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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 19 August, 2008, 06:47:58 pm »

*Prima had conjured a horde of winged beasts to carry herself and a group of minions over to the northern island. They land, and prepare to storm into the Swigis Temple*

~~Northern Island~~

Prima: So, this is the place, right?

Minion: Correct, Lady Prima. The Swigis Temple, and the Guardian Statue, should be just up ahead.

Minion2: And is it stands now, there's no sign of Blue and his group. So we should have no trouble.

Prima: There isn't? Drat. I was looking forward to crushing them.

Minion: Should we go, Lady Prima?

Prima: Yeah yeah. Let's get this over with. I want all of you to stay out here and guard the entrance from any intruders. I will go into the temple myself and make quick work of that statue. Is that Understood?

Minion: Understood. But what should we do if we come across Blue's group?

Prima: Hmm, well I'd rather if I took care of them myself...but I suppose you could try your hand against them.

Minion2: We will do our best.

Prima: Very well. I'll return shortly. Report to me if something goes wrong.

Minion: Yes, Lady Prima.

*Prima heads into the Swigis Temple alone. Afterwards, a passenger ship approaches the island from the opposite shore*

Sailor: This is your stop, guys!

Blue: Okay, let's go, everyone.

*The group disembarks the ship and sets foot on the island*

Blue: Thanks for the ride, you guys.

Lilia: Yeah, we really appreciate it.

Sailor: Nah, don't mention it.

Sailor2: In fact, we should be thanking you.

Jawo': Huh?

Sailor: Sailing the oceans is our life, you know.

Sailor2: If it wasn't for you kids, we wouldn't have been able to get back out into the water.

Sailor: So thanks a lot. Really, we owe you one.

Blue: Eh, no problem.

Reese: Yeah, we're just glad we could help.

Sailor: Well, you kids take care out there.

Sailor2: We don't know why you wanted to come out here, but whatever you're doing, good luck with it.

Sailor: Yah. We'll be waiting right here for you when you come back.

Blue: Okay, see you then. Come on, guys. Let's hurry. They couldn't have gotten far.

Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Right.

*The group crosses over to the other side of the island where Prima's minions await, alertly guarding the entrance of the temple from all sides. Before advancing, they wait patiently behind a cliff*

Blue: They're already on the watch for us, it seems.

Lilia: What should we do, Blue?

Jawo': We don't really have the luxury of time to try and sneak past them, so our best bet is to smash our way through by force.

Lilia: Ugh, Jawo', why don't you try thinking with your head and not your muscles for once?

Jawo': What!?

Blue: As typical as Jawo's plan of action is, he's got a point. If we don't hurry, we won't make it in time.

Reese: So what's it going to be, Blue?

Blue: We'll do as Jawo' said; bust our way through without stopping for anything.

Penny: A take no prisoners approach, huh? I like that idea! Let's do it!

Blue: Well...there's no better time than the present. Let's go!

*The group comes out from behind the cliff and confronts Prima's minions at the entrance*

Blue: Alright, give it up!

Minion: Aagh! It's Blue's group!

Minion2: What do we do!?

Minion3: What else? We have no choice but to fight! We have to keep them at bay long enough for Lady Prima to destroy the statue!

Jawo': Not on our watch, buddy! I'll cut you up and toss you aside before you even get the chance!

Minion: Rrrgh, why you arrogant...

Blue: Mmn...I'm not liking these odds...

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: By the time we're finished with these guys, it may already be too late...

Reese: Then what should we do?

Blue: I don't know, but we need another plan.

Penny: Hmm...I have an idea, Blue!

Blue: Huh?

Penny: You guys go on ahead into the temple and stop Prima. I'll stay behind and take care of these goons.

Reese: Are you sure, Penny?

Penny: Yeah, I'm sure! Now go, while there's still time! I can take care of myself!

Blue: Alright, Penny. I'm couting on you. Come on, guys. We're going after Prima.

Jawo': Aw man, why do I have to miss out on the action AGAIN?

Lilia: *annoyed* Stop complaining!

*Lilia grabs Jawo' by the ear and pulls him along*

Jawo': Ow ow ow ow!

Minion: They're getting away!

Minion2: We can't let them reach Lady Prima! Stop them!

*One of the minions runs after the group in pursuit*

Penny: Not so fast! Tripper Spinner!

*Penny launches her spinners at ground level, attacking the minion's leg area. It hits, knocking him off his feet and tripping him to the ground*

Minion: Oh! Urrgh!

Blue: Thanks, Penny!

Penny: Ha ha! *waves*

*Blue and the group successfully escapes into the temple*

Minion2: No! They got away!

Penny: Heh heh, I'd be more worried about me rather than them if I were you, pal.

Minion3: Grrgh. You little brat. You'll pay for this!

Penny: *smirks* Go ahead and try. I'm right here, baby! *twirls spinners*

Minion4: Destroy her!

*Meanwhile, as Prima faces off against the minions and the group enters the temple in pursuit, Prima has already reached the depths, and has come face to face with the Guardian Statue itself*

~~Swigis Temple Depths~~

Prima: Hmph. So here it is, the Guardian Statue. Alright, let's make this quick. *cracks whip*

*Prima advances on the statue with the intent to destroy it when...*

Blue: Stop, Prima!

Prima: Hn?

*Blue and the others arrive just in time to confront Prima*

Jawo': Don't even think about touching that Guardian Statue.

Prima: Ha ha ha! So you came afterall! And what perfect timing! *cracks whip* Now I can finally have my fun with you.

Jawo': Tsch, you know, you're just as haughty and obnoxious as your sister.

Prima: What!? Rrrrgh! How dare you!

Jawo': And short-tempered as well.

Prima: Don't you ever compare me to her, you big ape! I'm so much more cuter, smarter and sophisticated than she is. Ah haha!

Jawo': Yeah right. You're just an annoying little girl.

Prima: *angrily* Oooooh! Just for that, I'll make sure your deaths are twice as painful and agonizing!

Reese: Prima! Why are you doing this!?

Prima: Oh Reese, I already told you. Kovah promised me power. He said that if I helped him unlock the power within the Lunar Monolith, I would gain a portion of it for myself.

Reese: You actually bought into that?

Prima: What?

Reese: The only thing to be found in the monolith is a dark, evil energy. All it will do is warp and twist your mind. And maybe even kill you! There is no power for you or anyone else to gain. Don't you see that?

Prima: You...you're lying!

Reese: No, I'm not.

Prima: Yes you are! This is just a trick! A trick to make me give up!

Reese: But, Prima...

Prima: Shut up! I won't listen anymore! I'm going to do what I should have done back at the academy! *cracks whip*

Blue: You think you can take us all by yourself, Prima?

Prima: Haha! Of course I can!

Jawo': Oh yeah? With what? That little toy of yours? Or maybe one of those weak Chimeras of yours? Don't make me laugh.

Prima: Heh heh, you short-sighted fool. You don't know anything, do you?

Jawo': What...?

Prima: It's time I showed you...the full extent of my conjuring powers!

*Prima's body begins to overflow with mana*

Lilia: W-what is she doing!?

Blue: Watch out, guys! She's up to something!

*Prima waves her arms around mysteriously, drawing a strange pattern into the air*

Prima: I call upon thee, my ultimate creature: Kokuryuu!!!
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