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02 July, 2020, 03:56:31 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 16 August, 2008, 09:28:22 am »

Reese: Headmaster, can you tell us more?

Bringas: Hm?

Reese: I mean, about Shadow.

Bringas: Oh yes. Hmm, well, uhm, he was a very gifted lad. He excelled at everything and never failed. When he left us, when he decided to become a solo mercenary, he never gave us a reason as to why.

Jawo: So, you think he has some kind of hidden motive?

Bringas: Perhaps. But why would it involve working for Kovah, I wonder...

Lilia: I don't think it does.

Penny: Eh? What do you mean, Lilia?

Lilia: He probably has a whole different reason for going out on his own. But knowing guys like Shadow, he's probably doing this just for fun.

Jawo: For fun!? He thinks endangering the planet is fun!?

Lilia: It's likely he doesn't know the true extent of the damage he's causing.

Penny: Or maybe he does...and just doesn't give a darn.

Lilia: Well, there's that too...*rubs head*

Blue: Hrrrm....

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: What do you think? Regardless of Shadow's motives, he's already destroyed 2 of the 4 Guardian Statues. And for all we know, they could already be working on the next one.

Lilia: Oh...

Bringas: But wait...how do you lads know of the Guardian Statues?

Reese: It's a long story, headmaster. But to make it short, we've met with the elders of Asroc.

Bringas: Ah...so they're the ones who told you. So I guess, they told you everything else as well...

Reese: You mean, about my origins?

Bringas: Hm. *nods* I must apologize to you, Reese.

Reese: Huh? What for?

Bringas: It was my responsibility...to keep you safe. To keep you from learning the truth...

Reese: What are you talking about? I'm happy to have finally learned about my past!

Bringas: What..?

Reese: Yeah, I know now, that I'm destined to fight. But it's okay! Because I'll stand strong! And I'll protect the planet with my friends! And perhaps, along the way, I can find out where I'm truly from.

Bringas: *sniff* Oh Reese.

Reese: Headmaster, what's the matter? You're tearing up.

Bringas: I'm just happy is all! Oh how you've grown up into such a mature man. You've made your old man proud.

*Bringas hugs Reese*

Bringas: Even though I'm not your birth father, you'll always be my son, Reese.

Reese: Headma--I mean...Dad...*smiles*

*Reese hugs him back. And at that moment, the elders appear in the office via teleportation*

Elder1: Hello, young heroes.

Blue: Elders!

Jawo: What are you doing here, old men?

Elder2: We've felt...that another Guardian Statue has been destroyed...

Blue: Yeah...Shadow got to another one. We couldn't stop them...

Elder3: Don't get discouraged now. It's true that half of the statues have been destroyed.

Elder4: But the other half still remains. And so long as that is so, we'll still have hope.

Blue: Okay, so where are the other statues?

Jawo: Yeah, we need to get to them as soon as possible, to protect them from Kovah and his goons.

Elder5: Ah yes, the other statues...

Elder1: One of the remaining statues lies deep in the underwater temple of Swigis, on a small island to the north of this continent.

Elder2: The other lies far to the east, in the Vaughan Tower, in the center of the Yule Desert.

Elder3: You may now decide which of these locations you will go to first.

Elder4: But decide quickly, for Kovah and his minions may already be on their way.

Jawo: Alright, we'll leave it to you, Blue.

Lilia: Make the decision for us.

Blue: ....Okay, I got it.

Elder5: What is your decision?

Blue: We'll head to the Swigis Temple first.

Elder1: Very well. In that case, we shall bring you there at all speed.

*The Elders prepare for a spell*

Elders: Teleport!!!

*A circle of light appears under the group as they are prepared for teleportation*

Elder1: Best of luck to you, children.

Elder2: Our hopes lie with you now.

Blue: *nods* We understand.

*The group is teleported out and away from the academy*

Bringas: *sigh* Reese...

Elder3: You are worried about him, yes?

Bringas: I know...I shouldn't be. But I can't help it. I'm his father, afterall.

Elder4: And what a good father you've been.

Elder5: We have...a confession to make.

Bringas: Huh? What kind of confession?

Elder1: We brought Reese to you, not only so that you could protect him...

Elder2: But also that you could raise him to be a normal happy child, with a normal life.

Elder3: And it seems to us that you've done an excellent job of it.

Elder4: Thank you...for helping us...and Eytinge.

Bringas: No, thank you, elders. For giving me my son. My Reese...

*The group arrives back outside after the teleportation. But it appears that they've not landed in the vicinity of the Swigis Temple, but...*

~~Clough City~~

Jawo: ...Hey...wait a minute. This isn't an island or a temple!

Blue: Ah! Oh no! We're back in Clough City!

Lilia: What!? But how!?

Reese: Something...must've gone wrong...*rubs head*

Penny: Alright you elders! What gives!?

*The voices of the elders is heard from within the minds of the group*

Elder1: You must forgive us, young ones.

Blue: What happened?

Elder2: Our powers have grown exhausted, and it appears that we cannot take you as far as the Swigis Temple.

Elder3: Which means you must go the rest of the way on foot.

Jawo: Aw man...*scratches head*

Elder4: We apologize.

Elder5: But now is not the time to complain. You must hurry before it is too late.

Elder1: The Guardian Statues require your protection.

*The voices of the elders fade away*

Penny: Well this blows.

Lilia: Yeah, talk about rotten luck.

Blue: No kidding...ah well. No use complaining about it now. If we're gonna make it to the Swigis Temple, we need to get moving.

Jawo: Pfeh...

And so, after the rescue of Kinnear Academy, and the destruction of the 2nd Statue, Blue and friends head on their way to the Swigis Temple. But thanks to the elders blunder, they are forced to make the trek by foot. Will they be able to make in time to stop Kovah's minions from laying waste to yet another Guardian Statue?

End Kinnear Under Siege Arc
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