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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 17 August, 2008, 03:34:46 pm »

Rachel: Alrighty! One house special, coming right up.

Shadow: Thank you.

*After taking Shadow's order, Rachel walks back to the group's table*

Rachel: Okay, guys! I'm ready for you now.

Jawo: *bangs table* What's HE doing here!?

Rachel: Huh?

Blue: Probably up to no good.

Lilia: As usual...

Rachel: What are you guys talking about? Who?

Reese: Him! *points to Shadow*

Rachel: Oh, you mean the guy I just served?

Penny: Yeah! His name's Shadow, and he's the biggest jerk alive.

Rachel: So Shadow's his name, is it? He doesn't seem so bad to me. He's kinda nice.

Blue: Don't be fooled, Rachel. He may seem like a gentleman, but he's nothing but trouble.

Lilia: Yeah, he's been a torn in our side many a time over.

Rachel: But--

Jawo: I don't know what he's doing or why he's here, but I'm going to find out! NOW!

Blue: Come on, guys.

*The group gets up from their chairs and heads over to Shadow's table*

Rachel: Ah, wait! Don't cause a scene! Oh man...

*Shadow is reading a book while awaiting his meal. Jawo walks over and snatches the book out of his hand*

Shadow: Egh, hey! How rude! And I was just getting to the good part!

Jawo: Storytime's over, pal.

Shadow: Oh, it's Blue and friends again. How do you do?

Blue: Don't give us that, Shadow. We know you're up to something. So spill it.

Shadow: Whatever do you mean, Blue?

Blue: Why are you here? Tell us now!

Shadow: Okay okay! Don't be so pushy! I'm on my break, so I came here to get some lunch. What, is that a crime or something?

Lilia: Hmph, I don't believe you. You're always playing some kind of crooked game, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was another trick to catch us off guard.

Shadow: *gasp* Misty! You wound me. How could you say such things aloud?

Lilia: My name's not Misty, it's Lilia!

Shadow: When did you change your name to Lilia? *scratches head*

Lilia: I didn--Ugh..nevermind...

Penny: Shadow, I don't like your face. So you better hightail it out of here right now before things get ugly.

Shadow: Penny, please! In front of all these citizens? Do you have no decency?

Reese: Shadow, you're acting odd. ...Well, odder than usual.

Shadow: What are you saying, Reese?

Reese: Why are you being so...peaceful with us? We're enemies, remember?

Shadow: Because, I already told you. I'm on my break. I want to just relax and have a nice hot meal. Without any confrontation. Is that so wrong?

Reese: Uhm...well, I guess not...

Shadow: Good! Since we're all here, let's have lunch together!

Blue: Erm...

Shadow: Oh come on! It'll be fun!

Blue: Ugh..fine...

Jawo: But Blue!

Blue: I know, Jawo. But he said he's trying to avoid confrontation, so why not?

Jawo: Ergh...I still don't like it.

Blue: Don't worry. If he tries to pull something, we'll be ready.

Jawo: ...Okay.

Shadow: Have a seat, guys! Sit back and relax! Let's have some fun!

*The group reluctantly takes a seat at Shadow's table. As they sit, all of their gazes are locked on him*

Shadow: Hey hey! What's with that look, huh? You're starting to creep me out over here!

Blue: Hmph.

Shadow: So uhm...what are you guys getting? I'm gonna try the house special!

Lilia: House Special? What's that?

Shadow: Take a look! It's right on the back of the menu.

Lilia: Hm...

*Lilia flips the menu to the back side and begins to read*

Lilia: *gasp* I don't believe it!

Jawo: What? What is it?

Lilia: Look, it's..it's...

*Jawo also flips the menu and looks*

Jawo: Aaaah! My...My Sprite Beef Stew! But how!?

Penny: Eh? Sprite Beef Stew?

Shadow: Excuse me? Did you just say your Sprite Beef Stew?

Jawo: Yeah! I created that dish a long time at our campsite! So how did it wind up on a menu at a cafe!?

Rachel: I can answer that one!

Jawo: Rachel?

Rachel: I was the one who suggested it be put on the menu.

Lilia: You did?

Rachel: Well...yeah. The staff wanted to find a new item to be the house special. They said it had to be tasty and yummy and scrumptious. And I remembered just how well your dish fit those three requirements, so I suggested it to the chefs. Then they decided to serve it to the customers to see how well it'd go with them.

Reese: So what happened?

Rachel: They.....LOVED IT!

Jawo: Ah!

Rachel: Your dish was an instant hit with the customers, so the staff immediately decided to put up the Sprite Beef Stew as the new house special!

Jawo: You're kidding!

Rachel: Oh am I? Look around you!

*The group looks around the cafe to see every customer eating a bowl of Sprite Beef Stew*

Penny: Wow! She's right! Look, everyone's eating it!

