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02 July, 2020, 01:30:25 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« on: 05 August, 2008, 04:44:35 pm »

[The duo of Blue and Reese begin their venture on the vast roads of the country side]

~~On the Road: Countryside~~

Blue: So, Reese.

Reese: Hm?

Blue: Where are we headed from here?

Reese: Are you serious? I was about to ask you that... *rubs head*

Blue: But how would I know? I'm not from here, remember?

Reese: Oh yeah, that's right. Hmm...well...maybe we can go see Penny.

Blue: Penny? I heard you mention her before. Just who is she?

Reese: Penny is a healer-in-training, and a friend of mine from Ackland Town.

Blue: A healer-in-training? That's interesting, but how is she going to help us find Lilia and Jawo?

Reese: I was thinking, maybe we can ask her if she's seen anyone who fits their description.

Blue: Oh, now I see. So where is this Ackland Town anyway?

Reese: If we keep going westward like we are, we should get there pretty soon. That is, once we get past the forest that comes before it.

Blue: Forest?

Reese: Yeah, the Vogul Forest. No worries, though. It's not particularly dangerous.

Blue: Okay then. Lead the way.

Reese: You got it.

[Blue and Reese keep traveling until reaching the Vogul Forest. The Vogul Forest is very dark on the inside, despite it being the middle of the day. Likely due to the vast trees blocking the sunlight from entering]

~~Vogul Forest: Entrance~~

Reese: *whistles*

Blue: ...

Reese: Say, Blue. Why don't you relax a bit?

Blue: Huh?

Reese: You always walk so...stiff and upright.

Blue: It's...just how I walk. What's wrong with that?

Reese: It looks painful.

Blue: *annoyed* Mmph.

Reese: And there's another thing. You always have that scowl on your face.

Blue: But...this is how I always look.

Reese: Your face is stuck in a scowl? Something really bad must've happened to you when you were a kid.

[Blue balls his fists tightly as his eyes grow narrow]

Blue: *disturbed* Grgh...

Reese: Uh! Uhm...nevermind...

[Blue and Reese continue through the forest. Suddenly, a shaking is heard up in the trees, and the two stop to investigate]

~~Vogul Forest: Midway~~

Blue: What was that?


Reese: It sounds like something's up in that tree. But, I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Blue: Eh, you're probably right. But just to be sure--

[Blue picks up a rock and hurls it into the shaking tree. The rock's impact causes a flock of startled birds to fly out of the tree]

Blue: Hm, it was just some birds.

Reese: See? I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Blue: I guess you were ri--


[Just then, a small imp-like creature leaps from the bushes at Blue]

Imp: Gragh!

Blue: Ugh! What the hell!?

Reese: Blue, watch out!

[Blue quickly sidesteps to avoid the creature's pounce. Reese then pulls an arrow out of his quiver and nocks it in the bow. He pulls back and shoots. The arrow strikes the imp in mid-air, piercing it through the heart and pinning it to a nearby tree]

Imp: Uuragh..

[The creature's body sizzles away, leaving just the arrow alone in the tree]

Reese: Phew. Talk about cutting it close. Are you okay, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine. But what the hell was that thing?

Reese: Oh, that's just a little imp monster. They're pretty weak.

Blue: Did it...did it come from Jahannam?

Reese: Jahannam? What's that? There are creatures like those all over this continent. They're pretty commonplace, you know. It's no big deal.

Blue: You're joking...

Reese: Blue, are you telling me there aren't monsters where you come from?

Blue: No. Well not like that, anyway. The worst we have to deal with are rabid animals and your average crook. But that... It looked more like a creature of myth...

Reese: Wow. Your homeland sounds really different from mine, Blue.

Blue: I thought you said there was nothing to worry about, huh?

Reese: Well, what I really meant was, the monsters around here don't really get too tough. If I had known that you lived in a place without monsters roaming around, I would've warned you first. ...Sorry, Blue.

Blue: *sigh* It's okay. I've been through worse, afterall, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Reese: That's the spirit, Blue. Now let's keep going; we're almost there. Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye out for those imps. They're pretty tricky.

Blue: Urgh, what a pain...

[Blue and Reese continue on to the edge of the forest]

Reese: Blue, I can see the end! Let's hurry!

Blue: Alright!

[Blue and Reese make a run for the forest exit, but are soon halted by the sound of approaching footsteps]


Reese: Huh?

Blue: Oh no... What is it this time?

[Suddenly, a larger, more bulky ogre-like creature plows through the forest trees and advances on the duo]

Orge: Graaaaaaagh!!!

Reese: It's...an ogre! Well he's a pretty big fella!

