'll tell you what, if you can get past me, you can move on find out.

Reese: Beat you? Hah, okay.

Blue: Reese?

Reese: Come on, Blue. We could be on to something big here.

Blue: I understand. Alright, everyone. Let's take him down!

Jawo: Now that's what I like to hear. *grins*

Shadow: So you actually think you have a chance, do you? Heh, this could prove to be interesting afterall.

*Shadow removes his sunglasses*

Shadow: Time to party.
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« Reply #14 on: 11 August, 2008, 07:15:23 pm »

Shadow: Okay, let's begin! Who's gonna go down first, huh?

Penny: You are!

Shadow: Oh?

Penny: Consider this payback for what you did to me! Double Thrust!

*Penny launches both her spinners at Shadow*

Shadow: Hmm...

*Shadow stands still. Before the spinners hit him, they seperate and continue going on each side of him*

Shadow: Interesting.

Penny: Now! Wraparound!

*Penny tugs on her spinners, causing them to come back and wrap around Shadow, tying him up completely*

Penny: Hah! Got ya!

Shadow: ...It seems I've been ensnared. This is quite a predicament.

Penny: Now Reese! Put one right between his eyes!

Reese: You got it!

*Reese loads three arrows and prepares to fire*

Reese: Triple Shot: Fire!

*Reese fires three arrows at Shadow. They come at him at an extreme velocity, but he doesn't make an attempt to escape his bonds*

Penny: You're not even going to try? Oh well, it'd be a dumb move anyhow. You can't escape! Ha ha!

Shadow: So it would seem. But...

*Shadow glares at Penny*

Penny: Huh?

*Shadow quickly disappears and reappears. Removing himself from the tight ropes*

Shadow: And presto!

Penny: What!? How did you--

*Shadow grabs hold of the spinners ropes and tugs on them, pulling Penny forward. He then puts her into a strong chokehold*

Penny: Ergh!! L-let me go!

Shadow: You see, I can't do that. Because then you'd miss the surprise!

Penny: S-suprise? What are you..aaah!!

*With Shadow holding on tight to her, Penny is now the target of the arrows trajectory*

Reese: Oh no, Penny!

Shadow: Hmhmhm. *smirks*

*Penny closes her eyes and prepares for the worst when...*

*tink tink tink*

Penny: Uh? *opens eyes* What...?

*Jawo steps in and saves Penny from the brink of death by knocking away the arrows with his sword*

Reese: Phew...

Jawo: Penny, are you alright?

Shadow: Oh, sure. She's fine. Here, see for yourself!

*Shadow lets go of Penny and kicks her, sending her stumbling in Jawo's direction*

Penny: Waaaaah!!

Jawo: Uh oh!

*Instead of stopping her, Jawo sidesteps, avoiding Penny and allowing her to stumble forward and fall to the ground with a thud*

Penny: Ouch! Jawo!

Jawo: Sorry, kid. I don't have any time to babysit you. I've got a date with Shadow over here.

Shadow: A date, you say? Did you bring me some roses? I love roses.

Jawo: Keep it up, chuckles. You won't be cracking jokes without a head!!

*Jawo takes a swing a Shadow's neck, attempting to lob his head off. But he steps back and avoids the blow*

Shadow: Whoa! You weren't kidding! You really are out for blood. Don't you know that one head is better than none?

Jawo: Argh! Shut up!

*Jawo prepares a technique on the run*

Jawo: Crystal Art: Geode Dasher!

*The blade of Jawo's sword morphs into a large polygonal sphere and seperates from the hilt, floating in the air above Shadow*

Shadow: Wow...

Jawo: Now it's time to drop the ball!

*Jawo points downward, sending the sphere down on Shadow, apparently crushing him beneath its massive weight*

Jawo: Heh. See? I can make stupid puns too.

Shadow: Not bad, Jawo.

Jawo: What!?

*Shadow rises from beneath the stone, carrying it with a single hand*

Jawo: How!? You can't do that!

Shadow: I can do anything I want! Huah!

*Shadow tosses the sphere into the air and punches it on decent, causing it to break into smaller, yet still pretty big chunks of crystal that scatter in multiple directions, pelting Jawo*

Jawo: Aaagh!!

*Jawo falls down on one knee*

Jawo: Damnit...how could you...do that...?

Shadow: Ha ha ha. It's easy when you're me. Now have a seat, would you?

*Shadow kicks Jawo in the face, knocking him to the ground*

Jawo: Ergh! Ngh...