Rachel: See? I told you, didn't I? Everyone loves it! It's delicious!

Jawo: I can't believe it. My dish is famous...

Reese: Oh boy! This stuff must be good then! I'll take a bowl!

Penny: Me too!

Lilia: Oh, and me!

Jawo: Aw, what the hey! I could go for some too!

Shadow: Okay, then it's settled! A round of Sprite Beef Stew for everyone! On me!

Rachel: I'll go get your order right now!

Everyone sans Blue: Huzzah!!!

Blue: Ugh...I'll just take a glass of water...

*Rachel leaves and returns several minutes later with 5 bowls of Sprite Beef Stew. She gives everyone a bowl expect for Blue, who disdainfully sips a glass of water*

Rachel: Eat up guys!

*Penny and Reese begin to taste the stew*

Rachel: So? How do you like it?

Penny: Yow! This stuff is great!

Reese: Amazing! The carbonation of the broth...it's soothing to my tastebuds!

Penny: And the marinating of the soft drink into the beef...it's simply divine! Hard to believe that someone like Jawo made this!

Jawo: I'll take that as a compliment...

*Shadow then tastes the stew for himself*

Shadow: Hm...

Rachel: Shadow?

Shadow: This...this dish...it's

Rachel: Eh?

Shadow: It's...IT'S....!!!

Rachel: Huh huh huh!?


Shadow: Oh...would you look at the time? My break is over. Sorry! Ha ha ha!

Rachel: Waaaah!

*Rachel comically falls to the floor*

Shadow: Well, time to get back to the old grind! Catch you guys later! *salutes*

Blue: Shadow, wait!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Lilia: That happens a lot, doesn't it?

Jawo: Hmph, good riddance, I say.

Rachel: Aw, and he didn't even tell me what he thought...

Jawo: Meh, it's not like his opinion matters anyhow.

Rachel: Ah! Jawo, you can't say things like that!

Jawo: Huh?

Rachel: If you're going to take your Sprite Beef Stew out onto the market and become a big shot entreprenuer, you've gotta know that the consumer's opinion always matters! No matter who they are!

Jawo: Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute! Who said I was going to do that!?

Rachel: Oh come on! It wouldn't be right to let such a tasty dish go unnoticed. The whole world has gotta know about it! And what better way to do that than by opening a chain of Sprite Beef Stew restuarants!

Jawo: Hmm...now that you mention it...it's not such a bad idea. But it'll have to wait! The world needs saving first!

Rachel: Huh? You mean something's up again? Is that why you're here?

Blue: Long story short, yes.

Rachel: Ah! Well then I can't stand aside and do nothing while the world is in danger! Let me come along with you, Blue!

Blue: Sorry Rachel, but I can't allow that.

Rachel: What!? Why!?

Blue: Because, ILS needs you more than we do.

Rachel: Aw, but...

Lilia: Blue's right. Thanks for the offer, Rachel, but we can handle this one ourselves. You stay here and keep raising money.

Rachel: *sigh* Okay...I understand. Just come back alright, okay?

Jawo: We will. You don't have to worry about a thing. We'll crush Kovah, and rid the world of him for good!

Rachel: Heehee, I love when you talk so heroic like that.

Jawo: Uh! Uhm...*rubs head*

Blue: It was nice seeing you again, Rachel, but we need to get going.

Rachel: Understood. Take care. All of you.

Lilia: And you do the same. ILS is counting on you, Rachel. Don't let him down.

Rachel: I won't. I promise.

Blue: Are you ready, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Then let's go!

Rachel: Bye! Travel safe! *waves*

*After meeting up again with Rachel and having an unorthodox luncheon with the mysterious Shadow, the group leaves Everard City behind and continues on their way*

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Shadow returns to the unknown palace, the hideout of Kovah and his minions*

Shadow: *humming* Hm hmhm hmhm!

Kovah: Shadow!

Shadow: Oh, hey Kovah! What's up?

Kovah: Where have you...BEEN!?

Shadow: Who me? Oh, I was just taking a little break. You know, having lunch with Blue and his friends. It was pretty fun.

Kovah: You WHAT!?

Shadow: Uhm...I saved you some stew. See?

*Shadow takes out a plastic carton with some leftover Sprite Beef Stew in it*

Kovah: Bah! Idiot!

*Kovah smacks the carton out of his hand*

Shadow: Hey!

Kovah: You mean to tell me that you actually SAT DOWN AND ATE LUNCH with Blue's group, and didn't even lift a finger to stop them!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Shadow: Er...am I in trouble now? *sweatdrop*

*Kovah slaps his forehead and slowly slides his hand down his face*

Kovah: Ugh...I should just kill you now and save myself the grief...
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