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02 July, 2020, 12:53:59 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« on: 07 August, 2008, 06:27:05 pm »

~~Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Belden Town~~

*Jawo is walking down the road away from the town. And he too is searching for his lost friends*

Jawo: *sigh* Ugh, it's so dull being by myself. I feel like I'm about to die of boredom...

*Jawo stops and shakes his head*

Jawo: Wait, what am I talking about? This isn't like me... What happened to the old Jawo? The lone wolf. The one who looked out for himself, and had nobody's back but his own!

*Jawo looks up at the sky*

Jawo: Man...I really have changed since I started traveling with Blue and Lilia. Could I have gone soft? ...Nah. *sigh* I guess..I guess this is just what it means to have people you care for. ...Blue, Lilia, I'll find you. No matter what.

*Jawo continues down the road until he is soon confronted by 4 men wearing black clothing with white capes*

Man: Excuse us, patron.

Jawo: Huh? Who are you guys?

Man2: That's not important.

Jawo: What?

Man3: We need to know if you've seen a boy with purple hair anywhere around here.

Jawo: Well I'm sure there are lots of boys with purple hair. Why don't you try being more specific?

Man4: He carries a strange necklace around his neck. And at times, it can be seen glowing feintly. Is that specific enough for you?

Jawo: Sure, but...

Man: Yes?

Jawo: I haven't seen him. Sorry. Now if you could kindly get out of my way, I'd greatly appreciate it.

*Jawo steps ahead of the men and goes about his way. That is until they turn around and step back in front of him*

Man: Wait!

Jawo: Hey! I told you I didn't see him!

Man: Oh, we know that.

Man2: But we're not liking that attitude of yours.

Jawo: So what? Are you gonna do something about it?

Man3: Well..now that you mention it...

Jawo: Hn...?

Man4: Haah!

*The 4th man quickly draws a crossbow and fires it at Jawo. He manages to evade in the nick of time*

Man4: Tsch, lucky.

Man: But can you handle all four of us, I wonder?

*The remaining men draw out a sword, a whip, and a knife, respectively*

Man2: Heheheheh, it's the end of the road for you.

Jawo: Hah, so it's a fight you want, huh?

*Jawo pulls out his Crystal Sword*

Jawo: Then it's a fight you got! *signals them forward* Come on, I'll take you all on!

Man3: Why you impudent...

Man4: You won't get away with disrespecting us. Kill him!!

~~Meanwhile, in Belden Town~~

*The group packs up their belongings and leave the inn*

Penny: Alright, now that we got a good night's rest, let's get back on the road!

Blue: Wait Penny. We can't leave yet.

Penny: Huh, why not?

Blue: Because, we still don't know where Jawo is.

Penny: What? But I told you that he passed through here!

Blue: That's true, but we don't know where he went next.

Reese: Then what should we do, Blue?

Blue: Well, I was thinking we could ask the people around town if they saw where he was going.

Reese: Yeah, that's a good idea. There has to be at least one person who's seen him.

Blue: Okay, to make it easier, let's split up. We'll meet back here in an hour.

Reese/Penny: Right.

*The three split and begin their inquires around town. Before long, an hour passes by, and they return to their meeting place*

Blue: So guys, how did it go? Did you get anything?

Reese: Nope...

Penny: Nuh uh...

Reese: How about you, Blue?

Blue: *sigh* No luck here either.

Penny: Oh man. What now?

Blue: I suppose we have no choice but to wing it...

??: Hey.

Reese: Huh? Who said that?

??: Up here!

Blue: Hmm...

*The group looks up towards the roof of the inn to see Shadow standing atop it*

Shadow: Hello down there! *waves*

Penny: It's you! That Shadow guy! What do you want!?

Shadow: Must you always be so hostile, Penny? Honestly.

Blue: Shadow, why are you here?

Shadow: Because Blue, I see that you have a problem, and I think I can help you out.

Blue: Oh yeah?

Shadow: Yeah! This guy your looking for. Might he be wearing a white shirt and black pants? Along with a white hat. And carrying a rather ridiculous sword?

Blue: Hah, that's him alright. Did you see him?

Shadow: I sure did. Why just the other day I saw that fellow leaving town through the north gate. If you hurry, you may just be able to catch up to him.

Blue: Gee, thanks Shadow. But wait...how did you know he's the one we're looking for?

Shadow: I have my ways. Heheh...*pushes up sunglasses*

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Reese: Weird...

Penny: And I still don't like that guy.

Blue: Oh well, we'll worry about him later. For now, let's hurry and follow Jawo before we lose him again.

Reese/Penny: Okay.

*The group follows the shady Shadow's advice and pursues Jawo by leaving Belden from the north gate*

~~Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Belden Town~~

*The 4 strangers have proved to be more than Jawo can handle alone, as he stands on his last legs against their combined might*

Man: Heheheh, what's wrong, chum? Are you all talked out already?

Jawo: *panting* Huff...huff...(Damn...I'm almost out of mana. I think I bit off more than I can chew. ...I really need to pick my battles more wisely. That is..if I can just get out of this alive...)

Man: Though I must admit, you've put up quite the fight for just one person. I expected it to be over much much sooner.

Jawo: *panting* Huff..well...what can I say? I die hard.

Man: Hmm, a wisecrack to the end, eh? Well I hope it was worth, because those were your last words! Finish him!

*The 4th man readies and arrow and prepares to fire it at Jawo*

Man4: I hope you've said your prayers. Heheheh.

*But before he can fire, the man is struck by an unknown attack*

Man4: Aaaaaaggggh!!

Jawo: What...

Man3: What was that!?

Man: An...an arrow? Who did this!?

*Just then, the third man is struck by a fireball spell*

Man3: Guaaaaaggh!!

Man: W-what the..!

Man2: Where are these attack coming fro--

*The second man is then struck with a fireball spell as well*

Man2: Gaaaaaah!!

Man: N-no! What's happeni--

*And finally, the first man is struck in the face twice by a spinner, and then another, knocking him down flat*

Man: Uuuuuurrrgh!!

Jawo: Who the heck was that!?

Blue: Good to see you safe, Jawo.

Jawo: Wait a minute...that voice...could it be?

*Jawo looks up into the nearby trees to see Blue, along with Reese and Penny standing in them*

Jawo: Blue! *thumbs up*

Blue: Jawo! *thumbs up*
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