Blue: *sigh* Man, I'm really starting to think this is more trouble than it's worth...

[The ogre throws a mighty punch at the two. They both dodge in seperate directions, causing the orge to tear down a tree instead]


Reese: Whoa! If that punch can knock down a tree, just imagine what it'd do to us!

Blue: I'll pass on that, thanks.

Orge: Grraaaaagh!!

Reese: Leave it to me, Blue. I'll take him down.

Blue: Okay. Just be careful.

[Reese nocks an arrow and shoots it at the orge, but it snaps on impact, unable to pierce its rough hide]

Orge: Grrrrrrgh...

Reese: Uh oh, it wasn't good enough. Then maybe I'll try a more blunt approach...!

[Reese pulls out an out arrow with a blunt tip and prepares it to fire]

Reese: Here I go! Hah!

[Reese fires the blunt arrow at the ogre's head. It strikes, and knocks his head back slighty. But the ogre shakes off the damage]

Reese: Shoot, that didn't work either...

[Enraged, the orge makes a mad dash towards Reese]

Ogre: Rrrrraggggh!!!

Reese: Wah!!

Blue: No! Reese! Get out of there!

[Reese attempts to run, but is stalled upon getting his ankle is tangled in tree roots]

Reese: *struggles* Ergh! C-come on...!

Blue: Reese! Hurry!

Reese: I'm trying! But my foot...it's stuck!

[The ogre closes in on Reese and prepares to attack]

Blue: (If Reese gets hit by that thing, he's not gonna make it out of here alive. I had better act fast...)

[Without hesitating, Blue focuses his mana in preparation for a spell. A light blue glyph appears around his feet]

Reese: *closes eyes* Nngh, th-this is it!

Blue: *chanting* "O frozen blade, fly sharply across the heavens..."

Reese: Aaaah!

Blue: Freeze Lancer!

[Blue casts Freeze Lancer, calling forth a number of sharp ice spears to cut away at the ogre and intercept his attack on Reese]

Orge: *injured* Grrrngggh...!

Reese: Whoa...! Th-that was...magic!

Blue: Reese, are you alright?

Reese: Y-yeah... But, Blue! Behind you!

Blue: !?

[The ogre quickly recovers from its injuries and springs up behind Blue, attempting to smash him its fists]

Orge: Rrrrraaagh!

Reese: Blue, he's going to attack!

Blue: Not if I have anything to say about it...

[Blue prepares another spell, a yellow glyph appearing around his feet]

Blue: *chanting* "O demon who crawls the depths of the earth, gore my enemies and crush them to dust...!" Riot Horn!

[Blue casts Riot Horn, causing sharp pillars of rock to rise and impale the ogre in multiple places, rendering it an broken unsightly mess and destroying it for good]

Blue: Hmph. Not too shabby.

Reese: Blue, you...you saved me...

Blue: Well yeah, what did you expect?

Reese: But...I'm the one who's supposed to--

Blue: Hey, listen. I don't care about that. Just because you've offered me your help doesn't mean I'm gonna let you get hurt. You're my friend, Reese. And I always protect my friends.

Reese: Heh...gee. Thanks Blue.

Blue: No problem. Now come on, let's get out of here before any of its friends show up.

Reese: Right. But wait...

Blue: Hm?

Reese: I didn't know you were a mage, Blue. That magic you used on that ogre was out of this world!

Blue: Well thanks, but I told you I only needed my hands and feet.

Reese: Yeah, you said that, but I thought that meant you were a martial artist or something. I never expected to see you break out magic attacks like that.

Blue: I'm guessing you've never seen magic before?

Reese: You're right. There aren't any magic specialists at the academy, so I was really amazed to have seen it in action. How much more can you do, huh?

Blue: A lot more. I can't even count the number of spells I've learned at this point.

Reese: Wow! Can you teach me to use magic!?

Blue: I wish I could, Reese, but you're not able to.

Reese: Huh? But why?

Blue: Because, you don't possess the Runic Symbol like I do.

Reese: What's a...Runic Symbol? *scratches head*

Blue: It's a special mark that all those capable of using magic are born with. If you don't have it, use of magic artes is an impossibility.

Reese: Aw man...

Blue: But don't fret. Your arrows are plenty good enough.

Reese: Heh, you think so?

Blue: I know so. I can tell that your skills as an archer will come in real handy down the road.

Reese: Heheheh, you're gonna make me blush.

Blue: It's the truth! Well, anyway, it's about time we got going.

Reese: Oh yeah, that's right. We still need to get to Ackland Town. Let's go, Blue.
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