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06 July, 2020, 05:32:35 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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Penny: Man, that Shadow just doesn't know when to quit, does he!?

Lilia: Whoever this Shadow is, he's really...weird. He kept calling me Misty. My name's not Misty!

Blue: Yeah, that was pretty strange. But we'll worry about him later.

Reese: But wait, before he left, Shadow said something. He said...Kinnear's next. What does that mean?

Penny: Ah! Do you think he's going to attack the academy!?

Reese: What!? Is that true!?

Elder1: That's a strong possibility.

Reese: But why!? What's at the academy that they could want!?

Elder2: A Guardian Statue.

Reese: Huh?

Elder3: When we handed you over to the academy, we also placed a Guardian Statue within it for safekeeping as well.

Elder4: But how they discovered that one was hidden there is beyond us...

Reese: Darnit. What do we do...?

Jawo: There's only one thing to do!

Blue: We head over to the academy and stop them ourselves.

Elder5: Ah, so you will take on the task of protecting the Guardian Statue?

Blue: Yeah. That's why were here, right? Sure we'll do it.

Lilia: But how do we get there from here? We're up in the sky, remember?

Blue: Oh, that's right...*rubs head* Is there any way we can get down from here, elders?

Elder1: Of course. We will use our power to teleport you directly to the academy.

Blue: Will you really?

Elder2: Yes. Just give us a moment to prepare.

*The 5 elders raises their arms into the air and begin to chant. As they do, a glowing circle appears under the feet of the group*

Reese: Whoa! What's happening!?

Elder3: Stay calm. This is all apart of the process.

Elder4: It is complete. Take care, young heroes.

Elder5: Stay strong, and be safe.

Blue: Okay, we will. Are you ready, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Let's do it, elders.

Elder1: Very well.

*The elder clap their hands together and complete the spell*

Elders: Teleport!!!

*With the spell complete, the group is immediately whisked out and away from the city, on their way back to the Earth below*

~~Meanwhile, at the Kinnear Academy front gates~~

*Prima impatiently waits by her lonesome*

Prima: Argh! *ruffles hair* Where is he!? I want to start the chaos already!

*Shadow appears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Shadow: Prima!

Prima: There you are! What took you so long!?

Shadow: Eh heh heh, sorry. I was lost on the path of life.

Prima: Hmph! That seems to be a popular saying these days. Well whatever. Did you finish the job?

Shadow: I did. As ordered, I infiltrated and smashed the Guardian Statue. Now I believe it's your turn, am I right?

Prima: You bet you are! I can't wait to start making a mess of things!

Shadow: Now Prima, don't forget what we came here for. Your objective is to destroy the statue and nothing more. Don't harm any innocents if you don't have to.

Prima: The nerve of you! Don't you ever tell me what to do, got it!?

Shadow: Huff. You're insufferable, do you know that?

Prima: Yeah yeah. Now let me show you how a pro does things!

*Prima conjures a Chimera beast and hops aboard its back*

Prima: Let's go! Kya ha ha ha!!

*Prima cracks her whip, instructing the chimera to stride towards the entrance of the academy*

Shadow: *sigh* If I leave her alone, she'll lay waste to everything. I better follow to make sure she doesn't do anything crazy...

*Shadow begins to follow after her silently. Meanwhile, Prima bursts inside of the academy, immediately causing an uproar amongst the students*

Female Student: Aaaah! It's..it's an intruder!

Male Student: Wait, don't be afraid! We're trained combatants! We can take her if we stand together!

Male Student2: Yeah! Let's show her why nobody messes with Kinnear Academy!

Prima: Ha! So you nobody messes with Kinnear, huh? Then you have yet to meet me! Go Chimera! Crush them!

*Prima leaps off the chimera and cracks her whip. Instructing the chimera to charge at the students*

Prima: Skin them alive! Make a trophy of their bones! Hahaha!

Chimera: Roooooooooaaar!!!

Female Student: It's coming!

Male Student: Let's attack!

*The student rush in to attack, but they are no match for the chimera's might as it leaps and pounces down on them with a horrendous blow, defeating them easily*

Female Student: Unh...it's...too strong...

Male Student: Darnit...ugh...

Prima: Ahahahaha! Good work, Chimera!

Chimera: Roar!

Prima: And this was among the weakest of my beasts! Perhaps you should stop sleeping during class and learn a thing or two before you challenge me again!

*Prima leaps back onto the chimera and continues her rampage through the academy. Meanwhile, Shadow walks in shortly after*

Shadow: Ugh, would you look at this mess? Prima, what AM I going to do with you?

*Prima continues through the academy until she is surrounded by a large group of students from both side, trapping her*

Male Student: Give up! You're surrounded!

Male Student2: That is...unless you think you can take us all.

Prima: Hmm, so you've finally come out to play, huh? Okay!

*Prima effortlessly conjures a group of Chimera to join the fight*


Male Student3: Hah, you don't scare us!

Female Student: Yeah, we don't care how many beasts you create!

Male Student 4: Let's drive these monsters out of our school!

*The students move in to attack*

Prima: Go, Chimeras! Annihilate them all! Leave not one of them alive!

*Prima cracks her whip, and the chimeras charge in after the students, and the clash between man and beast begins*

~~Meanwhile, in Headmaster Bringas' office~~

*Headmaster Bringas is suddenly alerted by the loud noises going on outside the room*

Bringas: Huh? What is going on out there...?

*Bringas moves toward the door when a badly injured student bursts in and collapses to the ground*

Male Student: Uaagh!! Headmaster!

Bringas: Ah! Goodness!

*Bringas kneels down next to the student*

Bringas: Are you alright? What happened? Speak to me, my boy!

Male Student: No. The Academy..it's...it's under attack...

Bringas: Under attack!? By who!?

Male Student: It's a girl.

Bringas: A...girl?

Male Student: But she's...no ordinary girl. She..she can conjure beasts. She's summmoned a whole group of them...to attack the other students...

Bringas: What!? But why!?

Male student: I don't know..but...but she said something..about a..a statue...

Bringas: A statue?

Male Student: I don't know what she meant, but..it's not safe here anymore. Get away...while you still...can...ugh...

*The student dies from his wounds*

Bringas: Son? Can you hear me, boy? Please, wake up! ....No...

*Bringas releases the student from his grip*

Bringas: A statue...could it be...the Guardian Statue? Could this be the threat that the elders warned us about...?
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