Shadow: *dusts off hands* Well that was fun. Now who's next?

*Shadow looks over at Reese*

Shadow: Reese?

Reese: Aaaah! *panics*

Shadow: Hmm, no. Not you. I'm supposed to capture you, not kill you.

Reese: *sigh of relief*

Shadow: And that just leaves....you, Blue!

Blue: Try me.

Shadow: Okay, I will!

*Shadow dashes forward and swings at Blue multiple times with his scythe. Blue manages to dodge his attempts and Shadow backs off*

Shadow: Wow, Blue. You're better than I thought.

Blue: Thanks. But dodging isn't all I can do!

Shadow: Oh yeah?

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Nitro Dagger!

*Gray Clouds fill the area as large jagged chunks of ice begin to rain down. They hit the ground hard enough to plant themselves deep into it*

Shadow: Yikes! Better watch out!

*Shadow teleports to and fro around the area, avoiding any and all ice chunks that come his way. Soon after, the clouds fade and the spell ends*

Blue: Darn...

Shadow: Hmm, that was magic, wasn't it? I didn't know you were a magician, Blue! Way to surprise me.

Blue: Is that so?

Shadow: Yeah! Oh oh, wait. I have a little magic of my own. Wanna see?

Blue: ...

Shadow: I'll take that as a yes indeedy! Watch closely, now.

*Shadow begins to wave his arms slowly and ominously. He then puts his right hand out in front of him*

Shadow: Oh, Darkness! Swallow them!

*A group of dark energy orbs appear and begin to form a circle around Shadow*

Blue: What...

Reese: What is that!?

Shadow: Spellbound Blindness!

*The orbs begin to shoot outward at a fast pace. One strikes Blue, and another strikes Reese*

Blue/Reese: Uaagh!!

*Two more orbs strike a recovering Penny and Jawo*

Penny/Jawo: Aaagh!!

Shadow: Ha ha ha! How'd you like that!?

*When the group recovers from the attack, their vision is dark and opaque*

Blue: What...what is this? I can't...see...

Reese: That spell must've put something in our eyes!

*Penny wipes her eyes, but it does nothing*

Penny: Hey! What gives!? I wiped my eyes, but nothing happened!

Jawo: It..It must be an effect of the spell!

Blue: Ah! You're right! There's nothing in our eyes to wipe out!

Jawo: Damn him...

Shadow: Now that you've figured it out, I think I'll wrap this up.

*Shadow's being splits into 3 more of himself, including the original, making 4*

Shadow: Let's do it!

*The 4 dash forward and prepare to attack*

Blue: Ugh...darn this spell...clear up already!

*Blue's vision returns to normal, but the first thing he sees is Shadow cutting through him with his scythe*

Blue: Aaaaaaagggh!!!

Reese/Penny/Jawo: Blue!

Shadow: I'd be more worried about yourselves!

*The remaining Shadow's continue their attack, cutting through Reese next*

Reese: Gaaaaaah!!

*Then Penny*

Penny: Auaaaaaagh!!

*Then Jawo*

Jawo: Guaaaaah!!

*The 4 fall to their knees, and then flat on the ground unconscious*

Shadow: Ha haaa! And there we have it!

Blue: D...Damn it. He beat us. We..we lost...

Shadow: Hmm and here I was hoping you'd put up a better fight. Oh well. At least it was good for a warmup.

Blue: S-Shadow...

Shadow: Blue. Any last words before I kill you and take Reese?

Blue: Unh...

*Blue falls unconscious*

Shadow: Hm, guess not. Farewell, Blue!

*Shadow lifts his scythe to strike the final blow when the group's bodies disappear from sight*

Shadow: Uh!? Hey! Aw man, now where did they get off to? *rubs head*

*Shadow looks around*

Shadow: They couldn't have just disappeared like that. As far as I know, none of them have the ability to teleport. So that means...someone must've intervened. But who?

*Shadow looks up at the sky*

Shadow: *sigh* Ah well. It looks like you get to live for another day, Blue and friends. ...And goody for me too. This just means that I get to have more fun. Ahahahah!!

*Shadow pushes up his sunglasses and disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

And so it seems that the enigmatic mercenary Shadow was too much for Blue and his friends to handle. As Shadow is about to finish them off for good, a mysterious force whisks them away, saving their lives. But who's responsible for saving the group from imminent doom? And is it friend...or foe?

END Lost and Found Arc

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